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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Barack Obama has shown since taking office that he has the typical leftist attitude toward the military. Even as Commander in Chief he has shown a disdain that has become more obvious as he is using the military as a cost saving measure in his plans to increase spending in other ways in government. The total cut in military spending under the current Obama plan will be upwards of $1 trillion dollars over the next several years including forced retirement of many to cut the number of active duty military making our forces for the first time since WWII unable to handle a two theater battle situation.

It is well documented that 35% of our air power falls into these cuts as well as two full carrier task groups plus tens of thousands of civilian workers, but the most disgusting aspect other than the devastation that this will do to our defense capability is that he is cutting this on the backs of our soldiers not just in forced retirement but by dramatically increasing health care costs to retired and active duty military personnel.

According to Pentagon sources the military Tricare health program for active duty and retired personnel is taking a huge cut and forcing retired personnel approaching 65 and those over 65 to pay a massive increase in cost for their health plan through Tricare. This increase while hitting retirees harder is also targeting active duty personnel as well.

Fiscal year 2013 will cut Tricare by $1.3 billion with yearly cuts increasing to $12.9 billion by 2017. Part of this is also a manipulation by the Obama administration to force military personnel to opt out of Tricare in favor of Obamacare which will increase the number of dependents on Obama's government health care system.

The plan calls for increases in premiums for Tricare by recipients of between 30% to 78% in fiscal 2013 with annual increases which will impose anywhere from a 94% to 345% increase over the next five years. According to congressional assessments, a retired Army Colonel with a family currently paying $460 a year for health care will pay $2,048. The new plan hits active duty personnel by increasing co-payments for pharmaceuticals and eliminating incentives for using generic drugs.

Adding insult to injury in this massive increase though Tricare for military personnel is that there is no requirement for increases for health care costs for the military civilian work force as well as any other federal civilian work force. Yet the active duty and retired military personnel who serve this Nation in defense of her with great sacrifice and in many cases their very lives are expected to carry the burden of increase health care costs in order to meet Obama's gutting of the military.

Our men and women in uniform deserve better than this disgusting treatment at the hands of the usurper in chief who sits in the Oval Office and lectures Americans on how to live while he and his wife live an extravagant life style of expensive vacations and designer clothes while financially killing the brave men and women who make it possible for the CIC to live high on the hog as he and Michelle so blatantly and obviously do.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 26, 2012


This is one of the most magnificent speeches delivered in recent history. Newt is before the NRA afew days ago and expresses with greater understanding than any other Presidential candidate and/or politician and many Americans who we are as a Nation, why we are who we are and what our Founders brought forth in this land at our birth.

Many fear Gingrich yet in listening to this speech one can see that he not only knows,(the speech is delivered from his heart without a TelePrompter and few notes), and understands our founding documents but truly will lead this Nation from the knowledge of that understanding and outlines as such in the speech.

Pleas listen to this tremendous speech. It will be the best 26 minutes you spend for the freedom and rebirth of our country as we see in Newt a leader who has the knowledge, know how, resolve and ability to return our Nation to our Constitution and the principles in which this land we love was founded and her true strength through the power of the people of The United States of America.

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 24, 2012


Million dollar vacations in Vail, Colorado. Hawaii Christmas resort at $53,000 dollars a day just for a place to stay not counting all of the other high dollar meals and activities. A $50,000 shopping spree at a high class New York lingerie shop. Traveling the world with an entourage of friends spending millions of dollars vacationing at some of the costliest cities and resorts known to man.

Yet Michelle Obama jumps on her husbands class warfare bandwagon SCOLDING the, "rich," for enjoying life and using the fruits of their labors for themselves and asking them how they can, "feel good," knowing that others are struggling. She states that our country is better off when, "we cannot be satisfied with our own families' good fortune." This before a crowd who were expected to pay as much as $10,000 dollars to listen to her whine about the rich.

