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Sunday, October 31, 2004

The Real Democrats Exposed

I had to put up this link. This Is a link to a new film that is finally honest about liberals. Its hard but true. If anyone doubts what we are in store for with a Kerry Administration, this will show you. Viewer Discretion is Advised. John Oliver Benton III.

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Kerry Has No Clue ! NY Times Article on Osama

The Osama Litmus Test
The New York Times

Bush's response yesterday to the video was exactly right. He said we would not be intimidated. He tried to take the video out of the realm of crass politics by mentioning Kerry by name and assuring the country that he was sure Kerry agreed with him.

Kerry did say that we are all united in the fight against bin Laden, but he just couldn't help himself. His first instinct was to get political.

On Milwaukee television, he used the video as an occasion to attack the president: "He didn't choose to use American forces to hunt down Osama bin Laden. He outsourced the job." Kerry continued with a little riff from his stump speech, "I am absolutely confident I have the ability to make America safer."

But politics has shaped Kerry's approach to this whole issue. Back in December 2001, when bin Laden was apparently hiding in Tora Bora, Kerry supported the strategy of using Afghans to hunt him down. He told Larry King that our strategy "is having its impact, and it is the best way to protect our troops and sort of minimalize the proximity, if you will. I think we have been doing this pretty effectively, and we should continue to do it that way."

But then the political wind shifted, and Kerry recalculated. Now Kerry calls the strategy he supported "outsourcing." When we rely on allies everywhere else around the world, that's multilateral cooperation, but when Bush does it in Afghanistan, it's "outsourcing." In Iraq, Kerry supports using local troops to chase insurgents, but in Afghanistan he is in post hoc opposition.

This is why Kerry is not cleaning Bush's clock in this election. Many people are not sure that he gets the fundamental moral confrontation. Many people are not sure he feels it, or feels anything. Since he joined the Senate, what cause has he taken a political risk for? Has he devoted himself selflessly and passionately to any movement larger than himself?

We are revealed by what we hate. When it comes to Osama bin Laden, Kerry hasn't revealed whatever it is that lies inside.

To View the Article Please Visit:

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Cronkite, still helping Communist when he can, what a Patriot

Good Ole Walter is at it again folks. For years he claimed to be an objective journalist. But in later years, we found that to be the same kind of propaganda that he himself, so willingly embraced in the Vietnam Era. Here is the the link via Drudge. It speaks for itself.
And IM still waiting to here the news of Arafat's death. It seems the old murder monger has seen his better days. I would like to send a message to him. Maybe in your next life, there will still be school children you can kill.
And on a lighter note, the photo's posted on our site the last week have been from 2 great sites.
The first is Great desktops can be found there. ( warning: Lots of bush bushing stuff here so don't be surprised). The second is I think the name says it all here.
Thanks for Reading
John Oliver Benton III

Fighting for Evil, worldwide baby!!!!!!!!! Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Why ? Part II

One week ago tonight I wrote the pre-quell to this entitled "Why." In the article I asked for comments as to why anyone would vote for John Kerry since I had only heard reasons that were against the President and never for Kerry! I even bet that it could not be done, well I was wrong! After five days of wondering if it were possible, one reader responded and gave their reasons for Kerry. As I interprit them they are tax increases for infrustructure, both Kerry and Edwards, and the responder are lawyers and they better know how to work the system. John Kerry will have a kinder and more world co-operative America that will diplomatically get along and of course clean air and social security. Many thanks for the response and honesty, even though I see these as typical liberal talking points. That is the beauty of America, we can agree to disagree! Now that I have given ample time for those voting for Kerry to have their's my turn! Why am I voting for George W. Bush.

First: Global Terrorism. We learned on September 11, 2001 that the United States and other countries are the target for these networks and countries that harbor them. President Bush has shown the courage and leadership to confront these animals wherever they may hide and hunt them down in-spit of cost or popularity. Why? The only good defense is a strong offense and the only thing that will stop a terrorist is his death! Negotiations and the court system failed in the past and will not work in the future! The President knows that they will stop at nothing to destroy this country and he believes his solemn duty as President is to protect this land. That is one reason why more than 75% of the military support Bush for re-election! He also realizes that it is a global war not just Al Qaeda, or factions in the Middle East. The war has many fronts that are currently being fought. Iraq, the Philippines, the Sudan, North Africa and even various places in Europe and Russia. Even those who did not back Iraq agree that Bush is the hope to defeat terrorism. Read Vladimir Putin's quote at the top of this page!

