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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


An interesting article that I read from CNS News Service proves once again the complete irrelevance of the United Nation. According to the article 115 nations, 116 if you count Palestine oppose any action concerning the Iranian Nuclear threat and their continual disregard to ending their nuclear program. These 116 nation comprise about 60% of member nations to the U.N. which on the surface tends to make the United States and those who side with us concerning a tough stance against the Iranian nuclear program somewhat of a, "big bully." Again I stress this, "bully, " idea is only on the surface until one actually looks at the nations which comprise the 60% who favor Iran and Iran's nuclear program. Nations like North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Iran and Zimbabwe among other nations who are included in the worlds most oppressive regimes. If you will remember in 2003 while U.N. debate was escalating concerning Iraq and just prior to the invasion Syria was head of the U.N. Human Rights Commission and Libya soon followed in that position. This and the current opposition to our stand concerning the Iran nuclear threat are but two of hundreds of reason why the United Nations has become an irrelevant factor in world issues. Despot nations such as those who are mentioned above comprise the majority of the voting block in the organization and as such their world view of oppression and despotism conflicts as well as condemns the view of free nation such as the United States, Great Britain and other nations that align themselves with the U.S. Though the permanent members of the Security Council find a majority that support the views of the United States, these despot nations have a strong tendency to sway the vote of Russia and China who are also permanent members of the Security Council. France as always sways whichever way the wind happens to be blowing at the time. Yet many on the left in our own country tout the United Nations as the come all and end all of world policy and continual condemn the U.S. for opposing most of the U.N. policy and actions. The U.N. irrelevance because of the member nations who are catered to despite their record of oppression and despotism as well as the genocide and murder of their own people is what stands as a glaring reason why the U.N. has no business handling world affairs. Yet when a crises arises, such as the current nuclear stand off with Iran, the U.N is hailed as the great savior of the world and the free nations who continually fight for the rights of individuals and freedom from oppression and despotism are made to look as dictators attempting to destroy the world. This again is yet one more in a long list of reasons why the United States needs to pull out of the U.N. The U.N. since its inception has created more world trouble than it has solved. It has allowed the death of countless numbers of people because of turning a blind eye to the countries within this world body who are led by dictatorial and corrupt regimes not to mention the vast corruption within the U.N. itself. The current crises with Iran will meander as have other similar problems in the walls and politics of the U.N. until Iran has established a full military capability of nuclear weapons. Then as usual we being the only super power will have to deal with Iran from a military stand point only to be condemned, as usual, by the world for doing the dirty work that needs to be done to prevent a catastrophe. Who knows, as a free nation that values the freedom of not only our own people but those around the world, maybe this is our calling as a nation. To fight with the U.N. then step foward depsite condemnation to solve the problems that the U.N. was created for in the first place.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 28, 2006


They came from every corner of our nation representing the best of us and the bravest. They fought in places whose names have become familiar to us not because the field had any great appeal but because of what they so bravely did there. Places like Trenton, Valley Forge, Antietam, Gettysburg, Gallipoli, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Porkchop Hill, Inchon, Hamburger Hill, Basra, Kuwait City, Asadabad, Baghdad, Falllujah. Each of these locations and many more where brave Americans gave the lives defending freedom and fighting for liberty in defense of this nation. Not one of these brave American hero's left home to fight with the intention to give their life for this nation but left with a willingness to perform their duty with honor and with pride in service to their nation with the full knowledge that this sacrifice in service may cost the, "last full measure of devotion." In that they were willing because they realized that freedom is not free and that there is a high price to defend what one believes in. Many of them left home as boys with high ideals and a yearning for adventure then faced the reality of war with uncommon bravery, devotion and sacrifice. Many sacrificed themselves to save a fellow soldier, some to achieve an objective when the situation became extreme and stepping forward regardless of the cost was all that could be done. Most gave of themselves without knowing where it came from. But each who gave this, "last full measure, " are hero's who deserve our respect, our affections for what they sacrificed for each of us and our memoriam for what they did. Nothing that we do, nothing that we say can bring them back nor honor them in the fullest extent that they so justifiably deserve. Though we try through memorials that unite us in their sacrifice and the beauty of the architecture of our great memerial structures stir our emotions as we remember what they gave for us nothing can fully pay tribute to these heroic Americans that paved the way for our freedom.

Throughout the nation memorial services at cemeteries and memorials will remind us of each of these brave Americans who gave so that we may be free. We will shed tears to the strain of taps as we realize just how much they gave. Movies that attempt to portray their bravery and sacrifice will also remind us of the amazing feats that the best and bravest of this nation performed in defending our freedom. Yet within all of these memorials and tributes to the thousands who have made the ultimate sacrifice at the altar of freedom heroism demands that we as a nation live our lives in the freedom that they have provided for us in a manner that honors their sacrifice and pays tribute daily to their devotion to this country. If ever we fail to remember our freedom or surrender our liberties or take them for granted then we risk making their sacrifice in vain. In their sacrifice they never once considered it anything but their duty in service to this nation and honor to have served. We owe each of them the same in our devotion to the liberty and freedom that they sacrificed to give.

Nothing that we do can ever repay what they have given. Nothing that we say can ever express our gratitude for what we owe each of these brave heroes of freedom. How then can we begin to honor the memory and sacrifice of each who gave, "the last full measure of devotion ?" President Lincoln said it best as he closed the Gettysburg Address, " that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion -- that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth. " God bless our brave men and women who serve this nation and sacrifice daily. God bless the families of every soldier throughout our history who gave their all for freedoms sake......and finally God bless America !

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week is a little different this week because I found some important additions that I have added to this site. If you will notice at the top of the page beneath the time and date is a button that will allow you to select your state and find information about when to vote and every candidate that is running for office in your state. You can access their web site if they have one and also find their views and how they stand. Additionally just beneath the 9/11 memorial in the sidebar I have added a location that by entering your zip code you can find and contact the President, your House and Senate representatives, state representatives and local media. When you look up your House and Senate members this will also give you access to their views and their voting record on key issues. With the failure of the Congress to represent the people of this country this can be a vital tool to help with the decision of how to vote and to express our voice to our representatives.

