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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Today at the United States Navel Academy in Annapolis, President Bush answered his critics in a powerful speech containing a promise to the American people, The Iraqis and the men and women who are fighting for our security and freedoms, "To all who wear the uniform, I make you this pledge: America will not run from car bombers and assassins as long as I am your commander in chief." Stating that defeating the terrorists in Iraq is key to the overall stategy in the War on Terror the President stressed that the Generals in the field would determine the number and how long our troops will remain in Iraq NOT, "artificial timetables set by Washington, " for troop withdraws. "By fighting these terrorists in Iraq, Americans in uniform are fighting a direct threat to the American people...we will never back down, we will never give in and we will never accept anything less than compete victory," the President said, "America will help the Iraqis so they can protect their families and secure their free nation. We will stay as long as necessary to complete the mission." Immediatly after the President's speech John Kerry delivered the Democrat response by stating that his fellow libs NEVER suggested anything except a plan for success. This of course is just the opposite of what the left has been screaming since Congressman John Murtha began the cry for an immediate pull out and his fellow libs joined the chorus. Now that the left has found that Murtha's plan did not play well with the American people and the president has taken the offensive in the public relations war over Iraq, many on the left are backing down from their pull out rhetoric which proves once again that they have no core or conscience and their political attack agenda is only poll driven. They will jump on ANY band wagon that they feel is popular with the American people, or at least those that are questioned in the VERY biased news polls. They have absolutely NO plans or ideas except those that demoralize our troops attack the President and embolden the enemy. Had FDR faced this type of opposition during WWII, Hiltler would have held Europe and the Imperial Japanese would have taken all of Asia leaving the United States as a weak second rate third power in the world. This President has faced more opposition during war time than ANY previous occupant of the Oval Office. All based on falsehoods and exaggerated claims by the left with the assistance of their friends in the liberal media. Nancy Polosi the House Minority leader actually stated today that the only thing that is happening in Iraq is failure and that if we were to pull out now then Iraq would find peace with the removal of our armed forces. I guess that she believes that the terrorists will just fade away and that WE are the cause of terror that has existed in the region since BEFORE we were even a nation! Sedicious statements such as Polosi's are why the President and our troops have a much harder time defeating the enemy. There has been tremendous success in Iraq and to state otherwise is an insult to every man and women in uniform especially those who have given the ultimate sacrifice for freedom in Iraq and securing our country from further terror attacks. Thank God that President Bush has the backbone to stand firm and steadfast in our commitment to defeating terror in Iraq and the rest of the world.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Senator Joe Lieberman, (D Conn.) after returning from his fourth trip to Iraq wrote an ob/ed article for The Wall Street Journal citing the successes in Iraq and that The United States must remain in Iraq until the job is done! This is a very bold move by Senator Lieberman who has been a supporter of the President's policy on Iraq and the other aspects of the War on Terror. He has followed his conscience and gone against the Democrat Party line of ant-war, anti-Bush and chosen to stand for what he believes is the right course. Somewhere in the halls of Congress the liberal leadership is even now composing some form of retaliation against Lieberman for so boldly and vocally admonishing his party for demanding that we need to pull out of Iraq now.

"It is a war between 27 million and 10,000; 27 million Iraqis who want to live lives of freedom, opportunity and prosperity and roughly 10,000 terrorists who are either Saddam revanchists, Iraqi Islamic extremists or al Qaeda foreign fighters who know their wretched causes will be set back if Iraq becomes free and modern. The terrorists are intent on stopping this by instigating a civil war to produce the chaos that will allow Iraq to replace Afghanistan as the base for their fanatical war-making. We are fighting on the side of the 27 million because the outcome of this war is critically important to the security and freedom of America. If the terrorists win, they will be emboldened to strike us directly again and to further undermine the growing stability and progress in the Middle East, which has long been a major American national and economic security priority."

In a nut shell Senator Lieberman has exposed the left for their folly of anti-war/Bush rhetoric and made the case for our continued presence in Iraq, (for the complete Lieberman article click on this posts title). He has described the success and mentioned the mistakes while showing how those have been overcome and used as a catalyst for greater success. The Senator chides both parties for their rhetoric on Iraq and mentions the worries of Iraqi leaders over America's commitment. " The leaders of Iraq's duly elected government understand this, and they asked me for reassurance about America's commitment. The question is whether the American people and enough of their representatives in Congress from both parties understand this. I am disappointed by Democrats who are more focused on how President Bush took America into the war in Iraq almost three years ago, and by Republicans who are more worried about whether the war will bring them down in next November's elections, than they are concerned about how we continue the progress in Iraq in the months and years ahead. "

Senator Lieberman has shown that whatever end of the political spectrum that one believes that when the United States is at war that IS NOT the time to jump ship for political expediency and criticize the war effort and what has been accomplished. Although there are many issues where I do not agree with the Senator, on this I do applaud him for standing for what is right even in the face of scorn from his party and possibly even a backlash in his next election cycle because of the lefts total anger at the President and all of his policies especially Iraq. Senator Lieberman has proven that he is a man who is a leader and not a camp follower who votes and follows his morals and his conscience regardless of the consequences !

Ken Taylor


The Hildabeast has been extremely quiet during the pre-war intelligence debate that has been highly visible during the last few weeks. Why ? Personally I think that she does NOT know how to chime in without sticking her foot in her mouth because of criticism received from the left wing of her party. She has consistently been in favor of the war while also consistently criticizing the Bush administration's handling of the war. In other words, as usual playing both sides of the coin, favoring to court the moderates and criticism to court the liberals. Her favoritism of the war though has counterbalanced her criticism of Bush with the left and her poll numbers with that faction of her party have had a steady decline throughout the year, which is why I believe that she has been mute during the pre-war debate. She claimed to have viewed the intelligence in 2002 during a speech before the Senate in which she said the following, "In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile-delivery capability and his nuclear program." Now that her liberal friends in the Senate have conveniently forgotten that they too viewed the same information and just as the Hildabeast came to the same conclusion as the President, the Hildabeast declines to comment because no matter WHAT she says her foot will slide completely in her mouth and she will anger either the left or the moderates, both of whom she needs for ANY hope in 2008. So she remains silent until the polls tell her whether she can speak on this subject. What a wicked web she weaves ! The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Monday, November 28, 2005


Today in a speech delivered in Arizona, one of the most troubled states for illegal immigrants, President Bush finally answered the call from conservatives and detailed a comprehensive plan to control the borders and to bring an end to the tremendous problem of illegals crossing our borders. Citing a 32 billion dollar Homeland Security bill that he signed last week Bush outlined increased border patrols with the addition of 1,000 agents, increased technical surveillance that will allow far better oversight of the vast southern border. Bush also talked about security barriers along residential and city borders as well as along roadways. He also stated that ALL illegals will be returned to Mexico quickly after they cross the border and that the litigation that has slowed the process and also allowed appeal after appeal which has allowed those returned to actually re-cross the border for court appearances and then get lost in the United States. I'm still not much in favor of the guest worker program that Bush is proposing for the 12 million that live illegally in the country but I was glad to hear that a crack down on illegal workers is part of his program to help eliminate the desire to illegally cross into the US. This push for border control has been long over due and a tremendous security risk to the nation especially in light of the War on Terror and the probability of terrorists crossing our borders and NOT being detected. A good start for a much needed protection for our country!

