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Monday, December 31, 2012


A new year is here and with it brings the usual speculation as to what the new year will bring. 2013 is an unknown to all of us but even with that unknown we can all wish a year of success, happiness and prosperity to those we know and our family and friends. That is our fervent wish and prayer to each of you and many thanks for being a part of The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth during 2012 and the coming year!, A very Happy New Year to all!

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 28, 2012


Retired General H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Commander of all coalition forces during the Gulf War in 1991 has died from complications of pneumonia.  General Schwarzkopf was 78.

Schwarzkopf had a long and distinguished career in the The United States Army earning a reputation as having a hot temper which earned him the nickname, "Stormin' Norman," while serving in Vietnam as he would use that temper to demand helicopters in support of troops under his command. As a Battalion Commander Schwarzkopf risked his life and was wounded when he learned members of his Battalion were trapped in a mine field.  He came to the rescue of those trapped in the field and led them out of the mine field being wounded himself while carrying a wounded soldier who had been injured as a result of an exploding mine.

Schwarzkopf rose through the ranks of General in the 1970's and early 80's being awarded his fourth star in 1988 and assigned a Commander in Chief of US Central Command which included the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and South Asia. He developed a hypothetical plan to defend Persian Gulf oil fields from a invasion by Iraq, a plan that came to fruition in 1991 as Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait which led to the Gulf War placing Schwarzkopf in full Command of US and Coalition forces.

After quickly defeating the Iraqi military and ousting Iraqi forces from Kuwait defeating Saddam Hussein, Schwarzkopf was offered Chief of Staff of The United States Army making him the ranking officer in the Army and a member of The Joint Chiefs. Schwarzkopf declined the promotion and retired in August of 1991.  Many believed he would pursue a career in politics and make a run for President of The United States but he did not.

In 1993 General Schwarzkopf was diagnosed with prostate cancer and was successfully treated for it while becoming a spokesman advocating preventative measures against a cancer that affects 1 in 4 men.  General Schwarzkopf is survived by his wife Brenda and three children. A hero has gone and may he rest in peace. God bless the memory of General Herbert Norman Schwarzkopf.

Ken Taylor

Monday, December 24, 2012


Christmas 2012 is here. Families all over our great land will gather to share gifts, food but most of all love. Love, the most important and magnificent part of Christmas. Love shared with family and friends. Love shared with neighbors and fellow workers. It is love which made Christmas possible for each of us to celebrate every year.

This love was not shared with gifts under a tree. Nor was it shared only with family and friends but to all mankind. This love came wrapped in a little baby who was born in the most humble of circumstances, a lowly manger which was found in a stable because it was the only place that was open for His birth and He was born there because He came to this Earth to offer Himself to those who would accept Him. On that first Christmas Day a stable was all that was available so that is where He was born.

Today He is no different. Though He grew into a Man who freely sacrificed Himself on a cross and conquered the grave so that all mankind could have life through Him, He still only enters the hearts of those who are willing to accept the love that He has so freely given. The politically correct may try to deny Him as they bombard us with Happy Holidays, but He loves them too and patiently waits for them to receive the love that He also gave for them. "For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Saviour which is Christ the Lord."

It was for us that He came and it was love which compelled Him to come. It is that same love which He still offers to us today. A love that brings with it life eternal and peace which passes all understanding. And that my friends is the true reason and meaning of Christmas. While all of the trappings, the lights, the trees, the gifts, the food, Santa, Ebenezer Scrooge are all grand, the list is almost endless, Christmas truly is about love. Born in manger to die on a cross, victorious over the grave so that all mankind may have life through Him.

Merry Christmas to each of you and God's richest blessings for years to come!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Every time a lunatic murders someone whether it is a tragic massacre like Sandy Hook Elementary school or a lunatic who kills someone while he is robbing them politicians and pundits seek every opportunity to blame society, guns, movie and television and video games for their actions.  Always looking to blame anyone and everything else and NEVER placing the responsibility on the lunatic who actually kills.

Society, the weapons, movies/television nor video games picked up the weapons and pulled the triggers on that tragic Friday when Adam Lanza forced his way into Sandy Hook Elementary school and murdered 20 children and 6 adults.  It was a single lunatic hell bent on killing as many as he could before killing himself and the ONLY way that this could have been prevented was NOT with more legislation or changing something in society but having at least ONE teacher in the school with a concealed weapon who child have taken this lunatic out before he killed so many children and teachers.

Allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons in school combined with proper training to do so will protect children from lunatics like Lanza.  Armed security guards would be excellent but most school districts would complain about the cost of paying a full time security guard so by allowing teachers to carry a concealed weapon eliminates the financial argument for security guards.

