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Thursday, June 30, 2005


I'm sure that there are many that will read this article who do not remember the humiliation, fear and total degrading of the American persona and esteem, not to mention our position in world affairs as Iran held 52 hostages in 1979, the last, (thank God!) year of the Carter administration. This was quite possibly one of the if not THE lowest point in American history as the United States due to a lack of leadership and resolve by the President, who continual informed us that America would have to get used to a lesser way of life, gave the impression to the world that the United States was weak and incapable of caring for her own! Many of those former hostages have recognized the newly, "elected" Iranian president as one of the more brutal members of those who held the hostages during those dark days in the late seventies. President Bush referred to Iran as a member of the, "axis of evil" and this would seem to confirm the President's description and re-emphasize the need for success in Iraq. Iraq is the center of this region and those who are fighting against the stable establishment of a free Iraq, many of whom have been proven to come from Iran, realize that with a full fledged democracy in Iraq the very people that are held under the Mullahs and oppressive regimes will collapse as the citizens see and understand their fellow Arabs are free and liberty rules Iraq. This "new administration" in Iran being led by what would seem to be a known terrorist presents a clear and present danger both to the region and the United States and our interests! Those within our country who through their rhetoric and lies that are seeking to destroy the mission in Iraq in order to express their hatred for our President and to regain their positions of power in Washington, (Mr. Kennedy, Mrs. Clinton, Mr. Byrd, Ms. Polosi, Mr. Reid and Mr. Durbin to name a few), would do well to stand up and take notice to this turn of events in Iran and remember those dark days as their President, (Carter), failed to protect the staff of the Embassy in Iran and then failed for more than a year in ,"negotiating" their release and realize as President Bush has that the only way to defeat a terrorist is to meet and destroy him on his own ground and allow the fresh air of freedom to prevail to eliminate the hatred and the teachings that feed terrorism which allows its infection to fester in the Middle East.

Ken Taylor

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Freedom Breaking loose in China- Riots and protest

It is in my opinion, that men and women have the natural urge to be free. It is also my opinion that people as a whole want to be successful in life. And that brings us to the problems in China. There has been a lot of concern in recent days about the Chinese aqiuring Unical. And rightfully so. But it seems that we are hearing more and more about the protest by average citizens of China rising up against there gorvernment. And members of the government are very afraid.
The fall of the soviet empire can be attributed to one thing. Money. The Russian government, at the time, tried to give there citizens little bits of freedom thinking this would pacify them. The were wrong. The end result was that it only fueled them to fight against the government more and more everyday. I believe that we are seeing the same model taking shape in China. Now in China, you can buy your own house, shop at Wal-Mart, and have the kinds of financial freedoms once thought impossible under a Marxist regime. Money is the fuel that feeds freedom. Financial independence is possibly the greatest freedom of all. And I think that we will soon see regime change in China before the decade is up.
My Way News

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


With pressure from his critics and the usual rhetoric from the media and the left, the President took to the podium at Fort Bragg the home of the famous, "82 airborne" and reminded the American people and the world why we fight and why the battle for Iraq is of vital importance to the United States, the Middle East and the World! Referencing the terrorist attacks of September 11 as the catalyst to the War on Terror and mentioning the fall of the Taliban and the continuing victories and progress in Iraq, the President once again emphasized the need to continue the fight until the mission is completed and the Iraqi people can fully and completely defend themselves and insure their own security. The President once again told us that there is still much work to be done but a lot has been accomplished including the timely transfer of power, free elections, all peoples represented in a freely elected government as well as schools, ifrustructure and daily necessities of life continually improving. Iraq has become terrorist central and terrorists from throughout the region have converged in the country for what Osama Bin Laden concluded will be the terrorist, "final victory or ultimate humiliation and defeat." President Bush expressed in great clarity, confidence, sincerity of purpose, honesty and strength that, "we will stay in the fight until the fight is won." This inspite of the terrorists creating, "chaos for the cameras" on a daily basis. The battle will be hard, the sacrifice great but with great emotion the President stated that, "our enemy is brutal, but they are no match for The United States of America and they are no match for the men and women of The United States Military!" With the Fourth of July a few days off President Bush asked that we thank and honor our military by flying the flag, sending an e-mail or letter and/or helping a military family in our neighborhood. The following web site has been established for just that purpose and a perminate link can be found on this web site's left side-bar. The site is . A tremendous speech by our Commander in Chief to remind us of our marvelous men and women in uniform, those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom in New York, Washington, Pennsylvania, Afghanistan, Iraq and throughout the world. Shining the torch of Liberty and Freedom to bring to an end the brutality of oppression and radical religious hatred that seeks to destroy the promise of democracy and freedom here and abroad. God bless our President, our military and this great Nation!