Ken Taylor


I really do not I think that this is an extremely news worthy item, but rather that it is actually hilarious and maybe finally is the final death throw to the, "Sheehan movement." Yesterday outside of the President's Crawford, Texas ranch where she has been camping out for the last few days to protest the war, Cindy Sheehan who gained fame by using her soldier son's death as the catalyst for the anti-war movement, sat under a tent throughout the day for a book signing of her new release, "Not One More Mother's Child." She first spoke before a, "huge," (LOL) of 100 then sat down for the book signing and NO ONE SHOWED UP! Take a look at the link that is in this post's title for two great pictures of the dejected Sheehan as she sits waiting for SOMEBODY to show some interest. She has evidently been offered up as the sacrificial lamb by the DNC and the anti-war crowd to even allow these pictures to be released to the public. I guess that even THEY realize that her usefulness to their, "cause, " has ended so she can now drift into oblivion and allow the memory of her fallen hero son rest in peace!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 27, 2005


The left has changed its tone a little and have now latched on to a different catch phrase of the week concerning Iraq. They discovered both in lack of popularity and a rather decisive, "NO,"vote in the House that the last catch phrase, "immediate pull out, " would not work. So now they have latched on to, " exit strategy." This phrase has been floated around by the left from time to time over the last several months and never had much momentum but since the vote in the House against John Murtha's pull out resolution and the mass migration from members of his party to distance themselves, (members I might add who supported it whole heartedly before its unpopularity was revealed), from Murtha the Dems have reached back for the, "exit strategy, " rhetoric and this time it seems to be catching on a bit, well at least with the media. Now what exactly do they mean when referring to, "exit strategy ?" One would think that it refers to a strategy that would lead the United States presence in Iraq to decrease and the Iraqis taking more of the responsibility and burden of governing and protecting their country. Now from all indications that is EXACTLY what is happening. But the left would have you believe otherwise and beneath the surface of the call for an, "exit strategy, " lay their true intent. This campaign is just another attempt to attack the war effort, the President and try to Vietnam-ize the War on Terror in Iraq by pulling out before the mission is complete, the defeatist attitude. From the beginning the Bush administration has had clear goals that are necessary to accomplish BEFORE we began any reduction of troops and presence in Iraq. First we had to take out Saddam Hussein, mission completed. Then to rebuild the country after 35 years of his brutal regime. This initails establishing a government, mission accomplished. Writing and ratifying a Constitution, mission accomplished. Organizing and holding FREE elections, mission accomplished. Defeating the terrorist insurgents, mission in process. Last but not least insuring that Iraq has a well trained and fully capable military of its own to protect herself from hostile neighbors and terrorist insurgents within, mission in process. This sounds like an, "exit strategy, " to me.

Let's put this into a little historical perspective. From the day that Allied forces set foot on the shores of Normandy in WWII the, "big three," had two goals in mind as an, "exit strategy, " from the European Theatre. First, defeat Nazi Germany and second, how to rebuild after the defeat. Even while the, "big three, " The United States, Great Britain and The USSR, were meeting in Tehran and Yalta to establish the areas of Europe that each would have influence over during the rebuilding, Hitler was still in power in Germany and the Allied forces were still fighting with the final outcome of the war as yet uncertain. When hostilities ended in April of 1945 with the defeat of Nazi Germany, loyalist to Hitler continued an, "insurgency," for a good while after his defeat yet in the midst of this fighting the process of rebuilding Europe began and after many years proved successful. There are some who suggest that The Cold War was a result of the Marshall Plan. WRONG ! The Cold War was a result of communist influence and The USSR's attempt to take over Europe and Asia to expand their communist empire. Even after the troops left the streets of Europe the United States has had a military presence in the form of bases throughout the continent to help insure that Europe would be protected. A complete pull out has NEVER occurred and WWII ended 60 YEARS AGO ! The most valuable lesson that the world learned from the WWI, which also ended in a German defeat, was NOT to pull out BEFORE the defeated are back on their feet. WWII was the direct result of allowing Germany to flounder after the total defeat of WWI which gave rise to the Nazi's and Hitler. The Marshall Plan, named after then Secretary of State and former General George Marshall resulted in the rebuilding of Germany and Europe after WWII and this rebuilding policy has been the rule ever since. After rebuilding a military presence in the form of bases exists for protection and strategic placement of our forces around the world. Iraq is no different. Once Saddam Hussein was defeated it became our responsibility in the mold of the Marshall Plan to fight the terrorist insurgency and assist Iraq in the process of rebuilding until they have the capability to protect and fully govern themselves. If we were to pull out now as the left suggests through their rhetoric, then the Mullahs of Iran, Al Qaeda, Hezbollah of Syria and Sunnis loyal to Hussein would plunge Iraq into anarchy and use the country as a center of operations for a global terror network while enslaving the citizens of the nation and educating their young in the ways of homicidal bombers and radical Islam. The ONLY buffer that prevents this are the brave men and women of the United States military and our coalition partners along with the policy of training Iraqi forces and building a government that is emerging into a Middle East Democracy. The left would have Iraq take the path of Vietnam and Europe after WWI. Their defeatist attitude at the expense of our military heroes, all in an attempt to undermine the Bush administration in a time of war and gain power in Washington, is as much an act of sedition, (the aid and comfort of the enemy), through their rhetoric and defeatism, as taking up arms against the United States is an act of treason. The only difference is that instead of using bullets to demoralize our fighting forces and bring down the nation, they use the words of non-support and political destruction!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, November 26, 2005


This weeks Blog of the Week is, "The Raving Conservative." I discovered this site courtesy of last weeks Blog of the Week, My Republican Blog. The author Daniel Levesque is active duty military stationed in Alaska. First Daniel we at The Liberal Lie want to express out grateful appreciation for your service to our country ! Daniel offers excellent insight on today's most important issues all from a conservative viewpoint based in truth! Thanks for a great blog and be sure to check this one out!


The most recent, "Kos, " poll is out and once again the Hildabeast has dropped two more points with the far left of the Democrat Party. In September she had dropped from 10 % in June to 8% and this most recent poll takes her further down to 6%. As a matter of fact the only Democrat front runner who trails her is John Kerry at 2%. Once again as before this is not a scientific poll but its significance comes from the fact that, "Kos," is a VERY left wing website that is frequently visited by liberals and 11,000 left wingers voted in this poll leaving the Hildabeast with a lot of ground to gain to get the 2008 party nomination. She has placed herself in a catch 22 situation. Her, "moderate, " rhetoric, (which we all know goes against her TRUE liberal nature), that has been her focus to gain political stature that she needs to even attempt to win in a general election loses support with the far left in her party. Of course the far left, "Howard Deaniacs," control the party AND the 521's as well as the money. If she courts the far left then she loses support with moderates and any chance to win the White House. If she continues as she has and courts the moderates then she will continue to loose support with the far left and ANY chance for the nomination. A very peculiar predicament she finds herself in, but a lot of fun to watch! The Hildabeast Watch continues !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Earlier this week as I was anticipating what Thanksgiving would offer, great food, time with our families, football, Christmas decorating and reflecting on the goodness that God has bestowed, I was traveling on one of the main highways as I was working in Myrtle Beach, SC. The cold front that brought lower temperatures was forcing its way into the area making a rather blustery day and I began thinking about what I would write this Thanksgiving and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a 100 foot pole with what I believe is one of the most beautiful sights on earth waiving in the breeze. Old Glory was at full furl in the wind and as I took in this magnificent scene I began thinking about the marvelous heritage we as American's have that no one else on earth can claim. A heritage that we take for granted that has brought us freedom and liberties that have never been experienced before in human history except in this land we love, The United States of America. Freedoms that began as ideals then flourished into the gathering of some of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known who met in Philadelphia in 1776 and displayed the courage to commit treason against the British Crown in placing their names on a most precious document that brought their ideals into reality and gave birth to a nation.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

