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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Since 1942 the left leaning Gallup polling organization has been taking a generic poll asking Americans which party, Republican or Democrat, they prefered in a Congressional vote. This poll has always had a tendancy to waver a few points either way with neither the GOP or the Dems taking what would be considered a commanding lead in the generic poll. The party in favor at the time of the poll usually leads by two or three points on an average.

Over the past months as the anger of the American electorate has been increasing and the realization by the electorate of who is to blame for the economy and the direction the country is taking the culprits in Congress for the Nations troubles, Democrats, have been taking a beating in the generic poll. The GOP has consistantly polled three and four point higher than Dems in the Gallup poll when voters are asked their Congressional preference.

The most recent poll though is not only extremely bad news for Democrats but in the 68 years since Gallup has been taking the generic Congressional poll there has NEVER been a wider gap between the parties as there is now. According to the latest poll voters prefer Republicans in the generic poll 51% to 41%, a difference of ten points which is unheard of in this particular poll.

The ten point lead by the GOP in the generic poll is even higher than in 1994 when Democrats lost their 40 year majority in both the House and the Senate. A mid term year that this election has been compared to. The generic poll has been favoring the GOP for months and with each polling the gap has been increasing but a ten point difference is not only bad news for Democrats but is a clear signal that the midterms could be far more devestating to Obama and Democrats than many had originally thought.

Most are all but conceding the loss of the House and the end of the reign of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker, but in recent weeks the Senate has shown signs of switching majorities also. In fact many now believe that not only will as many as 60 - 70 seats change hands in the House but the GOP could likely have a four to five seat majority in the Senate. A major shift from the 59 - 41 majority Democrats currently hold in the Senate.

Though many Democrats are running as fast as they can from Obama and his agenda which has angered the majority of Americans and especially taken the Independent vote from Democrats, the American people as evidenced by the Gallup poll are not buying into the denial and the deception attempt by candidates who are trying to pretend they had nothing to do with what has taken place in Washington since Obama took office. Deny as they wish but their records and their vote for Obama's agenda will follow them all the way to the polls and a defeat in November.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 29, 2010


After seven years of deadly combat and sacrifice our tremendous troops are coming home from Iraq, victorious over an enemy whose ruthless tactics against our soldiers and civilians cost thousands of lives. But our best and bravest not only prevailed but are returning home in triumph.

While we mourn the 4415 who gave the last full measure of devotion in defending this Nation against the forces of evil who sought to destroy us, we also celebrate what they accomplished along with the thousands who are returning to us and being reunited with loved ones whose husbands, wives, mommies and daddies are finally coming home.

Where are the parades? Where are the signs of victory? Where are the flags waving and the crowds gathering to greet our returning warriors? Are these not happening because Americans have forgotten what our soldiers have achieved and why they sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom? Will another generation of soldiers return home without the honor of celebrating what they have done for our country?

I don't believe the American people have forgotten nor do I believe that the people are neglecting the celebrations which should rightfully accompany the return of our soldiers as we celebrate with them the victory they have accomplished. I believe the reason for the lack of celebration for their victorious return is because their Commander in Chief has not only refused to declare victory, bur their withdrawal was treated as almost a secret as our troops left with little mention by the press and NO mention at all by the CIC since he was too busy vacationing, which seems to be his only goal in life and office.

In fact nearly two weeks after our troops left the field of battle Obama is finally going to make an Oval Office speech on Tuesday about Iraq and I can almost guarantee there will be no mention of victory since this is the President who plainly stated when asked about a winning strategy in Afghanistan that it was not his, "goal to win." So we will hear a speech filled with platitudes and moments when he will take undue credit for what our soldiers and his predecessor George Bush accomplished.

Since the Commander in Chief does not consider victory a goal nor winning a strategy which goes against the instinct and training of every soldier since our country began, then fellow patriots and American it is up to each of us to declare victory and to celebrate our troops and what they have done for our country and for each of us to keep us free.

When our best and bravest left us and entered combat in the Iraqi theatre of war, a ruthless dictator, Saddam Hussein ruled the country. Al Qaeda had a free hand to do whatever they pleased especially in northern Iraq. The people of that Nation were enslaved with thousands killed randomly because they either disagreed with the dictator or were from a different tribe or political persuasion than that of Hussein and his ruling Baath Party.

Today Saddam Hussein is dead and the cruel influence that those like him had over the country will never return because thanks to the tremendous job our solders did in liberating Iraq, the people of the Nation have tasted freedom and will never give it up again. They have had the opportunity to vote as free citizens and despite early threats proudly wore the sign of the purple finger to display their love of freedom and their desire to remain free.

Al Qaeda whose presence was once an overwhelming force against the people of Iraq is almost non-existent in the country and no longer has any influence over the people and the direction in which the country will take in the future. They still claim the few attacks which take place from time to time but a security force which owes its existence and ability to defend Iraq and Iraqis to the abilities and expertise of the leadership and training provided by Americas finest can now handle any unrest or problem which the country faces.

The dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein and the murderous reign of Al Qaeda are gone because of the victory of our great soldiers who have left Iraq a free nation and the people of Iraq working together to build a society which benefits all Iraqis and not just a privileged few as before. All of this was made possible , not by Barack Obama nor Joe Biden who are now trying to take credit for this tremendous accomplishment but by the blood sweat and sacrifice of our wonderful men and women in uniform and the leadership of George Bush.

Now our troops are returning home in victory. It is up to us to celebrate them and what they have done. It is up to us to take every opportunity whether a personal hand shake or pat on the back when we see one of our victorious soldiers, to say thank you for defending our Nation and standing for freedom when their country called.

I know that most if not everyone who reads this post already feel as I do and thank our troops at every opportunity. I know that each of you understand the sacrifice they have made for us and appreciate what they have done and the service they have so unselfishly given to our Nation. But the time has come for us to fill the gap which is so wrongly and blatantly left open by the failure of the current administration and Commander in Chief in not only declaring victory but celebrating the return of our triumphant troops.

Take a moment to first thank God for their safe return and to remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. If you have the ability to organize a celebration whether for your town or city or even the block you live on who has a returning warrior then do so even if it is you and a few neighbors who live next to a returning hero. Fly the flag and post sings to welcome them home. Even if a solder does not live on your block, one may drive by and see your appreciation.

If you live near an airport where our soldiers are flying home even if it is only one, take a few moments to meet the plane and shake their hand to welcome them home in victory. Those who sit in the Oval Office have chosen to ignore our returning warriors but we the people cannot and must not allow these fine and brave Americans to return home without celebration or thanksgiving for their sacrifice and their victory.

Each of them deserve our thanks and whether they are related to us or not because of what they have done to defend us they are our family. They are the best of our American family and they are coming home after achieving victory, defending freedom and protecting our Nation from harm. They are the greatness of America and we the people of The United States thank our soldiers for standing for freedom and protecting us from harm defending our Nation.

