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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


In an attempt to convince the American people that he is taking cutting the deficit seriously Barack Obama announced a two year freeze on federal employee salaries across the board. This freeze does not include the military but only civilian salaries. According to White House figures freezing salaries will save 5 billion dollars over the two years.

5 billion dollars in not even a dent in a deficit that exceeds well over a trillion dollars each of the two years of the freeze which is the first indication that this freeze is not only a political ploy by Obama but nothing more that a joke to try and dupe the American people into believing that he is actually interested in reducing the deficit the HE created.

His record on spending adds to the proof that he has no desire in reducing the deficit. When he took office he, "inherited," a deficit of just over 450 billion dollars. Not chicken feed but nothing compared to the deficits he quickly created with his explosion of government growth and spending. Within the first two months of his administration he exploded the 2009 fiscal deficit from what he inherited to a massive 1.2 TRILLION dollars almost tripling the deficit in short order.

His budget projections for the duration of his entire one and ONLY Presidential term has the deficit NEVER dropping below the trillion dollar mark and in fact by 2013 which will be the first year of the next Presidential term, Obama's deficit projections finally get the deficit down to what he exploded it to in his first two months in office. So he has NEVER had any interest in deficit reduction.

Now on to his claim that he is freezing federal salaries for two years. Civilian federal employees have several different classification with as many additional classifications in each ranking that enable an employee to rise in both position and salary during their employment with the government.

Federal employees also have several built in salary increases to compensate them for inflation etc. Each year they automatically receive two such raises. One built in as a yearly raise to compensate them for their time as a federal employee and the second to compensate them for inflationary increases so that the salary they receive in comparable to any inflationary increases in the cost of living.

The, "freeze," Obama announced does not end the automatic percentage raise every federal employee receives each year. The inflationary, cost of living increase is the ONLY increase that will be frozen at current levels. All federal employees will still receive their annual raise even during this so called freeze. Their salaries will just not be adjusted in accordance to inflation for two years as has been the case in the past.

So this sacrifice that Obama is claiming he is forcing on federal employees is nothing more than his usual smoke and mirrors, full of deception in order to try and convince the American people he actually is interested in deficit reduction and that he understands the message we sent this leftist ideologue with the shellacking we gave him and his party in the mid term election.

His deceptive so called, "freeze," of federal salaries shows that Obama still is playing games with our money, has no serious interest in reducing the deficit and is still planning on continuing his agenda even with a GOP Congress who will fight him every step of the way. In Obamaland government spending is the only answer to every problem our Nation faces and Obama has no intention of changing his leftist stripes.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 28, 2010


Soon after the first of the year, at least by Spring, the 2012 Presidential cycle with sprout its wings and candidates who are for the moment speculation will being announcing their exploratory committees, begin raising funds and eventually make that anticipated announcement officially kicking off their run for The White House. Barack Obama is already gearing up for it as David Axelrod is soon leaving to begin what should be a failed run for a second term.

Republicans have a major decision facing them when it comes to a field of candidates who in all honesty do not excite the GOP electorate enough for any of the speculative bunch to garner a significant enough lead in preliminary polling for a , "front runner," to emerge as the Presidential season soon begins in earnest. The list is long but the interest is not for any one or even three or four possible candidates.

Yet within this future candidate we as conservatives have a task before us that is not only daunting but the future of our Republic rides on who we choose as our candidate and whether that candidate can, one beat Obama, which at least at this point in his unpopularity looks to be a little easier task than usual when a incumbent President is in the election mix. Secondly we must field a candidate who after winning the Presidency does NOT fall into mediocrity as did most of the modern Republican Presidents.

Why do I warn of Republican Presidential mediocrity? It is the failure of Republican Presidents in the last almost 40 years that have created the liberal ideologue Democrat Presidents who have been among our worst and especially the current disaster who will go down in history AS our worst Chief Executive.

The failure and scandals of Richard Nixon which angered Americans bleeding over into the Ford years created Jimmy Carter who as President weakened our country and sent us on a domestic tailspin that saw inflation above 20% and The United States almost becoming a second rate power both militarily and economically. George H.W. Bush and his, "no new taxes," pledge which was broken along with a very mediocre Presidency which saw Bush fall from a popularity during the Gulf War in the 90 percentile to the low 40's, created Bill Clinton who tried to take the country to the far left but wised up after his 1994 GOP Congressional shellacking and reluctantly worked with the GOP Congress still fighting for his liberal causes while being impeached for lying to a Grand Jury confused over the definition of, "is."

Now we come to our current White House occupant who is the Frankenstein of creations by the mediocrity of a Republican President. George W. Bush was a better President than his father yet his failure to stick to his conservative guns by moving to a centrist and in many cases an almost Democrat light approach on the domestic front along with a Republican Congress that followed his example created Barack Obama and helped lead us into the mess we find ourselves in now.

It wasn't Bush's prosecution of the war thrust on him by 9/11 nor the total fault of a liberal press that vilified him while he seldom defended himself that created his mediocricy as President but his failure to stand true to conservative values and principles which allowed him to drift from the right to left of center domestic policies and spending which gave voters pause and ushered in the Pelosi/Reid Congress and gave conception and eventual birth to Barack Obama and his Presidency.

Had Bush followed the one and only example in the Presidency over the last 40 years that brought a successful Republican administration and did not create a liberal ideologue who followed in The White House, Barack Obama would have been just a foot note in election politics and not the disaster and dangerous President he has become. Bush's troubles caused confusion in the GOP ranks giving rise to John McCain who at best was a wet rag candidate that excited no one adding to the false luster of Obama who rise was created by Bush and enhanced by McCain.

The one example of a Republican administration that did not create a liberal ideologue who followed a mediocre GOP President was Ronald Reagan. Reagan stood fast to his conservative principles and values throughout his Presidency. He lead this Nation with strength of character and conscience that revitalized American power both at home and abroad. He did not yield when critics condemned him over his stance against The Soviet Union and he proved to be right in that stance.

Domestically he remained true to his conservative values while battling a Democrat Congress yet still managing to get most of his agenda through that Congress by taking his case directly to the people which caused Congress to back down because of Reagan's connection with Americans and his ability to promote what he believed which just enhanced that connection to a conservative Nation.

Reagan's Presidency was not perfect but it was far from mediocre and his strength as a leader along with his ability to inspire Americans to excel and embrace American exceptionalism and patriotism gave us one of the greatest Presidency's in our history and when he left office he left behind a legacy of greatness that caused the Nation to embrace the candidate he endorsed rather than falling for the flim flam of a created liberal ideologue who falls into office because of a mediocre Republican President.

Whether the left likes it or not we are a conservative Nation. Whether the liberal press believes it or not conservative values and principles if adhered to work to keep us strong and provide domestic success both economically, socially and respect on the foreign front. As Ronald Reagan proved, when a President governs by conservative values and principles the Nation does not fall for the liberal scam candidates who cry for change ONLY for change sake.

Our Nation is crying for strong conservative leadership in our next President. We are longing to see a return to the principles that most of the Nation lives by. Conservative values that embrace God, the family, patriotism, pride in our exceptionalism as a Nation and a people and principles that place the Constitution before ideology and government as a small and quiet servant not a slave master.

As we begin to wade through the field of current Republican prospects or find that one or two whose star has not risen yet but will show as the Presidential season gets into full swing, we must back a candidate who encompasses the principles and values we believe and as Reagan proved the majority of the Nation believes. We cannot settle for mediocrity in our conservative choice but must look for greatness which can inspire our Nation to be equally as great and reach for the stars because THAT is who we are as Americans.

