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Thursday, June 30, 2011


We are a Republic with a proud and tremendous heritage. A country who sought to be free from the enslavement of tyranny and a Monarch as an independent Nation whose citizens by law are allowed to live by their God given rights in a land where liberty reigns.

For the next few days with all of the political hey day taking place which angers most of us as it defies the conservative Constitutional principles in which our Republic was founded upon, I will be sharing with you videos from what I consider the greatest historical drama ever filmed, the HBO miniseries, John Adams.

In this clip we see the seriousness and the awe of our Founders as they pass the Declaration of Independence fully realizing the tremendous ramifications it posed for
the birth of a new free and independent Nation and the personal ramifications as they each understood it meant a possible death sentence as they were seen as treasonous against the British King and their desire to rid themselves of the Monarchy.

God bless our Nation as we celebrate the 235th birthday of our independence and birth. God bless our Republic as we work to restore what they fought so hard to create. As John Adams once said, "LIBERTY SHALL REIGN IN AMERICA!"

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Federal Election Laws do not allow candidates whether President or a lesser office to use their office or any government supplies, e-mail accounts, etc. for the purpose of their campaign.

Evidently Barack Obama thinks he is above election laws and federal laws are not applicable to him. To the left are two pictures. The top picture is from an Obama campaign add promoting a raffle for dinner, accommodations and air travel to meet with Obama and Biden for a meal.
The lower picture is from a weekly radio address from February. Both pictures are in the same room in The White House. Obama's weekly radio addresses are from this same room.

Using this room and The White House for his campaign add is a direct violation of Federal Election Laws and illegal. Not only is Obama demeaning the office of the President as I posted about earlier this month by holding a raffle for $5 bucks a shot to eat with the President but now breaking the law in order to advertise it.

If you research anywhere in the MSM you will find no mention of this illegal activity of Obama and his campaign. If this were George Bush it would be the lead story on every news show and headlines in every liberal newspaper. If this were taking place with ANY Republican candidate, using their office for a campaign add, once again the MSM would be all over it.

So far only The Drudge Report and Real Clear Politics are reporting on this blatant violation of federal laws. Obama has made it quite clear that he has no respect for the Constitution or any need to abide by its principles and the rule of law as established in our Founding Document. It is also clear that Obama has no respect for federal election laws and arrogantly believes that he is above the law. Reminds me of Richard Nixon during one of his interviews with David Frost when he said, "when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal."

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I am an unabashed, unapologetic, died in the wool, no holes barred, absolute and committed Constitutional conservative. I vote Republican because I cannot stomach for any reason voting Democrat as their ideology not only disagrees with me on all counts but sickens me as it seeks to destroy our Republic and enslave our citizens to a tyrannical overbearing government.

I believe in the Constitution as it is written with a strict interpretation of limited government, prosperity in accordance to our individual abilities that are formed from our God given freedom as established in the Declaration of Independence and The Bill of Rights with a government that is Constitutionally prevented from hampering those freedoms by seeking control of our lives.

I have admittedly had to hold my nose to vote for Republicans in especially Presidential elections but the GOP ideology most closely matches my conservative values and I will not waste my vote by giving it to someone, namely a Democrat. But I will vote because I am also one who believes that votes are important enough that if one does not vote they do not have a voice in our Republic and you can bet your bottom dollar that I am going to express my voice as I also believe that we as citizens have a Constitutional responsibility to be involved and activists just as our Founding Fathers were.

With all that said I now get to the meat of this post. I am fed up with listening to liberal commentators, moderate pundits and yes, even some so called conservative ones who keep claiming that a conservative cannot win the 2012 election for President. They claim that the GOP will have to find someone who is conservative enough to somewhat satisfy we who are conservative and willing to hold our nose to vote. Yet the nominee will also have to be socially and to a point fiscally moderate in order to gain the Independent vote and some more conservative Democrats.

To this line of thinking I say IT IS A LIE! Not only can a true conservative win but I will also predict that a true conservative will win in a landslide against Barack Obama. Poll after poll even those that are more left leaning show that we are a conservative country. Not just right of center like some like to say but CONSERVATIVE. The majority of our citizens regardless of background, ethnicity, financial means or family ties believe in the traditional conservative ideals and values that have been the foundation of our country since its birth.

There is a lie being perpetrated by the left wing media and moderates as well as country club Republicans that we can only beat Obama with a Mitt Romney or a Jon Huntsman who meet their idea of a candidate who will satisfy the masses and can go toe to toe with again who they perceive as a nearly unbeatable Obama. First for the record a President who has failed as miserably as Obama with a record as bad as his is certainly more than just beatable but in the best traditions of American politics will likely be rejected by voters because of his absolute failure as President.

The lie being perpetrated is that no one who is as they put it a ,"right wing," conservative can satisfy voters enough to beat even a very beatable Obama. So once again these pundits are misleading the public into backing another stinker in the McCain mold and pushing Romney, Hunstman and on a lesser tier, Pawlenty and Rick Perry of Texas whose record while more conservative than most is still much more moderate than we need.

True conservatives like Bachman, Cain, Palin and DeMint are constantly demonized to make them so undesirable to the voting public that voters will buy into the lie that a conservative cannot be elected and force a stinker into the nomination which would possibly make a repeat of 2008 with the GOP nominee running a closer race than McCain did against Obama but still losing to the Marxist in The White House.

