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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


My posting time is limited today because of other obligations, but I would like to share with you this excellent video which places in a timeline Obama's response or to be more precise lack of response to the Gulf oil spill. In one video we see the total failure of Obama in handling the worst environmental disaster in our history and it becomes painfully obvious just how truly unconcerned he is for the Gulf Region and the devastation caused by the spill.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Several weeks ago Barack Obama finally and reluctantly met with Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona to discuss the Governors justified concerns for her state and the massive problem with border security. The meeting lasted only 30 minutes with Obama finally dismissing her by telling her that he would send his people to meet with her people in two weeks with the response that the administration would have to ,"help," with Arizona's tremendous border problem.

Well two weeks went by then two more and now finally Obama's people showed up and offered a token that will do absolutely NOTHING to help the Governor or the state to secure its border with Mexico and stem the tide of violence and illegals that are plaguing the state.

A request was made for National Guard deployment numbering in the thousands and soon after the request was made Obama announce ONLY 1200. Now the number has dwindled down to a pitiful 524 who will only be deployed a few months in Arizona. This coming as the Justice Department is planning to take the state to court this week over the immigration law that Governor Brewer signed in May which begins enforcement at the end of July.

Adding insult to injury the feds placed signs on the border warning Arizona residents about the danger at the border with Mexico. Governor Brewer is fed up with Obama's lack of concern for her state and in securing the border and blasted him in the above video, telling the immigrant in chief, "do your job," and secure the borders.

Obama has made it painfully obvious that border security for our country especially in Arizona is no concern at all. He claims the border is safe while Arizonans are threatened and the border is out of control with the administration ONLY interested in taking the state to court for trying to do what the federal government refuses to do. The failure of Obama continues to threaten our Nation and Brewer has called him to task on his failure. Fight on Governor we are with you!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Chaos reigns in The United States. The cause of this chaos is attributed to one man and the agenda which he continues to push ignoring the consequences and the will of the American people. I remember the havoc that was Jimmy Carter the confusion that was Bill Clinton but the total and utter chaos that is Barack Obama far exceeds the havoc and confusion of his two Democrat predecessors.

Never in my lifetime has a President created chaos as Barack Obama has in his short time in office. An oil spill with NO direction for clean up, constant legislation that confuses and mystifies even the pundits, seeking blanket amnesty for illegals, financial markets bouncing all over the board never knowing how to react to Obama's latest financial meddling, rules of engagement on the battle field that cause a seasoned General to throw his hands in the air in disgust ending a brilliant career when a reporter wrote of that disgust.

On the foreign front, allies fear the confusion they see in The White House, enemies are testing the weakness that is all to evident, battle field foes praise the policy and strategy of the Commander in Chief since it gives them a distinct advantage, world leaders have no confidence in the occupant of the Oval Office.

As chaos reigns from The White House most wonder if Barack Obama really knows what he is doing and whether the responsibility of the Presidency is too much for the community organizer. While this is be true, I also believe that in the midst of his chaos we are seeing a plan that is being implemented which follows the ideology of tyranny for rebuilding America.

Every move that Obama has made whether in financial, "reform," health care, the possibility of blanket amnesty for illegals, the idiotic rules of engagement on the battle field, even the failure that we see in the Gulf oil spill clean up, has a single minded direction which spells disaster for America. Obama's chaos has a directed course which centralizes authority to the federal government and in many instances specifically the Executive Branch which allows greater control through government of every aspect of America life.

Even the total failure of the Gulf oil spill is being controlled specifically by the Obama White House which is why the disaster is a never ending cycle of chaos. Every attempt to handle the situation from even a state level is stopped due to some sort of federal problem that halts state operations. The berms in Louisiana were halted because of federal environmental regulation, barges extracting oil from the water were halted for inspection of life vests and fire extinguishers. This entire oil debacle is a government, (Obama), orchestrated failure showing the true tyrannical control that Obama has over this Nation at every turn.

All financial measures he has created through legislation centralizes control of financial markets and business to the federal government. Health care centralizes control of the industry to the federal government. The stimulus centralizes control through money allocated to the states of state and local programs. Even when federal money dries up the control of programs still rests with the federal government, paid for then by state funds.

The illegal immigration problem is being controlled by the Obama agenda. Arizona passed strong legislation which takes affect at the end of July, yet border security which is essential to make Arizona's law work completely is controlled and stalled by Obama who is now considering an Executive Order granting blanket amnesty to illegal aliens.

So while chaos reigns at the Obama White House, his tyrannical control of America and the rebuilding process of our country in his image which he promised in his campaign continues uninterrupted through the chaos. One has to wonder if the chaos is intentional in order to create confusion which allows his plan of government tyranny to be completed while everyone focuses on the chaos.

When the chaos is at its height some new piece of legislation slips through Congress almost unnoticed by the public. The most recent case is the financial, "reform," bill which passed committee but was lost in the chaos of the Gulf oil spill and the replacing of General McChrystal. Obama has become masterful at centralizing his power and that of the federal government in the midst of chaos that he has created.

Many see this chaos as a weakness of a poor leader. While this to a certain extent is true, could this chaotic governing by Obama be part of the plan in order to create the tyrannical and socialist America that he has wanted all along ? A plan that through chaos slides our Nation into tyranny and socialism right under the nose of even we who are in total opposition of everything he is doing.

Tyrants throughout history have used chaos to change the course of their countries. Chaos creates confusion, confusion creates misdirection and misdirection creates tyrants. Tyrants have historically used trouble whether manufactured or real as the catalyst to create the chaos necessary to force their control and centralize their power and authority.

This is the direction which we are moving under the chaotic control of Barack Obama. Power and authority is being centralized to the government and the Presidency. Chaos and confusion are his tools to shift control and create the tyrannical control that he sees as the reshaping of American life and society. There truly is tyranny in the midst of Obama's chaos and our Nation is suffering from it and our future is in jeopardy because of it.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 25, 2010


Obama's approval ratings hit, "all time," lows with every new poll. Nancy Pelosi talks about issues with a GOP majority after the November elections. Democrat candidates are falling like flies in the primary elections and the list of bad news for Dems goes on and on and on.

