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Sunday, February 28, 2010


The Founders of our Nation had a vision of a country which would allow complete freedom to its people without the interference of government in their lives. A Nation of laws that would protect the people while hindering the government from using those laws as a means of taking the rights of the people without following a specified process that protects those rights. The Founders provided the means and the instruction for this Nation of limited government in our Constitution.

Our Constitution outlines in detail the powers of the government as well as the rights of the people and the principles that were applied in this sacred document are as powerful and meaningful today as they were when those brilliant minds conceived the idea of this, "grand experiment, " called The United States.

One of the greatest principles found within our Constitution, a principle that many of our citizens until just recently had forgotten, is that we the people are the force behind our Constitution. We are its author, its protector and its governor in the fact that the people are the true leadership of this Nation since it is we who decide who is placed in the positions of power over us and it is we who decide whether they are accomplishing what we intended for them to accomplish.

It is also we who decide, if they fail to accomplish what we elected them for, it is we who have the Constitutional authority through our vote to fire them or re-hire them for another term of office. Most politicians have neglected and/or forgotten that we the people are their boss and it is we the people who decide whether their job continues or whether it is terminated. Our own negligence in adhering to this Constitutional principle has allowed those we placed in power over us to run rampant and that is why we find ourselves in the trouble our Nation faces today.

But thanks to the arrogant and overbearing presence of Barack Obama who does not believe that our Constitution grants the people the authority over him. Nor believes that the Constitution declares as its central principle that government is to be limited and the Founders intention was that government would not be the provider for the people but only their protector from enemies and mediator through law to settle differences between the people. Thanks to his arrogance the sleeping giant, the American people have awakened.

This arrogant and purposeful omission by Obama of the true and real intent found within our Constitution which was and is the vision for our Nation handed down from our Founders has become Obama's nightmare because of the grand awakening of the people to this truth as a result of Obama's venture into Socialism especially through health care.

Last week Obama and his partners venture was displayed before the American people in what they believed would be the Coup de grace of all opposition to this venture of socialism through health care in a televised health care conference where they believed that their presentation of sob stories and lecturing would cause all who oppose the great socialism venture to bow before the throne of Obama in abject humility and bow to the intellectual elitism of these socialists whose arrogance dictates that they and only they know what is best for all concerned.

Not only did those in Washington who oppose Obama's grand socialism venture set the record straight and not cave to this arrogant display as they were expected to do, but we the people who have been up in arms for many months increased our numbers and determination to stand against the arrogance of Obama and his partners and prevent their attempts to destroy the vision of our Founders and the Nation that that vision created.

This is precisely why this socialistic venture by Obama and partners has become a nightmare to them and their attempts to control us through their legislative initiatives. While standing before the public and their media cohorts with a perceived confidence that what they are doing is necessary and deceiving themselves that it has the support of the people, behind the scenes it is a different story.

In the back rooms and in their personal offices and studies these arrogant elitists are truly dumbfounded that the people who they believed were putty in their hands and lambs for the slaughter, they are flabbergasted that we the people are angered by their initiatives. They are surprised that we do not want their government control. They are puzzled why we are fighting their attempts to, "take care of us."

After all, as they believe, it is the sole responsibility of the government to provide for the people and to control all that they do so that the people will be dependant upon the very entity, government, that is supposed to be the furthest thing from our minds as a free people so that we have the freedom to pursue what we deem right for our lives and prosper as our own abilities and talents allow.

That was the vision of the Founders and that is the intent of the principles found within our Constitution. We the people understand this now and are standing upon these principles as the means to oppose these arrogant elitists and Obama and his partners are hell bent on fighting this opposition and determined regardless of the consequences to complete their socialist venture even if it destroys our Nation and eliminates our freedom.

But it is also their arrogance which will eventually be their downfall and works more to their detriment rather than their favor. This arrogance which puzzles them as to why they are being opposed also blinds them to the truth that although they are in charge of the government our Constitution and the people who back it are still in charge of the country. It is we who still decide whether they have a job or not and it is we who control their political destiny.

That is why even though Obama and his partners have control of the reigns of governmental power they have not been able to force this socialist monstrosity down our throats and it has failed time and again to pass. If it had not been for the grand awakening of the people this debacle would have flown through Congress last year as quickly as the stimulus package which was forced through while the people were still asleep.

This is why regardless of their arrogant perceived confidence I believe that health care as well as the rest of Obama's socialist agenda will fail and not become the reality the elitists believe it will. While Obama and the Congressional leadership in their arrogance and power hungry circus continue to try and force this agenda, those who know they have to face us are afraid of we the people and the anger we justifiably are expressing.

That is why the votes for passage even in reconciliation are not available. That is why though Democrats have had the capability of passing every aspect of Obama's agenda without the first GOP vote, the center piece of that agenda, health care is still hanging only by a thread and the rest of the agenda is in limbo.

Remember though, that it is their arrogant determination and deception which also compels our fight to continue and to escalate. We cannot rest on the victories through the election process that we have already won. Nor can we take for granted that the shake up that everyone is predicting in November is a given. So our fight must continue and our opposition even louder and more intense then ever before.

We will win this war and and we the people and our Constitution in which we stand will prevail but the victory is not yet achieved and the battles must still be fought. Through our voice and their arrogance more of our fellow citizens must be awakened. It is our patriotic duty to stand against this and it is our Constitutional duty to prevent it.

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 26, 2010


It was called a Health Care Summit, but it turned into what may well be the final nail in the coffin of dead health care legislation. Barack Obama came to this summit obviously expecting Republicans to cave in and be lectured acting like whipped puppies while Democrats used the summit as a forum to once again deceive the public about their government run health care plans.

But Republicans came well prepared with guns a blazing. While Democrats and especially Obama had a two to one advantage in time expressing their views, when the GOP spoke they handed Obama his tail over the issue of health care. Many times Obama interrupted Republicans obviously angered as Republicans Lemar Alexander, Eric Cantor and John McCain among others used the two versions of the bill as evidence of just how bad it is as well as using Obama's own words against him to tell the public the truth about these bad bills and what they contain.

Additionally the American people saw Republicans with strong and detailed ideas on how to fix the high cost of health care without government involvement while watching Democrats seething in anger and sharing sob stories without any substance other than reciting liberal talking points which have already turned the majority of Americans against any passage of health care.

