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Sunday, October 16, 2011


Operation Fast and Furious originally known as Operation Gun Runner is the ill fated, ill advised and just plain stupid ATF plan to try and trace illegal weaponry flowing from The United States into Mexico being used by the Mexican Drug Cartels. A supposed sting operation that although stupid in the premise, supplying guns to the dug cartels in order to find out how the cartels get them, but the truth is that what could have been done with dozens of gun was actually done with thousands of assault weapons AND military weaponry like Rocket Propelled Grenade launchers, grenades and other more lethal weaponry.

What should have never been has now exploded into not just a political scandal which when fully revealed will make Watergate seem like a Sunday School picnic in comparison, is directly responsible for the murder of hundreds of both Mexican and American people and a border patrol agent whose death brought forth a whistle blower that blew the operation wide open for public scrutiny.

Barack Obama and Eric Holder have both denied any knowledge of the operation before March of this year. Holder claims he knew nothing until April just weeks before his testimony before Congress on the matter and Obama claims he found out in March when Holder informed him of the debacle. The conflict of stories between Holder and Obama already questions their knowledge and reveals a cover up in the making.

A video that I have found actually takes the lie being perpetrated by Holder and Obama and moves it from political scandal to questions of whether this operation was part of a larger agenda and whether the President and the Attorney General by their allowance of illegal weapons being sold by the thousands to the cartels causing hundreds of murders for well over a year are both an accessory to murder.

This video reveals that not only did Obama and Holder know of the operation well BEFORE Macrh or April of 2011, but it was instituted by Presidential order with the full knowledge and backing of the AG in March of 2009
The Deputy AG in a presser proudly is announcing the beginning BY PRESIDENTIAL ORDER of Operation Gun Runner later nick named Fast and Furious to try and trace the flow of illegal weaponry from the United States to Mexico.

Yet to listen to both Obama and Holder neither had any knowledge before early this year, months after a border patrol agent was killed in December 2010 by one of the thousands of weapons supplied by the Justice Department to the Cartels through the ATF operation. This administration loves to brag on itself and this time the arrogance may be its downfall.

This unjustified flow of enough illegal weapons to arm a small army, to the cartels murdering hundreds of people cannot be swept under the rug as so much of the activity since Obama has been President because of the willingness of the press to look the other way due to their love affair with Obama.

Both Obama and Holder have lied about their knowledge and both allowed this to continue ONLY stopping it after a whistle blower came forward. Thousands of assault rifles and military weaponry flowing into Mexico. Just the massive amount alone brings into question whether this was more a political agenda than a supposed sting operation.

Throughout his campaign Obama made it clearly known that he was anti Second Amendment and if elected would push for strict gun control legislation to all but eliminate gun ownership. What better way to force a Second Amendment challenge than to use the deaths of hundreds on the Mexican border by the Drug Cartels by thousands of illegal weapons flowing from the US as an excuse for gun control. Of course it was never considered there would be a whistle blower and the public would be made aware of the flow of guns actually being supplied by his administration.

This is more than just a scandal. It is more than just a political problem or an abuse of Presidential power. This is MURDER of hundreds of Mexicans AND Americans by Presidential order and implemented by the Nations top law enforcement official The Attorney General. This cannot be allowed to just disappear or brushed away but MUST be investigated and all those involved INCLUDING Obama and Holder brought to account and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

I have forwarded this video to several including Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Neal Boortz, Bill O'Reilly, Representative Issa who is heading the investigation, Senators Jim DeMint and John McCain and Fox News. This lie and Presidential ordered murder for a possible political agenda MUST be blown open and not allowed to be swept under the carpet.

Ken Taylor


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