There is one Democrat whose problems are not only political but reach into his family. Harry Reid the Senate Majority Leader, soon to be former Senate Majority Leader, soon to be former Senator and soon to be unemployed, is well behind in the polls for his re-election bid in Nevada. Even with all of this bad news for Harry Reid the ultimate insult to injury came with the release of a new campaign ad for a certain candidate who is running for Nevada Governor.

Rory Reid the son of the hapless Harry is running on the Democrat ticket to be the next Governor of Nevada. His father is so unpopular in the state that Rory won't even admit in his campaign ads that his last name is Reid. In the above ad Reid's son in order to distance himself from his failing dad drops the Reid name and is campaign as just plain old," Rory."

You know that the hopes for Dems in November are gone when the son of one of the most famous and powerful politicians in Washington understands that his own father is such bad news that in order to have even a slight chance of winning his own election he has to disassociate himself with daddy!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 24, 2010


First replacing General Stanley McChrystal with General David Patreaus is the best possible outcome IF the need for replacing McChrystal was really necessary. Patreaeus is likely our top commander and one of the best in our Nations history but so is McChrystal. So Patraeus in command in Afghanistan is not a bad move, but was it right?

As a Constitutional conservative I understand the remarks made by McChrystal in the Rolling Stone article were very inappropriate in the Constitutional chain of command. Griping is a natural tendency in the military among each other especially when faced with ridiculous rules of engagement as McChrystal has had to follow in the Afghan theatre. But allowing it to become public through a magazine article was a major mistake.

As disciplined as McChrystal is I cannot help but believe that he used the opportunity knowing it placed his career in jeopardy in order to let the American people know how the rules of engagement put forth by the Obama administration are endangering our troops in ways that are unnecessary. McChrystal has a long reputation of looking out for his troops above all else.

So this move may have been intentional to bring attention to the problem knowing it would mean his resignation. But was accepting that resignation a wise move by Barack Obama. Obama is notorious for being extremely thin skinned when criticized and McChrystals comments were obviously critical of Obama and the policy in Afghanistan.

But shaking up a command during a war is extremely dangerous and risky. Patraeus does offer the quickest and easiest change in keeping strong leadership and command continuity, but still a very risky move during a war.

One of the most telling aspects questioning whether this was a sound move or not was the reaction by the enemy, the Taliban. When they learned of the article and Obama's reaction to it they immediately released a statement calling for the resignation of General McChrystal. It seems to me that when the enemy is calling for a commanders resignation they are signaling their fear of that commander.

While McChrystal's comments were out of line, were they truly worth shaking up the command and appeasing the enemy? Should McChrystal instead receive a Presidential reprimand rather than accepting his resignation? Did Obama place his hurt feelings before the troops and the country?

Patreaus will succeed and lead us to victory as he did in Iraq, but replacing McChrystal at this juncture because of Presidential hurt feelings and major the chip on the Obama shoulder was over reaction to a wrong move by McChrystal. If Obama had reacted as quickly and decisively to the oil spill as he has to his hurt feelings the Gulf region would not be in the shape it is now!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


A great day for the state of South Carolina. Nikki Haley won the GOP nomination for Governor with 65% of the vote. Tim Scott won the GOP nomination for the SC 1st District Congressional seat with 68% of the vote. Both are strong Constitutional conservatives who beat the odds and the, "good ole' boy," network to face Democrat challengers in November.

SC District 1 has not elected a Democrat for more than three decades and Nikki Haley received more that 150,000 more votes in her primary run against three other candidates than the Democrat did in his primary run against one other candidate. Latest polls have both Haley and Scott up more than 25 points against their Democrat opponent.

Haley and Scott's win is not only great for South Carolina but for our Nation as they show that strong conservative candidates are winning elections not only here but across the Nation leading to a house cleaning in November and a change in the congressional majority restoring Congress to the people and taking it away from Obama's agenda.

Both Haley and Scott have fought endlessly in Columbia as state representatives to prevent Obama's agenda from affecting South Carolina. Haley fought to prevent the state from accepting any of the Obama stimulus money as she understood that once federal funding dried up from the stimulus the forced new programs would have to be paid for from state coffers bursting the state budget.

After Obamacare passed Tim Scott introduced legislation in Columbia to prevent the state from being forced to participate in Obama's health care debacle. Both Haley and Scott understand the Constitutional principle of limited government and they are servants of the people who are the true authority of this Nation.

Constitutional conservatives and true representative of and for the people. Nikki Haley the next Governor of the state of South Carolina and Tim Scott the next Congressman for SC House District.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Today is the South Carolina Republican run off election when our vote decides who will run against the chosen Democrat candidates in the November General Election. I am heading to the polls to vote and following are the candidates I am supporting.
Nikki Haley is in a run off challenge with Congressman Gresham Barrett. She has had my support since last summer and will receive my vote at the polls today. She is a strong fiscal and social conservative who believes in limiting government and will be a Governor for the people. She has taken strong unwavering stands against Obamacare. She fought as a state legislator to stop South Carolina from taking ANY of Obama's stimulus money because she knew that it would be damaging for our state and when federal funds ran out the programs paid for by the stimulus would become a state liability.

She has been part of and participated in Tea Party events throughout the state and understands the anger of not only South Carolinians over the direction our country is taking, but Americans from other states who are angered by the Obama agenda. Nikki is a strong Constitutionalist who believes in the Tenth Amendment and that Washington has no business in South Carolina policy or politics. I encourage each of you to cast your vote today for Nikki Haley and then again in November so that this staunch conservative, mother, soldiers wife and concerned resident of our state will become our next Governor providing conservative leadership in Columbia for the people of South Carolina.
Living near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina places me in Congressional District 1 which has been served by Congressman Henry Brown who is retiring. Tim Scott is facing Paul Thurman in the run off election and as in the primary two weeks ago I support Tim Scott.

When Obamacare was passing Congress, Tim did not just come out against the unconstitutional legislation but presented state legislation in Columbia to keep South Carolinians from having to participate in Obama's debacle. Tim supports strong border security but more importantly enforcing existing laws which prevent illegal immigration. Tim understands that we are at war against terrorists and that the only course of action is that which leads to victory over terrorism and protecting our Nation whatever it takes. Tim will stand for our Republic and our Constitution as our Founders intended.

Tim Scott, strong conservative representation that will make our voice heard in Washington bringing conservative values and ideals to Congress. I encourage residents of South Carolina District 1 to cast your vote as I will for a true conservative who will represent us as a man of the people, Tim Scott.

