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Friday, August 31, 2012


I admit up front that I have never been a strong supporter of Mitt Romney. Even when it became inevitable that he would be the nominee for the Republican Party my support for him was tepid at best.  I was hesitant because I thought he was moderate and did not embrace the conservative ideals that I hold dear and know are in line with the Constitutional principles that our country was founded upon.

Then Mitt Romney to my surprise chose Paul Ryan as his running mate. I feared that Tim Pawlenty or Rob Portman would be announced but he chose Ryan which indicated to me that he understood my conservative values much more than I had thought and embraced them more than I had believed.  Though Ryan added an excitement for the Republican ticket that I had not known before his selection I still had hesitation about Rommey.

Then I watched him as he accepted the nomination at the Republican Convention. I watched as he walked the length of the hall personally thanking delegates for entrusting him with the nomination of the party and trusting him with the awesome responsibility of the Presidency. I saw a humble man who with that deep humility accepted the nomination and did so with a heart felt appreciation for everyone who has placed their trust in him.

I saw a man who places his love of God foremost and that defines who he is and his convictions. I saw a man who loves his family and worked hard to protect and provide for them as a loving father who adores his wife and supports proudly his children and grand children. I saw a man who because of his humble back ground understands the suffering that Americans are experiencing and because of that understanding will as President serve the American people with his whole heart and mind seeking to find the answer that will make future generations more prosperous that previous generations because that is the American way.

I saw a man who loves our country with a patriotic passion and understands that it is the strength of America that keeps her people safe and it is through that strength that America leads the world.  I saw a man who as President will work to restore that strength and lead our Nation as the light of hope and liberty for the world. I saw a man that understands also that it is the strength of America the keeps her safe and makes our enemies pause because they know that America and her President will defend this Nation with a resolve that is unmatched in the world.

I saw a man who identifies with Americans who are struggling day to day and will use every moment of his Presidency to lead our Nation back to the prosperity that the last four years has stolen from our Nation and especially the 23 million who are either unemployed or under employed. I saw a man who understands that debt and deficits will be the destruction of America and sees as his responsibility as President to reverse that nightmare and restore fiscal sanity for the future of America and the prosperity of our children and grand children.

I saw a man who understands business and how to allow business to prosper getting government out of the way, create jobs and restore a struggling economy and thus a strong Nation. I saw a man who is in the right place at the right time and will lead our Nation back to the America we know exists and the America we have known in our life time that has been stolen by Barack Obama. I saw a man who will lead by true Constitutional principles and seek to restore those principles to Washington.

I saw a man who I can now enthusiastically support for President and in whom I too as those who shook his hand on the Convention floor can trust with the awesome responsibility of President of The United States.  Mitt Romney the next President of The United States.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 30, 2012


The Republican Convention has had excellent speakers with messages that will convince voters that the GOP has the solutions that will solve Americas problems. Tuesday night Ann Romney spoke with such heart felt passion for her husband, our country and women that it was thought she would be hard to beat during the remainder of the Convention. Then came Condoleeza Rice and Paul Ryan the nominee for Vice President.

Rice the former Secretary of State brilliantly displayed her knowledge of world affairs and the failures of the Obama administration in clearly showing both our allies and our foes where America stands and the dangers for us and the world that poses. She spoke unapologetic of American exceptionalism and that is was a good thing in this country to be successful. Sharing from her own experience Rice conclude her remarks with her example of how anyone can become anything they wish in The United States. Following is the complete speech:

The evening ended with the acceptance of Paul Ryan as the Republican nominee for Vice President. Ryan displayed a strength of character and passion that proves that not only is he the right man for the job, but is prepared to take the hard stances, make the tough decisions and play hard ball over the next several weeks with Barack Obama.

Ryan stated with conviction the Romney/Ryan position on Medicare and how Obama has stripped the program of $716 billion dollars. He went on to declare that this is a debate that is needed and he welcomes it and will win the debate over who is actually seeking to save the program not gut it.  One of Ryan's best lines of the evening came when he told of Obama's claim that he has failed to tell his story to voters. Ryan stated with passion that we have had nothing but words from The White House and we do not need words, "we need leadership."

He referenced his family and especially his admiration for his father who he lost at 16 and his, "role model," his mother who herself became a small business owner after the death of his father.  Ryan's convictions and his love for and passion for America were evident throughout his speech.  He stated emphatically that Romney/Ryan  would not, "replace our founding principles," as Obama has tried but, "reapply our founding principles." Following is Ryan's complete speech:

The mark is now set for Mitt Romney to fulfill as he accepts the GOP nomination. After two brilliant and passionate speeches by Rice and Ryan, Romney must step to the platform with a conviction, passion and the spirit to fight for America and Americans against the onslaught that has been and is sure to come from Barack Obama in these final days before the November election.  Ryan has shown his spirit to fight and now Romney must do the same.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Everyday I have listened to commentator after commentator, pundit after pundit and yes even members of the GOP running for office talk about the Obama, "likability," factor. Stating polls that show Obama's job approval ratings low but those same polls ask the question about whether they, "like," him or not the polling suggests that most like him.  To this I say hogwash.