In one heated exchange Lemar Alexander stated that the possibility of reconciliation be taken off the table and was responded to by an obviously agitated Harry Reid who whined and totally lied about the process which he had only two days before stated emphatically that it was not only being considered but likely to be used. In fact Democrat sources leaked that before the summit even began Democrats were planning to start the reconciliation process on Monday.

After the summit ended Obama stated that he would move ahead with health care with or without Republicans which implies that he is fully behind the move to use reconciliation. This summit was nothing more than a set up by Obama to blame the GOP for non-cooperation and claim the reconciliation was the only means that Democrats could overcome GOP obstruction.

But this has now totally back fired because of the strong showing by the GOP during the summit and the obvious complete lack of discussion of any Republican ideas. In fact when Republican detailed plans were presented Obama cut them off and stated that they were nothing more than talking points and he expected the only discussion to be acceptance of his plan and his ideas.

The strong showing by the GOP during the summit combined with the many times angered and lack of substance displayed by Democrats likely makes passage of health care nearly impossible. Using reconciliation in this hotly contested election year where most Democrats are in danger of losing their seats in both the House and Senate is not likely to bring passage as the House has already suggested that the votes are not available for this controversial process.

What was being advertised by Obama as a bipartisan move to get health care passed became what will likely be the death of health care and tremendous damage to Obama's domestic agenda which has not only centered around health care but only one year into his Presidency Obama placed all of his political capital on passage. Health care failure with all that Obama has invested will be the swan song for his Presidency and the defeat of a Democrat majority in November.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Barack Obama the socialists, socialist speaking at a business round table made the following claim: "Contrary to the claims of some of my critics, I am an ardent believer in the free market." This is one of the most blatant lies that Obama has told since taking office. Let's look at the proof of his supposed belief in the free market.

Since becoming President, Obama has:

- Bailed out countless banks and financial institutions rather than letting the free market solve the problem then not allowing the institutions to pay back the monies so that government would have a share holders stake and control in the institutions

- stepped in taking control of GM and Chrysler even firing and hiring CEOS, dictating the operation of the companies, the production and even the amount of advertising that would be allowed under the government controlled bankruptcy

- a stimulus package which was to supposedly create jobs but rather increased unemployment since government cannot create jobs. Jobs are created by the private sector or in other words the free market. Not one dime of the trillion dollar package has gone into any free market programs or business

- pushing government mandated health care which offers only government controlled health care and rejecting ALL free market solutions to solving the high cost of health care

- out of control spending which devalues the US dollar thus stifling the free market as the value of American goods and services decline because of the devalued dollar

- demonizing corporations and regulating to control the way free market business operates in order to increase government control over free market business

- pushing an environmental policy that will destroy business, increase energy costs and deny free market competition because of massive government regulation controlling energy through carbon credits

Does any of this sound like someone who is, "an ardent believer in the free market ?" Not in the least. In fact Barack Obama is the most anti- free market President that this country has ever had. He almost makes FDR look like a free market capitalist in comparison. From the dismal response that business has had to Obama policy, it would seem that the free market thinks he is a liar and a Socialist

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


The following two video clips are from a formerly lost speech from President Ronald Reagan speaking to a group of High School students in July of 1988. His subject - Faith and the Future of America. A masterful speech from a great leader whose faith in God and in the American people brought strength and prosperity to our Nation. A subject that will never be heard and leadership that will never happen by the current pretender in the Oval Office.

Enjoy listening to a great President and a truly honorable man whose faith, integrity and strength of character and purpose place him among our greatest Presidents.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We are watching one of the greatest scams ever perpetrated on the American public and its called health care. Barack Obama who only last week whined that he was focused on jobs and only jobs released his version of health care which is nothing more than a more costly and higher taxed version of the Senate bill which was has been resoundingly rejected by the American people.

It has been the dream of leftists in this country for decades to control the health care of the American people by creating a totally socialist health care system run by the government. Obama is hell bent on making this dream a reality regardless of the cost and regardless of its unpopularity with the people of The United States.

Initially the debate over health care was concerned over the high cost, but since Obama and the Dems have manipulated the bills it has become a debate over just how much total government control will be applied rather than addressing the cost of health care. Sure they claim that the supposed, "public option," would create competition, but every expert has shown that it not only would not create competition but actually drive up cost and run private companies out of business.

So in actuality this ,"debate," has nothing to do with cost or insuring Americans but in creating a socialistic health care system with government in complete control. It also has nothing to do with bipartisanship which is the claim for the , "health care summit," which takes place later this week. This ,"summit," will be moderated by an advocate of government health care and any free market ideas proposed by Republicans will be disregarded well before they are proposed. And the fact that Obama released his bill prior to the summit shows it is a set up.

This is nothing more than an Obama sponsored PR scam to try and portray Republicans as obstructionist because they refuse to support only his plan and his ideas. The summit is being used as a scape goat so Obama can whine to the American people that he tried to be bipartisan but Republicans just would not cooperate. By cooperation of course Obama means caving to his plan and leaving any and all free market solutions off the table in favor of government control.

Politically the fact that all three of the current health care bills, Obama's, The Senate version and the House version are extremely unpopular with the American people means that this continual push for government controlled health care is political suicide for Democrats. But this government control dream has been hanging around their political necks since FDR and with Obama at the helm they see their best chance of making it a reality even if it means destroying their party and losing House and Senate seats and majority status in doing so.

This has never been about the people nor the uninsured. It has never been about the cost or the quality of care but only about fulfilling a decades long dream of the left in socialising Americas health care and placing it completely under government control. The fact that health care is low on the list of issues for Americans and that unemployment which has been driven sky high by Obama policy is the foremost issue in America, yet Obama and the Dems are still pushing health care as their number one priority proves that they care nothing about the people and that their ideological dream of government health care is what this is about.

The fact that Democrats do not have the votes in the House nor the Senate is not slowing them down and seemingly not stopping their advancement of passing this debacle. The talk of a reconciliation vote is still prominent with Democrats and the fact that in his 2011 budget which Obama recently submitted includes monies from a health care bill that had not been passed, opens the door for reconciliation because Obama's budget makes health care a budgetary matter which allows reconciliation.

