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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Kimberly Kagan writes for the Wall Street Journal. She decided to take a first hand look at the situation in Iraq and whether the surge was actually failing as was being reported by the MSM and claimed by Democrats. What she found was just the opposite. Read her detailed and telling account of progress, success and secuirty in Iraq from a true eye witness.


We are nearing the end of yet another session of the Democrat Majority Congress that made its debut in January of this year. At the end of this week the Congress will shut its doors and take the month of August off returning to Capitol Hill after the Labor Day weekend at the beginning of September.

When Democrats were basking in their victory last November they claimed to have a mandate from the people, which in actuality was no more than the voters throwing out the GOP as majority because of rampant spending, mainly through earmarks. So Democrats in their claim of a mandate about Iraq and spending bragged about how their Congress would be the most ethical Congress in history.

They went on to brag that they would curb earmarks and that investigations would be held to a minimum while they passed what they deemed as necessary legislation which of course followed their liberal agenda. So the first 100 hours came and went while Democrats blocked the GOP from even participating in debate by placing everything in their agenda up for a floor vote immediately.

Two of the more touted votes that passed in that first 100 hours was the minimum wage increase and legislation to stop or actually control earmarks. The minimum wage increase was later attached to a military appropriations bill as a means of trying to force the President into signing a bill with a Democrat withdrawal, (surrender), measure which prompted a Bush VETO. Thus the minimum wage had to be re-visited for passage once again.

The earmarks measure also has fallen by the wayside in a manner that the American public has no clue as to how much. While the minimum wage bill was passed a second time and recently enacted with a 70 cent increase in the wage, the earmarks are more out of control now then they ever were with the GOP. In fact Nancy Pelosi has even tried to force earmarks into legislation by adding them while a bill is on the House floor which prevents any committee revue or debate on the earmark.

So just what has this Democrat led Congress done since taking power in January ? Almost nothing. The only real legislation that has passed the Congress has been the minimum wage increase. While I do not agree with the increase, it at least is something that they have accomplished that was on their agenda.

They have passed legislation that decreases interest due on college loans and loosens requirements for approval making them easier for students to receive, which of course will make a poor student beholden to the government in paying off a college loan until he/she is receiving Social Security.

How do Democrats stand on earmarks ? They have touted that they were going to all but eliminate this practice and as a matter of fact they are once again addressing the issue on the House floor this week, before the cameras, which has no chance of passing before the recess at the end of the week but makes good play before the press.

Earmarks while proposed by both parties cannot make it into a bill without the approval of the majority leadership. Since January Democrats have allowed more than, (I hope you bracing yourself, ) 32, 000 earmarks attached to various legislation ! This in just over six months of the Congressional year.

The GOP while rampant in spending did not allow 32, 000 in an entire year much less six months. While all of this spending has been going on Democrats have been portraying themselves as fiscally responsible and ethically clean, ( do I hear William Jefferson Democrat Louisiana ?).

What else has happened since January ? On the Senate side investigation after investigation has taken place with Iraq withdrawal measure placed in the midst. In fact especially in the last several months the Senate has debated Iraq surrender measures which either failed or were vetoed then once those were no longer before the cameras drift back to the firing of the federal prosecutors and Alberto Gonzales, then back to another Iraq measure, then Gonzales, then Iraq, the Gonzales... you get the picture. Oh and they threw the Amnesty Bill in for good measure.

The House also has voted debated, reworded, re -voted, reworded, then re-voted again more times then one can count Iraq withdrawal measures which just like their Senate counter parts are designed to get media attention and show liberal groups like ,"Move," and others that Democrats bow to and are beholden to that they are pushing the liberal agenda on the war.

The Summer recess is upon us and low and behold both the House and the Senate have already announced that once they return in September the first order of business will be to debate and try to pass yet another Iraq withdrawal, (surrender), measure. This time the debate will most likely last longer since the report from General Petraeus is due in September.

Of course when the report talks of the success of the surge which is already evidenced in so many ways, Democrats as usual will cry foul and claim that the surge has failed and the debate and push their pull out agenda despite the evidence to the contrary. Of course one must always realize that Democrats are not interested in truth, evidence, success or victory, just obstruction, opposition and surrender regardless of the consequences or the reality on the ground.

So they reward themselves with a raise and will go home during August and brag to their constituents on the, "marvelous job, " and the, " tremendous accomplishments, " that they have made since January. While the record shows failure and their delusional status on accomplishments would spark commitment procedures if they worked anywhere else besides Washington DC.

Ken Taylor

Monday, July 30, 2007


Approval ratings hovering around 14%. Most Americans believe that Congress is an absolute joke. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leaders in their respective chambers on Capitol Hill both have approval ratings that match the bodies they lead.

So how do they respond to the American people ? Accepting $4400.00 per year pay increase for every member of Congress. This is a , "cost of living," increase that has been part of the annual Congressional budget since voted in during the 1989 session, but with the mood toward Congress as hostile as it is and Democrats complaining about the cost of the war they have the ability to stop the increase.

Will they ? Probably not because the leadership truly believes that they are doing a great job and fulfilling a , "mandate, " from the American people. This of course is a huge load of political BS! If the American people were satisfied with this Democrat led Congress then approval ratings would not be around 14% which is the lowest ever recorded for Congress.

In the real job market if an employee were only fulfilling 14% of his/her job responsibilities and had a similar performance rating that employee would be out the door seeking a new job as fast as the boss could say, "YOU'RE FIRED !" Yet Congress looks their boss, the American people in the eye and say, " we are going to raise our pay."

The American people, who employ the Congress are showing that they want the bunch fired not given a raise even if it is a , "cost of living, " increase. Yet Democrats in Congress pat themselves on the back and brag that they vowed not to raise their salary until after the minimum wage increase. I'm sure the guy working at Micky D's is just bursting at the seams with joy at his 70 cent increase and happy for his representative to get $4400.00.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, July 29, 2007


Something very refreshing has taken place over the last few weeks that if it catches on will have an impact on the 2008 election but more importantly on the over all health of our nation and the direction in which our nation and our government take in the near future. This refreshing turn is something that citizens for the most part have neglected and almost forgotten, yet it is the very essence of our freedoms and the core of our nation.

In two separate instances the out rage of the American people sparked such an out cry in opposition to the Congress that those that we elected and in our form of government literally are required by law as stated in the Constitution accountable to us, actually listened to the voice of the people and two pieces of legislation were decided not by politicians but by direct intervention of the people.

The first was the Senate Immigration Bill which enraged the nation mainly because of its amnesty provision and its ignoring of border closure. Nearly every poll showed that the overwhelming majority, some as high as 82%, of Americans were against the bill. Yet in an alarmingly spiteful response those that we empowered to lead government were ignoring the will of the people and passage of this bad legislation was considered inevitable.