Ken Taylor

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How ironic ! Supreme court Justice David Souter, who just last week sided with the majority in disregarding the fifth amendment and stating that the city of New London, Conn. has the right to remove land owners from their property even if unwilling to sell, now has a developer wanting to give HIM the boot in order to develop the tract of property that Souter now owns!! Hmm, does this go under the catagory of, "be careful what you vote for?"

Monday, June 27, 2005

Blog of The Week - Captain's Quarters

This weeks blog of the week is Captain' s Quarters Blog( . Excellent site that has been recognized by the major media outlets. Check it out when you get the chance!


When the Discovery Channel announced the Greatest American program I had quite a few mis-givings about the show. First the host Matt Lauer of the very liberal Today show. With each commercial that appeared it seemed that the show was pushing for Bill Clinton or Oprah Winfrey to be selected, "Greatest American." I reluctantly tuned in to watch a portion of one show and saw commentary from Bill Maher and other well known left wing commentators and thus turned the channel. Well last week curiosity got the best of me and I went to the Discovery Channel's web site and to my amazement found that the top five were, Ronald Reagan, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Then this week the winner was announced and it was Ronald Reagan ! My faith in the American people was renewed when last week I discovered that in spite of the left twist that the voting went the direction that it did. I'm sure that liberals everywhere are doing flips and beating their heads against the wall to see that the American people see the truth in history and understand what it means to be an American! Oh, incidentely if you visit the Discovery web site today there is no mention of the winner to be found anywhere! Sounds like the original plan for the show may have backfired!

Ken Taylor

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Our, " illustrious" court system has changed the constituiton so that it now reads, " We the people of the United States no longer have a more perfect Union but a Union taken over by the courts thus establishing a demagog system in which the courts usurp the voice and rights of the people!" Todays ruling by five of the nine justices of the Supreme Court in favor of New London, Conn. is proof once again that our court system is out of control and thus taking away our freedoms, our rights and the very foundations on which our nation was founded. From the very beginnings of this country the right to own and keep property has been one of the very protections that the constitution allows which seperates us from the dictatorships and warlords who rule most of the countries throughout the world and the futile system that rules much of Europe. For the Supreme Court of this land to state that local governments have the right to totally disregard the, "public use" clause of the fifth amendment allowing a development company to in essence seize the property in spite of the current owners unmillingness to sell because the new development will increase the tax base is outrageous ! I also believe that this is a violation of the unreasonable search and seizure clause of the fourth amendment and the equal protection clause of the fourteenth amendment. How can one recieve equal protection if a development company believes your home more valuable as a shopping center then as a family dwelling! The earth shook today in Mount Vernon and Monticello as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson rolled over in their graves! This is a sad day for our nation and a sadder commentary on the state of our rights and freedoms that are supposed to be guarenteed by our constitution. Where is the out cry from our, "representatives" as our rights are being trampled by a judiciary that legislates from the bench?!?! In the Gettysburg address Lincoln reminded us that we are a "government of the people, by the people and for the people." The judiciary has certainly forgotten this, our representatives seem at times to ignore it have "we the people" grown so accustomed to this trampling that we willingly just roll over and take it? It's time to let our voice be heard. I have this evening e-mailed each of the justices who voted for this travisty as well as the White House, my representative and Senators. This is just the beginning. This nation was founded by men who were willing to fight for what they believed. We the people have the power to take back our nation with our voice ! Judges do not rule this land. It was an activist judiciary that enabled the National Socialists to sieze control of Germany in the 1930's. We have not slipped that far yet but this socialist judiciary is taking us down a similar and dangerous path. We can stop it. As freedom loving Americans we must stop it!