As disgusting as her husband is when he blames the rich for Americas problems and uses class warfare as a means of trying to push his socialist, "fair," agenda, to hear Michelle Obama state this type of rhetoric when she lives a life style in the public that she is now condemning others for doing is hypocrisy at its worst.

She is an arrogant hypocrite who ignores the people as badly as her husband does and thinks she is a queen who should live a life of travel and expensive vacations and amenities in which she uses the hard earned money of the American tax payer to pay for this extravagance as she claims that most of these high dollar trips are official, yet takes family and friends again at tax payer expense to pal around like tourists.

This latest disgusting display of hypocrisy comes after she and her two children spent a weekend in Vail, Colorado skiing and romping in the play ground of the, "rich," living the very life style she condemns publicly and acts as if she is the greatest advocate for those less fortunate. WHERE IS HER CHECK FOR THE LESS FORTUNATE?

In fact according to their own tax returns, before he became President the Obama's donated around 1% of their combined income to the ,"less fortunate." Since becoming President it has been higher but the organizations were not as much for the , "less fortunate," as assistance to certain military family groups which is good, the private school their daughters attend, The United Negro College Fund, several inner city music foundations and charities of this type. While all good not the, "less fortunate," out reach that Michelle is whining about to the, "rich."

The hypocrisy of both she and her husband has no end. It is only matched by their arrogance and their shameless actions pretending to be above the fray and better than others since they in their arrogant minds, have the right to lecture others on how to live and act. This is the year that we can save our country from their arrogance and hypocrisy be voting them out of The White House in a landslide in November!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 23, 2012


The Arizona debate which had several highlights did have yet another exchange between Newt Gingrich and John King where the former Speaker called the moderator on a bad question and the protection the media affords Barack Obama while constantly slamming Republicans.

This exchange concerned the recent attack on the First Amendment right of freedom of religion over mandating religious organizations to offer free contraceptives including the morning after pill and certain other abortion procedures which has government forcing these religious organization to provide, "services," which are in direct contrast to their religious beliefs and as such violate the Constitutional right of freedom of religion preventing government from forcing its policy on any religious belief.

King was following the media and lefts charge that Republicans are wanting to take away contraception rather than the truth of the GOP's stance in protecting religious freedom. Gingrich called King on this and reminded him that not once in 2008 did any in the media go after Obama for his support as a Illinois State Senator to kill any aborted baby that survives the murderous procedure. Once again a classic Newt moment showing his toughness and his willingness to go after Obama and those who protect him in the media.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Before anyone comes to any conclusion that I am accusing Barack Obama of being a racist let me set this record straight BEFORE it gets out of control. I DO NOT NOR EVER HAVE considered Obama a racist but DO consider his Presidency the catalyst for an almost reversal of racism problems that our Nation had advanced past and in some respects overcome before he took office. Were there race problems before he took office? Yes of course there were and as with any type of racial problem they were and are a disgusting part of life that we must always stand against and fight to end.

Now with all that said, I AM SICK AND TIRED of being called a racist and accused of being a racist because I disagree with Obama and am a vocal opponent both here on my website and in my weekly Internet Radio Show Political Graffiti about my disagreement with his policy and his agenda. In fact as I have always believed it is my duty as a citizen to be as vocal and politically active as possible when I disagree with ANY President because it is my Constitutional responsibility to hold him accountable to we the people and therefore disagreeing with anything ANY President does that I believe is harmful for my country is a sacred trust given me by our Founders.

I could care less what color Obama is. I do not judge anyone whether friend, foe, acquaintance or President by the color of their skin but by their character and actions and when it comes to ANY President or politician by their political philosophy and actions and their affect on our people and our Nation. If Obama was blue, green, yellow or WHITE I would be as vocal against his policy and his agenda as I am now and will continue to be until he is no longer in office.

Yet when ANYONE comes out against Obama in any way they are accused of racism and called any and every name in the book when no racial intent or implication was made just a basic disagreement on policy and political ideology. I posted an article last week using a graph showing how high gas prices compared to low Presidential approval ratings from Carter to Obama. I stated in the article about how Obama has worked since taking office to assist by his policy against big oil in the increased price at the pump and how it more than any political ad by any candidate was the best ad for not reelecting Obama.