Second: Taxes! It has been proven that if the people are allowed to keep their money that the economy will grow and government revenue will increase due to that growth. Both Presidents Kennedy and Reagan proved this and so has George Bush. Allan Greenspan the fed chairman testified on Capitol hill that the Bush tax cut brought a quicker end to the ressesion that began in 2000 before Bush took office. This along with the huge imapact of the 911 attacks should have destroyed this economy without much chance of a recovery. The tax cuts allowed tax payers to spend and invest and gave employers insentive to expand and hire. Yes HIRE! I'm sick of the rhetoric about Bush and no jobs and job loss. The figures that are used to show job growth do not include self employed and those they hire. According to the household survey which counts all working in a household, there have been nearly 12 million jobs created during the Bush administration!

Third: Steadfast strength to those things that he believes. There are many who see the President as arrogant. That is because they do not understand that as President and as a man he has a sure footed core of beliefs that guide him and nothing will shake his confidence that what this nation is doing, again in-spite of some unpopularity is the right thing. I do not refer to just his faith and Christian beliefs, but also his belief that every man, women and child is born with the desire to be free and that America is the hope for that freedom. This guides him in knowing that as terrorist regimes are defeated and freedom's spark spreads that the world will be a safer place!

There are many other things such as decreasing our dependancy on foriegn oil, Social Security savings accounts while still ensuring that ALL seniors will recieve their benefits, education initiatives but time does not allow detailed explanations. The bottom line is this; for a safer more secure America, for less taxes and less government intrusion and for the winning of the War on Terror, on November 2, 2004 I am voting proudly for the re-election of President George W. Bush!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, October 23, 2004