Does anyone like someone who breaks into their house and takes their personal belongings?  Yet Obama by his failed fiscal policy has taken money out of the pocket books of the majority of Americans and cost MILLIONS of Americans their jobs.  How many people do you know that like a boss that fires them yet polls suggest that the person who has cost millions of Americans their jobs still , "like," the guy.  I don't think so.

Many GOP politicians state that Obama's a, "nice guy," but just has the wrong ideas and policy for America. Again I say hogwash..  A, "nice guy," doesn't use political ads to try and claim his opponent is a crook, a murderer or tax cheat knowing that all of the accusations have no merit nor any evidence what so ever. A nice guy doesn't stand before a crowd of people and claim, again without merit, that a political opponent seeks to pollute the water and the air, kill someones grandma and starve the poor and all children. Yet Obama, "the nice guy," has done and continues to do all of the above on a daily basis.

I believe there are two factors that create this illusion that Americans, "like," Obama although his actions have  hurt most Americans. First one has to take into account the polling and the skewing of the sampling of that poll. Most polling leans left at a rate of about + 6 or 7 Democrat. As Obama's approval numbers have continued to tank that number has increased to + 12 - 14 in most polling. Which explains why he would be, "liked," in a poll and also why his numbers in the swing states and nationally have remained either tied, a couple of points ahead or behind Mitt Romney when a vast majority of the country states that we are going in the wrong direction under an Obama administration.

The second factor I believe has to do with a fear that many who are polled do not want to be thought as racists by saying they don't like Obama.  I grew up in the sixties and remember the terrible race riots and ridiculous laws as well as stupid restrictions based on the color of ones skin. We as a Nation came along way from that until race once again became a factor in almost everything after Obama was elected. Now one can't disagree with the President without being accused of racism and I believe people fear being thought of as racists if the state they don't like Obama not because of his race but because of his policy and what he has done since taking office.  I could care less about the color of his skin, I don't like what he has done to my country and I don't like him as a person and would say the same if he were white, green, yellow or blue!

Obama is NOT a nice person and I am tired of hearing people say this because of fear of being thought racists. Never did anyone say when disagreeing with George Bush that he may be a nice guy but.....  Never do I remember a poll that stated that Bush's approval rating was low but people still liked him.  Obama should not be treated any different. If one does not like him then regardless of his race one should feel free to state they don't like him without fear of being labeled a racist.

Unfortunately Obama and many on the left have made race a deciding factor about everything and taken race relations back almost 60 years.  As such voters are afraid to say they don't like Obama and politicians who should be going after him with every fiber of their being are trying to be nice and as such neglecting the hard hitting politics that are needed to tell the truth about Obama's failed Presidency and his destruction of our country.

It's time to play hard ball. It's time to call them like we see them. Obama IS A FAILURE.  Obama is destroying our country and sees it as his destiny to reduce American strength, make America, "fair," by reshaping who we are as a country. Eliminating individualism and favoring a collective where the bondage of slavery to an all powerful government rules the lives of every American regardless of race, color or creed.  That is the America Obama is seeking and that is the person who is in The White House. My friends someone willing to do that IS NOT likable or a nice guy.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 26, 2012


"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

With these now famous words Neil Armstrong became the first man to step foot on the moon and forever be remembered as a hero a legend and one of the most important people of the Twentieth Century.

It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of this humble American hero. Neil Armstrong lived a life that brought pride, exceptionalism and tremendous accomplishment both for him and our country that he served as an officer in the Navy, a test pilot and as an Astronaut who flew missions on Gemini 8, the backup crew of Gemini 11 and of course Commander of Apollo 11 and the first man to walk on the moon.

Armstrong was born August 5, 1930 and was 82 at his passing Saturday.  As an Astronaut and the first man to walk on the moon Armstrong will forever be remembered for the heroic and extremely dangerous mission of Apollo 11 and the moon landing that forever placed his name in history among the greatest of Americans when he walked on the moon July 20, 1969.

For a few brief hours this brave man and the crew of Apollo 11 which included Buzz Aldrin, Lunar Module Pilot and Michael Collins Command Module Pilot held the entire world in awe as man ventured for the first time on the soil of an alien body. It was reported on this historic day in 1969 that during the hours of the landing on the moon of the Eagle at Tranquility base until the moments when first Armstrong then Aldrin stepped on the surface of the moon, the entire world stopped to watch this amazing American accomplishment for all mankind and during those hours no crime was reported taking place throughout the world.

I was 13 years old on that glorious day in 1969 when Armstrong spoke those now famous words and watched in absolute amazement as he stepped on the ladder of the Lunar Module making his way down the steps to leap the final step making the first boot print of a man on the moon. To this day I can still remember the excitement and awe I felt as a young teenager watching this greatest scientific accomplishment of man and of my country take place live on television before an audience of millions around the world.

