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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When the deal which allowed the raising of the debt ceiling was passed little was known about the cut throat plan that Speaker of the House John Boehner agreed to in order to get this debacle passed. Not only did Boehner betray most voters who did not want to see the debt ceiling raised but in a back room deal that was kept under raps during the debate he betrayed our military and caved to demands from the left for massive military cuts.

The Super Committee, that Newt Gingrich has called one of the most stupid ideas ever made by Congress in our history because it has 12 members deciding what the other 523 must pass, is to decide before Thanksgiving where $1.2 trillion dollars in spending is to be found. The Committee is composed of six Republicans and six Democrats none of which have fiscal conservative credentials.

The betrayal by Boehner comes in what happens if the Committee does not decide on the spending cuts by Thanksgiving. Buried in bill that created the Committee and raised the debt ceiling are automatic cuts which will take place the day after Thanksgiving if the Committee fails to make the $1.2 trillion in cuts.

The military will be decimated in automatic spending cuts totalling $600 BILLION dollars. The cuts will eliminate two Carrier Battle Groups, 200,000 troops, 300,000 civilian workers, 30% of our air forces and end the ability of the Marines to mount an expeditionary force.

Democrats have been demanding large defense cuts and to date Republicans have been able to block those cuts because of having a majority in the House. In order to, "get along," and,"compromise," Boehner has opened the door for Democrats to now have their way with massive military cuts with devastating results. Democrats on the Super Committee have no incentive to agree on any cuts to meet the Thanksgiving deadline with the knowledge that if they don't come to agreement the military cuts they have longed for will be automatic.

Thus far the Committee has been unable to agree on anything which comes as no surprise in light of the automatic cuts which will take place if no agreement is made reaching the called for $1.2 trillion dollars. This betrayal by Boehner is a prime example of why we must eliminate by our vote the establishment Republicans who follow the usual Washington ways which have resulted in the out of control nightmare we have as a government.

Ken Taylor


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