Then to the shock of the very officials in our government who were shoving this down our throats, the people rose in a united voice and flooded Congress with e-mails, phone calls, faxes, postal letters, (yes some still use this method), and even personal visits to Capitol Hill. The response was so overwhelming that several times the phone system and the Congressional servers actually crashed because of the flood of calls and e-mails.

Congress, to save their own hide had no choice but to listen and the Amnesty bill failed to pass by a large margin. The second instance happen just last week as Democrats attempted to push through the Homeland Security Bill without an amendment that was overwhelmingly voted for in March of this year.

The amendment was the John Doe provision that protects citizens from being sued who report suspicious activity that is terrorist related to authorities. Democrats are very beholden to the trial lawyers lobby and if any law suit protection becomes law it dips into their pocket books, so the trial lawyers lobby pressured Congressional Democrats and they dropped the provision.

Democrats nor the trial lawyers ever expected that the American people would step forward, yet to both of their surprise that is exactly what happened and Democrats were forced to bow to the much more powerful voice of the people. This voice also helped Democrats back away from eliminating three billion dollars in border security funding, which includes fencing. Fear of the reaction in light of the defeat of the Amnesty Bill and the John Doe provision had the Democrats back tracking and including the funding in the Homeland Security Bill.

Why should this response by the American people be such a surprise to Washington and also such an oddity in the running of our government and the shaping of our laws and policy both foreign and domestic ? This citizen response, the voice of the people, is the very essence of what makes our country unique in the world and has made this nation the power that it is and the free society that we all love.

From the very beginnings of this , "grand experiment, " it is the fact that the people are the power and voice of this nation that has allowed the very freedoms and liberties that we hold dear to remain intact and to prevent our nation from sliding into the abyss of socialistic or communist societies where the voice of the people is non - existent.

Had great Americans like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Samuel Adams, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson just to name a few not stepped forward and voiced their beliefs in freedom and then put actions behind that voice this very land that we hold so dear would have never been.

Our very Constitution which defines us as a nation and embodies through law not only who we are but why we are has at its very core in the first of our precious freedoms as written in the Bill of Rights that , "Congress shall make no law .....abridging the freedom of speech.....and to petition the government for redress of grievances." While freedom of speech has many different aspects and definitions the Founders main intent in including it as one of our essential rights was to allow by law the ability of the people to voice their opinion and/or opposition to the direction that their government was taking.

Thus making the government and its very existence subject to the approval of and completely beholden and accountable to the people of this nation. This one aspect alone has given this nation a unique position in the world and the existence of the fundamental law and right of the people separates us from the petty dictators and socialistic experiments while also preventing the nation from falling into either form of government.

Yet this one unique freedom to America has been neglected and at times all but forgotten so much so that we now live in a land with a government that is out of control, infringing on our freedoms through over regulation and entitlements, bleeding the citizens dry through burdensome taxation and given birth to politicians who believe that they are the power of government and can force their will upon the people and we like lambs must follow.

Being an activist has almost become a taboo because of the way that most of the American public view what an activist is. If one were to ask the average American to describe an activist, most would create the picture of crowds from the sixties who took to the streets chanting and protesting the Vietnam War. They would describe those who once called themselves, "hippies," and identify themselves more to the left of the political spectrum. While this type of activism has its place it is not the true definition of an activists.

Remember the Founding Fathers were political activists and they did not always gather in large crowds and sing and chant but took their political activism and the belief in freedom so serious that they were willing to place their very life on the alter of freedom and fight and if necessary die for their beliefs and their activism.

As a nation we have forgotten that political activism like that displayed with the Amnesty Bill and the John Doe provision is not only our right but our duty as citizens to hold our government and those that we have elected, or hired to represent us accountable to us and answerable for their actions, their voting in Congress and their decisions in the White House.

We do not have to take up signs and chant silly rhymes on Pennsylvania Avenue to be an activist. Calling our Congressmen or Senator on a regular bases expressing our opinion on what they are dong on our behalf is activism necessary for the survival of this nation. If we are not in favor of what our government is doing then it is our Constitutional responsibility to demand that the direction of OUR government move accordingly.

If we do not like how much politicians are spending then it is our responsibility to make our voice heard until they either reduce spending or we remove them from office and replace them with someone who will. Crashing the phone lines and servers on Capitol Hill should not be an occasional happening but a daily experience for Congress if we the people do not like what they are doing.

It should not take just bad legislation for our voice to be heard, but a daily response to the will of the people by representatives who realize that if they do not listen then we will remove them every two, six or four years and replace them with officials who listen to and truly represent the people. We have become to complacent with our vote, re-electing Congressman and Senators simply because they have been there for years and we know their name, but in many cases not their record.

We have become to complacent with our voice as a nation of citizens who have the Constitutional right and responsibility to hold our government accountable. So we sit back and only occasionally rise in one voice to demand that government listen. We then blame politicians, the media, other countries for our plight as a nation when it is our own fault that our government has become the monster that it is. While politicians, the media and other countries are contributing factors to the result, none of them would have the opportunity to run rampant as they have if we the people had held them accountable and responsible to us.

Political activism in holding our representatives accountable to the will of the people is OUR responsibility as Americans. If we cherish our freedoms then we must follow the example of our Founders and fight for them. We do not have to take up arms as they did because we have in place through our Constitution the laws and abilities to fight for our freedoms and those who we have elected by that same Constitution must answer to and be accountable to the will of we the people.

If we truly do not like the way our government is running then we have the right, the freedom, the power AND the responsibility as citizens of this greatest of nations to crash phone lines and servers, walk into their offices, visit every public appearance and yes cast our vote until this government, "of the people by the people and for the people, " once again understands that they do not tell us how this country is run but it is we the people who demand and hold them accountable to what we expect and the direction this nation is going.

Our voice if expressed loud enough will shape candidate platforms, create and make into law good legislation and even force the Supreme Court and the lower courts to abide strictly by the Constitution. None of this will happen until we as a nation of free citizens decide to MAKE it happen. Become a political activist. Follow the examples of Washington, Jefferson, Franklin and Adams and give this nation of the people a new birth that follows a Constitution whose words though nearly 220 years old are as fresh and alive and pertinent today as they were in 1788.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, July 26, 2007


The John Doe provision has been returned to the Homeland Security Bill. Democrats under pressure from the trial lawyers lobby had removed the provision from the final bill. The out cry from the public was so great that last night Democrats were forced to return the provision back to the bill before final passage.

In the comment section of yesterdays post about the John Doe provision there were some misconceptions concerning what this amendment entails. It was suggested that someone angry with their spouse or just irritated at an airport could report, suspicious activity and be immune from, "prosecution."

This is not what this provision is designed to do. It protects someone who reports suspicious activity from being sued by those reported. If the report is found to be with malice toward a spouse for example or just a malicious report because one is irritated or angry, the same Constitutional laws that protect against false accusation or imprisonment apply.

Those reporting suspicious activity are not, "immune from prosecutions, " for maliciously making a false police report but only from being sued for doing ones civic duty and reporting genuine suspicious terrorist related activity.

