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Thursday, September 30, 2004

First Debate: The Race Is Still On!

For those of you who have been regular visitors to this site it is well known by now that I am a very partisan Bush supporter and have no respect for John Kerry the man or the candidate, for those of you who are new to this site...well now you know! I had invisioned that this first of three debates would be a "slam dunk" for the President and the final nails into the coffin of the Kerry campaign. What I witnessed tonight was neither. I was suprised at some of the answers given by Kerry and found myself a little dissapointed that the President did not push certain of his acheivements and Kerry's short comings, ie voting against the $87 billion to arm and protect our military after Kerry himself mentioned lack of funding as a problem for Bush! The debate itself was a virtual draw with niether candidate actually shining, and niether candidate making the big, "blunder" that plays so well in the media. Several observations do come to mind though that are of interest. Throughout the debate Kerry continually emphasised his Iraq "plan" yet we still do not know what that plan is, nor do we know yet who Kerry is. His moment to define himself in a public forum and give the voters a reason to vote for him was tonight and he did not take it. That in a very real sense gives the President a distinct advantage over Kerry in this debate. We still saw George Bush, the President, the Commander in Chief and the man with stong un-waivering core beliefs. John Kerry did articulate a knowledge of certain events such as Korea but when all is said and done we saw two men with strong disagreements. Kerry stressed the need for the United States to "pass the global test" when protecting herself thus always seeking the UN and other nations permission. The President disagreed stating, "trying to be popular in a global sense when it's not in our best interest doesn't make sense!" Several times not suprisingly Kerry fell back on Vietnam and continually refered to Iraq as a "diversion" from the War on Terror, to which the President reminded us that sending mixed signals does not help US security, our troops and the Iraqi people. This is the one area that Bush did press with good success. The only clear point in the debate where one candidate took a strong advantage over the other were the closing statements. Kerry expressed many of the well used attacks against the President and repeated his convention statement "I defended this country as a young man and will continue to defend it as President." The President on the other hand expressed his heart felt belief in our victory in the war, support for our troops, hope for our future and the continual spread of freedom and liberty throughout the world. This debate should not change anything in the current polls nor convince the undecided either direction so they are still up for grabs. The Democrats will tout that Kerry utterly desroyed the President which is the same that was said after the 2000 debates, a position they now admit was wrong. Next Tuesday during the VEEP debates I believe that sparks and fireworks will fly, but for now suffice it to say that the race for the White House is still on with the President in the lead!

Ken Taylor

The New Media, and the punk band Green Day

While it should come as no surprise that the members of punk band Green Day, are liberals, it does surprise me that the new media is described as "The Redneck Agenda". Thanks Billy Joe, I've bought all of your albums, some even twice. But never again. Ill wait for one of my friends to buy it, then make a copy for myself.
John Oliver Benton III

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Mr Kerry , is it worth it ?

For those who missed the diane sawyer interview with John Kerry... She tried to nail him to a straight answer ( good luck ). When asked about the now famous quote " I actually voted for the 87 billion before I voted against it" he said it was late at night and he was tired and had an inarticulate moment and followed with saying he voted no to protest the tax cuts. First this speech in question was made at high noon , not late night. Second when the lives of troops are at stake it is not an appropriate time to protest. This is the 70's Kerry putting the selfish need to protest over the good of the troops in battle. Finally she asked a direct question if the war in Iraq is worth it and he responded saying we shouldn't be there knowing what we now know. She repeated the question and he said it will be worth it depends on the outcome. What kind of leadership is that. I want him to visit Iraq and say you are doing great depending on how all this ends. Needless to say with these kind of quotes leading up to a debate it will be very memorable. All President Bush needs to do is be just like he has been and Kerry will dig his on hole.

Chris Lovelace

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Kerry: Festering Old Wounds!

The rhetoric has come up a notch in the last few days in the Kerry campaign. The team of Carville and Bagala have re-invented the re-invention of the re-invention of John Kerry and this time the approach reveals who he truly is! As I mentioned in a previous posting, ( John Kerry: Final Iraq Flip-Flop a Flop), Kerry has chosen to take a very harsh stand against Iraq, stating that everything is failing and that the entire action is bogged down in a quagmire. He has left the "war hero" aspect of Vietnam behind because he could not get his story straight and the American public didn't buy into it and the true Kerry, that of a protest activest has finally appeared. He has fallen back to that which he feels made him into the public figure that he is: an anti-war, anti-military, blame America first liberal with no respect for the, "establishment" or the men and women who fight and die to allow our freedoms and his rhetoric to exist! Upon returning from Vietnam in the early 70's Kerry proceeded to desimate US policy and the military that was following that policy in order to make a name for himself. He and those who devised the stories from the "Winter Soldier" meetings and the baby killer protests that followed turned an entire nation against the war and the brave men and women who fought that war. Whether one believes in the policies and military operations that were Vietnam, no one had the justification to condemn and destroy the brave souls who gave their youth and life blood for their country; yet John Kerry did. Those wounds are still open and the new rhetoric from the Kerry camp sounds all to familiar to that which was applied to Vietnam in the late 60's and the early 70's. The difference today is that the country as a whole supports the war and especially those who are protecting our liberties from an enemy that wishes to destroy us! Condemning the effort calling it a failure is undermining the President, the military command and our soldiers. The Kerry camp is attempting to turn the nation against this war in just a few weeks in the same way Kerry and his cronies did over the course of ten years during Vietnam! The Iraqi Prime Minister in his message before Congress last week admonished that those who are vocal detractors to the war do nothing but embolden the enemy. Yes there have been mistakes and set backs, but look how far that Iraq has come since Saddam. Afhganistan is holding elections with over 10 million registered to vote! Iraq is more than 75% secure with employment and daily life abounding. This war on Terror inspite of it's problems as are present in ALL military actions has been a huge success! Yet the Kerry camp portrays everything a failure and a recruitment for further terrorists! Those who wish us dead, fight now because they do not want a free Iraq and Afhganistan. Freedom is contagious and they know it. So they fight to prevent it. Why should we believe that John Kerry would suddenly gain respect for our CURRENT allies, our military and for victory in the War on Terror just because he became the Commander in Chief! He is now what he always has been, an opportunist who seeks the spotlight always blaming America for the world's woes seeking power which he does not deserve and an office which he must not hold!