It's time to quit blaming and making excuses and actually protect our children. Barack Obama wants to investigate gun control while keeping a necessary arsenal of protection for himself that is appropriate for a President. If a President should be protected by armed security the children deserve no less and arming teachers provides that protection!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, December 15, 2012


A lone lunatic took the lives of innocents in a senseless murder spree in Newtown, Conn and our Nation mourns. This tragedy has nothing to do with blaming society, guns or video games but the entire blame falls on a crazed lunatic who murdered innocent children and staff at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown.

God bless those who grieve over the loss of loved ones. God bless those who survived and now must deal with the loss of family and friends. God bless those who must deal with the after effects of this tragedy and investigate why a lunatic chose murder before his own suicide. God bless the memory of the children who now sit at God's feet and those who were murdered along with the children. May He comfort the grieving and bless the families in their grief.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 13, 2012


The left and those who call themselves politically correct whine that it just isn't true, there is no war against Christmas. The idea that a systematic war against Christmas and it's true meaning, the birth of Christ, is nothing more than a right wing conspiracy and anyone who tells you differently is just crying wolf, is what the left and the politically correct want you to believe. Yet the war not only exists but is growing in its scope each year.

Look for example at the forced use by the politically correct of the use of the greeting Happy Holidays and you need go no further to prove that there is a war against Christmas. The word Holiday has become the chosen substitute for Christmas and in the public arena the use of the word has become a demand to prevent what the politically correct claim is offensive in using Christmas rather than the chosen PC word Holiday.

January has two Holidays, New Years Day and Martin Luther King's Birthday and no one demands the use of the the greeting Happy Holidays.  February finds Valentines Day, Presidents Day and if one includes the celebration of Lincoln's and Washington's birthdays in the mix the month holds four Holidays and no demand that Happy Holidays be used as a greeting.

May has Cinco De Mayo celebrated by millions around the world and of course Memorial Day yet no call for using Happy Holidays. September has Labor Day, October Halloween and November Veterans Day and Thanksgiving yet no demand the use of the greeting Happy Holidays for any of those months.

Yet December which holds the celebration of the birth of Christ, Christmas Day and the hundreds of traditions that are specifically for that celebration to prevent from being offensive Happy Holidays is substituted for Merry Christmas as well as traditions such as the Christmas Tree whose idea was specifically linked to the celebration of Christmas and Christmas only becomes a Holiday Tree.

One more evidence of a systematic war against Christmas lies in the celebration of another religious Holiday but whose religion is considered politically correct so it is not offensive to call the celebration what it is. The Muslim religion has become the politically correct religion so the mention of the celebration of Ramadan is not considered offensive by the left and the politically correct but Christmas is.

So to the politically correct I say emphatically Merry Christmas. To those who fear being offended by the celebration of the birth of Christ I proudly offend you now by wishing you a Merry Christmas.  To the employers who fear offending customers because of political correctness I say Merry Christmas and will do so in your business for my Christmas greeting as I exit your doors.  To those who believe as I that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Christ and if it offends others by expressing that celebration could care less about them being offended than I proudly join you in wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Ken Taylor

Monday, December 10, 2012


South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint has announced he is leaving the Senate to take over as head of the Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation. One cannot blame DeMint for leaving Congress where conservatives are demonized and going where a conservative is appreciated.  DeMint many times in his years in the Senate has been the only true conservative voice on many issues. It has been an honor to have DeMint as our Senator in South Carolina and he will be missed. Many within my state, myself included consider him our ONLY Senator since Lindsay Graham has betrayed the conservative values he was elected on more times than not in the last several years. We in this state elected BOTH Senators based on true conservative values and policies and ONLY DeMint has lived up to voter expectations and beliefs.  Thank you Senator DeMint.

Now South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has a decision to make.  With DeMint leaving the Senate before his term is over in 2016 a void will be left that is extremely hard to fill and it will be the responsibility of our Governor to appoint someone to finish DeMint's term and represent South Carolina and possibly run for reelection in 2016.

As a South Carolina conservative I am taking this opportunity to second the suggestion by fellow South Carolina Blogger, Mike's America, and urge Governor Haley to appoint a true conservative who will continue real conservative representation and fight for conservative beliefs and issues as Jim DeMint has since the day he took office.  South Carolina District 1 Congressmen Tim Scott will be that representative.

Scott is beginning his second term representing the first South Carolina District in the House of Representatives. He easily won reelection on November 6 and has been a staunch conservative voice for our state. I had the honor of voting for Scott in his first term but was unable to for his second as South Carolina has grown and the County I live in was apportioned into a new Seventh South Carolina Congressional District and as such elected a new member in Congress with Scott's first District moving South of my area.

While I am proud of our new Representative Tom Rice, I was saddened to lose Tim Scott as my Representative.  Scott has been a steadfast voice for conservative values and policy since taking office and has echoed the stance of Jim DeMint on every issue.  Scott would step into the responsibilities in the Senate filling the void left by DeMint completely following the true conservative values DeMint has represented throughout his career.