Ken Taylor

Friday, May 26, 2006


As most of you I am sure know by now the Senate on Thursday passed a , "comprehensive, "immigration bill that betrays the conservative base in the GOP and I dare say the vast majority of the American people. This amnesty bill allows more freedom for illegals than we as citizens have as given us by the Constitution. Additionally the border security provision that has been touted by the Senate as an increase in security and has the addition of 300 miles of border fence is a farce. Arlen Spector and Dick Durbin tacked on an amendment at the last minute that basically states that a fence can be constructed ONLY if it does not offend the Mexican government and the Mexican Provence where the fence is to be constructed. In other words a fence cannot be constructed unless we get permission from the Mexican side of the fence even though it would be constructed on U.S. soil. This bill will also allow at least 60 million and as many as 120 million additional immigrants both legal and illegal into the country not counting the 12 million already here receiving amnesty by this bill. This over the next 20 years. This bill is a betrayal to the American people and to the foundations that this country was built upon. It is an insult to every immigrant and their descendants of which most of us are that has ever entered this nation. Following is a list of the Republicans who voted for this ridiculous and unconstitutional piece of legislation. South Carolina's Lindsay Graham whom I called and left a rather heated message of his betrayal to his constituency actually stated in an interview that if the Republicans did not vote for the disgusting bill then there would be a backlash at the polls in November. Senator Graham BECAUSE you and the following Republicans voted FOR the bill there will be a backlash. Conservative candidates are winning primaries to replace incumbents who are not listening to the people. In 2008 my state will do the same to Graham unless he wakes up and even then this betrayal may prove to be his undoing. Here is the list of GOP who have betrayed conservatism and the Republican Party. During this Holiday weekend I urge each of you to call and fill the message center with our disgust at this betrayal! Had these Republicans voted against this bill as they should have, it would have been defeated by a majority of 58 - 42.

Robert Bennett (UT): (202) 224-5444 - Sam Brownback (KS): (202) 224-6521 - Lincoln Chafee (RI): (202) 224-2921 - Norm Coleman (MN): (202) 224-5641 - Susan Collins (ME) (202) 224-2523 - Larry Craig (ID): (202) 224-2752 - Mike DeWine (OH): (202) 224-2315 - Pete Domenici (NM): (202) 224-6621 - Bill Frist (TN): (202) 224-3344 - Lindsay Graham (SC): (202) 224-5972 - Judd Gregg (NH): (202) 224-3324 - Chuck Hagel (NE): (202) 224-4224 - Richard Lugar (IN): (202) 224-4814 - Mel Martinez (FL): (202) 224-3041 - John McCain (AZ): (202) 224-2235 - Mitch McConnell (KY): (202) 224-2541 - Lisa Murkowski (AK): (202) 224-6665 - Gordon Smith (OR): (202) 224-3753 - Olympia Snowe (ME): 202) 224-5344 - Arlen Specter (PA): (202) 224-4254 - Ted Stevens (AK): (202) 224-3004 - George Voinovich (OH): (202) 224-3353 - John Warner (VA): (202) 224-2023

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 25, 2006


I have followed politics for more than 30 years and have been actively involved in one aspect or another for at least 20. I am also an avid history buff and the politics in history. Throughout our history I have never read of nor witnessed a Congress so out of touch with reality and with the voters as the current class in Washington. Whatever your political philosophy, conservative, moderate or liberal or you party affiliation Republican, Democrat or consider yourself an Independent, those who we have elected to office and who in accordance to the Constitution are answerable to we the people have absolutely no concern about the view or the will of the people. Those who work in the , "beltway, " and are located within the walls of the Capitol building have lost all touch with the reality of the thoughts and the will of the country. They have become so caught up in special interest groups and with the placating of votes that they no longer care about what the people of this nation, that are legal, think or believe. The disgusting amnesty bill that passed the Senate today is further evidence that Congress refuses to listen to those of us who hired them for the jobs that they currently hold. The disconnect with the people is so evident that it is obvious that the Congress as a whole believes that they know better than we what is, "best," for the nation. The addition of the case of William Jefferson, (D LA), who is under investigation for taking bribes and corruption just makes matters worse. Last Saturday the FBI with a court ordered warrant raided his Congressional office to acquire evidence concerning the corruption case. Both Houses of Congress and both parties are rallying with complaints of violation of separation of powers, which is lunacy for the raid was instituted with a legal court order for an FBI investigation which had nothing to do with his Congressional papers or his position in the House just his possible violation of corruption and bribery laws. Rather than condemn his illegal actions the Congress complains about the legal raid of his office and expect the American people to agree with them. This is total disconnect with the electorate. Total disregard of the countries position on illegal aliens and border security and giving our country away to illegals and now rallying against the quest for justice for a possible crime. Adding insult to injury and proving that the Congress is totally disconnected and does not care about the voice of the people is that all of this is taking place in an election year. That is where we have the advantage. Their belief is that we will continue to vote them into office and allow them to take this nation down the tubes. They have this allusion that since they are in office it is theirs for life and we just vote as mind numbed robots because they have been there for so long. In primary elections throughout the country a new batch of candidates are appearing that believe that the people are still the voice and true measure of this country. Many of them are Reagan Conservatives who believe that the people know what is best for this nation and not the government. It is time for the reality check of the Congress to flow in full force with a tide of incumbents being replaced by candidates who will listen to the people and look outside of the beltway to get the pulse of the country and stop the absolute madness that currently controls Washington.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The United States Senate is placing the, "comprehensive, " immigration bill on the fast track ending debate in order to have the final vote by Friday so that the bill can be in conference by the Memorial Day weekend. This bill that is on its way to passage in the Senate has the provisions for limited border security that the President outlined in his speech last week which in itself is not tough enough on border security. The bill creates more problems than it solves because of the provisions that allow the guest worker program and the legal immigration quotas that the bill sets in light of the flood of illegals that are flowing into this country. According to the Heritage Foundation the bill in its present form would allow 80 to 100 million immigrants into this country in the next 20 years which equates to more than one fourth of our entire population. This is madness! Though this is not being referred to as an, "amnesty, " bill these provisions which do not require illegals to return to their country and also gives no incentive for anyone to come out of the shadows to obey the slim penalties of paying back taxes, ( how to you pay taxes that have never been reported ?), a minimal fine, gainful employment, etc., in essence is an amnesty bill. Though the bill will go into conference with the House bill that gets tough on the border and has stiff penalties for employers the Senate version will have to be somewhat adopted for a compromise to be met to get the bill to the President's desk. Many House members are adamant about not signing on to any type of amnesty programs which will eventually kill this bill unless those who are showing a backbone in the House back down and cave in which has happened in the past on other legislation. If this bill dies then we are once again faced with a surmounting problem with no solution. Personally, if both houses would pass a strict tough bill for border security that stops the flow of illegals as a stand alone bill then address the other issues especially stemming the employment of illegal which ends much of the incentive to enter this country, I believe they would find backing by most of the country. Following is a list of Republican Senators who support amnesty for illegal aliens and social programs including Social Security benefits. Along with the name and state of each Senator is the phone number to contact them in Washington. Unfortunately South Carolina's Lindsay Graham who is quickly losing support in my state for his betrayal of the conservative platform that he ran on four years ago is on this list. I am calling my Senator to express my disgust of his support for amnesty and my fellow conservatives and liberals alike if your Senator is on this list then I request that you do the same!
Robert Bennett (UT): (202) 224-5444 - Sam Brownback (KS): (202) 224-6521 - Lincoln Chafee (RI): (202) 224-2921 - Norm Coleman (MN): (202) 224-5641 - Susan Collins (ME) (202) 224-2523 - Larry Craig (ID): (202) 224-2752 - Mike DeWine (OH): (202) 224-2315 - Lindsay Graham (SC): (202) 224-5972 - Chuck Hagel (NE): (202) 224-4224 - Richard Lugar (IN): (202) 224-4814 - Mel Martinez (FL): (202) 224-3041 - John McCain (AZ): (202) 224-2235 - Richard Shelby (AL): (202) 224-5744 - Olympia Snowe (ME): (202) 224-5344 - Arlen Specter (PA): (202) 224-4254 - Ted Stevens (AK): (202) 224-3004 - George Voinovich (OH): (202) 224-3353 - John Warner (VA): (202) 224-2023