Ken Taylor

Saturday, September 25, 2004

The New Media

In the last year or so, many talk show host, news anchors, and cable news networks have often spoke of the New Media. What are the talking about ? Before I get into that I would like to begin with a little history lesson on the media itself. Through the last 35 years, we have seen a media that focuses on the smallest of minority groups in our nation. During the Vietnam War, the focus of the media was always, or mostly, on the war protest movement. I know a lot of people from this era. I know only one or two hippies. During the 1980's our media had an obsession with the homeless. Here in South Carolina, it was a rare thing to see homeless people on the street. During the 1990's, there seemed to be none of this style of reporting after 1993. So for a while the negativity of the Elite media, seemed almost extinct. There man was in control, and the only thing to report on was corporate greed, and school lunches. During the year of 2002 we began to see the Erie resemblance of this style of reporting emerging from the dark abyss once again. But this time around, there was a free world medium, accessible by all. The Internet. And what we are seeing in this New Media explosion, is the ordinary citizen blogging there thoughts, and fears for the entire world to see. With this powerful new tool Americans have a new power that would make George Washington smile. So what is this new media everyone is buzzing about, in short, its real hard working Americans, and its Conservatives.
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, September 23, 2004

John Kerry: Final Iraq Flip - Flop A Flop!

If it were not for the fact that John Kerry is running for President and this is quite likely the most important Presidential election in my lifetime (48 years) and possibly US history, this pathetic excuse for a candidate would be almost laughable! First the flip - flops, then the exagerated war record, then the continual reference to Vietnam in every aspect of his campaign, and let's not forget absolutely NO substance what so ever in discussion of issues that are important to this country. So finally after fourteen flip - flops he decides that he has a "rock steady" position on Iraq. His position? To attempt in six weeks to be against everything that the President, out military and the Iraqi people have accomplished in Iraq and to paint a picture along with the all to willing assistance of the liberal media that Iraq is a failure and turn the country against it as he so expertly did, (along with many others), with the Vietnam war by his actions in the 70's. Now that this "brilliant" campaign plan is out of the bag, in steps Prime Minister Allawi from Iraq and delivers an inspiring speech before both houses of Congress and joins the President in an excellent press conference. In the speech Allawi thanked the President and praised the military, the Congress, the American people and our coalition allies for liberating Iraq and helping to establish democracy. He lashed at the media for telling a false story of gloom and neglecting the tremendous progress made, sighting that 15 of the 18 provinces can hold elections,"tomorrow!" He stressed that the job is not finished and Iraq still needs our help. The Congress irrupted in applause and members of BOTH parties praised Allawi and the Iraq effort! Within thirty minutes the exasperating Senator from Massachusetts spoke in Columbus, Ohio claiming that the President lied us into Iraq, that the entire situation is a failure, that he has advised the President four times on how to win in Iraq, (oh yeah Kerry advising how to win a war ha, ha and whoop-d-doo!) and , get this , that Prime Minister Allawi, "contradicted himself!" His only answer to anything favorable to Iraq, our military and the President, even when it comes from THE most reliable source, the Prime Minister of the country that has been liberated, his only of lies and deception and critizising the character and insulting Allawi and the President! Never can he offer evidence, for there is none, never can he give examples for there are none. Only insults, false claims, half truths, deliberate deceptions and just plain flat out lies and made up information. Hmmmm kind of like forgeries....well thats another story and problem for Kerry. When November 2 arrives and the day is done and all the ballots are cast and counted finding John Kerry loosing by landslide proportions maybe then he will realize that the American people are fed up with his kind of politics. That this post 9/11 country backs decisive leadership and actions against those who wish to destroy us. But.. alas more that likely he will react as all liberals do, thinking how stupid we are for not choosing him and how the "right wing conspiracy" kept his message from being heard! Well Mr. Kerry we HAVE heard your message and WE DON'T WANT IT!!!!

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 20, 2004

Dan Rather, c"BS" Apologize; To Little, To Late!