A true conservative absolutely can win and I will ad must win in order for our country to start the slow process of returning to Constitutional principles and real fiscal sanity. The last true conservative who was nominated and ran for President was also demonized by the press, ran behind in the polls right up to election day itself but showed the Nation and the world that The United States is a conservative country and won in a landslide in 1980. Of course we all know that was Ronald Reagan. This is what an electoral map looks like when a true conservative runs for The White House.
This is what an electoral map looks like when a true conservative has governed for four years and seeks reelection to the satisfaction of the American public who embraced the conservative ideals from a leader who expressed those ideals to the country.
DON'T TELL ME THAT A CONSERVATIVE CAN'T WIN. Reagan proved that not only can a conservative win but the country would embrace the conservative agenda and ideology with enthusiasm and zeal. Reagan won with Republicans, Independents and those who were called Reagan Democrats. Sure there will never be another Reagan and no one in the conservative mix is another Reagan, but the values, ideology and belief in the Constitution and the people is present in several conservative candidates and each can beat Obama with the backing of the American people.

Remember as I mentioned before, Reagan was demonized as too far right to win against the failed Carter. He was behind in the polls for almost all of the 1980 election cycle. In fact on election day many in the MSM were calling the election for Carter even before the polls closed because Reagan was showing so poorly in pre election day polling. Yet he won and won big then governed according to Constitutional conservative values and principles and won even larger in 1984.

Americans did not buy into the lie that a conservative could not win in 1980 and elected the greatest President of the 20th Century. We must follow that same example as we approach 2012. We are being lied to once again as in 1980 that a conservative cannot win. Don't believe the lie. We don't have to settle for a Romney or Huntsman or their like just because the press, country club Republicans and pundits say we do. We can and we will nominate a conservative and that conservative just as Reagan whipped Carter will beat in a landslide Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 24, 2011


Republicans stood strong against a Democrat onslaught lead by Barack Obama over raising taxes as a means of decreasing the deficit and making a deal to raise the debt ceiling. The Democrat plan calls for what they claim a, "balanced approach," combining limited spending cuts with, "tax reform." Which translates into making little in cuts and raising taxes to counter balance increased spending.

Republicans walked out of meetings and vow not to return until Democrats get serious about real spending cuts in the trillions of dollars and taking all tax increases off the table. Increasing taxes in a stagnant economy would only deepen the recession but Democrats care nothing about the results of their tax increases only that gaining the added revenue allows them to continue spending temporarily until that limit is reached.

We do not have a revenue problem as current revenues are at the highest level in our Nations history. Our problem is spending which far exceed revenue creating trillion dollar deficits that continually increase our debt surpassing the debt ceiling and keeping our Nation strapped economically to other countries especially China who control a great deal of our debt.

Democrats are not willing to make serious cuts calling every GOP plan to cut spending by trillions of dollars, "draconian," and using typical liberal scare tactics like attacking GOP plans for reforming the nearly bankrupt medicare system in order to make it solvent as taking medical care from seniors and killing grandma as a result. When reform plans in actuality are designed to save the program from being forced by lack of money to actually cutting benefits and recipients.

Democrats see the only answer in attacking deficit spending as raising taxes rather than even considering cutting spending or reforming entitlements which comprise over 60% of government spending. Republicans by standing strong against tax increases and pushing for trillion dollar spending cuts are proving they understand the problem and are also looking out for the American people by not burdening already struggling citizens with more taxes and larger government.

Stand true GOP, the people are behind you and the majority of us are not falling for the Democrat lies and scare tactics. Make the cuts, prevent the tax increases and force Democrats into serious reforms and spending cuts to begin the task of fiscal sanity in Washington.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


A good Commander in Chief makes decisions about troop deployment based on combat operations and the advise of theatre commanders who have a working grasp of what is necessary to complete a mission and win a war. A good Commander in Chief listens to his commanders and then deploys or removes troops in accordance to the best advise he has been given by those commanders.

Unfortunately we don't have a good Commander in Chief. The one we are stuck with uses politics and polls to determine what course will be taken in a war and as such endangers troops who are duty bound to follow orders sent down by the CIC. This is what we are witnessing as Barack Obama is announcing his withdrawal schedule for Afghanistan.

I am not writing this from the stand point of a war hawk but one who sees a great concern for the safety of our troops in security situations in Afghanistan that are perilous at best according to commanders on the ground. Recent gains in country while successful are also very fragile and making large troop changes based on political reasons and satisfying political supporters is a neglect in the responsibility of the CIC whose first obligation is the protection of our Nation and then the protection of those who serve and are sent in harms way.

When Obama announced the surge into Afghanistan in 2009 he contradicted himself in the very same speech by announcing that he would also begin withdrawing troops in July of 2011. This last statement in his speech was a purely political move to satisfy his base and he has remained hell bent on fulfilling that statement regardless of advise from commanders and the situation in the Afghan theater of operations.

If the Afghans are capable of handling all situations in country then by all means bring our troops home. But if Afghan forces are not, all that will happen is the remaining troops we have in Afghanistan will face situations that are more dangerous since they will have less personnel to fulfill mission requirements and combat operations.

Polls and politics do not protect troops in battle. Additionally announcing in advance a schedule for troop withdrawal as Obama is doing does nothing more than signal to the enemy where they can attack, how long they have to wait and how many soldiers they may face when attacking.

Obama has already set up rules of engagement that have cost lives and placed our troops in greater peril on the battlefield and now with this purely political move to fulfill his statement in the 2009 speech he is sending a clear signal to the enemy which will place troops in even greater danger than they already face.

