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Thursday, January 31, 2008


"Big Bad Bubba" and "itty, bitty, daintsy Hillary, " fighting for the Democrat nomination. The attack dog and the BULLdog!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - BANGKOK, Thailand -- Sign language interpreters in Thailand have run afoul of some ruling party supporters by holding their noses to refer to the new prime minister. Samak Sundaravej, chosen in parliament Monday as the first elected prime minister since a Sept. 2006 coup, has been nicknamed "Mr. Rose Apple Nose" because many claim his nose resembles the fruit.

Thai sign language interpreters often indicate prominent facial features as shorthand for dignitaries, and during a live broadcast of Monday's parliamentary session, they held their noses between two fingers numerous times to refer to Samak.

When we hold our noses concerning a politician it is because they really DO STINK!!!! -YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

You have to admit, when Rudy decides to implode and take a fall he does it better than just about anyone else!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - BRISBANE, Australia -- A golf course in tropical Australia has a new water hazard: a crocodile that took up residence in a lake at the 14th hole. Club owner Don Matheson in the Queensland state city of Townsville said the small, freshwater crocodile posed no "significant threat" to people, but that the club doesn't allow them on the course.

"It's quite novel that we have got a croc who has made his home here. If we allowed it, he would stay here," Matheson added. The 3-foot, 4-inch crocodile moved into the lake at the Willows Golf Club during flooding that followed heavy rains in recent weeks, Matheson said, adding that he'll ask wildlife authorities to place the animal back in the wild.

Wildlife authorities last week warned residents in the Queensland tropics to be alert for crocodiles and snakes carried onto properties by floodwater. That my friends is a water hazard. When golfers yell , " FORE, " they are actually counting their fingers to make sure that they are all there! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

If you think that Bubba and the Mrs. have been hitting it hard wait until after Super Tuesday and they have a solid lead. They will then hit the GOP with the whole ball of political deceptive wax!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - CHARLESTON, W.Va. -- A suspected thief learned a valuable lesson last month after he blew a fuse while using a power drill to break into parking meters. Police said that the next time, he used a cordless drill. Police said William David Salisbury, 44, was so brazen that he plugged an extension cord for his drill outside the guardhouse on Dec. 22, blowing a circuit breaker.

On Monday, Charleston police arrested Salisbury for the fourth time in five weeks and charged him with stealing from parking meters. Police believe he began to use an 18-volt cordless drill.
In all, police said the suspect stole hundreds of dollars from at least 24 meters near the state Capitol over five weeks.

I wonder if this guy is on Robert Byrd's staff ? Hey West Virginia pork has no limits while Byrd is still alive a kicking in the Senate ! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Between the two of them they have more Bimbos than Casanova. Ted is offering Obama swimming lessons while Bill is recieving anger management lessons.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


John McCain's victory last night in Florida and the eventual end of the campaign of Rudy Giuliani whose camp has indicated will throw his support behind McCain places the Senator from Arizona as the most likely candidate to gain the GOP nomination.

While Mitt Romney still has an outside chance, the polls from large delegate States like California, New York and New Jersey give McCain a huge advantage especially with the pending support of Giuliani. So now many in the GOP especially Conservatives find themselves in a dilemma.

Do Conservatives who have consistently disliked McCain for several reasons, not the least of which is the fact that he has either presented legislation with a Democrat co-sponsor, (McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy), or backed Democrats with his vote, (the Bush tax cuts), stand behind this left of right Republican if he is the nominee ?

The answer has to be yes. Even though it troubles me as a Conservative to actually admit this fact it none the less is a fact, if we want to keep Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama out of the White House. Most likely Clinton will be the nominee especially after the sweep through the large delegate States on Super Tuesday.

There are two reason if no others why supporting McCain against Hillary is the only option we have as Republicans even with our bitter feeling toward him.

They are , Universal Health Care and the Military. Hillary Clinton with a Democrat Congress is what we will face after November unless we back the GOP nominee and actually get out and vote! Let's look at each of these two reasons individually.

Universal Health Care - This has been the backbone of Hillary Clinton since the first moments of her husbands first term. It is her pet project and if elected it will be before Congress within the first 100 days of her Inauguration. With a liberal Congress to back her this huge entitlement program will be passed forcing every American to subscribe to Hillary Care destroying our medical system and increasing our tax burden to pay for it. McCain though siding with Democrats before is against Universal Health Care.

The Military - Hillary Clinton hates the military. While First Lady she treated the White House guard as if they were her personal valets, even cursing them if they did not do her bidding. She has made it obvious through her career that military spending in , her Socialist mind, can be used better for Social programs.

She will pull our troops out of Iraq, Afghanistan and other hot spots in the world as quickly as possible. I will even venture to say that within one year into a Hillary administration we will see another devastating attack in the 9/11 mode on our soil because she will weaken our security to the point that another attack will happen.

Agree or disagree with McCain he is a staunch supporter of the military has commanded soldiers in combat and will stand strong for the protection of our nation and the fight against Islamic Fanatics.

Many believe that two years of Hillary and a liberal Congress will be so bad that the GOP will regain the majority in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012. While this is most likely true, the damage that she as Commander in Chief and President will do in just two years may not only be next to impossible to reverse but from a security stand point made devastate this nation beyond repair.

Let me ask this, how many government programs once passed and funded have been reversed regardless of how bad they are ? Few if any. In just two years she would increase government to the breaking point and most of that would NEVER be reversed. From a military stand point her destruction of the military as CIC would take years to rebuild and reverse.

Remember how long it took President Reagan to rebuild and strengthen our military after Carter ? We as Republicans and especially Conservatives must remember the lesson of 2006 when many did not vote because of their disappointment in the GOP Majority. That fiasco gave us the Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid Congress who have been the worst in history!

Barry Goldwater , the Conservatives, Conservative, once said in reference to fellow Conservatives who did not like Richard Nixon in the 1960 election, " “Let’s grow up, conservatives! If we want to take this party back, and I think we can someday, let’s get to work.” Though he disagreed with Nixon he backed him for the Presidency. Ronald Reagan did the same when Nixon ran again in 1968 and 1972.

My fellow Conservatives though we may dislike John McCain the alternative with either Democrat possibility is more than this nation can bare. Hillary or Obama would march us down the path to Socialism, which may be irreversible, devastate our Military making us vulnerable to Al Qaeda or any other Islamic Extremists that wish us dead. As well as weaken our position in the world to the point that we would become the puppet of the United Nations with a nation reminiscent to the days of Jimmy Carter with a Socialist in the White House rather than a liberal who was a weak President.