Well it would seem that when the hot seat began to burn even the "great" Dan Rather and the "non-partisan" c"BS" news team couldn't take the heat when the truth has only been hitting them right between the eyes for nearly two weeks! Mr. Rather and the chairman of the network offered an apology and a claim that they new nothing of the lack of authenticity of the documents concerning the President's National Guard Service, but now the evidence has proven otherwise. It's amazing how the rest of the world new the day after the first 60 Minutes II report two weeks ago! I'm sure now that they are thinking that this journalistic nightmare and the controversy it has caused will just go away and they can once again concentrate on trying to destroy the President. Well I have news for you Mr. Rather, this will not just "go away" nor should it because too many questions have yet to be answered that have far reaching concequences. Former National Guard Colonel Bill Burkett who has long had a grudge against the President has admitted to placing the forgeries in the hands of the 60 Minutes producer which is were many would like for the trail to end. This is just the tip of the iceberg! It turns out that former Georgia Senator Max Cleland a key advisor to the Kerry campaign and a longtime DNC operative was admitedly in contact with Burkett before the documents were sent to CBS. This is the first tie to Kerry and the DNC. Remember Cleland went at the request of the DNC and the Kerry campaign to the President's ranch a few weeks back demanding the end of the Swift Boat adds. So he IS a direct tie to both. Next, on the day that the memos were released by CBS the DNC began the "Fortunate Son" advertising campaign denouncing the President's Guard service. Now the odd thing about these adds were that they featured pictures of the "secret" documents. I've worked in television and to produce a commercial of the quality as those used by the DNC takes time. There is no doubt that there was access to these documents for the adds long BEFORE the release by CBS. Once again Kerry and DNC involvement! Where is the out cry from the all to quiet main stream media? If this had been the Bush campaign THINKING about POSSIBLY using forged documents SOMETIME in the future a full scale investigation and accusations of criminal conduct would have already been underway! Yet all's quiet on the DNC front! Well justice demands a investigation and the prevention of this type of corruption in the future requires it! First Rather, the chairman of CBS and the 60 Minutes producer should be forced to resign. Then a criminal investigation on charges of fraud and illegally attempting to influence an election should be conducted by Congress and the Justice Department with CBS, the DNC and the Kerry campaign as defendants! We at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth are fowarding letters and e-mail to Congress and the Attorney General demanding that the investigation begin and charges brought against everyone involved. Even the first amandement does not protect against criminal activity and CBS was an all to willing participant. We urge you to contact Congress and Mr. Ashcroft. This type of character assasination and corruption will not stop until, "WE THE PEOPLE", make our voices heard. Speak out TODAY!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, September 19, 2004

End of the Document scandal Part 2

Well some interesting things have come to light in the last couple of days. Even drudge is now reporting what we here at The Liberal Lie told you about yesterday. The involvement of former Sen. Max Cleland. The Washington post has a great story on it, the url is.
Lt. Col. Burkett really needs to learn about the internet. I have a tip for you Mr. Burkett. Everything you do on the internet can be traced and tracked by IP Addresses, when you log on you have one. If these guys had any idea about the technology they use to smear people, they would have never been caught. In this case there ignorance is our gain.
John Oliver Benton III

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Democrat lies in SC

There is an important senate race here in our home of South Carolina. (R) Jim Demint vs. (D) Inez Tenenbaum for the seat of retiring democrat Fritz Hollings. This is a great opportunity for the republican party to get a strong hold on the majority. As we know from my past article the republican philosophy is less taxes. Well Inez is accussing Jim Demint of wanting to raise taxes on everything 23%. There are continuous commercials showing seniors and families in trouble due to this so called tax. The reality is much diffrent. Jim Demint as well as many other republicans support abolishing the income tax and having national sales tax. If the income tax is gone you won't have a $1500. gross paycheck and a $1000. net paycheck ; you will have a $1500. paycheck. All the companies won't be paying so the price of goods and services will drop drmatically. The research has been done , if milk is $ 3.50 now it will be the same plus you will have your complete paycheck to spend and invest. It is a great plan for all to benefit economically. When the truth is known. Just a localized example of a liberal lie.

Chris Lovelace

The End of the Document scandal ???

I know that by now we are all tired of hearing about Rather-gate, and I'd Rather be talking about something else. But again, here we are talking about it. Why? Well it appears as if one key name has come up in the investigation into the source of the documents. That name, as reported by Fox, is Max Cleland. It seems that Max may have had some prior knowledge of there release. This is about to get really good folks. Even the President, whom has refused to speak about the documents, has talked about them on the campaign trail today. Bush said of them today,

"There are a lot of questions about the documents and they need to be answered,"

I've got a feeling that the GOP has wind of the current events on the news channels right now. CNN has missed out on this on again, instead there playing Hurricane file footage. How exciting!!
It appears, with the exception of Fox News, that the media is in the propaganda business, Rather than the News business. Bush spoke of his service again today saying,"I was granted permission by my superiors," he said. "I did everything they asked me to do and met my requirements and was honorably discharged. I'm proud of my service in the Guard."
As Reagan once said, "trust but verify". It appears as if Rather forgot about the latter.
As more develops look for more from The Liberal Lie today. Thank you
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, September 16, 2004

New Page Added......Election Results 2004

In order to bring you the most complete information concerning this important election, The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth has added an additional page to this site. Election Results 2004 will feature commentary about various races in the House and Senate as well as the Presidential election. There will also be features from election history that will be of interest. Currently we will keep you abreast of current poll results for President including a state by state break down. Simply click onto ELECTION RESULTS 2004 on our link sidebar or add to your link page at and as always thank you for visiting The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

What If ......?