An anonymous left winger, they always seem to comment anonymously since they lack the courage to reveal themselves when making baseless attacks, ranted through several paragraphs that I was a racist scum and ended the comment with, "You are a disgusting disgrace to Mankind. Racist %;%#$@*@!" I will not repost the expletive that ended this ridiculous rant.

When Obama was elected President though I did not agree with his policy, proposed agenda or his political ideology I was proud as an American that our Nation had overcome race problems in the Nation to the point that an African American could be elected President and those who used race as an excuse not to succeed need look no further than The White House to know that all people of any race or creed can succeed in this great Nation.

Although I have been politically active for more than thirty five years I naively thought that having a black President would help move racial problems even more to being a thing of the past than they had already become at the time. But just the opposite has happened. In fact racial attitudes are nearly as bad now as they were when I was growing up in the sixties and most in any type of leadership or visible political standing on the left are egging it on by their actions and comments.

Political figures like Maxine Waters and Shelia Jackson Lee use racial comments and accusations at every opportunity especially when any disagreement with Obama policy is expressed. Liberal commentators and news, "journalists," constantly play the race card an accuse those who are vocal against Obama as racists. This has a trickle down affect as is proven by we who use the web and other forms of communication as a means of expressing our political activism.

While Obama himself has never made any statement or insinuation that those who disagree with him are racist, his silence in condemning those who do it constantly on his behalf for all intents and purposes condones this disgusting form of political rhetoric and ridiculously unnecessary means of defending Obama's action and policy. It is uncalled for and does nothing but increase race tension and reverse decades of advancement toward ending racial problems in our Nation and yes I will go as far as saying is an insult to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King who spent his life fighting against this very thing.

So for those on the left who will read this go ahead and call me a racist and show just how foolish you truly are. For those who read this and use it as a means of trying to, "prove," that conservatives are racists, again be my guest and also show yourself to be a complete fool. For those who read this and understand that it is far from racist and rather an attempt to bring to light a disgusting problem that has shown its ugly face in our political discourse please feel free to quote it anywhere you feel it will do the most good to embracing the fact that God created ALL equal and we as Americans must live by this high standard for the betterment of our beloved country.

Ken Taylor

Monday, February 20, 2012


This video though a few months old reveals the truth concerning one of the greatest threats to our society and the resulting consequence of an election. The appointments to the various courts especially the Supreme Court are direct consequences to elections thus we have been saddled with the likes of Judges like Sotomayor and Kagan from Obama and Ginsburg and Breyer from Clinton who have been responsible for some of the most radical opinions ever given from the high court.

This Presidential election like no other has an importance for the courts especially SCOTUS since three justices were born before 1940 and age will likely become a factor during the next Presidential term. Seeing the bad choices that have already been made by Obama it becomes obvious that the selection of Judges is a major issue when considering the choice for President in 2012. Gingrich provides an excellent explanation of the problem the courts have become and what it will take to change the course of the unconstitutional direction of the courts in the last few decades.

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 17, 2012


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie in an insulting and disgusting move has ordered flags in the Garden State to be flown at half mast as a period of mourning for the death of Whitney Houston. Has Christie LOST HIS MIND? Houston was famous and yes she was from New Jersey but she did NOTHING to deserve or earn the honor of having flags flown at half mast for her.

The flag being flown at half mast is a singular honor reserved for those who have served our Nation and especially for those who have died in that service. It is also a memoriam during a time of National mourning as seen in the picture when we as a Nation mourned the thousands who were killed when our country was attacked on September 11, 2001. Can ANYONE compare the mourning for 9/11 to the death of a celebrity?

Houston did nothing to earn this honor. Yes she will be missed by her fans as with any other celebrity but her death is not a time for National mourning nor did she do anything in service to our Nation as those who have died in service in our military or a public official who spent his/her life serving our country as a public servant such as a President, Senator, etc.