Neil Armstrong, American hero, American legend we will always remember you and never forget what you did for our Nation and all mankind in selfless service to our country and those glorious days when you represented our nation and all mankind on the surface of the moon.  Rest in peace and may God bless the memory of Neil Armstrong.

Ken Taylor

Saturday, August 25, 2012


"Love him, hate him, you don't know him." As seen in the movie poster on the left this is the tag line of the film by Dinesh  D' Sousa and Gerald Molden the producer of, "Schindler's List."  "Obama's America 2016," provides in a well filmed documentary style that is not only intriguing but designed to keep ones attention how events, people and places from his past shaped and molded the thinking, ideology and political agenda of Barack Obama.

D' Sousa who from the beginning compares his journey to America from his native India and his experience as an American to that of Obama's not because he suggests that Obama was not born in The United States but because both he and Obama were born in the same year, graduated from an Ivy League School in the same year and began their journey into life at the same time. In his comparison D'Sousa offers that his journey and Obama's being the same age etc. gives him a unique insight to Obama's thinking and how both coming from similar back grounds went in two polar different directions in ideology because of the influences in their lives. D'Sousa conservative and Obama as is explained in the film, anti colonialist.

D'Sousa through exhaustive research traveling the world to discover who Barack Obama is and those in whom he was influenced provides a picture of Obama that offers the first complete explanation of how he rose to where he did, where his ideology that is taking America in a direction that is in total disagreement with the founding intent of our Nation and how his agenda now threatens America taking her in a direction that if reelected would place our Nation on an even playing field with even third world countries.

Interviewing friends of Obama's parents, associates of his father and grand father and even the impoverished brother of Obama, George Obama, D'Sousa provides a picture of a man who haunted by the ghost of his father who abandoned him at a young age has seen it as his destiny to rise above the failures of his father and take the dreams of Barack Obama senior who was a staunch anti colonialist and use the power of the Presidency to diminish and downsize America as a punishment for building American prosperity at the expense of other countries such as his father's native Kenya.

D'Sousa reveals Obama's true, "founding fathers," and they are not Washington, Jefferson or Franklin. Men such as Frank Marshall who was chosen by Obama's grand father as a mentor for young Barack.  Bill Ayers who was instrumental in Obama's early career and anti Israel and pro Palestinian professor Edward Said of Columbia University where Obama went to college.  His other founding fathers I will leave for the reader to discover upon watching the film.

D'Sousa does not set out to, "bash," Obama but to reveal through his past who this man that was elected by his charisma alone actually is and why he seeks to do what he is attempting through the Presidency. D'Sousa also paints a frightening picture of what an unfettered second term without the restraints of the necessity to win reelection will be under Barack Obama.

No matter what ones ideology or political persuasion this film is a must see to understand Barack Obama and the true danger he presents to our Nation. Follow this link to find where the film is showing near you. View the trailer for this film and make plans to see, "Obama's America 2016."

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 24, 2012


A study conducted by The University of Colorado that has been made since the 1980 Presidential election between Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter has predicted that not only will Obama lose in November but lose in a landslide. The study conducted by political science professors Kenneth Bickers and Michael Berry has correctly predicted every Presidential election since 1980 including the 2000 election in which they predicted Al Gore winning the popular vote and George Bush taking the Electoral College and thus the Presidency.

The study takes into account economic stress factors, unemployment on both the State and National level and per capita income among other factors creating an Electoral College model as well as a popular vote model. Taking all of these factors into account Bickers and Berry come to the conclusion that Obama is in serious Electoral trouble and will only win 218 from the Electoral College far short of the 270 needed to win the Presidency.

The model also predicts that Mitt Romney will win the popular vote with 52.9% to Obama's 47.1%.  The model has exactly predicted the last eight Presidential elections and in the 2012 race predicts that Romney will pick up several States that Obama won in 2008. According to Bickers and Berry, "What is striking about our state-level economic indicator forecast is the expectation that Obama will lose almost all of the states currently considered as swing states, including North Carolina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Florida."

Colorado is currently polling with a slight Obama lead but the model shows that on election day that lead will fall to Romney with a 51.9% defeat of Obama's 48.1% in the only swing state that now has Obama in a solid lead of about 5 points. All of the other swing states currently poll Romney ahead or in the case of Ohio a tie with Obama.

For those who are concerned about the false accusations that the Obama campaign are constantly leveling at Romney and their affect with voters, according to Bickers these have little real affect when it comes to actual voting.  Election prediction models "suggest that presidential elections are about big things and the stewardship of the national economy," Bickers said. "It’s not about gaffes, political commercials or day-to-day campaign tactics. I find that heartening for our democracy."

With a 100% record of correctly predicted the result of Presidential elections for the last 22 years the forecast model designed by Bickers and Berry in extremely bad news for Barack Obama but heartening and exciting news for the salvation of our Nation from Obama and his what looks to be coming defeat on November 6, 2012.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Taking a one day break from the political scene today in order to pay my respects and recognize the Centennial birthday of a Hollywood legend, Gene Kelly.  Kelly throughout his amazing career was one of the most prolific dancers to ever grace the big screen.  His smooth yet very masculine and in athletic dance moves delighted audiences for several decades.