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 22, 2006


As those of you who visit this site know I am a Bush supporter and a Republican. As readers you also realize that there are several issues that I disagree with the President and the majority in Congress. The issue of illegal aliens and the security of our borders are primary among my disagreements. Remember I am a conservative first and then a Republican. It has puzzled me to no end as to why the Congress is so unwilling to address the securing of our borders and getting tough on illegal aliens and the employment of the same. Securing the borders and even closing them is as simple as issuing an order to close them. Evidence this by the JFK assassination. When it was initially thought that Cubans were behind the assassination the Mexican border was closed completely and not re-opened for several days. So this task is not that difficult. In my mind and thinking there has to be a reason why the government is placating Mexico concerning this issue and additionally so unwilling to , "offend, " the Mexican administration which so clearly is not a true ally to the United States and actually acts more like an enemy. I think I may have found the answer. By clicking on the title of this article you will find a report of the largest imports of crude oil to the United States. The largest import to this country is MEXICO !!!! Could oil be the bases of the unwillingness of the Congress to deal with the situation. I realize that political correctness toward aliens and the possibility of a huge voter block combined with not wanting to offend business by taking away part of their work force is also part of the problem but it seems to me that oil is also a great deal of the reason. This in itself could very well explain why politicians are so willing NOT to listen to the people on this issue and willing to do as they wish. Ladies and gentleman this country belongs to WE THE PEOPLE and not they the politicians. Our voice is starting to be heard. Now we must demand that border security become the TOP priority!!!!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 21, 2006


I have been a Republican my entire voting life. Yet as a Republican I do not classify myself as anything but conservative and a Reagan conservative at that. Though I believed in conservative values from my teen years when I first started following politics, it was not until the Reagan Revolution that my conservatism was defined to a great extent and especially within the Republican Party. Prior to Reagan the Republican Party under Nixon and Ford was a more moderate influence than during the Reagan years which is why from a political stand point I disagreed with some of the policies adopted by Nixon and Ford, (Watergate not with standing). After Reagan defining conservatism within the Party the conservative base grew bringing about the gaining of the majority in Congress in 1994 with the Contract With America. This conservative base has been responsible for keeping Republicans in the majority since and was also responsible for the election of George W. Bush to Presidency. When you look at the demographics of the, "Red States, " the percentage of those who call themselves conservative within the Republican majorities in those states is high. Yet in a very real sense those that we conservatives have elected into office have strayed away from the conservative ideas and beliefs that caused us to elect them in the first place. The President has to some extent though he is starting to come around a bit with the exception of his stand on illegal aliens, but he is not running for anything. The Congress on the other hand has strayed so far from conservatism that they in many ways do not even resemble what we Reagan conservatives have backed and stood for with our vote. The Congress is not the least bit concerned with enforcing current laws concerning immigration. When President Reagan signed the amnesty bill for 1.5 million in the 80's it included other provisions which demanded enforcement of employment of illegals and securing the borders without those provisions Reagan said he would not sign it. Since Reagan left office the only provision in the bill that has been enforced was the one time amnesty provision. Additionally the Congress has abandoned the conservative idea of smaller government and fiscal responsibility with rampant spending and huge entitlement programs. Bush may have introduced some of the entitlements but the Congress expanded them far more than the original proposal. The immigration issue though has brought the disregarded to the conservative base by the Congress to a breaking point and a rebellion by the electorate has begun!

As we are beginning the primary season a trend is starting that will be a wake up call to the Republican Party and it is coming from the conservative base. It began in Herndon, Virginia. The incumbent Republicans opened up a day labor center for illegal aliens. This move by the incumbents angered the electorate to the extent that when the primary took place every incumbent was defeated and replaced by a conservative who took a strong stand on illegals. It happened again in North Carolina where the Republican controlled legislature voted to allow in state tuition for illegal alien children. In the primaries the incumbents were thrown out in favor of conservatives who again took a strong stand on illegals. The rebellion continued in Pennsylvania where , blue blood country club Rockefeller Republicans have been defeated in primaries in favor of conservatives which is redefining the Republican Party in Pennsylvania. Arlen Spector needs to take notice. Lynn Swann looks to win the Governorship in PA and his policies are Reagan conservative. Ken Blackwell a conservative is leading in every poll in the Governors race in Ohio. In Utah longtime Republican Congressman Chris Cannon is in a runoff with conservative opponents in the primary because Cannon is for open borders. As the political season continues this conservative rebellion will shape the field for the 2006 election with conservative Republican candidates and the wake up call to the Congress is loud and clear.

Democrats have a misconception concerning the recent low polling for the Congress and the President. The low figures result from disappointment in the inaction in enforcement of securing the borders and the rampant spending in Congress. The belief by the left is that because of this disappointment they are the beneficiaries and will gain majority status in November. The rebellion that is taking place in the Republican Party proves this Democratic notion false. The truth is that though we conservatives do not support much of what is taking place in Washington especially concerning illegal aliens we do not abandon our political principles and our core beliefs at the ballot box. We shake up our own and demand through our vote that they listen or they will be fired as is happening throughout the country in primary after primary. The message to the Congressional Republicans - wake up and return to the conservative values that placed you in office or you will be next. There is an entire generation of Reagan Republicans who are now running for office at the state and federal levels. These conservatives believe as I do and as Ronald Reagan did in smaller government, less taxation with fiscal responsibility and a strong military. They believe that the people not the Congress know what is best for this country and that elected officials are responsible to those of us who put them in office. This rebellion within the Republican Party as it continues will return conservatism to Congress and retain the majority status in both Houses and at the state level with Reagan conservatism once again the result!

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is, "The Violence Worker." Why the name ? Let me quote his explanation. "A liberal once said that those who work for the American war machine should be call violence workers. I have worked for the war machine almost my entire adult life. You can call me a proud violence worker." The blogger is a 20 year veteran of the United States Air Force for which we thank him for his service to our country. Great straight forward thoughts from a conservative view point about today's issues. Worth you reading and adding as a link.