We cannot allow this to happen and turning out to vote, standing with the GOP nominee is the only way that we can prevent the slide to Socialism and the devastation of our Military. The rest we can fight for with our united voice. Remember even John McCain had to bow to the people over the Amnesty Bill BECAUSE we united as one ad demanded it so. We can do the same with what we do not like in a McCain Presidency. Hillary on the other hand does not care what the people think because in her Socialist thinking, government is the answer and the people must accept what government demands.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Last night as I watched the last State of the Union Address by President Bush there were several distinct instances during the speech that I wish I could bottle up and send to every voter in this nation. Each involved the spending of the people's money and each obviously exposed the Democrats for who they are.

The President Bush that spoke especially at the beginning of the speech is the Bush that I wish we had had during the first term when he chose to cave so often to the Congress and the Democrats which brought about the massive spending that eventually took the GOP out of the majority.

The moments in the speech that exposed the Democrats for who they are and what they truly think of the American people each dealt with the President's call for reduced taxation and spending. When Bush told Congress that any bill with a tax increase that crossed his desk would receive a VETO, Republicans jumped to their feet and applauded and Democrats sat on their hands and their brains and did not budge.

When Bush called for the tax cuts to become permanent, Republicans cheered and Democrats scowled. Charlie Rangel actually laughed. Especially when Bush stated that anyone who does not think that ending his tax cuts would not be seen as a tax increase by the people , just ask those whose taxes go up by $ 1800.00 and see if they agree.

Another instance occurred when the President referred to earmarks and that any bill that came to his desk with less than a fifty percent reduction in earmarks would receive his VETO, Republicans cheered and Democrats sat on their hands once again. Also when he stated that any bill that came to him with earmarks that were added in Committee then sent to the floor without debate for a vote would again receive a VETO, the Democrats scowled and remained seated while Republicans cheered.

Every instance that I refer to dealt specifically with our money and the way the government spends it. In each instance Bush stood for the people and reducing either our taxes or government spending which effects not only the economy but each of our pocket books and the Democrats hated the very idea even refusing to acknowledge the truth that spending is out of control and the tax burden is to high.

Democrats proved last night that they love taxing the people, love spending our money and despise being told that what they do is the people's business and they are subject to us and not we to them. If these very telling facts could ever be related in a real and truthful way to the American voter does anyone actually believe that a Democrat would be elected to the White House again or find themselves in the majority in Congress ?

Their deception in which Democrats portray themselves as the party of the people has been forced on the American public so much by the liberal media and the lies put forth by the DNC and Democrat candidates since the sixties that many voters actually believe that Democrats favor the common man and the Republicans the rich only.

Pictures speak far more than words and last nights showing by Democrats when the President was telling them how he will stop their tax increase attempts and their excessive spending of our money through earmarks with his VETO, and their response of disdain represents the true colors of a Democrat and that they view the people as an inconvenience preventing them from controlling our government and every aspect of our lives!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 27, 2008


As a conservative and a Republican I have had to do a bit of soul searching over the past week. I was a staunch Fredhead because I believed Thompson to be the only Conservative that the GOP had to offer for the 2008 Presidential nomination. I have always considered myself a Conservative first and a Republican second though I have been a card carrying member of the GOP since I turned twenty in 1976.

I have always backed the GOP candidates but like many of you who have been disappointed in the GOP for the last couple of years. I have been frustrated over the direction that the party has gone and have not been real, "Gung Ho, " about the candidates that remain in the running for the nomination.

Like many of you I have misgivings about each candidate and have written about them. Well this week as I have considered who I might support or not support I began remembering Ronald Reagan and have been reading the book, "The Reagan Diaries." A book that I highly recommend as it is a complete detail of the personal daily diary of one of our greatest Presidents.

I was a very involved part of the Reagan Revolution but over the years as President Reagan has risen even more in stature some of what happened during those great years has drifted into the realm of forgotten. One of those forgotten memories about President Reagan that I was reminded of while reading the book is that when he first began his crusade which turned the country around. Conservatives within the GOP accused Ronald Reagan of betraying conservative principles because he, out of necessity was forced to give a little to a very powerful Speaker of the House, "Tip, " O'Neal and a liberal Congress in whom he had to contend with in trying to get his conservative agenda passed.

Though he did not cave to the Democrats , Reagan did have to give some in order to eventually get all that he planned and the results , as history have shown turned a hurting, depressed nation with a devastated military into an optimistic people with a renewed Patriotism. A military unmatched in history, a growing economy and the victor over the Soviets.

President Reagan once said the following when asked about why he found compromise with the Congress though a staunch man of Conservative principle:

“When I began entering into the give and take of legislative bargaining in Sacramento, a lot of the most radical conservatives who had supported me during the election didn’t like it.
“Compromise” was a dirty word to them and they wouldn’t face the fact that we couldn’t get all of what we wanted today. They wanted all or nothing and they wanted it all at once. If you don’t get it all, some said, don’t take anything. I’d learned while negotiating union contracts that you seldom got everything you asked for. And I agreed with FDR, who said in 1933: ‘I have no expectations of making a hit every time I come to bat. What I seek is the highest possible batting average.’ If you got seventy-five or eighty percent of what you were asking for, I say, you take it and fight for the rest later, and that’s what I told these radical conservatives who never got used to it.“

Reagan new that in order to win one must give a little and if getting seventy five or eighty percent meant that getting it all was an eventuality then that is what must be done. He understood that giving some without compromising principles or beleif was necessary to get what was worth fighting for. In this election year we Republicans are faced with a similar situation as President Reagan was at the beginning of his eight year Presidency. We may not have everything we desire in a candidate but in each we do have seventy five to eighty percent of what we may want.

President Reagan also had an eleventh commandment that he lived by as a Republican and it was, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." Reagan realized that though we may have our ideological differences within the party that the only way to beat a Democrat was to present a united front and not bicker among ourselves.

In this election year we face a danger that has never appeared in this nation before. The top contenders for the Democrat nomination, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are Socialists. They may claim otherwise but as one researches their policy statements and the massive entitlements and other government expenditures that both propose, even Socialism may be a little right of where they really stand.

Combine this with the distinct possibility that a Democrat/Socialist President would likely have a liberal Congress willing to pass the Socialist agenda and we face a national disaster that even a new Congress and new President in 2012 may not be able to repair or reverse.

It is therefore a necessity that the GOP win the White House to prevent this Socialist catastrophe from happening. Though our candidates may not be 100% of what we want each would fight the Democrats with the VETO pen and fight to prevent the Socialist agenda from destroying this nation as it has other nations in history.

We are a free Republic and we owe it to our heritage and the generations who follow to keep this nation free and provide a less intrusive government of the people and by the people. Democrats view the people as an inconvenience preventing government from controlling every aspect of our lives.