"Memogate!" That's what it is being called. You can be completely confident that when the suffix "gate" is applied to a news item that the result will eventually cause heads to role somewhere. But in this case who's head? Dan Rather and CBS News have unwaveringly stayed the course and stuck to their guns that the memos concerning the President's National Guard service are not forged and are true. Tonight on 60 Minutes II where this all began last week Rather had Colonel Killian's secretary on to say that even though she did not type the documents for the Colonel and they were forged papers, the information was true. Now just what information in the papers was not elaborated on but....Ok so Rather is still trying to PROVE what the whole world knows to be false. Why??? Either he is incredibly stupid, which is not likely or knowing that admitting the documents are a forgery would force him to reveal his source. Now if that source was , say, a disgruntled National Guard officer who didn't like the President I cannot believe that Rather would risk his own credibility and that of CBS news to protect the source. But on the other hand...WHAT IF the source was a high up member of the DNC such as Terry Mculiff or a new addition to the Kerry campaign, say for instance James Carville then revealing the source would have devestating effects that would virtually end the Kerry campaign and the DNC as we know it today plus bring federal indictments for election fraud and tampering. This is just speculation on my part but it does propose an interesting scenerio and possiblity. The Kerry campaign is desperatly struggling and a request is made to the DNC and the real head of the party Bill and Hillary. So Mculiff, (a Clinton man), sends for Carville and Bagala, (also Clinton men) to "help" the struggling campaign. Now Kerry at this point doesn't realize that they show up with another bring the Kerry campaign down further so as to insure Bush's victory thus leaving the door wide open for Hillary to run in 2008. A Kerry Presidency would end that posibility plus after inauguration Kerry would clean house in the DNC replacing Clinton people with his people. Now coincidentely the National Guard story is one that Mculiff and Carville have been trying to push, without success for most of the year. Mysteriously previously unknown documents surface from the President's former CO and within a week after joining the campaign the controversy begins. They can't go to CNN the most likely choice because that would be too obvious because of the Carville connection. So they choose an active Democrat and one with the perfect left bias who has a very well known dislike for the Bush family, Dan Rather! Hmmm does sound interesting doesn't it. But no this couldn't happen or could it or....has it!

Ken Taylor

Monday, September 13, 2004

CBS , Stick to real news, not schoolyard gossip.

My last post was quick and easy, but it provided all with a great link. . IM sure by now we've all heard about Document Gate( heh heh). Now I believe the real issue at hand is to wait and watch the CBS execs in panic mode. I will give them one thing, there sticking by there man. Can, and will anyone ever believe CBS again? I for one never have, so for me, its no big thing. But for millions of other Americans, whom have watched Dan Rather for 30, or more years, this will finally motivate them to change the channel. Dan Rather defines the word Bias. The web link up top documents his entire career. And I assure you, this level of Bias is nothing new for Mr. Rather. We invite everyone to take part in our open letter, and yes CBS will receive it. But for now, I have a tip for you, Mr. Rather. It seems a new document has shown up that shows George W. Bush was placed on active duty. Here's the link, But something tells me we will never see a story by you, on this subject. I wonder why?

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Many Thanks Dan Rather! Join Our Letter to Dan.......UPDATE The letter and your comments have been sent to Rather. Thank you for your participation!!

I'm sure by now that most of you are aware of the flack that has risen concerning the authenticity of the documents used by Dan Rather in last Wednesday's 60 Minutes II broadcast in the attempt to question the President's National Guard service. It would seem that Mr. Rather is hiding behind the first article of the Constitution which insures the freedom of the press to promote his own political agenda as he and 60 minutes have tried to do several times this year. "Democrat Dan" as we will refer to him is well known for his left bias and has even been the guest at many fund raisers for the party of the Donkey. So as it would seem that "Democrat Dan" will use his supposed, "journalistic" position to attempt to defeat the President then we have news for him. We at The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth believe that this latest attempt by "Democrat Dan" has and will continue to backfire on him and actually could very well be the catalist that boosts the President's already rising campaign back into the White House for a second term. We would like to show our appreciation to "Democrat Dan" for his un-willing and un-whitting assistance by sending him a thank you letter and give each of you an opportunity to participate. Simply click onto the "comments" link at the end of the letter and on Wednesday September 15 one week after the 60 Minutes airing we will forward the letter and all pertinant comments to "Democrat Dan", (those of you that view ours and other sites know that many vulgar and/or physically explicit comments get posted those will be excluded). Let's show "Democrate Dan" what we think! Join in at the end of the letter and thank you for your participation and for reading our site!

Ken Taylor

Dear Mr. Rather,

It has become very obvious that you are using your position as a prominent member of the media to promote a personal political agenda, namely Democrat. For you to support a candidate personally is fine, that is your right as an American, but to use what should be an objective view as a journalist to promote that personal position is one of the many reasons that the main stream media and CBS news has lost viewership and a great deal of credibility. Your most recent attempt to use your influence to cause the defeat of the President in this election was the rehashing of his National Guard service which has been covered extensivly beginning with his first campaign for Texas Governor. This time though, we think your attempt has backfired on you. Not only are you recieving flack from colleages, but also the family of Lt. Col Killian and much of the American public. Your very reason for the story, to defeat the President may infact have the reverse effect and be a major catalist to bringing about his re-election! You have reminded the public of their distrust of John Kerry, the Democratic Party and the media. With this in mind we would like to thank you for un-willingly and un-whittingly helping the President and propelling him back into the White House for four more years.