It is an insult to the true intent and meaning of the flag being flown at half mast for this honor to be given to Houston. It is also an insult to those whose service to this Nation earned the honor of having the flag flown at half mast in memoriam at the time of their death or when a Nation remembers their service. Christie has insulted our flag, our Nation and those who have served and died by demeaning this singular honor for a celebrity.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The best campaign ad for not reelecting Barack Obama does not come from any of the Republican candidates running for President. It does not come from a Conservative or Republican Political Action Committee nor from the Republican National Committee. If on wants to see the best campaign ad against Obama's reelection no one need look any further than the next time you pull up to a gas pump and feel the irritation associated with the price of every gallon of gas that goes into your vehicle and the dollars flowing out of your wallet with each drop of gas.

When Obama took office the average price of a gallon of gas was $1.79 according to Gas As of this posting the average per gallon cost in $3.51 with prices expected to top $4.00 before May and possibly $4.50 by mid Summer. Part of the price hike is the normal reduction in refining this time of year due to refineries being forced to shut down because of government regulated blend changes from the Winter months to the Spring and Summer months.

But even taking this into effect last year at this same time the average price was $2.79 with the change to the Summer blends taking prices only slightly above $3.00. At least 30 to 40 cents per gallon can be directly attributed to the Gulf of Mexico drilling moratorium ordered personally by Barack Obama as an over reaction to the BP oil spill which shut down drilling and caused the massive drilling ships to move elsewhere working for other countries in order to continue their job.

As a result even with some of the moratorium lifted because of the anger by those living in the Gulf States who lost tens of thousands of jobs the loss of the drilling ships to other sights equates to about a 30% drop in domestic oil supplies which have been made up for by buying from foreign sources. Additionally oil deposits in this Nation in just the Dakotas alone more than double the amount of oil in the ENTIRE Middle East combined. The United States should be an oil EXPORTER with our citizens paying about 50 cents a gallon like the Venezuelans who supply all of their own oil and sell the rest on World Markets.

But thanks to the idiot in chief who stated before he was elected that he wanted to see our pump prices slowly rise so that we would be more in line with what the rest of the World was paying. By his own interference in Domestic oil production, the denial of the Keystone Pipeline and his war on, "big oil," Obama has single handily succeeded in doing what he sat out to do and every American is paying the price for his idiocy through higher pump prices and higher consumer goods because of the greater cost of transportation of those goods.

So for those who still support this joker take a look at the gas pump next time you put $20 dollars in the tank since many no longer can afford to fill up and ask yourself do I want him around for another four years so I will be forced to pay $6.00or more at the pump? Gas has risen almost 90% under Obama with no end in sight and this alone is enough to get this enemy of Americans out of office.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


The new budget released by Barack Obama better know as a government paid for campaign pamphlet provides more evidence of the failed economic policy of the liar and spender in chief. This chart complied as of January 20, 2012 shows the FACTS that supporters of this failed President refuse to see and the truth about the dismal economic record of Obama as well as the destructive direction he has taken our Nation since taking office. WE CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER FOUR YEARS OF THIS TOTAL FAILURE AND STATISTICS LIKE THIS.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 12, 2012


In recent days the center of discussion on the political scene has been the Obama mandate that all religious entities whether a specific church or a religious organization are required by the government through Obamacare to provide free contraceptive services up to and including the morning after pill and abortion procedures in any health insurance provided by that organization or church if they receive any form of government funding.

Many churches and/or religious organizations receive government funding for a variety of reasons but especially for more welfare related services and as such provide a public service through the religious organization or church to those who may be struggling from a financial problem or other related troubles that make it hard for individuals or families to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

The mandate through Obamacare for the inclusion of all reproductive services in the entities health care provided or employees as seen by Obama, his administration and those on the left as a necessary element to their premise that government has the authority by law to force its will upon anyone who does not accept the lefts premise that any lack of adherence to this type of mandate is a violation of what they term reproductive services including abortion as a Constitutional right and as such must be mandated by the government to protect a woman's right to chose whatever means they deem necessary for their, "reproductive freedom." This is Obama's and the lefts basic argument.