These are more than just words penned to paper but the birth of freedom and opportunity that began the heritage that on this Thanksgiving Day 229 years later we as Americans can look back with grateful hearts for all that God has given us throughout our short and prosperous history. This heritage though did not come free but with great sacrifice to insure that those freedoms expressed so many years ago and," endowed by our Creator," may continue for us and future generations. I think of those bitter days at Valley Forge when the determination of George Washington held the fledgling Continental Army together to later become victorious baptizing this new nation with the precious blood of fallen hero's. I think of those bitter years from 1860-1865 when this young country and her Constitution were put through the ultimate test when brother fought brother, both believing that they were fighting for the same ideals that the Founders intended and when the test was over this nation found a new birth of freedom that, "this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." I think of the Doh-Boys living in the filth of the trenches of WW I hundreds of miles from home yet still fighting for the same ideals that their brothers died for in the Revolution. I think of the , "Greatest Generation, " who sacrificed and defeated fascism to ring liberties bell loud and long throughout the world as Old Glory flew proclaiming that all men can be free. Then I realized that this marvelous heritage that has grown through history is not just a heritage of the past but a living vibrant heritage that continues to grow and flourish each day that the Red White and Blue flies, whether here at home, the Middle East, north or south, east or west or where ever the influence of We the People and the immortal words penned in 1776 and 1788 are expressed by our brave men and women in uniform or by travelers on business or pleasure both at home and abroad. For you see all of us are part of this historical and living heritage that is America. As freedom rings in this land we love, General Washington still strides atop his white horse. Abraham Lincoln still shares both his whit and his wisdom to us all. Orville and Wilbur Wright will always be flying at Kitty Hawk, NC. John F. Kennedy still proclaims, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Neal Armstrong continues to, "take one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind." Ronald Reagan will always see, "the shining city on a hill, " and the World Trade Center will continually stand shining in the sun. Today in distant lands our best and brightest are fighting to keep this heritage of freedom and liberty alive and vibrant so that future generations can forever sing, "My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing." During this time set aside on the long calendar year to give thanks for all that we have and all that we are, let us not neglect to remember the bountiful blessing known as The United States of America. Giving thanks for our family, our hero's serving in distant lands and here at home. Thanksgiving for our freedoms and the living, breathing heritage that keeps us free. God bless you and yours through this holiday season and may God continue to bless The United States of America. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


As a prelude to this day set aside to give thanks to God for all of our numerous blessings, this magnificent proclamation by the Father of our country gives great insight to our heritage and what our Founding fathers truly believed.


In one of the very few times that I actually thing that the Hildabeast has said something that makes sense, she actually does NOT agree with Congressman John Murtha's, (D) PA statements concerning an immediate pull out from Iraq. She stated that pulling out now before the Iraqi defense forces were fully capable of handling events within the country would plunge Iraq into a civil was which would not be in Iraq or the United States best interest. Now before you get all mushy over her sensible statement she then followed with blaming the problems facing the United States in Iraq on "poor decision-making by the administration," but added: "My view is we have to work together to fix these problems," (like she and her buddies on the left actually want to, "work together"). So as usual the Hildabeast took yet another opportunity to attack the President's policies and position herself on the international stage for her 2008 White House run! The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Note: tomorrow I will be posting The Liberal Lie's annual Thanksgiving article which will be the lead posting for Thursday and Friday as we enjoy Thanksgiving with our families!

Monday, November 21, 2005


After creating a fire storm last week with his resolution calling for an immediate pull out from Iraq, Representative John Murtha(D), PA backed up his defeated resolution and statements today claiming that, "the public turned against this war before I said it." Murtha went on to say that the war is not winable militarily and, "our tactics themselves keep us from winning." Murtha is a decorated Vietnam veteran and the left has used this status to build him up as a military expert who should be listened to. While I am grateful for his service and sacrifice as a soldier and do not use this as an opportunity to impune his honor or his service, as a vet Murtha should realize how demoralizing and defeatist that his statements are. He should also realize the tremendous ramifications that his call for pull out would entail to the nation, our troops and the Iraqis. To claim that the American people agree with him is a falsehood that I would like him to try and prove. Has he talked to the soldiers who are Americans and fighting and dying defending this nation in the Iraq battlefield ? Has he talked with the goldstar parents who have given their sons and daughters in this war and asked them if we should pull out making their child's sacrifice in vain ? Has he asked the citizens in red states, which ARE the majority, who still support the President and the war and expect the United States to finish the mission ? Has he looked beyond the politics of the Washington beltway that is dominated by liberals and taken his head out of the sand long enough to actually HEAR the voice of the people ? When he does ALL of this and finds that the majority of these people agree with him, then and ONLY then will his claim of agreement be worth anything! My bet is that he will NEVER find agreement from the majority of those that he does NOT want to hear, for their opinion NEVER counts to a liberal. The only opinion that a liberal wants is the one that they TELL their followers to believe and those that agree with their leftist agenda ! So until you actually LISTEN to the majority of which I AM ONE, then Mr. Murtha stop your liberal anti-war rhetoric and stand behind our troops for you above all people KNOW what it means to NOT have your country behind you when you are at war and don't try to tell me that what you and your liberal friends in Congress are doing supports the troops when you are undermining EVERYTHING that they are doing!

Ken Taylor


My regular column titled , "The Hildabeast Watch," has been rather quiet lately since Madame Hillary has been keeping her trap shut concerning the big debate over Iraq. Obviously the reason being is that she does not think that the polls show enough lack of support by conservatives and moderates, (who she is trying to decieve into backing her White House run), so to keep appearances up she has chosen to be quiet thus not revealing her true liberal side to the voters. BUT, when she did open her mouth she opened it with the usual Hildabeast style. She is currently the sole sponsor of a bill that will allow child tax credits for residents of Puerto Rico. As a territory Puerto Rico pays NO federal taxes so the refund would come through Social Security and Medicare taxes that they do pay. Of course NO ONE else in the United States can get a tax credit through Social Security or Medicare, the credit is only available IF federal tax is with held. Evidently the Hildabeast thinks she needs votes from our friends in the Caribbean in order to get in the White House. The Hildabeast watch continues !

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 20, 2005


Since the Presidential election of 2000, Democrats have been seeking to scandalize President Bush with any type of political game and deception that their warped liberal minds could muster because they feel that both 2000 and 2004 were stolen elections although ALL of the evidence proves other wise. In the last few months they believe that they have found a , "scandal, " that they can cling to and that will give them the legislative branch as a reward for their deception. Of course this, "scandal, " is the claim by the left that the President manipulated the pre-war intelligence concerning Iraq. Their first attempt to bring this scandal about was the Special Prosecutors investigation of the non-existent outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA, "operative." This reached a dead end for the libs when the only indictment they received was perjury and ,"Scooter, " Libby. Since then there have been numerous reports that Plames identity was known by everyone in Washington long before the Libby incident and as such this attempt at Bush destruction has had to be abandoned. You can bet they will try to revive it when Libby goes to court IF it makes it that far but the attempt will be to no avail since this , "scandal," is a non entity. So their hopes for bringing down the President and gaining the Congress now lay exclusively on the pre-war intelligence. This week this took the face of trying to get the country to rally behind the call for an immediate withdrawal of our forces from Iraq. A move that would have had devastating consequences for the United States, our troops and frankly the world. But details like this matter little to the left since power and the acquisition of it is all they seek. The brilliant move by Speaker Hastert on Friday to thwart their attempt by forcing a vote they were not prepared for temporarily showed the nation that the left is all mouth without a leg to stand on. But unfortunately the majority of the people have a political attention span of about 24 hours or less and this victory for truth will be short lived especially since it occurred on Friday and into the early hours of Saturday, a weak news cycle at best. Soon after the gavel sounded in the House on Saturday morning and the news of the defeat of the Murtha withdrawal resolution became history the Democrat leadership were in their back corner rooms and hidden offices regrouping and working to find another way to spin the pre-war intelligence hook in the media and get the nation focused on their grab for power once again. Their immediate goal is the Congress and the 2006 elections with the Presidential election of 2008 in the very near background. If they can get this supposed scandal to stick in the minds of the voters they have a distinct opportunity of taking at least one chamber of Congress in 2006. One of the more enlightening aspects of the left is that they are experts at creating a scandal out of nothing, which this intelligence debacle is for their collective memory loss about their own statements and voting in favor of invading Iraq is all too convenient . Of course having the willing assistance of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, The New York and LA Times and numerous other liberal publications and entities help in achieving their goal of political destruction. If this attempted power grab is successful and the left once again controls the House then the next step will be a complete Watergate style investigation with committee hearings and an eventual article of impeachment brought up against President Bush for the high crime of, "lying, " to Congress and the people about Iraq. Then the impeachment vote would go along the lines of the 2006 elected majority which would then position them to try and take the White House in 2008. All of this would take place based on a totally fabricated media blitz and continual deception of the public based on twisted information being spewed out of the mouths of liberals over this next year.

