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Thursday, May 29, 2008


This , "negotiation, " may be the ONLY one Jimmy Carter is qualified for. Why ? Because both candidates think like he does, appease like he does, make policy like he did and have no clue as to what the American people want !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - LIMA, Peru — The origin of the potato has become, well, a "hot potato" between neighbors Peru and Chile. The spud dispute began Monday, when Chilean Agriculture Minister Marigen Hornkohl said 99% of the world's potatoes derive from spuds native to Chile.

Peru, where the potato is a source of national pride, bristled at the claim and said the comes from a part of the Andes near Lake Titicaca, most of which is located in modern-day Peru. The country claims to have some 3,000 varieties of potato. The spud dispute is just the latest flare-up between the testy neighbors

Chile says, "potato, " Peru says, " poetahto, " potato, portahto ......ahhh who really cares! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The candidate who believes she is destined to be President and just a few short months ago was believed to be a sure thing for the Democrat nod, has been her own worst enemy. It seems that her Grandfather who, according to Hillary, taught her how to shoot when she was twelve, forgot to show how to aim!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - BARBOURSVILLE, W.Va. — One young shopper at a Wal-Mart in West Virginia had to watch out for more than falling prices. A 12-year-old girl picking up a seedless watermelon from a bin was stung Sunday by a tan, inch-long scorpion that had apparently stowed away in a shipment from Mexico.

Megan Templeton, of Barboursville, was taken to the hospital as a precaution but later released. Her father, William Templeton, said the pain was a little worse than a bee sting. He initially didn't believe his daughter when she said she had been stung by a scorpion, but then he saw the critter scurry underneath a box. It was captured by Wal-Mart employees.

Talk about rolling back prices....oooouuuuucccchhhh! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Naive, inexperienced, no substance and a man after Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter's own heart. As Bugs Bunny would say, " what a maroon ! "

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - TUXTLA GUTIERREZ, Mexico — A donkey doing time in southern Mexico for assault and battery has been freed from jail. The Televisa network on Wednesday showed "Blacky" gobbling food from a bucket after spending three days in a jail that normally holds people for public drunkenness and other disturbances.

Blacky was jailed for biting and kicking two men near a ranch outside Tuxtla Gutierrez, the capital of the southern state of Chiapas. Officials freed the donkey after its owner paid a fine of $36 and the $115 hospital bill of the men, who suffered bites to the chest and a broken ankle. Authorities say he also must pay $480 to each man for missed work days.

The animal was locked up at a local jail that normally holds people for public drunkenness and other disturbances after it bit and kicked two men near a ranch in Chiapas state, police said Monday. So I guess now we are going to have an influx of illegal donkeys crossing our borders. - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The answer to our , "energy, " problems is staring Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi right in their liberal faces. DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL. But these morons would rather blame the oil companies and threaten to nationalize the oil industry and spit on the Constitution!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Many including those in the Democrat Party are asking , "why is Hillary Clinton staying in the race ?" There are many reasons. Among those are the fact that she believes she is destined to be President and that she and Bubba believe that they have the clout during the Convention to strong arm Super Delegates into jumping the Obama ship and getting on board the Clinton Side Wheeler, (with emphasis on wheeler as in wheeler, dealer! ).

She also has a case concerning her electability compared to Obama's. She has won all of the big States as well as the core constituency of the Democrat voters. But one of her top reasons for holding on concerns Florida and Michigan.

In case you missed all the fuss, Florida and Michigan decided, against party rules to move up their Primaries to try and get their foot in the door BEFORE the first Super Tuesday which took place in February. The DNC was rather upset about this and as a punishment denied every delegate from both States a seat at the Convention making the United States, as far as the DNC is concerned a 48 State Nation once again.

In accordance to party wishes Obama and the other candidates running at the time either had their name removed from the ballot, ( in Michigan), or did not campaign, ( in Florida). That is everyone except Hillary Clinton. Not only did she keep her name on the ballot but actively campaigned in both States. Which of course shows her loyalty is to Hillary and NOT the DNC.

Clinton also won both States. In Michigan she only won with 55% of the vote with the only other candidate on the ballot being Dennis Kucinich who even my Whippet dog could beat! The fact that Florida and Michigan are not included in the delegate count changed the dynamics in winning the nomination. Without the two States either candidate needs to get 2025 delegates both pledged and Super in order to gain the nomination.

With Florida and Michigan in the mix that number changes dramatically. With the 211 delegates from Florida and the 157 delegates from Michigan added to the total delegate total from all of the Primaries and the Super Delegates the number needed for the Democrat nomination is approximately 2208 for a majority.

With the count needed to win now standing at 2025 without Florida and Michigan Obama is less than 50 away from the nomination. If Florida and Michigan are counted he would still need more than 200 to get the nod. Hillary would also gain delegates putting her closer to the nomination than she is now.

The DNC will meet on Saturday to decide the fate of the 368 delegates from the two States that at the moment Democrats do not recognize as part of the Union. Will they change the dynamic of the nomination once again by seating the Florida and Michigan delegates ? Will the DNC open the door for a miracle finish by Hillary Clinton and create a war at the Convention like we have never seen before ?

Will the DNC push Obama's lead aside in favor of Clinton by adding the two States back in the mix ? Will Hillary cry in order to try and get the DNC leadership to feel sorry for her ? Will Obama call on Jeremiah Wright to , "damn, " the DNC for allowing Florida and Michigan to become States once again. Will Howard Dean finally get a brain ? Well all but the last is possible !

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


A considerable amount of discussion has been made concerning Barack Obama and his lack of experience for the Presidency.

It is surprising that the above video was aired on CNN exposing Obama actually questioning his own experience for National Office.

He has essentially done exactly what he said he would NOT do in this video. He has been running for the White House in one form or another since he was elected to the Senate from Illinois.

At every opportunity he has taken the national stage in order to position himself for the White House run and still has no experience to back his run just as he did when first elected to the Senate and confessed on camera that he did NOT have enough experience to run for the Presidency.

What has changed since this press conference confession by Obama ? A national audience, a media that has essentially fallen in line with his candidacy and speeches that have said nothing but excited liberal voters into beleiving that Obama is the new liberal messiah.