The summit is in additon to being a PR move to blame Republicans for the bill not being bipartisan also will give Democrats an excuse, "forcing," them to use reconciliation as the only means of being able to pass the debacle because Republicans refused to get on board. Never mind that Democrats have had the numbers to pass this mess without ANY Republicans from the beginning of the nightmare and the conflict has always been with their own and not the GOP.

There is still hope though that even reconciliation will not work because of it being an election year and the tide is so obviously against Democrats and incumbents as a whole. This will force those up for re-election and in tough battles to consider the reaction of constituents to their vote and it may be the key to preventing the reconciliation move by the Democrat leadership. So it is still not a done deal but has become blatantly obvious that Obama, Reid and Pelosi care NOTHING about the people and care ONLY for their ideology and government control.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Whenever someone or something is viewed as a danger politically by the left, the usual response is attacking that danger or trying to tie that danger to acts which are considered by most Americans as bad. This also means that in reality who or whatever the left is attacking in this manner is having a vital impact in revealing the truth about the deceptive agenda that the left is pushing for our country.

Many politicians who have this type of impact with left are attacked both personally and politically in this manner by Democrat politicians and especially their cohorts in the leftist media. Ronald Reagan was attacked for his strong conservative values and beliefs. As President, Reagan was painted by the left as a raving warmongering lunatic set on the nuclear destruction of our country because of his uncompromising stance against the Soviet Union who he called the, "evil empire." The collapse of the USSR and the fall of the Berlin Wall not only proved Reagan right but placed him historically as one of our greatest and most beloved Presidents.

The Tea Party movement is having a similar impact on the American political scene today. While to majority of those involved in the movement are conservative one of the factors which scares the left so much about the Tea Parties is that it encompasses angry Americans from all political spectrum's. Americans who embrace Constitutional values of limited government, limited spending and opposition to the leftist agenda of Barack Obama and those who now lead Congress.

Initially the left and the MSM media wing of the Democrats tried to dismiss the Tea Parties as a joke and a flash in the pan gathering of few right wing fanatics. When that failed and the movement continued to grow in numbers and momentum the attacks from the left intensified and have now resorted to trying to identify every lunatic who tries anything as people who are associated with the, "right wing, " nuts and by association the Tea Parties.

For example, when the lunatic who was angry with the IRS and committed suicide by flying his small plane into the Federal Building in Austin, Texas took place just about every report in the left wing media made mention of the , "right wing anti government," movement or mentioned the Tea Party movement specifically trying to tie this crazed madman's actions to the legitimate anger against the leftists agenda which is being pushed in Washington by Democrats.

This in an attempt to, by association with the maniacal actions of the Austin madman, paint we who oppose Obama's agenda and the out of control bureaucracy in DC, as capable of similar murderous actions simply because we exercise our Constitutional right and duty of voicing our opposition to a government and government leadership who are taking our country down a path in which it was never intended by our Founders.

The left is also trying to sabotage the Tea Party movement by continually discussing the possibility of, "Tea Party," candidates creating a third political party for both the 2010 and the 2012 election. And unfortunately there is also a great deal of discussion in conservative venues which follows this same idea. Although in most instances the conservative discussion tends to nix the idea. The MSM left wing media is actually trying by their reporting to encourage a Tea Party third political party run.

The dangerous result of this is that many who are associated with the Tea Party movement and part of we who are disgusted with the politics as usual approach by both the Democrat and Republican parties are buying into this idea of a third party. An idea which sounds good on the surface but would guarantee the re-election of Democrats and even RINOS in 2010 and especially Barack Obama in 2012.

When our contry was young and there were many established political, "parties," every election for the Presidency ended up with a major split in the electoral vote with the candidate who took the most votes becoming President and the second most votes becoming Vice President with the election in most instances falling to a vote in the House of Representatives since a clear majority of electoral votes was not available.

More recently Teddy Roosevelt established a third party because of his anger with his succesor William Howard Taft drifting from Roosevelt's polices and while his Bull Moose party had a strong following and came in second in the election, it split the Republican vote so dramatically the even the extremely popular Roosevelt lost to Democrat Woodrow Wilson.

In 1992 Ross Perot ran a strong third party against George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton and the GOP split was so dramatic that Clinton won the Presidency with only 43% of the popular vote. Perot took 18% of the vote with backing from both Democrats and Republicans but 12% of his 18% came from the GOP, a number which would have re-elected Bush had Perot not been in the picture.

When asked about a third party alternative to the country club Republicans who controlled the GOP as Reagan's conservatism was gaining momentum in the late seventies, Reagan responded to the idea at the 1977 CPAC conference, "I believe the Republican Party can hold and should provide the political mechanism through which the goals of the majority of Americans can be achieved. For one thing, the biggest single grouping of conservatives is to be found in that party. It makes more sense to build on that grouping than to break it up and start over."

Reagan understood that a third party would guarantee a Democrat victory and proposed and accomplished the conservative rebuilding of the Republican party which not only brought victory in 1980 but established a strong GOP conservative movement which lasted for nearly 20 years. Just as it worked for Reagan it can and must work for us today. We cannot fall into the left wing media trap of promoting a third party nor let our anger with DC and our disappointment with the GOP force a third party guaranteeing Democrat victory.

We can reshape and rebuild the GOP with strong conservative candidates who stand for the Constitutional principles and beliefs. Michael Steele has expressed this desire for the GOP and has met with many Tea Party organizers who agree that the key is to transform the GOP into the conservative party just as Reagan did. While we will never have a Reagan we do have the same conservative principles as he did and those principles agree with the vast majority of Americans.

Just like Reagan did in the latter seventies we can transform the GOP into the conservative party promoting the Tea Party ideas and values and bring victory in 2010 and 2012 defeating the leftist agenda and returning Constitutional principles and true Congressional and Presidential representation of, by and for the people to Washington to restore our Nation and save our Republic.

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 19, 2010


We have a joke as a President who now by Executive Order establishes a Commission whose sole responsibility is to make suggestions on how to reduce the national debt and the current budget deficits. I don't need a commission to answer the obvious question on how to lower the debt and cut the deficit....STOP SPENDING YOU IDIOT!