The Liberal Lies, The Conservative Truth Website

PS. Attached to this letter are comments from our readers!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Forget about the rest , this is 9-11

You may have noticed it is Sept. 11 , 2004 and it is a saturday. So far it has not been the major headline like the last couple of years. Everyone is keeping an eye on Ivan , watching college football and worrying about who did what thirty something years ago.
First we need to remember all those who lost their lives that day and all the ones fighting to keep it from happening again. Those who say it can't happen again need to look around at the world , this is real. We don't have to live in fear but be aware.
Thinking only of the two candidates actual records who will protect us best. There is a reason why the left is focusing on the distant past , the present scares them. When you compare what Bush has done to protect us and Kerry's voting record of cutting military and intelligence there is no comparison. I want a firm decisive leader in a time like this. Bush is the same now as he was in 2000 ; Kerrry has a diffrent stance for each day of the week. The choice is clear and the landslide Nov. 2 will confirm President George W. Bush a true leader.

Chris Lovelace

Friday, September 10, 2004

Dan Rather, Did he work for Lenin, Oh that was someone else, i get confused

Need more proof. The title says it all. And this website proves me right. Sweet victory!!!

Thursday, September 09, 2004

60 Minutes Bush National Guard Reports Forged!

60 Minutes is not only proving to be a voice for the Kerry campaign but also a poor investigative group who will use any information that makes the President look bad. Check out to find out about the forged documents used to accuse the President of not completing his National Guard duty! Will the Democrats EVER leave the 60's and discuss the issues of today and Kerry's non existant Senate record!

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Freedom isn’t Free

I must have been about seven or eight years old that holiday season. We were gathered around the dining room table with family and friends when my Dad asked everyone to bow their heads. I remember thinking how odd that was as my Dad was not a religious man. Then he began to pray for my brother, stationed in Vietnam. There had been an increasing concern, as we had not heard from him in some time. It was one of the few times I ever recall seeing my Dad pray. It was one of the few times I ever recall seeing him cry.
Like a petition answered from above the phone rang about 3 AM the next morning. The sound of the phone woke me and for some reason I remember seeing the time on an old clock on the wall in our living room. Then I heard my mother crying not tears of sadness but joy. My brother was stateside in San Francisco and on his way home.
Years have passed since then and only on rare occasions have my brother and I ever spoken of his tour in that country. I do know from several stories he told me that his life was spared when certain death should have been the outcome. There almost seems to be a tinge of guilt in his voice that for some reason he came home while others gave the ultimate sacrifice.
Today we are reminded that over 1000 troops have given their lives for the liberation of Iraq. Many others will come home with forever imbedded emotional scars of what they saw and experienced over there. As my brother is in recollection about Vietnam and my Dad was about Korea they probably will not want to talk about what they faced over there.
The price the fallen and the survivors of the Iraq war and every other previous conflict our troops have engaged in can never be understood by the average citizen. I have never served in the military. I have never taken a weapon and stood a post. But as I get older and more and more see the future through my daughter’s eyes, I am thankful now more than ever for our veterans and armed forces.
I also think of my Dad praying for my brother and when I look at my own child I think of the parent’s who prayed for their sons and daughters to come home safely but did not have their prayer answered in the affirmative. No, freedom is not free.
Today there are forces, both foreign and domestic, that would limit or take away entirely our freedoms. If we do not bear in mind that from Bunker Hill to Baghdad there is deep and honored bloodline that runs to bring freedom to the oppressed, we will dishonor the memory of those who fought and died. Let us never forget that life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we enjoy in our nation has come at a high price. We should also never so arrogant as to think these liberties belong only within the boundaries of the United States but to every man and woman on earth. It is our God given responsibility to support those who see the need of perpetuating liberty around the world. At the same time we can never forget that a price will have to be paid. Is it worth it? The investment in freedom is far less than the cost of complacency and the simple minded thinking that terror and oppression will go away on it’s own.

John Fisher

Editorial note: We welcome John as a contributing writer. Excellent John and a tribute to our fallen and our freedoms. We look forward to your thoughts and opinions in future submissions.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Clinton News Network , (CNN) Proves Left Bias!

I had not intended to post an article this evening as I was working on another which I will post later in the week, but there are times when events take place that demand attention and one such event revealed itself today! Just when one may think that the hypocrisy of the Kerry campaign and the Democratic Party cannot stoop any lower they prove otherwise. The struggling campaign of John Kerry announced today that James Carville and Paul Begala are joining the campaign staff as, "unpaid" advisors. Both are well known as extreme mud slingers and have a long association with the Clinton's through several elections. Already they have hinted that accusations of "not trusting the Presidency to an alcoholic President and Vice President, " referencing past DUI's years removed and admitted to by both Bush and Cheney. This is just one of many "low blows" that this pair are famous for. What makes matters worse and brings with it ethical questions is the fact that both are employed as talking heads with CNN and will KEEP their position with the network! Check out for more information. Of course as one would expect, none of the networks or major newspapers with the exception of Fox News has covered this story including CNN. I personally searched the CNN web site, (which can be hard to stomach), and found absolutely no reference to Carville and Begala joining the Kerry campaign nor their continuing association with the network. This hypocrisy glares in the face of the flack of the August 25 resignation of Benjamin Ginsberg a legal advisor to the Bush campaign. He came under such media scrutiny when it was learned that he also, (legally I might add), advised the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. He resigned to erase any hint of improprierty yet Carville and Begala remain with CNN! Any doubt that CNN is a mouth piece for the liberal agenda and the Kerry campaign has been eliminated by this action. On the bright side, in spite of massive media assistance the President still holds a 7 to 11 point lead depending upon which poll you read. Look out, with this team on board the next two months are going to get dirty and very little truth will come out of the Kerry camp!