Friday, May 19, 2006


Yesterday had to be one of the most maniacal days that has ever been in the chambers of the United States Senate since this countries government came into being! If I had viewed the proceedings on television I would have expected to see Daffy Duck running from Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny up to his tricks then as the Senate session closed hearing Porky Pig say, "ththththaaaaats al folks!" The day was that looney! On the surface what came out of this session seems harmless enough. The Senate passed legislation making English our national language. My first thought was, "ah, well duh," then I found that there has actually, until yesterday, never been legislation that mandated this. So, ok this is a good idea, right? Well sort of. The Senate in their infinite wisdom passed the bill by an overwhelming majority, but in the same bill left actually USING English as an option. The bill stated that multiple language selections would still be used for all government paper work and that the country could choose the language they would use which means that nothing changes except that the Senate got a few headlines that told a partial story. So this being the case then what in the world did this bill accomplish ? Absolutely NOTHING! Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid then accused the bill of being racist and that it was a direct stab at the Spanish language. In the next breath he apologized to the sponsor of the bill Senator Jim Inhofe so as not to call him a racist, just anyone who abides by the bill. This despite the fact that a recent Zogby poll shows that 84% of Americans believe that English should be required to being a citizen and 77% of Hispanics believe it also. Then Reid proceeded to tell the, " heart wrenching story," ( sarcastic tears flow as I recall the story, sniff, sniff), of a member of his staff named Fredrico who is a citizen and had to go to the hospital and was afraid that he would not be able to explain what was wrong with him unless he explained it to a nurse in Spanish. This despite the fact that Fredrico who is from Puerto Rico and as Reid stated spoke very good English with a slight accent. Now I ask you how does Fredrico work and communicate on Reid's staff but afraid of NOT being able to communicate in English at the Hospital? Hold the phone folks the Senate lunacy does not end with the language bill. Additional legislation spear headed by Senator John McCain, ( his participation should already place you on guard), actually condones identity theft! According to the bill illegal aliens now will receive Social Security benefits EVEN IF THE SOCIAL SECURITY IDENTIFICATION WAS FORGED OR ALTERED TO FALSIFY THEIR EMPLOYMENT!!!!! The Senate has gone nuts. Now I am 16 years from retirement age and am not concerned about Social Security because I am making additional preparation for retirement but there are many Americans who view this as their only means of retirement income. Now thanks to the Senate those who have violated our laws have the same right to what will soon become a bankrupt program, (unless something changes to revitalize the program), as those who have labored in the country as citizens their whole working life! McCain actually thinks this will earn him points for the 2008 Republican nomination for President ? Not hardly! This is a prime example of why these nuts who are in the Senate need to have a wake up call in both parties and realize that they work for us and we have the Constitutional right to FIRE THEM, at the ballot box! In the GOP the rebellion against these blue blood, country club, "moderate, " Republicans has begun! Conservatives are making their voice heard at the polls. This Sunday in , "The Sunday Commentary, " I will go into detail about this 2006 rebellion and how it is already beginning to effect the Party and the future to the positive. Meanwhile the Senate is obviously going to continue their lunatic antics. So as Porky says, "thththaaaaaaats all folks!!!!"

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 18, 2006


Stating that intelligence had become, "the football in American political discourse," General Michael Hayden began his confirmation hearings as the Presidential nominee to head the CIA. Although several times during the hearings questions were asked to attempt to trip up Hayden or force him to reveal sensitive material Hayden stood his ground and began the intelligence education of members of Congress who have used intelligence gathering as a political tool to attack the Bush administration. At one point during today's session General Hayden was asked by Senator Carl Levin, (D MI), if he had revealed to the committee all of the information concerning the NSA foreign intelligence program and the General replied that he could not talk about it in open session. A closed session was planned for late this afternoon which is supposedly top secret. Unfortunately that seems to be a definition that is taken lightly in some corners of the Congress. It would not surprise me to find at one point during the confirmation hearings that information revealed in closed session is leaked in a very hap-hazard manner twisted and used to attempt to sway public opinion concerning Hayden's confirmation to the CIA. This type of leak has happened in the past and with the assistance of the media wing of the Democratic Party intelligence programs and information has been twisted to create a picture of , "domestic surveillance," which has not happened in the NSA program and phone records used to tap into the calls that Aunt Mildred made to Uncle Harry about Sunday dinner which too has not happened! Stating that the NSA program is both legal and necessary the General explained the precautions taken to prevent surveillance of average Americans. He said the surveillance program used a "probable cause" standard that made it unlikely that information about average Americans would be scrutinized. The false premise that is being spewed in the media and through the liberals elected in the House and Senate has warped the entire truth concerning the intelligence gathering that is performed by the NSA and the CIA. General Hayden admitted that there have been mistakes which has been the actuality of intelligence gathering as long as we have been a nation. For every miscue there have been hundreds of successes and the General stated as such when he told the committee that there have been hundreds of terrorist attacks prevented BECAUSE of the intelligence that has been gathered through the surveillance program. The legality of the program and the questioning of said legality has been used for political advantage which has damaged the effectiveness of a very vital program. General Hayden stands firm on the legality of the program and stated that when he briefed the members of the intelligence committee of the NSA program that he never once left the briefings thinking that the legality was questioned or that he should rein in any aspect of the program. General Hayden's nomination should be confirmed and his appointment as Director of the CIA approved. His expertise and professionalism in the intelligence field are without question. His military discipline will correct problems within the Agency which in turn will enable better intelligence gathering and greater security for our nation!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am limited on time tonight because of other commitments but did want to take a moment and express my disgust concerning the after math of the President's speech last night. As I mentioned there were some good thoughts in the speech, the idea of enforcement of employers employing illegals and the increased border security including the National Guard, that was all but as I mentioned it was a start. Though Bush gave the idea that the Guard would not be involved with actual security but as back up, in a interview that I heard today with Cheney he expressed that the Guard would rotate at the border as part of their continued training exercises and would participate in border control and security. If this is the plan then it does have its merits. Despite that piece of somewhat good news following the speech what happened in the Senate proved once again that the most important aspect of the illegal problem which is border security is NOT a priority with the Congress. I had hoped and stated as such at the end of last evenings post that when Congress addressed this after the President's speech then they would put some teeth into the legislation and secure the borders and enforce the law. Their first opportunity to do so was today when legislation was proposed to place all other aspects of the illegals debate in the back ground and to immediately secure the border without a temporary worker program, which is exactly what needs to take place. Without hesitation and with a voice vote only this proposal was quickly shot down stating that border security could not happen without temporary worker programs. Once again Congress shows that they have NO backbone nor the will to secure our borders! This debate is proving that especially on this issue what we the people, who have hired those in Washington, not longer have a say in our government. It would seem that the time has come for us to fire those who are no longer interested in representing the people of the United States!