Obama has exploded the deficit and tripled the debt causing the dollar to devalue and he has the hypocritical gall to actually try and sound fiscally responsible by establishing a commission to suggest how to lower the debt and deficit. The more this guy opens his mouth the more he shows just how stupid he truly is.

Does he actually think that after pushing through a trillion dollar stimulus which is nothing more that a liberal spending frenzy and submitting his first budget which explodes the deficit even more than he did during his first year in office, that the American people are now going to think he is fiscally responsible ?

He creates the commission and out of the other side of his mouth this idiot talks about more spending and more government expansion. The answer to the problem that he has created is to just stop spending. Stop expanding government. Stop creating liberal programs which spend money we do not have. But all of this is beyond the capability of consideration for Barack Obama.

All this commission will be is a Presidential panel who will cover Obama's political butt and provide him with a scape goat for a massive tax increase to cover the bill for his massive spending programs. He will use the commissions suggestion to raise taxes as the excuse to do what he has planned to do all along. He will blame the tax increase on the suggestion of his commission and say it was a last resort but it was the only way to solve the problem and the commission will take the blame for Obama's tax increase.

This is nothing more than smoke and mirrors to cover his butt when he raises taxes across the board. The reason for the timing of the commission is so that they can make their tax increase recommendation BEFORE the November election so that the current Congress can raise taxes BEFORE they are booted out and Obama will not be able to get his tax increase passed.

WARNING, WARNING, WARNING WILL ROBINSON, your taxes are about to be raised to pay for Obama's spending. If we don't completely clean house in November the tax increases will NEVER stop because Obama will NEVER stop spending unless WE THE PEOPLE stop him with our vote.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I have always enjoyed watching the Olympic Games, both summer and winter. I stand to my feet and yell at the TV in excitement when members of the USA team race to gold, silver or bronze medals and cheer for the victory. Both for the athlete and the victory for our Nation on a world platform like the Olympics.

One of the proudest moments in any Olympic Games is the moment when the medals are presented and the the gold medalist is from team USA. When the athletes stand on the podium and our National Anthem is played as our flag is raised in tribute to the athlete and our Nation my heart swells with pride hearing our Anthem and seeing our flag wave.

NBC, (National Barackcasting Company), is once again providing television coverage for the 2010 Olympic Games being held in Vancouver, Canada. The United States team is leading in the medal count through the first five days of the games which is a major accomplishment for our team since the Winter Games are not usually as strong for us as the Summer Games.

NBC has covered the past several games both winter and summer and has been criticized for their lack of coverage of USA gold medal ceremonies. Once again the politically correct NBC is failing to show the medal ceremonies when team USA is presented with the gold and our flag flies as the National Anthem is played.

Yet the two gold medals that have been won by Canada, the host nation, have been quickly shown by NBC while neglecting ceremonies for the USA team who after five days of competition has won five gold medals. NBC is playing the PC game to appease the world and the heck with the folks back home.

Once again it is considered to be politically correct to NOT wave the flag and celebrate our Nation when one of our own represents us proudly on the world stage. Waving our flag and celebrating American greatness is consider by the left, of which NBC is center stage, as a disgusting display of right wing madness.

I am a proud patriotic flag waving American who still feels a flutter in my heart when I hear the National Anthem. When our athletes stand on the podium and place their hand on their heart in salute to our flag, tears well up in my eyes as I proudly see my Nation proclaimed to the world through the talents of our great athletes.

But to NBC this is an embarrassment and as such something to avoid showing so as not to offend anyone by showing American greatness. I am sick of the left apologizing for our greatness. I am sick of the left acting as if one who, like me, proudly waves our flag in celebration of our Nation, as right wing terrorists who have a mental problem because we are proud to be an American.

I will always wave my flag. I will always feel pride when I hear the National Anthem. I will always brag on American greatness. And if that means that idiots on the left think I am crazy, then I am a proud flag waving lunatic who understands that our patriotism is one of the attributes that makes us a great Nation.

I will never apologize for America and will always be proud of my country and proud to be an American. If anyone does not like this then I suggest they buy a plane ticket and find another country to live in because if you are ashamed of America and of being an American then you have no business living here!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


CNN the liberal cable news network which is only surpassed in its left wing bias by the disgusting MSNBC has a very surprising poll which is one of the most telling tales of the failure of Barack Obama. According to the poll 52% of the American people state that Barack Obama does NOT deserve a second term as President.

Only 44% of those polled say that they would vote for him again which is decidedly down from the nearly 53% who voted him into office in November of 2008. The failure of Obama is beginning to show its face even with media from the left. Taking into account the left leaning bias of CNN and the polling group most likely leaning very left with a larger number who would be considered Democrat, a more balanced poll would likely raise the 52% number to the high 50's or possibly low 60's.

With numbers that are steadily tanking even in left leaning polls Barack Obama seems destined to be a one term President. We have a tremendous opportunity in this mid term election year to make Obama a two year lame duck President. A decisive victory, cleaning house in November can tie Obama's hands preventing him from continuing down the socialist path that he has been on since he took office.

Democrat Senator Evan Bayh who has announced his retirement after two terms in the Senate stated that the Congress was dysfunctional and that the American people needed to send a, "shock," to Washington. Bayh stated that, "the American people needed to deliver a "shock" to Congress by voting incumbents out en masse and replacing them with people interested in reforming the process and governing for the good of the people, rather than deep-pocketed special-interest groups."

While I have little agreement with Bayh politically this statement is right on the mark and sends a message that the American people are fed up with Congress and Obama policy. The absolute failure of Obama is not the fault of former President Bush as has been the practice of placing blame on Bush for everything that has taken place under Obama. Obama's failure is solely his own and taking the Congress in November will stop his agenda in its tracks and allow Obama to fade away as the worst President in our history.

The Chicago thug is terrorizing the Nation like Al Capone terrorized Chicago in the 20's and 30's. The difference is that Capone was a gang boss who illegally terrorized. Obama is using legal means to unconstitutionally terrorize the people of The United States and the people are tired of his terror tactics and Marxist policy. November 2010 is when we the people take control of our Nation away from the leftist and remind Obama that he serves us and not we him.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Just when Al Gore makes the asinine statement that the evidence is mounting that Global Warming is worse than ever, the guru and father of the entire movement, Phil Jones announces that his flawed junk science is even worse than originally thought.