Ken Taylor

City Of New London, Connecticut

City Of New London, Connecticut: "New London, Connecticut is not just willing, it is eager to assist with the development of new businesses, help to grow and retain our existing businesses and create jobs! "

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

John Bolton's Record, in War and Peace (2 Letters) - New York Times

A self proclaimed liberal, Paul L. Leventhal, sent an interesting letter to the New York Times in May. He states at the end of the letter "For these achievements Mr. Bolton deserves the principal credit, as well as a less emotional, more rational consideration by "liberals and progressives" (among whom I include myself) of his qualifications for the United Nations ambassadorship." Where has this been in the news? I think we know where it went, to ACLU shredding machine. He also states in this article "
For one who has been accused of alienating everyone on sight, and thus of being ill suited for the United Nations, Mr. Bolton nonetheless masterfully guided the president's Proliferation Security Initiative to fruition, recruiting 60 nations within one year to cooperate in sea, land and air interdictions to stop shipments of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction". It is a great read for all whom seek the truth about Bolton. And in a liberal we find why he is feared. Because he gets results.
John Oliver Benton III

John Bolton's Record, in War and Peace (2 Letters) - New York Times

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


When will the Senate republicans finally show some backbone and stand up for the Presidents nominees?!?!?!? Thanks to last minute urging by the President, Bill Frist changed his position on the Bolton vote and decided to continue the fight. He had planned to not allow another vote because the " Senate Democrats weren't going to budge." So what ! They are not the majority Mr. Frist and therefore it is not you who should back down. Thank God the leader of the party, the President, has some backbone and is willing to fight for what he believes is right and for his nominees. Mr. Frist it's time for you to show that same courage! The President should not have to convince you to do so. Find a backbone and for once act like a leader and in charge!

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 20, 2005


Just a quick post to add to that written by John this evening. In surfing the web I came across an interesting post at "The Captains Quarters Blog. com" that I thought would be very appropriate to share especially considering the continued obstructionist politics by the Democrats and the failed "compromise" by those involved in the McCain Mutiny. The lady Margaret Thatcher has written a letter of endorsement for the Bolton nomination ! I'd say that she certainly knows what she is talking about. Fox news broke the story about 7:30 eastern that the President is considering giving Bolton a recess appointment when Congress goes into the summer recess. So betrayal by the 7 or not it would seem that John Bolton will be the UN ambassador. It's a disgrace that the President has to resort to the recess appointment to insure that his nominess are placed at thier posts!

Ken Taylor

Dems block Bolton - And the Defiant seven are silent

If you have read some of our past articles, you know that we were very critical of the 14 senators who teamed up for the grand compromise to end some of the judicial filibusters in the senate. This story is an example of why we were so critical. After the compromise, Lindsay Graham (R SC) came to Myrtle Beach, SC and appeared on a local talk show with Steve Porter and Dave Preist. He stated at that time, that he believed that they would get Bolton through the senate and more than 3 judicial nominees because of this compromise. Well Mr. Graham, I could see it coming, and your could not. Why is that? A little advise Lindsay, stay away from McCain and his half baked ideas. Our you will meet the same fate that he did in South Carolina, Defeat.
John Oliver Benton III
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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Democrats anxious as Dean visit nears----South Carolina

Even the democrats In S.C. are afraid of what Dean might say. This article was taken directly from . He wouldn't dare come to Horry County. ( the brightest of the red countys)
John Oliver Benton III

From The State Newspaper, June 19 2005

Democrats anxious as Dean visit nears


South Carolina Democrats will be holding their breath next week when their embattled national chairman arrives in town to have a few beers with the grass-roots and raise money for the state party.

Please, Howard Dean, don’t say anything that will embarrass us or subject us to ridicule, the party faithful pray.

Dean still is smarting from his remark that Republicans are “pretty much a white Christian party.” Several congressional Democrats have called him on the carpet and ordered him to halt his divisive comments.

A handful of S.C. Democratic leaders tried to downplay a series of controversial remarks made by Dean since he wrapped up the race for party chairman earlier this year.

State Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, D-Orangeburg, a member of the Democratic National Committee, wishes Dean would temper his comments a bit. But she doesn’t want to put a muzzle on him.

“We’ve got too many tired old wimps in the party,” she says. “Dean is doing a great job. I have not seen one comment he has made that is not true.”

Including the one about the “white, Christian” GOP?

“I associate myself 100 percent with his comments,” Cobb-Hunter says.

Dean has provoked controversy with a myriad of comments:

• “Republicans are not very friendly to different kinds of people. They are pretty much a monolithic party.”

• “I hate the Republicans and everything they stand for.”

• “Do you think the Republican National Committee could get this many people of color in a single room? Only if they had the hotel staff in here.”

• “Republicans are mean. They’re not nice people.”

Political analysts aren’t sure what good the state party — already playing from behind in a conservative-leaning state — will reap from a visit from Dean, who comes off as a Northeastern liberal after you get past all the incendiary remarks.