We must find a candidate whose greatness equals the task before them and in whom we can trust to fulfill that task as President and when finished leaves behind a legacy to their predecessor which prevents created disasters like Carter, Clinton and Obama from rising and falling into the Presidency because the people have grown tired of Republican mediocrity in a President. Reagan's greatness passed down his legacy and prevented an ideologue for change form rising. Whomever we select for 2012 must do the same or even after a Republican Presidency following the Obama disaster we will once again face a repeat of 2008 and the rise of another Obama.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


General Thanksgiving
By the PRESIDENT of the United States Of America

Whereas it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor; and Whereas both Houses of Congress have, by their joint committee, requested me to "recommend to the people of the United States a day of public thanksgiving and prayer, to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favors of Almighty God, especially by affording them an opportunity peaceably to establish a form of government for their safety and happiness:"

Now, therefore, I do recommend and assign Thursday, the 26th day of November next, to be devoted by the people of these States to the service of that great and glorious Being who is the beneficent author of all the good that was, that is, or that will be; that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks for His kind care and protection of the people of this country previous to their becoming a nation; for the signal and manifold mercies and the favorable interpositions of His providence in the course and conclusion of the late war; for the great degree of tranquility, union, and plenty which we have since enjoyed; for the peaceable and rational manner in which we have been enable to establish constitutions of government for our safety and happiness, and particularly the national one now lately instituted for the civil and religious liberty with which we are blessed, and the means we have of acquiring and diffusing useful knowledge; and, in general, for all the great and various favors which He has been pleased to confer upon us.

And also that we may then unite in most humbly offering our prayers and supplications to the great Lord and Ruler of Nations and beseech Him to pardon our national and other transgressions; to enable us all, whether in public or private stations, to perform our several and relative duties properly and punctually; to render our National Government a blessing to all the people by constantly being a Government of wise, just, and constitutional laws, discreetly and faithfully executed and obeyed; to protect and guide all sovereigns and nations (especially such as have shown kindness to us), and to bless them with good governments, peace, and concord; to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion and virtue, and the increase of science among them and us; and, generally to grant unto all mankind such a degree of temporal prosperity as He alone knows to be best.

Given under my hand, at the city of New York, the 3d day of October, A.D. 1789.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Wikileaks made headlines when they released thousand of pages of classified documents about the Iraq war. They followed it up with thousands more on Afghanistan. Now Wikileaks has announced the pending release of 3 million additional classified documents which will again provide detail into military and covert activities which are supposed to be classified and not available to the public.

When this new revelation of 3 million soon to be released classified documents surfaced, it seemed to me that evidence is mounting because of the volume of the leak that this is not just some happenstance finding but an intentional leak which could find its origin as sanctioned by The White House.

Let me explain. If you will recall last year Barack Obama wanted to release documents and pictures of supposed, "torture," which was alleged to be taking place by military personnel during the Bush administration. This release controversy went on for several weeks with the final decision being not to release the documents or pictures because of the public out cry against it.

Now we are seeing millions of classified documents from the same period of time, "magically," finding their way onto an Internet sight called Wikileaks, with little reaction by the administration and almost no investigation as to the source of the leak. Which begs to find the answer to several questions.

1. Who is the leak?

2. How are so many documents being leaked without the source being found ?

3 Why is there not a full fledged intense investigation taking place to discover the source of the leak.

4. Is our intelligence and military so vulnerable to exposure of classified material that it is possible to leak so many classified documents ?

and finally the most pressing question:

5. Are these leaks intentional and if so who ordered it ?

I believe that if the answer to the final question is found then the source as well and the intention behind the leaks will also be found. If our intelligence and military were so easily compromised concerning classified documents, doesn't it stand to reason that documents would have been leaked long ago ? Especially with a media that is looking for a sensational story to fill the 24/7 news cycle.

Another indicator that this leak may very well be intentional is the fact the little investigation has taken place to find the source. Which again lends to the idea that the leak is intentional and Congress has avoided looking for the source because the source comes from The White House who has been looking for a way to make public what Obama believes are wrong doings by the Bush administration.

I hope that when the new Congress convenes a full and complete investigation will take place to find how millions of classified documents can find there way to Wikileaks. The fact that there are so many and the leak has been consistent lends to the idea that this was an intentional leak possibly with White House sanction or by specific order from Obama or one of his cronies to give Obama ,"plausible deniability."

I may be totally wrong and this leak is just some guy who stumbled onto a classified gold mine. But with the willingness of the Obama administration in looking to make The United States look like an evil entity and the cause of the world problems and their obvious attempts to vilify the Bush administration at every opportunity combined with the lack of investigation by a Democrat Congress, the finger cannot help but point to an intentional leak with The White House behind it.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 21, 2010


As I was anticipating what Thanksgiving would offer, great food, time with our families, football, Christmas decorating and reflecting on the goodness that God has bestowed, I was traveling on one of the main highways near my home. It was cool for the Southeastern Coastal Area and the chill in the air actually added to the warm holiday feeling.

My thoughts were centering around Thanksgiving and out of the corner of my eye I noticed a 100 foot pole with what I believe is one of the most beautiful sights on earth waiving in the breeze. Old Glory was at full furl in the wind. As I took in this magnificent scene I began thinking about the marvelous heritage we as Americans have that no one else on earth can claim.

A heritage that at times we take for granted which has brought us freedom and liberty that have never been experienced before in human history except in this land we love, The United States of America. Freedom that began as ideals then flourished into the gathering of some of the most brilliant minds the world has ever known who met in Philadelphia in 1776 and displayed the courage to commit treason against the British Crown in placing their names on a most precious document that brought their ideals into reality and gave birth to a nation.

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

These are more than just words penned to paper but the birth of freedom and opportunity that began the heritage which allows each of us as Americans to relfect with grateful hearts for all that God has given us throughout our short and prosperous history. This heritage came at a cost through great sacrifice to insure that those freedoms expressed so many years ago which are, "endowed by our Creator," are able continue for us and future generations.

I think of those bitter days at Valley Forge when the determination of George Washington held the fledgling Continental Army together to later become victorious baptizing this new nation with the precious blood of fallen hero's. Of those terrible years from 1860-1865 when this young country and her Constitution were put through the ultimate test when brother fought brother, both believing that they were fighting for the same ideals that the Founders intended and when the test was over this Nation found a new birth of freedom that, "this government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

I think of the Dough-Boys living in the filth of the trenches of WW I hundreds of miles from home yet still fighting for the same ideals that their brothers died for in the Revolution. Of the , "Greatest Generation, " who sacrificed and defeated fascism to ring liberties bell loud and long throughout the world as Old Glory flew proclaiming that all men can be free.

The men who landed at Inchon and climbed Pork Chop Hill in, "The Forgotten War, " Korea, but who fought for liberties flag with the same determination and sacrifice as their brothers of the past. Those who sacrificed and gave of themselves in the jungles of Vietnam standing true to liberties cause. The thousands of hero's of Desert Storm, Fallujah, Baghdad and the mountains of Afghanistan who defended liberty and sacrificed for freedom.

Then I realized that this marvelous heritage that has grown through history is not just a heritage of the past but a living vibrant heritage that continues to grow and flourish each day that the Red, White and Blue flies, whether here at home, the Middle East, north or south, east or west or where ever the influence of, " We the People," and the immortal words of the Declaration penned in 1776 and the Constitution penned in 1787 are expressed by our brave men and women in uniform or by travelers on business or pleasure both at home and abroad. For you see all of us are part of this historical and living heritage that is America.

