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Friday, October 21, 2011


We have listened to the lecturer in chief whine in speech after speech about how his jobs bill will create American jobs. Of course anyone with any fiscal sense at all understands that this is nothing more than another liberal Obama stimulus package that if passed will follow the failed path of the trillion dollar package two years ago.

We have also listened to Obama in speech after speech whine about wanting to see the stamp, "made in America," on goods sold in The United States. So with his rhetoric one would think that Obama policy and his administrations willingness to loan tax payer money as,"stimulus," for business would match his rhetoric and seek to create American jobs with goods manufactured in America right?

WRONG!! It seems that his political agenda for green energy and his anti oil agenda is more important than American jobs and goods manufactured in America. Obama's energy department with the full knowledge of Obama loaned Fisker Karma $529 million dollars for the production of an electric car with the promise of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

Vice President Joe Biden on behalf of his boss heralded the loan in the same manner he did the half billion dollar loan to the now bankrupt and failed Solyndra, the solar energy company that went bankrupt less than a year after receiving a tax payer loan with evidence mounting that the administration was well aware of the financial failure of the company but made the bad loan anyway to push Obama's green energy agenda.

Now in like manner pushing his green energy agenda another half billion dollars of tax payer money is loaned to Fisker Karma for the creation of an electric car and American jobs and goods. The only problem is that it has created manufacturing jobs for workers in FINLAND and NOT The United States. The company that Biden heralded as a job creator for America and good old American goods has been outsourced to Finland using American tax payer money to do so.

When the owner of the company was asked why his company chose to manufacture in Finland rather than The United States he stated,"We're not in the business of failing; we're in the business of winning. So we make the right decision for the business. That's why we went to Finland." From a business stand point his statement makes sense but for the Obama administration to loan a half billion in tax payer dollars to boost workers and manufacturing in Finland makes NO SENSE at all.

In addition to this loan pushing Obama's energy agenda the company also has strong political connections which makes the loan look politically based as well. Fisker Karma Automotive is backed by a venture capital firm whose partners include Al Gore who is well known for his green energy agenda and whose agenda Obama backs without question.

So much for Obama's concern for American jobs. So much for Obama's concern for products made in America. It seems anyone who fits his political agenda and his war against oil companies which is responsible for much of the recent hike in gas prices, is first in line to get US tax payer dollars and first in line to receive the full backing of the Obama White House for business. Obama's whine about US jobs and US goods is just one more lie in a long line of lies that have come out of the mouth of the liar in chief and his temporary position as occupant of the Oval Office.

Ken Taylor


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