When the former Vermont governor and 2004 Democratic presidential candidate took the helm of the DNC, Dean declared he would make the party competitive in all 50 states — including the South.

South Carolina is one of the last states on his agenda. He will huddle with party activists at Jillian’s the evening of June 29 — without the media. That’s very un-Dean-like, but maybe after a few beers he’ll hold an impromptu press conference.

Political experts are somewhat puzzled by the timing of Dean’s visit.

“It’s the kiss of death,” says Atlanta-based political consultant Claibourne Darden. “There seems to be a suicidal streak in the South Carolina Democratic Party.”

With the most recent controversy still fresh in the minds of folks, Dean couldn’t be coming to South Carolina at a worse time, says Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the University of Virginia.

“If I were in South Carolina, I’d have him visit under the cover of night,” he says.

Merle Black, an Emory University professor, says, only a bit facetiously, “This is just what they need. This is a red-letter day for the South Carolina Democratic Party.”

Don’t expect Democratic bigwigs like State Superintendent of Education Inez Tenenbaum, or gubernatorial challengers Tommy Moore and Frank Willis, to show up and have their pictures taken with Dean.

“They will send in their regrets, saying they have increasingly pressing business overseas,” jokes Winthrop University analyst Scott Huffmon.

Still, Dean likely will attract a large crowd.

He’s entertainment.


© 2005 The State and wire service sources. All Rights Reserved.

Blog of the Week-----Jim O'Sullivan

Jim is an Appellate Attorney from New York, and he has posted a great letter he sent to Hillary regarding the Durbin statements. Going to post a new blog every week. So if any of you find any great Blogs, Leave us a comment on the page with a link.
Jim O'Sullivan

Saturday, June 18, 2005


When Dick Durbin opened his mouth Wednesday on the Senate floor comparing Gitmo to the Nazi death camps, the Soviet Gulags and the murders of Pol Pot of Cambodia I remember seeing only Durbin behind the podium and his mouth moving, with no wires or strings controling his actions or programing his mind to speak these discusting accusations against our military, our President and yes our very country. Yet since then when he or any other liberal or if you wish, Democrat, (not much difference either way), was confronted about Durbin's comments a disturbing yet familiar response took place. Harry Reid, (Senate minority leader), blamed the comments on the, "administration." Nancy Pelosi, blamed them on ,"the President and this administration." Even Durbin who wasn't being coached or reading from idiot cards, or wired for sound when he made the comments said that the "administration" and the republican members of the Senate were at fault for what came out of his mouth! Hmm, who knows maybe, "this administration," killed Kennedy, or knows where Jimmy Hoffa is, or could tell us the identity of "Deep Throat", (oh yeah that one came out a couple of weeks ago). It's no wonder that we live in a society that will not take responsibility for anything when we see the blame game played so well by the liberals in Washington. Truth is truth Dick Durbin opened his trap and Dick Durbin alone is responsible for the content of that trap. Once again this writer believes that his best course of action is to shut the trap and resign and for his fellow liberals to stop the blame game and the obstructionist politics. Oh well, we all know that ain't gonna happen!

Ken Taylor

What Is The Point

I know that John has just posted about this same subject, and I promise that this post will not be very long. But,.......I agree with John on this matter. Where are the Americans that are not scared to tackle problems on their own. Whatever happened to "I can", or " I will." What is the point of saying to the government,"I have a problem and I am too lazy to try to fix it by myself. I am also to lazy to tell my kids where they can and can't go on the internet. I don't think I have the energy to go to a store and buy blocker programs." I am so sick of parents going government to the and basicly saying," I can't handle my kids, you do it for me." I apoligize for my anger in this article. STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. TAKE YOU MATTERS INTO YOUR OWN HANDS!!!!!!!!!

Chris Taylor

Friday, June 17, 2005

House Passes Bill to Cut U.N. Funds in Half

Looks as if the House has the right idea.
House Passes Bill to Cut U.N. Funds in Half

Slashdot | Most Americans Want Gov't To Make Internet Safer

This kind of thing really concerns me. It seems as if a poll reported on by good 'ole CNN, states that most Americans want the government to get involved in securing the Internet. First of all, what would a bunch of stuffed suits know about Internet Security. I would bet not a whole lot. Not only would they not know anything about it, but I would be willing that they would spend tons of money researching the type of things that are already being worked on by privately owned businesses and corporations. Again wasting tax money. But something in this article disturbed me even more. The willingness of our citizens turning to the government for every single problem they have, no matter how small. I fear that a growing number of our population have been raised to be co-dependent, instead of independent. What ever happened to men an women whom believed that government is not a solution, it is the problem.
John Oliver Benton III
Slashdot | Most Americans Want Gov't To Make Internet Safer