The Whole Truth Posted by Hello

The John Kerry Committee-Pro Communist, thru & thru

The John Kerry Committee-Pro Communist, thru & thru

Don't forget 'The John Kerry Committee'
Humberto FontovaBrookesNews.Com Monday 23 August 2004
Say what you want about Senator John Kerry, nobody ever called him lazy. He landed in Congress in 1985 and immediately rolled up his sleeves and spat on his hands. The Nicaraguan people MUST end up like the Cuban and Vietnamese! Toward this end the man was tireless.
The vision inspired him to such a staggering work load, energized him to such a frantic pace, propelled him to such legislative feats, that his colleagues — even the pinkest — gaped in envy and awe.
Back then Nicaragua was the pinks' latest City On a Hill, Daniel Ortega their latest Gallahad. Scores of John Kerry's colleagues were content to flutter their eyelashes at the Communist cutthroat from afar.
Others courted him with a perfumed love letter. "Dear Comandante," it began. But freshman senator John Kerry insisted on a more intimate approach. So mere weeks after entering office he set off for Managua with fellow freshman Tom Harkin of Iowa for a chummy face to face session with the Communist pedophile.
They returned rapt. Cuban and Soviet ties with the Sandinistas? Baseless rumors, Kerry insisted. John Kerry stood before Congress and waved a list of heart-warming liberal reforms that Ortega promised him were imminent. ("I hold here in my hands!") Actually he called it, "a wonderful new opening!" The Massachusetts senator insisted that Nicaragua would soon blossom into tropical Sweden.
Congress swallowed this bilge in one mighty gulp and killed the Contra aid bill (Kerry's goal all along.)
It took a whole week after the Congressional vote for Ortega to fly to Moscow, flout his Soviet ties for all the world to see, and return with a $200 million Communist aid package. Congress, rotten egg dripping slowly off their face, reversed itself and approved Reagan's Contra aid.
But Kerry was undaunted. Soon he was chairing "The Senate Subcommittee on Narcotics, Terrorism and International Operations" quickly dubbed "The Kerry Committee" by his media cronies and soulmates. Soon it was boasting, "77 instances where the Reagan Administration misled Congress about its policies in Central America!" (I hold here in my hands!)
Lest we forget, it was here that the famous "Iran-Contra investigation" actually started. Soon the lurid accusations spawned an "Iran-Contra Committee "of its own and John Kerry pressed ahead with his.
The Democratic crusade to throttle the Nicaraguan freedom-fight was now under full steam. One Cuba wasn't enough for these people. They were The Best and Brightest of a new generation. They'd picked up the torch from Camelot.
The honor demanded that they pledge themselves to creating another tropical Gulag and slaughterhouse on our doorstep.
If Latin freedom fighters battled desperately in the field against a Soviet-supplied enemy — if these freedom-fighters had their backs against the wall — if any looked northward through sweat-stung eyes and blood-drenched bandages for an ally — if hundreds were dying in freedom' cause with gritted teeth in a desperate and uneven struggle against a common enemy — then these freedom-fighters MUST be stabbed in back. The legacy of Camelot DEMANDED it.
Towards that noble goal John Kerry committed himself body and soul. Soon his Committee was leaking lurid details of a nefarious CIA/Contra drug smuggling plot with a Cuban-American named Felix Rodriguez as the bagman and Vice President George Bush as a silent partner.
The commie-crackpot Christic Institute and Institute for Policy Studies served as the Kerry Committee's advisors. The latter had arranged his Nicaragua trip.
The freshman senator from Massachusetts was on a serious roll that summer of 1987. His very own Congressional Committee subpoenaing, questioning, holding open sessions, closed sessions — and most importantly, leaking salacious tid-bits of their proceedings to their cronies and soulmates in the pink media.
As a (sympathetic) Boston Globe article on John Kerry says about his famous Subcommittee: "Several committee members were wary of Kerry's reputation for self-promotion; one griped aloud that the senator's staff was always leaking to the press."
The Kerry Committee finally subpoenaed Felix Rodriguez himself. And here, my friends, John Kerry finally stepped in it. He started messing with the WRONG dude.
A little background: As a 19 year-old member of Brigada 2506, Felix infiltrated Communist Cuba weeks before the Bay of Pigs invasion, organizing underground freedom-fighters, planning for the sabotage of key roads and bridges, staying a step ahead of the Castro's secret police and their KGB handlers and coaches.
Almost 70 per cent of his comrades in the infiltration teams died in front of firing squads, after torture. Felix knew the odds. He volunteered anyway.
After the Best and Brightest stabbed the Bay of Pigs freedom-fighters in the back, Rodriguez again foiled the Communist dragnet by slipping into the Venezuelan embassy and escaping a year later to Florida.
After the Best and Brightest stabbed them again and twisted the blade with the Kennedy-Kruschev swindle, Rodriguez, along with hundreds of his Brigada Band Of Brothers enlisted in the U.S. Army.
Later, as a CIA operative, Rodriguez played the key role in tracking down and capturing Che Guevara in Bolivia and was the last to question him. "Finally I was face to face with the assassin of thousands of my countrymen, of hundreds of my patriot friends."
On the day he gained his U.S. citizenship in 1969 Rodriguez celebrated the honor by volunteering for armed action in Viet-Nam. "I lost the country of my birth to Communism," he writes in his book, Shadow Warrior. "I know freedom must be protected. And I feel I owe it to my adopted country."
Felix flew over 300 helicopter combat missions in Viet-Nam, and was shot down five times. He won the coveted Intelligence Star for Valor from the CIA and nine Crosses for Gallantry from the Republic of South Vietnam.
Later he battled Communists in El Salvador using a helicopter "mobile strike unit" scheme he developed in Viet-Nam. He flew over 100 combat missions in Central America, captured the FMLF's top commander and helped crush those Communist- terrorists decisively. All this was volunteer work.
Castro put a price on Rodriguez' head over three decades ago, and sent hit-team, after hit-team, after hit-team (including one lent to him by his chum Yassir Arafat) to murder Felix and his family in Florida. All were foiled. (Wonder if Robert Redford discussed Death Squads with his recent host?)
Now a gaggle of grandstanding Congressional paper-pushers presumed to browbeat and cow this man. I'll quote the heavy metal rockers Judas Priest here. "They had another thing coming!"
Rodriguez was flying combat missions in El Salvador the summer of 1987 when his wife called to say his name was splashed all over the Miami Herald as a cocaine smuggler for the Nicaraguan Contras — and one who reports to Vice President Bush!