As freedom rings in this land we love, General Washington still strides atop his white horse. Abraham Lincoln continues to share both his whit and his wisdom to us all. Orville and Wilbur Wright will always be flying at Kitty Hawk, NC. Thomas Edison is inventing the light bulb. Alexander Graham Bell still asks Watson, "can you hear me?" Both making earth changing discoveries. David O Selznick forever directs Scarlett and Rhett. Sousa still waves his baton to the stirring fanfare of , "Stars and Stripes Forever."

As freedom rings in our beloved America, the battleship Arizona and her brave crew will always sail the seas. Lucy, Ricky, Barney, Andy and the Beaver forever make us laugh. John F. Kennedy eternally proclaims, "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." Neal Armstrong continues to, "take one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind." Ronald Reagan will always see, "the shining city on a hill, " and the World Trade Center will forever stand glistening in the sun.

Today in distant lands our best and brightest are fighting to keep this heritage of freedom and liberty alive and vibrant so that future generations can forever sing, "My country tis of thee, sweet land of liberty of thee I sing." So that future generations will always be able to reflect with pride on the liberties they are now paying for with their unselfish sacrifice.

During this time set aside on the long calendar year to give thanks for all that we have and all that we are, let us not neglect to remember the bountiful blessing each of us know as The United States of America. Giving thanks for our family, our hero's serving in distant lands and here at home. Thanksgiving for our freedoms and the living, breathing heritage that keeps us free. God bless you and yours through this holiday season and may God continue to bless The United States of America. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ken Taylor

Friday, November 19, 2010


Barack Obama the pretender in chief who, when not traveling the world, golfing or vacationing does find time to sit in the Oval Office, is in way over his head with the responsibilities of the Presidency. Everything he is involved with has spiraled out of control. His domestic agenda is a shambles, his foreign policy agenda is a wreck and there are reports that Obama is becoming less engaged with the day to day responsibilities and depressed.

Obama being way over his head is not a surprise since his lack of any executive experience as well as his relatively short time in national politics all foretold of not only a failed Presidency but a Chief Executive who would be lost in the massive job of The United States Presidency. As a result many on the left especially the liberal press are beginning to suggest that the job of President is too much for one person to handle.

After all as they see if the, "brilliant, energetic, elite and god like, " Barack Obama can't handle it no one can. Their rationalization in making this suggestion stems from their apologetic pampering of Obama and their refusal to not only admit he was not capable of the Presidency in the first place but also their refusal from the very beginning to accept that he was NEVER the person for the job.

Now with his approval numbers consistently falling, only 26% of Americans stating he should have a second term and both the Presidency and nation in a shambles, the Obamamites in the press suggest that the job is just too much for one person to handle. Well I have news for them it is too much for ONLY the inept and incompetent Barack Obama to handle.

This,"suggestion," by the Obamaite press echos one made over thirty years ago when an equally inept Democrat was in office with the Presidency and the country in a shambles as a result of Presidential incompetence. The apologists for Jimmy Carter suggested during his only term that the Presidency was too big for one person to handle and there were even suggestions that a co-presidency was the answer.

Yet since Carter there have been five Presidents including Obama and not once in any of those Presidency's was it suggested that the job was too big for one person to handle until Obama. Reagan stepped into the Oval Office after the, "too big," suggestion was made with Carter and turned the country around, exploded the economy, strengthened the Nation, restored both domestic and international faith in America, restored American pride, put people back to work and in the process defeated The Soviet Union after a Cold War that had lasted forty years.

No one suggested the job too big when George H.W. Bush followed Reagan nor when the liberal Democrat Bill Clinton held the office for eight years, even with the scandals and problems he had. As vilified by the left and the liberal media as George W. Bush who was accused of cowboy style diplomacy and stupidity by the left, the suggestion that the job was too big for one person never surfaced during his eight years.

Yet now with the failed and totally inept Barack Obama his liberal apologists refuse to accept that this failed ideologue is the problem and not the responsibilities of the Presidency. Obama never had what it takes to be President and never will. This lack of ability shows more each day and his only saving grace is that in January a new Congress will step in to prevent him from collapsing the country through his failure. Not to save him but the Nation FROM Obama. The Presidency is not to big for one person, the problem is that the person who now holds the office now is far too small for the job.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, November 18, 2010


No matter how Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napalitano and the head of the TSA try to spin it, the groping controversy with airport security is not going away and their failure to deal with it in a way that does NOT include a tremendous invasion of privacy exposes the true and real failures of government control over anything especially involving individuals and business.

TSA was made a government entity by an act of Congress when Democrats who were in the majority at the time chose to place the airport security company under total government control rather than allowing the private sector to handle security for airports around the nation. Since then TSA has become a massive government bureaucracy who as with any other government agency becomes completely impersonal and costly to the point that it also becomes ridiculous.

The overbearing power and reach of government is highlighted by the body scan and groping body searches which are now a daily part of airport security since the changes ordered by Homeland Security went into effect on October 29th. The complete lack of concern by TSA and Napalitiano over the invasion of privacy that this enhanced search and scanning causes again exposes just how little concern government has for our privacy, our individuality and our freedom.

Republican Congressman John Mica, who will become Chairman of the House Transportation Committee in January is reminding airports around the country that their contract with government run TSA has an opt out clause which allows them to replace TSA with private security. Airports are now making moves to exercise the opt out clause in light of the scanning/groping controversy.

One major airport which services Central Florida, Orlando Sanford International Airport, is one that is opting out of their TSA contract. "All of our due diligence shows it's the way to go," said Larry Dale, the director of the Sanford Airport Authority. "You're going to get better service at a better price and more accountability and better customer service."

Eliminating the government from airport security and replacing with private companies is not only much more cost effective but allows the airport to have a better handle on security operations. Additionally where private companies are already running security lines are less, customers are treated better and security is actually better as security personnel use their judgement and professional training rather than following a book of bureaucratic rules as is the case with TSA.

With private security body scans, invasive body searches and groping of Nuns and children are not used since security personnel are trained as to WHO to look for and certain signs of problems rather than a policy that targets every individual just because they are boarding a plane. TSA's search or scan all policy is a prime example of government run amok and the answer to the problem since government always seeks to invade our privacy, is to dissolve TSA and return airport security to the private sector. Since eliminating a government agency is next to impossible, then the real choice is to eliminate TSA by attrition with airports exercising the opt out clause forcing TSA to die a painful and quick death.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


After the devastating loses given by the people to Democrats in this years mid term election, many, this writer NOT included among them, thought that the defeat signaled Democrats would change and because the people spoke loud and clear they would finally, "get it." It didn't take long for the Obama/Pelosi led party to start showing signs that not only did they not, "get it," but the arrogance that was on display throughout their tenure in the majority was still in place and actually strengthened.

In interviews and reports during the immediate after math of the election Obama before escaping to India, said the reason for Democrat loses was because, he didn't get their message out as he should. The people simply did not understand what he was doing and how he single handily saved the country. You and I know this was nothing more that a load of horse manure but Obama to this day believes it to be true.

Nancy Pelosi in like manner stated the message was not made clear enough for we low life's who are beneath these elitist ideologues and again we simply in our ignorance did not understand. Although most House Democrats ran away from the Obama/Pelosi agenda and from Pelosi as Speaker specifically during the election, she still rationalizes the loss as having NOTHING to do with her and it was just the bad economy and NOT unconstitutional and unpopular legislation. So she throws a party to celebrate.

