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Friday, October 30, 2009


If you like the idea of big government ruining running your health care, perhaps you should listen up and learn something:

Those of you who are longing for the government to run your health care need to get a reality check. Government always screws up whatever it's put in charge of and this government, if you allow it to, will screw things up royally. But I'm bored with ranting about this subject. I don't know how Glenn Beck and others continue on day after day, but God bless them for putting the truth out there!

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NOTE FROM KEN: The House revealed its health care bill in a private invitation only ceremony hosted by Nancy Pelosi. In this debacle not only is the government option front and center but it is also filled with massive taxation to pay for the bill. Additionally things like Tampons and Condoms will be considered health care devises and therefore taxed as health care supplies. The House bill also contains the controversial ,"death counseling," that Democrats claimed was not part of their plan.

The Senate version has the government option with an,"opt - out," clause for the States. But the hidden factor is, States who opt-out will be fined severely and STILL have to pay all taxes for government health care.

The trillion dollar price tag is ONLY a down payment to start the program ineither bill. As it expands it will follow the example of Medicare and Medicaid which are now taxed subsidies paid for by income tax assessments from wage earning citizens! And yet there are STILL some who think that government can run health care ?

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Obama has decided to send 40,000 troops to New York City to take out the Fox News studio. The troops show up and applaud Fox!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - DALLAS — Snubbed by Newt Gingrich’s conservative group, the owner of a Dallas topless club has decided to create a shelter for pit bulls in his honor. Dawn Rizos was set to receive an “Entrepreneur of the Year” award on Oct. 7 from the group American Solutions for Winning the Future, led by the former U.S. House speaker.

But the group reneged, saying it had mistaken her business for another. Rizos, who owns the topless club The Lodge, was refunded the $5,000 fee required to receive the award. So she donated the money to Animal Guardians of America’s sanctuary for rescued dogs in Celina, about 35 miles north of Dallas. “Newt’s Nook — A Home for Pit Bulls” is under construction. Rizos says they’ll invite Gingrich to the formal dedication in early November.

I wonder if it is a ,"nook," for Blue Dogs ? - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Obama's answer to spending........spend more !

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CHICAGO — A clump of hair believed to have been trimmed from Elvis Presley's head when he joined the Army in 1958 has sold for $15,000 at a Chicago auction house. Also among the 200 Elvis-related items up for grabs at the Leslie Hindman Auctioneers in Chicago on Sunday was a shirt that once belonged to The King that sold for $52,000.

Other items included scarves, photos from the reception of Presley's 1967 wedding to Priscilla, Christmas cards he sent and lots of records. Elvis dolls and Elvis Pez dispensers numbered among the memorabilia. All the items had belonged to the late Gary Pepper, who ran a fan club and was a friend. Pepper, who had cerebral palsy, died in 1980.

That's a hunk - a hunk of pricey hair. - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The one issue President who can't even handle the one issue!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - LEXINGTON, Ky. — Lexington police say a man who smashed a window at a car dealership claimed he was following a higher calling. Police said 36-year-old David A. Silva was collared by a security guard at Freedom Dodge before he could get inside the showroom.

WLEX-TV reported Silva told the guard that God wanted him to steal a Dodge Charger.When police arrived, Silva initially told them his name was "Seven." Silva faces charges including criminal mischief.

Yeah right. Anyway God prefers Honda's. In the book of Acts, chapter 2 it says they were gathered together, "in one accord." - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

I understand that Obama is going as far in becoming Nixon as renaming his dog Checkers, telling his beloved TelePrompter to end all of his speeches with, "I am not a crook," and renaming Obamacare, to Obamagate!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The next generation of launch vehicle which will once again return man into space exploration, the Ares 1 X, successfully made its first test launch at 11:30 AM from Cape Canaveral. The largest rocket currently made and only slightly smaller than the massive Saturn V which launched all of the Apollo moon missions, the Ares is designed to make the next step in space exploration taking the successor of the Shuttles, the Orion, in to space with the eventual destination being a manned mission to Mars.

The Ares is designed to take the future Orion crew vehicle from earths orbit to finally once again take man's exploration of space beyond our own planet which has been the missions of the Shuttle program since the end of the Apollo moon missions in the mid seventies. While the future manned flights are not to take place until well after the retirement of the Shuttle fleet in 2013, the successful launch of the Ares today signals the new beginning of man once again going where, "no man has gone before."

Ken Taylor

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009


The above video is a short version of Senate Majority Leader and leading Senate scum bag, Harry Reid making the announcement that the Senate version of the health care bill will contain a public, (government), option. Once again this disgusting individual has lied to the American people and could care less whether we know it or not.

When the Baucus bill went to Committee it was with the expressed backing of Reid BECAUSE it excluded the government option and instead used co-ops, which in reality are nothing more than group cooperatives who would have been regulated by the government. But still it was not a full control option like the government plan backed by liberals.

Now that he has a Committee vote, Reid has been meeting secretly, behind closed doors with The White House and Congressional liberals which resulted in the inclusion of the government option in the Senate bill as it makes its way to the Senate floor for a full vote. Reid stated in his rambling announcement that, "poll after poll, " state that the American people overwhelmingly favor the government option.

I have no idea what polls he is reading but just the opposite is true. EVERY poll shows that the majority of Americans want nothing to do with the government option or government involvement in health care PERIOD! So how can you tell when Harry Reid is lying ? Every time he opens his mouth.

It is no wonder that this despicable person is behind by double digits against not one but two Republican challengers for his Senate seat which comes up for re-election in 2010. The people of Nevada are sick if his lies and they also know that the rest of the country are tired of him and the state is looking forward to ridding this embarrassment by voting him out next year.

He lied to get a Committee vote by leaving out the government option because he knew it would not get through Committee with this option in the Senate bill. Now that he has his Committee vote he secretly puts the option back in the Senate bill once again lying in his statement claiming that the option is favored overwhelmingly by the people.

If ever a weasel was elected to Congress it is Harry Reid. Every time he opens his mouth it makes my stomach churn. He would not recognize the truth if someone placed it right in front of his face. The only interest that this lying weasel has is promoting a leftist Marxist agenda claiming it as the will of the people. The people of Nevada cannot get rid of him quick enough as far as I am concerned and I believe that the vast majority of Americans find nothing but disgust in Harry, "the weasel," Reid.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 26, 2009


NATO moves toward more troops for Afghan war

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia (AP) — U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday that NATO allies are moving toward sending more troops and civilian aid to Afghanistan.

Gates said he was "heartened" by allies' commitment to the 8-year-old war even as the Obama administration mulls whether to order tens of thousands more U.S. troops to the fight. (Bold is mine)

The Pentagon chief cited a long-term commitment by NATO partners to remain in Afghanistan until the conflict is successfully resolved.