"Forget it," he laughed. "Who's gonna believe such garbage?" But as always with Liberal slanders, they have a life of their own. The smear spread through the Beltway media like wildfire. "Our friends are wondering, Felix," said his worried wife a few days later. "The stories keep appearing. Our children...our families' reputation is at stake here. I'm concerned...."
The subpoena from the Kerry Committee finally hit their Miami doorstep. "Great!" whooped Felix while flying back from the Central American war. "I'll be happy to tell a Congressional Committee EVERYTHING — but I insist on OPEN hearings. None of these "closed" hearings.
You see, the very slanders then taking Felix away from the field against Communists to attempt to clear his name and honor originated at the Kerry Committee's last "closed" hearing.
Here a convicted drug smuggler sentenced to 46 years in Federal prison (and who later flunked several polygraph tests) made the outrageous charges against Rodriguez and Vice President Bush. Next day they were all over the Beltway media.
For The Kerry Committee "closed" meant closed to the press for any testimony that contradicted the crackpot accusations of Committee's Christic Institute mentors and its felon witnessers — but wide open for any testimony that backed the smear about Vice President Bush as a cocaine smuggler for the Contras with Felix as his trouble-shooter. Rodriguez noticed that the Miami Herald mentioned, "unnamed congressional sources," for it's slanders. Leaks anyone?
And let's not forget the date, summer of 1987. Shortly George Bush would wage an electoral campaign against Kerry's friend and political ally, Michael Dukakis (recall that Kerry served as Lieutenant Governor for this famous tank commander.)
Miami area lawyers, knowing Rodriguez' honorable reputation, tripped over themselves clamoring to represent him pro-bono during the Kerry Committee hearings. "I don't want any lawyers!" Felix responded. "If I need a lawyer to help me explain why I've been defending this country for the past 27 years — then I'm in the wrong country! I want my testimony in front of the American people!"
More alarmingly (to Democrats) Rodriguez refused what weasel types call "immunity."
You can imagine John Kerry's forehead furrowing and a few nervous coughs behind the hand at the news. Nothing so flabbergasts and unnerves a big-haired, blow-dried Congressional Committee like spunk, courage, honesty, straight talk. He must have been aghast.
So, of course, Kerry denied Rodriguez' request for an open hearing. If Rodriguez cleared his name, if he shot down his Committee's cockamamie accusations — by God, Kerry certainly didn't want it getting any circulation!
The Kerry Committee — and The Kerry Committee alone — using leaks to their pinko press cronies and soulmates, would decide exactly what got in the newspapers and evening news.
"Senator, my name was leaked BY YOUR Committee as being involved with drug smuggling," Rodriguez started his testimony. "I take that seriously. It affects my family, my reputation and my friends."
Kerry furrowed his (now) famous forehead and affected a stern look "You're making serious accusations here...."
"SENATOR! This slander was in every G*DDAMMED newspaper after your committee's last CLOSED hearing!" Rodriguez shot back, "saying I solicited drug money for the Contras. THAT, Senator Kerry, is a D*MNED LIE!!"
Kerry's forehead furrowed further. He stuttered. He started losing it, rambling well off the subject, asking Rodriguez about Che and why he hadn't fought harder to save his life, etc.
"SENATOR!" an exasperated Rodriguez finally shot back. "It's difficult for me to answer questions from a man I DO NOT RESPECT!"
Kerry gaped. A north-eastern liberal Democrat he'd always been a media darling, soft-soaped and soft-balled by that feisty "adversarial" press.
Now this Rodriguez guy's tone had him seriously rattled. But Felix didn't miss a beat — naming dates and witnesses, citing documents — this upright and gallant man proceeded to demolish every accusation against him.
"I have nothing to hide," Rodriguez said repeatedly. "I'm not ashamed of anything I've done. I've battled communism since I was 17. I help the Contras, I help the Salvadoran government. I do so as a volunteer, legally and openly. And if you're sincere, senator," he finished up. "You'll put out a statement to the press about what I said here today. I INSIST that the American people know about my testimony!"
No such statement ever issued from Kerry's Committee. So two months later Rodriguez called a press conference in Miami to tell his side.
A full year after leaking the slanders against Rodriguez and after the treacherous, lying swine that made them failed three polygraph tests, The Kerry Committee found itself wiping its brow and coughing nervously behind their hand again. Now they had no choice.
Finally they saw fit to allow Rodriguez' year-long request for an open hearing. They scheduled him as the fifth witness at 5:00 in the afternoon when the Senate chamber was devoid of reporters and TV cameras. In the near-empty room, Kerry finally mumbled a half-hearted apology.
But, as Rodriguez writes, "whether by design or coincidence, allegations about me and drug smuggling and Vice president Bush kept popping up in the press right up until election day 1988." And the Miami Herald kept mentioning those "unnamed Congressional sources."
The mainstream media still calls the McCarthy Hearings a "Witch Hunt," They call Richard Nixon a "red-baiter" and "political opportunist" for going after Alger Hiss. Yet declassified Soviet documents vindicated both Republicans.
John Kerry's "Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics, and International Operations," was run "like a division of the Dukakis campaign," said Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who served as ranking Republican on the subcommittee.
Worse, it genuinely smeared innocent and honorable men, using the commie-crackpot Christic Institute, and convicted felons for evidence, and in the end — after millions of dollars — turned up nothing.
Yet I challenge you to Google "Kerry Committee" alongside "Witch Hunt" and come up with anything. Instead you'll find that the Kerry Committee's slanders against an honorable man who earned the title of patriot a thousand times over linger throughout the pink media.
This is sickening.
To clear his name, Felix Rodriguez was forced to write his own book, Shadow Warrior. The truth is all there, to the lasting shame of John Kerry. If you're even thinking of voting for this man, please read it. If not, still read it. You'll cheer out loud one minute, your throat will lump — then your blood will boil.
Humberto Fontova is the author of The Hellpig Hunt, described as "Powerful and compelling!" by Publisher's Weekly as "Fascinating and Fun!" by the New Orleans Times Picauyune and as "Just what the doctor ordered!" by Ted Nugent.
You may reach Mr. Fontova by e-mail at

