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Thursday, January 03, 2013


So Barack Obama won a second term! Yes, we don't like it and yes, we all know he is the most destructive force that our country has known because of his absolute hate of our country and what we truly stand for and his obsession with dividing our Nation by class and race.  But Republicans won also and were equally reelected to another term as majority in The House of Representatives but the weak and lame leadership continues to act like whipped puppies and losers.

Caving to Obama on every turn and giving in to his every whim and fancy is NOT the action of a group that believes they have a mandate to STOP spending, tax hikes and expanding deficits and debt by the American people. A mandate that Obama CANNOT in reality claim to have since his reelection was a squeaker while House Republicans though losing a few seats still have a major majority in the House and a mandate by the people to do the opposite of what they have been doing.

Every one has known for the last two years that John Boehner is not only weak but lacks any moral or political convictions to stand for true Constitutional principles and conservative values. But that does not mean the rest of House Republicans have to follow his lead. The Speaker will come up for reelection today and many sources state 17 to 20 House members have indicated they will not vote for Boehner thus preventing his reelection as Speaker. Were I there I would be among the 20 because Boehner must go and a strong conservative who has a, "pair," must take his place and stand up to Obama's lies and destructive policy.

It's time to quit acting like losers and fight for the mandate the people have voted for by placing Republicans in the majority in the House where ALL financial measures by Constitutional provision must originate. The American people have given Republicans full control of the purse strings for a reason and that reason is to STOP out of control spending with REAL spending cuts and not just measures that decrease the growth of spending.  They have been mandated to prevent Obama from raising taxes and not cave to every tax increase designed to divide Americans by class and financial standings.

With the vote for Speaker pending Boehner has made the same old promises and yes, lies he made two years ago about seeking conservative policy and standing up to Obama. He has proven he is not only NOT willing to do that but caves at every turn and dismisses conservatives and our values and ideas.  Boehner is weak without a backbone nor principles and does not deserve reelection.  If he is reelected the House will not change nor will Republican leadership find any backbone and Obama will continue to arrogantly drive all policy and the destruction of our country.

It's time to stand and time to force Obama's hand at every turn. Calling him on his lies and keeping his feet to the fire. The ONLY way that will happen is if House Republicans quit acting like losers and take the mandate of victory and the purse strings that we the people have given them and do the will and demand of the people. STOP spending, NO tax increases, get the deficit under control, make REAL and deep spending cuts and begin paying off the debt. That is the mandate and that is what we the people DEMAND of House Republicans.

Ken Taylor


Blogger Tom's Place said...

The Republicans have neutered themselves with the latest in "compromises" concerning the fiscal cliff. I fully agree with you - the Republicans need to find not only one pair, but several & stand up to Obozo and his ilk to set this country back on its feet.

12:10 PM, January 06, 2013  
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