At a meeting of 28 NATO defense ministers in Bratislava, Gates said he did not seek specific promises of military assistance, and none was given. He described, however, "a renewed determination to see this through."
(snip) (There's more at the link)

So when are we going to be "heartened" by Obama's commitment to the 8-year-old war? More importantly, when are we going to be heartened by his commitment to our troops who are already there and why can't he make a decision regarding this extremely important matter?

According to ABC News "some critics on both the left and right are asking: "Is the president essentially "too nice" to make the important decisions?" Ye gads and little fishes! Sorry, but why don't they ask a couple of realistic questions such as "is the President afraid to make the right decision because he will anger his far-left base? or "Was this president too inexperienced to be the POTUS in the first place?" I believe an honest answer to both of those questions would be a resounding "YES!"

We unfortunately have a president who sit's on his hands and by doing so puts our troop's lives in more danger each and every day that he procrastinates. This is especially disheartening now that we finally have 30,000 Pakistani soldiers committed to fighting Al qaeda and the Taliban in the lawless border regions.

We are stuck with a president who claims he pushed the wrong buttons on six senate votes. OOPS! We unfortunately have a president who isn't qualified in any way, shape or form to even be the president and is only there through the apathy and ignorance of some of the American public, the greed of people who feel they are entitled to government handouts, and the refusal of many conservatives to vote at all because they didn't like anyone who was running. Those conservatives, especially those who run political blogs, anger me most of all because they absolutely knew the consequences of their non-vote. Being unaware is one thing, but being aware and doing nothing is unconscionable! Now we're stuck with a president who some think may be "too nice" to make a decision.

May God help our troops fighting for all of our freedom and may He also help Obama to make the right decision for once in his life!

"A nation of sheep will get a government of wolves." - Edward R. Murrow

Need I remind anyone that wolves aren't known for being too nice?

RaDena - Blasting Caps and Dynamite

Sunday, October 25, 2009


The debate over health care has been front and center in the news, the White house and on Capitol Hill, almost to the exclusion of every other issue since long before summer. Yet despite the all out effort that Barack Obama has given and the massive amount of political capital that he has used, health care is in actuality no further along now than it was six months ago. One would not think this the case if one listened ONLY to the rhetoric coming from the White House and especially from Obama himself.

Obama claims that health care is all but a done deal and that it will be passed making the government the guardian of the health care for every citizen of this country. Whether his confidence is arrogance, misguided optimism or both remains to be seen but recent activity by Obama and a key vote which took place in the Senate last week shows that Obama is acting out of desperation. Desperation that stems from not only the inability to get legislation but the massive unpopularity of this center piece of Obama's agenda.

Never before has a President set himself so decisively against the will of the American people as Obama has on the issue of health care. Poll after poll including some of the most liberal polls have shown that the majority of the people are against health care because no matter which option is being discussed, each results in government involvement and the people want no part of government in health care.

The Town Halls, protests and constant bombardment at White House and Congressional e-mails and phone lines back up the polling showing the total lack of support for health care. Yet Obama has chosen to side against that American people and it not only has sparked desperate moves on his part but has destroyed his once thought untouchable popularity with most polling having him at 50% or lower.

Last week the first floor vote on the issue of health care took place in the Senate. Harry Reid and Democrats have been secretly meeting behind closed doors for nearly two weeks discussing health care on both Capitol Hill and occasionally at the White House. These meetings have been covered by Fox News and mostly neglected by the rest of the media which follows the nearly all positive coverage of anything that this administration does by media with the exception of Fox.

Secret meetings are in direct contrast to the claims of transparency by Barack Obama yet most of the health care decisions have been made behind closed doors. The floor vote which took place last week was over a provision for the Senate bill which would provide more than 200 billion dollars of funding for the debacle to be taken from Medicare which would have brought the cost of the Baucus bill down from nearly one TRILLION dollars to just over 700 billion.

Of course the provision would have decreased seniors benefits but it would have given the illusion of health care being paid for and not increasing the deficit. Of course this illusion was nothing more than a scam to deceive the people into believing that this monstrosity was not a budget buster but Harry Reid took it to the floor of the Senate for a vote with closed door assurances that not only would the votes to pass this scam be there but that the AMA and the AARP both backed this scam.

When the final votes were tallied 13 Democrats joined every Republican and Reid not only lost the vote but lost it big with only 43 votes in favor of the provision. A devastating blow to health care and a strong indication that the bill was in danger of not passing because the support so touted favoring the bill by legislators is not there and may not be there for future votes in either the House or the Senate.

Combine this with the fact that the Senate version does not have a public, (government), option and that Nancy Pelosi had emphatically stated that she would NOT allow a bill without the option on the floor of the House and it creates the possibility that even with Senate passage the bill will NEVER make it through the committees which reconciles House and Senate bills. Making a distinct probability that health care may legislatively be virtually dead in the water.

Obama's continual diving popularity adds to this possibility as those in Congress without strong Presidential coat tails are not and will not be willing to stick their necks out in opposition to the American people in order to vote for health care. So the Senate vote was a huge and possibly completely devastating set back to Obama's push for health care.

He and Congressional leaders are still showing a confident front to the public but desperation is setting in and that was proven by a move made by Obama concerning the H1N1 , Swine flu, virus. Saturday, which is an almost non-existent news day Obama declared H1N1 a National Emergency claiming the move would open up more availability for the vaccine and allow hospitals to use facilities other than their own if the virus causes large out breaks needing isolation treatment.

This move came only two days after the World Health Organization, the UN watch dog for health related problems, announced that the H1N1 our break was much smaller than anticipated and that the worldwide death toll was less than 5000, which also was far less than anticipated. Both indications that the pandemic scare which came when this virus was first discovered is likely not going to happen.

Looking at facts concerning H1N1 especially in comparison to the seasonal flu, the virus is nothing more than a minor blip on the health scale yet Obama has declared it a National Emergency. There have already been more than 200,000 cases of the seasonal flu with most states recording widespread out breaks and the death toll in the US alone from the seasonal strain has exceeded the worldwide toll for H1N1. In fact the US averages nearly 36,000 deaths each year from the seasonal flu and yet it is not considered a National Emergency.

H1N1 has recorded less than 1000 cases in the US with only a hand fill of deaths associated with the virus and Obama declares a National Emergency doing so on a day when few Americans pay even a moments attention to the news. Is this a sign of desperate actions being taken in order to pass health care ? Rahm Emanuel, White House Chief of Staff stated earlier this year that a ,"crisis," should never be wasted. This was in reference to the economic crisis and Obama's push for the massive stimulus bill which has failed miserably.

So is it just a coincidence that health care is failing and that Obama declares a National Emergency for a virus that is to date nothing more than a news created crisis ? The number of Americans who have been diagnosed and treated for H1N1 does not warrant a declaration for a National Emergency which is why I believe that this is a political move by Obama to pressure legislators into passing health care. Creating a , "crisis," to use as a means of arm twisting Congress into backing Obamacare as their ,"patriotic," duty due to the, "National Emergency."