Ken Taylor

Taxes - who deserves this money ?

After the convention I heard on the liberal actresses sum it up ; " it is our responsibility as citizens to give the goverment money ". To me this expresses the basic diffrence in a liberal and a conservative. A liberal believes it is goverment's role to take care of us and it is our duty to give as much money as needed. The money we earn working is not ours , whatever is left after taxes we should just be thankful. If everyone had to set money aside and write a check to the goverment there would be more outrage about taxes.
A conservative believes the less goverment is in our lives the better. Less is more. What we earn is our money. The more money in our pocket the more we put back in the economy therefore creating jobs. It is true tax cuts do stimulate the economy. Higher taxes kill the economy. Conservatives trust citizens with the money they earn ; Liberals know how to spend your money better than you.

Chris Lovelace

Monday, September 06, 2004

John Kerry Liar or.....well Liar!

John Kerry is a man who wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face, and it has several times especially recently. I don't mean to accuse, but in this case the accusations are not so much that as proven fact! John Kerry made light of the soldiers who fought and gave their lives at Iwo Jima by re-creating the flag raising and by putting in place the American Flag upside down, a symbol of a country in distress on the cover of his book, "The New Soldier," written by Kerry,(read the book and see the cover using the New Soldier link in the left sidebar under LINKS). He claimed that he with his Swift Boat crew were in Cambodia sent by President Nixon in December of 1968. Two problems here; one, Nixon was elected in November of '68 and DID NOT take office until January of '69. Get a clue Sherlock. Second, some of his crew and many in the Swift Boat squad have signed statements denouncing Kerry's claim that he was in Cambodia.

I am an 18 year old young man and even I can see what an idiot and liar Kerry is! So....Kerry, liar, yes...President NO!

Christopher Taylor

Editorial Note: Christopher, I am very proud to say is my son and is voting in his first election this November. I think that you can see by his article who he prefers! He will from time to time be a contributing writer to this site with a perspective from one who is on the threshold of life. His opinions are his own garnered from his personal beliefs, study and observations.

Ken Taylor

Bombs Away!!! The RNC convention Night 3 and 4

Let me first start off by giving you the link again for the speeches at hand. . Now first things first. The first two nights of the convention had some great speeches. But these speeches were written with two things in mind. Number one, stress National Security. And two, show the diversity of the party.
On night three it was clear from the start that there was one agenda at hand. Attacking John Kerry's shaky senate record. IM going to bypass the first speeches of the night (if you watched you know why) and get straight to the highlights. The keynote speaker was Zell Miller of Georgia. For all of you whom don't remember, this same man gave the keynote address at the 1992 DNC for Bill Clinton. Note : Clinton at this time had a very conservative message throughout his 1992 campaign. Reagan even accused him, in letter form, of political plagiarism.
Zell Miller describes himself as I life long conservative Democrat (or southern democrat). Miller wasted no time firebombing as only a man like him can do. Zell used the most damaging thing that he could have used against Kerry, the truth. The list of weapon systems that John Kerry has voted against is at itself, scary. After listing the weapons systems that Kerry voted against, Miller had a question for him. What do you intend do defend America with, SPITBALLS. I assure you Kerry would not do this. But only because he would not vote for the funding. Miller raised some very good questions in his speech. Whom do you want defending America, the U.N., or George W. Bush. In Millers words, "I want Bush to decide!!". Zell Miller pulled no punches after his speech. He went on Hardboiled (aka Hardball), and when questioned about the votes he accused Kerry of, he pulled papers out of his pocket. These papers were the congressional Voting record of John F. Kerry. I guess its true what they say, a good soldier always comes prepared.
The second speech of the night was (The Evil heheh!!) Dick Cheney. Cheney's speech was great as always. A little humor, a lot of fact, and always direct and to the point. There wasn't much out of the ordinary. Lots of emphasis on National Security here folks.
All in all it was a great night with great speeches. One of the best moments of the entire convention happened earlier in the night. A video tribute to Ronald Reagan( intro was by his son Michael). It's because of Ronald Reagan that I am here today, and that I am writing this article.
The video is on the convention website for all to see.
On night 4 we had Col. Tommy Franks, Gov. George Pataki and our President. Of Franks speech it was short and sweet. He endorsed our President and showed the kind of respect our troops Have for President Bush. No matter whom he endorses, Col. Franks will always be an American hero.
Gov. Pataki has been great for our party in New York, but lets face fact, Gulliani's reputation got him in office. He's not the best speaker in the world. but he did drive home the Bush record and showed respect for the hero's of 911. For all of this, I thank him.
Now for the meat and potatoes, the President. The Firebombing on Kerry's record over the last two days was done for one reason, so the President didn't have to. President Bush boldy praised his tax cuts, as he should, for spurring the economic boom we ARE currently in(sorry Libs, I Know the truth hurts). And on Nationall Security here's a quote for you, "I believe the most solemn duty of the American president is to protect the American people. If America shows uncertainty and weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch". That's bold stuff folks, the kind I like to see. And if any of you are tired of paying half of your money every year in taxes( penalty for success, I like to call it), The President had a message for you, "Another drag on our economy is the current tax code, which is a complicated mess filled with special interest loopholes, saddling our people with more than six billion hours of paperwork and headache every year. The American people deserve and our economic future demands a simpler, fairer, pro-growth system. In a new term, I will lead a bipartisan effort to reform and simplify the federal tax code". Even on Iraq, the President hit home saying "In Saddam Hussein, we saw a threat. Members of both political parties, including my opponent and his running mate, saw the threat, and voted to authorize the use of force. We went to the United Nations Security Council, which passed a unanimous resolution demanding the dictator disarm, or face serious consequences. Leaders in the Middle East urged him to comply. After more than a decade of diplomacy, we gave Saddam Hussein another chance, a final chance, to meet his responsibilities to the civilized world. He again refused, and I faced the kind of decision that comes only to the Oval Office a decision no president would ask for, but must be prepared to make. Do I forget the lessons of September 11th and take the word of a madman, or do I take action to defend our country? Faced with that choice, I will defend America every time". My article doesn't do this speech justice. Please, go read it for your self, or watch the video. In short, the speech was a home run. Time after time, Bush made his point, backed with facts, and this is why the left hates him. Well, thanks for reading RNC coverage with The Liberal Lie. And please check with us at everyday for new articles. And also if any of you out there have any questions you would like to ask of us, our email add. Is . Thank you, every one, for all of your support.
John Oliver Benton III