Democrats are out there somewhere in la la land living in an alternate reality and proved it once again as rather than dealing with pressing issues during the lame duck session like extending the Bush tax cuts to prevent all tax paying Americans from experiencing the largest tax hike in our Nation's history on January first, by holding the ethics trial of New York Democrat Charlie Rangel.

The trial which was nothing more than a Democrat show with Rangle dramatically leaving the proceedings because he had no representation and supposedly did not have the money to hire a new attorney. The House ethics subcommittee met in closed session and found him guilty on 11 of 13 counts and will reveal their ,"punishment," in the next few days. Immediately after the guilty verdict was released, House Democrats began circling the wagons around Rangel instead of distancing themselves because they knew this out come even before it started.

That outcome being this. The show trial was put first on the lame duck agenda so Rangel who should be expelled from Congress for his activities but with the circling that has followed the, "trial, " obviously will stay in the New York seat and ONLY receive a slap on the wrist by possible censure and maybe a fine. One of the very things the American people have shown their disgust over in the politics as usual actions by Democrats. Placing it first on the lame duck agenda was intentional so they could give Rangel a slap knowing that if it had waited until January the new GOP House would fry the New York Democrat which is what he deserved.

Now after some initial positioning Nancy Pelosi rather than retiring as she said she would if Democrats lost the House, will be elected Minority Leader and still in charge of House Democrats. This too signals Democrats have not changed and with them it is business as usual as their House leadership which led them to a massive mid term defeat will stay in place.

So Democrats have not learned anything from the lesson clearly sent by the people on November second. They still believe they did nothing wrong and the people who are just ignorant, did not understand what they were doing. So the voice of the people as it has all along still means NOTHING to Democrats which will once again lead to their further demise in the 2012 election especially when Republicans follow through on the people's agenda as they have indicated they fully understand the message sent by the electorate.

And where is Barack Obama in all of this. Doing what he always does, touring the world, blaming Republicans and George Bush while pretending he is the king of America. After returning from a vacation style trip to India and Indonesia and a failed attempt for a trade treaty with South Korea and an equally failed appearance at the G-20 summit, Obama is soon off again to romp around Europe without a clue and continuing his failure as President.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am not one to complain about measures necessary to insure the safety of passengers and crew at Americas airports and on commercial airlines. After the attacks of 9/11 airport security and the protection of the millions in our country who use air transportation has and continues to be a top priority when combating terrorism and as a vital part of national security.

But when it comes to the Transportation Security Administration, (TSA), using full body scans which produce an image for a complete stranger to see boarding passengers in all their glory and/or the groping of everyone even Nuns and children, terrorism has won and airport security under government supervision has run amok.

All of these unnecessary, "security," measures are a result of a politically correct system which refuses to do what airport security all around the world does and has done for years, profile potential problem passengers based on terrorism activity and those who are typically associated with terrorism acts. Rather than stopping potential terrorist acts on airliners, the TSA practice of scanning and groping makes passengers prisoners and objects of embarrassing, insulting and invasion of privacy security checks that punish all passengers and arrests those who do not want their bodies violated.

Israel which has been involved with terrorism far longer than The United States has a very successful security program that is not an invasion of privacy and does not needlessly grope or scan passengers but thwarts potential terrorism problems consistently. Ticket takers at Israeli Airports are trained to spot potential problems based on a profile that spotlights terrorism and not groping Nuns, children and the elderly like the TSA program does.

As a result Israel without ridiculous invasion procedures has the ability to prevent possible terrorist boarding without keeping passengers prisoners of a failed system like TSA does here in the States. The TSA system did not even catch Faisal Shahzad, the Times Square bomber before he boarded a plane at New York's JFK airport even after a bulletin had been issued describing him and why he was to be held for questioning.

Now Janet Napalitano, Homeland Security Secretary is taking this unnecessary and failed politically correct security to a new level by considering issuing a search waiver to all Muslim woman because of religious beliefs. While the waiver is understandable to a point it is ONLY the liberal PC toward Muslims which is considering this and NOT a respect for their religion. If a waiver because of religious reasons were true and PC was not involved then the wavier would be issued to the Catholic Church whose Sisters in robes have as much a right to not be groped as any Muslim woman wearing their robes.

TSA has been a total failure and should be disbanded. When it was decided by Democrats that TSA become a government entity rather than run by the private sector, its failure as a security agency was inevitable. In airports where TSA is managed by the private sector as an experiment problems that exist in those run by government are far less and the boarding procedures are not only less obtrusive but managed better than the government run security system. Neither though come close to the success of the Israeli system which does not punish the passenger as TSA does.

When the new Congress convenes, Republicans are already discussing addressing the problem with the incoming House Transportation Committee Chairman reminding airports they have the legal right as stated in the TSA contract to opt out of TSA airport security in favor of better managed and less obtrusive private security companies. The ridiculous practices of government controlled TSA cannot be allowed to continue. TSA's over kill under the direction of Janet Napalitiano is a victory for terrorism and punishing the American people rather than those responsible for the need of security measures in the first place.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 14, 2010


The 2010 mid term is behind us with the results being a devastating political blow to Barack Obama and his bid for reelection in 2012. There is considerable speculation as to whether Obama should even run for reelection much less his chances of winning. Much of the polling for the 2012 Presidential race shows Obama with only slightly over a 30% show of support among voters for a reelection bid. With more than two years left in his Presidency and such low numbers of reelection support a GOP landslide for the White House looks like a possibility.

But it is this possibility that poses a very troubling problem for Republicans when it comes to beating Obama and making him a one term President. Though his popularity has fallen considerably and when a generic question is asked as to whether voters would choose to reelect Obama or not shows very low support, the polling numbers are quite different when Obama is polled against those thought to be the GOP front runners for 2012.

When particular specific Republican candidates, all considered front runners in the GOP field, are polled in a head to head race with Barack Obama each either lose to him or the race is so close it is well within the margin of error. Which exposes the dilemma facing a now resurgent GOP as we draw closer to the 2012 Presidential election. Though voters don't care for Obama and also don't want him reelected, they aren't exactly head over heals for ANY of those who are believed to have aspirations for the Presidency in the Republican camp either.

So where does that leave conservatives as we look forward to Obama being a two year lame duck President with a, "one and done," Presidency. Who do we throw our support behind and what are their chances of actually winning not only the Republican nomination but the Presidency in 2012. Let's take a look at those considered the front runners and how they stack up from a Conservative view point.

Mitt Romney - Romney has made his 2012 aspirations well known. Many believe he is THE top candidate in the GOP field. While he has the Presidential, "look," he has major problems for conservative support in 2012. Anyone who opposes Obamacare and must consider Romney a dead horse because of his record as Massachusetts Governor. Romneycare, as it has been called, is almost a State image of Obama's debacle and Romney supports some sort of Universal Health Care. His program has cost Massachusetts millions and he still brags about how, "good," it is. Though he polls well at GOP gatherings in straw polls, remember those are easily manipulated by getting supporters for a given candidate to flood the poll. Romney also has the loser curse on him. Only Richard Nixon has won the Presidency AFTER losing the election in a prior election year. Ronald Reagan won after losing the nomination in 1976 and Bush 41 did also but only because he was Reagan's VP. Once a candidate loses they are usually cursed to lose again.

Mike Huckabee - The former Arkansas Governor has become quite the celebrity with his Fox News television show. But again Huckabee has some political baggage when it comes to garnering real conservative support for 2012. While Governor of Arkansas Huckabee though talking as a fiscal conservative actually raised the tax rate in the state during his reign as State Chief Executive. He raised taxes as Governor MORE than Bill Clinton who held the states previous record. Why would a Huckabee Presidency be any different. Also Huckabee holds the same loser curse as Romney voters don't elect former nomination losers.