Bottom line, the provision is law because once again the voice of the people has prevailed. A voice, I might add that, "we the people, " must use more often to make Washington accountable as was intent ed by the Founders!

Ken Taylor



Let's see every commanding General is calling the surge a success. Al Qaeda in Iraq is on the run. More provinces are noticeably peaceful because of the better security...... and the Democrats ???? Every day they try to pull the rug out from under the troops with yet another form of withdrawal, (surrender), measure. Even the polls in which Dems live and die through show that support for Iraq is on the rise.

There are two types of pork in Congress, the one from earmarks and the other is the PIG HEADED DEMOCRATS !

The President gets a clean bill of health, yet while the polyps are non-cancer, the Democrats are still a pain in the #*&%!
Michael Moore has stated that he thinks that Hillary is, "hot, " and he wasn't referring to her politically. If he, the Hildabeast and their cohorts have their way we will all take it in the rear with a massive dose of Marxist/Socialism to replace our free Republic.
Democrats are more interested in protecting the, "rights, " of terrorists than those of decent citizens who want to see that our nation is protected and secure from future attacks. Yep the failed move by Dems to remove the John Doe provision from the Homeland Security Bill made liberals and the ACLU proud. Thank God they failed!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It is that time of year when politically news is slow. There are several incidental items that are in the news that I thought might spark some interest. Each item has its merits as news worthy but not enough to warrant a complete posting. So in random order here they are.


Congressional Republicans have introduced what is known as the John Doe provision in the Homeland Security bill that protects individuals who report suspicious activity that could be seen a terrorism related from being sued.

This provision was created because of the six flying Imams who were turned in by passengers in Minnesota because of their actions before boarding and immediately after boarding a flight out of Minneapolis. Their actions included, speaking of 9/11 with reference to Usama Bin Ladin, seating in a similar fashion as the 9/11 attackers, asking for and not needing seat belt extenders which to was an action performed by the 9/11 attackers, just to name a few of their actions.

Now the Imams are suing those who turned them in. While most believe that the case will eventually be thrown out of court each of the defendants will be forced to expend a massive amount of time and money defending themselves.

Homeland Security encourages individuals to report any suspicious activity, but if anyone reporting is in danger of being sued for doing his/her civic duty, obviously reporting will end and one day activity that should have been reported will actually be the real thing.

Citing no reason House Democrats excluded the John Doe provision from the Homeland Security bill even though the amendment passed overwhelmingly 304 - 122 in March. GOP Representative Peter T. King stated , "Democrats are trying to find any technical excuse to keep immunity out of the language of the bill to protect citizens, who in good faith, report suspicious activity to police or law enforcement."

Obviously Democrats are more interested in protecting possible terrorists than United States citizens who feel duty bound to help protect this nation.


In a never ending attempt by Democrats to accuse, attack and find something illegal in the Bush administration, Democrats are playing before the cameras a proposal to bring contempt charges against former White House legal counsel Harriet Myers and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten.

The contempt of Congress citation is yet another in a long line of investigation over the firing of 8 federal prosecutors who serve at the discretion of the President and whose job performance was in question by the White House.

The White House has claimed executive privilege concerning the testimony of Myers and Bolten and both have indicated they would testify in private on their knowledge of the firings. But of course that is not enough for Democrats who want a show trial over firings that were not illegal and were well within the authority of the Executive Branch.

This is just another opportunity to play this in the media. The contempt citation has no authority in light of Executive privilege since it is long known that any Presidential advisor must have the freedom to be allowed to give the President honest and straight forward advice without the danger of being cited by Congress during a witch hunt for political reasons.

The public could care less about this show trial and understand that the White House acted within its authority in the firings. But as usual Democrats can't walk away from an opportunity to bash Bush and get their cohorts in the MSM to spill the garbage they create over the airways.


In a recent New York Times/CBS poll, ( how much more liberal can you get), in all categories, Republican, Independents AND Democrats, support for Iraq is rising. In May 35% of respondents said going into Iraq was the right thing to due. In the poll that has risen to 42%. The percentage of those who believe that things are going very bad in Iraq has declined from a high of 45% earlier this month to the current figure of 35%.

So how do Democrats respond to this, in light of their claim that they , "speak for the American people ? " In another attempt to thwart US involvement in Iraq the House today is voting on a bill that will prevent the US from establishing any form of permanent base in Iraq EVEN IF THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT REQUESTS IT !

They are also gearing up once again for a repeat of the withdrawal amendments that are scheduled to start hitting both the Senate and the House floors after the August vacation break which ends with the Labor Day weekend.

Yep, the people are starting to see the truth about Iraq and understanding the necessity of being there, while wising up to the political agenda of Democrats, but still the Dem's follow the same old format and keep spewing the same old false rhetoric. That is a Democrat for you!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CNN on the Then What question



Last night Democrat Presidential candidates debated in Charleston, SC basically over the same rhetoric that has been played in the political venue over and over again.

Last night though as far as debates go this one took on a little different twist. The public was invited through YouTube to ask the candidates questions and then those questions were in turn played to during the debate.

The overwhelming majority of questions were on Iraq which was no surprise but for the Dems the direction that most of those questions took was a surprise.

Rather than the questioning on Iraq following the Dem agenda of pulling out and leaving Iraq and the region to their own devises as they have been pushing for quite some time, the questions asked, "what happens after we leave?"

Never in their pull out agenda have the Dems proposed or even suggested what will take place after the US leaves Iraq. Their contention has actually been that we are the cause for the terror presence and the sectarian violence taking place and that if we pull out it will all go away and the Iraqis will have peace and together with their Muslim brothers sing the Islamic version of Kum Bah Yah.

It now seems that the American people who the Dems claim they speak for are concerned about the void that will be left if we were to leave. It would also seem that despite their claims and rhetoric to the contrary that the American people still see terrorism as a threat and that our presence actually is helping to prevent another attack here at home.

Especially now with the situation in the mountains of Pakistan and the obvious move by Al Qaeda with the recent attacks against the weak Musharraf government, that Al Qaeda is attempting to cause that government to collapse.

Then replace it with a Taliban type puppet fanatical Islam government that is controlled by Al Qaeda. Thus giving them a base of operations and an already OPERATIONAL NUCLEAR ARSENAL!

With this response in questioning and the concern expressed by the American people will the Dems finally wake up to the threat of terrorism and the necessity to fight fanatical Islam in their back yard instead of ours? Not likely.

This issue has become a political football for the Dems and they see it and their current strategy of oppose, obstruct, accuse and pull out as the measn of gaining the White House in 08 and a stronger hold on Congress.

Maybe this response in a Democrat debate format by the American people is beginning to show that this obstructionist and surrender strategy by Dems is staring to back fire on them.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This weeks Sunday Commentary is going to drift from Washington politics to politics of a different type. Politics that have no earth shattering impact but politics that have people talking just the same. The politics of baseball and the run for the all time home run record by Barry Bonds.