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 15, 2006


President Bush spoke from the Oval Office tonight on the hot bed issue of illegal immigration. The beginning of the speech finally dealt with border security. 6,000 National Guard will be deployed, in my opinion not enough but at least a start. The President also outlined a comprehensive program from high tech security to building fences in rural areas. Again not strong enough but a good start. From this point, though stronger than in the past, the speech did not take the tough stand that the nation is demanding. The President made it clear that he did not favor any amnesty programs and though I agree that deporting illegal aliens in large numbers is really not feasible the program that the President outlined though not in essence amnesty and placing any path to citizenship behind those who have obeyed our laws, the plan outlined penalties but again absolutely no incentive for illegals to step out of the shadows and participate in the program. It was good to hear that the plan actually will have penalties for employers who hire illegals including ID cards that are tamper proof. Whether it is enforced now remains to be seen. Enforcing the law when it comes to employing illegals will deter the massive flow coming over the border as illegals will find acquiring employment harder because of employment enforcement. Again the question is will it be fully enforced. If so great, but enforcement means NO exceptions. The President stated that in order to secure the border there must be a temporary worker program. I disagree ! Border security is possible without temporary worker programs. First completely secure the border. The flow must stop in order for the problem of illegal aliens to even begin to find a solution! I would like to believe that 6,000 National Guard is just the beginning and as the states on the borders request then additional Guardsman will be deployed. For those who disagree with National Guard on the border remember they are THE NATIONAL GUARD. Deployment in times of war is at the discretion of the President but their primary duty is national security whether a natural disaster, or deployment to protect our citizenry. Border security is vital to our national security and placing the Guard on the border is keeping with the responsibility of the Guard. All in all not the speech of strength that I would have liked but a start which will begin the process of dealing with the illegal alien issue. Now Congress must take this initiative by the President strengthen it and deal with the problem from a position of law enforcement and tight border security.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 14, 2006


The world is full of, "what ifs." For example, what if the Pearl Harbor had not been attacked would the United States have entered WWII ? What if John Kennedy had not been assassinated would there have been a Vietnam ? What if Hitler had pursued the British at Dunkirk and followed with invading Great Britain would the Third Reich had won the war ? What if, what if, what if. The United States and world history is so full of what ifs that it can make ones head spin. This year from a political stand point there is a, "what if, " that is being discussed and by some even being planned for as if it had already happened. "What if," the Democrats gain control of the House and Senate in the 2006 mid-term elections ? Over the past several weeks since the President's approval rating has dropped so low, ( I still don't believe that polls are a good indicator because they can be so easily manipulated), the Democrats have acted as if the results of the 2006 election is a forgone conclusion and the only thing left is the minor inconvenience of the voters casting their ballots in November to crown the Democrats as the majority. Nancy Pelosi is already being referred to in some circles as, "Speaker of the House." John Conyers is talking as if he is already the House Judiciary Committee Chairman. Howard Dean is spewing his liberal rhetoric as if he is the Chairman of the majority party. Now granted the Democrats though out of the majority since 1994 have never really acted like the minority party and the somewhat spineless leadership of the GOP has continually let the Dems get away with this by pandering to their vocal assaults and whining and not acting at times like the majority party. So the question that seems to be floating around Washington is, "what if the Democrats win the majority in the house and Senate in November ?"

There are several obvious things that will happen if this nightmare scenario were to actually happen.

1. Investigation city - the entire government would nearly grind to a halt as the Democrats under the leadership of John Conyers in the House and Chuck Schumer in the Senate would investigate everything from the pre-war intelligence and their false charge that, "Bush lied us into war, " to the NSA Foreign Intelligence Program and even how many times of day the President used the bathroom ! This would become the reality in Washington and would dominate the news media and the time of both the House and Senate as hearings would be convened with the express goal of finding an avenue to impeach Bush. The Constitution states that impeachment is for, "high crimes and misdemeanors, " which Bush has not committed but a Democrat controlled Congress will push until they can twist enough evidence to get the proceedings under way thus tying the hands of the Bush administration and making him a two year lame duck with no possible way of acting on anything. They would not from a legal stand point make anything stick but the crucifixion that it will cause in the press will end the Bush Presidency which has been their goal since the 2000 election and their belief that he stole the election from Gore. Never mind that scores of independent and even biased agencies have investigated the Florida vote count and come to the same conclusion that the election was legitimate. Their anger has driven their agenda since then and as the majority they will seek their, "revenge."

2. Repeal the tax cuts - Ever since President Bush and the Republican Congress instituted the tax cuts in his first year in office the Democrats have falsely cried that the tax cuts were and are for , "the rich." The overwhelming proof that these tax cuts have benefited every American has never deterred them from the claim. The rich received a higher dollar cut only because they paid in more. As a matter of fact 83.88 % of taxes are paid by the top 25% of income earners. Additionally the vast majority of economists agree that the Bush tax cuts are directly responsible for preventing a debilitating recession or possibly even a depression after the 9/11 attacks and also responsible for the robust economy that has grown in leaps and bounds since the tax cuts. Democrats fully believe that your money does not belong to you but to the government and that they as its representatives they know best how to spend your money so the tax cuts under a Democrat majority will be repealed and a tax increase be instituted. Many will argue that Clinton cut taxes and that is true. The reason for his tax cut was NOT because he wanted it as his policy but because the Republican majority in Congress under Newt Gingrich and Bob Dole forced his hand and passed a tax cut.

3. An immediate Iraq withdrawal - regardless of the consequences or the devastation that it would cause in Iraq and the Middle east as a whole a Democrat majority will force an immediate withdrawal of our forces in Iraq and much of the region claiming that the war is a failure and we have lost with no prospect of winning. The Democrats willing accomplishes in the mainstream media have assisted in creating this myth and the Democrats will act upon it soon after gaining the majority and taking their positions in the new Congress in 2007. Initially the country would celebrate as the troops return home but in a short time period, even as little as several days or weeks the terrorist element in Iraq will take control of the country and set up the Middle East base of operations that was taken from them with the defeat of the Taliban. Irag would provide them with a better operations center because of their better resources and a more centralized location. The entire Middle East will erupt in attacks and Israel would be the target for much of the violence.