Sarah Palin - Sarah is a true conservative through and through. She helped catapult the Tea Party into the national spotlight and has an excellent record of victories with conservative candidates she has endorsed, supported and campaigned for. She is a power house on the campaign trail and her support is almost election assurance. She has avoided specifically saying yes to a 2012 run but has also NOT ruled it out and her actions are definitely pointed toward the Presidency. Among possible 2012 candidates Palin polls much lower than others when head to head with Obama mostly because she is very polarizing and voters while liking her are not sure they trust her or want her for the Presidency. She also has a lot of undeserved baggage because of the liberal press and her resignation as Alaska Governor.

Newt Gingrich - The former Speaker of the House is probably the most knowledgeable and politically savvy of Republicans considering a 2012 run. His experience in the political field combined with his excellent knowledge of history and grasp of the issues makes Gingrich a highly qualified candidate for the Presidency. He has strong conservative credentials but has angered conservatives several times because he has shown a tendency to set aside conservative principles momentarily to favor what is supposedly best politically which sometimes does not see eye to eye with conservative values and ideals. He like Palin also has a considerable amount of undeserved media driven baggage, but unlike Palin, Gingrich has some personal baggage due to an affair which would hound him in a Presidential run.

Bobby Jindal - The Louisiana Governor has not made Presidential aspirations known but because of his rising star in GOP circles his name falls into the mix. He has brought good conservative governing to a state that was plagued by years of liberal dominance and is turning the states fortunes around because of it. Though carrying no baggage like other front runners, Jindal has the unfortunate situation of being an virtual unknown to most voters and Governor of a State that only makes headlines in a disaster. He was also not at all impressive during his big national opportunity when he gave the GOP response to Obama's first State of the Union. While saying good things his delivery was poor and sounded almost childish which does not play well on a national stage.

Jeb Bush - Many conservatives like Jeb and rightfully so because he has a decent conservative record. But Bush's problem is simple which is why this evaluation will be short. He is a Bush and the American people will not vote another Bush in no matter how likable he is because it looks to much like a Presidential Dynasty.

Jim DeMint - Of all the 2012 possibilities DeMint has the strongest conservative credentials. He has been an unabashed in the trenches Constitutional conservative who has shown no fear of taking a principled stand alone as long as it followed strict Constitutional muster. His willingness to buck the party political system has drawn anger from party officials but if he makes a Presidential run that can easily be overcome with voter popularity. DeMint has stated he has no Presidential aspirations but has also not closed the door either choosing to rather support another but showing a willingness to run if no other steps forward taking a principled conservative stand. He could be a 2012 dark horse.

Chris Christie - Like DeMint, Christie does not run from a fight nor back down when it comes to principles and tough decisions. He has gained considerable popularity among conservatives as he has taken strong stands making touch decisions to turn New Jersey around even taking on the powerful special interests without blinking an eye. Also like DeMint, Christie has made it clear he has no Presidential aspirations but again like DeMint he has been in the spotlight recently because of his tough stands and statements which anger the party elite and has gained a good national following. Christie could be another 2012 dark horse.

There are several others who are considered by most as 2012 GOP possibilities which I will bunch into one category for now because even with some national spotlight none have excited voters in the least and at best are considered extremely long shots. They are Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, Mike Pence, ( a quick note on Pence, his star is rising and his conservative credentials are impeccable, but only James Garfield successfully went from a sitting Congressman to the Presidency so there is a historical precedence to consider with voter response), Haley Barbour, John Thune, Mitch Daniels and some have even suggested Jan Brewer. This is not saying that in the long run to 2012 any of these could rise to prominence but at the moment their ticket is weak.

This is the dilemma the GOP faces as 2012 now takes center stage in election politics. While there are good conservatives among those who are considered possibilities for a Presidential run none are showing support among voters enough to defeat Barack Obama much less provide a landslide like the lashing handed to him in the 2010 mid terms. There are still two years until the election and several months before those wanting to run must officially throw their hat into the ring.

One of the problems that helped to destroy GOP chances in 2008 was far to many candidates jumped into the Presidential fray much to early which caused a tiring of election politics by the time the primaries came around. Early front runners faded because of too much face time before the primary elections and a general boredom by the electorate caused low primary turn as no candidate excited the masses. As a result the lack luster John McCain won the nomination and crashed against the unknown, unsubstantial but very charismatic Barack Obama. Even with the sub prime crisis which hurt the GOP more than Democrats a strong Republican candidate could have beaten Obama in 2008.

So there you have it the GOP dilemma and why Barack Obama though unpopular and failing completely as President could still pull out a reelection victory even with the lashing he took earlier this month and the expected conservative change in Congress who are already indicating will follow the will of the people and have learned their lesson from the failure of a GOP majority of the past. Even with a battle ready House standing with the American people against Obama's agenda who has made it known he is not willing to compromise and listen, the lack of an strong Republican challenger who can excite voters in 2012 still gives Obama an inside track for now.

Now don't get me wrong, there is a long time and a lot of additional Obama failures that could cause even a weak, or baggage filled GOP candidate to rise up and defeat Obama. I still believe he is going to be a one term President because he has failed so miserably and will continue to do so. He is a complete liberal/socialist/Marxist political ideologue and that will not change because he is far to arrogant to change his stripes and admit he is wrong.

But that also does not change the dilemma facing the GOP and the candidate prospects for 2012. If we the people want true strong conservative leadership in The White House than just as we did in the mid term it is up to us to make our voice known and support a candidate who stands with us in our fight to restore our Republic to strict conservative Constitutional government. Research the field and let those who stand for what we believe know of our support and urge them to step forward for us and America.

Ken Taylor

Friday, November 12, 2010


After his taxpayer funded vacation tour of India and Indonesia, Barack Obama is now attending the G20 summit in Japan. He attends this summit which is focusing on the worlds troubled economy after failing to reach a trade agreement with South Korea that was considered a done deal because of negotiations that had take place during the Bush administration. Obama in his usual arrogant fashion changed many of the already negotiated provisions and South Korea rejected his proposals.

So with his tail between his legs Obama meets with world leaders at the G20 to discuss how to again get the economic situation back on track. Obama is proposing a , "get tough," stance on China's economy who has been flooding the markets with the Chinese Yuan which is keeping their currency undervalued. Obama, (get this from Mr. Hypocrisy), stated in a press conference that China must start letting, "markets set the, (Chinese), currency," to allow its value to increase.

Why is this statement hypocritical ? Last week the Fed with the full backing of The White House and a statement of the backing by Obama himself, flooded the US economy with 600 billion dollars of printed cash to, as Obama put it, "stimulate," economic growth in America. What this wrong move actually did was devalue the US dollar creating inflationary pricing and rather than stimulating the economy will actually deepen the recessive stagnation.

Immediately on the circulation of this 600 billion the price of oil shot up because a devalued American dollar increases oil prices since the cost of a barrel of oil is based on the America dollar. A devalued dollar equates to a more expensive barrel of oil. This, "stimulus," through increased prices at the pump forces an increase in consumer goods from higher transportation costs.

Both higher gas prices and higher consumer goods does not stimulate the economy but rather damages the purchasing power of consumers at the dollar does not stretch as well as prices rise and gas costs more. So spending drops and consumer confidence crashes all taking place at the all important Christmas shopping season which is the most important time for retail business.

Obama's idea that flooding the economy with money works as a stimulus has been the key failure of his economic policy since the massive trillion dollar stimulus bill and printing worthless currency creating inflationary prices does not work any better than throwing tax payer money to non - existent, "shovel ready," projects.