Welcome home victorious soldiers and we the people celebrate what you have done and who you are. Thank God for you and for returning you home safely to us. God bless each of you, God bless the memory of those who sacrificed all and God bless the America that each of you fought to defend.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 27, 2010


A new Rasmussen poll finds that on the ten most important issues facing our country the American people trust the GOP over Democrats on EVERY issue. Even education, an issue that Democrats usually rule because of their political hold on the teachers unions, Republicans are now trusted more than Democrats.

The break down of the poll is as follow:

Education - GOP 41% - 40%

Health Care - GOP 48% - 40%

Iraq - GOP 43% - 40%

Economy - GOP 47% - 39%

Social Security - GOP 43% - 38%

Government Ethics - GOP 40% - 38%

National Security - GOP 49% - 37%

Afghanistan - GOP 43% - 36%

Taxes - GOP 52% - 36%

Immigration - GOP 44% - 35%

Clearly the poll shows that Democrats are not only out of touch with the people but in the most important issues facing the country as we approach the November election, the economy, immigration, taxes, social security and national security, the American people have little trust in Democrats to handle the problems and face the issues.

Almost every poll whether a more left leaning poll or a more conservative poll show that the economy is now and will be the key issue in the mid term election. With Americans trusting the GOP by a gap of eight points over Democrats on this key issue, the speculation that Dems will not only lose their majority especially in the House but possibly a route in the process seems more likely than ever before.

Former Clinton advisor and Fox News contributor Dick Morris on a recent Sean Hannity show went as far as predicting Democrats will lose more than 70 seats in the mid term election and lose the majority in the Senate by at least four seats. The greatest loss of House seats in our Nations history occurred in 1922 when Republicans lost 77 seats due to a split in the party.

Although the massive loss of seats did not change the GOP majority it did change the political advantage President Warren G. Harding had in passing legislation. Morris went as far in his prediction as to say the he believed this record will be broken by Democrat losses in this years mid term.

Whether or not Morris' prediction will come true remains to be seen but most pundits concede that the House will change majorities in November and the issues poll by Rasmussen only helps to reinforce this prediction. Democrats are obviously in trouble and the Obama agenda they have supported and legislated has lead to their current problems and eventual demise.

Many House Democrats are trying to distance themselves from Obama and Pelosi as the mid terms approach in order to attempt to gain re-election in tough races by pretending they did not support the leftist agenda of Obama. But deceiving voters by trying to deny a record where Democrats almost unanimously voted in favor of every legislative initiative from Obama and placed on the House floor by Pelosi, legislation which was opposed by the majority of Americans, will not work in November as voters remember the truth and oust those who supported Obama's agenda.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Sporting around Martha's Vineyard like a tourist, Barack Obama, his family and friends spent the day shopping and avoiding reporters as if being President was totally meaningless since after all the Obama's were only on their seventh vacation in a little over a month. At one point reporters pressed to get a response from Obama concerning combat troops pulling out of Iraq and a frustrated Obama replied, "we're buying shrimp, guys come on ."

Our troops are heading home and we should be celebrating the tremendous victory they have accomplished but the Commander in Chief is too busy golfing, reading books, buying shrimp and shopping to take even one moment to comment about the victory our troops have earned by their sacrifice, blood, sweat, time and effort.

Oh sure, he plans an Oval Office speech next week well after the combat troop withdrawal is complete. At that time he will try and take credit which he does not deserve for their victory and that of George Bush. That is IF he even mentions the word victory. Remember this is the same Barack Obama who when asked about victory in Afghanistan stated that, "winning," was NOT one of his goals. Tell that one to the troops who fight to win everyday!

Million of Americans are still unemployed and the President who claimed he, "would not rest," until anyone who wants a job has a job, has done NOTHING BUT REST, since making the claim. The economy is sliding further in recession and again the " I will not rest," in chief is vacationing and momentarily made a call to his economic advisers only after House minority Leader John Boehner called for the firing of the Obama economic team due to the massive failure of Obama economic policy.

Every President deserves a vacation and a break from the tremendous pressure of the Presidency. In that past when President's vacationed they were still accessible to the press especially when something as important as troops leaving a theatre of war after completing their mission took place. But not Obama. When he goes on vacation it seems the job of being President stops and lays in limbo until he gets his shrimp or whatever else he and the clan are doing.

In the familiar story of the sinking of the Titanic, I wonder what the crew would have thought if they went to Captain Smith to inform him of the situation seeking guidance and orders if the Captain of the ship had responded, " hey I'm heading to the galley for some shrimp, guys come on ." Well the ship of state is sinking and not because an iceberg appeared in the dark and the ship could not avoid it, but because the vacationer in chief has caused the wreck which is sinking the ship of state and all he can say in response is, "we're buying shrimp, guys come on ."

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I have had it listening to Obama and Democrats use the stupid analogy in the lead up to the fall election that Republicans want the keys to the car back but they can't have them because they drove it in the ditch and Democrats have taken the car out of the ditch by their so called successful economic policy.

This is political spin at its worst. The fact is if the GOP put the car in the ditch then Democrats have taken it out of the ditch and driven it over the edge of a cliff. They seem to forget that THEY more than tripled the deficit. They increased unemployment, they borrowed and spent trillions of dollars on wasted stimulus and pork barrel projects and they not the GOP own this failing economy.

This strategy by Obama and Democrats to paint a rosy picture of their failure and blame Bush and the GOP for the massive financial mess they created and irresponsibly presided over is not only deceptive but an out and out lie. Sure the GOP and Bush were not the greatest fiscally disciplined managers of our spending and our economy. But facts are facts and spin is spin.

First Democrats held the purse strings the last two years of the Bush administration. The deficit was on the decline prior to a Democrat majority then it began an upswing until Bush left office at the beginning of 2009 leaving a projected 2009 deficit of $464 billion dollars. Within weeks of taking office Obama exploded that deficit to 1.2 trillion dollars and his projected budget deficit through fiscal year 2013 has trillion dollar figures with no end or real decrease in sight.

If the GOP spent like a drunken sailor then Democrats have spent like a fleet of drunken sailors. Thankfully voters for the most part are not buying into this deceptive spin by Obama and Democrats. Most polling show the American people blame Obama and the Democrat lead Congress for our financial woes and understand that after 20 months in office this economy and all of its failures belong to Obama and his party and the blame game they are using is not working.

While I believe the GOP has learned their lesson and will be far more fiscally responsible than the last several years of their majority and if given the governmental reigns again in November will better govern then before, IF I had to choose between a car in a ditch which with work can be placed back on the road or a car driven off a cliff plunging to certain doom, I'll choose the car in the ditch any time.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


One of the arguments that has always been part of Democrat talking points over the war in Iraq has been the cost and how much the war was adding to the deficit. In fact Barack Obama used this talking point argument during his campaign as he was continually slamming the war and President Bush. Now that our troops are coming home and victory is complete the truth about war spending comes out and it does not bode well for Obama.

The CBO released the figures shown in the above graph which clearly prove that the war WAS NOT the major cause of the deficit as Democrats tried to spin. In fact as anyone can see Iraq war cost, (in blue), would not have made any significant change in the deficit had there not been military spending for the war.