Nikki Haley and Tim Scott. Two Constitutional conservatives who understand that they serve at the will of the people and government though necessary serves also by the authority of the people. Strong leadership for South Carolina as Governor and representing District 1 in Washington.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, June 19, 2010


We have now passed the two month mark since the Deepwater Horizon explosion and the beginning of the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. More than sixty days have come and gone with the disaster only growing and in fact is no closer to ending than it was on its very first day. The well is still spewing thousands of gallons of oil everyday. The clean up effort at the hands of Barack Obama is a total disaster with new failings being reported on a daily basis.

The oil spill despite the best efforts by the Obama administration to take the spotlight off of Obama's disaster in the Gulf, is dominating every newspaper, talking heads show, daily and evening news shows and news/political commentary shows on every channel. Obama has tried to take the focus off the spill and twist it to his liberal energy agenda in a address from the Oval Office and just as with his handling of the oil spill itself the address failed miserably.

Many have tried to compare the oil spill, at least initially, to the problems that Bush had with Katrina. Then as the scope of the spill and the utter failure of the Obama administration in responding to the crisis escalated, most realized including the residents of Louisiana, hardest hit by both Katrina and the oil, that the oil crisis far exceeded Katrina both in its impact to the region and its failings by the government particularly Barack Obama.

As each day of the spill drags on with Obama promising to take care of the problem and the evidence showing that his handling of it is only getting worse rather than better we are witnessing a repeat of history from another failed President and a crisis which not only damaged our Nation's prestige and standing in the world but was the final blow and the end of a failed Presidency. Jimmy Carter and the Iran Hostage crisis.

For some who may not be familiar with what took place in those dark days from November 1979 until the crisis ended on the day that Ronald Reagan was inaugurated President on January 20, 1981, following is a brief synopsis of the crisis that ended the Carter Presidency.

On November 4, 1979 more than 300 Islamic students who supported the recently begun regime of Islamic Imam Ayatollah Khomeini gained entry into The United States Embassy in Tehran and seized control with the initial idea of symbolically ,"holding ," the Embassy only and releasing press statements. But as the crowd grew outside the compound and news came that Khomeini, who was not informed of the Embassy taking until after it had succeeded, came out in support of the students, the situation quickly became a hostage taking of 66 Americans.

Six managed to escape and on November 19 and 20, 13 were released with another released in July of 1980. The remaining 52 hostages were held and over the 444 total days of the crisis negotiations continued to fail with one rescue attempt in April of 1980 ending in total disaster killing eight US soldiers and adding to the tensions already caused by the holding of American Embassy personnel who by international law were considered immune from,"arrest," and the Embassy compound considered the sovereign domain of The United States.

As the crisis lingered on and the pictures provided by the hostage takers continued to regularly headline both print and broadcast media the prestige of The United States around the world dwindled and the weakness and failure of Jimmy Carter became more evident with each passing day. Every news show began with the announcement of what day it was in the continuing hostage crisis with the days number staying on the screen throughout the broadcast just as it is today with the oil spill. When Carter left office after a landslide victory by Ronald Reagan in the 1980 election he was seen as a failed President who left office humiliated by the crisis.

While the Gulf oil spill does not have the political ramifications of the Iran Hostage crisis, its impact both on the Nation and the Obama Presidency are very similar as the situation that destroyed Jimmy Carter. Carter like Obama had forced through several unpopular legislative initiatives before the crisis began and his popularity also like Obama was on the down slide. As the days lingered the entire country lost total confidence in Carter and Obama is heading down that same path with the oil spill.

When any President is faced with a crisis the American people expect it to be handled swiftly and with strong decisive decisions and action. Jimmy Carter in the 444 days of the Iran Hostage crisis did not do this and as such was seen as the weak and failed President that history shows him to be. Barack Obama is doing exactly the same in his handling of the gulf oil spill with one major exception.

Carter did show a seriousness during the entire Iran crisis and except when necessary to handle the duties of the office, Carter stayed in Washington understanding the seriousness of the problem and the emotional impact and embarrassment the hostage taking was to the Nation. He was just too weak as a President to end the situation decisively and quickly.

Obama on the other hand seems almost flippant and oblivious to the extreme anger, emotional impact and damage to the prestige of our Nation that the oil spill has become. The White House parties, the weekend jaunts to Asheville, NC and Chicago and the almost endless rounds of golf have painted a picture of a President who publicly claims he is deeply concerned and angered by the crisis but in reality his actions of this nature say otherwise as HIS pleasure is more important than the suffering of the American people especially those directly affected by the oil spill.

Just as with Carter even his most ardent supporters are turning against Obama as we have seen James Carville and even his former cheerleaders at MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Keith Olberman not only criticize Obama but do so in anger. The news networks who have been Obama's propaganda mouth pieces are constantly critical of his handling of the crisis and all across the broadcast media the day number is displayed at the bottom of the screen just like the Iran Hostage crisis. Obama has even lost the New York and Los Angeles Times who are now openly critical of his failure in the Gulf.

Many failings brought down the Carter Presidency but the Iran Hostage crisis was not only the final nail in the political coffin of Jimmy Carter but ended his term in humiliation and the stigma of being one of our worst Presidents who left office embarrassed and with the prestige of the Nation severely damaged by his failings as Chief Executive.

Obama owns this crisis and the failing in the way it has been handled whether by him directly, BP or entities within his administration. We as Americans expect swift action to a crisis but Obama has moved at a snails pace and continues to do so. We also expect not only action but positive results from that action and Obama has delivered neither. No amount of finger pointing, smart remarks or side stepping by trying to deflect from the problem by talking about or skirting to other issues will change the fact that Obama is failing in every aspect of this crisis.

The Gulf oil spill IS his Presidency and until it is stopped and the oil is cleaned up it will continue to be the ONLY issue of his Presidency just like the 444 days of the Iran Hostage crisis was for Jimmy Carter. Obama has already allowed this to go too far without decisive action and real decisions for it to turn around enough to keep it from being the final blow to his failed term in The White House. Though it has come earlier in his term than the Iran situation did in Carter's the end result will be the same. The Gulf oil spill is the end of the Obama Presidency.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 18, 2010


During his Oval Office pack of lies delivered on Tuesday evening Barack Obama claimed he was in charge AND had everything under control in the Gulf of Mexico AND the clean up effort which gets worse everyday was progressing well AND he had everything in place to successfully handle the situation.