Is it too late to prevent this political destruction and power take over ? Not yet, but it depends on the Republican majority and the President and Vice President to take action as they have in the past week and for both to concentrate on the conservative agenda that they were elected on. The vote to reduce the budget last week was a great start. Add to that the confirmation of Judge Alito which will begin in January and the right has a good foundation to prevent the liberal take over. President Bush needs to use the, "bully pulpit, " of the Presidency more effectively than he has. One of the aspects that made President Reagan so effective as a leader was his tremendous ability to communicate his agenda and his thoughts to the people. Even when his administration was struggling and I think particularly about the Iran-Contra hearings, President Reagan went before the people and the country always rallied behind him thus giving him the ability to push the conservative agenda through what was then a liberal Congress. President Bush does not have the communication skills of Reagan but he does have a similar vision and passion for this nation and every time he goes before the country this passion and his likability cause the people to rally behind him. Every President takes a nose dive in the polls at this point in a second term and Bush will rebound as have others before him. Still the necessity of grasping to the conservative agenda , less government a strong and effective military, dealing with the border situation and making tax cuts permanent then effectively telling this story to the American people especially getting extensive coverage on the Iraq successes and the truth about what WMD's that have been found as well as the documents that have surfaced proving the Iraq-Al Qaeda connection will culminate in the defeat of this liberal take over attempt and prove to the nation just who these left wingers truly are. The time for action is now for the consequences of inaction will be the a successful liberal take over and the socializing of our Republic and a successful rebuilding of terrorist networks which will culminate in terror attacks throughout the world as we have not seen before and possibly another 9/11 or worse.

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the week is, "My Republican Blog." The author, "Gayle," is obviously a Reagan conservative and the evidence is in her writing and the quotes from the President. Retired and living in Texas she has displayed great conservative insight and her thoughts are appreciated! Check this weeks spotlight out!

Saturday, November 19, 2005


In a brilliant move yesterday Speaker Dennis Hastert and the Republican majority forced the Democrats to put up or shut up. For weeks the left has been whining about pulling out of Iraq and essentially surrendering to the terrorists while all the while claiming they support the troops when in truth every word out of their mouths demoralizes our brave men and women in uniform. On Thursday Representative John Murtha (D) Pa, who the press has been calling a, "war hawk," and who 18 months ago began anti-war rhetoric sent a resolution to the House calling for an immediate pull out from Iraq which would last over six months. Everyone from the President to the grunt in the field called this irresponsible and politics at its worst. To counter this measure the House leadership headed by Speaker Hastert forced the vote last night and these spineless Democrats not only voted against the measure that they were playing in the press as heroic and supportive of our troops but proved that when push comes to shove that not only do they talk surrender but when given the opportunity to back up their words with action they can't find the backbone to place their name on the record with their rhetoric. Of course the Dems claimed that the majority was playing, "the rankest of politics, " according to Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, (D) CA, but my question is who exactly has BEEN playing rank politics with the war and our military to garner political advantage ? The Democrats that's who ! They have used this war and lied and manipulated through their friends in the press any and all information about Iraq including misleading the public about pre-war intelligence and conveniently forgetting that they TOO voted to go to war. All in an attempt to defeat the war effort and take down the President. Now that they have been forced by the majority to show their true colors they complain for they have been beaten at their own game except that the Republicans used this political vote to expose the Democrats for who they are and NOT to destroy the war effort or Bush. This vote also sends a clear message to our troops and the Iraqi people. We WILL stay the course and will remain in Iraq until full victory is achieved. Of course as we all know this will not be the end of the disgusting political games that the left will play to attempt to take power in Washington but it was a great slap in the face to these political morons who think that deceiving the public is the answer to everything. Great move Speaker Hastert and thank you for standing for truth, out troops, the President and ultimate victory in the War on Terror !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, November 17, 2005


With all of the ridiculous rhetoric that the left is spewing concerning the pre-war Iraq intelligence in many ways this one takes the cake. Not only do our troops hear from the liberals in Congress that the time to pull out, (translation - SURRENDER ), is now, ( Rep. John Murtha (D) Pa calls for immediate pull out,,2933,175878,00.html ), but they have to face further defeatist and demoralizing comments from their former Commander in Chief claiming that the dismantling of Saddam Hussein's, "government, " was wrong and that those within his governmental structure were, "decent people who were making the best out of a very bad situation." This type of logic is why this man failed in foreign policy. Hussein's government consisted of the Baath Party which contained only members of the Suni faction. If his underlings had remained at their posts after Saddam's defeat the other Iraqi factions would NOT have participated in ANY form of government with only Sunis in charge and Civil War would have surely been the result. Also taking into account that most if not all of Hussein's government officials were as evil and insane as he and all that would have happened was the trading of one dictator for another. A prime example was the recent finding of a prison that held insurgents being run by one of Saddam's former Baath Party members and part of his, what did Clinton call them, ?....Oh yeah, "authority structure. " The prisoners were being starved and tortured in the same manner as the Saddam regime. What's the old saying, " once a tiger, always a tiger ?" During the same speech that, "Bubba, " praised Saddam's underlings, he denounced the Iraq invasion as, "a big mistake." There has always been an unwritten rule with former President's to stay out of policy and not undermine the administration that follows yours. Well this former failed President has NO respect for Presidential protocol nor for our troops and the magnificent job they are doing in Iraq. His disdain for the military dates back to his terrible years as President and once again are revealed in this speech given to university students and because it was delivered by a former President it received world wide coverage. He was a disgrace in office and continues to be a disgrace in private life.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Newly translated documents found in Iraq reveal a detailed program to hide WMD's and a direct tie to Al Qaeda BEFORE 9/11. Despite this the left still persists that the President lied and the Republican Congress is delaying to assist this, "lie." Thank God for reasonable and sane Democrats like Joe Lieberman who today issued a statement telling the truth about the UNANIMOUS vote by the Senate to remove Saddam Hussein and the support was based on the threat that he posed to the United States. The liberals and their media cohorts are pressing this falsehood to attempt to create the same havoc that they caused during Vietnam and turn the country against Bush and the War on Terror. The President stated yesterday that the libs knew the truth and supported the war and are now just playing , "political games." This latest attempt by the left to force a time table with a so called, "exit strategy, ' is absolutely ridiculous. The minute a date is set the terrorists will then go into hiding and wait for the pull out then take over Iraq to use as a base of operations to destroy Israel, take captive the Middle East and terrorize the world taking advantage of the weakness a pull out would show. The only war that we have fought which had a date and time set for exit was Vietnam and we know the results. This disgusting idea being pushed by the left demoralizes our troops. It gives them the impression that they have absolutely NO support at home when even the Congress looks for a way to bring about defeat! If Osama Bin Laden is alive he has to be laughing in his cave because of the support that his efforts are receiving from the left. I believe that we are stronger and that the war has been extremely successful which is the reason that we have NOT been attacked at home, but on the other hand why should they attack us here when the Democrats are doing their work for them. Al Qaeda has no affection for President Bush and the left in attempting to destroy his Presidency and this lust for power in Washington undermines our troops, the war and all policy pertaining to defeating terrorism which emboldens our enemy and actually assists them in achieving their goals. Abraham Lincoln once stated, "At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if it ever reach us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide." Is this the true intent of the left? Is their hatred for the President and this country and its super power status so strong that they seek destruction and defeat ? I would hope not but all appearances by the left seem to point in that direction!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