I urge Governor Haley to look no further that Tim Scott as she considers the replacement for Senator DeMint.  Scott will represent our State and our Nation standing firm on Constitutional and conservative values and seeking both at every turn in The United States Senate. TIM SCOTT FOR SENATE!

Ken Taylor

Friday, December 07, 2012


December 7, 1941 a date that will live in infamy. A date we will never forget, remembering those who sacrificed all for our Nation and our freedom.
Ken Taylor

Thursday, December 06, 2012


Republicans are talking surrender, saying they are willing to, "negotiate," with Obama about the, "fiscal cliff," which allows the Bush tax RATES, (not cuts), to expire December 31st as well as massive cuts in the military through sequestration.  The GOP negotiating tool is to end tax, "loopholes," and deduction for the, "rich," but not changing the rates.  In other words double talk because when the deductions are ended although rates don't change taxes go up for EVERY small business in The United States as individuals who own the business will pay higher taxes since their deductions will no longer be in affect.

But Barack Obama is not going for this now saying that this approach mathematically does not work.  Just one month ago when he was running for reelection and as a typical liberal politician who refuses to talk tax increases when running for office but seeks them after winning, Obama stated that closing loopholes and ending deductions would work without raising rates. Now that he's won the math doesn't work. The only difference is now he has no one to be accountable to in a voting booth so talking about raising taxes fits the liberal ideology.

But no matter what plan the GOP puts forth unless they cave 100% to Obama's plan, he will let the, "fiscal cliff," take place and allow the tax rates to expire as well as military cuts that he demanded during the negotiations to raise the debt limit when he stated he would NOT sign any debt limit increase unless it included the sequestration cuts and John Boehner caved then as he is doing now.

Obama's real plan is to let this cliff happen in order to get the military cuts he wants AND raise tax rates for those making $250K and up at the same time.  By allowing the rates to expire at the end of the month he gets everything he wants then can force Congress to make him look like a hero when he proposes tax cuts for the middle class equal to the same rates that expired thus keeping the status quo but telling the American people that he cut taxes for the 98% and forced the 2% who provide all the jobs to, "pay their fair share."

All of this will take place soon after the new year when the next Congress convenes and Obama can get one of his liberal Democrat cronies to submit his legislation in the House. Any Representative who dares oppose tax cuts for the middle class after Obama has allowed them to expire in the first place will be demonized as an enemy of the people. So the House will vote unanimously for Obama's tax cuts and so will the Senate and Obama will take all the credit for cutting taxes when all he did was keep the status quo and raise taxes on the job creators while allowing massive cuts to our military.

This is his plan and that is why he has no qualms about leaving for a three week Hawaiian vacation with the, "cliff," looming spending tax payer dollars to play in the sun and the surf.  He knows it is a win/win situation for him and has no intention of compromise, a lie he has told the American people throughout the election and since. So sit back and watch as Obama puts his ego, his partisan ideology and his vacation before the country and the people then lie to us about how he saved the day next year when he puts forth the, "tax cut," legislation.

Ken Taylor

Monday, December 03, 2012


Here we are almost a month past the election and the last four weeks have seemed like a political summer rerun.  Obama is STILL throwing the country down the tubes for his political legacy while Congressional Republicans are cowing down or acting like Democrat light. All I can say is thanks to the 65 million dupes who reelected the loser in The Oval Office.

Obama is clearly showing that his lie about seeking compromise because he, "heard," the voice of the American people through the election, was nothing more than the typical Obama lie to tell people what he thinks they want to hear then do exactly what he wants regardless of the consequences. The, "fiscal cliff," is looming and all he does is play the same political games he was playing before the election.

His plan is nothing new, raise taxes on the, "rich," in his usual class warfare mode and pretend to be concerned about spending while offering nothing in the way of spending cuts only tax increases.  Republicans on the other hand keep talking a new game but when push is coming to shove proposing Democrat light ideas and caving on tax increases pretending that eliminating deductions is different than raising tax rates knowing that it offers the exact same result to those whose rates they are claiming to protect. The bottom line is if deductions are eliminated taxes STILL go up.

On the foreign policy front Benghazi is STILL being ignored except by Fox News and Congress is crying wolf about hearings which is allowing Obama to get away with murder. Egypt is becoming another Iran Islamic State thanks to an Obama policy that backed the Islamic horse during the so called Arab Spring. As Egypt goes so goes the Middle East if events follow the usual course and Obama policy does not change which is highly unlikely since he believes he is the greatest foreign policy President in our history as the world collapses BECAUSE  of his weak appeasement policy.

Yep, thanks again to the 65 million who brought the nightmare back and given us four more years of disaster, deficits, danger and the systematic theft of our freedoms.

Ken Taylor

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