Though we may have certain issue differences with the remaining candidate it is imperative that we adhere to Reagan's eleventh and unite as a party to defeat the Democrats in 2008. In our eventual nominee we may not have all we want but the seventy five or eighty percent we do have will give us a strong basis from which to fight for the rest because Republicans still believe in the power of the people and understand that the people are the nation and not the government.

We can win this year. We MUST win this year to prevent a Socialist catastrophe lead by Hillary or Obama. We Republicans, we Conservatives and we Moderates must unite as one to give our party a chance in defeating the onslaught to come by the Democrats. Do not forget the lesson of 2006 when many Conservatives because of the disappointment with the GOP Majority did not vote and the current do nothing Democrat Congress is the result of our failure to unite in defeating the Democrats.

We cannot allow that to happen this year. We must stand together in that party unity and fight for the principles we believe in, for the country we love and for the future of our nation. Beating back the Socialist onslaught of the Democrats and renewing this nation to the founding principles that made us the greatest nation in history.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 24, 2008


With the election so prominent in the news I have neglected to spotlight a Blog of the Month since December. So without further adieu the Blog of the Month and an excellent one at that is, "Right Think." Many of you have had visits from Rivka and may have already visited her very thought provoking site.

She combines excellent writing with very insightful commentary that covers today's issues from a conservative point of view. Excellent site, well worth your visit and linking to!

Ken Taylor


Good old Bubba. Always hogging the camera, butting in everywhere and IF, Hillary were elected, ( which won't happen), he would live in the Oval Office.....and his bimbos! You think he may be related to Jesse Jackson ?

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - Two Star Wars-loving brothers are planning to set up a Jedi church in Wales. Barney and Daniel Jones want fellow devotees to be able to join them on Anglesey, reports the BBC. Barney, 26 - or Master Jonba Hehol - and Daniel, 21 - Master Morda Hehol - head the UK Church of the Jedi.

They say their services will include sermons on The Force, light sabre training, and meditation techniques. Hairdresser Barney said: "As children we always watched the Star Wars films anyway. We noticed that there were a couple of sites on the internet, Jedi church sites. "We printed off a couple of sermons and did a sermon in our house for a couple of friends one night."
Barney and his musician brother Daniel, from Holyhead, help run four websites devoted to the development of the "faith".

"My brother and I will wear the Jedi robes, the dark brown robes... the congregation would be in black. Really to bring a sense of unity to the meetings," said Barney.
Although the current members are all men, women are not excluded, as Barney points out: "Princess Leia helped them out a lot." However, any congregation member drawn to the dark side of the Force, embodied in the film by Darth Vader, would be advised they are following the wrong path and could face expulsion.

Sounds to me like they have already drifted to, " The Dark Side, " or at least the loon side! I liked Star Wars but sheeeesh! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Wha, Wha, Whine, Whine, cry, cry , sniffle , sniffle, gripe, gripe, complain, complain and then change a few diapers. The Democrat platform for the 2008 election. Brought to you by, Baby Hillary, BaBa Obama and Little Johnnie Edwards.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Thieves in Malaysia stole an adult cow, squeezed it into the back seat of a car and drove off with it, but abandoned the animal when the getaway vehicle crashed into a tree, police said Thursday.

The thieves managed to push the cow into the back of a mid-sized sedan Tuesday night, but were spotted by villagers who gave chase, said a local police official in the northern state of Kedah. He declined to be named, citing protocol. The driver lost control during the chase and drove into a tree, injuring the cow, he said. By the time villagers got to the crash site, one person was seen running from the car, but police believe more people were involved in the theft, the official said.

It was not clear how they managed to push the cow into the car or whether the animal had been sedated. Maybe the other thief ran the , "Udder, " way ! I know , I know sorry about the pun,, just couldn't help it! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Last week Roe vs Wade, was celebrated ! How many millions of children never had the chance to celebrate anything because of this disgusting Court ruling ? So here and today this site will celebrate the beauty of the unborn and rejoice in the life that they can have and not the liberals who would kill them!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - CUMBERLAND, Md. — History could have come to life in very much the wrong way at a veterans' museum where a rocket on display for two years was discovered Wednesday to be live. After Allegany County authorities were notified that the Mark 1 rocket on display in Cumberland might be live, the state fire marshal's office and the FBI confirmed it was. Bomb experts removed the ordnance and rendered it safe.

The 48-inch-by-2.75-inch rocket was similar to those used on helicopter gun ships during the Vietnam War, said Deputy State Fire Marshal Joseph Zurolo Jr. A local veteran donated it to the museum, which is in a chapter of the Vietnam Veterans of America, Zurolo said.

A real life, " Night at the Museum." Except this one wasn't funny! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

You noticed lately that Congress has not been in the news very much. It's because YOU ACTUALLY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING, first to get in the news! The do nothings strike again!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


With the announcement by Fred Thompson that he has ended his bid for the Republican nomination for President, where does this leave conservatives in making a choice as to who to back for the GOP ?

If most of those who call themselves conservative are like me, we are conservatives first and Republicans second. While we will vote for the eventual nominee, if the platform or the candidate are not following conservatives principles our vote will be more against the Democrat than for the Republican.

Many of us who are conservatives today found our political core from the leadership of one man, President Ronald Reagan. We discovered through his unwavering stand for conservatism and the fantastic optimism that he always shared about the greatness of this country and the absolute confidence he had in the people of this nation we love, that not only did Reagan speak for us he was speaking ABOUT us. We found in him a President who understood our values, our morals and our belief in what Government should be and that the people are what make this nation great and it is we who are the ultimate voice for the nation.

Since then conservatives have been searching for another Reagan, knowing that no one could ever match his greatness or fill his shoes because God in his wisdom gave us only one. But yet we look for one who could follow in his footsteps and take the GOP back to the Reagan conservative policy and agenda that made the GOP the force that it was in the late eighties and the nineties.

We thought we had that person in Fred Thompson. He had most of the conservative credentials. He spoke eloquently and from the heart. But most of all he believed in the people and in the conservative values that we hold so dear, limited government, reduced spending, giving the money back to the people in the form of tax relief and a strong military which equates to strong national security. Fred also held strong to the moral issues that conservatives believe in. Though Fred was not Ronald Reagan, he did follow in the footsteps of Reagan and the conservatism that the GOP has fallen away from in the last few years.

His campaign never really caught on and though the Vice Presidency is still a possibility, we conservatives are now faced with settling for a candidate who may not follow our beliefs or values whether morally or politically.

Rudy Giuliani - While his campaign is struggling and after Florida, Rudy may no longer be a factor, he offers conservative points in the national security issues but in social conservatism, Rudy is far from conservative. Though he has indicated that if elected he would nominate Judges like Alito and Roberts which does calm some of the moral issues, his record is still less than stellar while he was Mayor of New York.