Of course this does not take into account in any way the doctrinal or religious belief of any church or religious organization who receives government funding nor the true meaning of the First Amendment Establishment Clause which states,"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." It also reveals the fundamental flaw and if you will lie that has been the center piece of the lefts attack on religion for decades that there is a Constitutionally mandated, "separation of church and state."

This argument over the mandate for reproductive services to all religious organization has nothing to do with a woman's right to determine what happens with her body or her right for reproductive freedom. Whether this mandate is forced upon religious organizations or not, reproductive services of the type in the mandate are available to all women regardless of their religious affiliation or lack there of through state and county health services and health departments all at greatly reduced prices based upon income even without any type of company provided insurance. So Obama and the lefts premise that without the mandate these services are not available to women who work for a religious entity is an absolute lie.

Now to the fact that this is an attack on religion and unconstituional based on the truth intent of what the Establishment Clause means. If a church or religious organization has a belief that any type of reproductive service from contraception to abortion is contrary to their religious belief they have the fundamental protection from the Constitution to freely exercise that belief without fear that the government will interfere with that freedom. Let me also state here for the record that while I have referred to abortion as a reproductive service I do so only for arguments sake since the left believes abortion as a reproductive right. Personally I believe that all abortion is the murder of an innocent baby and in direct violation of our right in this country of ," life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

The left believes the Establishment Clause to be only a means of separating any form of religious practice or recognition of God from anything related to the state or government. They have completely ignored the true intent of our Founders for placing this most sacred of our rights in the Constitution which was intended to ONLY protect religion from government and not protect government from religion. In other words the Founders wanted government out of any practice of dictating to any religion or individuals religious beliefs what they can or cannot do or how they may practice their religion or not practice religion at all.

As such Obama and the left see it within their authority regardless of religious beliefs to mandate upon religious entities their definition of reproductive services and so called freedom since the Establishment Clause as they see it only separates church from state and not protect religion from the tyrannical dictates of government.

This attack on religious freedom is as unconstitutional as the premise by the left that all things religious and of God should be separated from anything government or state. The reason our Founders insisted on the Establishment Clause was to prevent the very thing that Obama and the left are trying to pull, using government to force their political agenda of reproductive freedom on religion disregarding religious beliefs and the freedom we have in this country to practice those beliefs as we see fit without fear of government interfering. Again the First Amendment protects religion from government not government from religion through a separation of church ans state.

This move by Obama and the left is just another in a long line of attacks where the use of government is tyrannically manipulated in order to force a political agenda on religion and the church to steal the first of our established freedoms as given by God and protected by law through our Constitution the right to freely practice our religious beliefs based upon our individual conscience and not by the dictates of government.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, February 11, 2012


The GOP candidates spoke at the annual Conservative Political Action Committee,(CPAC),Convention in Washington. ONLY Gingrich offered a complete detailed plan to restore our country and a full timeline beginning on day one of a Gingrich Presidency. We need this type of action, this type of strength and this type of true conservative leadership. Newt 2012!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 09, 2012


Three almost meaningless elections were held on Tuesday. Although important all three have virtually no impact on the final out come of the GOP nomination since none of the results equated into assignment of delegates and when the state conventions are held in April none of the delegates are bound to any candidate in accordance to the states vote count. But one thing was made perfectly clear in the result of the elections, no one wants Romney!

First The Associated Press has taken it upon themselves to presume the assignment of delegates based on Tuesday's vote and as such the media is making a big deal about Santorum moving into second in the still low delegate count. Officially though no delegates have been assigned and as I mentioned above no delegate is bound in any of the three States to vote at the National Convention in August for any candidate as a result of the election. In August every delegate from all three States may vote as they wish for ANY candidate so Santorum did not gain anything other than recognition he has not had to date.