There are many records in sports that stand out. The breaking of four minute mile, the undefeated season by the Miami Dolphins in football for example but no record in sports especially professional sports holds the imagination of sports fans like the record for most home runs in Major League Baseball. The record is held by Hammerin' Hank Aaron and was set in 1974 when Aaron passed Babe Ruth's previous record of 714.

Aaron retired in 1976 with 755 home runs. That record is soon to be surpassed by Barry Bonds of the San Francisco Giants. As of this writing Bonds is at 753. It is not the fact that the record is about to be surpassed that is the problem. All records are meant to be broken. That is part of the excitement of making and chasing any record.

The problem is the questionable fashion in which Bonds has chased the record. The controversy centers around the, "possible, " use by Bonds of steroids which, if so, enhanced his ability to hit home runs. The use of steroids in baseball has long been considered illegal and it has never been absolutely proven that Bonds used steroids, though all of the evidence points to yes.

If steroids has played in the enhancement of Bonds power and ability to hit home runs which every baseball fan and analyst believes to be the case then the the record is tainted and until it is eclipsed by another player there will always be a question about how it was achieved.

I have been a baseball fan all of my life. I was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and found every way possible from paper routes to car washing to earn enough money to attend as many baseball games as I could get tickets for. I loved watching both the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland A's, but the Giants were , "my team."

I grew up watching Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, Gaylord Perry, and Barry's dad Bobby Bonds. With the A's I watched Reggie Jackson, Sal Bando, Rollie Fingers. I watched visiting teams whose players are a whose who of baseball history. Henry Aaron, Tom Seaver, and even in an exhibition game before inter - league play Micky Mantle.

My all time favorite player is Mays, who incidentally is the godfather of Barry Bonds and whose number, "24" was worn by Bonds while playing for the Pittsburgh Pirates but changed to 25 after arriving at San Francisco because Mays' number 24 was retired. 25 was his dads number while he played for the Giants.

Each of the players mentioned above and hundreds of others who line the halls of Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall of Fame are there because their ability to play the game caused them to stand out among their peers. They made and broke records. They added excitement to the game and many because of their sheer ability to play brought crowds to their feet simply by taking the field.

Bonds while centered in controversy because of steroids is among those whose sheer ability would place him among the greats. Before the steroid scandal that has hung over his career since 1993 Bonds was well on his way to Cooperstown and would have certainly been in the top four for home run totals based on his yearly average before steroids became a question.

His fielding ability alone would have placed him among the greats. But it would seem that to Bonds just being among the great was not enough. While his use of steroids has never been , "proven, " all one has to do is look at pictures of Bonds before and after 1993 and the massive change in the size of his upper body adds doubts to his claim of not, "knowingly taking steroids."

His yearly home run average jumped from 20.85 prior to 1993 to 36.46 after 1993 and that includes the injury year of 2005 when he spent most of the year on the bench because of knee problems and only hit 5 dingers. Though Bonds makes the anti-steroid claim the stats and the evidence which has continually mounted over the paste few years shows otherwise.

All of this taints this race for 756 and places a scar on the record of records. But the problem of the tainting of the record does not belong to Bonds alone. The politics of baseball itself must hold a large share of the blame and the intentional turning of a blind eye by the Commissioners office to an obvious problem that haunted the late 90's and early part of the new century with steroids and baseball.

Home runs began suddenly increasing, some due to a more lively ball but mostly because of steroids. The reaction of MLB was to turn a blind eye because the excitement of more dingers and well publicized home run races like that of Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire in 1998 put, "butts in the seats, " and increased revenues so much that management and the Commissioners office chose to look the other way.

It has only been in the past few years that this , "steroid scandal, " has been addressed by MLB and while controversy has surrounded Bonds again MLB because of the excitement of his breaking the single season home run record in 2001 and his continual chase of Hank Aaron's 755 again has somewhat turned a blind eye to Bonds and now 756 is soon to be, tainting the record until broken again , if it can be.

When Bonds breaks the record, and he will, for most baseball fans it will be just another day. Because of the controversy over steroids the excitement building up to the eclipse of 755 has been, "ho hum, " at best. The day will come and the day will go. Nothing earth shattering will change. Number 756 will not cause wars to end or even be delayed. It will not solve poverty, nor will it have any effect on the Stock Market.

The eclipse of Aaron will have no effect on anything in this world but the surpassing of yet another record in sports. But how it was reached and the , "asterisk," it will place in the minds of baseball fans worldwide will diminish the enthusiasm of this great sport. A record that has always held the wild eyed imagination of kids and adults everywhere will be just another statistic and the quest for greed and big bucks will forever tarnish America's former past time.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Hapless Harry Reid brings in the cots, ( that no one used by the way), makes a big batch of hot cocoa, pops some popcorn, puts on his Jami's and calls this slumber party for show what the American people want.

Yeah just what I want a bunch of liberal weenies blowing taxpayer time and money in an all nighter that was a foregone conclusion before it started. Railing about surrendering in Iraq which has the result of harming national security and emboldening the enemy all to gain political points.

Maybe someone needs to hypnotize Reid and find out what his deep rooted insecurities are. Wait no need his insecurity is a fear that Iraq is and will be successful and he will lose the power he has built on lies.

When they compiled the new Seven Wonders list you really have to wonder why the Congress of The United States did not make the list. It's a wonder that some of them can even get up in the mornings. I know some like Ted Kennedy have to be instructed on how to wipe after each use. They have become USELESS!
"Let's talk so we can all get along." Democrats and their peace at any price agenda which fails to realize the truth behind the true motives of Islamic fanatics. Their goal is to kill all Infidels, even stupid naive moronic Democrats.
Maybe we need to set , "benchmarks, " for the Democrat led Congress. I'll bet that they would NEVER meet any of them. Can you imagine isf this lot were members of the Continental Congress ? We would still be waiting for the Preamble of the Constitution to be written.
The Dow hits 14,000 for the first time in history. The Nation is statistically at full employment. New housing is still strong despite the gloom and doomers but still the MSM and Democrats tell us all is lost and the answer to fix it is to raise taxes. Yep that works every time.....NOT!!!!!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


In a 52 - 47 vote the measure to withdrawal troops out of Iraq within 120 days was defeated in the Senate after an all night show debate staged by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. There really was never any question as to whether the measure would pass or not since the required number of 60 to over come a filibuster was never going to happen. Additionally if the withdrawal measure had passed the required 2/3 majority or 67 to override a Presidential VETO was also not there.

So Harry Reid has decided to, " take his ball and go home." In a fit designed to show his aggravation at not getting his way in the vote after staging the slumber debate and holding an after dark rally on the Capitol steps, Reid has pulled the ENTIRE defense spending bill from the Senate floor.

Now not only does he hold hostage monies for the war but also money for training, supply, pay raises, medical benefits, electric bills, fuel for operation of equipment, in other words everything needed for the defense of our nation both at home and abroad.