So as not to be accused of creating a public panic in conjunction with the arm twisting move by issuing the declaration, it was made on the slowest news day of the week so that most Americans would not realize that an emergency had been declared. But Congress is well aware of the emergency and I can guarantee that already on Capitol Hill Rahm Emanuel and other White House staff have been making calls ,"urging," legislators to side with the President on health care in light of the health related National Emergency.

Desperate measures taken by a desperate President who sees his agenda failing and the center piece of that agenda possibly not even making it to a vote due to differing views in the House and Senate. Has Obama seen the hand writing on the wall for health care and used his Executive Powers to create the crisis he deems necessary to force passage ? If this is the case, which I believe it is, then the pressure which will be brought to bare on members of Congress will be intense. So we as the majority who oppose this health care debacle must make the pressure we have already been creating much more than that by the White House.

When a President takes desperate measures as it seems Obama has, it is a last ditch effort to achieve what he sees slipping through his political hands. With next year being an election year this gives the people a distinct advantage over a desperate White House in making our voice heard above the fray of the likes of Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod. We are winning this fight and Obama knows it. Keep up the pressure and we the people will prevail!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 23, 2009


A 17-year old girl who fled from her home, fearing her Muslim parents would kill her for converting to Christianity, must go back to Ohio, a Florida judge ruled Tuesday.

Judge Daniel Dawson ruled Ohio has jurisdiction over the case involving the teen, Rifqa Bary.

Before the girl gets sent back, the judge says he needs immigration papers proving her status in the U.S. and proof from the state of Florida that she can continue her virtual schooling and receive credit in Ohio.

She is expected to be placed in foster care when she returns and will also be provided with psychiatric evaluations. Her parents will also receive psychiatric evaluations.You can read the rest here.

Okay. Let me see if I've got this right. This Florida judge is going to send the girl back to Ohio and put her in foster care and also give psychiatric evaluations to both her and her parents. I may be off base, but my personal opinion is that if anyone needs a psychiatric evaluation it's this judge! The girl will soon turn 18 and when she does she'll be able to go wherever she wants whenever she wants - if she survives - but in the meantime she's going to be examined to make sure she's sane? I guess that's par for the course considering she converted to Christianity.

Please tell me how you can conclude Islamic parents are sane when it's part of their religious philosophy that if they are dishonored by their children they have the right to kill them? Anyone?

Another question: Would the judge have come to the same conclusion if the parents had been Christians? I guess we'll never know for sure, but somehow I doubt it. Christianity is under attack and Islam is not only being tolerated but - in far too many cases - given more rights than Christians. Need I remind anyone of the Islamic prayer rooms in airports and Cleveland's CAIR attempt to place Muslim footbaths at Hopkins International Airport?

What I want to know is, would this 17 year-old girl have been sent back if she had been a Christian who had converted to Muslim? After all, the judge wouldn't have to be concerned about Christian's retaliating, would he?

I do understand that in most states 17 year-olds are not considered adults, but I also believe that in the case where a person that close to being a legal adult makes a decision as dangerous as to convert from Islam to Christianity perhaps an exception should be made? Or is it just me?

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Thursday, October 22, 2009


One hoax leads to another. Only the hoax in the White House, has dangerous ramifications.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - SALEM, Mass. — A man has been arrested for breaking into three cars after police spotted him carrying a suspicious bag he said was filled with his former wife's sex toys. Michael Conway was ordered Monday held on $5,000 cash bail for felony larceny. However, he was detained without bail on the probation violations.

According to a police report, the 34-year-old was seen by a Salem patrolman around 3 a.m. Monday walking around town with an empty bag. An hour later, police saw Conway with a full bag. Conway told police he was carrying his former wife's sex toys. But inside police said they found credit cards, an iPod, a GPS device and a number of other items.

Ok, so maybe he stole the stuff to PAY for sex toys ! -
YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Czars, Maoists, and the biggest Mickey Mouse group of loosers led by the biggest losser of them all....B-A-R---A-C-K...O-B-A-M-A !

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up -ANDOVER, Massachusetts — A Boston suburb has some new landscapers that will work for food — a half-dozen goats clearing and maintaining an overgrown public meadow. Under a pilot program in Andover, Lucy McKain's dairy goats will rotate their grazing around the meadow for an all-you-can-eat buffet of grass, brush and other growth.

The goats can clear as much as a half acres (0.2 hectares) every three days at no cost. The fact it's free is important to Andover officials, since money is tight and they couldn't afford the heavy equipment, fuel and labor needed to clean up the meadow. Plus, goat landscaping is environmentally friendly.

My question is, are these Mexican goats and are they illegal goats and do they bay in English ? - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Barack Obama, The Delayer in Chief!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A Wyoming man has been charged with counterfeiting money to pay an exotic dancer for a private performance. Fifty-year-old Rickey A. Kempter faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. Prosecutors say Kempter hired the exotic dancer for a private dance at the Lariat Motel, and Kempter and the dancer shared a taxi to the location.

The taxi driver called police after they arrived, saying Kempter asked him to hold a roll of $50 bills and he noticed that they looked odd and were not cut evenly. Court documents say Kempter told investigators that he made the bills on a printer in his home, but that he planned to go home and get real money to pay the dancer.

I'll bet the dancer was showing him, "counterfeit," parts while stripping ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The liberal media is in bed with Barry, while Fox tells the truth about Barry. Hmmmm so whose numbers are growing as their audience gets larger ?

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The above graphs were taken from the Rasmussen polling website. Each shows the overall trend of continual diminishing support for Barack Obama since taking office in January. Where Rasmussen differs in its polling from other polling sources is that rather than sampling just adults a Gallop and others do, Rasmussen polls likely voters which in my opinion presents a mush clearer picture than a general poll of adults since likely voters are the key to elections. Which is also why Rasmussen has been on the mark in that last three elections.

The top poll shows the general approval rating of Obama which started at 65% at Inauguration and has plummeted to as low as 45% and remains in that upper 40's range. The second graph is the Presidential approval index which takes the strongly approve numbers and compares it to the strongly disapprove numbers. Obama has been in the negative in this poll consistently since June and the -13% he shows now was only eclipsed by a - 14% in August. He has consistently held between -8 and -12 for that past several months. All of his pandering and rhetoric has not made a difference in his continual sagging numbers.

What does this mean for the passage of his agenda and his policy ? In the short term Obama has been spending what political capital he had on health care and has virtually exhausted it. Members of Congress on both sides of the isle understand this and especially those of his own party who are more moderate, realize that with popularity as low as it is Obama does not have the political coat tails to help them in what is shaping up to be an uphill battle for the Democrats to remain in the majority especially in the House.

As such, except for the far left in Congress, members of his own party are not going to stick their necks out to support any initiative just because it is part of Obama's agenda. His personal popularity is one of the main reasons that he was able to force through the unwarranted stimulus bill so quickly because Democrats were not willing to go against such a popular new President.