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Senator Dick Durbin's (D Illinois) remarks on the Senate floor yesterday comparing the supposed conditions with the enemy compatants held at Quantonomo Bay with the Nazi concentration camps and the Soviet Gulags is not only an insult to our troops, our government and the American people, but as the link that is available in this articles title prooves the comments are also an aid and comfort to the enemy. Aljazeera has been long known to support terrorism and the people who perform terrorist acts especially those directed toward the United States. For Durbin's stupid remarks to be covered in detail by this "news" agency does nothing more than proove that he and the rest of the left consider the risk of loosing a few troops or possibly civilians in Iraq or even our own country a risk worth taking in order to under mind the war on terror, hamper the President and gain power back in Washington. These ridiculous statements and others made by the left embolden the enemy giving them encouragement to continue killing and maming with the idea that America will not remain resolved and will once again pull a Mogadishu. Osama Bin Laden used this very reason as he planned the 911 attacks and these leftist socialists like Dick Durbin give food to the foder. Many are calling for Durbin to apoligize for his remarks. Why? If he were to he would not mean it for what he said is what he believes and what his party believes. Rather than apoligize I would rather he resign. It's time these morons quit trying to turn the country against the war on terror and began realizing that these Islamic extremest want all of us dead, including them. Talking and negotiating will not accomplish anything. Eliminating and destroying is the only answer and empowering them with stupid statements such as yesterday will accomplish only the killing of more Americans!!!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Now we find the truth- Koffi and Oil, the big pay off

HA HA.....I'm Back

For those of you who don't remember name is Chris Taylor.And as my title so obviously states...HA HA...I'm back.Let me refresh your memory. I am a 19 year old conservative. Ok ....well your memory is refreshed enough. A lot of crap has happened scince I've been gone. And I figured I would stop by, have a cup of tea, and discuss these matters with lump or two.Now, first things first.The President has a birthday comming up soon and I hope that you will all assist me in relaying the message of HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our great commander and cheif.Secondly....we all no about the Michael Jackson case. I know that you are probably just about tired of hearing MJ this and MJ that, but if you would indulge me for a breif moment, you might hear something new.Now, I think in a way, we are all deep down inside, fans of Michael Jacksons music.Now before I go any further....I scincerely apoligize if I offend anybody with anything stated in the latter portions of this article. If at some point,You(the reader)become offended, please feel free to comment me and tell me what I have said that offended you and
I will personally send you my deepest and most heartfelt apoligies.Ok...getting back on track.As I said before...I think that in a way we are all fans of classics like "Beat It", "Smooth Criminal",and of course the well known"Thriller."But(yes theres always a but) Michaels lifestyle leaves, how would one say, a lot to be desired.For example......he was born black.Now, correct me if I'm wrong. But if you are born a color don't you usually stay that color your whole life?God did not create us in an amphibious manner so that we change colors.Nor did he put a color changing pigment in our skin so we can camoflauge ourselves when we are in trouble.We were made one color and are intended to stay that color our whole lives.It is my belief that God made us one color and whishes for us to stay that color.I do not believe however, that He intended for us to change our color evertime we wake up and have an craving to taste something new.Now, as all of you know ,MJ just went through a very long and drawn out trial propcess.A trial in which a12 member jury was selected that was meant to have a completley unbiased opinion of the defendant(Michael Jackson).Wait a I hear buzzers. I think I do Johnny.Why don't you tell our lovley contestent whats behind door number 1...........NOTHING.Why? you ask....because the jury did not have completley unbiased opinions of Michael Jackson.Infact, two members of the jury had personal contact with our buddy Michael.One of the members of the jury was a member of a very important doctors family.Why is some random doctor and his family important to this case......thats right guessed it...the doctor was Mikeys family doctor.Now, if you are part of the family of Michael Jacksons personal family doctor, your bound to run into him(Michael Jackson) sooner or later.Yet another member of this impartial 12 had some kind of relations (which I cannot further discuss)with MJ when he was younger.What an impartial, unbiased group.Ha Ha....right.Now, another disturbing issue in this issue....Mikey got off on 10 counts.Completley free.And he actually admitted to some of them and still got away with them.Completley untouched. Not a spot on his record. Not even community service or probation for God's sake.What is this country comming to.If it had been a common man on trial, I would personally be willing to bet you that he would have been convicted on most of the counts and put in jail/prison for years.Perfect example: I have a very close friend, who for privacies sake and for his own personal sake will remain nameless, that had charges brought up on him stating that he molested a 14 year old girl. There were witnessess,including myself(scince he lived with me at the time)that were around him 24/7, that know and testefied that he did not touch nor did he really know this young lady(I say lady loosley).He was convicted, even with the witnessess, and is now serving an extended sentence on probation.Now were is the justice in that.Even with witnessess he was convicted and he never did anything.Michael Jackson admitted to commiting some of these terrible acts and still got off scott free.The point I am trying to make is this:I love my country very much. Anybody who knows me will vouch for that.But, this great country, has proven to me too many times that all you need is fame and money and the legal system will not touch you.Well, I guess I will bring my article to a close.And in closing I would like to say a few things.Again, if I have offended anybody, I am deeply sorry.Send me a comment letting me know what i have said that is offensive to you and i will send you my most sincere apoligies.Secondly:I am a 19 year old conservative.I have many piercings, tattoos, and I also have long black hair.Plus I love metal and hardcore music. Now, my point in saying all this is that despite what I look and talk like, I am a patriot my friends.I will always stand up and speak for what I believe in. And I would encourage the youth and even the not so youthful of America to stand up and speak for what you believe in.We have an amendment that states that we the people have the right to freedom of speech. I would encourage you , my fellow Americans, to exercise that constitutional right. I would espically urge the teenage population of this great country to let your voice be heard.Take a stand and let people know what you belive and why you belive it. Do not be scared to openly state what you are fighting for.And don't ever let anybody tell you that it is an unworthy cause or it is not worth it.If you believe in it then it is a worthy cause and it is worth fighting for.Don't be scared to let your voice be heard at the poles.Your one vote could change everything.Take your stand and be heard.And most importantly,NEVER BACK DOWN FROM WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!!!!!!!