The CBO report also shows that Obama's deficit busting failed stimulus package which cost tax payers $ 767 billion dollars alone is $ 58 billion dollars more in spending than the entire seven years of the Iraq war which cost $ 709 billion dollars. After interest is thrown in for the stimulus package it will cost tax payers more than $100 billion dollars above the entire cost of the Iraq war.

As we close in on the 2010 mid terms Democrats are already showing they will be using the usual scare tactics in order to deceive the public into voting them back into office. They have started with the typical Social Security scare which has been used for more than 40 years saying that Republicans will take away seniors benefits. I am quite sure they will also use the cost of the Iraq war as they did in 2008 as a means of trying to hide the truth of their own irresponsible deficit spending which has given us trillion dollar deficits for the foreseeable future. Claiming that Bush made the problem and all they have been trying to do is clean it up.

Well numbers speak for themselves and Democrats have increased the deficit 100 fold over their so called cry that the war in Iraq caused the deficit and it was Bush's fault. They own the deficit and the struggling economy which has grown worse since the passing of the stimulus and the tremendous increase in government and spending ALL at the hands of Barack Obama and Democrats. Remember THIS truth in November!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Since leaving office on that grand day when Ronald Reagan took the Presidential Oath in January of 1981, Jimmy Carter has been thought by many as the worst President in the modern era and among the worst in our Nations history. His weakness as a leader, progressive policies and ability to even look out of place among world leaders much less deal with them gave us hyper inflation, a decimated military and an over all feeling that our best days were behind us.

Never once through his bumbling and weakness as a President though did I even think that Carter did not love this country nor in his own misguided way have, in his heart at least, have the best interests of America in mind. I never thought for a moment that although he weakened our nation domestically and on the foreign front Carter never threatened the very principles our Nation was founded upon nor the Constitution in which he took an oath to, "preserve, protect and defend."

I cannot say the same about Barack Obama. He has failed in every aspect of the Presidency as bad or worse than Jimmy Carter. But the major difference between he and the bumbling Carter is that from the very beginning of his Presidency, Obama has made it very clear in his words and actions that changing the fundamental principles and traditions that have been our heritage and what has made our country great is not only his dream but his goal as President.

Carter even through all of his faults loved this country and made it clear that he did. Obama on the other hand has shown a hatred for America and Americans that not only makes him far worse than Carter but dangerous to who we are and what this country has stood for throughout our history.

Now don't get me wrong this is not a defense of Jimmy Carter by any means. Carter was a bumbling idiot who could not lead nor handle the Presidency which is why he failed so miserably as President. When he actually expressed to the American people in several speeches that we should accept a lesser way of living and his approach to the Soviet Union was an acceptance of the communist expansion and we had no choice but to allow it was not only one of the lowest points in our history but also one of our weakest.

In almost every aspect in comparison Obama has not only failed more than Carter but his goal of fundamentally changing America from a free Republic to a socialistic government ruling over forced dependency on the same for Americans pales Carter's bumbling and his misguided handling of the Soviets. Carter bumbled and mishandled almost everything but sincerely thought he was doing the right thing.

Obama's failure comes from an agenda that is destructive and a foreign policy that seeks to weaken America and place us on a balanced footing with every country in the world while appeasing our enemies. Unlike Carter this domestic and foreign nightmare at the hands of Obama is intentional and calculated to destroy the America that even the hapless Carter tried to defend and protect and rebuild it into a weak socialist utopia where money is redistributed by government and The United States is no longer a super power but an, "equal," partner with, as Obama sees it, other nations we have, "oppressed," by our imperialistic policy of the past.

Carter was a failure as President because he simply did not have the ability nor the strength as a leader to handle the complex and awesome responsibility of being the Chief Executive of The United States and the most powerful man in the world. Obama is a failure, yes because he does not have the ability to handle the Presidency, but in a much greater sense because he sees the Presidency as his destiny to rebuild America in a socialist image and even the playing field for the rest of the world.

Carter did try as well as he could to represent America and Americans but failed miserably. Though bumbling he was not divisive and looked upon himself as President of all Americans and sought to fulfill that responsibility. Obama only represents his own self interest and agenda. He favors whatever path looks most favorable to him at the moment and if he needs to back track later he will do so. He is the most divisive President in our history playing Americans against Americans by class, race and even religion.

Carter at least tried to do right by our country and our people. Obama could care less about both the country and the people. He only cares about his agenda and his vision of fundamentally correcting what he sees as flaws in our Constitution and our nations standing in the world. Which is also why even foreign leaders see Obama as a problem. Complain as they do the rest of the world does not want America as an equal partner but as the strength and power they can lean on when times of trouble comes.

Carter failed but was never a threat to who we are nor what our nation fundamentally stood for and the principles which have guided us since our birth as a country. Obama is a threat to both the people and the very foundation of our nation which also makes him extremely dangerous because through he and his agenda come the seeds of destruction of our freedom, our heritage, our strength and our very way of life.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 20, 2010


After months of promising that the," either pass it or the economy will go down the tubes," stimulus bill will turn around the economy and create millions of new jobs thus curbing unemployment, the new numbers have come out with the most dismal report since last November. New claims are up, unemployment is still at 9.5% and Obama continues to play the blame game.

Only this time instead of blaming George Bush which has been his practice since taking office the, "whiner in chief," now blames Congress for the high unemployment. The same DEMOCRAT Congress who has passed EVERYTHING this whiner has proposed including the stimulus which has hastened the fall of the economy rather than stopping the negative slide.

As Obama was leaving The White House for yet ANOTHER vacation, this time the playground of the rich, Martha's Vineyard, he took a moment to comment and blame Congress for the poor job numbers and, "why," do you ask ? Because they have not passed his jobs bill which SPENDS more money added to the trillions already spent which has done absolutely NOTHING to better the economy or curb unemployment.

But don't worry about the Obama's because as they are vacationing in Martha's Vineyard they will eat the same high dollar cuisine as they are accustomed to since our tax payer dollars are flying their personal chef, Sam Kass, to Obama vacation land in order to make sure the First Family wants for nothing in their bellys while frolicking in the sun and hob knobbing with the rich, who they supposedly despise.

Of course we all know that Obama is responsible for nothing especially if it has even the slightest hint of looking negative toward him or his nation destroying agenda. Harry Truman had a sign on his desk that read, " The Buck Stops Here." Obama must have one on his desk that reads, " The Buck Stops EVERYWHERE But Here."

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 19, 2010


The last combat brigade is leaving Iraq and according to one of our best a bravest who is heading home with his fellow warriors, Iraq is a complete victory, with Iraqi forces who were trained by Americans now having the full capability of handling anything which may come their way once the US combat presence is gone. Had I not heard the interview with the Sgt. I would still have my doubts as to ending combat presence especially with Obama involved and trying to appease the far left. But when one of our finest declared victory then I know it is true.

For the last twenty months both Barack Obama and Joe Biden have been taking credit for our victory in Iraq. The only action that Obama deserves credit for Iraq is that he signed the orders to bring our troops home. The credit for victory belongs to George W. Bush and the magnificent soldiers who stood fast and defended freedom on the battlefields of Iraq.