His lack of experience when he made this confession has NOT changed yet he wants the American people to accept that he is the best person for the office of President of The United States.

Liberal hypocrisy at its worst!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 25, 2008


They came from every corner of our nation representing our best and bravest. They fought in places whose names have become familiar to us not because the field had any great significance but because of what they so bravely did there.

Places like Trenton, Valley Forge, Antietam, Gettysburg, Gallipoli, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Porkchop Hill, Inchon, Hamburger Hill, Basra, Kuwait City, Asadabad, Baghdad, Fallujah. Each of these locations and many more where brave Americans gave the lives defending freedom and fighting for liberty in defense of this nation.

Not one of these brave American heroes left home to fight with the intention of giving their life for this nation but left with a willingness to perform their duty with honor and with pride in service to their country with the full knowledge that this sacrifice in service may cost the, "last full measure of devotion."

They were willing because they realized that freedom is not free and that there is a high price to pay defending what one believes in. Many of them left home as boys with high ideals and a yearning for adventure then faced the reality of war with uncommon bravery, devotion and sacrifice.

Some sacrificed themselves to save a fellow soldier, some to achieve an objective when the situation became extreme and stepping forward regardless of the cost. Some just because stepping forward was all that could be done. Most gave of themselves without knowing where the courage came from.But each who gave this, "last full measure, " are hero's who deserve our respect and our affections for what they sacrificed preserving freedom for each of us. They deserve our memoriam every day for the life they gave in sacrifice and defense of our Flag, our Country and our freedoms.

Nothing that we do, nothing that we say can bring them back nor honor them in the fullest extent that they so justifiably deserve. Though we try through memorials that unite us in their sacrifice and the beauty of the architecture. These great memorial structures that stir our emotions as we remember what they gave for us can never fully pay tribute to these heroic Americans that paved the way for our freedom.

Throughout the nation memorial services at cemeteries and memorials will remind us of each of these brave Americans who gave so that we may be free. We will shed tears to the strain of taps as we realize just how much they gave. Movies that attempt to portray their bravery and sacrifice will also remind us of the amazing feats that these best and bravest of this nation performed in defending our freedom.

Yet within all of these memorials and tributes to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom, their heroism demands that we as a nation more than just remember but rather live our lives in the freedom that they have provided for us in a manner that honors their sacrifice and pays tribute daily to their devotion to this country.

If ever we fail to remember our freedom or surrender our liberties or take them for granted then we risk making their sacrifice in vain. In their sacrifice they never once considered it anything but their duty in service to this nation and an honor to have served. We owe each of them the same in our devotion to the liberties and freedoms that they sacrificed to give.

Nothing that we do can ever repay what they have given. Nothing that we say can ever express our gratitude for what we owe each of these brave heroes of freedom. How then can we begin to honor the memory and sacrifice of each who gave, "the last full measure of devotion ?"

President Lincoln said it best as he closed the Gettysburg Address, " that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. "

God bless our brave men and women who serve this nation and sacrifice daily. God bless the families of every soldier throughout our history who gave their all for freedoms sake......and finally God bless America !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 22, 2008


The Primary race is nearly over and Obama is closing in on the finish but his baggage and the carnage from the campaign will leave a nominee whose race has already been run.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - ROME - A court in Sicily has ruled that an accused Mafioso can be put under house arrest because he is too fat for any Italian jail. Salvatore Ferranti, who weighs 210 kg (462 pounds), was allowed to go home after spending six months in four Italian prisons, his lawyer told Reuters, confirming a local newspaper report.

Guards at the first two prisons said they constantly needed to help Ferranti, 36, get dressed and undressed, move about and go to the bathroom. Guards at other prisons said there was no bed big enough for him, that he could not get through the bathroom door, and that they would be at a loss if he had to be taken to a hospital in an emergency. Ferranti was accused of being a member of the Mafia clan once headed by Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the "boss of bosses" arrested last November.

Lawyer Raffaele Bonsignore filed a motion with a court in Palermo to release him under house arrest because he suffered from "grave obesity", calling it "a pathology incompatible with prison". I'll be willing to bet that soon we will find lawyers using the defense of a large criminal being, " a pathology incompatible with prison, " as a means of getting a guilty client off! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The only result of Obama, "sitting, " down and talking with people like Acmanutjob of Iran is emboldening the radicals and giving credibility to their murderous and fanatical terrorism. Neville Chamberlain would be proud of Obama the appeaser.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - TOKYO - Two sisters hid $56 million (28 million pounds) cash in cardboard boxes in what may be Japan's biggest-ever tax dodge, media said. Hatsue Shimizu, 64, and Yoshiko Ishii, 55, were arrested on suspicion of hiding a stash of yen they inherited from their father, a real estate investor from the western Japanese city of Osaka, the English-language Daily Yomiuri said on Wednesday.

The sisters are thought to have begun withdrawing money from their father's bank accounts a few years before his death in 2004, the Yomiuri said. They then declared only a fraction of their inheritance and paid a comparatively small amount in tax, it added. The Yomiuri said Shimizu told prosecutors she had forgotten about the cash, much of which was hidden in her garage, while Ishii admitted the allegations.

Yeah they forgot...give me a break ! That would be like forgetting that when your stomach is growling its time to eat. Sheesh! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The Gorwellion crowd will find any way possible to twist their junk science into , "proving, " that the Earth is being destroyed by , "man made Global Warming." Now that the same computers that through a glitch predicted rising temperatures in 2000, then after the glitch was corrected now shows Global cooling because of cooler Ocean temperatures, the GW weenie's still twist it to their favor for financial and political gain. Moonbat nut jobs at their worst !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - HELSINKI - A Finnish library-goer apparently thought 'better late than never' and quietly returned a book on loan for more than 100 years to a library in Vantaa, in southern Finland.The library had long since lost track of the loan but welcomed back to its collections the bound copy of a 1902 volume of Vartija, an active religious monthly periodical at the time.

"We are unclear when exactly it was borrowed and who returned it. There weren't any documents with it," librarian Minna Saastamoinen told Reuters. "There is an old note attached to the book which says there is a fine of 10 pennies a week for late returns," she added. The library sticker inside the cover, and the old-fashioned handwriting on it, showed the book was last officially loaned out at the beginning of the last century, she said.

