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Thursday, October 20, 2011


Two examples of the total disconnect of Democrats shined their ugly face, one in a blatantly divisive statement purposefully being used to scare Americans needlessly for political gain, the other statement was just plain stupid. Both were made in conjunction with the all out effort by Democrats to force through the Obama jobs bill which is nothing more that another stimulus package that if passed will fail like the first trillion dollar disaster.

Vice President Joe Biden in a blatant and disgusting statement during a speech touting Obama's jobs bill stated in dramatic fashion that if the bill was not passed to supposedly, "save," the jobs of police officers,"rape and murder would go up." He then followed it by stating that those who are against the bill should experience being on the, "other end of a gun," suggesting that anyone opposing this ridiculous spending plan should experience being the victim of a violent crime.

Democrats are notorious for using blatant scare tactics for political gain usually threatening seniors over Social Security and Medicare by telling them the GOP wants to steal both, but this disgusting statement by Biden suggesting that Republicans who are against Obama's jobs bill favor increased violent crime like murder and rape and they needed to experience both in order to agree with he and Obama is political rhetoric in it most disgusting and ridiculous form.

Harry Reid while not as blatantly disgusting as Biden but equally as stupid stated that the bill must be passed because the public sector is hurting and the private sector is in good shape so the bill will assist the public sector job problems and as such must be passed. This of course coming after reports that Washington DC has the highest median income in the Nation, $126,000 per year because of the exorbitant salaries of US government employees.

According to Harry Reid the private sector has done, "quite well," since Obama became President so the bill must be passed to assist the public sector. Let's see 2.2 million private sector jobs have disappeared under the Obama reign while less than 200,000 public sector jobs have gone away and most of those from the federal government due to cuts at the US Postal Service.

Unemployment is holding steady above 9% with the number closer to 16% when counting those who have simply given up looking for work and according to Reid the private sector is doing, "just fine." How incredibly stupid can one person be? Both of these statements by Biden and Reid show the complete disconnect of Democrats with the country and the people of The United States.

Biden and Reid like their boss Barack Obama refuse to see how their policy and politics have destroyed the country and as such they continue to follow the same failed ideas which have caused high unemployment and virtually decimated the private sector leaving millions without jobs in their wake. That is not just speculation but fact and Democrats especially Obama and the leadership continue down the path of destruction they have brought on our people and our Nation.

Ken Taylor


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