Those days are over and the voice of constituents is much more important to Congressional members especially in light of next year being an election year and the massive amount of vocal opposition to Obama's agenda. While Obama and the leadership in Congress arrogantly believe that just because they want it they can push anything through is not the case when it comes to the political lives of many Democrats who understand that they still have to face the people back home and those people are angry.

This is evidenced by the ongoing struggle over health care. While Harry Reid and Obama continually try publicly to blame the troubles in coming up with a bill on what they call an obstructionist GOP in Congress, the truth of the matter is that Democrats are the problem because liberals will not vote for a bill without the government option and moderates will not vote for one with it. Also moderate Democrats are concerned about the cost and how the bill will actually be paid for. If the GOP was the problem then the bill would not only be fully constructed but easily passed because of the large majorities that Democrats have in both the House and the Senate. If they were truly united behind Obama, they would not need one Republican to do whatever they wished.

Additionally the people are seeing through the smoke and mirrors. We understand the bills and in fact according to another Rasmussen poll only 42% favor health care while 53% do not. Only 31% believe that Congress even knows what any of the bills contain and 4 out of 5 Americans believe they know more about what is in the legislation than any member of Congress. So we are not being fooled and the Obama, Reid, Pelosi rhetoric is falling on deaf ears.

Those who are discouraged by the massive amount of positive coverage given to Obama which lends one to believe that this and his other monstrosities are done deals, remember this. The silent majority is silent no longer and the majority of the people are against this terrible agenda presented by Obama and liberal Democrats. More Americans are waking up to the truth everyday and with Obama's war on Fox News, his own stupidity in this is actually causing more to turn to Fox where they are seeing the truth and joining the Obama opposition. This combined with enough Democrats in fear of their political lives presents a scenario of failed legislation and a continual struggle to enact his agenda and greater slides in popularity.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


In a calculated and deliberate move escalated on the Sunday talking head shows, the Obama administration has declared war on Fox News. Not only have they declared war, there is a concentrated effort to discredit Fox by actually soliciting the assistance of competing news organization.

White House Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel and White House Senior Advisor David Axelrod using similar talking points declared Sunday that the administration did not recognize Fox News as a news organization and encouraged other news organizations to, "side with the administration," in this unheard of stance against the cable news network.

This attack by the top senior staffers in the White House follows a similar action taken only a few days earlier by Anita Dunn, the White House Communications Director when she accused Fox News of being nothing more than a ,"mouth piece," for the Republican party and that in her view the news organization has no credibility because their only intent is to bring down the Obama administration.

Dunn in an earlier move following an interview conducted by Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday with the Director of Veterans Affairs in which he questioned a booklet issued by the VA which instructs Vets on how to die gracefully rather than accept treatment, Wallace was informed by Dunn that the White House would no longer send representatives to the show because Wallace, "fact checked," the official White House line on the subject.

Ms. Dunn, isn't fact checking the job of a journalist ? But that is only the case when the fact check has nothing to do with the rhetoric coming from the Obama White House. This is a blatant attack against the First Amendment right of freedom of the press because the reasoning behind this war with Fox News is nothing more than the news organizations balanced and concise reporting of the truth about the administration and its agenda and policy.

Fox is the only television news source that is asking the hard questions. It is the only television news source that is not just regurgitating the White House line but is actually investigating the facts and telling Americans the real truth about what is happening, good or bad, which is precisely what a news organization is supposed to do.

Throughout his campaign and extending into his Presidency, Barack Obama has been given a virtual free ride by the liberal media and has not been asked tough questions, in fact other than Fox News not one Television media source even questions anything that the administration does but rather only report what they are told by the White House.

Accusations initially began against Fox News by the White House because of conservative commentators like Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck whose Fox programs are not news shows but in actuality televisions version of Opinion Editorials in the news paper. They reflect the thoughts and beliefs of the commentator. Yet even these shows have had their impact because in their own truth gathering they have revealed many problems in the administration. Most prominent was the Glenn Beck story about radical Van Jones which eventually led to his resignation as one of Obama's many Czars.

The actual news shows on Fox like Bret Baier at 6 PM Eastern and Shepard Smith at 7 PM as well as similar programming throughout the broadcast day are true journalistic news shows that cover the news as it happens with in depth reporting that is truly fair and balanced as Fox claims. This is what troubles the Obama administration with Fox. Unlike outlets like the alphabet networks and CNN and MSNBC, Fox presents all sides of a story and does not just repeat White House talking points. Obama obviously cannot handle being questioned about what he does so therefore his administration is seeking to discredit Fox News because they report the truth no matter what that truth may be.

This fair and balanced approach by Fox unlike their competition is driving them to record ratings while all other news outlets are falling like a rock. Fox is up more than 25% over this point last year and in a non-election year. This rise in audience is unheard of outside of an election especially when the numbers Fox is competing against are FROM and election year. At any given time in the day or night Fox programing has a three and four to one audience advantage over the combined audiences of CNN, MSNBC and Headline News. Fox also beats out the NBC Nightly News and the CBS Evening News on a regular basis.

Dick Morris in a recent poll discovered that 50% of the Fox audience in made up of Democrats and Independents and not just Republicans as the administration claims, and those numbers are growing. His polling also shows that 1 out of every 5 Americans watches Fox News daily. These numbers speak for themselves. So in a war between the Obama administration and Fox News who wins ? Thus far it is Fox as the flak created by the administration is causing more to check out Fox and numbers are showing that those who view the network stick with it because of is balanced reporting.

The Founders included freedom of the press in the First Amendment almost as a fourth branch of government in order to keep the politicians and the other branches in check by scrutinizing them through journalism and informing the people of what was happening in their government. The press Constitutionally was never intended to be a mouth piece for anyone especially the President and the federal government. Yet this is what Obama expects and frankly with the exception of Fox, what he has received from the television press. Not a free press investigation and informing the people but a media propaganda machine spewing the Obama line in the fashion of Joseph Goebbels who manipulated all news for Hitlers Germany.

The last sitting President who directly took on what they considered a hostile press was Richard Nixon when he created an enemies list of journalists who were investigating him because of Watergate. The result of Nixon's war on the press is documented historically by his resignation. It was the revelations by that very same press about the illegal activities taking place at the Nixon White House that eventually led to his downfall.

Obama's war against Fox is benefiting the news organization and bringing harsh condemnation against the administration even from some very staunch liberal journalist. Most prominent of those is White House corespondent for the Hearst Corporation Helen Thomas, who has been on the White House beat since Andrew Jackson was President. She makes no bones about her liberal beliefs and has stated that this action by the administration is crazy and wrong. She has been critical before of Obama press practices as she challenged Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the practice by Obama of choosing questioners at a press conference prior to the conference.

