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Thursday, October 13, 2011


For those who still think the rise of Herman Cain was just a passing phase the most recent Wall Street Journal poll has the former CEO of Godfathers pizza with a 27% to 23% lead over Mitt Romney the RINO acting conservative who most have already crowned as the GOP nominee.

In a media atmosphere including some on Fox News the rise of Cain is almost presented with an apology when mentioned with Romney. As if the,"shock," of anyone except the media favorite candidate leading or rising in the polls is a fluke because only the media truly knows how voters think.

Cain has come from nowhere and his win in the Florida Straw Poll which is usually won by the candidate that forked over the most money in the poll, which by the way was NOT Cain, has provided Cain a great deal of media coverage and voters have finally had an opportunity to hear this brilliant man and his passion for our country along with real common sense solutions to the issues that plague our Nation along with the virus that currently resides in the Oval Office.

As a result the vast number of voters who had not known much about Cain before his Florida win are now seeing him and liking what they see. He is truly the anti establishment candidate and his conservative credentials are impeccable. Yet pundits who have already crowned Romney still dismiss Cain not quite able to explain why except that Romney has raised more money than Cain and therefore can't be beat.

Let me remind everyone of the 2008 GOP campaign for the nomination. Mitt Romney was a candidate then and ran with the largest by far war chest of all the candidates. Almost double that of John McCain. Romney not only did not win with the big bucks but actually finished third behind the GOP Nominee McCain and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.

Big bucks does not a campaign or a winner make. A clear and strong message that resonates with voters while dealing with the issues that voters are most concerned with still wins election in America and that is why Cain has surged in the polls and why his message is winning the support of voters all around the country. Herman Cain is quickly becoming Americas choice for President of The United States. A true patriot who will restore Constitutional values and principles to our Nation and fiscal sanity to Washington.

Ken Taylor


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