Mike Huckabee - Very conservative morally but extremely liberal when it comes to spending, (65% increase while Arkansas Governor), taxes, (more than $1, 000 dollar increase per taxpayer while Governor), and his record shows he favors social programs for illegals, a stance he has tried to run from while campaigning but a record none the less that he cannot hide nor run from. Plus with the loss in South Carolina he too may not be around much longer.

Mitt Romney - Romney is talking a conservative game now but his record and many of the successes he boasts of as Governor of Massachusetts speaks otherwise. Many who have backed Fred seem to be leaning toward Romney because of what he is saying on the campaign trail but I have found over the years that in most cases politically speaking, a Leopard does not change his spots.

Romney's success as Governor was more compromising with a liberal legislature than standing for conservative principles as he is trying to portray. We had enough of that in the first four years with President Bush as he tried to reach out to the Democrats and that compromise which lead to unfettered spending ended up costing the GOP the Congress in 2006.

John McCain - Of all the remaining candidates McCain has angered conservatives the most. With legislation like McCain/Feingold, the recently defeated Amnesty bill that he partnered with Ted Kennedy and the gang of 14 during the appointments of Judges Roberts and Alito, McCain has ruffled many conservative feathers. He has been one who was known to stab the GOP in the back in other instances also as he was one of only two GOP Senators to vote against the Bush tax cuts.

But McCain has been reaching out to conservatives in the past weeks and he is talking a Reagan conservative platform. One thing I can say for him is that he is one Senator who has not sought pork for his State of Arizona and his honesty is unquestionable. Good, bad or indifferent, whether it hurt him politically or not, McCain has always done exactly what he said. If that honesty holds true he may very well have seen the light and understands that the conservative approach is what this nation needs and wants. But the Leopard and the changing of spots idea may still hold true and that is why I still have much hesitation with McCain.

So where do we conservatives stand ? Honestly I do not know. Fred Thompson in the VP spot on the ticket would certainly fill conservative gaps with any of the candidates who still have a reasonable chance at the nomination which looks to be either McCain or Romney and Rudy with an outside chance though recent polls even have that diminishing.

Were it not for McCain/Feingold a full fledged, real Reagan conservative would have already been in the race and Newt Gingrich would have made this a moot point. But he cannot run without damaging the non-profit conservative think tank that he has invested so much time and effort into AND run for President.

So we are left with the wait and see on Super Tuesday and eventually the Convention. I do not envy any of my fellow conservatives who still have not voted in a Primary for you have an extremely difficult decision in casting your vote. But by all means vote. Remember it was conservatives staying away from the polls that helped the Democrats take power in 2006. So please make your voice heard at the polls in your State and then again in November!

As far as the Democrats are concerned Hillary, who I believe will be the nominee especially now that she is kicking the Clinton machine into high gear, is VERY beatable and polls indicate that McCain has the best chance against her.

We conservatives can only hope that in the next few months the party that has slid away from our values and Reagan beliefs will wake up and realize that returning to those principles will not only bring victory in November but will once again take this nation down the path of strength and prosperity.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"Today, I have withdrawn my candidacy for president of the United States. I hope that my country and my party have benefited from our having made this effort."

With these words Fred Thompson withdrawals from the 2008 race for the GOP nomination for President. Thompson did not endorse any of the remaining candidates and has not indicated if that will happen he will endorse anyone.

While Fred is no longer in the race you can be sure that he will remain active in the GOP all the way through to the Convention in September and will have a strong say in making the GOP platform at that time.

Also as I wrote earlier today in the preceding post, their is still talk of him taking the number two spot as VP with the GOP nominee. Fred may be out but he is far from finished with maintaining conservative principles in the Republican Party and for the betterment of the nation.

Ken Taylor


Placing a great deal of importance to a win in the South Carolina Primary and finishing third may very well have taken the wind out of the sails for the GOP nomination bid for Fred Thompson. Sources in the former Tennessee Senators camp are saying that Fred may be making an announcement soon concerning his campaign. This combined with his pulling out of the Thursday debate before the Florida Primary and his low profile since the South Carolina Primary leads to the conclusion that Fred will gracefully bow out of the GOP Presidential race.

But that will not be the last that we hear from Fred Thompson. Senior Staffers from his campaign are talking seriously about the VP spot on the GOP ticket. In fact as early as last summer the Thompson campaign had mentioned the possibility of Fred seeking the second spot on the ticket.

This may also explain why his campaign seemed to lack the energy that is necessary for a full fledged Presidential run and that Fred has actually been more interested in the second spot rather than the first from the very beginning. Granted the methods that Fred used during his campaign worked extremely well when he ran for the Senate but have not been as successful in a national campaign for President.

Having the conservative Fred Thompson as the number two man on the GOP ticket would definitely strengthen whomever the eventual nominee may be. Fred's conservative credentials will fill many of the gaps that McCain, Romney or Giuliani have with the base of the Republican Party. This combined with the showing that he has had in the early Primaries will place him in a strong position for not only the VP nod but to help shape the party platform to a more conservative one.

The idea of Fred as the VP on the GOP ticket also found some confirmation during the debate which took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on January tenth. I had an opportunity to speak with South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham, who has been a staunch McCain supporter and has partnered with the Arizona Senator on all of his controversial legislation from McCain/Feingold to the gang of 14.

Graham has talked and been questioned many times in the past about the VP spot if McCain were to get the nomination and has always been willing to not only talk about the possibility but has always responded as if being the number two on a McCain ticket was a foregone conclusion.

After the debate in the Spin Room, I asked Graham about the number two spot if McCain's momentum continued and he won the nomination. At first he hesitated in even answering the question then he avoided it all together which was highly unusual for Graham who has always readily talked about the possibility in the past and is very much a media hound when it comes to any type of press coverage.

At the time I chalked it up to the fact that he was in a crowd of several reporters and that he had been answering questions for nearly an hour by the time I got to him. Now with the talk of Fred being the number two man the distinct possibility that McCain had already talked to Fred and that Graham was privy to the conversation and was no longer in the running for the number two spot with McCain seems very likely.

Fred Thompson would make a very strong VP nominee on any ticket. His conservative credentials will strengthen any of the remaining candidates and the fact that he is well known from not only his Presidential run but his Television and Movie career will be a definite plus for the ticket.

Thompson's presence will also help to bring conservatives to the voting booth who may be hesitant to vote for McCain, Romney or Giuliani because of their more moderate or liberal records on many conservative issues.