With such films as, "Singing in the Rain," which had the most famous and spectacular dance sequence in motion picture history, as seen in the above video, "An American in Paris," "On the Town," one of three films teaming Kelly with Frank Sinatra, "Brigadoon," and so many other of Hollywood's greatest musicals established Kelly as one of the greatest hoofers of all time challenged only by the talents of the great Fred Astaire.  While Astaire in my opinion and that of others was the king of the ballroom dance, Kelly was the king of tap.

Kelly directed many films including James Stewart and Henry Fonda in the comedy western , " The Cheyenne Social Club."  Kelly displayed his ability as a serious dramatic actor portraying a reporter in the classic 1960 film, "Inherit the Wind."  His acting ability, smooth voice and spectacular dancing has established Kelly as one of the greatest stars to ever grace the screen and whose influence changed movie choreography forever.

Kelly was almost a task master on the set when staging the extremely difficult dance sequences in his many musicals. But every dancer who worked with him not only deeply respected his abilities and his expert staging but learned from someone they considered a master at his art.  Debbie Reynolds, his costar in, "Singing in the Rain, " was an eighteen year old screen novice who had never danced before her casting in the movie. Kelly not only taught her to dance but patiently helped her to gain the confidence she needed to work beside one who was already a legend in Hollywood.

No one has ever graced the screen as magnificently as Gene Kelly.  His brilliant screen appearances are forever preserved so that generations can experience the greatness of this man who brought so much enjoyment to the screen and gave all that he was to become a true legend. Happy 100th birthday to the great Gene Kelly.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Could Barack Obama lose his home state of Illinois?  Remember this is the state that in 2010 elected a Republican Senator to fill the former seat that Obama held in The United States Senate.  Democrat Pat Quinn narrowly won the Illinois Governorship in 2010 to replace disgraced Rod Blagojevich. So there is a history of GOP wins in Illinois.

Recent polling is showing Obama in deep trouble in his home state. While Obama still holds a strong lead in the city of Chicago, Thugville is not as keen on Obama as they were in 2008. Obama leads Romney 49%-37% in The Windy City where he beat John McCain 74%-23% in 2008. So even in Thugville Obama is struggling.

Chicago's suburbs though are a completely different story. Mitt Romney holds a commanding lead over Obama outside of The Windy City. Overall Romney leads Obama in the Burbs, 45%-38%. Among Independent voters Obama fares even worse where Romney leads by a whopping 43%-31%. Male voters favor Romney over Obama by 44%-38% while white voters prefer Romney 53%-40%.

Unless Obama can increase his lead in the City of Chicago he is on a path to lose his home state which is not considered one of the much battled for swing states.  Illinois offers 20 Electoral votes and if those go to Romney it will make it extremely difficult for Obama to come up with the 270 needed to gain the Presidency.  In the actual battle ground states Obama only leads by a slight margin in Colorado while Romney leads in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin and tied for Ohio.

The last time a Presidential candidate lost his home state was 2000 when George W. Bush beat Al Gore for Tennessee.  Obama losing his home state would be the blow that would also lose the Presidency and it looks like Illinois could be the final nail in the coffin of the failed Obama Presidency.

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 20, 2012


"And let's not forget that this is the commander in chief who finally led the mission that brought Usama bin Laden to justice."

Barack Obama spent Sunday in what has now become a swing state, New Hampshire.  The usually Democrat stronghold is now considered one of the several states that could go either way in the 2012 election. So while crossing the state in his Canadian made black bus that he flies to state after state at tax payer expense for campaigning using Air Force One to fly to a near by airport then board the bus attempting to look like making a long bus tour, Obama is still trying to make the claim that HE was the sole reason that the raid which killed Usama bin Laden was a success.

The above quotation was delivered by Senator Jeanne Shaheen the senior Senator from the state of New Hampshire and a Democrat. Just like in any appearance made by Obama, Shaheen was given specific instructions on how to introduce Obama for the campaign appearance. So attempting to deny that the campaign nor Obama did not know that she would introduce Obama as the master mind behind the raid would be insulting.

From the moment that bin Laden was killed and Obama went public about the raid he and his administration have been providing detailed information about the raid that began a series of intelligence leaks that are currently under investigation.  Intelligence leaks that have severely damaged America's ability to gather intelligence, placed untold numbers of intelligence operatives at risk and threatened the lives of not only Americans but those who have assisted in US intelligence gathering.

In the days following the raid and since Obama and his cronies have tried to portray the idea that Obama almost alone was responsible for the raid with little if any credit given to the true heroes of Seal Team Six who actually risked their lives carrying out the raid as well as the intelligence operatives who discovered the location of bin Laden and details of the compound which made the raid possible. All Obama did was give the go ahead for the raid and this after almost TWO WEEKS of indecision before finally making a decision that was easy to make....go get him.