Thursday, October 21, 2004


I recieved the following letter from Senator Bill Frist the Senate majority leader concerning the Kerry health care plan. I found it very interesting and quite disturbing and now pass it on to share with you. We cannot afford John Kerry in the White House!

Note: Senator Frist is a physician!

Dear Ken,

John Kerry has a $1.5 trillion big government health plan that will put over 80 percent of those covered on Medicaid, will raise taxes an average of $969 per year per family, and will vastly expand the role of government in your health care decisions.

The very group John Kerry claims to help - small businesses - oppose the Kerry health plan. They have called it an "overpriced albatross" and released a study showing his plan would impose 225 mandates on employers.

Kerry's health care plan would create or expand the role of at least twenty-one government agencies to accommodate these new mandates.

Of the 25 million Americans insured under the Kerry health plan, almost 22 million will be in the Medicaid program, which is a government-controlled healthcare program. Just ask any physician or any hospital what happens when a patient is treated in Medicaid. Prices are strictly controlled, and ultimately there is rationing, all of which together destroys innovation and research and development.

And what happens to people who have private insurance when the government steps in and vastly expands Medicaid? Under Senator Kerry's plan, about 8 million Americans will lose their private insurance coverage and end up on Medicaid.

But for John Kerry, that's not enough government expansion. His plan would create a federally run reinsurance program which makes the government responsible for 75 percent of health care expenses greater than $30,000. If government has the responsibility of everything over $30,000, they certainly will regulate everything up to that threshold as well. Payments, reimbursements and prices would ultimately be set by government and that turns into government rationing. This plan does nothing to address the underlying root causes of the soaring cost of healthcare today. It simply shifts that cost to the backs of taxpayers - to the tune of an almost $1000 tax increase.

From my perspective as a physician and one who has seen firsthand the way a healthcare system should work, we need a system centered on the doctor-patient relationship. The Kerry plan simply fails and moves in the other direction, focusing rather on big government and bureaucrats as decision-makers and that is the wrong prescription for the American people.


Senator Bill Frist, M.D. (R-TN)
Majority Leader

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Breck Girl in action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHY ????

You are most likely wondering about the title of this article. It seemed the most appropriate considering the object of the article. This will be the one opportunity that you who are voting FOR John Kerry will have at this site to express why you are voting for Kerry. In the last few days, the Kerry campaign has used scare tactics and misleading and out right false statements to try and sway the vote their direction and it would seem to also shore up their base which seems to be weak on Kerry. In addition many who have commented lately, for which we thank you, have thought that re-writing an article in the comment section to make that article fit their agenda was appropriate. So now is your chance. I am a life long Reagan type Republican who supports the President and have yet to see one reason to vote for John Kerry. Also, in my profession I work with the public and listen regularly to news and talk radio, both conservative and liberatarian and would listen to liberal if it were available. I have yet to hear ANYONE voting for Kerry express WHY they are FOR him. I've heard , "I can't stand Bush", Bush did this, Bush did that etc. Alot of Bush hating and votes for Kerry as a vote against Bush. So now is your opportunity. In the comment section of this article tell all of us WHY you are FOR Kerry. One stipulation though, the comment is to be your reason to vote FOR Kerry and not why you don't like the President or are voting against Bush or dis-like something the President has done! I want only reasons why a vote should be cast for Kerry. I'm betting it can't be done. Prove me wrong. Those comments that express your vote only because of Bush hatred or just voting against the President will have a follow up posting from this writer. So here's your chance! Tell us all why John Kerry deserves to be President based on John Kerry not Bush hatred. I'm still betting it can't be done!

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry is scrambling for something

When I hear the news it tells me 1 thing , John Kerry is desparate and will pull out all his tricks. First saying Bush is going to bring back the draft congress has come out all together saying this won't happen. Then saying Bush is going to destroy social secruity. Now this makes sense when the polls show Kerry trailing with the youth and seniors. He already has Al Sharpton out criticizing the early Florida voting. Just let the people vote. Talk about confidence Bush is speaking in New Jersey a state Gore won by 16 it is now a toss up. The latest gallop poll has Bush ahead overall by 8. We will just get used to lies , misdirections and exagerations from the Kerry side over the next 2 weeks. Another big sign in a recent poll active military support the president by nearly 70 %. Yes I know I am biased but I don't think the election will be in question very long on Nov 2. Bush will have a strong mandate this time.

Chris lovelace

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Slam Dunk Mr. President!