Boy talk about your slow reader ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Barack James Hussein Earl Carter Obama. If ever their was reincarnation Obama is proving it as he appeases like Jimmy, expects the American people to give up our freedoms by choosing what we drive and how we live AND expecting this Nation to seek permission from other countries especially European to get , "approval, " before we act on our behalf. Yep Jimmy Carter II The Sequel !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


With a strong victory in Oregon, despite an even stronger victory in Kentucky by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama has now narrowed the gap for the Democrat nomination to less than 100 delegates. After yet another Super Tuesday for the Dems Barack Obama has 1953 pledged and Super Delegates compared to Hillary Clinton's 1770. 2026 are needed for the nomination which puts Obama only 73 away while Clinton has a sizable 255.

Puerto Rico, Montana and South Dakota are the only remaining Primary States but Hillary is still banking on the meeting taking place on May 31 when the DNC will decide the fate of the Florida and Michigan delegations and whether they will be seated at the Convention. She gave no indication that she has any intention of bowing out any time soon and still has a strong case to take to the Convention for gaining the nomination.

While her efforts to push this envelope to its limits will most likely fail even taking it all the way to the Convention, which I still believe is her intention, Clinton has little chance of getting the nomination because of the popularity and Rock Star status that Obama has in the party and the press.

In a head to head race between Obama and McCain polls show that the race is basically a dead heat but when the Electoral count is added to the picture the out look for McCain improves greatly. In a State by State break down of Electoral votes McCain holds a 285 to 242 lead over Obama with eleven tied. 270 are needed to win the White House and even with the 11 slated as a tie McCain has 15 more than the 270 needed to secure the Presidency.

With the election still several months away these numbers of course can change dramatically but with the controversy and lack of substance that Barack Obama has displayed thus far and the ever increasing scrutiny that will accompany him as he gains the nomination, I believe that these numbers will not only hold but have a very good possibility of increasing in favor of John McCain.

Obama rise to stardom in political circles has come through the Primaries where voters are voting according to part affiliation as they choose the nominee for the race toward the General Election. These voters are biased toward a certain political philosophy with most leaning liberal when it concerns the vote for the Democrat nominee.

In the General Election and the numbers of likely voters for that election Obama's Rock Star status fades considerably against John McCain. Which is why usually strong Democrat States like New Hampshire, Michigan and Wisconsin which were all blue States in 2004 are either undecided or leaning Republican.

Also as the graphic that is linked to above shows even California with Barack Obama as the Democrat nominee shows only a 7% difference in favor of Obama which may very well put the 54 Electoral votes for this State into play in a McCain/Obama match up.

He may be a rock Star to liberal Democrats and the media but as a candidate Barack Obama is very weak, inexperienced and has a great deal of vulnerabilities that will come back to haunt him as the nominee and the General Election against an experienced candidate like John McCain who has already passed the scrutiny test in previous elections.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


The time for setting aside political differences has come when it concerns a devastating diagnoses for Senator Ted Kennedy. The remaining brother of the iconic Kennedy family has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, or cancer of the brain.

While I have never agreed with Senator Kennedy's politics and have at many times been angered by his stand on various issues that have faced this country, it is time to set aside those differences to remember the Kennedy family and the Senator in our prayers.

This iconic political family has faced tremendous tragedy as we all know with the assassinations of both President John F. Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy. The tragic death of JFK junior and many other tragedies that would have destroyed many families, but the Kennedy family has faced tragedy with dignity and grace. Now as they face yet another with the brain cancer of Senator Ted Kennedy our thoughts and prayers are raised for the Senator and the Kennedy family.

Ken Taylor


Barack Obama is starting to see what it will be like in the Fall if trends continue and he becomes the nominee for the Democrat Party. He has been scrutinized, though not as tough as he will be as the nominee and now his wife is the target of adds and criticism because of statements that she has made while on the campaign trail.

Barack doesn't like it and stated as such calling for the GOP to, " lay off my wife." Well Senator Obama if you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen. This makes the second time that Obama has publicly complained about the way he is being scrutinized now that he holds the lead for the nomination.

The first was after the debate prior to the Pennsylvania Primary where the first 45 minutes of the debate centered on the issues that have risen over Jeremiah Wright and others that Obama is associated with. He felt then that these were not issues that the American people were concerned with. Yet polls have shown and continue to show that Wright and others in whom the Illinois Senator has associated himself with ARE a concern for the American people and as such they ARE and issue.

Now Obama does not like that fact that his wife has become an issue. If he does not want her to be an issue then take her off the campaign trail and never allow her to make any speeches in public and on behalf of the campaign or statements that involve the election or public policy.

Michelle Obama has attacked the President and administration policy in speeches, made controversial statements such as being proud of her country for the first time because her husband was running for President as well as acquiring her own PR and campaign staff to position her as a Presidential candidates spouse.

All of these make her an issue in a campaign especially one as heated and as important as the one that Obama and his wife find themselves in. She potentially could be the First Lady of The United States and as such she is a public figure and is open to scrutiny, criticism and statements from the opposition especially when she makes controversial statements and publicly attacks against a sitting President.

Cindy McCain the wife of GOP nominee John McCain is in like manner open for public criticism as well as attacks from the opposition and neither McCain nor his campaign have come forth complaining about attacks nor the criticism. Cindy McCain has been recently criticized for not releasing her tax returns for 2008, yet the McCain camp has not tried to stop the attacks because they realize that as a candidates wife and possible First Lady she is open to public scrutiny just as Michelle Obama is.

Yet Barack Obama whines about his wife and to this I say, " Barack you have made her fair game by running for President!" If he thinks the scrutiny that both he and his wife have received to this point in the campaign are harsh then he is not even close to being prepared for what will happen after he gains the nomination and the final push for November begins in earnest in September.

Presidential candidates wives have always been a target for scrutiny when their husband has run for the Nations Chief Executive. Even when Abraham Lincoln ran for President it was thought that his wife Mary could actually become a liability for his campaign because she was from a Southern family that actually owned slaves and had certain mental problems that later in life actually placed her in an institution.