For the first time in our history the defense spending bill is being held hostage to make a political point and also for the first time if Reid does not return the bill to the Senate floor the Defense Department could find the coffers bare as money begins to dwindle because the spending bill for the entire department has not passed.

This unprecedented move by Reid in response to not getting the withdrawal vote he staged endangers the country because of lack of funding for the defense of this nation. Then this liberal from Nevada has the gaul to go before the cameras and blame Republicans for his actions.

He obviously cares nothing for our troops, our national security nor for the protection of this nation as he throws his temper tantrum and plays political games with necessary legislation for the troops, security, and the survival of the Department of Defense. This is a disgusting display by a despicable person.

Ken Taylor

Democrats' Innocent Bystander Fable

Democrats in both the House and the Senate try to claim to be the champions of the American people. They continually portray the war as lost, Bush's war etc.

The above video shows the true hypocrisy of the Democrats and their stance on the war. They have the power to cut funding at any time which would force the President to bring troops home because of lack of money to continue the fight.

I of course do not advocate this because ending this war as Democrats claim they are , "trying, " to do with their continual surrender measures and amendments would be an invitation for Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups to attack this nation again or another western nation that the enemy sees as infidels deserving of death.

Democrats are using the war as a political football for the sole purpose of destroying the Bush Presidency, turning the American people against the troops, the fight and making this country more vulnerable to attack.

Good news in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else that we fight Islamic fascists is bad news for Democrats because their lies are revealed by the actions of the enemy.

This video proves their true agenda. They are not serious about ending the war just political grand standing to entice votes anger Americans and gain power in Washington by berating the President and our military.

This is the liberal lie ! This is the truth about who they are and what their real motives are. Their power grab socialist agenda is dangerous for America and the world.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Democrats and their Iraq war bills have moved from redundant to ridiculous and now absurd. Last week the House under the , "brilliant, " leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi narrowly passed yet another in a long line of troop withdrawal, (surrender), bills calling for American forces to be out of Iraq within 120 days.

Now in an equally futile move Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is calling for a marathon session of the Senate to debate a similar withdrawal, (surrender), bill then force a vote by Thursday. All the while knowing that the President will VETO the bill and that there are not enough votes to override that VETO. That is provided that the bill is passed and survives a promised filibuster by the GOP Minority.

What makes this so frustrating is that like the Energizer Bunny, Democrats just keep going and going and going over and over again with the same move, the same motions, the same rhetoric and the same falsehoods and exaggerations over Iraq. All coming to the same conclusion and waisting the taxpayers time and money.

Unlike the Energizer Bunny who keeps going and going advertising a battery that claims to last longer than others, Democrats and their futile efforts with these continual Iraq withdrawal, (surrender), bills keep going and going and going for the sake of going and spewing the same slime before the cameras in an effort to smear the President, the troops and their continual denial that terrorism is a threat to the nation.

The President has stated that he will not only VETO any legislation that comes to his desk calling for a withdrawal, (surrender), of troops but that he is waiting for the September report by General Petraeus which will outline in detail the progress of the troop increase and the Maliki Government. In other words, " let the commanders do their job."

Democrats have been hounding the President and military leaders over the, "surge, " since it was announced and began their failure rhetoric even before the first troops had left for Iraq. Within days after the announcement of the , "surge, " Democrats were claiming the it was not working even though it had not at that time even started.

Since then it has been a nearly daily barrage of similar failure rhetoric despite reports to the contrary. The interim report released last week cited several very successful results in security, training and the control of many provinces that had been marred by terrorist violence. Additionally the report cited that Al Qaeda was weaker in Iraq since the surge began in earnest.

Deputy Commander of the Multinational Forces U.K. Army Lt. Gen. Graeme Lamb stated during a press briefing that tremendous progress has been made since the surge began and that progress was continuing.

The Maliki Government has fallen short of its goals for the same period but that does not mean that progress from the stand point of military action is a failure as Democrats are trying to portray. It also stands to reason that with security improving the fledgling government can make progress as a result.

While Maliki is weak and many state that the United States is backing a futile effort with the current Iraq government, it is still the duly ELECTED government of Iraq and it is not our place to remove or replace said government. That is the will and responsibility of the Iraqi people.

So now Democrats once again tie up the Congress with days of political grand standing over Iraq. They will again send another useless bill to the President's desk which will be VETOED followed immediately by Harry Reid and company standing before the cameras crying foul and whining about their championing of the American people.

Only to have the same process start all over again at the end of the month or the first of August as another appropriations bill comes before the Congress. I am truly surprised that Congressional approval is at 14% and not considerably lower with the lackluster performance of Congressional Democrats who have done nothing since January except endless futile withdrawal, (surrender), bills and hearings that also find no end.

This Congress lead by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid will go down in United States history as the most , "do nothing, " Congress in the 231 years of our existence as a Nation. We are only six months into the two years that this pack of Democrats will wield Congressional power. Since their opposition to the President, failure in Iraq and investigate anything that breaths agenda has become painfully obvious, the , "do nothings, " will keep going and going and going!

Ken Taylor

Monday, July 16, 2007


Just for fun, I thought you might get a kick out of this. Though funny it DOES have a good message to it!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, July 15, 2007


From time to time those of you who visit this site have noticed that I run a, "if the election were held today, " poll. I run the poll for both Republican and Democrat candidates. In the past I have let them stand for several weeks in order to get a better idea of how readers are planning to vote. Because the polls are not scientific, by letting them remain for a longer period of time the trend for people voting more than once drops off and a more actual count works its way into the poll. The longer the poll stays up the more it reflects national and scientific polling.

That is until the Ron Paul enthusiasts stared showing up. Before they appeared the poll would show a small , (5 - 10),but consistent vote growth each day. When the Pauliacs began surfing the web for polls that they can skew to make it falsely look like their candidate is gaining huge support, all of the sudden on any given day the poll will have a 40 - 50 vote increase and all for Ron Paul.

The template for the poll allows for non-repeating of voting for a period of time from the same IP address but once that period expires that address can vote again. When the debates have taken place on a national level and news sources have a quick poll about who has won the debate, amazingly Ron Paul has shown large numbers in these non-scientific polls as well. Obviously as in my poll the Pauliacs hijack the poll in order to make their candidate look better than he actually is.

The proof in the pudding is that in each case this hijack does not in any way compare to the real scientific polling that is performed by agencies such as Rasmussen or Gallop which show Ron Paul with 5% or less. I had decided that because of past experience that I would not post another Presidential poll until Paul dropped out of the race, which will happen because his support is not enough to allow him to last much longer.

I changed my mind and posted one this last week to prove my point and like clock work on Friday the Pauliacs hit the poll and Ron Paul jumped from 1 vote to 49 giving him the lead in the poll which had been held by Fred Thompson consistently prior to Friday. Though the numbers were a little larger for Thompson ( that because a large number of readers here are Thompson supporters), in my poll than national polls the placement of the candidates was consitent with national polling.