A good Commander in Chief listens to his field commanders. Obama has ignored those commanders since day one and now continues to ignore them as he makes this dangerous move in withdrawing troops in direct contrast to commanders advise and a move that wreaks of political maneuvering rather than sound military decision.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Barack Obama has made light in a joking manner over the failure of his stimulus bill in stating while laughing that, "shovel ready jobs weren't as shovel ready as we thought." With national unemployment over 9% and topping 15% when including those who have given up looking for unavailable jobs the hopey, changey President is leading a hopeless and disastrous change in our nation that is leaving millions without work.

The jobs picture is far worse in the African-American and Hispanic communities. Unemployment in the African-American community is at 16% with a disastrous 41% for teens. In the Hispanic community unemployment is 12%. Both are communities that Obama claims to champion and in fact courts for his reelection bid.

Yet as Michelle Bachman states in the above video he has failed these two communities and the disastrous unemployment figures prove just how much he has failed. These figures ad much more emphasis to the unemployment picture and its implication for the 2012 election.

With Obama openly courting the African-American community expecting their vote because of his personal ethnicity although he has failed them tremendously and his major push for Hispanics who he has equally failed and even ignored as he has once again been a no show at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference, where he promised as a candidate to visit every year of his Presidency, many in both communities may shop for another candidate for 2012.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 19, 2011


According to the left and Democrats, which in most cases is one in the same, the Democrat Party and ONLY the Democrat Party has the exclusive hold on women's rights and equality for women as well as offering the ONLY real political belief for women who Democrats pretend to champion. But as we draw closer to the 2012 election we are seeing the lie behind this Democrat ploy and find the GOP is the real party for women.

In the approach to the 2012 election women have a secondary roll with Democrats and are taking the lead in the GOP. The one exception is Debbie Shultz who is the Chair of the DNC but even Barack Obama is not touting her ability as a women but in a recent comment made about her he talked ONLY about her, "dazzling smile." Had a Republican made this same statement he would have been labeled as sexist and calls for removal from office would have come within five minutes after the comment.

Let's take a look at the place women hold in the GOP. Well before the buildup to 2012 the GOP not Democrats ran a woman on the top of the ticket as John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. She was immediately sought for destruction by the supposed champions of women, the liberal press and Democrats, because she did not fit their definition of how a women should be in politics.

After all she didn't favor killing babies and actually enjoyed being a mother rather than throwing aside motherhood for her career. It seems that conservative women have the ability to be both a mother AND have a career but according to Democrats a women who does so is ditsy, stupid and incapable of being a liberated women so is deserving of any attack that is thrown at her.

They have been throwing arrows and shooting media bullets at Sarah Palin for three years and this extremely strong, well informed, passionate and incredible women has withstood every attack and come out on top with more respect as a result. She draws the largest crowds of any politician today everywhere she goes because her down to Earth message and strength gives her an appeal to the masses.

Name ONE liberal/Democrat woman who can do the same. Without even discussing this the answer is ZERO! Palin is possibly the most influential person in politics today and absolutely the most influential woman in America. Even the supposed greatest women on the planet, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey can't draw the crowds or influence especially voters as Sarah Palin. Only when Oprah offers give aways can she even come close to drawing the numbers Palin does.

Whether she runs for President or not Sarah Palin will have possibly the greatest influence on the outcome of the 2012 election. Republicans at least for the moment until Palin says either yea or nay to a 2012 run, have the ONLY women actually running for President and that is of course Michelle Bachman. Although not as well known as Palin her excellent showing in the recent debate has skyrocketed her into the public eye as America witnessed a brilliant, well informed, straight forward woman who like Plain has a career and is a loving and passionate mother of five AND 27 Foster children.

Michelle Bachman is also demonized by the left because she too does not fit their definition of what a woman should be. But to the average American both Bachman and Palin DO fit the definition of women as their popularity grows daily. America as a whole likes all they have heard and witnessed of Michelle Bachman and the more they see the more they like. Recent polls have her coming from virtual obscurity to being second in the GOP field. Her intelligent grasp of the issues also is playing well with voters.

On the State level three women were elected as Governor's with only one Democrat elected in 2010. Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Susanna Martinez in New Mexico and Mary Fallin to Oklahoma all three being the first woman Governor in their State. Two, Haley and Martinez also belong to minorities, another demographic Democrats claim to champion but are increasingly turning to the GOP as minorities are finding themselves disillusioned with the Democrat Party.

Never does one hear of Republicans insulting or calling women regardless of whether they agree politically or not, whores, or other such names. Yet in the liberal press and among elected officials Republican and conservative women are constantly called every name in the book and with few exception allowed to get away with it. Republicans and conservatives even when they don't agree with a woman's politics still treat and talk of women with respect and do not play the name calling game.

The bottom line is this. Woman have a home and a voice in the Republican Party. They are treated with the respect they deserve and allowed to express what they believe and what they feel without fear of being attacked for those beliefs within the party or the conservative Americans who will listen to what they say in deciding who to support in 2012. From the Presidential level on down to the State, County and City elections, woman will play an important and necessary roll in GOP politics in 2012 and beyond. All given respect and treated as a lady should be as opposed to the left who seek to destroy any woman who dares to disagree with them.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 17, 2011


Sounding more like a retiring hero who just championed the greatest achievement possible rather than the disgraced, embarrassed blubbering idiot that he is, Anthony Weiner resigned from the House in front of a crowd that not only heckled him but gave him the send off he truly deserved.