But for Mitt Romney the results from the electorate in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri was a massive blow to his campaign as voters rejected him as a candidate and the, "crowning," of him by the GOP establishment, the media, pundits and yes even Obama and the Democrats who want to run against Romney.

This rejection proves once again that the rank and file Republicans, conservatives and voters in general have no real desire to see Romney as the GOP nominee and also reject the notion that he is the inevitable nominee that is the most electable against Obama. Romney also has not helped his candidacy by virtually ignoring Obama in order to attack Newt Gingrich and now turning his big bucks attack machine against Rick Santorum.

Romney has taken almost all the focus off of Obama and through an endless barrage of negative campaigning turned voters already sceptical of him completely against him. I did appreciate one statement Santorum made after his victories on Tuesday when he stated that he was not the conservative alternative to Romney but the conservative alternative to Obama.

Once again the pundits, the media and of course the GOP establishment is tyring to write off Gingrich but Newt still has as much opportunity to gain the nomination as Santorum and Romney. The path to the Convention has only made one stop in the South and Gingrich can boast that his win in the South Carolina Primary was the only election during this cycle where voters were fired up enough to come out in record numbers. South Carolina had a 35% increase over 2008 while all other states have recorded much less than 08 with Florida more than 30% down.

Romney continued his negative campaign in full force after the Tuesday results when at every opportunity during interviews he did nothing more than attack Santorum and as he has done since Iowa with increased negativity in each state since then almost completely ignored the real problem facing America this election year and that is Barack Obama. Romney seems to have lost most of his angst against Obama and chosen instead to focus on fellow Republicans and angering the GOP and Independent electorate.

He is proving more each day why he is a weak candidate and would fold in a one on one contest against Obama since he cannot stay on message and chooses to use negativity as a means to try and win rather than a strong stance on issues which can and will beat Obama since he has failed miserably in all aspects of the Presidency.

While still a Gingrich supporter, Santorum's showing on Tuesday has shown me that GOP voters are finally starting to see the truth about Romney and understand that a conservative candidate is what we need to beat Obama. I am still not convinced that Santorum has the stamina and strength on the issues to go toe to toe against Obama and that Gingrich has both, but the momentum has at least turned toward conservatism and knocked down the establishment which equates to a better chance for victory in the Fall.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Mitt Romney the moderate, (at best), Republican candidate for President needs to get over this cocky idea that he has in his head that being the GOP nominee is his inevitable destiny. How do I come to the conclusion that Romney thinks being the nominee is his ,"destiny?"

Three State elections which were non binding with no delegates assigned to any candidate took have taken place this week in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri. Polls across the states prior to the vote placed Rick Santorum in the lead and two of the three States, Minnesota and Missouri went for Santorum with Colorado at the time of this writing still undecided with Santorum and Romney tied for the lead.

In previous State campaigns for the GOP nomination, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida Romney sought to completely destroy Newt Gingrich with campaign rhetoric and ads which were filled with false accusations, exaggerations and yes flat out lies which made the days and weeks before each of the elections look more like a liberal slug fest rather than candidates vying for the chance to beat the true left winger Barack Obama in the Fall.

Romney has forced more negativity than most liberal campaigns in recent history and now he is taking aim in the same manner toward Rick Santorum as he did against Newt Gingrich. Romney has taken the focus of this election off the true enemy of America and Americans, Barack Obama and created a atmosphere in which Obama is allowed to coast along with his destructive agenda and statements like those he made during an interview prior to the Super Bowl where he blamed the Founders and the constraints placed in the Constitution to prevent any one man from dictating through government as the reason he has not been able to push through more of his Marxist agenda without hardly a mention in the campaign for all of the Romney negativity and candidates being forced to deal with it.