Lincoln is but one example of the scrutiny that takes place with a candidates wife when running for the office of President and if Barack Obama expects the press, the GOP and anyone else to, "lay off, " his wife then the inexperienced Senator from Illinois is in for some rough days ahead as the campaign moves from the nomination process to the actual run for the White House this Fall. Michelle Obama is fair game and Barack Obama better get used to it!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 18, 2008


Hillary and Obama are continuing to duke it out for the Democrat nomination which has created an advantage for John McCain going into the final Primary months and especially with the real probability that Hillary, though losing, will remain in the race until the Convention and force a fight that will leave the Democrats further wounded going into the final push for November.

This combined with the skeletons and lack of substance that are weighing heavily in support from likely voters in the General Election for Barack Obama, who most likely will be the Dem nominee, and John McCain is looking good for a November victory. In fact recent polling that covers a State by State break down on the Electoral vote has McCain with more that 310 Electors in a head to head with Obama which is well above the 270 needed to gain the Presidency.

With the prospects for the defeat of the Democrats for the Presidency looking very strong in November, why then is this post titled, "Warning To Conservatives ?" A fly has possibly fallen into the ointment in the past week that may very well become a temptation for many Conservatives which has the possibility of handing the Presidency to the Democrats if Conservatives yield to this temptation.

Bob Barr a Conservative former Congressman from Georgia has announced that he is running as the Libertarian candidate for the 2008 Presidential election. Barr left the GOP and the Congress in 2003 because of differences that he had with GOP spending habits. Differences that most Conservatives including myself have with the recent crop of GOP Legislators and also President Bush during his first term. Bush has improved some with the use of the VETO pen recently.

Many Conservatives have expressed misgivings with John McCain as the GOP nominee. This writer is among those. I was not at all happy with his recent policy statements concerning Global Warming and using federal funding and legislation to , "attack, " the problem. These monies and legislative time can better be used to address our own energy problems by getting off of the liberal legislative agenda and drill for oil that we have in the ground right here at home and stop wasting time and money buying and importing what we have in abundance right here at home and can access easily, environmentally safe and fairly quickly access if Washington would get out of the way.

Additionally I am not satisfied with McCain's continuing stance on Illegal Aliens and Sanctuary Cities. He has finally understood that the people demand border security first but he still favors a, "comprehensive, " program that favors some form of amnesty. Other problems with McCain stem from his past dealings with Campaign Finance and, " The Gang Of 14, " just to name two.

The temptation for many Conservatives because of McCain's track record with more Moderate leanings and some Conservative stances would be to support a Conservative candidate like Bob Barr whose Conservative stances better fit with the majority of the Conservative beliefs, unlike McCain who is at best 70% Conservative.

The problem that this causes is the fact that as a Libertarian candidate he presents two very distinct obstacles to becoming President. First as a Libertarian he has no chance of winning. While a stronger candidate than the Libertarians have had in recent years he still cannot gain enough support to win the Presidency. Second as a Libertarian he will follow that parties war platform which is very much isolationist and anti-war including immediate pull out from Iraq.

Ron Paul's stance on the war and America's place in foreign affairs follows very closely to the Libertarian platform and Barr will be expected as their candidate to campaign as such. All of this can add up to Barr being the spoiler with Republicans and if Conservatives who are angered with McCain are not careful, Barr could receive enough support to put the Democrat nominee in the White House.

Once there, either Democrat candidate along with what will likely be a Democrat Congress with the possibility of a stronger majority than they have now will guarantee several things.

1. Some form of government sponsored mandatory health care will become the largest entitlement this Nation has ever seen.

2. Taxes will rise dramatically. The Bush tax cuts will disappear and Democrats without the threat of a Presidential VETO will raise taxes across the board to pay for their Socialist agenda.

3. Surrender and appeasement will become the policy concerning military affairs and the military itself will suffer massive cut backs with huge financial cuts which will leave the Nation vulnerable and our troops without the finest and most advanced weaponry in order to protect the Nation and themselves.

4. Massive government sponsored programs designed to create a greater if not a complete dependency of the people on the federal government will become common place as legislative initiatives.

5. The likelihood of one or two Supreme Court Justices retiring during the next Presidential term is very high. A Democrat President will nominate a Ginsburg thus taking the court far left of where it is now.

Many Conservatives believe that allowing Democrats in the White House with a Democrat Congress will be such a disaster that the President will be a lame duck after only two years and the GOP under Conservative leadership will become the Majority in 2010 with a Conservative President to follow in 2012.

With a Democrat President like Hillary or Obama and a Congress giving them their entire Socialist agenda, the damage that it will cause in even two years may not be able to be reversed. How many government programs once legislated and funded have ever dropped of the books ? NONE. Two years of total Democrat Socialist control will add massive programs and taxes that will be near impossible to reverse even with a Conservative President and Congress.

The damage to the military is not only a danger to this Country but will leave us far more vulnerable to another 9/11 type of attack. This time it could very well come in the form of a dirty or nuclear bomb with casualties in the tens of thousands or more. Why do you think that a terrorist group like Hamas endorses Barack Obama ? Because his military and foreign policy ideas work for the advantage of and appeasement to terrorists. His ideas mirror closely to those of Hillary's so either way it would be a disaster.

Ronald Reagan once said, "If you got seventy-five or eighty percent of what you were asking for, I say, you take it and fight for the rest later, and that's what I told these radical conservatives who never got used to it." Reagan understood that political compromise for most of the pie was necessary without compromising principle and then following the example of our Founders and fighting for the rest that Conservatives believe in when the opportunity presents itself.

I am a Conservative first and then a Republican. But as a Conservative who has misgivings with McCain, I would rather fight him 30 - 40 % of the time than fight Hillary or Obama 100% of the time and watch my Country take the slippery path to Socialism under their leadership.

Yielding to the temptation of voting for Barr as a protest vote because of misgivings with McCain will result in a Socialist President and if this happens Conservatives will have no one to blame but themselves. The Socialist agenda and the danger is poses is real and much more pronounced with Hillary and Obama than it has been since the days of FDR and the New Deal which brought about Social Security and many other Socialist programs that we are still suffering through more than 70 years after FDR first introduced them.