Chris Taylor

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

M.J. NOT GUILTY, H.D. (Howard Dean) GUILTY!

Since the surprising news that Michael Jackson has been aquitted of all ten charges that he faced, the media, including talk radio, (excluding most of Rush's show thank God!) has been pre-occupied with speculation and second quessing of both the jurists and the prosecution attorney. Whether you believe that Jackson is a pedofile (seems likely to me), what matters now is that the Constitutional requirements for a fair trial by his peers has been met and second guessing and speculation does not change the fact that he is a free man who might have learned a valuable lesson! In all the focus on the MJ trial another "radical" who has a tendancy like Michael to carry things to the extreme in a political manner has not had the media trial over his "charges" decided, so we at the TLL,TCT will now take the bull by the horns and finish the deliberations for the trial of Howard Dean and the absurd alligations that he has levied toward Conservatives. So here goes: We the jury in the above mentioned case on count one, " all Republicans look alike" find the defendant GUILTY! Count two, "that all conservatives are non productive and do not work" GUILTY! Count three, " that all conservatives attend white christian meetings" GUILTY! Count four, "expression of hatred for all Republicans" GUILTY! Count five, " conservatives do not want nor include all races, especially black and hispanic" GUILTY! Having found the defendant Howard Dean guilty on all counts this court sentences Mr. Dean the continuation as the head of the DNC and to keep running his mouth in the manner already established for as long as the Dems will allow. One might conclude by some of the things that have been written in this article that I am for the removal of Howard Dean. On the contrary, although I am not a fan of Mr. Dean I believe that in many ways he is the best thing to happen to the Republican party since Ronald Reagan! Every time he opens his trap he prooves that the left fringe of the Democratic party now runs the party and that with few exceptions what he howls is what they believe. They may "distance" themselves for positioning in the next election, but by not silencing him, they prove that they agree and he is their true spokesman. Thus continuing the isolationism from the majority of the country and in spite of the goof ups in congress by the Republicans the Dems will continue to stay in the minority because of the truth as expressed by Howard Dean. So rave on Howard, we're all behind you!