Soon after the raid was accomplished Movie Director Kathryn Bigelow, the Academy Award winning Director of the excellent movie, "The Hurt Locker," was given complete access to all of the intelligence as well as personnel involved with the raid. Access that Bigelow understandably quickly accepted but which was in actuality illegal.  Bigelow of course had no knowledge of the illegality of the access but Obama and his staff did.

The purpose of the unlimited access was for Bigelow who had already been working on a movie about the hunt for bin Laden, would take the information and make a movie about the raid to be released in October, just before the election as a boost for Obama's reelection campaign. Well for once Hollywood has not cooperated with Obama and his ego. The movie, "Zero Dark Thirty," was originally scheduled for a mid October release but last week, Sony Pictures announced that the release date has been backed up until December 19th more than a month after the November 6th election.

So even Obama's illegal leak of sensitive intelligence information that could only be declassified by direct Presidential order since it involved current covert operations, not only has failed to get him the ego boosting arrogant plug that he has desired, but opened his administration for yet one more avenue for massive corruption and illegal activity.  All along taking credit for the actions of many heroes who alone deserve the credit for getting bin Laden.  Not Obama and certainly not being introduced at campaign stops as the man who got bin Laden.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 16, 2012


After the raid that killed Usama bin Laden The White House, Barack Obama and many on his staff began leaking sensitive information about US intelligence operations including giving a movie crew full access to detailed information about the raid that killed bin Laden. As a result intelligence operatives have been compromised, current intell operations and operatives have been put at risk and their lives endangered and our allies no longer trust our ability to keep secrets. All to portray the false idea that Obama is a strong military leader who has taken all the credit for not only the operations but the killing of bin Laden.

A group of former intelligence officers, Navy Seals and other military covert operatives have come together in a non partisan group to expose the damage and the danger the Obama leaks have caused to not only our intelligence operations but those who are risking their lives performing their duty for our Nation. The result is the video ,"Dishonorable Disclosure," and a concentrated ad campaign beginning today and continuing until the election to reveal the truth about the Obama leaks. Following is the description of the above video by the group:

Former intelligence officers, Navy Seals and other former covert military operatives have come together in a non partisan group whose anger at the lives Obama's arrogance have put at risk and the massive damage the leaked material has been to our intelligence capabilities with the above video as well as a concentrated ad campaign to tell the truth of what Obama and his cronies have done being the result.  Following is the description of the video and their goal as expressed by the group.

Intelligence and Special Operations forces are furious and frustrated at how President Obama and those in positions of authority have exploited their service for political advantage. Countless leaks, interviews and decisions by the Obama Administration and other government officials have undermined the success of our Intelligence and Special Operations forces and put future missions and personnel at risk.

The unwarranted and dangerous public disclosure of Special Forces Operations is so serious -- that for the first time ever -- former operators have agreed to risk their reputations and go 'on the record' in a special documentary titled "Dishonorable Disclosures." Its goal is to educate America about serious breaches of security and prevent them from ever happening again.

Use of military ranks, titles & photographs in uniform does not imply endorsement of the Dept of the Army or the Department of Defense. All individuals are no longer in active service with any federal agency or military service.

The damage done is beyond comprehension and the anger by those whose lives have been put in danger by Obama's arrogance is not only understandable but completely warranted.  The group named, "Special Ops OPSPEC,  " can be found at this link for anyone who wishes to donate or participate in this non partisan group seeking justice and telling the truth of the Obama intelligence leaks.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Democrats and ads from the Obama campaign have been putting forth the lie that Ryan's budget cuts Medicare and takes the entitlement away from seniors. This deception campaign has been used heavily in especially Florida where Obama is struggling to win a state he took in 2008 and where the population of seniors is high.

The truth is that Ryan's plan changes NOTHING for anyone over the age of 55 leaving Medicare untouched for those who have made retirement plans with Medicare benefits already factored in. The Ryan plan offers those under 55 the option of keeping Medicare as it exists or opting out for private plans.

The ONLY cuts that have been made and they are cuts already taking place come from Democrats and Obama as a means of paying for Obamacare. Obamacare guts Medicare by a massive $741 BILLION dollars which covers only one third of the projected cost of Obamacare.

Democrats are depending on the ignorance of the public in order to continue the lie that Republicans want to throw Grandma under the bridge and Democrats want to protect her. When just the opposite if true. Republicans through the Ryan plan have come up with a way of saving Medicare without taking away ANY benefits.

Obama and the Democrats are sacrificing Medicare and stealing benefits in order to pay for the unwanted debacle known as Obamacare. This undisputed fact is being ignored by the liberal press. Even Democrat loud mouths like Howard Dean who know the truth state that the public will never believe it is actually Democrats cutting the program and not Republicans.