Iraq had its problems not the least of which is that the Bush administration under estimated the resolve of the insurgency and the Al Qaeda presence in the immediate after math of the fall of Saddam Hussein. But once the surge took place in 2007 and the overwhelming power of US forces and the magnificent job performed by our troops, Iraq moved from a problem to a total victory and Obama had absolutely NOTHING to do with it.

In fact while a Senator, Obama used every opportunity to condemn the surge and every aspect of our situation in Iraq and even on the campaign trail during the Presidential race, Obama continually lashed out at Iraq as a failure even as our troops where defeating the enemy at every turn and winning the respect and assistance of the Iraqi people who went from assisting the insurgency to siding with the US in taking control of their country.

As the troops begin coming home Obama I am sure will take every opportunity to pat himself on the back for, "winning," the war. But the troops, Iraqis and the American people know whose victory this truly is. First it is a victory for freedom. Next credit for achieving victory must go to the Commander in Chief who the troops truly respect even to this day, George W. Bush.

The greatest share of the credit for this great victory belongs to the tremendous men and women of our military who stood a post in Iraq, sacrificing their all in order to defend freedom in a foreign land and protect The United States. To the 4415 soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice our Nation is eternally grateful and we will always remember. Welcome home to our troops and thank you for your service and for bringing victory. God bless our soldiers who still serve in Iraq and Afghanistan and both here and abroad.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


The very justified controversy over the Ground Zero Mosque is dominating headlines and news programs from all venues. On the one side there is conservative talk radio, conservative blogs and Fox News who are voicing the opposition of the people to the Mosque. On the other side there is the typical MSNBC, NBC, ABC and CBS who are courting the usual politically correct suspects and condemning anyone who opposes the Mosque as racists and anti - Muslim.

Now Nancy Pelosi steps in with her idiotic fanfare calling for investigations claiming that those who oppose the Mosque are part of a vast highly funded right wing conspiracy. After all in her feeble liberal mind anyone who disagrees with her and her left wing ideology MUST be funded by evil right wingers because the American people do not have the intelligence to think for themselves. That's why she exists, again in her mind, to tell the people what to think.

While the Mosque is an important issue and the building of it though legal in accordance to the Constitutional principle of freedom of religion but just NOT at Ground Zero, has it become or is it being being used by the left as a distraction to take voters thoughts off of the issues that will decide the election. Namely the leftist agenda they have legislated and Obama is still pushing which is taking our country down the tubes.

Obama is touring the country raising funds for Democrat candidates and he is not talking about the Mosque, although he has already stuck his foot in his mouth over it. Yet his campaign stops have been almost treated as an after thought since the Mosque became headline news nearly two weeks ago. Is this distracting to the point that many are forgetting the message and agenda of Obama which is why Democrats are on the verge of losing Majority status ?

Don't get me wrong, I like most of you am angered about the Mosque's location. While legal there is a sensitivity factor for our country and especially the memories of those who perished and the families they left behind. But though important it cannot be allowed by the left or the right to dominate the issues so much that the problems of unemployment, a failing economy, deficits, debt and an exploding government along with a failed foreign policy all at the hands of an ever greedy Obama be allowed to fade into the back ground because of the emotion of the Mosque.

The left knows they are in trouble and will use anything for political means to get American minds off the major issues and distract them until November in order to deceive them once again into voting for their failed agenda and ideology. The right whose anger over this is justified, if not careful will get so caught up in the Mosque issue that the fight to take our country back from the progressive leftist agenda could fall short come November. I have had to personally take a step back and look at this very problem in my own blog and that is why I write this post.

We can stand strong against the Mosque and for the memories of the fallen and their families while still fighting the agenda which is destroying our country. We must not allow the left to use this as a political football distracting Americans from the issues that truly decide elections. Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey referred to this and refused to get into the fray in order to prevent being drawn into it for political reasons.

We must oppose the Mosque for all of the right reasons but it cannot become a political liability which distracts Americans from the issues that are destroying our country or the people from Obama on down whose agenda of destruction is taking our country down a path it was never intended to take. We cannot allow the left to detour our fight by looking like compassionate freedom of religion supporters, ( an issue in which they have consistently been on the wrong side), by condemning we who understand what the Mosque represents and using it as a political distraction to their failed agenda and attempt to rebuild our country in Obama's image.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The soon to be retired Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid broke ranks with Barack Obama over the Mosque planned at Ground Zero in New York City. Stating that while he respected the First Amendment right of freedom of religion, Reid went on to say that he believed the Mosque should be built, "someplace else." Polar opposite of the response to the Mosque of his boss, Obama, who last Friday strongly supported the building of the Mosque at the sight and then somewhat back tracked on Saturday after the out cry over his remarks.

But did Reid break with Obama over the Mosque because he truly believes that it is the wrong place to build it or was it just a political move coming from a political animal who is desperate to save his hide during a tight Senate race in Nevada.

Reid has remained silent concerning the Mosque which has been in headlines for several weeks. Since Obama's remarks on Friday the Mosque has been leading headlines, made the rounds on Sundays talking head shows as well as Mondays news commentary and pundit spots. So Reid coming forward COULD be a sincere moment in a normally insincere life and if so then it is the first and ONLY smart thing Harry Reid has ever said.

But it seems much to coincidental that Reid's remarks come only AFTER his opponent for the Nevada Senate seat, Sharron Angle demanded that Reid take a stand and that Obama was ignoring the will of the American people. Soon after Angle's challenge Reid released the statement about the Mosque and his belief it should not be built at Ground Zero, breaking with his boss.

Reid is well known as a political animal who will say and do anything he thinks will give him a political advantage or gain a vote. Polls show that Reid and Angle are in a statistical tie for the Nevada senate seat with just a few weeks remaining before the November mid term election. Reid is fighting for the first time for his political life and polls across the country show overwhelming anger over the building of the Mosque at Ground Zero AND that almost the same number of people understand that while there is no violation of freedom of religion in building the Mosque it is the wrong place for construction. Amazing isn't it how similar Reid's remarks and the polls are.

So the question remains, were Reid's remarks sincere or were they only in response to Angle's challenge and delivered AFTER studying the polls ? With Reid's reputation of saying and doing anything for political gain I am quite sure that his remarks especially after such a long silence, were far more politically motivated rather than a sincere response and break from Obama. After all we are talking about Harry Reid the man who embraces all that is Obama and like his boss ignores the people he works for.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 15, 2010


The primary responsibility of The President of The United States is to, "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution." A responsibility that Barack Obama not only has neglected but constantly uses the office which he holds to trample on the Constitution rather than fulfill his oath to ,"preserve, protect and defend."

The latest offense to the Constitution and to the people of our Nation involves the Mosque that is being planned for construction near the sight of the former World Trade Center. A sight that we all understand is sacred ground to Americans where nearly 3,000 perished as a result of the cowardly attacks by Islamic murderers on September 11, 2001.

Obviously Barack Obama not only does not accept nor understand how sacred this ground is to Americans but he also does not understand or refuses to accept his Constitutional responsibility to stay out of the situation. But rather has chosen to not only express his thoughts about the Mosque but embrace it and endorse it during a White House dinner celebrating the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.