Of course we knew that as he was spewing this lie out of his political mouth, that Obama may be in charge but is not even close to having things under, "control," nor having the necessary means in place in order to handle the situation. We already know he has personally turned down assistance from 13 countries as well as leaving necessary equipment like booms etc. sitting idle in warehouses with the full knowledge of the Obama administration.

Now according to an article on the ABC news website, even steps that are taking place which affected states have implemented themselves are being disrupted by the federal government for asinine bureaucratic reasons.

In Louisiana, barges that were commissioned by Governor Bobby Jindal to suck up the oil and sludge which has already reached marsh lands and the Louisiana shore line were stopped and forced to cease operations for more than 24 hours so that the Coast Guard could inspect the vessels for life vests and fire extinguishers.

The berms that were finally approved by the corps of engineers to be built as a protection for Louisiana shore were also stopped because the Environmental Protection Agency claimed that the berms are HARMING THE ENVIRONMENT!

In Alabama, Governor Pat Riley succeeded in acquiring large booms that could prevent the oil from coming ashore on the Alabama Coast. The Coast Guard moved the booms to Louisiana where they now sit idle because NO ONE CAN FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THEM BACK TO ALABAMA!

This is what happens when the children are left in charge. The left has used the cliche' "elections have consequences," over and over whenever Obama has nominated a Supreme Court Justice or passed ridiculous legislation like health care and the budget breaking stimulus. Now we are truly seeing the real hard hitting consequences of an election where an incompetent ideologue and imbecile becomes President of the United States.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When Barack Obama spoke from the Oval Office supposedly to lay out a definitive plan for dealing with the Gulf oil spill but rather used the speech to campaign for his cap and tax ,"clean energy," anti oil agenda, he stated that The United States was running out of places to drill for oil. Insinuating that if we didn't immediately follow his liberal energy policy we as a Nation would be in a desperate situation because of no domestic oil.

Not only was this a blatant lie by Obama but in stating that our reserves are only 2% of the worlds supply he not only gave a false statistic but was attempting to use scare tactics, in other words fear if loss to again push his agenda. The oil spill has no business being dragged into politics but that is all Obama knows how to do. Remember this is the guy whose philosophy is to never let a crisis go to waste.

A fellow South Carolinian who is also a fellow patriot has compiled specifics in the from of links and graphs proving the Obama lie about domestic oil reserves and that The United States has only 2% of the worlds oil. Follow this link to Mike's America for his excellent posting which reveals Obama's lie and displays the truth about how much oil we truly have available domestically WITHOUT depending on foreign sources.

Ken Taylor


During Barack Obama's first Oval Office speech, a rambling litany with little truth, meaningless statistics and yet another opportunity to push his energy agenda, ("never let a crisis go to waste"), one line in the speech stood out to me as the definition of the total disorganization and lack of leadership that the entire Gulf oil spill disaster has displayed at the hands of Obama.

Several minutes into the speech when Obama was listing the statistics of the governments response, in an attempt to portray that he knew what he was doing, Obama said this, "if something isn't working, we want to hear about it." This one statement is the sad epitaph of Obama's response and reaction to this unprecedented disaster.

"If something isn't working, we want to know about it." If this fiasco that Obama tried to claim was a well planned, organized and proper response to the Gulf oil spill was truly the great success that he tried to say it was, then he would not need to , "hear about," something that isn't working because there would already be in place personnel and leadership that would asses the situation on the ground and act on what wasn't working, correct the problem and immediately move to the next step.

For Obama to actually state, "if something isn't working, we want to hear about it, " explains in one sentence why this fiasco has failed to prevent the oil from killing wild life, destroying marsh land and generally not being cleaned up. By the time Obama hears that, "something isn't working," it is already well past the time necessary to either prevent it or clean it up BEFORE it has opportunity to kill and destroy.

Stopping the leak is something that is stretching the limit of current technology because of how deep the break in the oil line is and the fact that at 5,000 feet plugging the leak is nearly impossible as we have witnessed. As I have stated in previous postings, over regulation on the oil industry by liberal regulators who cater to the enviro nut agenda is the cause of BP and other companies having to drill at such depths and so far out from shallow waters. So the failure in plugging the leak, though something that is not working, becomes something that is beyond the control of government or anyone else for that matter.

But the clean up is a different story. Obama's failure in immediately using his authority as President to mobilize everything necessary and at the Nations disposal is almost criminal in its failure. The Dutch offered expert help and Obama refused it by letter. Booms are still sitting in warehouses in Maine at the full knowledge of the administration. The burning which could have prevented the oil from spreading was stopped only 45 minutes after it began because of complaints from enviro nuts about the, "impact ," of the smoke. WHAT ABOUT THE IMPACT OF THE OIL YOU IDIOTS!

Waiting for Obama or any senior administration official to have to, "hear about," something that isn't working before it can be assessed and corrected is precisely the reason that oil is destroying marsh lands, killing wild life and lapping up on Gulf Coast beaches. This one sentence describes a total lack of understanding on Obama's part about leadership and placing responsible individuals whose knowledge and expertise can cope with what, "isn't working," and change a non working situation immediately into a working one.

If Obama believes that his 18 minutes of whining in the Oval Office is going to change the understanding of the American people as to just how much of a failure and disaster his response has been and continues to be to the oil spill, then he has another thing coming. Charles Krautheimer stated that the speech might give Obama a momentary point or two bump in the polls but his failure to deal with this disaster will overshadow the bump in a day or two as that failure is shown in pictures and the devastation that continues because of his utter failure as President.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


The Barack Obama dog and pony show has once again gone to the Gulf Coast Region to make PR stops and attempt to create a picture that Obama knows what he is doing. The real problem here other than total ineptness is that what we are seeing now should have happened in the first few days after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon rather than almost two months later.

We now know that the Obama administration turned down assistance in the first few days from the Dutch who have managed a similar situation before. They turned down skimmers from Texas that would have begun skimming the oil from the surface immediately. Booms in a Maine warehouse were ignored and with just a stroke of his pen Obama could have issued a waiver of the Jones Act allowing foreign vessels to enter the Gulf and assist with the clean up.