But fortunately the truth is getting out and the Romney/Ryan campaign along with the RNC are stepping up efforts to get this truth out.  The above video is from 2009 where Obama himself admits that Obamacare takes $741 billion from Medicare to pay for the health care debacle and states it in a matter of fact way as if it makes no difference. Yet, now that push is coming to shove both Obama and Democrats lie to keep the truth away from the public and scare seniors away from Paul Ryan.

The American public and especially seniors are not the stupid dupes that Obama and Democrats believe they are and as the campaign continues toward November this fact will be an extreme thorn in the flesh and another nail in the coffin for the end of the Obama corrupt reign in the Oval Office.

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 13, 2012


With the announcement of Paul Ryan as the VP pick for the GOP ticket a new energy and excitement is now on the campaign trail as November draws closer. Ryan brings to the ticket a conservative force that has been lacking and ideas that are necessary for the future of our Nation.

We cannot afford another four years of the destructive agenda of Barack Obama. An agenda that by the time he is removed from office by our vote will have added $6 TRILLION dollars to our National debt. Obama is now promising to decrease the debt by $4 trillion if reelected. How can anyone in their right mind believe this with the track record of irresponsible spending already shown by Obama and his cronies who are nearly bankrupting this country'

Romney/Ryan offer real solutions for problems that have been brought on by the plague of Barack Obama. It is not too late to reverse the direction Obama has taken our Nation and restore fiscal sanity as well as true Constitutional principles to America. Now is the time to stand and now is the time to support the restoration of America. The Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth gives our official endorsement to the ticket that will bring that restoration, Romney/Ryan 2012.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Meet Paul Ryan, the straight forward conservative Congressman from Wisconsin who has been chosen by Mitt Romney to be his running mate and who will be the next Vice President of The United States.  In this just over six minute video Ryan who has never been one to mince words or dance around an issue, takes Barack Obama to task and schools him on the deficit busting measures in what has now become know as Obamacare.

Ryan in great detail described how Obamacare figures were double counting numbers, skewing figures and increasing not only spending, taxes and deficits but how the bill will run up the debt by trillions of dollars. As the camera shifts to Obama one can clearly see how angry Ryan's truthfulness angered Obama as he was being brought to task on the health care bill and the public was finally being told the truth about the financial debacle the bill actually was.

Every detail described by Ryan has come to pass and been show to be exactly as he described it. This is who Ryan is, an honest man who will not beat around the bush when dealing with today's issues. Ryan is the only member of Congress on both sides of the isle who has presented legislation that not only cuts spending dramatically but has the courage enough to deal with the bankrupting issues of entitlement spending and how it must be reformed before it breaks the government bank.

Romney has chosen well for a running mate and his choice of Ryan will excite the base, bring in independents and even some conservative Democrats. It also shows that Romney is serious about dealing with the issues facing America from a conservative view which has been a problem with much of the GOP rank and file when taking into account Romney's moderate record of the past. Romney/Ryan 2012 a winning ticket and a ticket that strikes fear in the Obama camp and the DNC because they have already had to deal with the tough, hard working Paul Ryan and know he is a figure to be reckoned with.

Ken Taylor

Friday, August 10, 2012


Skewed polls with a plus 14 polling sample favoring Democrats show Barack Obama with a slight lead in the 2012 Presidential race. Every time Obama's approval ratings drop the percentage of Democrats polled grows in order to continue to show him with a lead.

Yet even with the shewed polling there are two extremely telling indicators that show Obama is losing and losing big. Money and the reporting of funds raised cannot be skewed and Mitt Romney has out raised Obama for three consecutive months. Obama has been to more political fund raisers that his last five predecessors combined multiplied by almost three and he attends some sort of fund raiser every day yet still is falling behind Romney by at least $30 million dollars each month. When supporters are not willing to financially support a candidate that candidate is doomed and Obama does NOT have the financial support he thought he would have nor any where near what he had in 2008.

Another indicator of his reelection woes is found in the statement located on the picture in this post. In 2008 Obama courted the all important endorsement of the Kennedy's. Ted Kennedy endorsed Obama but he followed the endorsement of another sought after Kennedy who was the first famous individual to endorse the 2008 run for the Oval Office of Barack Obama.

Caroline Kennedy the daughter of President John F. Kennedy endorsed Obama in January 2008 and stated then that he would be a, "President like her father."  Well he wasn't and Caroline is no longer a fan of Obama calling him a, "liar and worse." The fact that she, "can't stand to hear his voice anymore, " places the former President's daughter among a majority of Americans like myself who are not only disgusted with Obama but can't stand to see or hear this professional liar and corrupt politician.

When a liberal Democrat loses the support of a member of the most iconic family in US political history and especially when it is the daughter of the President Democrats hold as the symbol of who they are although JFK was NOTHING like the present Democrat party, Obama is in deep trouble and losing even his base support.