Obama stated at the dinner in reference to the Mosque that, "Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country." The right to religious freedom for Muslims is true but their is also a responsibility of any religion for the sensitivities and rights of not only other religions but the people of this country and building a Mosque next to the hollowed ground of Ground Zero tramples on those sensitivities and insults the memory of those who perished.

But setting all of the emotions over this Mosque aside Obama, who through Robert Gibbs only last week stated that he was not going to comment about the Mosque because he did not want to, "get involved in local decision-making," not only got involved but by his remarks and embracing of the Mosque used the Presidency to officially sanction a religion and a religious building which violates the Establishment Clause in the First Amendment of the Constitution.

The Establishment Clause was placed in the Constitution by our Founders to insure that religious freedom would be a protected right of the people, but the Clause also established that the government would not legislate or establish any form of state church or officially sanction the activities or practices of any religion thus keeping the government from involvement in the religious beliefs and practices of the people.

The Establishment Clause does not eliminate God from government but prevents government from dictating how the people worship or choose not to worship their God and prevents the government from interfering in any matters of religion or the peoples right and ability to practice or not practice their religion.

The left and those who have sought to eliminate God from our Nation have used the term, "separation of church and state, " as the off handed reference to the Establishment Clause which twists the intent of the Clause to meet the political desire to eliminate God from our Nation which was not the intent of the Founders when writing religious freedom as part of the First Amendment. The phrase was first used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter written in 1802 in response to a plea by the Danbury Baptist Association complaining that in their state religious liberty was not treated as a right but as legislative favors granted.

Jefferson took several months to answer their letter so that he was sure to express that because of the Establishment Clause he as President could not do anything that might be misconstrued as the establishment of religion by the government or the Chief Executive of the government. Thus in his letter he conveyed his sincere respect for the problem but he as President could not get involved. Those seeking to eliminate God from our nation have used his chosen words, "separation of church and state," to make it seem that the Constitution states this rather than just protecting religious freedom which is the case.

Jefferson understood that as President if he had expressed his thoughts toward the plea of the Danbury Baptists one way or the other that because of his position as Chief Executive it would be considered an officially sanction of a particular religion by the government which violated the Establishment Clause of the Constitution and it was not his place Constitutionally to get involved with local religious matters.

Obama has ignored not only the wisdom of Jefferson but the intent and principle of the Constitution in not allowing government to be involved in matters of religion. As the representative of the government Obama's statement supporting the building of the Mosque placed him in the position of officially backing a particular religious activity thus violating the Constitution and the sanctioning of Islam by the government.

Whatever his personal opinion concerning the Mosque is between he and his conscience but when as President he expresses that opinion in favor of building the Mosque and endorsing a religious activity as he has it becomes a problem for the people and faces the strict scrutiny and principles of his Constitutional responsibilities and the fulfilling of the same.

Had he publicly remained neutral as Gibbs expressed on Obama's behalf last week while the insensitivity and problem of the Mosque's location would have still been a matter which angered most Americans it would not have had an official Presidential endorsement which it has now. It would not have brought a violation of the Constitution as it has now and it would not have shown an official government sanction of Islam as it has now.

Obama has no respect for the Constitution of The United States and since the Constitution is the people and the people are the Constitution he in like manner has no respect for the citizens of our Nation. He has shown this total disrespect time and again and has proven his distaste for the Constitution in his actions and his words from day one of taking office. The endorsing of the Mosque takes his ignoring and violating of the Constitution to a new level as Obama now seeks to make Islam the state religion of our country.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 13, 2010


For weeks at every stop that Barack Obama has made on his, "Summer of Recovery," tour, (that is when he hasn't been on vacation), the campaigner in chief has been bragging about how the economy is improving, how may jobs, "he," has created and all due to his economic policy and the nearly trillion dollar stimulus package.

Last week employment and economic numbers that were touted as a , "great recovery," by Obama were revised downward to the point that as the real numbers were finally revealed, the economy that Obama has claimed was," growing," and," recovering," actually shrunk in the first quarter of the year and the second quarter did not do much better.

So enter the newest jobless claims report showing that more than 480,000 new claims were made making it the highest since February. Add to that mortgage rates at an all time low and the housing market is still crashing with foreclosures at 6% above last year along with the Stock Market which plunged triple digits twice this week and the Summer of Recovery that Obama claimed turns out to be nothing more than non-existent and rhetoric to try and defend the massive spending and deficits bankrupting our country under the reigns of Barack Hussein Obama.

Yet while Americans are losing jobs at near record rates, home foreclosures are also at near record rates as well as an economy shrinking, Barack and Michelle Obama have no trouble taking expensive vacations including Michelle's $ 750,000 dollar extravagance in Spain followed by yet another ,"family," vacation at Martha's Vineyard the play ground of the rich and famous who the Obama's whine about constantly.

NOTHING this President has promised has become a reality except exploding the government and passing unaffordable legislation like the trillion dollar stimulus and Obamacare both of which are already far exceeding their respective dollar amounts in wasted spending, taxation and deficit busting borrowed money.

Still as the Summer of Recovery which never appeared is continued to be claimed by Obama, the irresponsible liberal/Marxist finds new and more creative ways of blaming George Bush for the lack of recovery. Never once taking any responsibility for anything, except the victory in Iraq which he had NOTHING to do with. Always forgetting the fact that when Bush left office the, "inherited," $464 billion dollar deficit exploded into a 1.7 trillion dollar deficit soon after Obama took office and passed the stimulus with multi trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see. In fact the deficit for the month of July alone exceeded $160 billion dollars which is more than the yearly deficit during five of Bush's eight years as President.

Each passing day looms with the Summer of Recovery which has never appeared quickly becoming the Fall of Economic Failure for our Nation as the double dip recession that many economists predicted is now showing signs of being a reality, for which I am sure Obama will blame Bush. But fortunately the American people know who is to blame and he does not live in Dallas, Texas but resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and come November may very well find himself a lone liberal hung out to dry by citizens who are fighting to save our country from destruction at the hands of Barack Obama. But never fear because Obama says, "things could be worse," and he is going to make darn sure they are!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Without any fanfare, press or prior announcement, President and Mrs. Bush surprised everyone by showing up at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport to welcome home 150 Iraq and Afghanistan soldiers returning from deployment in both theatres.

When the troops came off the plane there stood the Bush's to greet and shake hands with every soldier returning home. No one knew they were coming until they just appeared before the planes landed. The troops understandably were very pleased and surprised to see their former Commander in Chief and his wife waiting to welcome them home.

The Bush's are truly a class act very much unlike the two elitists who are currently in The White House. This surprise visit was a true compassionate and caring move on the part of the former President and First Lady. Classy people who are missed greatly as the leaders of our nation.




Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


No folks you are not seeing things when you read the title of this post. The Imam, Sharif El-Gamal, who is the developer of the 13 story Mosque which is being planned next to the sight where the World Trade Center once stood is now an official representative to the Middle East for The United States State Department.