As the Democrats continue their, "let's call Bush a liar, " policy concerning the pre-war intelligence on Iraq, the truth is finally starting to surface in several ways. First the investigation that is completing in the Senate has come to the same conclusion as the previous FOUR investigations. The result, there was NO manipulation of the intelligence and the President did not lie. The same liberals who are now claiming that Bush lied us into war are also starting to finally have their words come back to them. Yesterday Fox News aired a report with sound bights from several prominent Democrats including BOTH Clinton's, John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and many others who stated that Iraq HAD WMD's and that they agreed that he needed to be removed militarily. A side page to this site, ( ), will also reveal that the Democrats have lied concerning their rhetoric and how much they new from THE SAME INFORMATION that the President had concerning pre-war Iraq. Today John Gibson also reported that EVERYBODY new about Iraq's WMD's and now many of those same people who happen to be on the left are accusing the President of lying and taking us to war under false pretenses. ALL of those making this claim are on record as agreeing with Bush and voting to go to war. Their lies are coming out and the libs still refuse to admit the truth. They are showing their true intent and their true colors. That being to bring down Bush however they have to lie to make that possible and that they will sacrifice our national security and the very men and women who are fighting for our freedoms to accomplish this disgusting agenda and attempt to take power in Washington.

Ken Taylor

Monday, November 14, 2005


Yesterday as I was preparing to publish the Sunday Commentary, I was changing the web polls and saving them in the template when without warning a computer glich caused a shut down as the template was being saved. This glich eliminated all but about 5% of the template and requires a complete rebuilding of the web site. While this is taking place I have republished yesterdays Sunday Commentary and the Blog of the week as well as some of the articles that were not lost. We will be back up as soon as possible and will continue to post as this process is taking place. Sorry for the lack of web page for the last 24 hours. Thanks for understanding and for visiting The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 13, 2005


"A living, breathing document, " this is a phrase that the left uses regularly when referring to the Constitution and especially when discussing law or policy and how it pertains to this enlightened document. When the Founding Fathers produced this amazing standard for our nation they included the capability for amendments because in their collective wisdom they realized that as the country grew and prospered that the law would need to adapt in accordance to that growth and that in 1788 they had absolutely no way of knowing what that growth would entail or the direction that it would take. Even with that capability the Constitution amends only through the will of the people hence the stipulation that amendments must be ratified by a majority of the states. But does this ability to amend the Constitution make it a , "living breathing document," that adapts to the whims of elected officials or fall to a liberal interpretation of the Founders intent ? Therein lay the dilemma that has been argued concerning how we look at the very document that defines who we are as a nation. Does interpretation mean that the Constitution changes with society or are the principles found within absolute and not subject to liberal interpretation ? In order for this country to remain the free republic that the Constitution declared as a nation governed by , "We the people," then that foundation and the principles are built upon it through the document MUST be absolute. The reason for a full separation of powers between the three branches of government was to insure that no individual or body of elected or appointed individuals had the power to take this nation from the will of the people. Yet in many respects this idea that the Constitution, "lives and breaths, " has enabled that to happen in many ways. The legislation from the courts is a prime example of how this liberal interpretation of the Constitution erodes our society and weakens our form of government. The , "separation of church and state," issue provides one instance where this effects our daily lives. The Constitution contains what is referred to as, "the establishment clause, " which in essence states that there will be no state church that requires a certain form of worship or religion in order to function within our Republic, as is the case in European countries from which the Founding Fathers were separating themselves from when establishing this nation. Thomas Jefferson mentioned the phrase in a letter written in 1804 and since then this phrase has been claimed to have been written in the Constitution and has been used to attempt to eliminate any reference, mention or display of God. The Fathers did not intend to eliminate God from our country but rather to give the people the ability to believe and worship as they feel whether it is the Christian God of the bible whom I believe in or Buddha, Mohammed, Allah, or whomever the individual feels appropriate for their own personal belief. Another instance that has effected the fabric of our society and caused great argument and anger is the issue of abortion. With the exception of partial birth abortion there has NEVER been any legislation from the duly elected representatives of the people yet abortion is considered the, "law of the land, " without a , "law, " being established. Whether you are, "pro-life," (which I am), or,"pro-choice, " law is established by the legislative branch of the government and not the judicial branch. Yet the, "law, " of abortion was established by seven Supreme Court Justices which technically makes it unconstitutional for its very existence as law did not follow the intent by the Fouders found in the Constitution for establishing a law. Another instance of how society is effected when the principles within the Constitution are interpreted liberally instead of by original intent happened recently when the city if San Francisco, California banned all citizens from owning any type of firearm and the infamous ninth circuit court upheld the ruling. Now citizens of the,"city by the Bay, " are expected to turn in any and all firearms to the city government which violates the second amendment right in the Constitution to, " keep and bear arms."

The Founding Fathers established the United States Constitution as a principle from which future generations would find direction for governing this nation. Their original intent if obvious as you read the words found within this greatest of documents. The more that liberal interpretation is allowed to waver from the true and original wording and intent of our Constitution the further we erode from the freedoms and liberties that this Republic known as The United States of America stand for and were founded upon. George Washington stated in 1790 that, "the Constitution of the United States, and the laws made under it, must mark the line of my official conduct." He stated this for himself and all elected officials who followed him both in the white House and the Congress.

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the wwek is, "The Republican Vet." Great site covering conservative views from a Navy veteran. We at The Liberal Lie would like to express our appreciation for his service to our country and his sacrifiec to defend freedom! Be sure to check out the links and information that are located on the right sidebar. A wealth of information and conservative thought every day from one of this nations finest!

Friday, November 11, 2005


Today as we remember and celebrate the 25 million veterans who have served this nation and fought to preserve our freedom, President Bush revealed once again the true traits of the great war time leader that he is as he forcefully answered his critics from the left and set the record straight concerning The War On Terror and specifically the Iraq theatre of operations. There has been mounting pressure from the left concerning the pre-war intelligence and accusations that Bush manipulated the intel to force us into war. These lies were set straight and the world was reminded why we fight and how we got there as the President sounded forth the truth that has been intentionally twisted in order to undermine the war and the President. For those of you who missed any or all of this powerful speech following is a portion of setting the record straight.

"While it is perfectly legitimate to criticize my decision or the conduct of the war, it is deeply irresponsible to rewrite the history of how that war began. Some Democrats and anti-war critics are now claiming we manipulated the intelligence and misled the American people about why we went to war.
These critics are fully aware that a bipartisan Senate investigation found no evidence of political pressure to change the intelligence community's judgments related to Iraq's weapons programs. They also know that intelligence agencies from around the world agreed with our assessment of Saddam Hussein. They know the United Nations passed more than a dozen resolutions citing his development and possession of weapons of mass destruction. Many of these critics supported my opponent during the last election, who explained his position to support the resolution in the Congress this way: 'When I vote to give the President of the United States the authority to use force, if necessary, to disarm Saddam Hussein, it is because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a threat, and a grave threat, to our security.' That's why more than 100 Democrats in the House and the Senate, who had access to the same intelligence voted to support removing Saddam Hussein from power.
The stakes in the global War on Terror are too high, and the national interest is too important, for politicians to throw out false charges. These baseless attacks send the wrong signal to our troops and to an enemy that is questioning America's will. As our troops fight a ruthless enemy determined to destroy our way of life, they deserve to know that their elected leaders who voted to send them to war continue to stand behind them. Our troops deserve to know that this support will remain firm when the going gets tough. And our troops deserve to know that whatever our differences in Washington, our will is strong, our Nation is united, and we will settle for nothing less than victory. "