Weiner made a vein attempt at making another apology during his remarks, one that was canned and spoken without much if any sincerity then proceeded to tell his life story and pat himself on the back for what he perceived as the great job he has done for New York and his District. The arrogance and lack of humility displayed from a man who was resigning because he disgraced himself, the Congress, the people and our Nation was sickening.

As he ended his announcement Weiner again displayed his arrogance as he talked of looking for other ways to be of service to the people of New York. The best service he did for the people of New York and the Nation was to resign from office. The only bright spot of this arrogant show by Weiner was the heckling that he received during his speech. Heckling that he not only deserved but earned by the way he handled this ridiculous mess he created and has shown to the entire world for the last several weeks.

Good riddance to a weasel who has shown his true stripes in this sickening scandal. Maybe he will have a future as the spokesman for Oscar Mayer singing new words to the old familiar song, "Oh I am the Oscar Mayer's Weiner, that it what the Twitter made of me. And since I am the Oscar Mayer's Weiner, everyone won't give a twitt for me!" But he will likely have a spot on CNN or MSNBC who love to take left wing idiots who disgrace themselves and make them political analysts.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 16, 2011


There have been many instances in which Barack Obama has demeaned or embarrassed the office of President of The United States. One of the most recent was during his trip to Great Britain and continuing his toast to the Queen during the playing of their National Anthem to which the Queen refused to toast after the Anthem was completed.

Now in one of the most demeaning acts in Presidential history Barack Obama's reelection campaign is raffling off four tickets to have a personal dinner with Obama. All donors have to do is donate five dollars, yes five dollars and they receive one chance to win one of the raffle tickets. The more five dollar donations one makes of course the more chances to win a ticket.

While the President is not royalty as the Chief Executive of our Nation there is a great deal of decorum and prestige to the office and raffling off a chance to eat with the President lowers that prestige to the level of a side show making the Presidency nothing more than an item to raise dollars for a candidate who is running for the office again.

The Presidency is not for sale and in many respects Obama allowing himself to be raffled to raise money for his campaign is selling the Presidency in a very cheap and demeaning manner that does not fit the office or the prestige of the Presidency. Obama may be a Chicago thug who is willing to sell himself to the highest bidder, but the office he holds does not deserve this circus side show.

Bill Clinton used the Lincoln Bedroom in The White House as a reward for fat cat donors who were given the opportunity to stay the night in the room that Lincoln actually used as his working office during his Presidency and since has been used as a bedroom. This cheapened The White House in ways not seen before Bubba's reign as President.

As demeaning as that was to the Presidency, Obama being raffled in order to raise campaign funds makes Clinton's Lincoln Bedroom escapade seem nothing in comparison. Not only is Obama raffling himself he is doing so for only five bucks. Even Presidential fund raisers charge hundreds and even thousands of dollars to attend large dinners where the President is the guest. But for five bucks campaign donors have a chance for a personal meal with Obama.

This man has no respect for the office he holds and has shown that throughout his tenure in office. This belittling of the Office of President of The United States takes even Barack Obama to a new low in his disrespect and demeaning of the Presidency.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Since Barack Obama took office The United States job market has lost 4.2 million jobs per year making him the worst, "job creation," President in our Nations history. His much touted stimulus bill which promised to peak unemployment at 8% but in actuality has forced unemployment over 9% and when including those who have given up looking for work closer to 15%, has been a disaster wasting, when factoring interest, $1.7 trillion dollars.

So how does Mr. Obama respond to this jobs failure? He laughs and make a joke of it. Before making a trip to Puerto Rico, (why??), Obama held a photo op meeting with his White House, "Jobs Council," in which he was asked a question by the press concerning the promise of millions of jobs as a result of the failed stimulus. His reply was a snicker and, "Shovel-ready was not as shovel-ready as we expected."

Ha,ha,he,he, so funny Barack. Millions of Americans out of work most due to your failed economic policy and you attempt to be Jay Leno and crack jokes about it when asked why your stimulus isn't working. Well, to the millions your economic policy has put out of work unemployment IS NOT a laughing matter. They are struggling day to day just trying to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads while you make light of the failure of your stimulus.

Of course when the flak started flying after Obama's snide remark, The White House immediately started the spin machine to try and show just how many jobs the stimulus has created or saved. Numbers which don't match the unemployment picture and cannot be verified because they are pulled out of mid air to try and make a failure look like a success.

During a speech earlier this week Obama claimed that the last thing on his mind before he went to sleep and the first thing on his mind when he woke was unemployment and those who are suffering from it. Now, we have heard this before I go to sleep and when I wake claim on nearly every issue in which Obama has spoken since becoming President. It's amazing how many different subjects he can think about in the few moments before he dozes off and when his eyes open in the morning.

But IF and this is a big, "if," he actually does think about those unemployed before he sleeps and when he wakes, in light of his glib remarks during his so called, "jobs council," meeting, he must be doing so with a smile on his face as he laughs about their plight and pats himself on the back in his delusional fantasy that he is the Mr. Wizard of jobs and without him the whole country would be in a mess. Wait, it is and he did it!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


CNN hosted the second Republican Debate in New Hampshire and frankly the moderator CNN's John King was a detraction because of how he handled the debate and the way he twisted questions and answers. His arrogant way of trying to force each candidate into saying something he wanted them to say was not only a detraction but ridiculous for a supposed unbiased moderator.