Jones, who admitted that his record keeping and organizational skills are extremely bad, stated that there has been NO global warming since 1995 and that the information released since then has been altered to show graphs, etc. to support a total and complete fabrication. In fact Jones finally admitted that climate change follows cycles and that warming periods have happened before which had NOTHING to do with man made causes.

Jones further stated that the world was actually warmer during medieval times then it is now which further enforces that the earth has warming and cooling based on cycles and man has nothing to do with the changes. Jones also admitted that there had been two periods which experienced similar warming, from 1910 to 1940 and from 1975 to 1998, but said these could be explained by natural phenomena.

Even with the guru of global warming admitting that his poor record keeping was more a factor in the global warming claims that on a daily basis are being proven as false, Al Gore still insists that it is actually getting worse and the need of carbon off sets etc. is more necessary than ever before. The fact that Gore owns a company which handles carbon off sets has nothing to do with his statement at all.

I have thought from the beginning of the global warming scare that enviro nuts like Al Gore have been trying to force on the world, was nothing more than a massive financial swindle whose scheme was designed to make those who supported the junk science rich at the expense of tax payer dollars.

The money that has been stolen by these loons to finance their scheme makes Bernie Madoff look like a pittance in comparison. Trillions of dollars from industrialized nations has been forked over to pay for ridiculous programs to support this junk science and falsified information. Since Madoff is spending the rest of his life in prison for the billions he stole, Al Gore, Phil Jones and others who have perpetrated this trillion dollar lie should be spending their time in neighboring cells warming up to three hots and a cot.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I like Sarah Palin. Although I am not sure as to whether she has the capability of winning a Presidential election or not, I can say this without any reservation for those who think she is not qualified or capable of becoming President. She is eminently more qualified than the one who now holds the office and displays much more sense and understanding of the people than Barack Obama ever dreamed.

In fact her ability to connect with the people is one of her most endearing qualities and that is one of the main reasons she angers the left as she does. This combined with the fact that this gun toting, pro-life, woman who is also a loving mother does not meet the lefts definition of the, "liberated," career minded, abortion favoring idea of what a woman should be.

This has placed Sarah Palin in a unique position as far as American politics is concerned. She is very polarizing which in most instances is the doom for a politician who seeks higher office especially the Presidency. But many polls have seen favorable numbers for her in 2012. But as I mentioned earlier, at least in light of the current political climate, I do not believe Palin can be elected President if she were to choose to run in 2012.

But whether she runs or not she is sparking debate that needs to be discussed, calling it like it is in reference to Obama policy and the direction that he and the Democrats are leading the country and generally making waves in places that irritates and distracts the Democrats in this all important mid term election year of 2010.

The left, especially those in the Pravda Obama loving media tend to focus on Sarah Palin much more than they should in an off Presidential year election. This focus on her and 2012 has become a major distraction of the left and the ever present probability that Democrats are going to get their tails handed to them in November because of the anger of the American people toward their policy and their irresponsible spending.

Everyone from Obama, and his Court Jester press secretary Robert Gibbs to many in Congress and the left wing media spend a great deal of time either commenting on or discussing Sarah Palin and especially what she has to say about the leftist agenda of Democrats. Much of what they say is in the form of personal attacks against her, but their focus on her and her possibilities in 2012 show that they see her as a threat and this makes her a distraction which takes their focus off of 2010 to a certain extent which is good. It only helps to reinforce their own sense of denial that the people are fed up with them and likely to boot them out in November.

Yet Democrats are very deceptive and use every means in their deceiving arsenal to trick the American people. Their tricks have time and again caused Americans especially those who are not prone to follow politics, into falling for their deception and the traps that they set which have consistently taken us down the road we are on and brought us to the brink of the Obama socialism that we are fighting today. Yes, the GOP has been an all to willing assistant in this process but the lions share of the socialist slide rests with Democrats.

This deception which is a key element of Democrat politics may also be part of the reason that the left is focusing so much on Sarah Palin. Their focus on her and 2012, while good in light of the attention it takes off of their losing in 2010 and their denial of that loss can also be used as a tool on their part to take the focus off of the all important Congressional elections and move the minds of the American people away from 2010 and looking rather toward 2012 and the Presidency only.

The Tea Party movement and the anger of the people is drawing a great deal of attention on the failings of the Obama administration and the liberal Congress of Pelosi and Reid. But if you pay close attention to much of the coverage of the anger and the Tea Parties, the focus is quickly shifted toward Palin and how polarizing she is and her possible quest for 2012. Thus taking the coverage of the present day anger off of the 2010 elections and placing on 2012.

Those of us who are politically savvy and watch closely what is taking place are not going to fall into trap set by the left to take the focus off of 2010. But many in John Q public can if we are not careful and in like manner spend too much time discussing 2012 and the Presidential election and not focusing singularly on the first obstacle in defeating the socialist agenda and that is cleaning house in 2010.

2012 is still much to far away for there to be so much focus on who will run for President and what candidate is most viable for the GOP nomination. Even the discussion of a third party alternative, which will guarantee an Obama victory, is much too early in light of the importance of the 2010 mid terms. There is far too much discussion is conservative circles like talk radio and even on many of the blogs about 2012, when the singular focus must be 2010.

Sure an occasional foray into 2012 possibilities is fine but far too much focus on 2012 is taking place and it has become a distraction to the mid term elections. Most Americans are tired of listening to politics and if too much time is spent on an election which is still nearly three years away the very short term interest of most Americans will quickly be turned off and the great house cleaning that most of us are wanting may be only a few seat change due to lack of voter turn out as a result of faded interest.

We must be careful not to allow ourselves to fall for the Democrat 2012 distraction whether it is because of their denial over a 2010 loss or an intentional push to take the focus off of the mid terms. While 2012 will be important in order to boot Obama out, 2010 in many ways has a higher importance because if we do not clean house in a way that will tie Obama's hands for the remainder of his one term Presidency, then there may not be a country left to save come 2012.

The talk about Sarah Palin is good and if the distraction she is causing on the left takes their focus off of the mid terms and enforces their denial in losing the House and the Senate then let them continue to focus on her and her Presidential aspirations. But we who know the score and understand fully the ramifications of the 2010 elections and must set a straight and narrow course to defeating both Democrats and RINOS and taking the Congress back from the socialists who control it now.