The President then went on to remind us why we fight and why this immoral and murderous enemy, the Islamic terrorist must and will be defeated. Emphasizing our resolve Bush stated emphatically, "We will never back down. We will never give in. We will never accept anything less than complete victory." Thank you Mr. President for reminding us of our enemy both at home and abroad and once again telling us that freedom will triumph over evil and will bring true and final victory. Thank you to all who have served and are serving this great nation. No amount of thanks can begin to repay you for your service and your sacrifice to protect our liberty and preserve our freedom. You are true American hero's that insure through your service to our country that this, " government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Ken Taylor

Thursday, November 10, 2005


How many more American lives are going to be put in jeopardy because of the mouths of liberals like Ted Kennedy and Jay Rockefeller ? In a tirade before the Senate Kennedy blasted the Iraq mission and blamed the President for the Jordanian attacks claiming that our presence in Iraq caused terrorism and made these murderous attacks possible. NEVER in his disgusting outburst did this murderer and terrorist of the Senate mention that Al Qaeda had taken credit for the bombings and NEVER did he place the blame where it belongs, namely in the laps of these Islamic extremist killers who have vowed to destroy all western civilization especially the United States. Rockefeller was no better as he said much of the same even blaming the attacks on OUR failure to detect and prevent attacks that were planned and executed on the other side of the world. Every time these moronic liberals open their traps to undermine the President and the war effort they are giving aid and comfort to the enemy and embolden the terror element to continue to kill and mame innocents and to kill our brave men and women fighting to protect this nation by destroying terrorism. Their blatant lies and deception about the war and the so called, "lies, " that took us to Iraq as well as blasting the mission that our troops are so valiantly accomplishing, encourages the terrorists to fight on for they feel that through this leftist rhetoric in Congress that they have a foothold and an ally in the United States to prevent us from staying the course and to eventually force us out of Iraq. The determination of Bush and our troops will not allow this to happen until the mission is completed but how many countless lives will be lost because of this liberal defeatism and assistance to our enemy ? Had this type of vocal defeatism been present in WW II how much longer would the Third Reich have lasted and Imperial Japan continued to fight on ? Disagreeing with the President and the war is one thing but actually assisting those that seek to destroy us for the sole purpose of acquiring power in Washington is beyond comprehension. Yet this is the face of the Democrat Party and liberalism today. They no more support our troops then the terrorist who fight against them. The time to shut up and stand behind our military and their Commander in Chief in a time of war is now and this terrorist and murderous rhetoric must stop so that full and final victory can be accomplished without the hindrances of our own countrymen helping the enemy. Put up and shut up Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Rockefeller and your fellow defeatists!

Ken Taylor


For more than two years the left and the media wing of the Democrat Party have been babbling rhetoric claiming that the Iraqi people do not want the US in Iraq and that they never wanted us there in the first place. A group representing Kurdistan in northern Iraq have begun a advertising campaign that is running throughout the United States thanking America for liberating them from thirty five years of Saddam Hussein. "The Kurds of Iraqi Kurdistan just want to say thank you for helping us win our freedom. Thank you for democracy. Thank you America." As vocal as the left has been claiming that we are NOT wanted in Iraq there has not been one mention of this grateful out pouring of appreciation from the Iraqi Kurds to our troops, the President and the American people. This story should be front page headlines and the lead story at every news service with the exception of Fox News, who also airs the adds. Yet the liberals in Congress and the leftist media are ignoring this heartfelt thank you. The reasons.....first it proves the left wrong in their constant barrage of negativism concerning the War on Terror and in particular the Iraq theatre of operations. Second it looks favorable to the President and the policy in Iraq which defeats their only political policy, namely the destruction of the Bush Presidency. Many thanks to the Kurds for their expression of appreciation and congratulations to our troops and the President for a job well done and the unheralded accomplishments that have transformed Iraq.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 09, 2005


As a Republican I am ashamed that my parties majority caved into demands from the Democrat minority to call oil company executives, "on the carpet, " so to speak because of third quarter profits. The announcement of record profits caused a stir in Washington and rather than take the bull by the horns and lead, the majority has caved into the left and played on the aggravation of consumers who have been bombarded with media and liberal hype that doesn't begin to tell the truth about WHY profits were as they were. First, I thought in a free market economy that individual companies and the supply and demand market were what determines pricing and not Senators who are touting a windfall profit tax on oil companies to garner votes based on half truths and incomplete information. This applies to BOTH parties ! If a windfall tax is applied, who will pay for it ? We will for when taxes are raised the business community, regardless of whether it is the corner grocer or big oil, have no alternative but to pass the excess onto the consumer. Second the profits that were reported are based on inventory profits. All oil companies have an oil inventory of several MILLION barrels that are used to keep refineries working at 100% capacity. When the oil is removed from the inventory to be refined it has to be replaced to keep inventories at proper levels. If the oil that was removed from inventory for refining was purchased at $40 a barrel and the current per barrel cost is $60 then two things happen. As the per barrel price rises the oil company is forced to raise its inventory to that price which causes a huge profit margin. The reason for the increase is because that oil has to be replaced at current market prices thus the excess profits actually are on paper profits only due to re-stocking the inventory. This does NOT equate to price gouging at the pumps as has been suggested by these Senate hearings. A second reason for this being an on paper profit only is that as prices go up due to supply and demand so do distribution costs which are ALSO paid by oil company , "profits." If these Senators want to investigate where the gouging is then they need to look no further than Washington and the more than 40 cent per gallon federal tax on gas. The oil executives made no apologies for the profits and have no reason to. The price at the pump is heading down even as this post is being written. Why ? It is a direct result of a free market, supply and demand economy which is decided by consumer purchases and company operations as it should be and NOT by the collective, "wisdom, " and politicking of elected officials in Washington!

Ken Taylor


On Monday I wrote a post that asked if yesterdays elections in New Jersey and Virginia might be a precursor to 2006. Well the outcome of very close races both went to the Democrat candidates and what does this mean for the President and the 2006 mid-term election ? Absolutely NOTHING. Now for our liberal friends out there if the outcomes had been reversed and the Republicans had won my reaction would have been identical with the exception of the fact that had they won it would have been an unusual happening in Democratic NJ and a first for VA since 1874. But since the Democrats won it means that two Democrat held Governors seats remained the same and that is all that it means. Throughout the day the, "mainstream,"media has been trying to sound this as a referendum to the Bush Presidency and the liberals especially Howard Dean have been touting that it sends a great message to the President about his policies. Frankly it does neither. First in an off year election there are NO national ramifications to the election for none of Bush's policies were on any ballot and the Democrats did not gain any seats in the House or Senate. Second since both elections concerned Governors, the voters were deciding on local and state issues and NOT national issues. The one significant thing that did take place is that BOTH Democrat candidates ran on conservative platforms like tax reduction and less government in their respective states. Even when the libs win, (which is not that often, ) they cannot win by showing their TRUE colors they have to masquerade as conservatives to deceptively garner votes. National elections such as the one coming up next year are decided by what is taking place within the several months just prior to the election. Yesterdays election will be long forgotten by next November and the voters will make their decision about the 2006 choices based on events and popularity at that time. So the libs contention that yesterday sent a message to the White House is just the usual left wing rhetoric and amounts to absolutely NOTHING! Nothing...hmmm that's like the liberal agenda and their non existent policies!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


In a victory for the first amendment the Senate today defeated an amendment sponsored by Senator Tom Harkin, (D) Iowa, that would have mandated programs that are aired on Armed Forces broadcasting networks. Harkin's objections stemmed from his dislike of the Rush Limbaugh radio program being aired on armed forces radio. The liberal Senator from Iowa claimed that the five hours of Rush's program caused a lack of balance of political views for our men and women in uniform. In this TWO DAY debate on the Senate floor Harkin exaggerated that Rush was more than two thousand hours of the weekly radio broadcast. Actually only one hour of his daily three hour syndicated program airs on armed forces radio so Harkin was just a tad bit off in his proclamation to the Senate. His amendment would force the armed forces network to mandate certain chosen liberal shows and take Rush off to , "create a balance, " for the troops. Rush has been on armed forces radio since 1994. In that year several shows were presented to the troops to vote for broadcasting on the airways and Rush's show WAS NOT among them. In a huge write in vote our men and women in uniform overwhelmingly voted to have Rush on the air and armed forces radio only allowed the first hour of his broadcast and has ever since. The majority of troops are campaigning to extend the time to cover the entire three hours, but the campaign thus far has been unsuccessful. The remainder of the broadcast day consists of SEVERAL hours of NPR, ( link to armed forces broadcast schedule ), which Harkin referred to as, "fair and balanced, "radio. I guess the liberal Senator has either NEVER listened to the left broadcasting NPR or he is so far left that even NPR sounds balanced to him! Either way the Senate defeated his amendment and Rush will remain on armed forces radio and the first amendment once again stands strong against another liberal attack!