While in the region though, Obama has enjoyed partaking of the Gulf Coast cuisine. He had shrimp, crayfish, crab cakes, seafood salad and snow cones while touring the beaches. All the time at every opportunity making excuse after excuse as to why he has responded so poorly, blamed everyone from BP to Tea Party participants to George Bush while taking NO responsibility for his failings and lack of response.

The Gulf oil spill is truly a disaster unprecedented in our history but as terrible as it is the spill is showing the world just how disastrous Barack Obama is as President and his administration as handling the massive responsibilities of the Presidency.

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 14, 2010


There are many days that stand out in the lifetime of everyone but none as wonderful or blessed as the birth of new life. June 13, 2010 is one of those days in my life. My first grandchild, Maggie Ann Taylor came into this world at 2:59 PM weighing 6 lbs 10 ozs, 19 1/4 inches long and as beautiful and precious as anyone could dream.

As I looked at her and watched the joy in the eyes of my son and his wife, I was reminded through tears of joy of another blessed day in September of 1985 when I held Maggie's father for the first time and as the tears began to flow even more my son and I embraced for the first time as not just father and son but two fathers loving their child with the pride that being a father holds.

Through the turmoil that we face everyday in our personal life and as we watch the headlines seeing the strife that our Nation and the world faces nothing can put anything into perspective nor set things right as the site of a new born baby and the innocence that they hold. When I looked into the precious face of my grand daughter I was soothed knowing that God in his infinite wisdom was still in control and that all would be well because He still holds the keys to life and could still bring such a beautiful little girl safely into our world.

My son and daughter in law will raise beautiful Maggie and I will spoil her as she learns to crawl, goes to school and grows into the wonderful woman that she will become. But for now she is the precious little infant who by just existing has the ability to steal the heart of everyone who sees her whether family, friend or total stranger. She comes into a flawed world but she does not know it as she sleeps in the arms of those who will love her and protect her from harm.

She represents all that is good and in her precious little life the joy that is life still prevails and all is well once again. God brought me a wonderful son nearly 25 years ago, to him He brought a sweet wife and through them God has created a beautiful baby girl, my grand daughter Maggie Ann. She was loved while she was still in the womb, her birth brought rejoicing and her life brings a happiness as only a baby can fulfill. Thank you Lord for bringing her safely to us and may the light that she is always shine to everyone she meets throughout her life.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 11, 2010


In every interview or speech that Barack Obama has given concerning the oil spill that is devastating the Gulf of Mexico and much of the coast line of many of our Southern most States, Obama has claimed that he is listening to the advise of, "experts," in response to how his administration is reacting to the oil spill.

One of those responses which was personally made by Obama and his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar was to place a six month drilling moratorium on the Gulf stopping ALL deep water drilling by not just BP but all oil companies under Unite States jurisdiction in the Gulf of Mexico. This moratorium was put in place based upon recommendations that Obama claimed came from a report by seven experts recommended by the National Academy of Engineering.

According to Obama and Salazar the report recommended that several steps needed to be taken among those was a, "six-month moratorium on permits for new wells being drilled using floating rigs and an immediate halt to drilling operations." The moratorium was then immediately announced and went into affect based totally on the report, putting thousand of people out of work, more than have been affected by the spill itself, and reducing our domestic oil production by nearly 30%.

After hearing of the implementation of the six month moratorium the seven experts who Obama and Salazar claimed made the recommendation announced that they were distancing themselves from the report because it was CHANGED by Salazar AFTER they had signed it. The report had been modified after their signature to include two paragraphs calling for the moratorium.

The seven experts also stated in their announcement distancing themselves from the report that they had actually recommended that drilling NOT stop because it would be more dangerous to stop drilling than to continue and if drilling were stopped companies would move operations and floating platforms elsewhere so it could be years before drilling could resume in the Gulf as a result.

But this recommendation by experts did not meet with the Obama anti-oil, anti-drilling and pro green energy to pass cap and trade agenda so rather that reporting the findings as the experts submitted, Salazar and Obama doctored the report to include the drilling moratorium. The announcement of this deception comes just two days after families of those who were killed in the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon during Congressional hearings, called on Obama to NOT place a moratorium on Gulf drilling because they personally understand the impact it would have on the region and those whose jobs would be lost because of the ban and the impact on our oil supply from US sources.

Once again as with most of Obama's policy he is placing his agenda before the people and the needs of the Nation. The doctoring of this report in order to meet his agenda is just one more example of the arrogance that this administration and especially Obama has to believe that he can to whatever he pleases regardless of the consequences or the will of the people in order to keep with his plan to rebuild America in his socialist image.

One has to wonder in light of the revelation of the doctored report, if Obama's lack of response to the spill has been intentional in order to allow the impact of the spill to build enough anger toward, "big oil," allowing him to end drilling as a result. What little response he has made has been completely reactionary. He went to the region only AFTER being criticized for not going. He feigned anger in his now infamous NBC interview only AFTER being accused of not showing emotion. Now he is meeting with the the CEO of BP only AFTER being criticized for not having a meeting more than 50 days into the disaster.

A reactionary President is a dangerous President. We learned that from the four years of Jimmy Carter and Obama makes Carter look like a Presidential expert which is truly sad. Adding to Obama being only a reactionary is his pension to lie and falsify in order to continue his agenda which creates a danger for our people and our Nation the likes of which we have never seen before in our history.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Almost immediately after the news of the Arizona Immigration law passing the State House and heading to the desk of Governor Jan Brewer for her signature, opponents including Barack Obama, Eric Holder and Janet Napalitano a former AZ Governor, came out WITHOUT any knowledge of what the bill contained, in total opposition to the legislation claiming it would force racial profiling.

Opponents of the bill, now law, including the list I mentioned above also claimed that it would not work and that it was bad for America. Governor Brewer has been attacked by The White House, Democrat members of Congress especially those in leadership positions and the press as if in signing the bill she released the greatest evil ever perpetrated in The United States.

Governor Brewer has stood up to the opposition even that of Obama which included a visit to The White House where Obama had the audacity to tell Brewer that Arizona's borders were safer now than they have ever been. Brewer looked him in the eye as if he had lost his mind and told him not only was that NOT true but the measures that Obama told her were in place from the Federal Government did not exist. So Obama fluffed her off and dismissed her to underlings who will eventually meet with her staff in Arizona.