Now to the Debate itself. No candidate stood out exceptionally among the seven with the possible exception of Michelle Bachman who used the opportunity to announce that she has filed her papers and was a candidate for the 2012 GOP nomination. This was the first time that most heard Bachman whose answers were sharp, crisp and to the point and she stood her ground with knowledge and poise on each issue. In a debate with no clear winner Bachman stood out because of the announcement and her ability to stir the audience when she talked.

One candidate stood out in another way and that was Ron Paul. He looked and sounded in the minor leagues compared to the responses by the other six candidates. He took every opportunity to steer almost every question to his pet project of eliminating the Federal Reserve. I am not a fan of the Fed and would not grieve at its elimination but it is also not the source of all of our problems and Paul tried to insinuate. He looked very much out of place and small among the candidates.

There were some very disappointing moments when both Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum were given a clear opportunity to be face to face with Mitt Romney about Romneycare and his flip flop on several issues. Both of which have been spoken about by both Pawlenty and Santorum in other venues, but when given the chance to confront Romney directly both dropped the ball allowing Romney to weasel his way out of issues that do and will plague him in the campaign.

Newt Gingrich had two of the most powerful answers of the entire evening. First, when he was given the question that had been first given to Herman Cain concerning questioning those in whom he sought for his administration when he stated that anyone in his administration would have to prove their loyalty without question to the Constitution and the country. He also hit a home run on border security when he stated, "take half the current Department of Homeland Security bureaucracy and send them to Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. You'll have more than enough people to control the border."

All in all anyone who has questioned the strength of the GOP field saw in the Debate a strong field with the possible exception of Ron Paul. This is not the weak field that the left wing media is claiming and the proof was in the pudding during the debate. As Michelle Bachman stated emphatically," Barack Obama will be a one term President," and we saw among those on the stage the one who will defeat Obama in 2012.

Ken Taylor


Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hail'd at the twilight's last gleaming?
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro' the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watch'd, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thro' the night that our flag was still there.
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?


Ken Taylor

Sunday, June 12, 2011


The Presidency of Barack Obama is showing the abject failure of liberalism as a political and governing ideology. Under liberalism's reign in the last two and a half years we have watched deficits skyrocket, unemployment grow putting millions of Americans out of work. The national debt has increased in the last two years at a faster pace than the preceding Presidency's of all of Obama's predecessors combined.

Every economic indicator under liberalism has either slowed, stopped or reversed direction going into the negative. Liberalism though in the truest sense of the word has not been present in our government just under Obama. It has run rampant especially in the last twenty years even under Republican Presidents but was kept in check as some conservative philosophy was applied with liberal ways of governing.

The difference between Obama's liberal governing and that of his previous three predecessors in the Oval Office is that under Obama liberalism has had NO balance with conservative or even more moderate governing and its true and complete failure as a governing ideology has taken our country over a cliff with nothing to catch our falling nation before it hits the bottom of the ideologically created ravine.

Even with its economic, domestic and complete policy failure, liberalisms most dangerous and destructive attack on our Nation does no come from simply the policies and the implication of those polices but from the mind set and destruction of the basic foundation of our Nation that has sustained and kept a free society since our birth during and after the American Revolution.

Our Nation was founded upon the basic principle that all people are created free and as such have the God given right and ability to determine without the involvement of government to set the direction of their lives and the path in which that life will take and prosper. Liberalism as a political ideology robs the people of that right and takes away by its governing philosophy the ability and eventually the will for a free people to determine their own fate.

Liberalism looks to and creates government dependency to control the minds and action of people which enslaves those who are governed to programs, entitlements and a mind set that states that government is the answer to all problems and without government the people cannot survive or exist to survive.

Liberalism creates a lazy society that looks to government and those in government for answers and takes away by its very ideology and governing philosophy the ability of those governed to think, act and even take care of themselves. As such the people who follow this ideology become almost mind numb robots who cannot function without government assistance or direction and when problems arise seek government solutions and assistance to solve the problem.

This mind set then continues to take away any individualism and as such creates an anger when anyone threatens to change the power of the government and remove the liberal stumbling block that seeks to stop the fulfilment our own God given right of freedom and personal prosperity through our own efforts and abilities. Dependency on government rules the lives on this mind set and when anyone seeks to return the freedom to achieve in accordance to our own abilities which is the foundational principle of America the dependant people cry foul and the government reaches out with more power to feed the dependant mind set.

Liberalism twists the clause in the Preamble of our Constitution which calls for the promotion, "of the general welfare," as meaning the creation of a welfare state that forces the people to depend only on government for answers and livelihood. Yet the Founders intended for this particular clause to mean the promotion of a free atmosphere in America which allows the people the liberty to achieve and proser in accordance to their own abilities without a government hindering them by seeking to control their lives.

The liberal philosophy seeks to eliminate the abilities of a free people and replace it with an enslavement to government where the people are subject to government control of every aspect of their lives. Never rising above whatever level the government has chosen and never being allowed to prosper more that anyone else so that all can live under the same, "fair," statism and under the power of a controlling tyrannical government.

That my fellow Americans is NOT who we are nor what our Founders intended for our country. We were founded as a Republic where the people are the true and real authority over government and government is intended to stay out of the way of a free people so they may prosper and achieve as they see fit.