The difference between FDR and either Democrat candidate is that they are openly pushing this agenda and do not have a Depression as a means of convincing the people to back it. What they will have is a Congress that will fall right in line and give Hillary or Obama every entitlement, tax increase or Socialist program they propose and we the people will be stuck with it for generations like we have been Social Security.

Though far from perfect John McCain it the only candidate who can prevent the majority of this from happening. He is strong on National Security and the military, backs Conservative Judges like Alito and Roberts, favors tax cuts and major tax reform, is against government sponsored health care and understands that appeasement to Iran, Syria and Islamic Fascism is dangerous to our people and our Nation.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Bubba builds the still, Terry McAuliffe runs the still and Hillary and the rest of her campaign staff drain the jug dry thinking she can still win the nomination. But with the Clinton's one never says, "never!"

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - MUSKOGEE, Okla. -- A 19-year-old freshman at the University of Oklahoma was elected mayor Tuesday of Muskogee, a city of 38,000 in the northeastern part of the state. With all precincts reporting, John Tyler Hammons won with 70 percent of the vote over former Mayor Hershel Ray McBride, said Muskogee County Election Board Secretary Bill Bull.

"The public placing their trust in me is the greatest, humbling and most awesome experience I've ever had in my life," said Hammons, who is from Muskogee but attends the university in Norman. The two candidates squared off in a runoff election for the nonpartisan post after neither secured 50 percent of the vote in a six-person election April 1.

Hammons, who will be sworn in next week, said he plans to continue his college education but expects to transfer to a school closer to Muskogee. "Being elected does not change my desire to continue my education," he said. "We will schedule our time in an appropriate fashion so that I can be mayor and stay in school."

Hey this could be the right guy for Barack Obama's running mate. Sounds like they have the same amount of experience ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Liberals have to be crying themselves to sleep every night as they watch the disintegration of the Democrat Party by the hands of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Keep up the great work Barack and Hillary !

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - HOLYHEAD, Wales -- A man who dressed up as Darth Vader, wearing a garbage bag for a cape, and assaulted the founders of a group calling itself the Jedi church was given a suspended sentence Tuesday. Arwel Wynne Hughes, 27, attacked Jedi church founder Barney Jones - aka Master Jonba Hehol - with a metal crutch, hitting him on the head, prosecutors told Holyhead Magistrates' Court.

He also whacked Jones' 18-year-old cousin, Michael Jones - known as Master Mormi Hehol - bruising his thigh in the March 25 incident, prosecutors said. The two cousins and Barney Jones' brother, Daniel, set up the Church of Jediism, Anglesey order, last year. Jedi is the faith followed by some of the central characters in the "Star Wars" films.

The group, which claims about 30 members, says on its Web site that it uses "insight and knowledge" from the films as "a guide to living a better and more worthwhile life. We all love the films and what they stand for. Obviously some people are going to laugh about it," the Wales on Sunday newspaper quoted Barney Jones as saying last month. "But a lot of people do take it seriously."

Unfortunately for Hughes, his March attack was recorded on a video camera that the cousins had set up to film themselves in a light saber battle. "Darth Vader! Jedis!" Hughes shouted as he approached. Hughes claimed he couldn't remember the incident, having drunk the better part of a 2 1/2-gallon (10-liter) box of wine beforehand. "He knows his behavior was wrong and didn't want it to happen but he has no recollection of it," said Hughes' lawyer, Frances Jones.

It is obvious that the , "Force, " is NOT with any of these maroons! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

What lies beneath is the true essence of Barack Obama, Marxists/Socialist, big government, tax loving, anti - military liberal.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - DES MOINES, Iowa -- A college student whose friend was being questioned in a hit and run found himself charged with assaulting an officer with a curious choice of weapons: M&Ms.

Sean McGuire was arrested early Sunday at a convenience store after Drake University security guards noticed the colored candies falling on the ground around the officer. When the officer turned around, an M&M hit his shoulder, according to a police report.

McGuire claimed he threw the candy because he was "sticking up for his friend," who apparently was the man suspected in the accident, the report states. M&M's " melt in your mouth and not in your hand, "....or on the shoulders of a police officer. Obviously a lethal weapon! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Democrats and their Super Delegates diving into the Barack Obama sink hole of , "hope." When you jump on a band wagon without wheels it is an extremely short trip.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Over the past several weeks as Tuesday turned into Wednesday the political pundits have either written the epitaph for Hillary Clinton or called her the , "Comeback Kid, " and stated that she still has a chance at the nomination. All depending upon her showing as the Democrats have yet another Super Tuesday adding to the long list of such Tuesdays in this never ending Primary Season.

While Barack Obama has a the lead in delegates and will most likely get the nomination, Clinton has very good reason to hang on until the Convention and push for the nomination at the liberal love fest in Denver at the end of August.

The West Virginia Primary is a prime example as to why she has good reason to hang on. In every category she won the vote in a State that mirrors much of the Democrat voter make up. Even in Primaries where she has lost to Obama, Hillary has won the church vote, the gun owner vote, the white male and female vote and the Independent vote.

Obama has had almost no success in winning both middle America and the large States like California, New York and New Jersey. Much of his following in the large crowds that gather at his campaign rallies are young people who historically may cheer for a candidate at a rally but when it comes time to vote never show up at the polls in large enough numbers to matter.

In the last several elections the MTV get out the vote efforts have fallen flat despite the huge advertising and foot soldier work done by the video television channel. While the numbers have always looked good in registering the youth vote those who actually went to the polls and cast a ballot were small in comparison.

While the Super Delegates are claiming to back Obama now because of his lead in the popular vote and the popular vote delegate count, these party faithfuls and liberal politicians do not have to vote or commit until the Convention. If they see that Obama is showing weak entering the Convention regardless of his popular lead they may very well abandon the Illinois Senator in order to nominate the candidate who they feel will give the DNC the best chance of winning in November.

Hillary has shown in the Primaries that the core of Democrat voters that have carried Democrats in a General Election are much more in her camp than they are in Obama's. Though the DNC may stand behind the candidate in the lead going into the Convention as they should, their instinct for winning may very well switch their vote to Clinton because she has shown she can deliver more for November than Obama.