Ken Taylor

Monday, November 07, 2005


Former Ambassador Joe Wilson is beside himself over the revelation by Fox News analyst General Paul Vallely concerning a conversation that he and Wilson had in 2002 where Wilson revealed that his wife Valerie Plame worked for, "the agency." This admission on Wilson's part came a full year before the Novac article which was the beginning of the , "Leakgate, " debacle. Wilson and his attorney have demanded that Vallely retract his statement and Vallely has refused. Why retract the truth. In a interview with Vallely this afternoon on Saun Hannity the retired Major General stated that the e-mail that he received from Wilson's attorney demanding the retraction also inadvertently contained ALL of the e-mail correspondence between Wilson and the attorney in which Wilson asked if he should sue Vallely and other attorney-client information. The Attorney also demanded that this be returned not realizing that he also e-mailed the SAME information to World Net Daily in order to get the retraction demand to the news agency. General Vallely also stated that he would, under oath, state the same information to the Special Prosecutor if Fitzgerald were to investigate the true source of the entire scandal, namely Joe Wilson. Wilson and his wife, who WAS NOT a covert agent for several years prior to the revelation, have NEVER been questioned or investigated as to their true motivation behind their activities. That of course was a coo to bring down the Bush administration and to undermine the War on Terror in which Wilson has been a very vocal opponent. This farce of an investigation, (which was requested by the CIA as part of THEIR cover up), was so intent on finding illegal activities in the Bush White House and evidence that we were, "lied into war, " which we were not, that it has intentionally overlooked the real criminals and deceptive activities. The libs have claimed that Libby is just the tip of the iceberg. Maybe with this revelation about Wilson the real iceberg will now sink this Titanic cover up by the left !

Ken Taylor


Two very interesting races for Governor are culminating in traditionally Democratic New Jersey and in the state of Virginia. In Jersey the corrupt boss controlled administration is up for grabs with NJ Senator Jon Corzine (D), a well known liberal who has had quite of bit of publicity over his corrupt political life and adulterous affairs and Republican Doug Forrester. The interesting fact about this race is that the state of New Jersey always goes Democrat and Forrester is only 6 points behind a sitting Senator in a race that will determine if the state remains in its corrupt ways or a new breath of political freedom takes hold. Many analyst actually believe that the race is much closer that the polls reveal. This one could be a surprise to the left after tomorrows vote. Remember President Bush almost won the state in 2004 which was unprecedented and this state had its Governor resign over a gay sex scandal. Definitely one to watch. The second race that is down to the wire is Virginia. Both Republican candidate Jerry Kilgore and Democrat Tim Kaine are virtually tied in the polls. The significance of this race is that the Governorship has NOT gone to the party of the sitting President in Virginia since 1874! This year may change that trend. If you listen to the left the, "unpopularity, " of the President directly equates to the end of the Republican Party and its majority in Washington and in the Governorships. Yet if you look at these two races just the opposite is the case. Good Luck to Forrester in New Jersey and Kilgore in Virginia. Election results on Wednesday!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 06, 2005


The word Democrat used to stand for something. Now don't get me wrong as a life long conservative and Republican much of what they have stood for has gone against my grain but at least they used to stand FOR something. Today is a different matter. This latest scam performed by the Democrats, the envolking of rule 21 which shut down the Senate last week is just another in a long line of stunts that the left thinks endears them to the American people. Following this Democrat debacle the news shows swarmed to Jimmy Carter to listen to his thoughts on the matter and of course this failed President touted that it was the greatest thing since FDR and the liberal , "news, " show hosts agreed. Now in this liberal discourse no one bothered to mention that Senator Roberts the Chairman of the committee that is investigating the pre-war Iraq intelligence had ALREADY informed minority leader Harry Reid that the report that his stunt demanded was to be released this week and that their findings were similar to those of the previous FOUR investigations - that the intelligence was NOT fabricated and the President did NOT lie us into war. Which once again reveals the true agenda of the Democrats: to obstruct whenever possible, to deceive the public whenever the cameras focus on them and to, by whatever means available, destroy the Bush Presidency. This party that continually claims to be the protectors of the American people, ( a claim that I am sick of hearing because of its blatant falsehood), yet is at the expense of the American people looking out for one thing and one thing only. The resorting of the power in Washington that they have through the legitimate and free election process lost. A power that they believe is their birth right and they continually claim was stolen from them through deceptive election practices, practices that have been investigated and proven to not exist, but evidence NEVER matters to a Democrat! John Kerry has been sounding the lie that Ohio was stolen from him and the 2004 election was actually his and even some of his fellow Democrats have told him to shut up! This is the state of today's Democratic Party. The Constitution, the will of the people, the security of the nation does not matter to the liberal. Their only goal is to take back what they believe is theirs for eternity - control of the government and through that the control of the people. They have an arrogant belief that they and they only know what is best for the country and the people and that we are idiots for voting against them. Never understanding that it is their liberalism and socialist philosophy that we have rejected. That is why they have fought so hard to retain their last bastion of power, the judiciary. Since they cannot win at the polls they have used the courts to legislate from the bench and the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito virtually brings an end to this liberal practice which completely bypasses the Constitution! In responding to this weeks rule 21 stunt by Harry Reid, Senator Bill Frist the majority leader gave an excellent description of today's Democratic Party, " They have no conviction. They have no principles. They have no ideas !" That in a nut shell sums up the Democrats, to which I will add a similar thought that describes their no idea agenda. Through the politics of destruction the left promotes an agenda that uses their willing accomplishes in the media to deceive the American people into believing that Republicans are corrupt and that the President should be impeached. The war is illegal and our troops, who they SAY they support, are dying in vain. This is a falsehood that fringes on treason and IS an open act of sedition for it truly offers aid and comfort to the enemy and is demoralizing to the brave men and women who daily fight to keep this nation free. Whether you agree or disagree with the Bush administration and the Republican majority the accusations of corruption have been fabricated from DeLay to Bush! I know that you on the left will tout the Libby indictment as proof the we were lied into war but let me remind you that first, it is ONLY and indictment and NOT a conviction. Second, the charges are NOT about the war or Valerie Plame but about contradictions in his testimony as to WHEN he first learned of who Plame was. This story too is just another in a long line of Democratic deception that seeks to regain power at any expense.

What does this all mean. Thanks to the fact that the , "mainstream," media is not the only source that we the people have to garner our news as was the case 25 years ago this attempt by the left to deceive themselves back into power is destined to fail as it has since 1994. This same practice that brought the forged documents into the 2004 election did not work then and will not work in 2006 nor 2008. We the people are much more savvy to the politics of liberal destruction and we are intelligent enough to realize who has ideas and plans that will better this nation and who does not. Elections are won by ideas and realities not lies and deception. As long as Democrats continue the lie and deception practice and not put forth ideas that the American people will embrace then they will continue to lose at the ballot box and remain where they the minority!