Caroline unlike her Presidential father is a hard core liberal and she believes Obama to be a liar. It hasn't helped that Michelle has talked trash about the Kennedy's and Obama has snubbed invites by the family when they have vacationed at Martha's Vineyard the Kennedy back yard.  But both the matriarch of the Kennedy family Ethel, the widow of senator Robert Kennedy and now the daughter of President John F. Kennedy have indicated they no longer support Barack Obama.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, August 08, 2012


First they tried to claim Mitt Romney was a felon because he was involved with Bain Capital two years after he was officially no longer with the company. Of course there was never any proof to that effect as ALL records clearly indicated when Romney left and cut all ties with Bain Capital. So that lie back fired on the Obama campaign and his cohorts on the left.

Since the Bain Capital lie didn't work and the Obama campaign as well as the DNC and every Democrat who still supports Obama and is actually breathing knows that he has absolutely no record to run on, it became obvious that somewhere another lie to try and destroy Romney's reputation had to be found.  Leave it up to scumbag Harry Reid to come up with a whopper.  On the floor of the Senate no less, proverbial liar Reid announced that he had an anonymous source that told him Mitt Romney had not paid any taxes for 10, count 'em 10 years.  Of course Reid wouldn't name the source nor produce ANY records or documents proving his lie, just an announcement on the floor of The United States Senate accusing a Presidential candidate of tax evasion.

It only took one day for the other Democrat scumbag Nancy Pelosi to come out of her rotten egg shell to announce in her usual finger pointing press gathering that she not only believed Reid but accepted the story from his anonymous source as factual, again without ANY documentation or proof of any kind. Her Botox lips almost exploded as she smiled and smirked at the chance to embrace Reid's lie and accuse Romney. Then there is Barack Obama who is playing the dumb, bumbling Sargent Shultz of Hogan's Heroes fame with an, "I know nothing, I see nothing, " approach to the obvious lie and leaves it up to his Richie Cunningham look alike Press Secretary Jay Carney to dodge all the questions and perpetuate the lie by his silence.

Romney has released two years of tax returns showing that in just those two years he paid a whopping $8 MILLION dollars in federal income tax and if this is averaged out over the ten years that Reid is accusing Romney of evading taxes it would multiply to a massive $40 MILLION dollars in taxes paid by the GOP nominee.  One has to wonder in Reid's feeble mind just how much someone has to pay in order to be considered as actually paying taxes.

I also distinctly remember when a certain known tax evader by the name of Timothy Geithner was being investigated and vetted to be Obama's Treasury Secretary it was announced that Geithner had not paid self employment taxes from 2001 - 2004 and knew it.  This of course was brushed off as a simple over sight by Reid, Obama, Pelosi and the liberal media and no big deal for the guy who would be the head of the IRS. It was also not just a baseless accusation but a documented FACT that Geithner did not pay his taxes for four calender years.  It was later revealed that Geithner was only one of many Obama staffers who were known tax evaders. But of course since they were Democrats and working for Obama it was the cool thing to do.

Then there's Mitt Romney, a hard working successful business man who was elected Governor of Massachusetts and has documentation showing he paid his taxes and Reid, Pelosi and Obama's silence on the subject seek to condemn, accuse and vilify a man who followed and obeyed the law. After all with the left it is the seriousness of the charge and not the evidence that counts.

The left wing media is also helping in perpetrating this lie. US News and World Report knowing of Romney's released tax returns showing he paid $8 MILLION in taxes over two years has come up with a scenario in an article written by Rick Newman on how Romney could have not paid taxes for 10 years. The entire article is based on absolute speculation and numbers that Newman pulled out of a hat but the left is jumping on it like it is factual and truthful backing up Reid's absolute lie.

Once again the seriousness of the charge and now they are trying to force Romney into defending himself over this absolute lie. All to take the focus off the failed Presidency of Barack Obama and the fact that he has no record to run on. This type of Chicago thug character attacking is typical of every Obama campaign since he first ran for office as an Illinois State Senator. He never runs on accomplishments, which are non existent, or a record which is either failed or also doesn't exist. He runs on false accusations and lies in order to destroy his opponent and scare voters away from his opposition by making them look like criminals or absolute scum of the Earth.

This is dirty politics at its worst and is only the beginning of the lies that will follow against Romney and whomever is chosen as his VP.  At least the American people so far are not buying into this character assassination style campaign as is evidenced by the complete failure of the Bain Capital felony accusations taking any root with the voting public. Reid's lie also doesn't seem to be getting any traction except by the media as polls are not showing it having any affect on Romney. In fact the left leaning pollsters are still having to stoop to skewing the numbers at around +14 Democrat over Republican in polling samples just to keep Obama in a close race with Romney both Nationally and in battle ground states.

So the bottom line here is the lies aren't, at least for now working and to Harry Reid and Nancy, "Botox," Pelosi I say emphatically SHUT UP!!!!

Ken Taylor

Monday, August 06, 2012


As the 2012 election cycle gets heated and the Obama campaign along with his Democrat cohorts keep trying to find anyone to blame for the disaster that is the US economy, continual high unemployment and stagnant economic growth that is moving toward a possible double dip recession they need look no further than their own camp and their President.