At the G20 Obama condemns China for doing the exact same thing he is doing in our country and bragging that other Nations are growing at such a rapid pace while the American economy under his leadership is crashing and as he puts is, "no longer the dominant power," which also fits in with his agenda to bring down America and place us on an even playing field with the rest of the world.

Even with a GOP Congress which will have the power of the purse strings, can we put up with Obama's stupidity for two more years? I never thought I would say this but Jimmy Carter where are you, at least Carter was not anti America like Obama is. 2012 cannot come fast enough to get this insult to the Presidency out of office!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, November 11, 2010


They forged a nation by their sacrifice and blood at places like Lexington, Trenton, Camden and Yorktown. They defended the Capitol in 1812 and in that same century fought in unlikely places like Resaca de la Palmae , Rio San Gabriel in Mexico, Gettysburg, Shilo, and Antietam. They suffered in the muddy trenches of Europe in WWI and stormed the beaches of Normandy, Anzio, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa in WWII. Korea found them at Inchon and Pork Cop Hill and Vietnam sent them to Hamburger Hill, Song Be and the, " Hanoi Hilton."

They combed the seas and skies during the Cold War while in a state of readiness , watching the moves of , "the Big Red Dog." They liberated Kuwait and have fought in the Middle East once again at Fallujah, Bagdhad, and the mountains of Afghanistan. They have served in Germany, Japan, and every nation in the free world as well as thousands of posts throughout The United States. While the Founding Fathers are the authors of our Nation, Veterans are the defenders and the protectors of our freedoms and liberties.

They never left home to be heroes, but in defending this nation that is what they became. Some sought excitement and just the opportunity of leaving home. While others left because of a sense of duty. Not one ever knowing what was in store nor whether they would return home but knowing that service to their country was something they had to do.

They said goodbye to sweethearts, wives, children, moms, dads, friends and neighbors not knowing when they would meet again but left everyone with the assurance that they were doing what they felt was right and necessary for them and the nation they loved. Some never made it home , while others returned troubled by what they experienced or disabled because of wounds received. Many would not talk of what they had seen but all understood that the sacrifice they made was not in vain and helped to keep this Nation and their loved ones free.

Each of us owe a dept of gratitude to these silent heroes that this Nation and her people will never be able to repay. For it is through their sacrifice and commitment that we live and breath in the free air of liberty. With their lives these brave men and women have paid for our liberties by their blood. Through their sweat and determination they fought for a country that they loved and in principles they not only believed in but were willing to lay down their life to defend.

It is because of their sacrifice that we remain free. It is because of their willingness to serve that we are strong and a Nation of greatness. It is because of their dedication to the cause of liberty that we bask in the light of that Statue in the Harbor that calls to the world, "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free."

Each morning we wake in this Nation of the free we owe a debt of thanks to a Vet! As we live and perform our daily tasks we owe a Vet ! When our children leave on the bus in the morning or we drop them off at school we owe their freedom to receive an education to a Vet! When we wake on Sunday mornings and leave for our place of worship we owe that freedom to a Vet ! When we play at Yosemite or in the waves that hit our shores we owe that liberty to a Vet ! When we turn on the tube and root for our favorite NFL , MLB or NBA team or join the fans in the stadiums we owe that enjoyment to a Vet ! When we cash that paycheck or make an investment for the future of our family we owe that financial freedom to a Vet !

When we stand in tribute to the flag that waves in the breeze we owe the very fact that that flag still waves to a Vet ! Our Veterans have served, sacrificed and yes many have died to insure that this Nation will always be free and that each of us who call America home can live free and never worry that those freedoms will be threatened by a foreign power, or military force without their intervention and protection.

While they never sought to be heroes each of them throughout our history have become heroes as they served this Nation and her people throughout the world and here at home. From the beginning our Veterans have told us, " while I serve you will never need worry because I am on watch !"

We owe each of them so much more than we can ever give. They are among us wherever we go in this land and at every opportunity we should tell them how much we appreciate all that they have given for our Nation and our people. Then watch the glimmer in the eye shine with pride just because we said, "thank you !"

They never ask for that thanks but when it is given it causes a swell of pride for a job well done and a service that has kept us free. Today and everyday where ever they may be and whenever we meet them be sure to thank a Vet because we owe them for our freedom, our liberty and the very existence of our Nation!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What does a President do when the people he is supposed to serve show in a loud and clear voice that they do no want nor condone him or his policy? Well, most President's would stay in Washington or take a few days at Camp David for a few rounds of personal reflection and discussion of policy as well as analysing the election results in order to determine the best course of action to satisfy and angry electorate.

But not Barack Obama, no sir he high tails it out of the country as quickly as possible and in the two, count them only two responses to the total rejection of him and his agenda by voters on November second, Obama arrogantly says he ONLY failed in getting his message out so that the peons across the country could understand just how wonderful he is and how much he has saved the country, all evidence to the contrary.

Even when asked about the mid term results during his tax payer funded India and Asian tour, Obama dodges the questions and acts as if NOTHING has happened. But for this political ideologue in fact nothing has happened since he shows no indication that he will accept the will of the people, as usual, and plans to continue his Marxist agenda expecting Republicans to bend to his will and his ideas.

In the meantime the Imbecile in Chief visits India where he bows yet again to others demeaning the office he unfortunately holds. Tells the Indian Parliament that his greatest influence for being President was not any of our Founding Fathers or other great Americans who have shaped our Republic throughout our history. No my friends Obama claims Mahatma Gandhi was his greatest influence.

Now there is nothing wrong about admiring Gandhi who was a great man, but a US President saying Gandhi was his greatest influence to be President, give me a break! I do have to wonder with the reputation Obama has for saying what he thinks people want to hear, if he were speaking before a reunion of the old Soviet Politburo if he would claim Joseph Stalin or maybe Nikita Kruschev as his greatest influence.

Like his other tax payer funded world tours, Obama has used this opportunity to again bash The United States as he told the Indian Parliament that The United States would no longer be the dominant Nation in the world. He not only stated this as if it were fact but smugly stated it with a pride that he had accomplished his goal of placing our nation on the same level and playing field as other Nations of the world.

When he returns to Washington he will join outgoing Speaker Nancy Pelosi in trying to force through as much of his failed agenda as possible during the lame duck Congressional session knowing that in January when the GOP moves in his agenda is dead. So be prepared for a fight like none we has seen to date as these moronic progressives with Obama in the lead will try and steal more of our precious freedom. Maybe, just maybe he will be so at home in the lands where he spent his childhood that he will decide to stay. If so it will be 2 billion dollars well spent. One can only hope!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 09, 2010


"Nancy Pelosi Speaker of the United States House of Representatives requests the pleasure of your company at a reception honoring the Accomplishments of the 111th Congress on Wednesday, the tenth day of November, two thousand ten at three thirty in the afternoon Cannon Caucus Room 345 Cannon House Office Building"

The above quote is from an invitation by outgoing, (man that sounds good), Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, to also outgoing, House Democrats to attend a ,"victory," celebration to bask in their so called, "accomplishments," during the 111th Congress. A Congress that did pass more legislation than nearly every Congress in our history but just how much of it was truly productive rather than destructive.

This is the Congress that passed Obamacare, the trillion dollar budget busting no result stimulus, followed closely by the 400 billion dollar porkulus bill. This is the Congress that single handily increase the debt by nearly five trillion dollars. This is the Congress that spent more money that all previous Congresses combined from the Washington Presidency through the Reagan Presidency.