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is, " And THAT Is My Opinion." A very conservative blog with great insight to what we believe. Also the author Texas Fred has two conservative web rings that offer the opportunity to stand with fellow conservatives for what we know IS right! Great blog, so check it out!

Saturday, November 05, 2005


The evidence continues to mount about the lies and inconsistency of Joe Wilson and the still, "so called outing, " of his wife Valerie Plame as a CIA agent. Wilson talked about who his wife was and bragged about his true agenda one year before the alleged outing by the article written by Robert Novac which prompted the , "Leakgate, " investigation. At the time Wilson was a Fox News analyst and talked regularly in the Greenroom about his wife and who she was and her duties at the CIA, which were NOT covert. As I have written before, the next phase of the , "investigation, " demands that Wilson and his wife be investigated and their true agenda along with the backing of the CIA be exposed. Their attempted Coo IS the story not Libby or Rove or WMD's.

Ken Taylor


In an interview for Israeli television Bill Clinton stated that his wife would make a better President than he was. My first thought when I read this was, "yeah and so would anyone else for that matter." Then it hit me, the Hildabeast has been continually claiming that she is concentrating only on her Senate re-election bid and is not running for President, (of course we all know better). Yet despite all her claims in interview after interview, "Bubba, " always makes some type of statement to the contrary. He regularly talks about what type of President she would make and how she would deal with certain situations as President. So even as the Hildabeast is in denial mode her husband keeps campaigning for the job of, "First Man." I realize that the two probably don't talk much and the marriage continues only for political reasons, but it still looks as if he is in the know about a Presidential bid and as usual can't keep his trap shut. The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Friday, November 04, 2005


If you will recall this past June the United States Supreme Court, in an extremely controversial opinion held up a lower court ruling which allowed New London, Conn. to seize private property from individuals in order to allow that property to be developed in a way that would increase the tax base of the city. There are many provisions in the Constitution that this violates but suffice it to say that this was another example of legislation from the bench. The ramifications of this ruling have become painfully evident in Oakland, California when the City Council seized the property of Revelli Tire and several other business's in order to give the properties to a private developer who plans to build luxury condominiums. The Revelli Tire Company was a family owned business that had been in existence for 56 YEARS and the city of Oakland using the power given them through the New London ruling by the High Court padlocked the door and seized all of the assets and the Revelli property for the new development. City officials stated that they had offered, "more than fair market value, " for the property but when the Revelli's turned down the offer for they did NOT want to sell, Oakland just took the property leaving the family without a means to earn a living! Why then is the nomination of Judge Alito so important ? A liberal based court whose activist rulings and bench legislations brought down the New London decision. Nowhere in the Constitution does it state that personal property is only ours at the discretion of the government. Judge Alito believes in the true intent and an originalists interpretation of the Constitution and the limited powers of the judiciary. This type of court would NOT have ruled in favor on New London and the Revelli's would still have their business.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, November 03, 2005


With the Special Prosecutor releasing his indictment concerning the Valerie Plame case that has become known as, "Leakgate," the true question that has yet to be answered concerns what looks to be an attempted COO by the CIA against the Bush administration involving Joe Wilson and his wife over the Iraq pre-war intelligence. Wilson never had to sign any confidence agreement nor make a written report concerning his findings during his trip to Niger. When he made a verbal report his findings agreed with the British and other nations findings that Saddam Hussein WAS seeking yellow cake for his nuclear program, yet when he leaked his information to the New York Times since he had not signed a confidentiality agreement, he stated that he had found NO evidence. This was just one of a series of lies that Wilson told in order to attempt to destroy the President and this administration. For a detail of some of the additional lies that Wilson told, click on this posts title. The true involvement of Wilson and his wife AND the CIA in deceiving Congress, the President, the nation and the world should be the direction that ANY further investigation takes. The question is will it happen ? Not as long as the liberals who have chosen Wilson as their media hero, are the only people seeking an investigation.

Ken Taylor


When I read this I just shook my head and laughed. A resident of Denver who is also looking for a husband posted her house for sale on E-Bay in a plush Denver neighborhood. The house comes with all the amenities including the seller AS A WIFE! Kind of adds a new twist to, "until death us do part, " or a higher bid and a change in the market value ! I wonder how the tax assessor will appraise this one!

Ken Taylor


In response to the indictment of Lewis, "Scooter, " Libby for perjury and lying to the Grand Jury the Hildabeast responded that Libby's action were, "simply reprehensible." Now that IS the pot calling the kettle black! I'm sure that many of you remember the , "Travelgate, " scandal that occurred during Clinton's first term. The scandal involved illegal travel expenses for Clinton cronies from The White House travel office and retribution taken out on employees that were fired when the truth was revealed. The Hildabeast was very much at the center of the scandal yet when she testified before the Grand Jury she denied ANY involvement with the travel office or the employee firings. When the Special Prosecutor released his findings he stated that although the Hildabeast had denied any involvement he believed that her testimony was, "factual false," In other words she LIED to the Grand Jury. The prosecutor chose NOT to indict her even though he had evidence to the contrary. Now SHE has the gaul to actually blast Libby for his indictment as if he has already been found guilty. That is the nature of the Hildabeast. She can lie, cheat and deceive her way up the ladder with evidence to prove her guilt and that is considered acceptable because after all it IS her destiny to be President, (or at least in HER mind), regardless of how she gets there and who she tramples over in the process. The Hildabeast watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Somebody needs to change this whiners diaper! Since he didn't get the indictment that the left wanted Friday from the Special Prosecutor and the President nominated a well known conservative for the High Court yesterday, Hapless Harry Reid (D) Nev. the Senate minority leader must have wet his pants over the disappointment and decided today to shut down the Senate with a rarely used parliamentary rule, (#21), to force a debate behind closed doors over the pre-war Iraq intelligence. This sparked an extremely angry response from the majority leader Bill Frist, (R) Tenn. He stated that this was , "gutter politics, " and the Senate was, "highjacked, " by the Democrats. "Once again, it shows the Democrats use scare tactics. They have no conviction. They have no principles. They have no ideas," Frist said. "But this is the ultimate. Since I've been majority leader, I'll have to say, not with the previous Democratic leader or the current Democratic leader have ever I been slapped in the face with such an affront to the leadership of this grand institution." The Dems continue to insist that the President lied us into war with false intelligence concerning WMD's despite the fact that world intelligence agreed and these same lunatic Democrats saw THE SAME intelligence and agreed with Bush at the time. In addition they seem to forget the 1.5 metric tons of enriched uranium that was discovered in Iraq which had the capability of powering 75-100 atomic devises. This does not even take into consideration the numerous stockpiles of chemical and biological agents that have been recovered nor the weaponry such as Saran gas artillery shells and other WMD components. The reason for forcing this closed session of the Senate is actually two fold. First the left will use this non-public debate as an opportunity to continually play this out in the press to deceive the American people into thinking that Bush should be impeached for lying the nation into war. They realize that if the debate were public they would be proven the liars that they are for the evidence speaks for itself and more than justifies the action that the President took. Second this rule 21 locks down the Senate until those that envolked it are, "satisfied," with the results thus virtually eliminating any possibility that the confirmation hearings for Judge Alito will take place before next year. Meanwhile it gives them time to try to push some of their bench legislation through the current court. This hypocrisy on their part WILL back fire with the public. The majority of American's are sick of this political grand standing that the libs are famous for. This will also strengthen the resolve of the conservatives in the country which will result in a further backlash in next years elections, which prompts me to predict an increase in Republican seats in the House and more than likely in the Senate also! So go ahead Dems and play your games ! We are sick of your tactics and will not fall for your lies and deception or tricks to bring down this President!

Ken Taylor

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