Clinton has been around to long to not realize how the back room dealing and shady politics in Democrat circles works and as such her strong showing in almost every category of core Democrat voters will keep her in the race regardless of pressure from leaders in the party, Obama's numbers, earthquakes, floods and pestilence.

She sees an opportunity to snatch victory from defeat and will be around until the fat lady sings at the final ballot and the final vote count in the war that will explode during the last week of August in Denver, Colorado at the Democrat National Convention!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


It has now become fairly obvious that Barack Obama will be the nominee for the Democrat Party. I say fairly because Hillary Clinton is still in the race and gives no indication that she is EVER going to pull out. As such with she and Bubba still around and the track record of shenanigans that follows the Clinton's, there is always a possibility that these two con artists can find a way of arm twisting their way to the nomination, especially at the Convention.

But unless the Clinton's can steal away a perceived miracle Barack Obama will face John McCain in the Fall and the General Election. Personally I want Hillary to stay around as long as possible including the Convention which looks to be her goal because the chaos is good for the GOP and continues to erode support among Democrats for their own party.

Even with the war that is taking place and brewing into a bigger conflict as each day passes, Clinton most likely will finally have to accept defeat come August and Obama will be crowned as the DNC nominee at the Convention heading into the final push leading a party that will be in shambles.

That in itself is one of the first reasons why Obama cannot win in November. The party he will be leading into the General Election is falling apart and even long time supporters are turning their backs on the DNC because of the chaos and bickering that is taking place during the fight for the nomination. Many candidates for House seats are actually starving for donations because of the fight for the top of the ticket.

Daily reports from Democrats who are so disgusted with their party tell of supporters of both candidates who will NOT vote if their candidate loses or will actually vote for McCain. Calls are coming in on a daily bases to the Conservative talk shows like Rush, Hannity, Boortz and others from dissatisfied Democrats who are stating for the record that they will not vote for Barack Obama if Hillary loses BECAUSE of the controversies and Obamas failure to talk in specifics.

Another prime reason that Obama cannot win in November is found in what have become known as the Reagan Democrats. These are Democrat voters who believe in many of the social policies of Democrats but are gun owners, religious and have many fiscal conservative beliefs like less taxation.

The reason they have become known as Reagan Democrats stems from the two elections that President Reagan won in landslides. This large group of Democrats voted for Reagan in both election because they did not favor the direction that the Democrat Party was taking with Carter in 1980 and Mondale in 1984. In both elections they voted Reagan for President and in local and House and Senate races voted Democrat.

Obama has distanced himself politically from the majority of these Democrat voters. His statements just prior to the Pennsylvania Primary about small town America clinging to religion and guns to take out their frustrations concerning the direction of the country, alienated this large group of Democrat voters and the results of the Primary proved this.

Hillary overwhelmingly won the gun owner vote, the church vote and middle class and Union workers. Though she won by less than two percent in Indiana, her victory among this group of Democrat voters was huge. Without the support of the, "Reagan Democrats, " Obama does not stand a chance of winning in November.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for Obama and losing in November. He has the ability to mesmerize an audience of liberal and youth supporters because of his eloquent speeches and ability to stir up liberal emotions. But his rhetoric has absolutely no substance. He speaks in vague generalities and well worded catch phrases of, "hope, change, " and ,"unity, " but without any details as to how this, " grand, " idea will come about.

When one actually digs into his policy it is obviously Socialist with many Marxists beliefs and statements. He sees the Government alone as the answer to everything and the people as followers of the all powerful entity that will take care of their every need or want. Taking away all personal responsibility and giving the Government total reign over every aspect of life.

He, in his generalists, speaks of taking away from those that have, redistributing the, "wealth, " for the good of the whole which is directly from the Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx in 1848. If one reads the ten planks of the Communist Manifesto and compare them to the Obama policy statements when they can be found the similarities are striking.

Setting aside the Marxist ideas that are presented by Obama which in itself poses a danger that the American public will turn away from, the very vagueness of his campaign and the lack of substance combined with his well documented inexperience will come together for Obama's defeat in November.

He has excelled in the Primaries because his charismatic nature, eloquent speaking ability and calls for complete Government control of all of America's, "troubles, " along with his anti -war stance and call for an immediate pull out from Iraq plays well to the liberal left and much of the core of the Democrat Party.

But in the push toward the General Election this , "message, " will not play well at all with Independents and more Conservative Democrats, both of which he needs in large numbers to be able to defeat McCain and win the Presidency in November.

Additionally the controversies that have surrounded him with Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and others will not go away as some believe just because he wins the nomination. In fact as November draws closer the scrutiny will escalate revealing more skeletons and re-emphasising those already revealed as more likely voters start to pay closer attention to the election.

McCain has been through several campaigns for National office and he is an open book. Obama on the other hand is still very much a mystery and come September the digging will go even deeper then it has thus far. He has already balked at the scrutiny as he complained about questions concerning his character and association which are legitimate issues when running for the Presidency. But Obama does not consider them important.

The American people do and this Senator from Illinois will discover that his Marxists leanings, government control policies, inexperience, failure to even try to add any substance to his politics and those in whom he has willingly and readily associated himself with both now and in the past refusing to condemn until the polls showed that it was hurting him, all of this combined spells defeat for Barack Hussein Obama.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Hillary refuses to die away. Obama's inexperience and controversy continues to make headlines. The DNC is in a shambles trying to pick up the pieces while the candidates keep the heat on. Donations are beginning to dry up for candidates down the political line in tough races against strong GOP contenders.

So where in the world is the GOP while Democrats continue to implode ? In a political climate where Republican candidates have an opportunity to dominate headlines in a positive way the GOP is frustratingly quiet. Even in the Congress where Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid have taken a second seat to the heat for the Presidential nomination, Republicans who should be forcing issues and bills before a weak Congress are sitting back and doing NOTHING!

Even if GOP Representatives have no chance of getting legislation passed in the Pelosi/Reid Congress every GOP Representative and Senator should be hitting the airways and the floors of both Chambers of the Capitol pushing the Conservative/GOP agenda showing voters exactly WHO is to blame for the debacle that is taking place in Washington yet the GOP remains SILENT!