The final debate for the 2004 election is history and this time without question there was a clear winner...President George W. Bush! The President was stong, energetic, prepared with facts, figures and statistics and for the first time in this election John Kerry has had to answer for his non-existant record and it has been placed on him as a collar around his neck! Kerry was continually on the defensive and without a record to defend stumbled and mis-informed throughout the debate. Going into the debate many believed that because of the domestic subject matter that the President would be at a disadvantage having to address what are traditionally Democratic issues, medical care, education and jobs. Not only did the President address them he clearly exposed Kerry's "plans" as doomed for failure and outlined a distinct plan and vision for the next four years. He nailed Kerry as a liberal in refering to Ted Kennedy as the, "conservative Senator from Massachusetts" and further exposed his voting record by first labeling him as "out of the mainstream and on the far left bank" then sighting only 5 pieces of legislation sponsored by Kerry in 19 years. To this Kerry replied, "much of my legislation was sponsored under other names!" How convenient! At one point Kerry displayed the height of tacky when in answer to a question about gay marriage he used the Vice President's daughter as an example in yet another attempt to polarize conservatives against Cheney. Even the pundints and talking heads moaned at this! All in all I believe the President's strength, statistical knowledge, continual hammering of Kerry's record and general up-beat demeanor kept Kerry off balance throughout the debate. If the other debates gave the Kerry campaign any momentum, which I believe they did not, this debate countered that and clearly gave the final push toward election day to the President's advantage!

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 11, 2004

John Kerry, Who's The Nuisance?

As I begin this article I think it best to let you read Mr. Kerry's thoughts in this excerpt from the following interview:

( - Sen. John F. Kerry -- in an interview with Sunday's New York Times Magazine -- said the Sept. 11 attacks "didn't change me much at all"; and said he hopes the country will return to the days when terrorism was "just a nuisance," the same way that prostitution and illegal gambling are a nuisance.

In the interview published on Sunday, Kerry told New York Times reporter Matt Bai, "As a former law-enforcement person, I know we're never going to end prostitution. We're never going to end illegal gambling. But we're going to reduce it, organized crime, to a level where it isn't on the rise -- it isn't threatening people's lives every day, and fundamentally, it's something that you continue to fight, but it's not threatening the fabric of your life.'"

So John Kerry believes that terrorism should return to the days that it was just, " a nuisance!" A nuisance like prostitution and illegal gambling. The more I read and write this the angrier that I become! "A nuisance"...were the crew members of the USS Cole "a nuisance?" Was the first Trade Center bombing in 1993 "a nuisance?" Was the bombing of the barracks in Beruit "a nuisance?" Was the Achille Lauro and Leon Klinghoffer "a nuisance?" Are the many who continually die in Israel "a nuisance?" Not only does Kerry lack any understanding of the destructive nature and pure evil of terrorism but he insults the memories and the families of anyone who has lost their life to these monsters! How can this man expect to protect a nation at war with the very terror networks throughout the world that wish our way of life ended and each of us dead when he wishes for the days when they were "just a nuisance?" Is there any doubt that he would surrender? Is there any doubt that he would give in to their demands and even negotiate with terrorists? Is there any doubt that he would never as President prosecute this war to final victory? Mr. Kerry terrorist cannot be treated as criminals, or negotiated with, or wished away as "a nuisance!" The only way to end the threat is to hunt them down as our military is doing in the holes in which they hide and kill them. Let their heads roll and their blood spill. They are not "a nuisance" but a deadly threat that only a War on Terror prosecuted to its fullest extent can eliminate! Prosecuted with "whatever it takes" as the President has said. Then and ONLY then will this country be safe and the threat of terror eliminated!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Something To Defend!

I have listened Friday night and throughout this weekend to the talking heads and the political pundints either whining or accusuing the President of being, "on the defensive", or "overly defensive", or "very defensive" in the second debate against John Kerry. Not to detract from the excellent article previously posted by Chris for our debate coverage, but first I believe the President decisivly trounsed Kerry Friday night and second; of course he was somewhat defensive. Why? Because unlike John Kerry, the President has a long list of actions and accomplishments TO defend! Kerry has the luxury during a debate to attack the President's policies, his actions, his decisions and anything else from his administration. The President on the other hand has to decide which John Kerry to debate. Kerry had no record in the Senate, which Bush brought out many times, Kerry has also managed to express support for and against every side of every issue giving him the opportunity to state that he was for and/or against anything depending on which answer was most expedient to the question. Never before in Presidential politics has a sitting President had an opponent who stood for nothing. Kerry's "stands" change with the polls and the political climate and each are accompanied with an excuse or a claim of consistancy. The only consistancies that John Kerry has are his name, he served in Vietnam, (the nature of that is even inconsistant), he has "a plan" for everything which he can't reveal because he doesn't know what he'll find IF, (thank God for if) he becomes President and George Bush did everything wrong. How can you trust a man with no record to defend a questionable past, who tells you nothing about his "plan" for the nation except, he'll tell you if he gets in office? The simple answer don't! The President stands firm on his record, has outlined in detail his plan for the next four years and has been truthful and honest about his past and his administration of the Presidency. There is no clearer choice as to who can and will effectivly lead this nation and win the War on Terror...President George W. Bush!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, October 09, 2004