This is the Congress that almost forced our Republic from a free society to a Socialist state. This is the Congress that presided over an average unemployment rate of nearly 8% and is leaving with unelmploymen at 10% with unreported numbers closer to 17% . This is the Congress whose constant meddling in private business cost millions of American jobs. This is the Congress that made GM and Chrysler government owned auto companies. This is the Congress that bailed out anything that moved in the financial markets only to force those same financial institutions to march to a government drum.

This is the Congress that gave the root cause of the housing crash, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, a free pass and until their final moments continue to bail out these failed entities with more tax payer money. So if these and many more destructive legislative and spending debacles are something to , "celebrate," then Pelosi and her fellow socialists, have a lot to cheer about.

The reality is that the people of The United States have already held a celebration that truly was a cause to cheer. On November second we celebrated the, "accomplishments," of the 111th Congress by booting Nancy Pelosi and her party of socialists out of power and many of those that supported her destruction of our country out of office. That is celebration and Republic saving I can believe in.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, November 07, 2010


The election that we have been waiting since the day Barack Obama took office has now come and gone. Conservatives came away with a great victory with the greatest take over of the House of Representatives by Republicans since the 1930's. The Senate while not a GOP majority is now strong enough with 46 or 47 depending on the Alaska results, that Harry Reid will not be able to just bypass the GOP without needing their votes to get anything through.

While disappointing, the Senate still in Democrat control could actually be a blessing in disguise for the 2012 election. I am sure that Obama and Democrats were already planning on running against the, "evil," Republican control of Congress in 2012, but still having control of the Senate will curtail that opportunity to a great deal.

Many of the Tea Party backed candidates who were thought to gain victory on election day did not and their loss emphasises a problem that we who have fought so hard for this conservative ascendancy will be facing now and in the months leading up to the 2012 election. There are many within the GOP who, in their moderate to left leaning beliefs think that a conservative Republican party is too, "radical," for their taste.

In fact it is that establishment in the party that prevented candidates like Sharron Angle and Ken Buck to name just two in Senate races and several House races from having the resources needed to overcome well established Democrat Union backed machines entrenched in States and Districts that had a strong get out the vote campaign along with some suspicious activities always associated with an election. In Nevada it went as far as many of the GOP State leaders endorsing Reid to prevent Angle from winning.

Now that the election is over many of these establishment Republicans or RINOS as we call them are already calling for the GOP House and the new conservatives who will sit in the Senate to reach across the isle, get buddy, buddy with Obama and seek compromise with the left in order to get along and set a, "new tone," in Washington. A tone that has everyone agreeing and standing around the Capitol camp fires singing, "Kum Ba Yah."

This GOP establishment is willing to join with Democrats and continue IGNORING the will of the people who clearly sent a loud and clear message with last weeks vote that we REJECT Obama policy and the Democrat agenda and demanding Republicans we are sending to take their place NOT reach across the isle, not compromise but STOP the massive slide toward a Socialist America that has been taking place for decades and escalated by Obama and Democrats in the last 20 months.

Our vote did not indicate we wanted a tone of agreement in Washington. It did not indicate we wanted everyone to get along. It indicated that we demand conservative Constitutional principles and we expect NOTHING less from a GOP controlled House and conservatives in the Senate. Soon to be Speaker of the House John Boehner understands this as does Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell who have both stated in several new conferences and interviews that in January both will follow, "the people's agenda," and if and only if Obama joins with THEM will they discuss working together with The White House.

That is the tone we want in Washington. A tone the follows the will of the people who now demand Constitutional government. We do not want a friendly let's all get along tone because it is that tone which has allowed much of the decline of conservative values and Constitutional principles taking us down a road NEVER intended by our Founders for our Republic. A road that ignores the people and seeks to expand government to the point that it controls every aspect of American life.

For we who have fought the good fight and and those we have newly elected, reelected or continue in office but understand the election mandate from the people, our battle is just beginning. We now have a battle which must be waged on two fronts. We, as we have been, must continue the fight against Obama and those who seek to destroy our country with an over bearing government and unconstitutional legislation and entitlements designed to enslave a free people to government control.

But in addition to those we have been fighting we now must engage, "establishment," Republicans who fear their loss of power with the conservative ascendancy that has taken place in the party and in those who have been elected during the mid term. They have controlled the GOP agenda far to long and they will not give up without a fight as they have already proven by their lack of support for many Tea Party candidates and their comments after the election against Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin and other conservatives. Comments the liberal press are all to willing to report in order to show dissension in the ranks of the GOP.

Additionally our activism through large attended gatherings and protests around the country but especially in Washington must continue. The millions of e-mails, letters and phone calls we have sent to our Representatives must not only continue but continue at the massive volumes already experienced. We must stay engaged in this fight and NEVER grow complacent again allowing Washington to control the agenda of the people. This is a country of by and for we the people and those we have elected must be reminded of it constantly.

This is not a time of compromise for the Tea Party and an awakened electorate nor for those who head to Washington with a mandate for conservative Constitutional government. For those in the good old boy GOP establishment, we must follow the example of Ronald Reagan who faced a similar establishment which fought the conservative rise in the late seventies. He embraced the people and the people in return transformed the Republican party into the conservative party.

The establishment Republicans who fear this new conservative ascendancy must not be allowed to dictate party platform or control how the GOP legislates in the House or the Senate. Then over the next two years just as we did with Tea Party backed conservative candidates in this election we field a new group of conservative candidates to weed out those who refuse to listen to the people and refuse to adhere to the people demanded conservative agenda and principles.

We have achieved a great victory by taking over the House and six Senate seats along with most Governorships and 19 new State Legislatures with well over 600 conservatives state representatives elected. But just like those who landed on Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword beaches on D Day 1944, while achieving a foothold we still have a long way to go before achieving total victory. The fight now is in the hedge rows of continued political activism advancing the conservative Constitutional cause until that day when full Constitutional government is restored and our Republic once again is one of, by and for, "We the people!"

Ken Taylor

Friday, November 05, 2010


Barack Obama the self appointed, "king," of America is making a, "good will," tour of India and Indonesia lasting ten days and including 3,000 staff and guests, 40 planes, an entire fleet of cars and support vehicles, 3 Marine One helicopters, renting out nearly every 5 star hotel at every location he spends the night and an entire Carrier task force which includes 34 Naval warships at a staggering cost of 200 MILLION dollars a day or 2 BILLION for the trip.

I am willing to wager that price tag DOES NOT include the cost of keeping a Carrier group in the Indian Ocean which by itself likely costs around 2 billion dollars. All for a trip that has no strategic or diplomatic reason but is explained as a visit to promote American jobs. Yep, American jobs in India and Indonesia. One example of this, "promotion," is Michelle visiting an Internet sex business in India to promote American jobs. I guess she is looking for something for Barack to watch on the TelePrompter and she will claim it is, "stimulus."

I know this disgusts each of you as much as it does me especially after we sent a clear message on election day that this type of extravagant spending would not be tolerated. But the Obama's did not listen, as was expected, and their arrogance never ends. They could care less that Americans are struggling to make ends meet on a daily basis with the blame of our struggle being the fault of Obama economic policy. So to lighten the disgust enjoy this well put together and funny video about the trip then follow it up with an enjoyable fair well to The Wicked Witch of the House Nancy Pelosi!

So Long and good riddance Nancy P!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, November 04, 2010


65 or more seats in the House, at least 6 Senate seats, 19 state legislatures and nearly a sweep in Governors took place on election day as Americans spoke in a loud and clear voice to Barack Obama that his agenda, his policy and his governing were NOT what the people wanted and this political ideologue proved during his press conference that he not only does not get it but refuses to accept or listen to the will of the people.