This is the fundamental fight that is coming as we approach the 2012 election. This election is as much as referendum on liberalism as a governing ideology as it is on Barack Obama who has spearheaded the complete take over of our Nation by that ideology. The 2012 election asks the question, "do we continue on the destructive path of eliminating freedom and embrace government enslavement or do we begin returning to a free society based on the Constitutional principle that we the people can prosper in liberty without the controlling influence of government?"

Polls are overwhelmingly showing that Americans do not agree with Obama's liberal governing ideology and do not identify with the philosophy that government is the answer. The question is whether the people will reject what they do not believe in come 2012 or once again embrace the hype and the lie that Obama continues to spread as the election draws closer?

Liberalism is a failure and has shown itself to be so. I believe in the American people who are fed up with government slavery and also believe that as the referendum on the failure of liberalism and its leader Barack Obama are placed once again before the people at the ballot box, this time the people in their collective wisdom will reject both Obama and the ideology that is destroying America. Americans will not be fooled twice.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 10, 2011


This is an incredible story of one of America's best and bravest and now the recipient of The Medal Of Honor for his bravery. This brave soldier is America and the best of who we are as Americans. God bless Sgt. Petry and thank you for your sacrifice, your heroism and your magnificent service defending our country.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 09, 2011


The old blame game with Barack Obama took a new turn this week as bad economic news piled on to the Community Organizer in the from of a much weaker that anticipated jobs growth, (if you call 54,000 growth), more than half of which came from one company, McDonalds, unemployment jumping back above 9% and more jobless claims that expected.

Obama followed his usual blame Bush rhetoric by regressing back two and a half years to claiming that this whole economic mess is because of fiscal policies over the decade before he took office. Not mentioning Bush by name by quickly calling the problem being the Bush years. But this blame game go around Obama added that scared investors and consumers are also at fault for the stalled economy because of holding back on investing and spending.

What an absolute idiot. Investors aren't investing because Obama's current economic policy does not give investors any incentive to invest since the false bubble created by Obama's bailout plan for Wall Street has made a precarious growth in the stock market that can collapse at any time. So understandably investors are weary of losing their shirt when the Obama created bubble bursts.

Consumers aren't spending money because simply put, they don't have it. Obama's economic policy has caused prices to skyrocket because of massive increases in energy costs caused by the envrio king in The White House who has stopped almost all domestic oil production and by Executive Order forced a form of taxation by regulation on many energy industries like coal etc. in order to push his green agenda.

Add to that a general bad feeling about the Obama made economy and consumers are holding every dollar available because frankly they need it to survive in the mess Obama has created. Obama NOT Bush exploded deficits from $464 billion when Bush left office to $1.5 trillion with trillion dollar deficits in the Obama mix for the next decade.

Obama NOT Bush flushed $1.7 trillion dollars down the toilet in a stimulus program that has ONLY stimulated Obama's Union buddies and destroyed millions of jobs while creating only a few thousand new Union based jobs. In fact since taking office Obama has averaged a 4.2 million job loss per year making him the greatest job killing President in our history.

Yet according to this delusional President the problem is still that of his predecessor and we the people who have failed to appreciate all he has done to save us from the big bad Bush and all of his destructive policy that caused all of Obama's economic woes. Get a back bone Obama and step down from you arrogant perch on your liberal Mount Olympus.

This economy is NOT Bush's fault nor is it a result of investors and consumers not appreciating all you haven't done to get the economy going. We are stagnant because YOU have made it so. Your big spending plans, back door taxation through regulation causing business to spend growth capital to pay for your leftist agenda, unsustainable deficits and increase of the debt more than all of your predecessors combined is the cause of our country's economic woes.

But the arrogant one will not admit to his failure and as such it is every ones fault but his. Well Mr. Organizer, we the people aren't buying your flim flam blame game. We know where the problem is and if we can survive until November 2012 we will eliminate that problem by booting you out of office. 2012 please come quickly!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


Recent polls reveal the great vulnerability of Barack Obama in the 2012 election which is in stark contrast to the left wing media hype that he is unbeatable in the Presidential race. The polling show that Obama is not only beatable but likely to lose if these numbers remain consistent over the next several months. With the failing economy and an equally failing Presidency combined with an Obama who follows that same path that created the low numbers the possibility of the situation changing to favor Obama is extremely low.

An ABC News poll,a poll that historically has a greater number of Democrats than Republicans and/or Independents, show that 47% of registered voters would not vote for Obama in 2012. If this poll were taken with likely voters and follow trends of likely voter verses registered voters it would show over 50% of likely voters would not vote for Obama in 2012.

The same poll shows that Mitt Romney would defeat Obama 49% to 46% if the election were held today. All of the ABC numbers are extremely bad news for a sitting President this far in advance of a reelection bid. In fact Obama's numbers are worse that any incumbent President since modern polling began in 1947 at this point in advance of an election.

Another poll from Rasmussen bodes even worse for Obama as it shows that ONLY 24% of likely voters share the same political views as Obama with 57% of the polling group stating Obama is ideologically more liberal than they. The poll also finds that ONLY 45% of Democrat voters agree with Obama's political view which is a new low for this poll.

As far as a Republican head to head with Obama in 2012 the Rasmussen poll shows a generic Republican beating Obama 45% to 42% among likely voters. All of the numbers in these two polls equals a President whose chances for reelection are extremely low and likely to become a landslide defeat by the time November 2012 comes around.