Ken Taylor

Monday, June 13, 2005 - Jackson trial charges and verdicts - Jun 13, 2005

Is Wacko Jacko guilty? I don't know, and I don't care. But there is one thing in this trial that I do care about. This trial is an example of our Sue Happy Society. Fueled by the greed of ambulance chasing lawyers. Now think about this for a minute. A sorry excuse for a human being, who has attempted to sue everyone within her reach, walked into a lawyers office and said "Michael Jackson". That's all that was needed to file the papers. Nothing more. IM happy In one respect that this woman,(or thing in my opinion) was shown the door. But I bet there will be a civil suit. Just because Michael is weird or naive is no reason to charge him with such things. But if there were ever any proof of him being a child predator, it would have been here. And on a jury with 8 mothers, they found him not guilty. That says a lot to me. At least in this case, the child was told to lie. And these mothers knew that. But I must admit, I still question MJ and his motives. Maybe it would be best for all of us if he moved away.
I hear he has been offered a residence in Europe. In a "diverse" society such as that he could live a peaceful life no matter what. But here in America we will always question a man who has a face like a walking cartoon, by choice, and who prefers the company of small children to adults.
And Michael, yes you are an adult. - Jackson trial charges and verdicts - Jun 13, 2005

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Dems out west not sold on Hillary

Sean Penn in new role at Friday Prayers in Tehran - Yahoo! News

Once again we are proven right about Bias in the media. It seems as if Sean Penn is reporting on the Iran elections for the San Francisco Chronicle. Now first, I would like to give Sean his due. He very well may be the greatest actor of his generation. If I were a filmmaker, this is the guy I want on the set for demanding role. He can do anything he wants in the movies. He is that good. But it appears as if the newspapers in this country don't care one thing about being objective. If they did they would never send a self proclaimed liberal to report on a news story such as this. Now I do realize that were talking about San Fran here, but come on. Its still a newspaper. Are they not still supposed to be objective. They are supposed to report the news, not report opinion on the news. That's what we do here, but we don't claim to be reporters.
John Oliver Benton III
Sean Penn in new role at Friday Prayers in Tehran - Yahoo! News

Friday, June 10, 2005

Dean focusing on Democrats' agenda despite flap over comments - Anger Management lesson 1

Now I know that I have not commented on Dean's raving and ranting over the last week, and there is a reason. This is what we all expected of him. Every time he speaks, he runs would be voters away. I really liked when he called the GOP the party of white Christians. That was classic. Now that he has been taken to the woodshed, I guess there will be no more crazy quotes in the news for quite some time. But if this event has only served to further infururate him, look out!! Theres a chance that this could turn out bad for all involved. When Dean was elected DNC chair, we all new that he would run off at the mouth. That's who he is. He can't help it. He was elected by the angry part of the DNC because he is angry just like them. But still the angry ones don't make the majority of his party. It was a good sell for media outlets to have a fireballer such as him on the campaign trail, but like all of us, even the media soon tires of a gimmick without substance. I still remember Dean on CNN in an Illinois lunchroom walking around and talking to 6 individuals. It was a sad sight. One month before that, he had crowds screaming his name. Anger never wins elections.
John Oliver Benton III
Dean focusing on Democrats' agenda despite flap over comments - Yahoo! News

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Why we fight---Our mission statement

I was inspired to write a mission statement tonight. My inspiration for this was to state the views of a young conservative living in America, and second to show I am more than just a "South Park conservative", as some have called those like me.

1-Government is never smarter than the individual-Government only produces waste-Though it is a necessity, it should always be limited.
2-Private Industry fuels freedom-Country's which encourage private bussiness to flourish will see freedom follow. (example U.S.S.R. , and soon China)
3-Free speech is a God given right-I personally want to encourage all to speak in this, or any other forum, with absolute freedom no matter what your political, religious, or personal beliefs are. We are all Americans, and it is our duty to speak openly. For the good of our society.
4-History is not only a guide, but a gift-By learning history, we are less likely to repeat the failures of those before us.
5-Honesty will always be the best policy-By being honest, with yourself and with others, you may not always be loved and adored, but your will always be respected.
6-Americas greatest asset, is the individual. And her greatest enemy are those who suppress them.

This is dedicated to Ken, Ronald Reagan, Chris, and to all whom have made me believe in this grand experiment called America. Thank you all.