The second debate

This format fit the President much better , he looked more relaxed. How can this be a room full of undecided voters ? At this late in the processyou must not be paying much attention if you are still undecided. Most people have what I call core values. When you have core values you can make up of your mind easily on issues such as who to vote for. The President sounded and looked confident. He had a handle on the issues and he was in control. Kerry waffled on several issues and spoke several well known lies. The general Kerry spoke of was never fired. Troops were not diverted from the search for Osama. The # is closer to 100 billion sent in Iraq not 200 billion. The tax cut went to all not just the rich. The richest create jobs so the the tax cuts need to go to the rich as well as the common man. Kerry's plan would kill job growth taxing the rich. Kerry said he was against abortion but for abortion rights , I've read the constitution there is nothing in there about abortion rights or a woman's right to choose. The president hit strongly on a liberal hot topic the enviroment and Kerry had nothing to come back with. Several times we sa Kerry trying to defend and rationalize his vote ; the President did a great job of pointing out Kerry' senate record. Speaking of liberal why is Kerry so offended by what he is and you can call The President conservative all day long. Kerry still is worried about what the europeans think about us and so badly wants the french in Iraq ; The President is mainly concerned about what is best for America. ( reguardless of popularity in europe) Overall I think The President came out on top and secured up his base of voters. He could have jumped on some of Kerry's lies but he is Presidential and will leave that to us.

Chris Lovelace

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Boycott Liberals 1 continued// The tech sector

Why in the world would anyone in the Technology field support a Democrat after what the Clinton administation did to Microsoft. If these people had any sense they would realize( no matter how much they all hate Microsoft ) that goverment infringement in there field would spell disaster for all. After all how do you spell inefficient ? Heres how G-o-v-e-r-n-m-e-n-t.
Well heres the list of the Tech libs. Im really disapointed in these guys.
Info from
John Gage - Chief Researcher Sun Microsystems - RICH
John Morgridge, Chairman Cisco Systems - RICH
Charles Phillips, Presidnet Oracle Corporation - RICH
Daniel Rosensweig, COO Yahoo! - RICH
John Thompson, Chairman Synamtec - RICH
Rob Glaser - Founder, Chairman and CEO REal Networks - Worth $2,000,000,000 (BILLIONAIRE) REALLY RICH
Eric Schmidt, CEO Google -Worth $1,500,000,000 (BILLIONAIRE) REALLY RICH
Charles Geschke - Founder and Chairman Adobe Systems - RICH
Steve Jobs - Apple Computer co-founder Steve Jobs is advising Kerry on economic issues. Jobs appointed Al Gore to the Board of Directors of Apple. - Worth 2,600,000,000 (BILLIONAIRE) REALLY RICH
Boycott these products and save our nation
Thank you
John Oliver Benton III

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

When you buy Apple, you pay Al Gore///Boycot Liberals 1

I knew Steve Jobs was a liberal, but this feels like a bad Bussiness move.
After this, Dude, Im getting a Dell.
John Oliver Benton III

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The #2s Duel !!!!!!!!!!!

In watching some of the debate tonight, I think i have figured out where John Edwards got his speech from. Oliver Stone (P.S. Communist sypathizer). This man is full of more cospiracy speech than Hillary(And thats saying a lot). He actually said that the American soilder pays a higher rate of taxes than a Multi-millionare. Well here's the proof folks, you decide for your self.
Edwards said tonight, on the issue of Tort Reform, that the goverment should now regulate the validity of court cases. This from a lawyer? Or is he a laywer? More and more i here the words of Lenin and Marx from our poloticians in Washington. This is a scary thing for me. One thing that Kerry or Edwards fail to understand is that the backbone of any free society is economic freedom. Without that, we are a third world dictatorship. On the issue of Edwards voting record, there isnt one. The guy never votes. Where is he ? Even his home town paper has caled him out on this. One the issue of the war in Iraq, john john says that we see the evidence on our TVs everyday, that things are not going well. Well I guess we do, after all the press are nothing more than card carring Libs. Mr. Edwards has hurt my pocket to many time for me to ever vote for him. Cheney did what he does best, hammer home the facts. He called out john john so many times, on the facts of the Iraq war, that the modarator changed the subject to win one for the home team. In short, Cheney wins, Hands down. I dont care what the pundits say. Even ABC says so!!!!
They state that the audience was more republican. Well, if the moderator is a Liberal, shoudn't the audience be republican? Seem fair to me. Anyway, the last time i checked ( tonight ), the audience does not particapate in debates, only the canidates. Maybe the link above is another example of media bias.
John Oliver Benton III

The Real Democrats, And there cold hard cash!!!!!!!!!