So to you Pauliacs, your poll skewing has been proven. What you do not seem to understand is that your candidates position with the voters and his lack of popularity does not change just because you hijack polls trying to make people believe the lie you are trying to show by falsely exaggerating his numbers. The people are not buying his platform nor his candidacy and your attempts to make it look otherwise does not change that.

Ron Paul has consistently angered most voters with much of his platform especially his idea that 9/11 happened as a result of United States policy in the Middle East and the, "blow back, " theory. Islamic fanatics do not attack us or kill our people because of governmental policy or political beliefs but simply because we exist and that existence is not following Islam.

Their fanatical religious out look is what motivates them to kill and not politics or policy in the Middle East or even as Ron Paul claims United States intervention in matters outside of our borders especially in Arab countries.

They fight and kill Americans because in their mind Allah has called them to kill the infidel and martyrdom for him is the ultimate glory and victory for the cause especially when that martyrdom kills infidels in the process. Their goal is the formation of a world which bows to Islam and follows their fanatical beliefs.

Their hatred for The United States is because we are the foremost example of the hated infidel and the freedoms which this country offers are just the opposite of the oppression that their fanatical religious beliefs wish to force on the world. This hatred would be their even if we had NEVER stepped foot in any political, military or covert way as intervention in the Middle East.

This isolationist idea offered by Paul is also what many claim proves that he is the most conservative candidate in the mix. I will admit that sum of his platform does offer certain conservative ideals such as limited government. But his naive belief that The United States should remain within our borders and isolate our self politically and even militarily from the rest of the world is from a bygone era prior to World War II.

The country then was very isolationist and even when Hitler and Imperial Japan began their expansion in Europe and Asia the mood of the country was, "that is not our problem, " and as such we had no business getting involved. That is until December 7, 1941 when the Japanese forced our involvement by attacking Pearl Harbor.

The world changed then as The United States soon became a superpower and it was only our intervention that made the defeat of Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan possible. Since then because of our superpower status and now especially being the only superpower our intervention is virtually necessary in world affairs.

Granted their have been many mistakes especially from a covert stand point but the humanitarian efforts and protection of weaker nations and people that The United States has performed since the end of WWII have changed the world for the better and allowed millions of people to either survive or remain free within their country BECAUSE of United States intervention.

This light of freedom that we show the world and our huge breadbasket heart that helps the helpless and through our military prevents dictators and despots from acts of genocide or purging of their population simply because they wish to be free rather than being controlled by a dictator is the very reason that Islamic fanatics hate everything we stand for.

We offer freedom while they offer oppression. We offer equality while they offer persecution to all especially women and children. We live in prosperity while they offer poverty and despair. We offer life while they offer martyrdom and death. We offer religious freedom while they offer forced religion that states either you bow to their beliefs or die!

We offer the rule of law based on a Constitution that states all people are free and treated fairly under the law regardless of race, creed, sex or religious belief. They offer oppression based on religious fanaticism that allows only rules that provide harsh punishment or death if anyone especially women and children step out of line or believe in anything other than fanatical Islam.

Ron Paul and liberals do not understand this nor do they accept the truth of fanatical Islam and the necessity to eliminate Islamic terrorism before it again shows its ugly face with another 9/11 or worse. If it means we fight Islamic terrorist in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, or anywhere else in the world, better in their back yard than our own, but fight we must.

It is literally kill or be killed. That is what Radical Islam understands and that is why we must continue to take the fight to them rather than they to us. The recent report on terrorist activity and the chatter that is being picked up shows that the enemy has not quit nor is he planning to. Yet Ron Paul and liberals want The United States to end the fight and pull back into our own borders.

This is exactly what Islamic fanatics want. If we end our fight they will have a free hand to extend their fight and influence and soon that fight will be within the very borders that Ron Paul and liberals want us to remain in. Our military is all that stands between our freedoms and our citizens and another major attack or the infiltration of Islamic fanaticism in the fabric of our nation.

The fight is not over. In fact from an over all stand point it is in its infancy. But fight we must for our survival and the survival of free people and freedom loving nations everywhere.

Ken Taylor

I will be leaving the Presidential polls as they stand for one more week to see if the Pauliacs continue their hijack. Should be interesting.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Today I am taking the day and most likely tomorrow also and doing absolutely NOTHING. I turned 51 at 1:30 AM this morning and I am going to sit back put a good movie, (I'm thinking , "The Right Stuff, ), and enjoy the letters and appeals that are starting to come in from AARP. and other such organizations. In other words, I'll open them laugh at them and throw them away!

Your only old if you feel old, and frankly I feel as young as I did when I was twenty. The only difference is that the aches when I get up in the morning remind me of reality. So I am chilling for two days in celebration! Enjoy this weeks picture gallery below and I'll be back with The Sunday Commentary.

Ken (not over the hill yet) Taylor


Stick a fork in him McCain is done. After McCain/Feingold and McCain/Kennedy the only thing left for him now is McCain/McGovern or McCain /Dukakis, or McCain/Mondale.

Is it profiling ? You bet ! If I were a patient in England and a Muslim doctor was sent as my , "care giver, " I wouldn't want a second opinion or even a first opinion. I would demand another doctor. That is just reality.

The fact that they were doctors also proves that terrorism is not just brainwashing for the impoverished as many on the left have tried to claim but a calculated religious fanaticism that sees anyone who disagrees with them as deserving of death. That is why we must we fight and why we will win!

Political correctness run amok. It's summer and it is ALWAYS HOT! But now it's Global Warming and not just a normal summers trend. When I was in school is was because of the summer equinox and the fact that the earth is at its closest point to the sun during its year long orbit.

Now the Gorwellian crowd says it is because of man's carbon foot print. Come to think of it last weekend during Live Earth it was a little warmer as the hundreds of celebrity limos and private jets went to perform or see the concerts.

Let me see, in the private sector if I was performing at 14% of what my employer expected of me would I get a raise or my butt out the door ?
The hypocrisy never ends with the Global Warming, ....ooops forgot the PC, Climate Change crowd. The venues were trashed, the private jets flew all over the world. The limos were at the airports but the few people who actually watched the fiasco were fully aware of Climate Change.

Yep the Climate has truly changed. Used to be when concerts took place they were to raise money for the poor, or the families of soldiers killed defending the country or something that actually is proven to be real! Yep that is Climate Change.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Still officially unannounced Presidential candidate Fred Thompson stated yesterday on the Sean Hannity Radio Show that he had made his decision about a Presidential run.

Hannity pressed Thompson for an answer and though he did not confirm or deny that he is running, he stated that , " the law allows you to test the waters and by the reaction I'm getting the water is very warm."

Thompson continued to sound very much like a candidate though again he refused to make any official announcement on Hannity's show or at the Freedom Concert at the Qwinnett Center in Atlanta before a crowd of 12, 000 people who gave Thompson a standing ovation before and after his eight minute speech which started the program.