The graph shows they need look no further than Democrat policies and the Presidency of Barack Obama!  The political blame game being played by Obama and Democrats lying to the American public as to where the responsibility lay for our economic disaster is designed to play on an ignorant electorate that they know will not bother to find the truth behinds their lies.

Democrats took over Congress in January 2007 and kept control of Congress until January 2011 when the House went to Republicans yet leaving Control of the Senate with Democrats. From January 2009 until Republicans regained control of the House in January 2011 Democrats had control of Congress and with the election of Barack Obama they had an unfettered control of the Legislative and Executive Branches of the Federal government. Every item on their liberal agenda easily passed both the House and the Senate to be signed by Obama and made into law during two years of unfettered liberalism from 2009 until 2011.  All of which added to an already failing economy and taking it further into the economic abyss that has given us 42 straight months of unemployment over 8%, the longest period in American history INCLUDING the years of The Great Depression.

There has not been a Federal Budget passed since Democrats took control of Congress in 2007 and while they try to blame this on a Republican controlled House over the past almost two years the fact is that every budget measure that has passed the GOP House since January 2011 has not been allowed to the floor of the Harry Reid controlled Senate for even a debate much less a vote.

The Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac debacle that caused the bursting bubble that crashed the economy in 2008 was blamed completely on George Bush and was directly responsible for the disillusionment which elected Obama to The White House and gave complete control of the government to Democrats. Most people are completely unaware that Bush tried to solve the bubble being created by the sub prime rate problem that brought on the crash in 08 seventeen different times beginning five years before the crash.  Democrats Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd blocked every attempt claiming there was nothing wrong with Fannie and Freddie so the market crashed and Democrats reaped the benefits.

Since Democrats took over Congress in 2007 unemployment has only risen and the addition of Obama in The White House exploded unemployment. Even with a GOP controlled House since January 2011 an obstructionist Democrat controlled Senate has blocked every attempt to correct the jobs market keeping unemployment high and millions of Americans out of work with hundreds of thousands leaving the job market  because they cannot find a job with so many lost due to liberal policies.

The National debt has increased over 5 TRILLION dollars since Obama took office and is on its way to a 6.5 TRILLION increase by the time Obama leaves office in January 2013 totaling more debt than every President from George Washington to George H.W. Bush combined. Deficits have not been below $1.3 TRILLION since Obama took office and trillion dollar deficits are in the forecast until 2020 under current spending which are based on projections of proposed Obama budgets for the next eight years.

When anyone who reads this considers how they will vote and who they believe will be the best candidate for any office as we move into the future for our Nation, remember whose policies have destroyed our economy, lost millions of jobs and kept millions of our fellow citizens unemployed, some for years. Barack Obama and Democrats are responsible and have been assisted along the way with certain RINO Republicans. Vote conservative in 2012. Vote against Barack Obama even if you are not a fan of Mitt Romney because even with his faults Romney will be a 100% improvement over the plague that has been Obama since 2009 and the destruction of the Democrats since 2007.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, August 02, 2012


I have listened to the leftist media and hate mongering people like Rham Emanuel long enough. Chic-Fil-A Day was NOT about hate, nor was it about anti gay or any of the other intolerance being expressed by the left and the media. Chic-Fil-A Day was about Americans standing up for ANY Americans Constitutional right to freely express a personal belief or opinion WITHOUT being attacked, threatened, intimidated or boycotted for doing so.

In an interview with a Baptist publication that started the entire controversy Dan Cathy, Chi-Fil-A  CEO expressed his personal belief based on his personal christian values that he favored traditional marriage. Not once did he attack gays nor did he show any intolerance or hated but simply expressed in a free country what he believed. Since his personal belief did not match that of the left he was immediately condemned and threatened. His company was likewise condemned and a nation wide boycott was called for.

The liberal Mayors of several cities officially declared that a free American company would not be allowed to do business in their towns because of its CEO expressing his personal belief.  It is the left and their media cohorts that turned a simple expression of personal belief based on a mans personal faith into a message of hate and intolerance. Not once did Cathy attack gays in fact he expressed that his business does not discriminate against anyone.

With the left free speech is only considered free if the opinion expressed is in complete agreement with that of the left. If anyone expressed a different opinion or belief they are vilified and attacked called racists, hate mongering and told they cannot believe as they do.  Chic-Fil-A Day was to stand up against intolerance and hatred not to support it as has been stated by the media and the left.  It was NOT an anti gay day as has been stated by the left but a day where millions of Americans came together to stand for every Americans Constitutional right of free speech and to express a belief as their conscience leads them.

This was NOT about hatred or bigotry but about freedom and our ability as a free people to express our beliefs and follow our conscience without being threatened, intimidated or boycotted for doing so. The millions who supported Chic-Fil-A were not there for hate nor to stand against any life style or sexual preference but to support our Constitutional and yes God given right to express our beliefs freely without fear of reprisal for doing so. That my friends is what Chic-Fil-A Day was about and yes I had a meal at Chic-Fil-A in support of FREEDOM!

Ken Taylor

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