4. Terrorism and terrorist would no longer be treated as enemies we are at war with - John Kerry stated during the 2004 election that he wanted to see terrorism once again looked at as an ,"inconvenience." This is essentially the Democrats idea of terrorism. Their track record is one that views terrorism as an illegal activity that should be handled through the courts and not as an enemy that demands military action. The War on Terror would be ended and the judicial approach would once again become United States policy in handling terrorism and terrorists. Of course we have experienced the," tremendous success," of this approach during the Clinton years and before as terrorists were indicted and nothing became of the indictment other than warrants issued for people that could not be found and arrested. Well it did keep Grand Juries busy! This change would not be immediate but gradual. The President as Commander in Chief would initially have the Constitutional authority to continue the War on Terror. The Congress, who controls the purse strings, would under a Democrat majority slowly through financial control end the War on Terror by decreasing the funding and pulling back the means with which to fight the war. Ultimately returning terrorism to an, "inconvenience, " for the courts to handle!

5. Illegal Aliens - oh I forgot the Democrats refer to them as, "undocumented workers." Neither party has shown any backbone on this issue but a Democrat controlled Congress would pander to the illegals far more than is already happening because they view them as the next voter block that they can control though social programs and government give- a- ways. The illegal aliens would first be granted full amnesty and all social and medical programs be legislated by the Congress to become federally available to all. Thus insuring that for the next several generations the Mexican vote will fall squarely in the Democrat column. Every illegal will also be given the right to vote. Once again to insure a Democrat voting block to assist in keeping a majority and also gainging the White House in 2008.

These are but just a few," what ifs," that would take place if the Democrats were to gain control of the Congress in the 2006 mid-term election. Is this take over possible ? Absolutely. Is it probable ? Personally I don't think so. One aspect that the Democrats are counting on that is not actually happening is that the majority of the voters are backing them now as opposed to the Republicans. They are a poll driven party and the declining numbers of the President indicate to them that they are gaining support. What they do not realize is that the dissatifaction of the President does not equate to support for the Democrats. In 1994 the Democrats abandoned the party because of dissatisfacion and a Republican majority was the result. In 2006 the opposite is not the case. Republicans can express dissatisfaction without abandoning the party. Additionally the conservative base which is expressing the majority of the dissatisfaction would not be caught dead voting for a Democrat. The key to fully preventing a Democrat take over in 2006 is for the GOP to wake up and realize that conservatives put them in office and they once again must listen to that base. Indications are that that is slowly starting. Even if the situation were to remain as it is the likelihood of a Democrat take over of the Congress remains slim. Losing seats is a distinct probability if nothing changes. The Senate would most likely become a 51 - 49 or a 52 - 48 majority with the Dems gaining a few House seats thus creating a lesser majority in that chamber. The GOP can still make gains if they will continue to listen as they have indicated and then act on what the constituency is demanding. Especially on the border issue. Tough action on the border between now and November will insure gains in both Houses of Congress for the GOP. The great, "what if, " of 2006 still remains a mystery but not the actuality that the Democrats are already counting on!

Ken Taylor


This week the Blog of the week is, " Say No To P.C.B.S. " I aslo think that the URL is rather interesting, . Excellent commentary to set the record straight with the politically correct left and their liberal rhetoric. Well worth reading and adding as a link!

Friday, May 12, 2006


I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh program today and an unsolicited call came in that was extremely interesting. The caller was a retired NSA military expert who spent twenty of his thirty years in the military working for the NSA and actually conducting communication surveillance and called the show to explain his disgust with the media reports of the NSA foreign surveillance program and to set the record straight based on his personal and professional experience. Following is the transcript of that call. I will let it speak for itself.