John McCain is riding the tide of Democrat implosion and because of the situation between Obama and Hillary he does not have to do anything except sit back and allow the Democrats to continue to shoot themselves in the foot. But at least he is making his presence known and talking about policy as well as challenging both Democrat candidates especially Obama who will be their nominee.

There are more GOP Senate seats up for grabs this year then Democrat and of course every House seat is on the ballot and the GOP has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the shambles in the Democrat Party and they are doing NOTHING!

The Democrats are in such a mess now that reports surfaced last week that candidates who are running for hotly contested House seats are writing the DNC asking Howard Dean and company to end the strife for the Presidential nomination because donations are drying up and Democrat supporters are expressing their dissatisfaction with the top candidates and the party by NOT giving.

The GOP is allowing an opportunity to take advantage of the Democrat chaos slip right through their fingers and for this Conservative Republican it is frustrating to the point of anger at the weakness of the party and its leadership.

Even though Republican Representatives have little chance of getting legislation passed under the Pelosi/Reid Congress during an election year they can at least hit the floor of Congress and the media with the GOP agenda and show voters how Democrats are stalling on issues like funding the border fence which was passed and funded in 2006 by the GOP Majority Congress with the Democrats taking away that funding shortly after taking control.

With gas prices as they are now the GOP has an opportunity to expose the truth about years of liberal environmental policy that has brought us to $4.00 a gallon gas. Force the issue by demanding drilling in Anwar, as well as the new vein of oil found in Montana recently that can be exploited immediately and oil pulled from already existing wells only requiring horizontal drilling but being fought tooth and nail by liberal environmentalists backed by Democrats.

The battlefield in Iraq is continuing to be a success that Democrats and the media are avoiding BECAUSE of its success yet Republicans are keeping quiet and NOT telling the Nation the good news out of Iraq. Surrendering the media battle of the success by remaining quiet in an election year that Democrats had planned to exploit as a failure as little as six months ago.

General Petraeus and our tremendous men and women in uniform have hushed Democrats and the critics with success yet the GOP remains quiet when they should be shouting from the roof tops with, "I told you so!"

The havoc that is taking place for the Democrat nomination is giving the GOP an opportunity to push and gain seats in both Chambers of Congress as dissatisfaction with the DNC and the war between the top candidates continues. The Democrat disgust is strong enough that supporters of both candidates in large numbers are expressing that if their candidate does not get the nomination they will either sit at home or vote for John McCain in November.

And the GOP does NOTHING. House and Senate candidates running for election and/or re-election must NOW make their presence known to take advantage of the chaos and weakness with Democrats. Their is a real chance for gains in both the House and the Senate but not if the GOP continues to refuse to exploit the problems that are riping the Democrats apart.

Republicans have a bad habit of not exploiting an advantage when is is placed right before them and this year is following in that same trend. You can bet that if this same chaos was taking place in the Republican Party, Democrats would be playing it to the hilt. In 2006 they took advantage of anger toward the GOP Majority in Congress and turned that tide of disappointment into victory and took back the Majority status in both the House and Senate.

While Republicans most likely cannot retake that Majority this year there is a possibility of strong gains if they will but capitalize on the Democrat debacle but they are choosing to just sit back and watch it happen asleep at the political wheel.

While the Democrat chaos looks to be shaping a victory for John McCain in November and retaining the White House for the GOP this sit back and watch attitude that Republicans are taking with the Democrat implosion is an opportunity wasted and an advantage thrown away. WAKE UP GOP!!!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 08, 2008


You have to wonder, if Obama is elected, (which won't happen), as much as he apparently slept, ( "I don't remember Rev. Wright saying any of this" - so says Barack), through Jeremiah Wright's preaching, he might just do the same thing during a National Security briefing.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - HONOLULU -- May Day was Lei Day in Hawaii. Volunteers hoping to set a record for the world's longest lei strung together flowers that stretched for more than a mile at Kapiolani Park in Waikiki on Thursday, organizers said. Video, photos and witness statements documenting the lei, which measured 5,336 feet in length, will be sent to Guinness World Records, organizers said. Success seems all but certain, because organizers say there currently isn't a Guinness record for the world's longest lei.

I'd hate to see the guy that they whose neck they would place this lei on upon arricing a Honolulu International Airport ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

As the Democrat , " ho hum, " continues the candidates are like the Energizer Bunny, they keep saying the same think, over and over and over and over and over and over ...........

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - NEW YORK -- He's known as Vinny Gorgeous, but convicted mob boss Vincent Basciano might want to trade up to Vinny Photogenic or Vinny Pulchritudinous. Some of his letters from federal prison, which are being intercepted and scrutinized by authorities, are full of such words as "thespian," "flippant" and "sagacious," his lawyer said Thursday.

A new form of gangland slang, or a coded message to fellow wise guys? No, attorney Ephraim Savitt said, just vocabulary Basciano wants the recipient - his 7-year-old son - to learn. "He wants the kid to go to college and be a success," Savitt said, claiming his client's fatherly aims are being frustrated by authorities' slow pace in reviewing the letters. Basciano "enjoys using $10 words and uses them correctly, I might add," his attorney said.

You know living as an example rather than a murderer would have made a better impression for success for his son than, "$10, " words in letter FROM PRISON! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Will Howard Dean get his wish for an end by June 2008 ? Will Hillary find yet another trip to lie about " Will Barack Obama expose yet another America hating friend ? Will Michele Obama loose her one proud moment in being an American if her husband doesn't get the nomination ? Stay tuned for yet another chapter in the continuing Soap Opera, "The Days of Their Liberals."

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - FORT WORTH, Texas -- Charles Ray Fuller must have been planning one big record company. The 21-year-old North Texas man was arrested last week for trying to cash a $360 billion check, saying he wanted to start a record business, authorities said. Tellers at the Fort Worth bank were immediately suspicious - perhaps the 10 zeros on a personal check tipped them off, according to investigators.