Fred Thompson as Vice President of The United States ? A very distinct possibility and one that I would support. Though I would rather see Fred at the top of the ticket which would take a miracle at this point, the number two spot would be a welcome sight for the Tennessee conservative

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 20, 2008


Reversing his devastating defeat in the 2000 Presidential election John McCain won the South Carolina primary with 33% of the vote. Mike Huckabee came in second at 30% with Fred Thompson third at 16%. Mitt Romney who pulled his campaign out of South Carolina last week garnered fourth with 15% of the vote. Because of the difference at the top of the Primaries and Caucuses thus far there is still no clear leader but the field has narrowed down to basically a two and maybe three man race.

As of this morning the delegate count is as follows:

Mitt Romney - 72
John McCain -38
Mike Huckabee - 29
Fred Thompson - 8
Rudy Giuliani - 1

On the other side of the country Mitt Romney won the Nevada Caucus while McCain was winning in South Carolina. This boosted Romney's delegate total keeping McCain in second passing Huckabee. Though Giuliani has but one delegate, he is presently leading in Florida and the absentee ballots are already cast which equate to about 30% of the Florida vote and Rudy was campaigning actively while those ballots were being cast. As such he remains a strong factor in the race despite his low delegate count.

Which brings me to the three candidates who are still in the running for the nomination. They are McCain, Romney and Giuliani. Because of his third place finish in South Carolina Fred Thompson, though not bowing out yet would need a miracle to be able to gain the nomination. He can force a brokered vote at the Convention but he would need enough support in his camp at that time in order to stand a chance of pulling a victory out of his hat in September.

His numbers though have given him enough clout to help define the GOP platform to a more conservative one rather than moderate under a McCain, Romney or Giuliani ticket. Giuliani is still in the running because of Florida and the Northeastern State like New York and New jersey who have a high delegate count and have Rudy well in the lead because of his having been Mayor of New York City.

Historically though the South Carolina Primary has been a key indicator of the eventual nominee and also the winner of the General Election. Every Republican who has won the White House in the last three decades won in South Carolina. Only Bob Dole won South Carolina and did not go on to the White House.

For Mike Huckabee coming in second in South Carolina begins the end of his campaign. Though his delegate count still has him in third, his need to win the evangelical vote became a problem in the Palmetto State. McCain and Thompson picked up a large percentage of the Evangelical vote. If Huckabee could not get a majority of that vote in this strong Bible Belt State then he is in trouble in other Southern States where his support is not a good as it was in South Carolina.

Though Romney finished fourth his win in Nevada increased his delegate lead and he remains strong in many of the Super Tuesday States as does Giuliani. McCain to has strong support in many of the 33 States who will vote on February fifth.

This combined with a strong bump that McCain will receive from his win in South Carolina gives McCain an edge over even Romney as we approach Super Tuesday. In his victory speech from Charleston , SC McCain was very obviously speaking to the conservatives who make up the base of the Republican party. He spoke of cutting taxes, securing the border, cutting government spending thus limiting government size and strong national defense. All key issues with conservatives.

McCain in the past has angered the conservative base because of McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform, his teaming with Ted Kennedy on the defeated Amnesty Bill and the gang of 14 during the appointment hearings for John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

He has since realized the mistake of the Amnesty bill and supports secure borders first and has stated as such many times in the campaign. This olive leaf approach to conservatives also shows that McCain realizes that without conservative policy he not only cannot win the nomination but also must follow the lead of the Reagan Coalition in order to return the GOP and the Presidency to the strength that both found while Ronald Reagan was President.

McCain's South Carolina win also has Democrats worried. Hillary's win in Nevada gives her a strong lead for the nomination and with the Clinton Machine getting into high gear most including this writer believe that Obama will not know what hits him as Hillary steams her way to the nomination.

Most polling show that McCain has the best chance among Republicans in beating Hillary because of his backing by Independents and Conservative Democrats. Thus his win in South Carolina is causing concern in most Democrat circles.

McCain has had at his side from the very beginning of his campaign South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham who is thought to be a possible running mate if McCain wins the nomination. But Fred Thompson's run for the nomination has garnered enough support that McCain, who is a close friend of Fred's, may consider the former Tennessee Senator rather than Graham because of Thompson's strong consistent conservatism and his popularity with conservatives in the GOP.

Also Thompson is much better known throughout the country than Graham because of his Presidential campaign and his Television and Movie career. So a McCain/Thompson ticket is not out of the question were McCain win the nomination.

So where then does the GOP stand ? If Rudy loses in Florida, and polls have him with only a slight lead over McCain, his run for the nomination is virtually dead even with his strong backing in New York and New Jersey. Which would take the GOP into a two man race with McCain and Romney.

McCain's bump heading into Florida with a win in the Sunshine State or a strong second would give him a decided advantage for Super Tuesday. A Romney win in Florida with a McCain second would help to even out a McCain advantage still giving McCain greater strength for February fifth. A Rudy win and a McCain second in Florida will keep Giuliani alive and give McCain a strong advantage over Romney. A Romney win with a McCain third in Florida would shift the Super Tuesday advantage more in Romney's favor.

So the race is on with Super Tuesday just around the corner providing the first in United States history, national Primary Day. The advantage at least now is McCain's but he still does not have a clear lead. Florida will define the field even more and give us a better idea going into Super Tuesday. But as we have seen over the past few weeks, anything can happen in the race for the White House in 2008.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, January 19, 2008


Today is Primary Day in South Carolina and I have already cast my vote for Fred Thompson. This post though is to provide some rather interesting parallels between Mike Huckabee and another Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton.

Both were born in Hope, Arkansas to families that to say the least had, "humble beginnings." Both attempt to be, "cool, " appearing in public during campaigns playing their chosen musical instruments, Huckabee the bass guitar and Clinton the saxophone.

Both raised taxes in Arkansas. The highest tax increase in State history was under Bill Clinton. That is until Mike Huckabee surpassed Clinton by a rather wide margin. Both were politically associated as Lt. Governor and as Governor with Jim Guy Tucker of Arkansas who left the Governors office because of being indicted for criminal activity involved with Whitewater.

Tucker became Governor after Clinton and Huckabee followed Tucker after his resignation since he was Lt. Governor. Both had Dick Morris as a political advisor. Clinton while Governor and President, Huckabee while Governor.

So as you can see there are several comparisons between both Arkansas boys who have made a run for the Presidency and been Governor of Arkansas. Just one more thing, I have family that live in Arkansas and the people of that State have had the same comment about both Huckabee and Clinton. The people of Arkansas were glad to see both run for President because it meant they were no longer involved in Arkansas politics.

Both claimed to be well liked in Arkansas and touted their re-election but the people of Arkansas were glad to see both go!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Huckabee and Clemency

Snagged from Mike's America. Huckabee is push polling attacking Fred Thompson throughout South Carolina and Huckabee's record sucks to say the least.

Two postings today about liberal , "ideas." Hillary in cartoon and Huckabee on clemency


As Roy Orbison sang, " Cryyyying over you, cryyyying over you. Now that your gone and from this moment one I'll be crying, crying, crying, cryyying....over you! " Turn on the crocodile tears Hillary ......we feel your pain ......NOT!!!!