Saturday, September 04, 2004

Post Convention Wrap up Nights 1 and 2

We thought it would be a great idea, here at the liberal lie, to have a post convention wrap-up. I want to begin first by thanking Ken Taylor and Chris Lovelace for the great articles. Our viewership has skyrocketed over the last 2 weeks, and these two guys deserve all of the credit. I would also like to send my regards to the Clinton family. Times like these are never easy, but I know that the Clinton's are strong enough to weather the storm. Hurry back Bill. We will need someone to argue with after the election. Now that IM done with this stuff, I guess we can take the gloves off.
The first night of the convention started off wit some great speakers. I was most impressed by the Ron Silver speech. I don't know if you folks relies what a big deal this is. This was one of the biggest Clinton supporters in Hollywood. But something happened that changed him. 911. Make no mistake, this man is a liberal, but we here at the liberal lie salute him. He is a true American.
Great speech by this guy. You can find the transcript and all the transcripts at
And now on to my favorite Republican (yeah right) John McCain. In short I have one thing to say to this man, stop infringing on our rights (ex. Campaign finance reform, free speech, get it now Johnny) , and don't help the Democrats. No matter what you say, they are not the friends of the Republican party. Although I believe that John McCain is very strong on the issue of national security, he will always scare me. I find that McCain Promotes the idea of McCain in 08, more than anything. He's a little to poll-driven for me. Yet his speech was wonderful because he spoke on his strength, national security. If he, Or Gulliani, were forced to speak on social issues, I believe that we would see grave differences from or President. Gulliani and McCain did there job very well, they pulled the party line, like all do at this time of year. And it is time to come together. For the good of our party, and our country. The tone for the first night was very clear. It was national security. And with the combo of Silver, McCain and Gulliani, the message was driven home time and time again. I commend them all on there speeches. And more importantly, we thank them for there dedication to a safer America.
On night two of the convention we had F-U-N. The latter of the speeches, Laura Bush, was everything that I expected. IM sure the first lady speeches at these conventions, are very important for bringing in a certain voting bracket, but I don't look at these speeches as political. These speeches are there to humanize the person at the center of attention. Ms. Bush gave a great speech, warm and moving, and it seemed to show the side of the President his opponents never see, the reluctant warrior. A man whom never choose his war, a war was chosen for him.
The first big speech of the night was from the Govenator. Not enough can be said about this folks. Great isn't the word. This man is a Political powerhouse. Socially liberal, and fiscally conservative, Arnold seems to represent the face our party will take entering into the next decade. He's part of that new wing of the party. I for one don't agree with there social agenda, but there fiscal policies are right on key. If you haven't heared the sound bites, read this one. You wont be disappointed.
John Oliver Benton III

Take That !! John Kerry!!!

The Republican National Convention is over. The President is up by double digits in the polls. The speakers and their memorable speeches still ring in our ears. The President has set forth a rather bold plan with numerous initiatives over the next four years. We were reminded of our faith in God and that liberty is instilled into everyone by The Almighty! Our hearts were stirred with pride in our patriotism and love of country. We saluted the heros in the military and civilian services who stand freedom's watch on our streets and in foreign lands. We remembered those heros who, as President Lincoln put it, "gave the last full measure of devotion," whether on the battlefield or the Pentagon, the Twin Towers or a field in Pennsylvania. We shared laughter and tears, cheers and jeers. Flags waved and banners were held high. Protesters marched and the opposition continually complained. Yet even before the last balloon dropped from the roof of Madison Square Garden had finished it's lazy dance on the Arena floor, John Kerry held a midnight rally in Ohio complaining that his patriotism was questioned, (which it was not), his military service was dishonored,(hmm, how many times did I hear, "we honor Senator Kerry for his military service?" Only nearly EVERY speaker!) He claimed that the RNC was nothing but negative attacks, (if that's negative, I don't think I could handle positive!) Accused the Convention and the President of not speaking about the Administrations record, (where was he Thursday night and all week? Oh yeah, wind surfing and flying to Ohio!) As if this weren't enough he than returned to the Vietnam War, (his only campaign platform) in accusing tones toward the President and The Vice President for their actions in that era, (the new Kerry campaign slogan should be "Never look to the future when you can re-hash the past.") So in case you missed the President's wonderful speech and to set the record straight, use this link to access the President's plan for his next four years. To review the context of the memorable and stirring speeches, once again to set the record straight use this link, then click on site map and click on speeches. A great week for the GOP, a miserable week for Kerry leaving a very large up hill struggle for the challenger. Yet we must not let our guard down. For the momentum from the Convention to take the President back to the White House we have to ban together to defeat the whining Senator from Massachusets. I end this column with the saying most popular at the RNC, "FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS, FOUR MORE YEARS!!! To that I say a rousing AMEN! God bless our President and our nation!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Night 4 Bush has a plan