At a time when the GOP candidates should be focused like a laser against Obama and seeking to unite the anti Obama vote Romney is taking the focus off Obama and spending millions attacking Republicans and claiming it is good for the election and prepares them to face Obama. Yet during this left wing type onslaught by the Romney campaign against Gingrich and now Santorum, polls are showing that a once sizable lead with any GOP candidate against Obama has reversed and polls are showing Obama beating ALL GOP candidates with a record of failure that should be an almost guarantee of defeat in November.

It is getting so ridiculous on the part of Romney that adds no longer mention Obama but whichever GOP rival he is seeking to destroy and on the campaign trail stump speeches Romney seldom mentions Obama but spends most of his time attacking fellow Republicans. And he considers this good????

This is the candidate the GOP establishment, the pundits and the DNC along with Obama want to gain the nomination. The establishment because they are willing to surrender the Presidency in order to win the Congress when both Branches are ours to have because of the Obama failure. The pundits are in agreement with the establishment and the DNC and Obama want to face Romney because they KNOW HE CAN BE BEATEN.

We don't need a proven loser as a candidate against Obama. Romney has proven he can lose and has little experience in the win column. Obama knows this and if Republicans who still support Romney don't realize it we will be stuck with another John McCain and four more years of Obama. Romney needs to get over his arrogance and his delusion of inevitability. This race is far from over and Romney is not the clear front runner he thinks he is and as shown in his current campaign strategy is not worthy of the nomination from the party of Ronald Reagan

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 07, 2012


If one were to judge by the media, pundits and the GOP establishment the Republican Primaries are over and the GOP nominee is Mitt Romney. If one were to listen to the news cycle of the last few days, Rick Santorum is the new alternative to Romney and with a win in Minnesota will change the entire dynamic of the election. If one were to listen to Newt Gingrich the Primaries are far from over and nothing is even close to being decided.

It is well known by anyone who reads my postings that I am a Gingrich supporter but this time my agreement with him is not based on my support for him but the actual facts about the Primary system and the way delegates are assigned. Based on the actual facts Newt is right the Primaries are FAR from over.

For instance the delegate count that is being made public by the media has Romney with 101, Newt at 29 and Santorum at 17 with Paul in last place at 9. The RNC which is the official delegate count has a completely different number based on true delegate assignment and how each state proportions delegates. According to the RNC, Rommney has ONLY 76 with Newt at 29, PAUL at 9 and Santorum at 2. The Iowa delegates are non binding and have yet to be officially assigned and have the authority to vote as they wish at the Convention. Then there is still the challenge of the, "winner take all," status of Florida based on the RNC rule that no State can assign winner takes all before March 6. This explains Romney's lower numbers.

The States who hold Caucasus today, February 7 are ALL non binding and no delegates will actually be assigned no matter how the media spins it. These delegates will be decided by State Conventions to be held in April and most even at that point will still have the ability to vote as they wish at the National Convention in August.

Of all of the State Primaries and Caucuses left in 2012 only three states are winner takes all with the rest proportioned and most non binding no matter what the result. Additionally those that are proportioned are not based on the state totals but by the winner of each specific Congressional District in the state so the numbers that will be running on TV screens as far as total percentage of the vote for that state will mean nothing since the individual winner in each district will receive the delegates from that particular District.

I know it sounds complicated and VERY convoluted but that is the way the Primary cookie crumbles so to speak which reinforces Newts claim that this race if far from over and no matter what the pundits, the media or the GOP establishment claims there is no real front runner nor any candidate at this point who has much of an advantage over another for quite some time to come.

Ken Taylor

Monday, February 06, 2012


Today is the 101st birthday celebration of the a truly great yet humble American. President Ronald Reagan was the American dream. Born of humble beginnings later a Hollywood celebrity, Governor of California and the 40th President of The United States. Yet through all of this the man who was Reagan never forgot what it meant to be an American. What it meant to stand true and sure to the principles that were founded in our Constitution and the faith in God which has always made our Nation strong.

President Reagan always trusted the people of our great Nation. Knowing that her greatness lies not in the monuments of our past or the trappings of our prosperity but in the brave souls who have sacrificed their all on the alter of freedom and the American people who by living in the liberties given by God make our Nation who we are an what we will always be a free people under God.