He is being billed as a, "good will," emissary but it is also known that during his visits to the Middle East as a US Representative he will be raising funds toward the $ 100 million dollar price tag of the Ground Zero Mosque. This is also the same Imam who only days after 9/11 stated that The United States was at fault for the 9/11 attacks because of US policy in the Middle East. He went on to say that we were responsible for , "creating," Osama bin Laden.

The building of a Mosque near the sight of the former World Trade Center is an insult to the memory of those who perished in the destruction of the buildings by Islamic cowards on 9/11. The insensitivity associated with this move is almost beyond comprehension and the political correctness which is accompanying it by those in New York who have approved the building is ridiculous.

But now hiring the Imam who is developing the sight goes much further than just insensitivity and ridiculous but moves into the realm of violating the Establishment Clause of the Constitution which states in the First Amendment, " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; "

While hiring the Imam as a good will ambassador for the State Department is not the Congress making any law with respect to the religion of Islam, using him as an emissary and allowing him to seek funding for the Mosque while representing The United States violates the Establishment Clause because it gives the impression that we are sanctioning a specific religion officially by our Government.

The Establishment Clause brought about the free practice of religion in The United States while preventing the establishment of any State Church as was and is the practice of most European countries which our Founders wanted to eliminate from happening in our Republic. This also meant that while the recognition of God was not to be denied by our government the government would also not be involved in the official recognition of any particular religion as being part of our government.

The Judeo/Christian values which most of our founding principles are derived from still does not establish Judeo/Christian religion as the official religion of The United States thus the ability to practice or not practice religious freedom in our country. As such our government has never sanctioned any particular religion.

Hiring this Imam at The State Department and sending him as an emissary allowing him to raise funding for the Mosque while representing our country is sanctioning the religion associated with the Mosque which is Islam. A direct violation of the intent and principle of The Establishment Clause.

On a brighter note there is breaking news that as a developer for the Mosque, El - Gamal lied about ownership of all of the property that has been approved for the Mosque. In fact records indicate that So Ho Developers, El -Gamal's company, only owns half of the land with the other half still belonging to Con Ed the electricity company for New York City. How this will affect the Mosques future is not clear yet but if the Board which approved the building of the Mosque does its duty they will pull the plug on the approval because of the falsified information.

For the Obama administration to sanction one religion above all others by sending Imam El - Gamal to the Middle East and allowing him to use tax payer time and tax payer money to raise private funding for the Mosque is yet another example of this administrations total disregard for our Constitution, the principles of our Nation and the people who they are supposed to serve but in reality hold in disdain and contempt.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I was born during the administration of Eisenhower. I have lived during the administration of eleven Presidents. When I became eligible to vote at the age of eighteen my first Presidential vote was cast for Ford and I have voted for Reagan twice, Bush 41 and Bush 43 twice voting for a total of four Presidents. In my lifetime there has NEVER been a President who spent more time or as long blaming his predecessor as Barack Obama.

Every President takes a few jabs at his predecessor after moving into the Oval Office. But those jabs usually end soon after becoming President as the occupant of the White House takes responsibility for the job and all of the actions and consequences associated with it. But not Barack Obama.

The economy is all Bush's fault even though when taking office Obama inherited a $464 billion dollar 2009 deficit and quickly blew that into a $1.7 trillion dollar nightmare with trillion dollar deficits extending well past Obama's first and only term as President because of HIS agenda. But never bother Obama with the facts because after all it is Bush's fault.

Afghanistan is Bush's fault even though soon after taking office Obama changed the rules of engagement which has severely hampered the ability of our soldiers to fight and placed them in far more danger since they cannot fire until fired upon first. Never mind that since taking office we have experienced more casualties under Obama in Afghanistan then under Bush but again these are facts and they matter little to Obama since it is Bush's fault.

Now as we approach the all important mid term election and Democrats are looking to get their tails handed to them on a silver platter losing the House and possibly the Senate, Obama is hitting the campaign trail and campaigning against Bush because all of the woes of the Nation are Bush's fault.

Never mind that unemployment has exploded under Obama and the stimulus which was pushed through in undue haste because according to Obama the economy would crash without it, has actually been a major factor in creating the unemployment situation rather than reducing it as promised. But again these are facts and they do not matter because it is Bush's fault.

Barack Obama has been in office for more than eighteen months and still refuses to take responsibility for anything he does or the situations that our Nation faces but rather at every opportunity continues to blame Bush for any and everything. I understand Bo Obama pooped on The White House lawn the other day and Obama blamed it on Bush.

Fortunately the American people are no longer buying into the blame Bush policy of both Obama and the Democrat leadership. Polls are showing that the majority of Americans when questioned about the economy, Afghanistan, unemployment and a myriad of other problems our Nation faces place the responsibility and the blame on Obama rather than Bush. The people understand who is truly at fault yet these too are facts and they do not matter to Obama because it is Bush's fault that the people don't see that it is Bush's fault.

To Barack Obama I ask this question, "at what point, if ever, will you take responsibility for your actions, your economy and your failed policy and decisions?" My guess is that day will never come because after all it's not Obama's fault that he refuses to take responsibility for anything because Bush made him refuse to and that makes even the failure to take responsibility Bush's fault.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 08, 2010


I have had all I can take of listening to Barack and Michelle Obama stand in front of cameras claiming they care about the plight of the American people. I have had it with the spin that these two elitist hypocrites are just average compassionate, caring family people just like everyday Americans. I have had it with hearing either Obama in interview after interview lie as they claim they understand what average Americans are, "going through," because they have been there and still deal with similar problems as the people.

Barack and Michelle Obama are nothing more than elitists who use the Presidency as their personal stage for celebrity, lavish parties and extravagant trips in which tax payers who ARE average Americans foot the bill for the Obama excess. At every turn these elitists take advantage of the prestige of the Presidency to mingle with stars and cruise destinations which only the rich and famous can afford using tax payer monies to cover their expenses.

I am sure that some of this extravagance when on their almost weekly vacation jaunts actually come out of their own pocket, but the massive entourage which far exceeds that of any other President and the weekly parties which also exceed that of other Presidents are paid for by tax payers. All to satisfy the lustful elitist appetite of Barack and Michelle Obama.

The main stream press drools over the celebrity rock star status of the Obama's they helped create so it is not surprising that the condemnation this same press expressed when the Reagan's and the Bush's took vacation trips to their respective ranches does not exist over the elitist extravagance of the Obama's

Whenever the ridiculous extravagance of the Obama's is discussed on the web or talking head shows some leftist defender with inevitably bring up the vacation trips of George Bush or Ronald Reagan and try and compare those to the trips of the Obama's. Totally neglecting the fact that both Reagan and Bush when on vacation traveled to their personal ranch which cost the tax payers nothing more than the plane trip to and from either California for Reagan or Texas for Bush.

A weekend retreat for the Reagan's or Bush's consisted of a short helicopter ride to Camp David which is only minutes by air from The White House. These same leftist defenders of the Obama extravagance try to condemn the, "spending," of Nancy Reagan especially since the flak of Michelle Obama's Spain trip has been in the news. Again neglecting the fact that first, Nancy Reagan's, "spending, " was on much needed repairs and refurbishing of The White House and not on personal vacation trips with dozens of friends and Mrs. Reagan used personal money and private donated funding to pay for the White House make over compared to tax payer coffers which cover Michelle Obama's trips.