Ken Taylor

RUSH: Steve in St. Louis. Steve, thanks for your patience. I have one other question but I need to reset the table. He is a -- correct me if I'm wrong but you used to work in the Department of Defense intelligence and did phone call monitoring for the NSA. Is that right?
CALLER: Yes I used to work for the military in NSA.
RUSH: What he said right before the previous hour ended, he said if he is monitoring phone calls and overheard, for example, a phone call between me and Snerdley in which we were planning to rob a bank, he could not tell anybody about it because he had not received a warrant to monitor our phone call, and so if he did mention it to anybody, he would be put in jail before we were, if we robbed a bank. So we could rob the bank even though he knew we were going to do it, and I asked him, "Now, if you are monitoring foreign phone call, known terrorists, and you hear something like that, not under the same limitation?" and you said, "Yes." My question to you: in what circumstance would you stumble across a phone call between me and Snerdley planning on robbing a bank when both of us in the country and neither of us have known ties to terrorists? How would you encounter that phone call if you are not supposed to be listening to them in the first place?
CALLER: Purely by accident. We go through a set of frequencies, and every once in a while, they bleed over. We hear conversations that we are not supposed to. But we got to determine where they are. Because what we are listening to, internationally, is close to the frequencies that are used domestically. It is possible to hear stuff. We didn't get it often but every once in a while we would get something. It'd usually be mundane, "Hi. We are going out on Friday," type thing. But if we ever did hear, even criminal activity, we go through a training session every year on what we can and cannot listen to and how long we can listen to it.
RUSH: Well, you probably can't answer this next question on the basis of it's classified, but I'm going to ask it anyway. Could you, as a human being, just as a rogue agent in there, choose a phone number or person whose calls you wanted to monitor and zero in on it?
CALLER: Uh. Yeah, you're, um, stepping on the line there.
RUSH: Yeah.
CALLER: (nervous laughter) Um, well --
RUSH: I only ask you that because you would say you'd stumble across the Snerdley-and-I-robbing-a-bank phone call by accident because frequencies cross over.
CALLER: Right. But, you know, there are limitations on what we can do on anything. If we know, let's say, like we suspect you. We can go out and go ahead and get a warrant to listen to your conversations. That would be how we can get around the rogue. But, anything else, if we get anything on anybody, you know, interstate? We can't do anything with it. We are breaking a federal law, and I wouldn't even get a trial. I wouldn't even have gotten a trial. I would have gotten a military court that would have taken about 30 seconds to go, "Yeah, you heard it. You turned it over. You are going to Leavenworth for 15 years." That is a minimum sentence, because we can't spy on our own people.
RUSH: It's not surprising to hear this. You guys all have supervisors monitoring what you do? CALLER: Oh, yeah. We get monitored and we turn everything in that we get to a supervisor who has a supervisor who monitors him. There is so many levels that you got to go through to get anything anyway, that, you know, everybody says there was a failure of intelligence before 9/11. It wasn't a failure of intelligence. It was a failure to connect the dots, because we got 85 different groups doing it!
RUSH: Are we any better at it now?
CALLER: You know, I don't know. The fact that we haven't been attacked again in almost five years, probably says yes. But, like the president said early on in this: You're not going to hear about its successes. You're only going to hear about the failures. You know, in the twenty-plus years that I have done -- that I did -- this, we probably had 30 failures, and 3,000 successful stops.
RUSH: Wow. So when you hear the political cat calls of opposition and mischaracterization of the data mining program, how do you react to that personally when you hear it?
CALLER: I want to... I'm driving a big rig, and I just want to find them and run them over because they're lying. They are putting out information that isn't even close to the truth. This program has been going on since the '70s, that I have been involved in, and I know it was going on before that.
RUSH: When I said earlier today in explaining this to callers, that the data mining program that we learned about in December from the New York Times that the USA Today regurgitated yesterday, is different from the foreign surveillance going on of known Al-Qaeda terrorists -- when I pointed out, this is just collecting phone records from participating phone companies and not until somebody they already know is a terrorist or suspected terrorist calls a number on that list, is that list ever going to be used. Is that true?
CALLER: That is true. That is true. Until we have a number that we know is somebody that we have been monitoring to begin with --
RUSH: In that case you'll go get a warrant, right?
CALLER: In that case we'll go get a warrant, because we can't do anything until that point. If we already have the numbers under surveillance --
RUSH: But you don't need a warrant for the foreign phone calls.
CALLER: No, because we can get those anywhere in the world. The only difference between that is, we can't -- When we're in a foreign country, we can't monitor in the country, the home country. We can't monitor any of theirs either, but we can monitor everything else.
RUSH: Yeah. Well, it all makes perfect sense to me, and I can understand how you would be livid when you hear your work being mischaracterized because essentially, you know, the critics are trying to say that Bush is doing the spying, that Bush is the guy monitoring and eavesdropping on innocent American citizens. But actually people like you who are doing it and doing for the express purpose of national security, correct? You are a patriot. You believe in what you are doing for the cause.
CALLER: I took an oath twenty -- almost 30 -- years ago to defend this country and I still believe that oath. We are trying to defend the country. We don't always succeed, but people only find out about us when we fail. If we hadn't been doing our jobs, many more attacks like we had on September 11th would have happened.
RUSH: Prior to 9/11, you mean.
CALLER: Yeah -- and after. I guarantee you we have foiled 300 since September 11th that no one will ever hear about because we stopped them, and if we tell people how we stopped them, they're gonna find out what we do, and that's what's really upsetting me about this, is now the bad guys are finding out what we do. So now they are going to change their patterns, make it tougher on us to do our job.
RUSH: Well, I know, that's the frustrating thing, and a lot of people have suspected that this is a problem and I appreciate your calling because you have been able to put the...well, a face on this and you have been able to add the personal perspective because up until the time you called we're talking nameless, faceless individuals who by intimation are being smeared as spies and perverts who just want to spy on the American people for George Bush, for who knows what nefarious reasons -- when in fact it is just the opposite of what you are doing. However, I'm sure this has been all part of the job for you all along as well. It's got to be tough. It's got to be really tough to not be able to talk about you work. Most people take their identity from their work and you can't talk about yours.
CALLER: No. I could probably go to jail for what I am telling you now.
RUSH: Well, are you still there?
CALLER: No, but I still have another ten years before I can even do some things.
RUSH: Wow. Well, we trust that you have not been compromised. We are not monitoring your call here.
CALLER: (Laughing.)
RUSH: (Laughing.) And even if we were, we wouldn't turn you in to anybody.
CALLER: Thank you.
RUSH: I'm glad you called, Steve. Thanks so much for spending so much time with us.
CALLER: Thank you.
RUSH: Have a great day.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Just when the unwarranted coverage and accusations of the NSA foreign surveillance program had begun to lose its news worthiness USA Today blasts a headline about the collection of a data base of phone numbers by the NSA. It seems extremely suspicious that this article makes headlines only two days after President Bush nominates General Michael Hayden the former NSA Chief as his new CIA Director. The suspicion comes from the release of this information that dates back to just after 9/11 and seems obviously held to coincide with the nomination. Once again it looks as if a Congressional leak about the data base became convenient to the nomination announcement. The fuss over this data base is actually rather stupid. First the Congressional over sight of this program and each aspect of it including the data base has been known by the necessary members of Congress since the inception of the NSA program shortly after 9/11. That is what makes me suspicious of the timing of the leak of this data base information. Second, this data base is in essence similar to a phone book or more precisely phone records that contains only phone numbers to give the NSA the capability of detecting a possible calling pattern with suspected terrorists. At no time are the numbers used to tap into conversations of Americans unless they are involved as an operative with Al Qaeda or other terrorist elements. For Congress to attempt to deny or act surprised at the existence of this Data Base is an absolute absurdity since from the beginning they have been informed of every part of this program. Once again political grand standing at it worst. I will admit that the addition of Tony Snow as Press Secretary seems to be making a difference in the Bush PR. The President immediately came out to explain and defend the necessity of the data base and to assure Americans that they had nothing to fear concerning invasion of privacy. We are at war and the enemies agents have to be flushed out and this is but another tool to allow that to happen. When asked about their participation in gathering the data base AT & T said, "We prize the trust our customers place in us. If and when AT&T is asked to help, we do so strictly within the law and under the most stringent conditions." The legalities of this aspect of the program have been checked and verified by the Administration as well as the companies who have participated. Once again as I mentioned in my post on Tuesday concerning the nomination of General Hayden, when confirmation hearings begin the nation and the Congress will receive an education as Hayden takes them to school. He is an ardent professional who knows his job and what it takes to legally gather intelligence. I do not believe that this USA Today revelation will hamper Hayden's nomination but rather make the hearings that much more interesting as he embarrasses Senators who will attempt to crucify him as he ultimately receives confirmation and appointment as the new Director of the CIA.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


As if the illegal alien debacle did not have enough garbage to deal with and anger the country the Border Patrol, who is supposed to be actively protecting our borders and using all means at their disposal to prevent illegals from entering this nation, these ding bats are actually informing the Mexican government as to the location of the various Minuteman watches in order to give the aliens a heads up when crossing the border! According to a Mexican government website for the Secretary of Foreign relations three documents are posted that require the Border Patrol to inform the Mexican government of the Minuteman or any other civilian group monitoring the border and their location. United States Custom Service verified the notification program as a measure to reassure the Mexican government that illegals rights are not being violated. RIGHT, WHAT RIGHTS ?!?! The , "right, " to break our laws and illegally cross into our country? There are many who oppose the Minutemen because they are a civilian group who monitor the border and do nothing more then inform the Border Patrol of the crossing of an illegal and if necessary detain them until the Border Patrol arrives. What in the world is wrong with that ? I do not hear of any advocacy group complaining about the Community Watch Program which is in most of our communities in the United States that performs the same service where we live. If a member of the Community Watch group monitors any action that is potential trouble or a violation of the law in their community then they inform the authorities, as do the Minutemen and in some cases actually detain the perpetrator until police arrive. Again, what's the difference? The only difference that I see is that the Minutemen are monitoring illegal aliens who are politically correct which makes the law abiding citizen who monitors the border and turns in the illegal politically incorrect thus an enemy. Don't be surprised if you hear a thunderous noise coming from the ground for it will be the sound of George Washington and the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves!!!