John Oliver Benton III

City Pulse - NEWS- Move On targets the wrong congressman

This is Classic!!!!!!!!!! It seems as if Move On Targeted the wrong congressman for his ties to Tom Delay. They targeted Mike Rodgers of Michigan. When it was Mike Rodgers of Alabama that had contributed 5,000 dollars to Delay's Defense fund. And once again, while communist, Opps, I mean Liberals, offer here say, we offer proof.
John Oliver Benton III
City Pulse - NEWS

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Carter Calls on U.S. to Shut Down Gitmo - Yahoo! News

This guy has some nerve. He wrecked our nation ( or at least tried ), and now he is trying to wreck our reputation. He should stick to what he is best at, giving away free homes. God forbid we should have to work for anything, right Jimmy????
Carter Calls on U.S. to Shut Down Gitmo - Yahoo! News
John Oliver Benton III

China forces websites, bloggers to register

Once Agian the chi-coms have found a way to shut down free speech. And Hillary thinks we live in a Dictatorship. HAHAHAH!!!
China forces websites, bloggers to register
John Oliver Benton III

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Link-Concerns at A.C.L.U. Over Document Shredding - New York Times U.N.: Weapons Equipment Missing in Iraq-Even the libs are looking for them

The link above will take you to an interesting story on missing weapons equipment in Iraq. Ap printed it yesterday. Read it for yourself. John Oliver Benton III

P.S. Story does state that some of the equipment could have been " could be used to produce pharmaceuticals and vaccines as well as biological warfare agents such as anthrax." Being that Saddam was such a humanitarian, IM sure the later could never be true.,0,7570502.story?coll=sns-ap-world-headlines

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sour Grapes-John Kerry to call for impeachment of George Bush -

Its seems as if our old buddies at aljazerra have the inside scoop on the plan to impeach Bush. The link above will take you to the story. The whole premise seems to be based around one vague line on page 1 of the memo. "the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy." Come on guys, wasn't evidence shown to the U.N. ? I saw it. And so did the liberals. Here read it for you self.,,2087-1593607_3,00.html . The memo also states "On the first, CDS said that we did not know yet if the US battleplan was workable. The military were continuing to ask lots of questions."

For instance, what were the consequences, if Saddam used WMD on day one, or if Baghdad did not collapse and urban warfighting began? You said that Saddam could also use his WMD on Kuwait. Or on Israel, added the Defence Secretary.

Why would anyone in the military be concerned about the use of WMD's if there were none?
I think we know why Deep throat was in the news all last week. Because there going to try to dismantle a President through the media again. But this time it wont work.
John Oliver Benton III

P.S. If you, in the media want to find WMD's, I got the inside scoop. Try Syria. Here they have been testing scuds lately. 2+2 = 4 . Opps, wait. Or for you in the media ( I know you guys only understand liberal math) 2+2= 7. HAH HAH

Friday, June 03, 2005

Why the left hates Nixon : Watergate History Lesson, The Alger Hiss Trials: A Commentary

My friends, I have always thought that the Watergate fiasco meant so much more than just a simple political victory. When the news of Deepthrought emerged in the past week, I began thinking about Alger Hiss, and his role in American history. Not knowing much on the subject I asked my good friend Ken Taylor about him. I knew that Nixon helped to bring him down, But that was all I knew. When I found out about his influence and power in the state department under FDR, The Yalta Conference, and the history of the polarizing figure, I knew I had to research more about his trail. This link below is futher evidence on how the left were manipulated by the communist, and why McCarthy was right.
The Alger Hiss Trials: A Commentary
John Oliver Benton III
P.S. Great read for any political junkie, I couldn't get enough

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Watergate Revisited?

My friends, I think the left has made a huge mistake in devoting days upon days of news coverage to the discovery of the now infamous Deep Throat. In an age of millions of media outlets, do they really believe that they can mislead the public twice about this affair. First the facts. We know the entire fiasco began with several men breaking in to the Watergate hotel in D.C. during the 72 campaign season. Nixon eventually resigned. Woodward and Bernstein are forever imortalized by the left. But there is always one thing missing from the story. IM no expert, but if they were after DNC documents or info, what did they obtain? And if they were there to plant bugs, then why? Well now I know the real truth. Doesn't anyone else find it strange that G. Gordon Liddy was one of the involved? For someone with his experience, this was beneath him. It was made out to be, by the Cronkite Crew, a low level theivery and bugging of an office. But this is not true. According to Mr. Liddy today, the entire operation was in place to bust a Brothel across the street from the Watergate Hotel. It seems that the were using the Watergate Hotel for hosting or accommodating clients. All this over a cat house. Ill take his word for it. After all he did the time for the crime.
By bringing this affair back into the limelight, Nixons name will gain more respect, and sympathy. And by the way libs, if you want a real crook, try LBJ. He always fits the bill.

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