Contrast the weekend trips of both the Reagan's and the Bush's to Camp David with the Obama trips to Maine, Florida, Massachusetts, Chicago and date nights in New York City. The Obama's make these trips almost monthly seldom spending a weekend in The White House which was the practice of both the Reagan's and the Bush's.

So the leftist attempt to defend the Obama's by trying to claim that either the Reagan's or the Bush's were, "equally," extravagant are unfounded and factually false. There is no defense for the way the Obama's have used the Presidency to place themselves above the American people and create an extravagant life style which compares to that of monarchy's around the world.

In a time when Americans are struggling everyday just to survive in an economy of Obama's creation, Barack and Michelle while talking a game of compassion and caring for the plight of the people, in reality thumb their elitist nose at the American people while using our hard earned money which is sent to government coffers through excessive taxation as their ticket to stardom and extravagant vacations, golf excursions and weekends at Martha's Vineyard the play ground for the rich who they publicly condemn.

The recent trip by Michelle to Spain is just one in along line of similar elitist extravagances that the Obama's have flashed in the face of Americans who if we are lucky enough can only afford a vacation which consists of taking time off work and maybe visit family but most likely staying at home to save money which is needed to cover daily living expenses. Yet the Obama's lie to us by saying they understand what we are ," going through." When in fact they can no more identify with average Americans than a snake can identify with an elephant.

The Obama's do not understand what Americans are experiencing and their actions prove that they could truly care less what the people of this country are going through. If they actually cared as they claim they would not constantly throw their chosen elitist life style in our faces as they do and at least try to not spend us into bankruptcy as a Nation. So their supposed, "compassion," is nothing more than an elitist lie and a political ploy to feign caring in order to deceive Americans who are stupid enough to believe their lies into supporting their agenda of national bankruptcy.

This hypocrisy and arrogance surrounds the Obama's not only in their life style but in Obama's policy as President. Their arrogance in openly displaying their ridiculous extravagance mirrors the arrogance which allows Barack Obama to always ignore the American people as he pushes his agenda and legislation which Americans do not want while taking the country in a direction in total contrast to the Founders and the will of the people. It is absolutely obvious that Barack and Michelle Obama do not care and they throw their lack of caring in our face with their elitist extravagance!

The Obama's see themselves as royalty. They act and believe that they are better than most and their arrogance proves it. Photo ops showing Barack Obama eating a hot dog or drinking a beer at a local bar are nothing more than campaign stops for an elitist who is a professional campaigner. It would not surprise me when the true history of Obama's reign is revealed to find out that both Barack and Michelle sought sanitizers to cleanse their elitist selves after having to mingle with Americans they truly believe are beneath them.

In the Obama's mind we the people are an inconvenience associated with their position. They do not accept the Constitutional truth that they work for us and we EXPECT a first family to care about the people and not flaunt in our face an elitist arrogant attitude and life style. So they will continue to lie to us about their, "caring," and will continue to take extravagant trips and frequent vacations. They will throw many more celebrity parties and spend millions of tax payer dollars to satisfy their elitist habit until we the people exercise our authority and kick their royal tails out of The White House in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 06, 2010


I have a limited amount of time for posting but these excellent videos by Glenn Beck cover it all. From the failed stimulus to failed policy of Obama. Beck cries, "what planet am I on, the planet of the Apes ?" Becks frustration is the frustration we all feel as we face the continued leftist onslaught by Obama and cronies who are in direct opposition to everything our Founders envisioned for our Republic. These videos from Beck's August 5, 2010 show are well worth your time.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Fox News, and only Fox News is reporting that the Obama administration is sending a delegation led by US Ambassador John Roos to Hiroshima, Japan for the first time in 65 years to attend ceremonies marking the dropping of the A-Bomb on August 6, 1945 which led to ending WWII.

James Tibbets, the son of General Paul Tibbits the pilot of the Enola Gay, the B 29 which dropped the bomb, sees this first attendance of the annual ceremony in Japan as an, "unsaid apology," for the A-Bomb and an attempt to rewrite history making the Japanese Empire which attacked Pearl Harbor as a ,"victim," rather than an aggressor whose actions led to the bomb that ended a war the Japanese planned on continuing until every citizen died fighting while killing tens of thousands of Americans in the process. Without the bomb the Japanese had no intention of seeking an end to the war.

The United States has never sent a delegation to this ceremony in the 65 years since August 6, 1945 and this is seen by many as Obama's way of beginning his plan to eliminate all nuclear weapons by showing the Japanese of 1945 as victims of the action which brought about the end of the war. Obama is also planning on following this with a personal visit to Japan and stopping in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to make speeches against nuclear arms. Once again making the Japanese Empire of 1945 look like victims and the US as an aggressor needing to apologize for dropping the bomb.

This is revisionist history at its worst completely omitting the fact that it was ONLY the bomb which brought the Japanese to an unconditional surrender. Even after the first bomb at Hiroshima the Japanese military planned on repelling an invasion with every means available fully intending to kill thousand of America soldiers in the process convinced that they still had the ability to win the war. Without the bomb an invasion would have taken place killing millions of both Japanese and Americans extending the war for possibly more than a year as the militarists in Japan would have taken to guerrilla warfare if the invasion had succeeded. The Japanese were determined to win at all costs and the bomb stopped the death of untold millions.

Japan holding a ceremony is natural but as Tibbit's son says in the Fox News report concerning the US attending, " It needs to be left alone. The war is over." He goes on to say his father would not have approved of the delegation and would have considered it a move to apologize for the bomb. Again omitting the facts of history in order to rewrite the truth and push Obama's political agenda for total nuclear disarmament.

Paul Schalow a professor of Japanese at Rutgers University says that Japanese media sees this delegation as proof of Obama's desire for nuclear disarmament and that showing, "regret," for our use of the bomb in 1945 allows The United States the, "moral position," to denounce any future use of nuclear weapons. In other words if we are not apologetic then we are hypocrites for seeking to prevent Iran from going nuclear and North Korea from using their existing nuclear weapons. I consider Schalow's ,"explanation," a load of horse manure.

We do not need to be contrite or apologize in any way for using the A-Bomb to end the war and save millions of lives. If the Japanese Empire of 1945 had the weapon they would not have hesitated to use is under any conditions. Having an overwhelming force or weapon to use in order to end a war, which could have lasted much longer with far more casualties on both sides was the right thing to do and rewriting history or Obama using this for his political agenda will not change the truth and the facts.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


PhD Online

The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth has been chosen as one of the top 40 conservative blogs on the web for 2010. I am truly honored to be chosen with such sites as Red State, News Busters and Michelle Malkin. The winners were chosen by a combination of nominations from you, the great readers of this site and the judges score of the site.

The e-mail sent which informed me of this great honor stated that The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth was, "determined to be one of the best blogs to exude overall brilliance. And so, it has received our 2010 Top 40 Conservative Blogs award!" Placing number 36 in the top 40. Follow this link to see the full top 40 list.