I recieved an email from a one of our readers named Annie. She has finally put the proof in our hands about the Dems and all the wealth they posses. This is good info folks. the link to the site is . This is great info, we may post it after the debates are over. the second email was from Nick. And this one must be posted. Read it for yourself. I was stunned.
Have Communist taken over our childrens schools ? Not totally, but they have done i fine job shutting down free speech in them.

Rita Bianco, Parent: "Children should know their president and their first lady!"Parents expressing outrage after a teacher is kicked out of her public school for hanging a picture of President Bush next to pictures of other presidents in her classroom.

This is absolutely absurd. Having a president displayed with the montage of presidents isn't really that controversial, and it is a crying shame that liberals are so anti-Bush, anti-Republican, and increasingly anti-American, that the public school system is pandering to the whimsical hates of a few liberal parents. It is truly the representation of liberalism in America today, a different, more radical, reactionary kind of liberalism than the liberalism of our fathers.Contact Jim Warfel, the principal who kicked this teacher out of the building for displaying a picture of the president among the montage of

Nick DiOrio

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Proud Conservative, But We Voters Need More Backbone!

There are many things in this life that I am very proud of; my nineteen year old son who has voted absentee and for the first time, so the President has 1 vote already secure! I'm proud that we live in a country where freedom and liberty are the hallmark of our existance. I'm proud of the tremendous accomplishments that our country has made and as its status as the world's lone Super Power. I'm proud of the stance this land has taken and bled for against terrorism on ALL fronts of the war! I am also proud of our President who has given us and the world a moral clarity and leadership that is rare in this world. He continually takes a strong stand in protecting this nation , in following his Constitutional vow and working to improve conditions here at home. With all this said, I fear that we conservatives whether from fear of the liberal agenda or from fear of there regaining power lack a stong backbone to emphatically fight for our beliefs. This tendancy has once again shown its face in response to the first Presidential debate. Like many of you I was a little disappointed that the President did not hammer home more of the flip-flops of John Kerry and was not suprised that the polls and most people believe that Kerry won the debate. What does bother me is that throughout the day Friday and thus far this weekend the "woe is us" syndrome has once again overtaken conservatives and the thought that because of one debate all is lost for the President! Never mind that there was NO change in the polls, never mind that the majority of votors still believe that Bush is the best man for the job. Never mind that most of the Senate and House seats up for grabs have a Republican lead. Never mind that there is still one month and three debates left. No, many conservatives see the world coming to an end! First let me remind you of the first debate in 1984 between President Reagan and Walter Mondale. Mondale recieved a 17 point bounce after the convention and was 8-9 points ahead in the polls going into the first debate. President Reagan was not even close to his game for this debate. Infact many even thought he had become senial. He looked and acted tired, his thoughts wondered and he generally acted as if he was pre-occupied. After the debate Mondale celebrated a victory and everyone was sure he would win the election. Then came the next debate one week later. President Reagan ate Mondale for dinner and went on to the largest landslide in American history! Why do conservatives not realize that the majority of the country believes as we do? Have we been trounced upon by the liberal agenda so much that there is an internal fear that anything that does not appear perfect will defeat is? Remember with the exception of two midterm elections in the 80's and the two times Clinton was elected conservatives have won rather decisevly every national election since 1980! Yet even after holding Congress since 1994 we still back down and are afraid of the liberal agenda even to the point that legislation is changed dramatically and judges unconstitutionally kept from the bench. Where is our backbone. We have a strong President who will have very powerful coat tails on November 2. Then over the next four years our larger majority will prevail both in Congress and the State Houses. We need to start acting like we are the majority and not the minority. Whining is no longer an option! The great things we say to each other in private must be yelled from the roof top in public. Why are the liberals so feared. Not because they are right, not because they have better ideas, only because thier mouths are bigger and they yell louder! Well fellow conservatives it's our turn. We are in power, after November 2 we will still be in power and it's past time for conservatism to be shouted from the mountain tops and the liberal voice because OF OUR STAND brought from it's lofty and false heights!

Ken Taylor

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