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - SILT, Colo. -- A man wearing only his underwear and brandishing an ax handle chased a burglar out of his home and down his driveway before thinking better of it. "I can't be chasing this guy clear into Silt in my underwear," Jose Sedillo told himself, and went back inside to call 911.

Sedillo, 46, who lives roughly four miles outside this western Colorado town, said he was dozing in his shorts, a T-shirt and socks Monday afternoon when he heard noises and an intruder opened his bedroom door.

"I jumped up. He looked me right in the eye. I reached for my bat, and off to the races we went," Sedillo said. He said his "bat" is actually the hickory handle of a pick ax. After Sedillo called 911, Garfield County deputies arrested two suspects. Sedillo identified one as the man who barged into his bedroom.

Wonder if Fruit of the Loom will contact him as their new poster boy ? - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

The many fazes of the Hildabeast. All dishonest, never sincere, designed to pander for votes, acting out what she thinks will get the votes and it all boils down to a lie to the public.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - TRENTON, N.J. -- A $469,000 payroll error at a New Jersey company has earned an Illinois man a date with police. Anthony Armatys of Palatine, Ill., was arrested Wednesday on theft charges after allegedly receiving electronic payroll bank deposits from a New Jersey company he never worked for, authorities said.

Officials at Avaya Inc., a telecommunications provider located in Basking Ridge, discovered checks had been mistakenly direct deposited into his account for nearly five years, according to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office. Armatys, 34, had accepted a position with Avaya years ago, authorities said, but he rescinded the acceptance before he ever started working. However, a system error resulted in checks being deposited into Armatys' bank account from the fall of 2002 to March of 2007, when the company discovered the error, officials said.

During that time, Armatys collected more than $469,000 in pay and even withdrew approximately $1,900 from his company retirement account administered by Fidelity Investments, authorities said. Definitely not a company to invest in if it takes them this long to find a payroll error! - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Hillary says King needed a President. She forgets he was the force that made two Presidents, Kennedy and LBJ even consider Civil Rights legislation. She also forgets that LBJ could not even get to first base in passing the legislation until he crossed the isle and received the backing of the GOP because Southern Democrats led by Robert Byrd would not even LOOK at the legislation.

YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up - HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. -- Police are trying to figure out why a Roosevelt, Long Island man sped away from police in Hempstead, and then jumped out of his car to run - leaving his 2-year-old son in the backseat. Police say the motorist, who was not identified, did not have a record and didn't have any alcohol or drugs on him.

The chase began in Hempstead around 6 p.m. Tuesday when a Hempstead police officer tried to pull over the car for a traffic violation. Police say the 27-year-old motorist sped off, but was stopped a short distance away when he had an accident. However, police say the suspect then jumped out of the car and ran, leaving his 2-year-old son in a child protective seat in the back. The boy was not injured.

Maybe he just forgot a change of diapers ?!?!?!? - YoU CaN't MaKe tHiS StUff Up

Call 1-800-LIBERAL and you to can receive the greatest hits from the leftist sensation , "The Hildabeast Hound Dogs." With hits like, "99 Earmarks of Pork in the Bill" and " 76 Socialists Make A Democrat." Yes just sit back a let your stomach churn to the whining, crying, screeching fanfare from Bubba, The Hildabeast and Babwa as they sing their fascist favorites.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


We have had yet another Primary and once again we have had yet another winner. To date there have been two Primaries and two Caucuses. The tally is Romney two, ( Michigan and Wyoming), McCain one, ( New Hampshire), and Huckabee one , (Iowa).

South Carolina is the next prize under the GOP nomination Christmas Tree and it to is still up for grabs as the polls have been changing daily. Thompson has mounted a serious challenge here with excellent response to his bus tour. Fire Marshals have actually had to leave people in the parking lot of almost every campaign stop because of the crowds. Fred has graciously met with those supporters outside after his speech inside. So as with the other Primaries and Caucuses the pollsters may very well have South Carolina wrong.

To date the pollsters have not had a very good season. They missed New Hampshire, were off somewhat in Iowa and even in Michigan as the voting was taking place many had McCain in the lead. So polls are not the come all and end all in politics as they have been portrayed.

Michigan has actually reinforced my contention that the GOP nomination for 2008 will not be decided by the Primary process as it has been since 1980 but will go all the way to the Convention as it did in 1976 when Ronald Reagan mounted a stiff challenge to incumbent President Gerald Ford.

The only serious candidate who may have shot himself in the foot and actually by his own strategy likely taken himself out of the mix is Rudy Giuliani. His move to put all of his eggs in one Florida basket may have hurt him beyond repair. Even in Florida where he at one time had a double digit lead Rudy is running neck and neck with McCain. Nationally he has dropped from a consistent first to distant third and his money is running out.

Some may be asking why I did not mention Ron Paul in this mix thus far and that is because I never have nor do I now consider, "Dr. Paul, " a serious candidate. The GOP have made it rather obvious from the beginning that we do not want him and the only one who cannot accept this besides Paul himself are the Pauliac moonbats who are anti-war Democrats in disguise that are disappointed that none of their left wing Democrat candidates have taken an anti-war stance. So they jump on the bandwagon of the only anti-war candidate.

With the number of States that will be in the mix on Super Tuesday and the lead in those States as diverse as the early Primaries and Caucuses has been, even after February fifth the probability of three or more candidates having a shot at the nomination is very real. To win the GOP nomination 1191 delegates are necessary and if the first four results are any indication after Super Tuesday no one will be close to that number.

As of today, ( January 15), the delegate totals are:

Romney - 42
Huckabee - 22
McCain - 19
Thompson - 6
Paul - 2
Giuliani - 1

Having the nomination going to the Convention could very well be an advantage for the GOP in the final push to November since the Convention in Minneapolis will be Labor Day weekend September 1-4 as opposed to the Democrats who meet August 25 - 28 in Denver.

If the nomination goes to the Convention as it would seem at this point, the eyes of the world and most importantly the voters will be watching the GOP choose a candidate for the Party. With only two months of campaigning left after the Convention this type of high interest may very well help to propel the GOP nominee into the White House.

Of course we are still early in the Primary process and as we have seen quite allot can change and has changed in just the first four. How the voters respond as always is the key and thus far the voters have indicate that they are still searching for the right candidate to lead the GOP to victory in 2008.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Fred's , "Clear Conservative Choice, Hands Down, " bus tour is burning up the roads in South Carolina. The reception from all accounts is positive with excellent crowds who are applauding his clear and conservative message.

