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Thursday, October 06, 2011


The 2012 Presidential election is just over a year away and the GOP field has eight candidates who are running for the opportunity to challenge the weak and failed Barack Obama for the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. All eight candidates offer different plans and approaches to solving the problems facing our country many of which are the direct responsibility of the socialist agenda of Obama.

To overcome the decline our Nation is suffering we need a strong conservative person to lead this country back to the Constitutional principles, fiscal sanity and strong standing in the world that is necessary for the survival of our country and the future direction our Nation must go both at home and abroad. Every candidate vying for the GOP nomination would be a tremendous improvement in the Oval Office over its current occupant.

After considering the options and the credentials of the candidates Herman Cain stands out as the man who can bring the strong conservative leadership we need to restore our Nation to the Constitutional principles and fiscal discipline needed to bring our country back from the abyss that is Barack Obama. Cain is a strong conservative who offers no nonsense detailed solutions that are Constitutional and will decrease spending, debt and deficits.

Cain's 9-9-9 tax reform plan brings a fresh and necessary change to the tax code that will be fair and balanced to all Americans while simplifying the code making it easier and understandable, encompassing all income brackets fairly as well as those who avoid taxes by being off the radar since it involves a 9% consumption tax.

Cain as a successful business man understands fiscal responsibility and how to reign in spending, decreasing debt and deficits. He believes in the Constitutional premise of limited government allowing the people to determine their destiny rather than government dictating it. Cain understands that a small lean government is what the Founders intended and he will work toward making that a reality.

Cain offers real plans for real problems rather than vague ideas painted with a broad brush and high sounding words to tickle the fancy of voters. He sees the greatness of The United states and like Ronald Reagan believes in the people and the ability of Americans to be the exceptional free people that we are without government binding the Nation with overbearing regulation and a forced dependency upon a tyrannical force in Washington DC.

He knows Obamacare must be repealed as it is unconstitutional and destructive to jobs and the financial prospect of America and Americans. He has created jobs as a successful business man and knows that ONLY the private sector can employ the unemployed and will move government out of the way in order to allow business to do what it does best, create jobs and grow the economy.

Cain see the threats that are around the world from the danger of Terrorism, Iran and Syria to the menace of North Korea. He is a friend of Israel and knows that ONLY a strong and powerful American can keep our Nation and her people secure as well as our standing in the world as its only super power.

Cain sees the problem with illegal aliens and knows a secure border with a fence is the answer and enforcing current laws to stem the tide of illegals that are draining our resources by milking the system and staying off the radar. Cains stance on immigration will bring them out of the shadows and his consumption tax will cause even illegals to be contributors to our revenue.

Herman Cain will fight the fight of the American people and not play the Washington song and dance game. He has stated he has been asked how as a Washington outsider how he knows how Washington works. His answer is simple Washington DOESN'T work and that is why as a Washington outsider he brings the fresh needed leadership to a town that has long played the same old games that have helped lead to the shape we find ourselves in now.

He knows that Obama is a complete failure and it will take strong and conservative leadership to repair the damage done since he took office in 2009. Cain knows the task will not be easy but with steadfast and strong leadership filling the void that exists now our country can rise like the Phoenix and become the shining city on the hill that Reagan knew we are and should always be.

Herman Cain by his conservatism, detailed answers for today's problems and no nonsense straight forward approach without playing the usual political song and dance game we see in candidates like Romney and Perry has earned my endorsement and my vote for the Republican nomination and President of The United States. Herman Cain the conservative solution for 2012.

Ken Taylor


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