At this point it would take a complete reversal in the economy for Obama to be reelected and every expert does not see even a minor improvement before the election much less a reversal. Obama owns this economy and the failed Presidency that created it and this along with a foreign policy that is weak signals a defeat possibly in landslide proportions for Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, June 07, 2011


I have been avoiding this since it first made headlines last week but now since it has become the dominant story I will take time to comment on what this imbecile has done and why he must go. First, this is not something that any Representative should be part of and as such he has no business continuing to be a Representative.

What people do in their private lives is no business of the people or the government but a United States Congressman just like any public official surrenders much of that private life to the scrutiny and review of the American people to which he/she has chosen to serve and be accountable to. This includes not only what they do in association with their job as a Representative but how they handle their life which because of their high public profile reflects on themselves, the American people and the country.

Anthony Weiner made his situation much worse by first coming out and claiming he had been hacked which in itself is an accusation of a federal offense and is magnified by the fact that he is a Congressman which adds national security implications to it. His lie about how the pictures were sent constituted the consideration of an FBI investigation because of his position in Congress and therefore makes his using his office as a means of perpetrating his lie a criminal offense which also should culminate in his resignation.

In February another New York Representative, (what is it about New York), Chris Lee was caught revealing his bare chest in pictures to women on Craigslist. On the very day the discovery was revealed Lee was approached by Speaker Boehner and tendered his resignation before the day was over. His offensive picture was not as bad as those by Weiner and he did not even attempt to deny it or use his office to hide it like Weiner. He just resigned which was the right and proper thing to do.

Anthony Weiner and the Democrat leadership in the House are obviously not taking the right and proper stand on this much worse offense. Weiner stated during his emotional forty minute press conference admitting his guilt and his offenses that he would not resign his office. Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader has ONLY called for an ethics investigation and NOT his resignation as Boehner did with Chris Lee in February.

Weiner not only violated the ethics of the House and his position but in using his office to cover his actions and claiming that an illegal activity took place he has violated the law and must be held accountable. The very least that should take place is the immediate resignation of Weiner and an investigation into a possible indictment on his accusation of a crime and the use of his office to hide the truth. Either way Weiner MUST GO!

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 06, 2011


67 years ago thousands of brave soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy to begin the liberation of Europe from the oppression of Nazi domination. We remember those who sacrificed, some by making the ultimate sacrifice in fighting for and defending freedom from the evil of Hitler's Nazi Germany.

Sunday, June 05, 2011


A few weeks back I wrote on the myth of the unbeatable Obama in The Sunday Commentary as the press was having a field day praising Obama after the killing of Osama bin Laden. For several weeks after the Navy Seals went in and capped bin Laden the press and liberal pundits were singing Obama praises and telling the world that because bin Laden was dead and Obama happened to be President at the time he was unbeatable in 2012.

Then the much anticipated bump that these left wing media types were expecting didn't take place and what little two or three points Obama gained after the killing disappeared in short order as his approval ratings dropped back into the mid and low forties. So the press once again had to create a new election myth about the unbeatable Obama.

Since bin Laden's death didn't give their guy the big kick they thought the liberal press looked elsewhere to continue the myth of Mr. Unbeatable. First they went after what they are calling a, 'weak," GOP field for 2012 and followed it up by claiming the,"recovering," economy is all due to the grand and successful policy of Barack Obama and he has saved America from disaster and therefor is unbeatable.

First, if the press is already calling him unbeatable and attacking the GOP field as weak and aimless then that is the first clue they already KNOW he is in big trouble and his chances of reelection are in danger. We are months away from the primaries and even further from the general election with a liberal Obama favoring press already trying to discourage voters from turning out by claiming Obama is unbeatable.

But setting all of the press love affair aside, even they are running out of ways of apologizing for Obama as the NYT and other liberal outlets are starting to see the light that this economy is hurting and in danger of going back into full recession and the supposed recovery that Obama has claimed is due to his policy has NEVER existed and his policy of stimulus and increased government spending and regulating has actually failed to produce results.

Even the ever liberal AP is disagreeing with the Obama Labor Department unemployment figures being at only 9.1% by giving numbers that include the millions who have just given up looking for non existent jobs. Almost immediately after the Labor Department released the new 9.1% figure and Obama began his usual spin that it is not as bad as it looks, the AP gave the actual figure which included those no longer looking for work at 11.5%. Not a sign of a recovering economy.

So this perpetuated myth that Obama is unbeatable is not only a myth but a flat out media created lie to try and boost a failed President in the eyes of a citizenry who is increasingly understanding that he has failed and his policy is taking the country in the wrong direction.

Adding to that the fact that the base line in which the economy is measured even in the most positive terms does not bode well for any type of even apartial recovery BEFORE the 2012 election. In fact the numbers increasingly show that Obama policy which has failed to stimulate the economy, is also causing the economy to worsen and head toward a double dip recession which NEVER looks good for the reelection of a President.

When he was running for reelection in 1994, Bill Clinton had a sign posted in his campaign headquarters which read, "it's the economy stupid." His entire reelection bid focused on this fact and he moved to the center working with a GOP Congress that had been elected in 1992 as a repudiation of Clinton's first two very liberal years as President and Clinton won reelection.

Obama is not following the Clinton example because he is one, too arrogant to accept that the American people have rejected his liberal policy and two he refuses to accept that government cannot and will not solve economic problems and cannot create jobs. That is a responsibility that falls on the private sector and Obama policy has been and will continue to punish the private sector through increased government intervention and back door taxation through environmental policy as well as other regulation that take operating capital form the private sector preventing job creation and hiring.