The latest South Carolina polls reflecting polling in State as of January 14th have Fred at 14% just behind Mitt Romney and only 5 points behind Mike Huckabee who is at 19% . John McCain leads the field with 24%.

Zogby has a little different take with Thompson in third 2 points ahead of Romney with McCain in the lead two point ahead of Huckabee who is 7 ahead of Thompson. The good news for Fred is that more than two thirds of those polled who support Fred state that they will not change their mind before this Saturday's Primary in South Carolina.

More than half of Republicans polled who are supporting other candidates at the time of the poll stated that they could change their mind before the Primary. 33% of Huckabee supporters at the time of the poll and 30% of McCain supporters at the time of the poll stated that they could change their mind before voting on the 19th.

This is certainly good news for Fred when one considers that most of his support is solid. Additionally 69% of likely voters in South Carolina stated in the Zogby poll that they would most likely vote for a conservative candidate as compared to 1 in 4 who stated they would rather vote for a moderate. This to is good news for Thompson who leads all candidates with those who stated that they consider themselves conservative.

From a fund raising stand point Fred is doing well having raised 1.o52 million dollars as of midnight January 14th surpassing the goal of one million dollars for the South Carolina bus tour. This is legitimate money unlike the massive pledges and inflated figures from the Ron Paul campaign that made head lines a few weeks ago.

With four days remaining until the South Carolina Primary, Fred not only has time but the ability with his all out effort in the Palmetto State to surge forward with his clear conservative message to stake his claim in South Carolina when the vote is counted and the delegates are assigned at the end of the day this Saturday.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 13, 2008


For awhile many had counted Fred out. Even this Thompson supporter had questions concerning whether he would be able to hang on in the early Primaries. While never wavering in my support, I did wonder what it was going to take in order for Fred to catch on especially after the high numbers he had just prior to and immediately after first announcing his run for the Presidency.

The first indication that Fred was beginning to turn the campaign around came with the results of the Iowa Caucus. Fred had campaigned only twice in the State before his exhaustive bus tour just before the Primary and he literally went from Iowa obscurity to a respectable third place finish behind Romney who had spent untold days and millions of dollars on Iowa and Huckabee who had also spent much time in the Hawkeye State.

Then came the South Carolina Presidential Debate last Thursday. I had the opportunity to cover the debate throughout the day since it was in Myrtle Beach, SC where I call home. Fred was the first candidate to arrive at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and had been in the area covering three cities the day before on his " Clear Conservative Choice Hands Down, " Bus Tour of the Palmetto State.

Behind the scenes most in the media were counting Fred out. Then the debate began and Fred stepped forward and took control with excellent detailed answers to every question asked him. He is the only candidate that took on the real Mike Huckabee in questioning and revealing the true Arkansas record and Fred had the most memorable line of the evening when he suggested that the Navy, if further provoked by Iran would be sending them to, "see those virgins," they have been wanting to see.

As I watched the other media sit up and take notice of Fred and actually quoting him on their lap tops while writing reports and having a somewhat , " Ho Hum, " attitude toward the other candidates, I thought, " Fred is starting to catch on. " As the audience began leaving the debate hall, most of the conversations where about Fred Thompson. When he entered the Spin Room after the debate reporters who had just glanced at McCain, Romney, Huckabee and Giuliani when they entered swarmed Fred with questions. In fact he was the only candidate to remain in the Spin Room and talk with reporters after his appearance on Hannity and Combs.

The Fox News Focus Group overwhelmingly selected Fred as the winner of the debate and the rest of the media followed suit the next day as the pundits and analysts began their post debate review. Most of the clips were of Fred and his stellar performance. In the polls he received a bounce after the debate and here in South Carolina while he remains in third place an interesting twist is taking place in the internal statistics of the State polling.

When respondents are asked what issue they consider the most important as they make their choice for the Primary on January 19th, the number one issue is illegal immigration at 24% and Fred Thompson is the choice for those who consider that the number one issue. The second issue for voters in this State is the economy at 23% and Fred is a close second, a statistical tie with Huckabee and McCain who lead in the overall polls for the State.

While Fred was talking to the media after the debate I asked him how important South Carolina was for his campaign. He stated that he, " was putting all of his cards on the table in South Carolina now that he was here in the South on his home turf." Fred is going all out in this State and his bus tour is visiting every city, town and township between now and the primary next Saturday.

Fred Thompson campaign posters that had been only scattered here and there are beginning to pop up everywhere and in large numbers. His campaign commercials are on the radio regularly as well as television and in the papers. The voters of the Palmetto State who had initially polled Fred in first place in the weeks after he first announced are beginning to take a fresh look at the former Tennessee Senator and his conservative values and ideas.

In fact of the candidates running Fred Thompson is the ONLY candidate who can honestly and truthfully claim the title of conservative and follow in the footsteps of the much touted , "Reagan Coalition." The other candidates invoke Reagan and try to claim his ideals, but Fred is the only GOP candidate who has a true track record throughout his political career that follows real conservative values and Reaganism.

Huckabee, as Fred so appropriately stated in the debate has a tax and spending record that resembles a Democrat and not a Republican. Romney changes his ideas with the weather. McCain, conservative on defense has been a traitor in the past to the GOP and the mantle of Reagan. Rudy is a social liberal who says he will act as a conservative if elected to follow the GOP platform. While that is well and good, Fred Thompson is the only candidate who actually has real conservative credentials and can honestly claim participation as part of the, "Reagan Coalition."

South Carolina is starting to see the truth behind the conservative masks of the other candidates and the honest and real conservatism of Fred Thompson. January 19th is less than a week away and Fred is taking his conservative message to the people of South Carolina and the people are responding. His fund raising is up, the crowds have been good and enthusiastic and the Thompson bus is rolling through the State bringing a clear and Conservative choice to the voters and the voters like what they are seeing and hearing!

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 11, 2008


Follow this link to a page of pictures captured throughout the day during the South Carolina GOP debate in Myrtle Beach. A few did blur but a good showing of the activities of the day


There were a lot of irritated media in the filing room as the Debate began when we found that the Internet connection that had been dependable all day had stopped. So this wrap up will include both debate analysis and coverage of the activities in the Spin Room after the debate.

First the debate. Throughout this campaign cycle we have never been short of debates. this one though was more detailed and had much more substance to it then the preceding GOP debates. Part, I am sure was due to the fact that rather than 10 candidates as has been the case in most of the debates there were only six. Additionally the questions that were asked were more detailed and much tougher than most in the past.

The candidates also had more time to answer and the rebuttals were handled well and for the most part actually had to do with the question at hand and not rambling campaign talking points as has been the practice before.

In rating the candidates I will start at the bottom and work my way up from there.

Ron Paul - F - More than any other debate Paul made his isolationist and blame America position well known in most of his responses. His repetition concerning the economic aspect of United States foreign policy and his continual finger pointing of blame to the US especially concerning Israel made him look the absolute fool.