The law which forbids racial profiling does what the Feds have refused to do, enforce federal laws which already exist. The difference for Arizona is that the law allows state and local law enforcement to implement the existing federal laws that have been ignored by Washington. The law has been completely misrepresented by Obama and clan and the assertion that it will not work is proving to be a lie as well.

The law is scheduled to go into affect on July 29th but even before the full implementation of the law it is already working for the State of Arizona. Illegal Aliens are leaving the state in droves. Schools who have had children of illegals in attendance are reporting an almost 70% drop as illegals flee Arizona in advance of the law.

Street corners that are usually full of illegals looking for day work are empty. Those who use illegals for day work and other types of under the table pay work are reporting a massive drop in numbers of illegals available. The idea behind the law was to get the illegal problem in Arizona under control by enforcing existing law. The absence of illegals even BEFORE the law is implemented proves not only that it is working but it was the right thing to do.

It would seem that illegals understand that enforcing the law actually works which makes them more intelligent on this matter than those like Obama who are in such strong opposition to the Arizona law and enforcing existing laws in favor of amnesty and other types of programs designed to keep illegals in The United States. Arizona has provided the model for controlling the problem of illegal immigration and every state should follow suite since we now know what we have known all along. Enforcing the law not only works but works exceedingly well!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Beating the South Carolina, "Good Ole Boy," network that tried to drag her through the mud during the final weeks of the campaign before the June 8 GOP primary, conservative Nikki Haley took 49% of the vote in a four person race for the GOP nod as Governor. Second went to Congressman Gresham Barrett who garnered only 22% of the vote but will face Haley in a June 22 run off. Fox News is reporting though that there is word that Barrett may drop out of the race to avoid the run off. The SC GOP Governors Association is calling for Barrett to drop out.

In another surprise race, conservative state legislator Tim Scott took 32% of the vote in a nine person race beating the son of Strom Thurman, Paul Thurman who came in second with only 16% and Carroll Campbell Jr. son of the former Governor who took only 14%. Scott will face Thurman on June 22 in a run off to replace Congressman Henry Brown who is retiring as the Representative of South Carolina House District 1, my district and home.

In another win for South Carolina conservatism Senator Jim DeMint won a landslide decision against a primary challenge for his United States Senate seat. DeMint will face a Democrat challenger in November who has no chance of winning against the staunch conservative who has earned the respect of not only the people of South Carolina but of the entire Nation as he has stood steadfast on a Constitutional basis against Obama's agenda.

In the Governors race Nikki Haley's Democrat challenger in November received 90,000 votes less in his primary in a two candidate race than Haley received in a four candidate race. Nikki Haley will be the next Governor of South Carolina and Tim Scott the next Congressman for House District 1. All in all a great night for conservatives in South Carolina. All three candidates, Haley, DeMint and Scott have earned my vote both in the primary, in the run off and the general election in November.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Today is the South Carolina Republican Primary when our vote decides who will run against the chosen Democrat candidates in the November General Election. I will be heading to the polls to vote and following are the candidates I am supporting.
Nikki Haley who was thought months ago to have no chance in winning the Primary much less the Governor's seat has surged into the lead. She has had my support since last summer and will receive my vote at the polls today. She is a strong fiscal and social conservative who believes in limiting government and will be a Governor for the people. She has taken strong unwavering stands against Obamacare. She fought as a state legislator to stop South Carolina from taking ANY of Obama's stimulus money because she knew that it would be damaging for our state and when federal funds ran out the programs paid for by the stimulus would become a state liability.

She has been part of and participated in Tea Party events throughout the state and understands the anger of not only South Carolinians over the direction our country is taking, but Americans from other states who are angered by the Obama agenda. Nikki is a strong Constitutionalist who believes in the Tenth Amendment and that Washington has no business in South Carolina policy or politics. I encourage each of you to cast your vote today for Nikki Haley and then again in November so that this staunch conservative, mother, soldiers wife and concerned resident of our state will become our next Governor providing conservative leadership in Columbia for the people of South Carolina.
Living near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina places me in Congressional District 1 which has been served by Congressman Henry Brown who is retiring. Many candidates have come forward claiming to be strong conservatives but in my opinion only one has proven his excellent conservative credentials and that is Tim Scott.

When Obamacare was passing Congress, Tim did not just come out against the unconstitutional legislation but presented state legislation in Columbia to keep South Carolinians from having to participate in Obama's debacle. Tim supports strong border security but more importantly enforcing existing laws which prevent illegal immigration. Tim understands that we are at war against terrorists and that the only course of action is that which leads to victory over terrorism and protecting our Nation whatever it takes. Tim will stand for our Republic and our Constitution as our Founders intended.

Tim Scott, strong conservative representation that will make our voice heard in Washington bringing conservative values and ideals to Congress. I encourage residents of South Carolina District 1 to cast your vote as I will for a true conservative who will represent us as a man of the people, Tim Scott.
South Carolina's only true conservative Senator, Jim DeMint is facing a primary challenge today. Not only has Senator DeMint been an excellent Representative for the state of South Carolina in The United States Senate, he has been almost a lone conservative voice on every issue that we are facing as a Nation.

At every opportunity Senator DeMint has challenged from a Constitutional stand point the Obama agenda and continues to take a strong stand against this agenda which is moving our Nation away from the free Republic that our Founders intended. When many in the GOP have caved Senator DeMint has stayed steadfast in proclaiming strong conservative Constitutional values and principles and has earned my vote in his re-election bid.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 06, 2010


We are witnessing a disaster unprecedented in the history of our country. Never before have we seen a disaster whose magnitude and shear devastation caused such a massive impact on The United States and had such a tremendous affect on the people of this country as this disaster is having. A disaster that if not stopped will change the very fabric of our Nation. Oh, and there are also millions of gallons of oil spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.

As we watch the oil flow from the break caused by the collapse of the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform and BP's many failing efforts to cap the well and witness the oil wash on shore throughout the Gulf Coast region, the disaster that IS Barack Obama is revealing itself on almost a moment by moment basis as this inept President is showing the world just how out of his league he is and the total inability he has in handling the massive responsibility that the Presidency entails.