Freedom of the press is one of our basic fundamental rights and freedoms in this country. For a sitting President to challenge the right of a highly respected news organization like Fox and to attempt to discredit them while soliciting the assistance of their competition in doing so is a direct attack to freedom and our Constitution by the one individual who took an oath to protect the very Constitution he and his staff are attacking. In a war with Fox the ultimate winner will be the news organization as viewership will continue to rise. But the real looser in this type of war are the American people and the country as the President uses fascist tactics to try and prevent the truth from being told.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 19, 2009


This doesn't surprise me but it truly angers me. What a way to begin the day!
U.S. Troop Funds Diverted to Pet Projects

Senators diverted $2.6 billion in funds in a defense spending bill to pet projects largely at the expense of accounts that pay for fuel, ammunition and training for U.S. troops, including those fighting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, according to an analysis.

Among the 778 such projects, known as earmarks, packed into the bill: $25 million for a new World War II museum at the University of New Orleans and $20 million to launch an educational institute named after the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, Massachusetts Democrat.
There's a lot more at the link.

Evidently a World War II museum and and institution named after Edward Kennedy are far more important to the Democrats than our troops who are risking their lives on the battlefield each and every day. The article states that Senator Tom Coburn called this a disgrace. It's far more than simply a disgrace... it's criminal. I can't even begin to imagine being any angrier than I already am. If I found out about this with my husband in Afghanistan fighting a war I'd probably explode. These days it's not only husbands, it's wives and children of both sexes. The families of our soldiers will be even more angry about this than I am, if that's even possible. As a woman who is married to a Vietnam Veteran my heart goes out not only to the soldiers on the ground but to their families as well.

Go ahead, Democrats. Keep it up and once your voted out of office you won't gain control of government for the next forty years, if even then!

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Since being elected President Barack Obama has played the blame game far more and with greater consistency than any of his predecessors in the Oval Office. Every President at one point especially when first taking office occasionally blames his predecessor for troubles that face the new administration. But that blame usually subsides within the first few months as the President begins taking responsibility for the office that he holds.

Not so with Barack Obama. Only days from the culmination of his first full nine months as President and Obama STILL takes every opportunity to place the blame for current problems on Bush and the Republicans rather than accepting any responsibility for the current state of affairs both domestically and with foreign policy.

As recently as a few days ago at a Democrat fund raiser in San Francisco, Obama once again blamed Bush for current affairs and Republicans for obstructing his agenda. Since taking office Obama has not yet figured out two things. One, how to stop constantly campaigning and two, how to accept ANY responsibility for current events here at home and abroad.

This continual campaign mode I believe comes from the fact that campaigning is his only true experience as a national politician and as such it is all that he knows how to do. Look at his flimsy record. He was a US Senator for three years and during that time he spent the majority of it campaigning for President. Additionally when one campaigns, blaming the opposition is an essential part of campaigning in order to garner votes.

So as a professional campaigner Obama knows nothing more than to blame the opposition for everything even when most is a result from initiatives that are directly related to his agenda and not his predecessors.

As far as his claim that Republicans need to get out of the way and let him clean up the mess they made. Let's look at the facts. First, Republicans have not been the majority in Congress since 2006 and much of what Obama is facing today has taken place since the Democrat take over of Congress three years ago. Second, he has a 60 vote majority in the Senate and a 76 vote majority in the House which means that Republicans CANNOT stop anything so how can they be obstructing Obama's agenda. The problem with getting his agenda passed lies within his OWN party not Republicans.

As far as his claim that Bush is the problem with everything he faces and that he , "inherited," everything from Bush. Again let's look at the facts. When Obama took office the projected deficit for fiscal year 2009 was about 484 billion dollars, not good but minimal in comparison to the 1.9 trillion dollar deficit that Obama created through his spending and government expansion. The projected deficit for fiscal 2010 by the Bush administration was again just under 500 billion under Obama that deficit has ballooned to 1.45 trillion and growing. So who is truly the blame for the massive deficit ?

The deficit is not the only thing that Obama tries to blame on Bush. Unemployment is hovering at about 10% with no end in sight for the current rise in unemployment. When pushing for the stimulus according to the bill itself, if left alone, without ANY , "stimulus," unemployment would have peaked at 9%. According to their own projections, Obama's bill concluded that if passed unemployment would peak at 8% in 2010 and begin falling as a result of the bill. None of which has happened and the reality is that the stimulus has INCREASED unemployment and not saved any jobs with each month bringing hundreds on thousands of new job closings. Obama carries the total responsibility as it was his stimulus that increased unemployment well beyond projections.

Also was it Bush who lobbied for and signed a 787 billion dollar stimulus that has stimulated nothing? Was it Bush who ignored his Commander in the Afghanistan theatre when asking for an additional 40,000 troops and then continually dragging his feet in even responding or considering the request and strategy ? Was it Bush who toured the world apologizing for American greatness ? Was it Bush who nationalized GM and Chrysler ? Was it Bush who use TARP funds to move to take over banks rather than just bail them out ?

On the subject of administration appointees, was it Bush who appointed several tax cheats and known Communists to the administration ? Was it Bush who appointed an Educational Czar who advised children to use protection when criminally sodomized by an adult ? As far as the vetting process being the blame for these disgusting appointments, this is just another excuse used by the Obama administration to avoid the truth and responsibility for terrible appointments.

I do not believe for one moment that vetting is the problem with these appointments. In actuality each of the appointees shared the same political philosophy and beliefs as Obama so what they had in their past was an attribute for Obama and it was only when objection came from the public that the administration backed away from some, while staying quiet about the rest in order to keep them in place waiting for the flak to subside.

Obama has consistently refused to take responsibility for anything that has taken place since he took office. When questioned on any subject that concerns the economy, Obama's first response is that he , "inherited," the problem from Bush, NEVER taking any responsibility for what he has done to make matters far worse. Using the example of inheriting money from an estate, the individual who inherits the money inherits it ONLY once. What they do with it after the fact is their responsibility and theirs alone.

Obama inherited economic problems once. What he has done to work those problems has resulted in failure and a far worse situation that previously projected. The excuse that he did not have the full extent of the problem when making his projections is unacceptable. As President of The United States he had every means and all available resources to access in order to have ALL of the information. So this too is a lame and ridiculous excuse.

The economic problems we face are his not Bush's. The problems in Afghanistan are his not Bush's. The problem in passing his agenda falls in his party not Republican obstruction because many of his own party members in Congress know that he is taking the wrong approach and that if they side with him they will lose any chance of re-election in 2010.

Most importantly the American people know that the responsibility for the wrong direction of the country and the problems we now face fall to the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and NOT the person who lived there ten months ago. For Obama to arrogantly think that we believe his blame Bush policy is absurd and an insult to the intelligence of the people. We don't buy it for one moment and he needs to accept the responsibility for the mess that HE created. Or as Harry Truman so truthfully noted with the sign on his desk while President, "the buck stops here." Mr. Obama the buck stops with you and you are responsible for this mess!

Ken Taylor

Friday, October 16, 2009


I found the above video at the Heritage Foundation's website on a post titled "Harry Reid and the Chamber of Secrets". A snippet from that post:

“My Administration is committed to creating an unprecedented level of openness in Government…Openness will strengthen our democracy and promote efficiency and effectiveness in Government.”