Thompson stated in response to the crowd, "If you keep that up, I'm going to make a speech. Don't make me do it." Once again leaving it very obvious that he is planning on making it official soon. Earlier when Hannity asked him what he was waiting for Thompson cited personal obligations that he has now completed and obligations of some of his key staffers who he needed for the campaign that must be completed before he could make it official.

In the latest Rasmussen poll Thompson is still showing strong. In a one on one match with the presumed Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, Thompson is tied at 45 % while holding a three point lead over Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination.

Thompson also stated during his interview with Hannity that he is already hearing from voters that they are growing tired of the campaign especially in Iowa and New Hampshire which begin the primary run. This to is one reason that he insinuated was holding him back from announcing to keep from becoming old news.

When pressed for his views on several issues Thompson stressed that he understood the necessity to stand firm against terrorism and the need also to continue the fight for the protection of the nation. Thompson also stated that he believed that the border absolutely needed to be secured and the flow of illegals stopped.

On taxes Thompson said that he was seriously looking at the Fair Tax as part of his platform but he defiantly believed that major reform is necessary to change the tax code which is so large that it, " fits into the back of a pickup truck, " and nobody reads it or understands it. Also reform will prevent tax cuts from being reversed as is the case with the Bush tax cuts and the move by Congressional Democrats to reverse them and raise taxes.

During a speaking engagement with the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, Thompson stressed the need for limited government and a change in the politics as usual in Washington. " I think folks are for a limited Government, limited by the delineated powers of the Constitution, " Thompson said, " I think they are also looking for a competent Government..... they're also looking for a government strong enough to protect us."

On the politics, or "shenanigans, " as Thompson called them in Washington he stated, "and I say do the opposite of what's going on up there." According to Thompson it is time for Washington to clean up its act and get back in touch with the American people. Very refreshing from a Presidential candidate.

Most expect that Thompson will finally make it official sometime within the next month. Hannity did mention the announcement that Thompson would announce around the 4th of July and Thompson mentioned that getting his organization together along with the ending of personal commitments took longer than he had expected.

While still not official definitely running and making his strong presence felt in the 2008 Presidential field.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Well known Chicago Sun - Times political columnist Robert Novak claims in a recent column that GOP leaders are distraught about the Grand Old Parties chances in the 2008 election both Congressional races and the White House. So much so that, according to Novak, GOP leadership has given up on the 2008 election and are concentrating on 2010 banking on Democrat failures, raising of taxes, increased regulation, move toward socialism and implosion which, they believe will turn the electorate back to the GOP.

Now while I agree with Novak's assessment of the results of full Democrat control of Congress and the White House, I totally disagree with the premise that the GOP has already lost 2008. Whether the leadership believes this or not does not change the fact that the Democrats are not the shoe in that the MSM, the DNC and now it seems the GOP believes that they are.

First it is still a long way until the primaries and even further until the general election in November of 2008. Quite a bit can change in the political spectrum in the amount of time that separates now from then. The second aspect that Novak's premise does not consider are the facts found in polling at this point in politics.

While polling in itself can be manipulated, this far in advance of an election the questions are generic in nature and basically a popularity contest to get a feel of the mood of voters toward any given candidate. The polling does not show this massive loss that GOP leaders and Novak refer to.

Recent Rasmussen polls show that in a head to head race between the two front runners for the White House in both parties, Republicans are polling better than Democrats. Rudy Giuliani has a four point lead on Barak Obama and as much a six points on Hillary. Fred Thompson is in a statistical tie with Obama showing at only two points behind and a literal tie with Hillary with some polls showing him one or two points ahead.

Additionally the presumed nominee for the Democrats, Hillary Clinton is dropping in most polls and a general poll designed to get the pulse of how people see her shows that 52% of all likely voters cannot stand her. Obama shows stronger in a similar poll but both GOP front runners, Giuliani and Thompson have a very high favorable rating from likely voters, well into the high 50's and low 60's.

Looking at the Congress there is a similar picture forming as we approach 2008. Congress has the lowest approval rating in history and the numbers keep dropping. Both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have low numbers that match those of the Congress in general. In an election year low approval ratings for Congress directly effects the majority party rather than the minority.

With Democrats in charge and approval ratings at all time lows and dropping, the prospects of Democrats increasing their majority do not look good. In fact some analysts see a possible shift in either the House or Senate leadership.

The problem now falls in the attitude of the GOP leadership and their, again according to Novak, premise that all is lost in 2008. An attitude like this will equate to either a very weak platform or no platform at all. The trouble that has plagued the GOP for the last two years is that other than a strong defense and stance on national security they have offered nothing for voters to get excited about.

The only thing that has worked to their advantage in this is that Democrats have virtually done nothing since taking the majority except fight the President over military appropriations and investigate everything. This is a direct cause to the low approval ratings of Congress and why the GOP is still in the ball park. Democrats seem content with following this same agenda which will not help them in the polls at all.

So what must the GOP do to turn this around ? Get off their duffs and stand for something that voters see as progressive and worthy of electing them to office. The fight over the immigration bill which was lead by conservative GOP Senators was a beginning that helped their standing with voters.

From a Congressional stand point the GOP can also add to this beginning with strong stances on taxes and even more so by placing in the platform the Fair Tax which will work well with voters. Then actually push toward having it implemented. Additionally securing the borders by building the fence and increasing patrolling will also go along way for the GOP. Enforcing existing immigration laws will too. If the GOP will stand with just this they will have a good chance of gaining the Senate and maybe the House.

From the Presidential stand point, both Thompson and Giuliani have a far better chance of winning the White House that either Hillary or Obama. Thompson is much more favorable with conservatives and his name recognition gives him a better than average chance of beating the Democrat nominee. Giuliani also stands a better than average chance of beating the Democrat but whether he can survive the primaries because of his more liberal stances on social issues remains to be seen.

Yogi Berra once said, "it ain't over 'till the fat lady sings." Republicans who are already listening for the , "fat lady, " need to wake up and realize that she hasn't even entered the building much less started warming up her vocal cords.

The only way to insure a Democrat defeat and prevent the socialization of this country under full Democrat control is to fight and show voters that the GOP is the party who believes in limited government, less taxation and regulation, a strong defense, a ever watchful eye on national security while securing the borders and preventing both illegal immigration and terrorist infiltration.

The time to act is now. Though still months away the momentum for 2008 is beginning and the Democrats have not grabbed the reigns to win the election except maybe in the minds of those in the GOP who already admit defeat. It is still anybodies ball game and the outlook for the GOP is good if they will grab the ball and run with it.

Ken Taylor

Monday, July 09, 2007


The self imposed retirement did not last long. It could not have lasted much longer since she has been out of the spotlight for several weeks.

Cindy Sheehan, anti-war activist and protester, mother of an Iraq war hero in whose name she has claimed she protests and I might add marred the memory of her heroic son, but most of all media whore is back in the spotlight again.