Mike Huckabee - C - He did answer religious questions with an obvious educated response but his continual avoidance when confronted with the truth of his record and trying to claim that he gave hope instead of tax increases while he was Governor of Arkansas began rather redundant.

John McCain - C + - Though McCain did come across strong when speaking of the military and certain aspects of Foreign policy he repeated himself often especially when referring to his being called, "the sheriff, " in reference to appropriations bills. A claim he stated four times during the debate. For him a poor showing considering that South Carolina sunk his campaign in 2000.

Rudy Giuliani - B - - Not one of Rudy's better nights, though he did refrain from constant references about 9/11 as has been his practice in previous debates. When asked about his foreign policy experience he did provide and answer that gave his qualification on this issue and as always his answer concerning the war and terrorism were strong.

Mitt Romney - B - Romney had a good showing tonight. He refrained from continual references to his Massachusetts accomplishments as much as in the past and replaced this with plans and strategy as to what he would actually do if elected President.

Fred Thompson - A - - Though not asked as many questions as some of the candidates, his answers were well thought out and detailed especially when referring to his plan for border security and causing the illegals to leave by , "attrition." While his overall performance was a B +, the reason for the A - was because he was the only candidate who challenged Huckabee on his record which put the Huckster on the defensive much of the night as he danced around that record. Also Fred's response concerning Pakistan and the statement about sending the Iranians to meet the virgins were some of the highlights of the evening.

After the debate we made our way to the Spin Room where Hannity and Combs broadcast their show live and interviewed the candidates. That is all but Ron Paul. His absence in the Spin Room and the Hannity and Combs show was an obvious shun of the media in general and Sean Hannity personally.

The candidates did not stop for interviews with the media with two exceptions, Fred Thompson spent a moment after his appearance on Hannity and Combs in which I had opportunity to ask him about how he felt concerning his need to do well in South Carolina. He responded that he, "felt that he would be putting all his cards on the table since here in the South he was on his own home turf." He went on to say that, "the response to his bus tour was excellent and he was confident that South Carolina would come out for him on the 19th."

Mike Huckabee also spent a moment before his appearance and I asked him why he continually avoided talking directly about his Arkansas record ? He again avoided the question by stating that during his , "ten years as Governor he brought hope to the people of Arkansas, " and since he was re-elected that proved that he, "did something right."

I also talked with South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, a Romney supporter, and asked him how important South Carolina was to the Governor in light of his second place finish in Iowa and New Hampshire. DeMint said that Romney, "needed to do well in Michigan and then win in South Carolina to remain strong in the Primary race." He went on to state that he was, "confident, " that Romeny would win in South Carolina because his message, " follows the values of South Carolinians."

A very rewarding and enjoyable day was experienced by all of us as we covered the debate activities. I want to express my special thanks to my son Chris and also to Travis Whitaker for their help throughout the day. Their chasing down many of the stories and the people so I could spend time writing was a tremendous help. Also being in three places at once made it much easier to get the activities that are usually not covered at events like this.

Also thanks to Mike's America for sponsoring the liveblogging and inviting me to participate throughout the day at each of the sites that were linked to he liveblog. Thanks to each of you for stopping by and allowing Travis, my son and myself to bring the South Carolina GOP debate to the web.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 10, 2008


The last two hours have been so full of activity it was impossible to break away to write a post. The Fair Tax Rally started marching. While the crowd was not the 5, 000 expected a respectable number that was estimated at nearly 1, 000 marched in front of the Myrtle beach Convention Center. Carrying signs for the Fair Tax and chanting, "end the IRS, " the large crowd marched for 30 minutes stopping, ironically in a Wachovia Bank parking lot.
There they awaited the arrival of mike Huckabee whose campaign bus finally arrived to the cheers of the crowd. Huckabee staffers then began setting up sound systems and preparing the back of a red Chevy pick up waiting on the candidate to appear.
Huckabee then surprised everyone showing up in a Crown Victoria again to the cheers of the crowd as , "Sweet Home Alabama, " blasted from the PA. Huckabee climbed into the bed of the pick up and addressed the large crowd, calling for supporters to get out the vote and for those who were not voting for him to, "flatten their tires so they couldn't get to the polls."
Huckabee spoke for about ten minutes about the Fair Tax and how a candidate does not need large amounts of money to win the White House, and obvious reference to Mitt Romney. Huckabee then left for the Convention Center across the street to prepare for the debate.

John McCain arrived at the Convention Center to the cheers of his supporters, waving and shaking hands but not stopping to make any speech. He quickly left the cheers for the quiet of the Convention Center and the Debate.

While awaiting Huckabee's arrival for the Fair Tax rally, we had opportunity to witness several Romney and Paul supporters get into a heated argument about their candidates with the Paul supporters actually trying their best to further anger the situation and almost picking a fight. The leader of the Romney group stepped in a calmed the situation quickly calmed the situation down.

I also had opportunity to speak to several Huckabee supporters and questioned their reason for supporting the former Arkansas Governor. Most stated the right to life issue only and the fair Tax for those supporters. When pressed concerning Huckabee's tax and spend record in Arkansas ans his liberal stance on in State tuition for illegals , each on without exception went back to the single issue that has them supporting Huckabee . If these supporters are any indication, Huckabee followers, at least in South Carolina are single issue voters.

We are now by design limited to the filing room and the spin room for the duration of the debate . While much is happening reporting on it will be harder now that we are limited in our area at the Convention Center. Stay tuned and as news merits I will be posting as often as possible.

Ken Taylor


While we were waiting for the Fair tax march which has been delayed, the Global Warming Moonbats decided to invade the Convention Center. Chanting, "climate change is real, " and wearing everything from bathing suits to a snow man outfit, complete with rubber duckie flotation devices, the GW crowd forced their way into the Mitt Romney contingent forcing the group to move away from the disruption.

In their typical hypocritical way they carried and let loose helium filled balloons, which the GW , "experts, " claim as one of the , "dangerous, "green house gasses. Additionally as the second picture shows they had acquired a large trash pile in which no one was attempting to clean up. So much for "protecting, "the environment.

Meanwhile, the Pauliacs have shown up in force. All yelling at the Romney contingent and dressed like hippies from the sixties. Chris had opportunity to interview one older man who looked like he had just risen from bed and carrying a flag with ONLY the first thirteen stars in the blue field. He insisted that Paul was the only man who backed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. His problem with Thompson is that he has been married twice, not once realizing that Fred's first wife died. His trouble with Huckabee and Romney is that they are in favor of any government at all. As usual a Paul supporter without a clue.

The fun continues here in Myrtle Beach !!!!

Ken Taylor

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