Though there has been much focus on Palin and 2012, she understands the necessity of 2010 and when she is interviewed or making a speech her focus is on the mid terms with short forays into 2012. Let the left look toward 2012. Let them use their deception as they always have, but we must remain focused on the first hurdle and that is this years election. Keeping that focus and telling the truth to the American people will bring about what we need and desire for the survival of our Republic. Once that is attained in November, THEN we can focus on 2012 and sending Obama to an early retirement.

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 12, 2010


This excellent video expresses the views and anger of the majority of Americans who like me are fed up with the direction that Obama, Reid, Pelosi and those who bow to their whims in Congress are taking our Nation. The American people are rising by the millions to take our Nation back from the Obama lead brink of Socialism.

View this and then re post it so that it can spread the word about the truth and the rising tide that will clean house in November and begin the return of our Nation to the people. Providing the avenue for the defeat of Barack Obama in 2012 and restore sanity to the White House.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 11, 2010


The largest snow fall on record has literally shut down Washington DC and the Federal Government. For the first time since the early days of our Republic thanks to the snow the government has been out of our hair. Congress has been closed. No debate or legislation creating larger government and further deficit spending.

Obama has been stuck in the White House and not putting his nose in the middle of our lives in his attempt to create Socialism in America. South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint said that it will continue to snow in DC until Al Gore, The Global Warming weenie, "cries uncle." Way to go Senator DeMint. Oh yeah, almost forgot, the Senate, "Climate Change, "hearings have also been canceled because of the snow. Talk about your basic irony!

It's a shame that it can't continue to snow until November keeping Congress closed until we the people hit the polling booth and boot these yo yos out of office. The only thing that I am waiting to hear is how Obama and Gibbs will try and find a way to blame this blizzard on George Bush.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Two very interesting polls were taken by the Rasmussen polling group and both tell a tale of angry Americans, a failed Barack Obama, and a citizenry disgusted with Congress. According to the polls a whopping 75% of likely voters are angry and fed up with current government policies. So much for Obama's, "hope and change."

Breaking it down by party affiliation etc., 89% of Republicans are angry at Obama policy while 78% who call themselves Independent are angry at Obama policy. But the biggest surprise in the poll are the 61% of Democrats who are angry at Obama policy!

The second poll hits directly at Congress and is a clear sign that the November election will be a total house cleaning of entrenched elitists who no longer care to even try and listen to the people. According to the poll another whopping 63% of likely voters stated that the country would be better if Congressional incumbents were booted out in the November election.

Both of these numbers are sure to grow as Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress still refuse to even acknowledge the truth behind the anger of the American people. It seem as if they are in a continual state of denial concerning the real reasons that the people are angry. They see the anger, they speak of it but still believe that it is related to Bush and that the anger is because they have not DONE ENOUGH.

When in actuality the anger has NOTHING to do with Bush and is directly related to the fact that Obama and clan have done TOO MUCH. Too much spending, too much leftist policy, too much apologizing for America, too much appeasing our enemies, too much granting Constitutional rights to terrorists, too much letting terrorism become a criminal act rather than an act of war, too much government intervention in our lives, to much tax increasing, too much debt and way too much deficit spending.

The fact that on a daily basis as the anger continues to grow and even the left wing media takes notice of this fact, Obama constantly presses for the same policy and arrogantly states that he is not going to back down on any of his agenda or the direction he is trying to take the country. He could care less what the people think and that in itself increases the anger and the number of Americans who join the millions who are fed up.

Add to this the same elitist arrogance that flows from the Wicked Witch of the House Nancy Pelosi and The Nevada Numb Skull Harry Reid and it becomes even more obvious why the numbers in the Rasmussen polls are so high and will continue to rise as the arrogance grows and the policy continues to take our Nation down the wrong path.

The shake up that is building for the November election will make the Haitian earthquake seem like a minor rumble. Not trying to belittle the devastation and terrible human tragedy in Haiti, but the comparison is referencing the act of the earth shaking only. Come November when the angry American people take to the polls and express in true free form the disgust with those who claim to represent us, the devastation left behind for those who have ignored us for so long will be total and the people will begin the quest of taking back control of our government and the march to 2012 and the removal of the totally inept Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 09, 2010


Following the key note speech at the Tea Party Convention which was brilliantly done, Sarah Palin visited Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday and gave a masterful interview even suggesting that a Presidential run was not out of the picture for 2012. Several polls now have her the leading contender for the GOP nod in 2012.

The left is scared of her which is revealed by the ridiculous attacks against her on a regular basis. Sarah Palin is the real deal and is showing her grasp of today's issues. She connects with the people because she does not place herself above everyone as many in politics do. She also connects because she fully understands why the people are angry and how dangerous Obama, his agenda and his cronies are for our Nation. Go get 'em Sarah and keep up the great work.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, February 07, 2010


Ever since the election of Barack Obama and especially since we have witnessed the radical and socialistic agenda and policy of this totally incompetent individual, I have asked myself this question, " why did it take electing this radical to finally get the American people to wake up to a problem that has been in our government for decades ?"

Now don't misunderstand me, I am thrilled to see the massive support for the Tea Party movement and the anger of the American people regardless of party to the government take over that is being attempted by Barack Obama and his Marxist companions in both his administration and the Congress. But what Obama is doing is not new in our government but only escalated and more blatant in its approach than has been the case in the last 100 years.

Our Nation has been on a slide to Socialism slow and sure for decades, so much so that the majority of the American people cannot even recognize what true freedom from government oppression and dependency truly is and how personal responsibility in that freedom is the real essence of a Constitutional Republic whose government is limited and completely answerable to the people.

Ronald Reagan once stated, " Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. " This almost prophetic quote from President Reagan has never been more true and exemplified in the actions of any administration than it is today, but Obama is not the beginning of our losing our freedoms and unless we the people understand how we got where we are and why then even after we defeat this usurper he will not be the end of those who would destroy this Nation of free people and replace it with one whose citizens are slaves to an all powerful government.