Sheehan has announced that she is giving House Speaker Nancy Pelosi until July 23 to introduce impeachment procedures against the President and the Vice President. If this action is not taken by Pelosi then Sheehan is announcing her candidacy to run against Pelosi for her San Francisco district House seat.

Will she win ? Of course not. Will Pelosi introduce impeachment proceedings against Bush and Cheney because of Sheehan's threat ? Not likely. Which brings us back to the title of this post, "Cindy Sheehan - Media Whore." This loony far left winger even in the very liberal district that has elected Pelosi has no chance of winning the seat.

What she will receive is the media attention that she craves and that she has missed since beginning her, "retirement, " because she could no longer handle the pressure or the spotlight. Yeah right ! When she announced her retirement I knew it would be short lived simply because she LOVES THE SPOTLIGHT!

The only thing that she may accomplish with the hair brained scheme is to arouse the far left in Pelosi's district, which will pressure Madame Speaker to appease the radical left who have voted for her in the past. Thus moving her own policy stances further left than they already are and reveal a greater liberal agenda that she already follows.

This of course will drop her popularity and that of the Democrat Congress even more than it is now. So Sheehan's move may very well be beneficial after all. I cannot wait to hear her announcement on the 24th when Pelosi's deadline passes. That in itself ought to be a hoot. Just when one thinks that politics has become dull and business as usual out steps Mother Sheehan and brings a whole new perspective to the word joke and a very interesting twist to the 2008 campaign. She can't win but it will be hilarious to watch!

Come to think of it. There is a story out of New Hampshire about a guy who robbed a bank disguised as a tree, ( not making this up, this is for real here's the link.) Maybe Cindy could hire this guy to hang campaign posters on. She would be reforming a criminal by giving him a job, getting the word out about her campaign AND being environmentally friendly all at once. Just a thought!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, July 08, 2007


The July 4th Congressional recess is nearing completion and both the House and the Senate will resume their places on Capitol Hill with the usual fanfare and rhetoric. With the debate on immigration ended by the defeat of the Senate bill the temporary hold on war funding and the handling of the war will once again take center stage.

With the recent attempts in London and the nearly failed attempt in Glasgow, Scotland still making headlines as British authorities continue the hunt for participants and interrogate those already in custody, the Congress again faces the reality that terrorism still poses a great threat.

The attempts in London also emphasis a vulnerability that the west and especially we in The United States have to this form of terrorism. Remember, the attempts in London failed not because they were thwarted by intelligence or the finding of the devices but because the devises themselves were faulty and did not explode before they were discovered.

Large car bombs or truck bombs that can take out a heavily populated building or explode in a busy pedestrian area are a vulnerability that is nearly impossible to detect or prevent. Terrorist cells have the capability in a free society to drive what they please and purchase what they need then freely place the devise with rather conventional materials anywhere that a parking place is available.

The Muslim terrorists who planned the London and Glasgow attacks used simple devises with everyday materials that if they had succeeded could have killed hundreds. These terrorists also were not subject to the scrutiny of the usual stereotypes since many of them were licensed members of the medical profession and trusted by many.

Yet as the investigation is revealing several can be traced back to Al Qaeda training in Iraq. So the face of terrorism encompasses more than just the down trodden and poverty stricken that many , "experts, "claim is the hold that terrorist leaders have over their soldiers in order to brainwash them into action by providing them with the necessities of life that their impoverished existence lacks.

Also these recent attempts prove that terrorism and the Muslim participants still live among us and cells while operating independently have their birth, training and initial orders from Al Qaeda in the Middle East.

Yet regardless of these facts and that each of the recent attempts have taken place in his watch and beneath the British Union Jack Flag, new British prime Minister Gordon Brown is sanitising terrorism in his country. He has instructed all Cabinet Ministers to no longer refer to a, "war on terror, " or , " the war against terrorism." He has also instructed his Ministers to refrain from making any reference to Muslims or Islam in any statement about terrorism.

This despite the reality that each of the terrorists in custody are Muslim and follow radical Islam. It is a proven fact that while all Muslims are not terrorists, all Islamic terrorists have been Muslim. But political correctness in Great Britain no will no longer recognize this fact.

This in itself increases the vulnerability to terrorist attack as it reduces identification of a possible terrorist because of denial of their origin and the religion that they preform their acts for.

Here in The United States a similar move has been in the wings with Democrats whose political correctness is more important that identifying the enemy. Additionally as the Congress re-convenes the battle of sound bites will resume as House and Senate leaders will run to the cameras calling for an Iraq pull out, insulting the capabilities of our military and especially the top commanders. All disguised as debate over military appropriation bills that must be renewed soon.

Again this will take place knowing that the British evidence directly links the participants in the London and Glasgow attempts to training and birth as terrorist cells under Al Qaeda in Iraq, which is one of the battlefields in this war that our troops are beating the enemy in order to prevent an attack in our country. Fighting them on their own turf rather than ours.

But this is a political football to Democrats who want to take the White House next year and continue as the majority in the House and Senate. So facts will not deter them from their political agenda nor will it silence their false rhetoric about how the strategy has failed, though every indication shows just the opposite.

They will continue to use daily media body count as a means to chide the American people into condemning the war. They will make the same lame and false claims about the failure of our troops and the strategy in general. They will once again cry that the war is lost, that we were lied into war though each of them saw the same intelligence and came to the same conclusion.

They will again play games with appropriations bills and add millions in pork spending while challenging the President and claiming that because he won't sign a bill with withdrawal scenarios and massive pork spending, that he does not support the troops.

Yet somewhere in this country a cell with similar ambitions as those in London waits to make their move or receive instructions from a leader in Iraq we have yet to find and if Democrats have their way will not find because we won't be there to find him.

Maybe the bomb designer in the US cell is better than the London bomber and maybe rather than duds as the London bombs were these car bombs will go off in Times Square, The Washington Mall, or even the airport in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania for example, which would be an unexpected attack like that of Glasgow.

But to Gordon Brown and Congressional Democrats, the war on terror does not exist, Islamic extremists are not a threat and the time has come to surrender and come home.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, July 05, 2007


The Bumper Sticker War once again proves itself to be far more real than liberals believe. Yet every day they walk around in a daze of denial.
At least we had one day of Independence from politics as usual. I don't think though that this type of Independence was what the Founders had in mind.

Democrats see no evil, hear no evil or speak no evil.......unless it is a lie about their politics, a chance to slam a false story on a Republican especially the President or push the liberal agenda of which the war is not a part. They do though still see surrender as the only option. Maybe their symbol should be a Monkey instead of a Jackass. No wait that would be an insult to the Monkey and come to think of it Jackass fits just fine!
Gordon are no Tony Blair. Even with the reality check of the car bombs, Brown has instructed all of his Cabinet Ministers to stop using , "War on Terror, " and that they are never to make reference to Islam or Muslims when referring to terrorism. Yep he's going to fit into the politically correct just fine!

Ken Taylor

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