Those of us who warned of what we are witnessing knew this disaster who now plagues our Presidency and our Nation was a failure waiting to happen, but the slick packaging that he used during the campaign blinded the eyes of voters and Barack Obama was elected. Even as he created huge deficits by irresponsible spending, apologized for American greatness in speech after speech on foreign soil, took over American auto companies and signed legislation which takes over the health care industry, most American still could not see that Obama was a total disaster whose agenda and ineptness was destroying out country.

Then comes the Gulf oil spill and his abject failure to respond to the crisis until it became too late to prevent the devastation we are witnessing in and after responding he continued to drag his feet allowing a preventable disaster to become the worst environmental problem that our Nation have ever experienced with no end in sight. Even with the continued failing of capping the flow from the break on the oil line, measures could have prevented the spread of the oil from reaching our shores, but Obama refused to take action until it was too late.

He instead chose to play the political blame game and now even many of his ardent supporters finally understand the disaster that is Barack Obama. The New York Times because of the oil spill is beginning to criticize the once untouchable Barack. ABC and CBS have had scathing commentaries on his failure in the Gulf. Chris Matthews who once felt a tingle in his leg just from hearing Obama speak if angered at the lack of leadership and slow response by Obama.

Even Hollywood is showing doubts as ardent Obama supporter Spike Lee came out last week angered at Obama's failings in the Gulf. The most telling defection from the Obamatrons though came from the liberals, liberal who also happens to be a resident of Louisiana the state hardest hit by the oil spill. Former Clinton advisor and Obama cheer leader James Carville lashed out at Obama's, "political stupidity," and, "hands of, " approach to the Gulf oil spill.

While Governors and Gulf Coast residence are crying for necessary measures, equipment and personnel to begin cleaning up what should have been prevented from happening in the first place, Obama visited the region last Friday holding more meetings, more photo ops and promised the region that he would be , "right there with them, " until this was over. Even after all of the justified criticism of his failure in this crisis, Obama still does not understand that the region does NOT want him but rather everything necessary to stem the tide of oil regardless of what it takes. So he continues to drag his feet and takes away even more jobs than those lost by the spill by stopping all Gulf drilling ignoring the pleas of every Governor in the region.

Obama is in way over his head and has been from the beginning of his Presidency and all of his chickens are coming to roost with the Gulf oil spill being the ultimate showing of just how badly he has failed in handling the Presidency. Iran has enough enriched uranium for two nuclear weapons. China snubs America while Israel is threatened on all fronts. Our economy is still spinning out of control and Obama's reaction is to ignore the causes created by government and attack private business.

Illegal activities in the form of bribes of job offers to convince Democrats from running against Democrat incumbents who are in Obama's pocket reveal his arrogance and his idea that since he is President he can do whatever he pleases regardless of legalities or the consequences caused. The entire Presidency is imploding with disastrous consequences for our Nation and Obama still thinks and acts like he is a rock star using the same rhetoric he has used since the campaign, vacationing at every opportunity and ignoring the anger and total disgust of the people including those who used to be supporters.

The affects of the Gulf oil spill could take years to clean up but eventually it will be gone even with the inept response by Obama. But the affects of his total inability to handle the tremendous responsibility of the Presidency will plague us for decades. Unless he is stopped by taking away his ability to pass whatever he wishes through a cooperative Congress his disastrous Presidency will continue to cause devastation for our country unchecked until 2012 when we can remove him from office by our vote. Everyday the implications of the November House and Senate races becomes more obvious and our battle to tie Obama's hands and save our Republic takes on a greater urgency for the election of true conservative representation in Washington.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 04, 2010


Just when it seems that the total failure of the Obama administration in responding to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has finally reached its peak of incompetency yet another lame attempt to portray that Barack and company actually know what they are doing has come to light as the administration has called on Titanic and Avatar movie director James Cameron to bring his oil spill, "expertise," to the Gulf.

While Cameron has experience in deep water work in association with his filming of a documentary about the Titanic, how in the world does the Obama administration think it equates to expertise on the oil spill is beyond me other than yet another opportunity to slam BP, which Cameron did immediately upon announcing his advisory position, and some PR for the administration to claim they are ,"doing everything," necessary.

In another Hollywood worthy move by Obama, the out of his league politician, is acting, "furious," over the spill and taking another trip to the region to have even more meetings with officials to decide how much more pretending to be involved Obama can be in the almost Academy Award worthy show he is putting on for the press in feigning anger over the spill.

Oh I am sure he is angry, but that anger is not about the spill but rather how he is getting hammered over his inaction and slow response causing delay after delay with necessary measures which could have and still can keep this from becoming worse that it already is. I have written in a preceding post that all Obama need do is issue an Executive Order, which he seems to like using, and with a simple stroke of his pen all regulations delaying action end and every piece of equipment available for the spill is on its way to the Gulf as well as personnel to do the job.

So this act of anger over the spill is nothing more than an act and the usual Obama dog and pony show for the cameras. He has it in his power to do everything necessary and send everything needed to handle this mess but chooses to allow it do continue and pretend that he is truly concerned when the ONLY concern he really has is his image and the beating that is taking because of his own failings. Oh but he does have time to set up the White House disco and be entertained by Paul McCartney!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 03, 2010


After more than 40 days of total ineptness and passing the blame for the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Barack Obama has finally announce his three part solution to the problem in speeches that he has made over the last five days. His solution does not hasten creating sand berms along the Louisiana Coast in order to prevent the destruction of marsh land.

His solution does not hasten the release of the booms that are necessary to coral the spill and prevent it from spreading further. His solution does nothing to assist in capping the break left behind by the destruction of the Deep Water Horizon drilling platform. His solution doesn't even help in the elimination of the massive oil slick that continues to spread around the Gulf threatening the Coast line of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.

Obama's solution is to punish THE AMERICAN PEOPLE through a series of three actions which will have an immediate effect on the pocket books of every American. Here are Obama's three solutions:

1. Stopping all oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico until he can be guaranteed that there will NEVER be another oil spill as a result of drilling on the sea floor.