As a result the economy will not recover and likely will slide into a second recession before the 2012 election. Unemployment which runs hand in hand with an economy will stay stagnant or continue to rise. We may as we have in the past two years see slight positive figures but because of the band aid financial cures and continued spending along with regulatory taxation on business the recovery that Obama touts as his great accomplishment is a myth.

All of this equals to a VERY beatable President who is not only setting himself up for a landslide but a possible landslide of historical proportions on the level of Reagan over Mondale in 1984 when Reagan took every state except Mondale's home of Minnesota.

A failed Presidency no matter how a loving press tries to spin it can only be hidden from the people for so long. Most Americans are paying much more attention to happenings in Washington than ever before in recent history. Combine that with the press starting to run out of the ability to spin the failure into a success and Obama is not only very beatable but is going to be a one term President.

Ken Taylor

Friday, June 03, 2011


According to every spokes person in the Obama administration from Obama on down to those assigned to all of the talking head shows, we are in the midst of a tremendous recovery and Americans should be rejoicing and praising Obama wanting desperately to reelect this great President because he has saved America from economic disaster by his stimulus and other equally costly spending and deficit busting measures.

One problem, they forgot to tell the economy that their government intervention and spending programs actually have worked. In fact the struggling economy Obama has told everyone who has heard his voice since taking office that he ,"inherited," a blame he still uses nearly three years into his Presidency and in which he still takes no credit for the economic problems, is far worse than when he took office.

When Obama took office gas was $1.61 a gallon. Today it averages nearly $4.00 everywhere in the country with many areas well above that average. Unemployment was at 7.6% and Obama promised his stimulus would prevent it from going over 8%. The new figures which came in for the month of May show it at 9.1% which is where it has danced around for nearly two years without any improvement.

Obama claimed he would create jobs in the millions. Of course we who understand how the job market actually works know that the private sector NOT government creates jobs, but Obama and other liberals don't want to hear that truth because government is the ONLY answer to everything and can magically solve every problem. We are watching the result of that problem solving magic as only 54,000 jobs were created in May which is 100,000 below what was predicted and couple of million below what is needed to get the job market even back to where it was when Obama took office.

Millions of unemployed Americans have simply given up looking for non-existent jobs and they are not counted in the unemployment figures. If so unemployment would be closer to 18%. The job market is at its lowest point since the late 70's when we suffered through the fiasco created by Jimmy Carter with hyper inflation and skyrocketing energy costs along with high unemployment.

Yet Obama still tours the country claiming he has saved us from economic disaster while the facts show that the disaster is a result of what he has done, not what he inherited and the worsening economy continues to be stagnant or weakening with every move he makes. Even the housing market which showed signs of a weak recovery recently has dropped to new all time lows.

If this is a recovery and Obama's economic policy is working then PLEASE stop the recovery and quit working to fix the economy or else we are ALL going to be bankrupt along with the country! Obama economic policy has failed and continues to fail and everything he does to try and reverse the direction he has taken the economy makes a terrible situation much worse. If this is success and worthy of four more years then the Ford Edsel was the most successful car in history and everyone still owns one!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 02, 2011


The Republican field of candidates has an interesting mix ranging from the very conservative Herman Cain to the problematic Ron Paul as well as the more moderate RINO types like Mitt Romney. Yet all of the air in the campaign is being sucked out by those who have yet to make up their minds or already have decided not to run and still hinting they may reconsider.

Why a potential candidate feels the need to announce that they are considering a run, then announce again that they are close to making a decision and follow that announcement up with yet another announcement that they will make a decision by a certain date then yet another announcement announcing the date they will make it official is getting beyond ridiculous.

Now those who have already made the decision NOT to run are sucking of even more air by making news about their potential to reconsider their original rejection of a run for the Presidency. Mike Huckabee whose dropping out of contention was no great loss has announced that he may reconsider and decide to get into the 2012 race.

Donald Trump whose much publicized foray into a 2012 run has always been questionable since Trump is for Trump and the ultimate opportunist, is now all over the news talking about a possible run as an Independent which will all but insure an Obama reelection since it would split the anti Obama vote. When confronted with this fact on Sean Hannity's radio show he dodged it by dancing all around the issue complaining about what he perceives as a weak GOP field.

Chris Christie who has consistently claimed he would not run because he is not ready to be President is losing a great deal of credibility as he somehow seems to show up at nearly every GOP meeting in nearly every early Caucus or Primary state acting very much like a potential candidate. Yet when asked why he is making the pre candidate rounds he denies anything about a run using the same, "I'm not ready," excuse but looking like and acting like a candidate.

All the while those who have already announced and are putting forth the effort to actually run for President are completely off the radar in news coverage of any type since all of the interest is going to the more high profile, "non," candidates who can't make up their mind and when they supposedly do, come back in the spotlight to reconsider just one more time.

All of this is hurting the GOP field since it gives the appearance of total disarray and confusion in the buildup for the 2012 election. It does not benefit Republicans to have this much indecisive publicity and can only help Obama even with lousy poll numbers and a failed Presidency.

To the also rans who keep sucking the up all the air, either get in or get out and quit playing these publicity games that do nothing but hinder the goal of defeating Barack Obama in 2012. Voters see this circus and see it only as a three ring disaster and not a positive outlook by supposed concerned politicians who are just looking out for the best interest of the people and the country. Stop with the games, make the decision either way and let the process take us to the next level in determining who will be the GOP nominee to defeat Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

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