I am honored and humbled to have been chosen as one of the top 40 conservative blogs on the web. Thank you to each of you who visit this site whether regularly or occasionally. Without you this blog would not be possible. Thank you also to each of you who nominated this site for the award.

In the six years that The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth has been in existence, I have always tried to express true conservative values and beliefs as it relates to the issues which we as a Nation face. I truly believe that conservative ideals are in line with the principles of our Founders and restoring our Nation to the principles that are found within our Constitution and following those principles as they are written in the original intent of the Founders we can return our Republic to the values which have made us the greatest Nation in world history.

The true authority of our Republic is found in the people of The United States. It is only through the vigilance of the people over those we send to Washington and our State Houses that we can keep those who we choose to serve us accountable to us and to the principles and values of our Constitution. That is why this site exists. It is part of my way of holding our representatives accountable by writing and discussing what they are doing whether positive or negative.

Ronald Reagan once said, "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." This is why we must ever be vigilant and stand for our freedom. It is up to each of us to preserve through our diligence the freedoms we hold so dear so that future generations of Americans can live in the liberties that we sometimes take for granted. This is why we fight and this is why we the people will prevail over the onslaught of progressive socialism that the current administration is trying to force upon us.

Again thank you for being a valuable part of this blog and thank you for the honor of being chosen as one of the top 40 conservative blogs for 2010. God bless each of you and God bless America.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


This video is one of the most revealing insights as to why Washington is broken and so out of touch with the American people. The citizen who broaches the question concerning the Constitutional legalities of Obamacare with Congressman Pete Stark (D CA) and Stark's lame answer that the," federal government can do most anything in this country," show two major problems with not only Stark but the idiotic thinking of most of those who supposedly ,"represent," us in DC.

While the argument that the lady brings concerning the Constitutional legalities of Obamacare as a ,"right," which violates the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery is one of the weaker arguments about the violations of the Constitution found in Obamacare, her point that the Congress by passing it violated the limits found in the Constitution on the power and authority of the federal government over the lives of American citizens are very well spoken and right on the mark.

Pete Stark obviously by first his hesitation in understanding her question and then his answer that the feds can do most anything in this country shows he not only does not know anything about the Constitution but frankly I am not sure that he has ever even read it. His total lack of knowledge of the Constitution and the limits that the Founders included for the federal government over the rights of the people and the states and the specific duties of the federal government which are also very limited in scope show the true mind set and ignorance of the Washington elites. Stark has been in Congress since 1973 and HAS NO CLUE ABOUT LIMITED FEDERAL AUTHORITY BY THE CONSTITUTION.

Well Mr. Stark I have news for you and your liberal cronies who think that just because you are in DC you have the authority to use federal power to threaten our rights and invade our personal lives. We the people are the Constitutional authority in our Republic and it is we who decide whether you serve and whether the federal government has any power much less the total power that you and your liberal friends seek. November is just around the corner and we will take our country back and those in Washington will answer to us....PERIOD!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 01, 2010


The hands on get in your face President is backing off as we approach the all important mid term election in November. Just a few days ago The White House announced that Obama would be less visible over the next months but gave no explanation as to why. Which in itself is rather odd for the high profile Obama who basks in the light of the camera and the," glory," of his own perceived idea of his importance.

But as the mid terms are getting closer and the Democrats are seeing the hand writing on the wall of a major defeat coming their way in November, the high profile Obama is becoming less and less popular with candidates who are facing extremely difficult challenges in their Congressional Districts and Senate races. So Obama told a group of Democrat law makers who are facing tough challenges that they may not even want him to campaign for them.

Many Democrats who have backed Obama emphatically since he took office are now hypocritically running away from him. Not so much because they disagree with his agenda but rather as November approaches and they are forced to face the people they see that his agenda has angered voters so they are creating the illusion of a candidate trying to get re-elected who opposes Obama rather then embracing him.

This deception of distance from Obama even with his blessing shows just how out of touch Democrats and Obama especially are from the will of the people and how stupid they think we are. Democrats have rallied consistently with Obama against the will of the people for eighteen months and they actually believe that if they pretend to feign disappointment in his agenda which they supported, while campaigning for re-election that the people are dumb enough to forget their total support of the agenda when each of his legislative initiatives passed overwhelmingly by Democrats.

Now they want to pretend that they had nothing to do with the disaster that Obama has created and even he is encouraging them to distance themselves in order to try and deceive voters into thinking that the Democrat majority and individual Representatives were innocent of assisting in the disastrous policy that has angered the people and taken our Nation down the destructive path it has followed since Obama took office.

Democrats have traditionally tried to act more conservative when election time has come in order to deceive voters into believing that they did not follow or believe in the liberal ideology that is less popular with the people. In the past this deception has worked as voters have bought into the conservative act that Democrats have put on in order to win an election.

This year they have a major problem with trying to pretend to be more conservative than liberal. Democrats have a disastrous legislative record at the hands of Obama which has not just angered the people but caused a great awakening of the people who are paying attention to what is happening in Washington much more than in the past. As a result average Americans are much more politically savvy and are not as easily deceived by the usual Democrat lie feigning conservatism just to get votes.

As Democrats face the voters they are going to have to answer to the people concerning their support of Obama's agenda and the people are demanding answers. Americans who have traditionally only followed the political process in the days or maybe few weeks before an election are a minority and candidates are facing a much more involved and informed electorate who are not going to just take their word for it anymore. So feigning conservatism and distancing themselves from Obama just to win votes will not work this time.

There are many Republicans who will be facing the same problem. Not so much because they have supported Obama but because of the well informed electorate, voters are also awakened to the actions of RINOS who are running for re-election and they too will not be able to feign conservatism just because they have an, "R," behind their name in order to win a vote. Their record in Washington will precede them and voters will decide on that record rather than the usual campaign rhetoric.

On the Democrat side whether Obama will be able to take a back seat and a lower profile remains to be seen. This is a person who loves the spotlight and has to have his hand in everything. His suggestion to Democrats that he will do anything they need to keep majorities in the House and Senate even if is means not campaigning for Democrat candidates will be a hard pill to swallow for the ever present Obama. In many States and Districts Obama's continually falling popularity is as much a negative for voters as the record of the candidate who is running for re-election. But whether or not the egotistical Obama can stay out of the picture is questionable.

Either way incumbents especially Democrats and RINOS face an extremely tough battle for re-election this fall. Democrats will not be able to run away from the Obama, Pelosi, Reid legislative agenda which has damaged our country. RINOS will not be able to convince conservatives that their ,"experience," is a plus as they have in the past. Voters are awake and paying attention this year as never before in my lifetime. Deceptions of the past will not turn the political tide as it has in mid terms of the past.

This year a sitting President has coat tails unlike those of any other sitting President. Coat tails are usually based on the popularity of a President and that popularity can give momentum to candidates of that Presidents party or candidates he supports. This year Obama's coat tails because of his disastrous agenda, the anger of the people and the awakening of the people will provide such a negative whether he campaigns or not, that candidates who supported him will find themselves in the unemployment line come November no matter how they campaign.

Ken Taylor

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