Or so President Obama says on the White House website. But does he mean it? Of course not.
And as they say on their post, they're going to negotiate that final bill behind closed doors so we can't see it. Openness? Transparancy? Is it possible that this administration doesn't know the meaning of those words? Have we seen any openness or transparancy from them so far?

If you can cite even one instance of openness and transparency from this administration I'd truly like to know what it was. I don't believe anything is as important to Obama and his cronies as is his government taking over our health care and that scares the hell out of me! They're going to try to shove it down our throats no matter what the majority of Americans want.

There was a time when I worked for Civil Service and that was back in the seventies. What a joke that was! I can't begin to tell you the instances of sheer incompetence and waste I witnessed while working there, so the idea of government running anything that has to do with our health is my worst nightmare. If you happen to think this government is going to improve anything in any area, especially health care and if you are all for it, then don't say you haven't been warned. If they do pass this monstrous bill then God help us all.

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Obama's Afghanistan strategy - ignore it an it will go away. In the meantime soldiers are dying while waiting for an answer from a lame CIC.

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - CARTERSVILLE, Ala. — Officials say a drunk father and son burglarized a Cartersville home and were caught after the son was found passed out under the invalid homeowner's bed. DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris said Wednesday that 37-year-old Christopher Wright of Trenton, Ga., and his son, 19-year-old Caleb Wright, of Higdon, were arrested Sunday.

Harris said they broke into the home around 2 a.m. Sunday and took car keys, medication, about $200 in cash and $100 worth of jewelry. They were about to leave when one of the residents woke up, and they hid. Christopher Wright sneaked out but Harris said Caleb Wright apparently passed out in his hiding place under the homeowner's bed. The homeowner's wife found him around dawn and called a neighbor and police.

There are idiots born everyday and this guy is right at the top of the list! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

Olympia Snowe RINO extraordinaire. Her partner in RIMOcrime, Susan Collins make a match made in turn coat heaven. I wonder how long Maine will put up with these two embarrassments ?

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - MEXICO CITY — Caramba! A new survey says Mexican adults curse an average of 20 times a day, serving up about 1.3 billion swear words daily. The survey of 1,000 adults by the Consulta Mitofsky polling firm says one in 10 Mexicans say they don't curse at all. Upper-class citizens report swearing more than the poor, while people in the heavily Indian southern part of the country curse less than northerners.

The poll published Wednesday has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points. Poll respondents used their own judgment as to what constituted swear words, but almost all were harsher than caramba, roughly the equivalent of “gosh!”

The majority of those cursing are doing so because they get caught on the border trying to get into our country! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

The Nobel Peace Prize - a big joke awarded to the biggest joke of them all!

YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up - JOPLIN, Mo. — The Joplin City Council has rejected a request to turn the scene of a deadly shooting involving Bonnie and Clyde into a bed and breakfast apartment.The Rev. Phillip McClendon was seeking a special-use permit to turn the garage apartment in Joplin into a bed and breakfast. The Joplin Globe reports that after neighbors of the apartment objected at a meeting Monday night, the council rejected the request.

On April 13, 1933, two law enforcement officers died during a shootout with the infamous criminal couple and other members of the Barrow gang. They had holed up in the apartment for 12 days before shooting their way out and escaping. The apartment was recently designated a state and national historic site and placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Bonnie and Clyde's Bed and Breakfast - "You'll get a bang out of staying here." OK so it's a bad add campaign, what do you want at the spur of the moment ! - YoU cAn'T mAkE tHiS sTuFf Up

2010 the people of The United States will have the biggest fire sale in our history as we clean house in Congress and get real representation for, of and by the people.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We are at war! No I am not speaking of Afghanistan or Iraq, Al Qaeda or Iran. While each of these are extremely important to our national security and our interests both here and abroad, the war I am referring to is a direct attack against the very founding principles that created this, "Nation of the people, by the people and for the people."

This war is being waged in the back rooms of Congress. At secret meetings in The White House. Through an all out offensive through a liberally biased media. It is a war that contains deception that would rival even the most sophisticated clandestine military operation. It is a war that attacks our basic right of privacy and the freedom to make our own choices. It is attacking the very foundation of our Republic, The Constitution Of The United States of America.

The ammunition being used is health care reform and the ramifications of this issue the ammunition will have no less than the affect of a nuclear detonation on our Constitution and the rights of every individual who claims the mantle of American citizen. Those who fight on the side of current health care reform legislation seek nothing less than total control in one manner or another of the American people.

Those who oppose it are deemed racist, vilified as un-American and treated as outcasts and untouchables. Yet we who wage this war against current health care legislation understand that if we lose this war we very well may lose our Nation and the freedoms that we hold so dear as Americans.

Every version of this legislation is in direct conflict and poses a direct and unmistakable attack on our Constitution. Taking away our very right to chose how we live, what we purchase and even if we choose to purchase at all. The Baucus debacle which passed committee in the Senate has as its center piece a mandate requiring every American to purchase health care regardless of whether that purchase is desired or within the means of the family or individual.

If not purchased then a fine will follow issued by the agency of government whose powers will be greatly expanded to create oversight of this mandate to purchase health care, the IRS. Not only will the IRS issue fines, they will research medical records and financial statements to determine whether citizens have purchased health care. Health care that must meet a certain standard that is approved by the government.

If it is determined that a citizen has not met the requirement regardless of the situation then fines will be imposed. If the fines are not paid within a certain time limit and health care not purchased in that time limit then the next step is a prison sentence for non-compliance. This penalty does not discriminate for age or financial means. So in reality a homeless citizen who is struggling just to live could end up in jail for not purchasing health care. A father of five who is working three jobs to provide food for his family could be jailed because he would rather feed his children and wife than purchase health care.

Nowhere in our Constitution does the government or any agency, Representative or Branch of that government have the authority to demand and require that citizens purchase anything. Yet every version of health care if passed will have this mandate with all of the unconstitutional ramifications. Stealing our right to privacy as all of our records will fall under the scrutiny of the IRS, and our right to make our own choices as to what we purchase and how we choose to live as Americans.

If this Constitutional attack is successful then there will be no stopping an out of control government and power hungry politicians to move on other Constitutional rights such as religion, speech, the right to bare arms, illegal search and seizure, the right to assemble and express grievances against our government. So much more is at stake than just health care reform in this war that proponents of this legislation are waging against our freedom and our Constitution.

If we lose this war against the Constitution, the actual military wars that we are engaged in and brave Americans are fighting to defend the very Constitution that is being attacked by our own Congress and President will be of no consequence since the very reason these soldiers fight will become only a piece of parchment which no longer has any meaning except as a fond dream of freedom that once was.