The American people as a whole have been suffering from a complacency and a failure to force those that we elect accountable to their actions for more than generation. In fact we have allowed Washington to dictate to us how we should live and prosper for so long that when a charlatan like Obama hit the political stage he seemed like a saviour rather than a destroyer and that is why the blindness that elected him was so rampant among supposedly free Americans in the election of 2008.

Throughout the 20th Century but especially since the years of the Great Depression, Americans have been lulled into complacency and convinced that a large and powerful government was necessary to protect Americans and provide for those who are, "less fortunate." The problem is that those who have shaped this, "compassionate, " slide to Socialism have used the very care and concern of free Americans over the less fortunate as the excuse to grow government and make almost all Americans dependant on government in one form or another.

Social Security is a prime example of this complacency and the way a government program which claimed to be created from compassion actually steals our freedom and destroys the very essence of liberty that made our Nation great and the envy of all the world. When FDR created Social Security he used the Depression and the struggles of the American people especially seniors as a reason for this, "necessary, " but dangerous socialistic venture.

As a result over the years Americans who would have saved for their retirement have used Social Security as a crutch to not set aside personal retirement savings because the government, "promised," them an income after retirement. Additionally it has created Congressional Representatives who have always had a tendency to spend and become power hungry an opportunity to use funds which should NEVER have been touched but as it was originally designed set aside for Social Security use only, an opportunity to take earnings from Americans and use it for every pet project that their greedy minds could invent and legislate.

But Social Security is not the only culprit. This, "we will take care of you," attitude has been rampant in Washington and as a result, unfortunately a majority of the American people bought into it and through the blindness it created became totally complacent to a continual slide toward Socialism as our government expanded and became even more controlling through everything from Medicare to regulatory practices that stifled business and as a result freedom.

This decades long complacency on the part of the American people which was enforced by Representatives whose hunger for power drove them in their quest for an unconstitutional expansion of government creating the very situation which allowed someone like Barack Obama to be elected and think he could get away with a total final move toward Socialism. Fortunately there are still enough freedom loving Americans to stand and stop this blatant push away from who we are and what our Founders envisioned for America.

Norman Thomas a Socialist who ran for President in 1940, 1944 and 1948 once stated, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But under the name of Liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happened.” This has been exactly how the left in our country has moved us from a free Constitutional Republic which centered on individual rights and freedoms to a quasi - socialist Democracy whose people look more to the government than to themselves for answers and solutions.

Had Barack Obama not stepped into the Oval Office and began spending massively as he has and only slowly instituted over his first term the agenda that he has been trying to force down our throats, I am afraid that he would have been successful in ending any resemblance of our Republic and created a total American Socialism because of how complacent and blind most Americans had become.

This very fact is why, even though the people are taking a stand for freedom, that unless we each personally make the conscience decision that we will NEVER allow this to happen again, even when we defeat Obama, shake up the Congress and claim victory in taking our country back, without a total commitment by the people to stand for freedom and make Washington evermore accountable Americans will soon find ourselves right back where we started, falling for political lies and complacency allowing power hungry , "Representatives, " to lull us into the loss of our freedom.

One very real and necessary way to hold our government accountable even after our new found Revolution shakes up the Washington establishment is to do what our Founders intended from the beginning. Americans have allowed politicians to become entrenched in Washington and not continually remove elected officials from their posh positions as we should have. Up until the mid 20th Century about 50% of the House of Representatives was voted out and new blood moved in on a regular basis. This slowly dwindled until the sixties and seventies when the number of House members changing dropped into the single digits.

That is why the 1994 Republican take over of Congress was such a surprise because such a large change in Representatives had not happened in decades. Yet this massive change is what was the norm for most of our history and is one of the keys for we the people to once again hold Washington continually accountable to us. We cannot allow politicians to remain entrenched in power or they will always use government as a means of controlling the citizenry and as a result steal our freedoms.

Additionally the size of Congressional Districts should be drastically reduced and the number of Representatives increased from the frozen number of 435 which has been in place since 1911. By reducing the size of Districts, Representatives will be forced to work with their smaller constituency and as a result much more answerable to the people. To be re-elected by 100,000 constituents rather than a million or more requires a Representative to be much more in touch with his District and its people. These are but two moves that can be made to prevent this from happening again.

We the people now have the momentum to force the necessary change that will stop our slide to Socialism which has escalated under Obama. But unless we take that momentum and never again allow the complacency which created a Barack Obama, we will find ourselves right back in the same boat we are fighting to get out of now and the next time that boat will be the Titanic!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Today February sixth marks the 99th birthday of President Ronald Reagan. A great American who lead us through troublesome times with grace and strength. Always reminding us of the greatness of our Nation, the power of the American people and the true blessing of freedom.
We truly miss you Mr. President and know that even now you are looking down upon us, proud that we the people are taking a stand for freedom and fighting in the Reagan mold to take our Nation back from the brink of Socialism. God bless the memory of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Ken Taylor

Friday, February 05, 2010


This was not a Mr. TelePrompter mistake or just a quick miscue on the part of Barack Obama but what I truly believe is a complete lack of knowledge about our military which is a dangerous problem since it involves the person who is Constitutionally the Commander in Chief.

Obama not only mispronounced, "Corpsman," in reference to a Navy Doctor, once but three times during the same story that he was relating at the National Prayer Breakfast. Rather than using the correct pronunciation which has a silent ,"s," Obama pronounced the, "s," which changed the word to, "corpseman."

Had he slipped just once during the speech it could have been taken as just a misread from the TelePrompter but to do so three times displays a total lack of knowledge of an aspect of our military. Even grade school children understand what a ,"Corpsman," is and how to pronounce the name.

Of course the main stream media let it slide by without even a mention. If this had be George Bush it would have been front page news. Remember how Bush was ridiculed constantly for mispronunciation of the word, "nuclear." Obama once again is showing the world that he is way out of his league and way over his head if he does not know what a Navy Corpsman is and how to pronounce the name of these brave soldiers who risk their lives to save their fellow warriors.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, February 04, 2010


At every opportunity Barack Obama has placed the blame for the massive federal deficit on former President George Bush. Still claiming after more than one year in office that he, "inherited," the deficit problem and that he through his massive spending saved American from a depression.

Take a close look at the graph above, (hat tip to Mike's America). While Bush and Republicans were not good stewards of our money the deficits were in the process of declining through fiscal year 2007 while the government was still operating on GOP budgets.