Fuller, of suburban Crowley, was arrested on a forgery charge, police said. He was released after posting $3,750 bail. Fuller said his girlfriend's mother gave him the check to start a record business, but bank employees who contacted the account's owner said the woman told them she did not give him permission to take or cash the check, according to police. In addition to forgery, Fuller was charged with unlawfully carrying a weapon and possessing marijuana, Fort Worth police Lt. Paul Henderson said.

How did the old commercial go, " this is your brain, this is your brain on marijuana......" I think this is a good example of the meaning of THAT commercial. 360 BILLION DOLLAR CHECK ?!?!?! SHEESH ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Paying the price for twenty years of liberal environmental whaco control of our energy future through their friends in the Democrat Party !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Fans of ABC's Monday Night Football, (which is now on ESPN), may remember a former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback who shared the broadcast booth with Howard Cosell and Frank Gifford. His name was , "Dandy, " Don Meredeth and his call to fame on Monday night was a little diddy that he would sing as the final minutes of the game approached and a clear winner was known.

Meredeth would sing out in his country drawl, "turn out the lights the party's over," a verse from an old Willie Nelson song called , " The Party's Over." If Meredeth were a political pundit on Fox News or any other channel last night he would have sung the diddy for Hillary Clinton's campaign for the Democrat nomination.

Clinton squeaked by Obama in Indiana by a measly 1.7 percent while Obama won North Carolina by 15 percent. Like all other Democrat Primaries the delegates available were split with Obama receiving more than Clinton thus extending his lead in the delegate count. Obama has 1840 to Clinton's 1680, (including pledged Super Delegates), with 2025 needed for the nomination.

There are a total of 486 Super and pledged delegates remaining in the few States left holding Primaries. Clinton would need to take 349 of those which include 16 that have yet to be picked up from North Carolina which Obama won handily.

Yet Hillary still refuses to see the hand writing on the wall and loaned her campaign another 6.4 million dollars because her fundraising efforts have once again stagnated while Obama's are booming. The fact that she is willing to make this sizable loan shows that she is not even considering bowing out and I still believe she will push this all the way to the Convention thinking that she and Bill can strong arm many of the Super Delegates into changing their vote.

Barack Obama on the other hand has stated in an e-mail from his campaign headquarters that he attributes a full 7 percent of Clinton's numbers in Indiana to , "Operation Chaos, " that is being waged by Rush Limbaugh on his radio show. This in itself just adds to the actual chaos that is taking place within the Democrat Party when an entertainment stunt, ( and a very funny one at that), by Rush can have not only this type of influence but also be seen as a threat by Barack Obama.

The number of Democrats who are dissatisfied with both candidates is still sizable with more than a third of Clinton supporters saying they will vote for John McCain or stay at home if Obama wins the nomination and nearly as many Obama supporters stating the same about Clinton.

The pressure for Clinton to drop out will intensify because of her slim victory in Indiana but the woman who believes her destiny is the Oval Office will not give in and take this fight to the very last breath. Obama will still have to watch the skeletons continue to come out of the closet as he looks to be the actual nominee for the Democrats.

The scrutiny that has revealed Jeremiah Wright, his own racist thoughts as shown in his books, the elitist statements made on the campaign trail and the out right lies that he has been caught in are going to continue to haunt the Illinois Senator.

For Democrats facing a run against John McCain this Fall, Obama being the likely nominee is becoming a nightmare because of the skeletons. While his Primary numbers are good his General Election numbers continue to fall as likely voters in November are mounting against Obama as more becomes known about him and the mystery that has followed Obama hidden by his youth, looks and ability to mesmerize while speaking is not playing as well with those who will actually enter the polls in November.

The Democrat battle will continue and Hillary will start getting down and dirtier as desperation begins to set in with her failing campaign. This campaign year it almost seems that the Democrats themselves have become the best boost for the GOP and John McCain as Hillary and Obama continue to implode the party and Pelosi and Reid continue to show the irrelevance of their leadership and handling of the, "do nothing," Democrat Congress.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


John McCain and Hillary Clinton have proposed a gas tax holiday for the summer to save about 18 cents per gallon by suspending the federal gas tax from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

Of course Hillary wants to replace the , "loss," with a , "windfall profit tax," basically billing the oil companies for the 18 cents, which we all know will be passed on to consumers by higher pump prices and eliminating the tax holiday savings.

Additionally Hillary's , "windfall tax," is open ended so that when Labor Day roles around and the tax holiday is over, not only will the 18 cents paid by consumers be added back the 18 cents that the oil companies would pay and pass on to consumers, the windfall tax would remain thus giving a net increase of 36 cents per gallon when compared to the price at the pump just before Memorial Day if her proposal is adopted.

At least McCain's plan is a real holiday by eliminating the 18 cents for three months.

Barack Obama has opposed the idea saying it is pandering for votes, which it is but also claiming that it would only save 30 cents a day or 28 dollars over three months.

Now unless my elementary math is wrong if one uses 10 gallons of gas every other day, for example, then the savings would be 1.80 cents every two days or 90 cents per day and $83.70 over the tax holiday period.

Those who use more would save more and those who use less would save less. But I don't know about you but 10 gallons every other day is a far more realistic figure than those that Obama presented.

In the above video he also states that the gas tax holiday was tried in Illinois while he was a State Senator and that it failed.

Two things he did not mention in his fabrication of the truth. First in Illinois he not only supported it but was so enthusiastic that he made the following statement on the Illinois Senate floor, that he wanted signs placed on pumps in his District saying, "Senator Obama reduced your gasoline prices."

A study of the Illinois gas holiday shows that a full sixty percent of the tax elimination went directly to the consumer thus saving each gas user in the State of Illinois during the tax holiday.

The tax was not accompanied by any windfall tax like Clinton proposes but a straight tax elimination for a certain period like proposed by John McCain.

The study showed that the elimination of the Illinois 5% tax gave an actual savings at the pump of 3% and when reinstated the rise in price was only 4%. All passed on to the consumer by the adoption of the Obama backed Illinois State Gas Holiday.

Once again the inexperienced Senator from Illinois lies to prove a point and shows that he cannot be trusted. At least Hillary though proposing a disaster plan with her windfall tax, does not hide behind a lie this time as she has before.

Lying Democrats. No matter how you look at it John McCain will be running against a habitual liar in the Fall.

Ken Taylor

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