God bless the memory of President Reagan. On this his 101st birthday we remember who he was and what he did for our Nation. We remember the eternal optimism that he expressed of the, "shining city on a hill," that is America. There is not a day that passes that I do not miss him nor a day that we as a people do not owe the blessings of liberty to the fact that he stood strong and fought to preserve those liberties by his service to our Nation and our people. God bless you Mr. President and Happy Birthday!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Newt Gingrich is right, this according to his rivals for the GOP nomination. Sure this video is a litany of moments during the debates where both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum agreed with the former Speaker, but the point is, is THAT THEY DID AGREED with him.

More times than not when Newt has spoken on foreign policy, domestic and economic issues Romney and Santorum have agreed with him so why should we settle for those that agree when we can have the tough straight forward man in whom they agree, Newt Gingrich. We settled in 2008 and we lost, we need not settle because the media, the establishment and the supposed conservative pundits say Romney is the only electable candidate.

We need the one man who will stand toe to toe with Obama and in a clear and tough stance expose Obama for who he is without reservation while articulating the conservative message with passion, and intelligence and the ability to convince voters that this message is right and necessary to restore our Nation. Newt is that man and we need not settle for less!

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 03, 2012


The Republican establishment is supporting Mitt Romney as is usual when a moderate to left leaning candidate is running for President in the GOP against any conservative. But Romney has far worse problems than just being a GOP moderate. This scathing ad just released by Newt 2012 shows not just a moderate but much of what we are trying to rid The White House of by defeating Obama.

Socialist billionaire and well known left wing radical financial supporter and manipulator George Soros states that if choosing between Obama and Romney there is not much difference. I have mentioned in past postings that if Romney is the GOP nominee the Obama campaign will have no trouble painting him as Obamalite with much in the way of Obama and Romney policy similarities. This ad shows those similarities and they are extremely problematic.

This is not an attack ad but one that is stating fact about Romney and his left leaning beliefs which are enough to get the approval of the likes of George Soros. How can we support a candidate with these type of credentials especially when there is an obvious choice who brings with him a strong conservative back ground and a proven track record of conservative policy ? We need Newt Gingrich as the nominee. We need Newt Gingrich to offer an absolute alternative to the radical Obama. We need Newt Gingrich to reverse Obama's agenda and restore our Nation.

Ken Taylor


Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Mitt Romney has won Florida with about the same margin as Newt Gingrich won South Carolina. This now has become a two man race in which Rick Santorum, who deserves great respect, needs to bow out to stop splitting the conservative vote. Ron Paul is a non entity and whether he ends his campaign or not will make little difference in the campaign. Remember a full 54% of Floridians voted against Romney which is a huge negative against Romney.

This contest is far from over and it is now time to get the campaign back on track and quit with the blatant attacks against GOP candidates and put the emphasis back on Obama where it belongs. Romney drove this to the extreme negative campaign that it has become and is the king of sleaze who seems to think he can buy the election. Issues will win this and the candidate who is willing to take it straight to Obama without hesitation and without reservation including going after who he is along with his massive failure as President.

Gingrich has shown in his Florida speech after the results of the Primary that he is switching gears and going back to what he does best, go after Obama on the issues and tell it like it is calling out Obama with the truth of his failed agenda and his socialist ties of destruction for America.

I am not sure Romney is at that point since he is the one who began this negative campaign in Iowa and spent nearly $18 million dollars going completely negative with distortions and proven falsehoods about Gingrich which take the message off Obama and looks like a GOP vendetta against Gingrich.

Which candidate is willing to take it straight to Obama without reservation or fear of being labeled racist because he is going after a failed President who happens to be black ? Newt Gingrich is that man and as such who we need to carry the conservative and GOP banner in the Fall and to victory against a failed Obama bringing with him a continued majority in the House and a new majority in the Senate.

Ken Taylor

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