We must stand and fight with our brave men and women in uniform not on the battlefields of freedom as they do but shoulder to shoulder with them in the cause of freedom. Only our battlefields are the Halls of Congress and the White House. Every Senator and member of the House must know without question that they wage this war against freedom and our Constitution at their own peril and we are determined to win this war come what may to insure that our children and our children's children will live in an America where the Constitutional principles of individual freedom still prevail and this remains the eternal Land of The Free!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Since being awarded a very undeserved Nobel Peace Prize last week, there has been a considerable amount of discussion on the web, with the talking heads and through Op Eds all over the world about the accomplishments or lack there of by Barack Obama to warrant his receiving of the Prize.

Since the Nobel Peace Prize has in recent years become nothing more than a socialist political tool to make a statement about that particular ideology, the awarding of the Prize means absolutely nothing especially when one tries to warrant the award with accomplishment or achievement. In that sense Obama was as, "deserving," as anyone who has not accomplished anything truly significant.

With his Presidency only in its ninth month, ( I know it seems like years), searching for real accomplishment in a relatively short period of time would be hard for any President but especially with one as inexperienced and media praised as Obama. Keep in mind when discussing what he has done since taking office the massive left leaning media bias portrays Obama as the single most accomplished President in our history. So to find true accomplishment one has to dig through the rhetoric and bias in order to find the truth.

The truth being that Obama has only truly, "accomplished," five specific items that can actually be considered as accomplishments. He has proposed many ideas and policies such as health care, cap and trade and closing Gitmo. But there have only truly been five accomplishments that can be pointed to as achieved. They are as follows:

The Stimulus Bill - this is Obama's only real legislative accomplishment since taking office. A massive spending spree of liberal wish list items that was portrayed as the saviour of our economy and if not passed would surely lead to the total failure and collapse of the American financial system. Of course it has proven to have actually accomplished NOTHING in ,"stimulating," anything except the excitement of liberals who are seeing spending dreams that have been around for decades actually come into being.

As a result of this massive spending bill and others that Obama has signed that were not his initiative he has succeeded in increasing the deficit to heights never seen or dreamed of before while trying to claim that the deficit problem is all George Bush and health care. Throw into the mix the additional use of bailout money for banks and other financial institutions, and Obama has accomplished the single most debt ridden US federal government in history.

17,000 troops to Afghanistan - Obama campaigned against the Iraq war which propelled him to the Democrat nomination. But he also campaigned that Afghanistan was the, "right," war and a necessary war. Soon after taking office he ordered 17,000 additional troops to the country. Seeming that he was actually taking the winning of this war seriously.

In actuality the deployment of the additional troops has been slow in coming as eight months after the order was given, a significant number have yet to reach the Afghan theatre. Adding to this the total disregard of sound advice of his appointed commanded General McChrystal and the dragging of his feet in even considering the request of 40,000 troops and McChrystals strategy to defeat a large insurgency in Afghanistan takes the accomplishment of ordering additional troops and negatively balances it with a total lack of concern and action leaving us vulnerable and on the verge of a neglected quagmire handled in a peace mill fashion by Obama in a manner reminiscent of the downfall of LBJ and his strategy in Vietnam.

The takeover of GM and Chrysler - using bankruptcy as his means and playing on an auto industry struggling in a bad economy Barack Obama accomplished the destruction of two of Americas ,"Big 3," auto makers by appointing CEO's who know nothing about cars, and through the bankruptcy revamping the companies in the governments image even to the point of controlling advertising and the type of vehicles made. Making the now government run auto makers, companies that provide a product Americans do not want and sales that are falling an average of 40 - 45 % as compared to last years slow car buying market.

Appointing Sotomeyer - touted by the all praising media as the greatest appointment in the history of the Supreme Court because she was the first Latina appointment to the Court, Sotomeyer's appointment is in essence very insignificant because it changes nothing on the court. She replaced David Souter whose court opinions were liberal. Though by reputation Sotomeyer is more activist and liberal than Souter, in reality when it comes to her vote on court decisions one liberal vote was swapped for another.

Demeaning The United States - this particular accomplishment is likely the only achievement that Obama has done since taking office which warranted the Nobel in the eyes of the socialist committee. Obama has accomplished in his short time in office what no other President including the hapless Jimmy Carter, even attempted to achieve. In the eyes of the world he has apologized and demeaned our country and made excuses through his apologies for American exceptionalism and greatness. Even Carter whose weakness also weakened our Nation never demeaned the country on world platforms as Obama has.

By demeaning the Nation in the eyes of the world he has accomplished what those who dislike our Nation have sought for decades, the belittling of America and the detraction of American power, all of which endangers our people and threatens our security. But it has succeeded in making Obama popular among leftists and those who hate America thus the awarding of the Nobel.

On the home front though there is one accomplishment that I did not include in those listed above and there is a particular reason that it was left out. Each of those listed were intended accomplishment that Obama sought through policy and his agenda. The major accomplishment that he has achieved was totally unintended and is one that he not only refuses to recognize but constantly criticizes, though personally achieved by him.

For many decades Americans have been too complacent in standing for our rights and our Constitution. Citizens have been content with allowing those in Washington to create agendas and shift our Nation from a free Republic to a Democracy and now down a path to a socialized America. Obama has succeeded in waking the people up to the destruction of our country and the socializing of our freedom and our slide from the Constitutional principles that made this Nation great.

The silent majority is no longer silent as Americans are standing by the millions to take back our country from politicians who too long been allowed to do as they please and spend as they wish. Regardless of party affiliation Americans are awakened to the corruption in Washington and now question anything said or done by those who are supposed to represent us and follow the will of the people. This one accomplishment, though unintended, is the only achievement of Barack Obama that is truly worthy of praise. Not because of the policy or agenda that has brought about the anger which has awakened the people, but because the people are finally truly awakened and paying attention as never before, taking a stand for liberty and our Constitution. That IS a real accomplishment, though to the demise of Obama and those who act and believe like him.

Ken Taylor

Monday, October 12, 2009


So if you rushed out to get the Flu Vaccine or to get it for your children, you evidently were wasting your time and your kids were put through the shots for nothing. I don't know about you, but that would truly piss me off!

According to this article," HIV Study Results May Have Been a Fluke" the vaccine that many have said is necessary to protect us from the HIV virus "may not be effective. Here's an excerpt from the article. Bold is mine:

The second analysis, which is considered a vital component of any vaccine study, shows the results weren't statistically significant, these scientists said. In other words, it indicates that the results could have been due to chance and that the vaccine may not be effective.

The additional data were available to the researchers on Sept. 24 when they announced the trial results, but they chose not to disclose them, said Jerome Kim, a scientist with the U.S. Army who was involved in the study. News of the second analysis was first reported on the Web site of Science magazine, but the story didn't provide specific data. Full details of the trial are to be aired at an AIDS meeting in Paris that starts Oct. 19.
Neither vaccine in the study prevented HIV infection when tested individually in earlier trials, and dozens of scientists had called the new one futile when it began in 2003.