2. Adding a 32 cent per barrel tax to create a fund which will supposedly cover the cost of any future spills.

3. Eliminating all tax breaks for not only BP but every oil company as a, "punishment," for the oil spill.

So how exactly does Obama's three step solution punish the American people? Simple every one of these actions will cause the price of a gallon of gas to rise which will directly affect the pocket books of all Americans even if they do not drive since rising gas prices creates a rising cost of consumer goods as the additional cost of transportation is passed on to the consumer.

Democrats have NEVER understood that business does not pay any tax. They may receive the tax bill and write the checks to the government but whenever taxes are raised or lowered the additional tax increase or decrease is passed on through the product or service provided by the business and as a result to the consumer.

The 32 cent tax per barrel, which contains about 40 gallons of gas will be passed on to the pump as an almost 1 cent rise in price per gallon. Eliminating tax breaks already in place for all oil companies will cause an increase in the cost of gas production and as a result will cause gas prices to rise to counter the increase in taxes as the tax breaks are eliminated by Obama.

Finally stopping all drilling in the Gulf will increase our demand for foreign sources of oil and NOT cause the Nation to ,"embrace," alternative sources of energy as Obama claims. As a result the demand from foreign oil producers will force the price of a barrel of oil to rise and, you guessed it, the price at the pump will rise in response and we the people will pay the price.

During the campaign Obama stated that the United States was well behind Europe in the price we pay at the pump for gas and he thought it unfair that we pay less than his European buddies. In fact when the price of gas was skyrocketing above 4 dollars a gallon, Obama was not bothered by the price but ONLY that it rose so quickly. If his solutions to the Gulf oil spill are fully implemented, he will get his wish as Americans will pay similar prices at the pump as Obama's cherished European friends. So much for protecting and caring for the American people.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Attorney general Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department will being a criminal investigation of BP as it may relate to the massive Gulf Oil Spill which is still spewing millions of gallons of fresh crude into the Gulf of Mexico. While this type of investigation in not unprecedented for a disaster of this type or magnitude, its timing is highly questionable.

In 1989 when the Exxon Valdez oil spill caused disastrous results in Alaska the Justice Department investigation did not begin until well after the disaster was over and the full extent of the problem and its impact was understood. The timing of Holder's announcement which took place of all places in New Orleans, which I am sure was not an accident, is not as much to go after BP but to take the heat off the Obama administration for its extremely poor handling of the disaster.

I am not suggesting that BP not be held responsible for the disaster and the impact it is having on the Gulf Coast and the thousands of people who depend on the Gulf for their livelihood. The cost of the cleanup and the impact on fishing and other interest in the Gulf should be the responsibility of BP. BP's CEO did not help the situation when he stated in an interview his concern about the spill and its impact on the Gulf region but then added he wanted it over so, "he could get his life back." So would those whose income is gone because of the spill.

So BP is not just an innocent in this matter who is trying to clean up the mess. They must be held accountable for what has and will continue to happen and if any law was broken causing the fire and eventual collapse of the Deep Water Horizon, then that responsibility belongs to BP also. I will add also that the feds must take responsibility for the location of the problem since it is over regulation that caused BP to have drill in such deep water in the first place. But Holder's announcement of a criminal investigation in much to early and to suspicious in it timing in light of the heat that Obama and his administration have been taking over the slow and at times almost non-existent response to the disaster.

An investigation of this type is typically started AFTER the crisis is over and the full impact of the events which took place as a result of the crisis are complete so that the investigation can obtain all of the facts and not just a portion. The well has not even been capped yet and oil is still spewing into the Gulf at a rate which has not decreased since the start of this more than 40 days ago. How can the AG investigate a possible criminal charge when that facts for the case are still on going ?

By announcing at this early stage that a criminal investigation is under way Obama through Holder is attempting to shift the light of blame from his irresponsibility in the crisis and passing the buck to BP. During Obama's visit last Friday to the region he stated that as President the, "buck," stopped with him. Well it seems that the buck only stops with Obama when the cameras are on and he can look tough when behind the scenes ineptness reigns in both Obama and his administration and the,"investigation," will, he hopes take the light off of his own failings. Not likely!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 01, 2010


Video borrowed from Mikes America

The long Memorial Day weekend is over. During a holiday weekend the news cycle is almost non-existent and that held true for this weekend as well. Hoping that the long weekend would quiet the building calls for an investigation into the bribe that was made to Representative Joe Sestak by the Obama administration to not run for the Pennsylvania Democrat nomination for the Senate seat currently held by Benedict Arlen Specter, the,"official," story was released by the White House on Friday.

According to the White House former President Bill Clinton was asked to offer Sestak a low level non paid advisory position in the administration if he would not run for the Senate seat and remain in the House. Why would a retired Admiral and sitting Congressman seeking a prestigious Senate seat even consider a low level unpaid advisory position as a reward for NOT running against Specter?

Regardless of whether the offer was unpaid or not, although I fully believe that it was far more than an unpaid, "advisory," position, the fact that a bribe was offered for political reasons even supposedly coming from a third party, (Clinton), there has been a clear violation of the law and since this position is part of the Obama administration, it was done with the full knowledge of Barack Obama and denying these facts only makes the matter worse.

If this had been a Republican administration, not only would a special investigator already be in place, but charges and names of those involved would be appearing and the actual position offered in the bribe. But Congress is silent except for a few GOP Congressman who have called for a special prosecutor.

Releasing the, "official," statement on Friday in order to allow a holiday weekend to quiet the problem is not going to work. For the short term in may temporarily quiet some but over the long term more information will come out and the truth will slowly reveal itself. Watergate proves this fact. When the initial story of Watergate broke it was only a side item which did not get much coverage, but as time went by and the cover up grew it became a nightmare for Nixon and the country.

The pressure for Sestak to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth will mount as we get closer to the November election cycle. His GOP opponent Pat Toomey who is virtually tied in polling will make this a center piece of his campaign causing Sestak to answer the people of Pennsylvania in order to have any hope of election. As the campaign heats up and more of this story is revealed the illegal activities of Obama and his staff will come to light and the cover up already started will begin to crack just as it did in Watergate.

So although the cover up started before a long holiday weekend, this story is long from over and the truth will come out. As it does, especially with the totally inept Robert Gibbs standing before a hungry press growing increasingly frustrated with the lack of answer to reporters question, the investigation into this bribe will escalate and before it is over we may see it bring calls for impeachment especially after the House and Senate change in the November election.

Ken Taylor

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