Notice fiscal year 2008 the first complete year with a budget approved by a Democrat controlled Congress. The deficit jumped from less than 200 billion in fiscal 2007, the last year of a GOP approved budget , doubling to more than 400 billion in the first year of a Democrat approved budget. While Bush as President presented the budget Congress approved it and added greatly to the Bush budget but because he was President he was given all the blame.

Now closely look at the first year under Obama who worked with a total Democrat majority passing the stimulus bill as well as other massive spending bills. Fiscal year 2009 skyrocketed to 1.4 TRILLION, with 2010 nearly 1.6 TRILLION. Bush had NOTHING to do with either of these. In fact even with a Democrat controlled Congress Bush passed on a deficit around 400 billion which Obama more than quadrupled.

Projected budget deficits from the Obama administration all the way up until fiscal 2020 shows deficits at the least more than double any Bush and GOP deficits. In fact in fiscal 2010 the budget deficit EACH MONTH is more than any YEARLY deficit during the Bush administration and GOP majority in Congress. I am not defending the huge spending and government growth under Bush, I totally disagreed with it but facts are facts. While Bush and Republicans were not good fiscal stewards, Obama and clan make Bush and the GOP look like spend thrifts !

When Obama introduced his 2011 budget he had the gall to again blame Bush by claiming that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were the cause for the deficits. Notice again in the graph that during the final four Bush years with the wars taking place, the budget deficits were not even close to Obama's. So the blame Bush garbage is not only not acceptable but not true.

Spending and deficits have exploded with the total liberal rule of Barack Obama and the Pelosi/Reid Congress. When Mr. Deficit, Barack Obama points his accusing finger at George Bush he not only is deceiving the American people but needs to seriously look in the mirror and point at the true culprit for our fiscal madness, Barack Hussein Obama !

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, February 03, 2010


In yet another attack against our freedom of speech Democrats lead by John Kerry, (D Mass), are seeking a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Supreme Court decision which allows corporations to run campaign adds and donate to campaigns. The 5-4 decision by the court reversed the controversial McCain/Feingold campaign fiance legislation which violated free speech rights by denying corporate participation in campaigns.

Barack Obama made reverence to this during the State of the Union Address which solicited a, "not true," response by Justice Samuel Alito to the total misrepresentation by Obama of the decision as show in the following video.

John Kerry is first seeking legislation that would require corporations to get shareholder permission before using corporate funds to purchase campaign adds or make political donations. I guess the liberal Democrat Senator has forgotten that Labor Unions, who support Democrats, have always used member dues to fund liberal candidates and purchase campaign adds WITHOUT informing dues paying members of where their money is going.

So why should a corporation be required to seek shareholder permission other than the fact that most corporations support Republican candidates and Democrats see this free speech decision by the Supreme Court as a threat to Democrats in future election.

Kerry went on to say in reference to the proposed Constitutional Amendment, "But we may also need to think bigger," Kerry said. "I think we need a Constitutional Amendment to make it clear once and for all that corporations do not have the same free speech rights as individuals." Where does this liberal moon bat get the idea that he and his cronies have the right to decide who has free speech rights and who does not ?

If an individual or a business agrees with a liberal, then they have the right to practice any type of free speech. If an individual or a business disagree with a liberal they are considered hate mongers and have no free speech rights. This is one of the most blatant hypocrisies of liberals. Amending the Constitution in order to facilitate this liberal hypocrisy is not only uncalled for but has no chance of happening.

Even if it gets through the Democrat controlled Senate, which is unlikely, it will never garner enough support by the States in order to be ratified. But the ridiculous notion that Obama lied about in the State of the Union and the move by Kerry and other Democrats to reverse a decision by the Court which corrected a clear violation of the First Amendment again displays the hypocrisy and hatred for freedom that is found on the left side of the political spectrum in this country.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


In one of the most idiotic moves of his Presidency, Barack Obama decided to move the trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and four other Islamic terrorists involved with 9/11 to a civilian court rather than a military tribunal. The original venue for this show trial was to be New York City but because of massive public our cry, Obama has backed away from NYC but still sticking to the trial being in civilian courts.

So while awaiting the trial Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Press Secretary Robert Gibbs have continually been discussing the trial in interviews and press conferences. Trying to sound tough and give the illusion that they have not lost their minds and are handling this trial correctly all three have repeatedly stated that they guaranteed that these Islamic terrorist would be found guilty and executed for the murders of those killed on 9/11.

The only problem with these statements are, now that the trial of these Islamic radicals has been moved to civilian courts, each have been given their Miranda rights which has already caused Mohammed to recant his confession. Additionally in our justice system any defendant is considered innocent until proven guilty by law.

So with the presumption of innocence that has now been placed upon this trial by the move to civilian court, how can Obama, Holder and Gibbs guarantee conviction and execution ? What they are in fact setting up are the release of each of the defendants including Mohammed because their defense attorneys now have grounds for dismissal of all charges because the President of the United States, the Attorney General of The United States and the Press Secretary for the President have prejudiced their clients by continual statements of guilt before the trial even begins.

Any defense attorney who knows his stuff will seek dismissal of all charges because of this prejudicial action by Obama, Holder and Gibbs. Of course if the trial were to be returned to the military and each face a tribunal as enemy combatants have throughout our history then the presumption of innocence does not apply and discussing their guilt and subsequent execution poses no problem.

But the three stooges obviously do not fathom the damage they are doing and that there is now a very distinct possibility that the man who planned 9/11 and four of his assistants will be set free without trial because the three stooges are trying to sound like they know what they are doing and pretending to sound tough!

Don't get me wrong, I fully believe they are guilty and that they deserve execution but Obama has chosen to place the trial in civilian courts and as such the presumption of innocent becomes a part of the equation and as such guaranteeing conviction and execution before the trial even begins, opens the door wide for dismissal and release the very first day of the trial no matter what city the civilian court is located.

The move to take these Islamic fanatics out of military hands and away from a tribunal, providing a civilian court venue for the trial and then prejudicing the trial by their irresponsible statements shows once again that the children are in charge and that they not only have no clue as to what they are doing but emphasises just how totally inept Obama and those he has working for him truly are.

Ken Taylor

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