There is a lot more at the link.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions. Personally, I have never trusted flu vaccine. I've had a flu vaccine once in my lifetime in the 70's and it made me sick as a dog. I haven't trusted them since. I caught the flu once and it wasn't as bad as the affects of the shot, so I wasn't about to rush out and get this one. The video I found on You Tube in August did nothing to convince me I should. Even scientists who helped develop the Smallpox vaccine said they weren't going to take it! Even if they come up with one they claim is effective, no way am I going to take it. Call me paranoid if you like, but I don't trust this government.

RaDena - Blasting Caps And Dynamite

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Barack Obama has now become one of only four US Presidents to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but the first to receive the award for doing absolutely NOTHING. A strong argument can be made concerning the Prize awarded to Jimmy Carter since the true intent for his receiving it was a dig at George W. Bush, but in the final analysis at least Carter did have some accomplishments under his belt however wrong they might have been, BEFORE receiving the award.

Teddy Roosevelt was instrumental in ending a war which brought about his Peace Prize. Woodrow Wilson created the League Of Nations which morphed into The United Nations. A bad idea then and a worse idea now but at least it was an accomplishment which promoted the awarding of the Nobel. Obama has accomplished nothing, achieved nothing nor made any significant change in the world other than NOT being George W. Bush, which is once again like Carter before him the main reason that he was awarded the Nobel.

Some have tried to spin this as a great moment for the Nation since it was awarded to a sitting US President. A claim in which I totally disagree. This is an embarrassment to our Nation because it was awarded for only political intent rather than legitimate achievement in promoting peace which is supposed to be the reasoning behind awarding the Nobel Peace Prize.

This prize as opposed to all other Nobels in not awarded by experts in a particular field. For instance the Nobel Prize for Economics is awarded by experts in economics. The Peace Prize Committee consists of member of the Socialist Norwegian Parliament and this political statement made in awarding Obama is also an affirmation that they agree with his Socialist agenda and approach to foreign affairs. A blatant move by these Socialists to influence American foreign policy by giving the award to Obama.

Setting aside the obvious political agenda which accompanied this undeserved Prize, the personality and ego of Barack Obama presents several troublesome reactions which would be a dangerous problem for our Nation and the world. Though he stated that he was humbled by receiving the Nobel, Barack Obama has shown time and again that his ego and arrogance are prime factors in his decisions and what he states on the domestic and world stage.

Therefore Obama sees this Prize as a affirmation by a world body that his agenda and especially his foreign policy is moving in the right direction. Since taking office last January Obama has sought for and basked in the praise of world leaders especially petty despots like Hugo Chavez. Receiving the Nobel is for him just one more accolade from the rest of the world that he is accepted by them and held in esteem by those who have, "hated," The United States.

As a result his ego and arrogance and his belief that the Nobel is an affirmation of his policy, will use force that ego boosting Prize as a means of influencing his decisions and pushing his agenda with a renewed energy and focus. Here at home this will have two resulting consequences. First he will continue more heartily down the path that he has since taking office which will only inflame the anger of the American people even more than is already is which will diminish his already plunging popularity and further insure a Congressional change in 2010 and lesson his chances of re-election in 2012.

The second consequence of this ego boost for Obama is much more dangerous and could have dire results for our Nation. For this we must look at each issue individually and what this ego boost could result in for the country.

Afghanistan - For the last several weeks the war in Afghanistan has been front and center because of the controversy between Obama and our top Commander General Stanley McChrystal. In order to achieve victory McChrystal has informed his Commander in Chief of the necessity of an additional 40,000 troops or Afghanistan will fail. Obama has been dragging his feet in responding to the General and has only talked with him because of the out cry that he had only talked with his Commander once since appointing him several months ago.

Obama has already stated that victory was not his goal in Afghanistan and that he planned on treating the Taliban and Al Qaeda as two separate entities rather than a single force working toward the same goal. A strategy that most believe is a major mistake since both fight together and Al Qaeda has always received its Afghan support from the Taliban. With the Nobel under his belt look for Obama to continue to drag his feet in sending the requested troops.

Also voices like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi who have called for a troop reduction and an increase in bombing in the mountains at the Afghan and Pakistan border, will have a much stronger say in Obama's decision than before the Nobel. Many questioned the award BECAUSE of Afghanistan and Obama would not want to disappoint those who have praised him and this war could become a problem similar to that which faced the Soviets if decisive action in fulfilling McChrystals request is not taken.

Iran - For years the diplomatic route has been used with this rogue Nation and the result of the exhaustive talking has been that Iran is nearly a nuclear weapons Nation which has been their goal from the beginning. Since his campaign Obama has promoted the Neville Chamberlain approach with Iran seeking to have high level talks and treaties while doing nothing to prevent the further development of nuclear weaponry. Several Nations, most prominent France and their President Sarkozy have called for tough action to be taken with Iran.

With a Peace Prize hanging around his neck Obama as a gesture to the world and to Iran will intensify the talking maybe even to the point of personally meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to show his good faith in peace. All the while Iran will continue is nuclear development using talks as a means of delaying action in order to achieve their nuclear goal. With a Nobel Obama who has dragged his feet on action against Iran, will not even consider action until it is too late to stop a nuclear Iran.

Iraq - Obama campaigned on the removal of troops from Iraq quickly after taking office. He has received a considerable amount of criticism from the liberal anti -war left who supported him for not taking quick action and actually doing the right thing and keeping our forces in Iraq to help keep security as the country continues to grow and handle their own problems more each day.

With a Nobel around his neck it would not surprise me to see Obama begin pulling more troops out of Iraq before the country has made the necessary advances to handle all of their security without US help. This move to satisfy his left wing following and to prove to the world that his ego boosting award was deserved.

Domestic Agenda - While his major push for health care, which is failing, would not be a consideration in promoting his ego boosting Peace Prize, another corner stone of his agenda, Climate Change is. One of the many praises that Obama received when awarded the Nobel was his rhetoric recognizing the, "need," of the United States to be much more active in the liberal cause of Climate Change. This is very popular with the left, especially in Europe where the junk science is taking seriously enough that it totally influences most of the political agenda of the Continent.

With the Nobel as his guide Obama's push for the so called, "Cap and Trade," bill, which will destroy US business, will intensify and become another push similar to the daily grind over health care. Whether it passes or not depends on how much if any political capital he has left after health care. But look for him to use the Executive Order to get what he cannot get legislatively toward Climate Change to once again prove deserving of his Nobel.

Those of us who are not among the Obama worshippers and many who have been in the past see this Nobel Prize for the scam and joke that it is. A political award to try and influence America policy and a dig at George W. Bush. But Barack Obama whose ego is only surpassed by the size of his ears, sees this Prize as much more than a political statement. His arrogance which is well known accepts it as a complete world recognition and affirmation of his ideas, policy and agenda. He has sought this and will use it to push his American socialism and foreign appeasement policy to the fullest extent, to his demise as President of The United States, his promotion as buddy to the world and the endangerment of our country, our security and our people.

Ken Taylor

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