Acting,( and I stress acting), somewhat humbled but still allowing the arrogance he has shown throughout his Presidency to come forth, Obama admitted that the election results stung but his answers to other questions show that it stung only as it does for a bully who has been caught, sent to the principles office then left to continue his bullying after a minor slap on the wrist. Obama and the Democrat agenda was completely repudiated on Tuesday and all he could say was the voters did not understand.

According to this political leftist animal he and his agenda are not the problem but the people are since the election results obviously show that Americans just don't see how great Obama is and how much he has saved the Nation by his agenda and his policy. He stated that he could, "see," how the stimulus, health care, bailouts, buying GM and Chrysler etc. could be, "seen," as government intrusion, rather than, as he put it, "necessary," steps to save the economy which as he said were not agenda related.

Well Mr. Obama keep thinking that because it is BECAUSE we understand and saw for ourselves EXACTLY what you have done and the results of your, "necessary," measures that we came out by the millions and kicked your party out and voted in a conservative Republican majority in the House, evened up the Senate and turned the states over to conservatives who understand that an agenda is set by the people and NOT political ideologues who spit on the Constitution and seek to destroy the very principles that founded our nation and have sustained us since our birth.

Some Republicans, especially the establishment RINOS have gone on record that Obama would shift to the middle and the GOP should compromise with him to work together for the country. Well Obama showed in his press conference that his version of compromise was for the GOP to bend to him and work for him as Democrats did. We the people are sending Republicans to Washington to STOP Obama and not help him. The only compromise we will accept is for Obama to end his madness and allow conservative principles and policy to be the order of the day.

Since he has prove this will not be Obama's choice after the people spoke loud and clear on Tuesday then we expect Republicans to fight him every step of the way! That Mr. Obama is what the people understand and that is what we demand and that is why we voted as we did on Tuesday.

So you just head on to India, and wherever else you plane to go needlessly spending 2 billion dollars of the peoples money and get out of the way because come January the tide of conservatism that was ushered in on Tuesday November 2, 2010 is going to wash over you, your agenda and your administration in a tidal wave with a clear mandate from the people for a Constitutional government of by and for the people because we, Mr. Obama know what is best for us, our children and our country. Your day is done and the people are now in control.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


While there are a few races yet to be decided, it is quite clear that the people have spoken clearly against Barack Obama, liberal left wing socialist policy and embracing conservative Constitutional values and principles. Republicans may have won decisively but this election was not a mandate for republicanism but conservatism.

John Boehner the next Speaker of the House in an emotional speech understood this reality and also understands the same people who voted for Republicans placing them in power in the House and at least a balance in the Senate are in charge and can remove any and all who have won during this historic election.

The House will change by 65 seats as the GOP has a major majority with Democrats falling below 200 for the first time in more than 50 years. The election was a repudiation of Obama policy and the total failure of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker. It is also a warning by the people that we will not tolerate being ignored any longer. We will not tolerate enslavement by government. We will not tolerate uncontrollable spending and we will not tolerate violation of our Constitution.

Obama has one choice now and it is to get on board with a conservative agenda or stand in total isolation fighting for his Marxist agenda which is now dead in its tracks. We the people by our vote have stopped Barack Obama and America will survive and our Republic prevail.

Now that the votes are in and the message sent, we the people cannot stop our fight for freedom. Our complacency allowed what we have been fighting and now achieved the beginnings of victory. It is up to each of us to hold the feet of those we have now elected to liberty's fire. We are the only Constitutional authority of our government and it is up to us to hold each and every elected official accountable at every turn. Our first battle is won but our victory will not be complete until full Constitutional government and restored principles return to America. God bless and save our Republic

Ken Taylor


With the massive victory in the House of Representatives and a significant balancing gain in the Senate many have neglected tremendous gains on the State level in Governors seats. Many GOP seats were retained from South Carolina which elected the first women Governor in Nikki Halley to the reelection in a landslide of Arizona's Jan Brewer.

With several states still counting Republicans have gained ten Governor seats and as of 1:30 AM lead in several undecided races. We the people have not only taken our country back through conservative victory in Washington but conservatism now reigns on the state level also. God has blessed our great Republic and the people have spoken!

Ken Taylor


When Fox News called the House for the GOP around 9PM during election coverage the original projection was 60 seats. As the hard numbers have been coming in and Republican gains keep climbing, Fox has revised the number to 65 with a possibility of closer to 70. This is not only a significant loss for Democrats but a complete repudiation on Obama's agenda and Pelosi's total failure as Speaker.

Ken Taylor


Harry Reid has defeated Sharron Angle in the Nevada Senate race. while a complete disappointment that Reid returns to the Senate his power is considerably diminished as Republicans has gained six seats as of 12:45 Am with Washington and Colorado still waiting to be decided. If the GOP gain both seats the Senate will virtually be balanced since there are two Independents who vote with both party's. Republicans will be able to control much of the legislative agenda in the Senate even without a majority so Reid is no longer a ramrod but just a loud mouth figure head!

Ken Taylor


The son of Harry Reid has lost his bid as Governor of Nevada by 10% in a state where the son distanced himself from the father. In campaign ads throughout the state Reid did not use his last name as his fathers popularity was falling especially in the rural areas of Nevada.

Fox News is calling Harry Reid as the winner of the Nevada Senate race, but as of 12:30 Fox is the only calling this race. we can still hope. Washington and Colorado are still in play and with two Independents the GOP could easily dictate Senate legislation with 48 seats to Democrat 50 seats. There has definitely been a power shift in the Senate even with a Reid victory.

Ken Taylor


In an stunning defeat for Barack Obama and Democrats, Republican Mark Kirk has won the Senate seat taking the former seat of Obama. This is significant in many ways. First it was the seat held by Obama in a state that elects Democrats to the Senate and now it is GOP.

Second because of the Governor appointed selection of Roland Burris deciding not to run for the seat Kirk will immediately become the sitting Senator which means there will be another GOP vote during the lame duck session that will convene later this month. This along with Pennsylvania now brings a net gain of six for Republicans with NV, Colorado and Washington yet to be decided.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


In another gain for Republicans in the Senate Pat Toomey has defeated Joe Sestak to take Benedict Arlen Specters seat back for the GOP. This race remained in the toss up column for most of October and earlier it looked as if Toomey would not be able to pull this one out. But as vote counts came in from the rural areas of Pennsylvania, Toomey pulled ahead to stay and is the new Senator for Pennsylvania!

Ken Taylor


With at least 60 seats gained in the House, Republicans have won a great victory and the people of The United States are once again in control of the People's House. The American people in taking back our country have FIRED the wicked witch of the House Nancy Pelosi and if this continual liar stands by her statement to a colleague last week she will retire as a result of the defeat.

The Tsunami in the House takes control of the financial purse strings from Barack Obama as ALL funding bills regardless of whether new or funding already existing laws like Obamacare originate in the House and now with this victory the American people once again control the financial direction of our Nation.

John Boehner is a strong and dedicated man of the people who will listen to our voice and follow the will of the people as Leader of the People's House. He will also be second in succession to the Presidency which means that at least one in the line of succession has patriotic sense. Tonight we have begun taking back our country. The balance in the Senate has yet to be decided but even there Democrats will no longer have a free hand no matter the outcome because of GOP victories thus far.

Congratulations John Bohner the next Speaker of the House and good riddance to the wicked witch.

Ken Taylor

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