All we have heard from the left is Bush has no plan. The first half of the speech was an outline of all he wants to accomplish. In that list were all the hot issues : health care , education , jobs. The line about OBGYN doctors having malpractice lawsuit problems was a clear shot at Edwards. Bush was able to clearly show the policy diffrences in him and Kerry . I love his line that you may not always agree with me but you always know where I stand. I felt an honesty and a sense of his humanity. A clasic when he made fun of himself , saying Arnold corrected his english. Best put George W. Bush is real.
Tommy Franks helped frame the second half of the speech. Being a respected general putting all his support behind the President. Bush clearly showed why we are doing what we are doing militarily , never apoligizing. A president can't be wishy washy. He payed great respect to our military, he appreciates and knows the sacrifices made.
A great combination of a clear detailed plan with a grand vision. I expect to see a big bump in the polls for the president. You will notice a vicious , confused , scrambling , desparate Kerry. In fact Kerry is holding an attack filled rally at this hour. Chris Lovelace

This is my country, love it or leave it liberals, and heres why
John Oliver Benton III
IF you vote Democrat after this, Please, dont be seen around me in public.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Convention Night 3 GOP.....Give 'em Zell !!!

Monday night Mcain and Rudy reminded us of our military and civilian heroes and why we will win the War on Terror. Last night the "Govenator" reminded us in Reaganest form of pride in America and what it means to be a Republican. Tonight the the GOP gave 'em Zell ! Zell Miller the senior Senator from Georgia and former Georgia Governor was the convention keynote speaker. No big deal right? Ha, Zell Miller is a Democrat who twelve years ago gave the keynote at the DNC praising Clinton as the savior of America, yet now after seeing his party "shatter" his trust in them angrily proclaimed that there is, "only one man who has the backbone to protect my family and that man is George W. Bush! My family is more important to me than my party!" Zell Miller came tonight with a mission; to proudly stand with the President and to reveal, finally to America the record of John Kerry. Introduced as the conscience of the Democrat Party Senator Miller denounced his parties, "manic obsession to bring down the President" and partison politics with our national security that refers to the military as occupiers. With a scowel on his brow Miller looked straight into the camera and proclaimed that, "nothing makes this Marine madder than to be called occupiers rather than liberators!" He refered to John Kerry as an, "Auctioneer, selling off our national security" then delivered an extensive list of weapons programs and military funding that Kerry voted against sighting how each program was used successfully by our military then uttered the glaring indictment, how did Kerry expect US forces to fight, "armed with what..spit balls!!" Miller then described the President as a, "God fearing man with a good heart and a spine of tempered steal." Ladies and gentlemen I believe we are seeing the beginning of the end of John Kerry and amazingly enough it has been ushered in by a colleague from the Senate and a fellow Democrat who knows the truth when he sees it and is not afraid to stand for what he believes! Thank you Zell!! The Vice President then spoke accepting his parties nomination and began by listing the accomplishments of the Bush administration, including the War on Terror and the liberation of 50 million people. Comparing the terrorists to Nazi's and the Soviets all bent on our destruction now "faced with a war we did not start, but one we are determined to win!" The VP made a somewhat surprizing announcement that is a tremendous win for the President. The nuclear black market network that supplied components etc. to Iran,Lybia and North Korea has been shut down! As expected Cheney continued with addressing Kerry's Senate record, (isn't it amazing that Kerry's Senate record is ONLY being addressed by the GOP and not the DNC, hmmm well I guess that shows that his lack of record is why four months out weighs 20 years!) Touting that Kerry's, "most lively disagreement is with himself" Cheney then shared the imfamous Kerry flip - flops reminding us of Kerry's two America's which, "makes the whole thing mutual ...Americs sees two Kerry's." All in all another great night for the GOP and another nail in the coffin of Kerry-Edwards. Do I hear landslide boys and girls!!!

Ken Taylor

The Convention Night 2 = TOTAL RECALL

Folks, if you missed the speach by the Govenator, You missed one for the ages. I now know how everyone at the 64 convention felt when Reagan spoke. This guy may be the but of a lot of jokes, but he is the perfect public speaker. And for the Democrats that is a very dangerous thing. The speech by Arnold was full of optimism, hope, and everything that is great about this great nation. Why didn't we here this during the DNC convention? I think it would have served them well. But rest assured, they will watch this, they will take notes, and they will be back!!!!
Keep fighting for whats right. John Oliver Benton III

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