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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The ATF operation known as Fast and Furious where more than 2000 weapons were allowed to be sold across the border of Mexico in order to supposedly be used by ATF as a means of tracing illegal gun trade at our Southern border was not only a botched illegal operation but takes with it the Nations highest law office Attorney General Eric Holder.

Holder has repeatedly denied any knowledge of the operation until April of this year just before his testimony before Congress in early May. Yet document after document has surfaced showing that Holder, while not necessarily having knowledge of this highly questionable operation from its beginning in 2009, did know as early as July of 2010 a full six months before the murder of a US border agent by one of the very weapons used in the ATF gun running scheme.

That being the case Holder knowingly allowed illegal weaponry to flow over the border which have caused hundreds of deaths including one of our border agents. Had Holder even not known about the operation which is highly unlikely, the ATF falls under his jurisdiction and with absolute knowledge of the operation known by top Justice officials as early as March 2012, Holder is either stupid or has absolute no control of the out of control Justice department.

His lack of any type of credible leadership at Justice especially over this operation but the very real probability that he had knowledge of it for six months before the agents death and still allowed it DEMANDS his resignation and even the possibility of an indictment for his involvement in allowing illegal weapons to cross the border, sting or no sting operation.

During his campaign for President, Barack Obama made in known that he was not a Second Amendment advocate. In fact his opposition was so strong that after his election through the first months of his administration gun stores around the country could not keep ammunition on the shelves due to a run by legal gun owners buying ammo for fear Obama would force a Second Amendment challenge through an Executive Order placing hampering regulation on legal gun owners.

This,"sting," operation flooding the borders with illegal weapons for more than A YEAR and more than 2000 weapons not including grenade launchers and other heavier weapons is believed by many as part of the Obama attack on the Second Amendment using the deaths of hundreds through violence and weaponry on our Southern border as a means of forcing a Second Amendment challenge and legislation forcing ridiculous regulation and eliminating citizens right to own and keep guns.

This entire operation wreaks of scandal, illegal activity and a political agenda from an administration that has been allowed to get away with literally murder in order to force an agenda and destroy our country for political expedience that follows the Barack Obama hope and change platform that has been an absolute nightmare for America. Holder must go and the investigation must follow to even include whether anyone in The White House had knowledge of this completely illegal debacle that has cost hundreds of lives and a US border agent.

Ken Taylor


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