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 08, 2006


President Bush announced today that General Michael Hayden is his nominee as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Hayden will replace Porter Goss who announced his resignation yesterday. Hayden a four star General and recently the head of the National Security Agency, (NSA), has impeccable credentials to head the CIA. Immediately upon speculation yesterday that Hayden would become the nominee the Democrats and a few Republicans began criticizing the nomination claiming that a military officer should not be head of the CIA. Those who are making this claim obviously do not know their history. When the CIA was established in 1946 by President Harry Truman its first director was active General William Donovan who had served in the CIA predecessor the OSS. Since Donovan there have been three active military officers, two recently retired and one in the reserves. Many other directors have had active military service as part of their resume including former President and CIA Director George H.W. Bush. For the opponents of this nomination to complain about General Hayden because of his being in the military is absurd. Actually the discipline of the military under a tried and true leader such as General Hayden is exactly what the agency needs. It will be very interesting to watch during the confirmation hearings as the opponents of the nomination attempt to grill General Hayden concerning the NSA foreign surveillance program and watch as Hayden gives them a lesson in how intelligence gathering works and the truth about the program that Dems wrongly title, " domestic spying, " yet are unwilling to stop the program when pressed on the issue for they know its legality is actual and the program has been successful. Hayden brings with him experience and a knowledge on intelligence gathering that is necessary when considering the terrorist element and the situation in Iran and other hot spots in the world. Hayden will shine during confirmation hearings and those who will attempt to discredit him will come out with egg on their face as they are schooled in the intricacies of this expert on intelligence. Hayden's experience and military discipline will bring a shakeup in the CIA that should plug leaks and increase our capability on gathering what we need to protect and secure our nation. An excellent pick by the President and the ideal candidate for the job!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, May 07, 2006


This weeks Sunday contribution is going to take on a little different thought as it is actually a book review, but not just any book. This review covers a subject that I have been a student of most of my life and finally discovers the answers to the questions about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. When I first found this book at Books - A - Million I was somewhat skeptical. Afterall I have read dozens of books about the assassination and have actually through the Freedom of Information Act acquired volumes of unclassified FBI information, which I might add had the expected censured black out portions. So my first thought when I saw this book was, " great another book on the assassination that rehashes the same story." The title still sparked my interest enough to take a moment and sit down and read the introduction and I was hooked because of the new information revealed for the first time in this book. The book title is: "Ultimate Sacrifice - John and Robert Kennedy, the plan for a coup in Cuba and the murder of JFK" by Lamar Waldron with Thom Hartman. My skepticism was first disarmed when I read the original purpose behind the book and then what it became. The authors had originally sought to gather all of the vast information about the assassination and compile it under one cover in a concise form so that all of the different ideas could be read as a complete story. They estimated that it would take two or three years to achieve this goal. The more that they found the deeper their investigation went and seventeen years later, "Ultimate Sacrifice, " was the result. During their investigation the authors discovered new information that has never before been revealed in a book and because of their discovery for the first time a cohesive component ties all of the information and the conspiracies together to reveal the truth behind who assassinated President Kennedy, why and how it was covered up and the necessity to keep this information secret for so long.

Since November 22, 1963 there have been dozens of theories and speculation about JFK's assassination. Most of the ideas that have floated around have followed four different angles. CIA involvement , Mafia involvement, Cuba and Castro and the many dissident groups who were in the United States at the time and of course the lone gunman idea, Lee Harvey Oswald. The problem in all of the research that has taken place over the past forty four years is that not one idea or conspiracy could definitely link any one of the above mentioned possibilities directly to the assassination without leaving several open ended questions and not answering details that could also prove that any of the conspiracies could not have actually performed the murder of the President. "Ultimate Sacrifice, " answers the questions and found the one component missing that not only answered the question as to who was behind the assassination but why all of the conspiracies which all have factual basis have lingered in the public eye for so long. The component that ties everything together is a never before revealed plan that was put together by John and Robert Kennedy in 1963 to stage a coup in Cuba with the assistance of one of the highest ranking members of the Castro regime at the time. This coup ties the Oswald factor, the Mafia, Cuba and the US dissidents together in a staged assassination that is shocking in the fact that it could have happened in this manner in the United States. This book proves in great detail and with a considerable number of sources both through interviews and recently released government files and declassified material how the Mafia, specifically mob bosses, Santo Trafficante boss of Texas, Louisiana and Alabama, Carlos Marcello, boss of Florida, and Johnny Roselli, lieutenant to Chicago mob boss Sam Giancana and head of Las Vegas mob operations infiltrated the coup through their involvement with the CIA and plans to assassinate Castro and used many of the Cuba coup plans and personnel to assassinate President Kennedy. The book reveals little known and long buried assassination attempts that theses mob figures attempted in Chicago, Illinois and Tampa, Florida in the three weeks before they succeeded in Dallas on November 22, 1963 . Finally the question as to Oswald being a lone gunman and killing a President is answered and proven to be false. Oswald was the ultimate patsy who through his involvement with the Cuba coup was manipulated by the mob and their various contacts who were being used by the CIA for the coup to become the fall guy for the assassination and the beginning of the cover up. Oswald was then killed by Jack Ruby to prevent him from revealing his Cuba involvement and his total uninvolvement in killing JFK. Robert Kennedy who was in charge of the entire Cuba coup put together a plan whose full aspect was only known by a few but involved the military, the CIA and the Cuban dissidents. None of the three aspects knew that a coup was definitely in the making and was scheduled for December 1, 1963 but were instructed to put together a contingency plan, "in case a coup were to happen." This secrecy in itself enabled the Mafia to infiltrate the coup plan, create a misinformation program through their various CIA contacts and essentially reverse the coup plan to kill President Kennedy in order to stop the very successful prosecution of the mob that was being conducted by Attorney General Robert Kennedy. The assassination then was forced into a cover up because the mob through their disinformation program threatened to reveal the Cuba coup and the US involvement which would have provoked and most likely started a war with the Soviet Union who had threatened that any US action against Cuba would be considered an act of war against the Soviet Union. Thus the cover up and the many conspiracies that all had a basis in truth concerning the assassination of President Kennedy.

My brief description of the book, "Ultimate Sacrifice," just scratches the surface of this highly detailed and revealing account of the truth behind the Kennedy assassination and the cover up that has lasted for more than forty years. For those of you who remember that day and the chilling effect that it had on this nation and the further ramifications that the few seconds that it took to assassinate a President changed the course of history then this book is a must read. For those of you who are not old enough to remember that tragic day but wish to learn how a rogue agency, which is what the CIA was in the late fifties and early sixties and how an out of control government agency can unwittingly be compromised and used by criminal elements to change the course of history then this book is also a must read. For those who just want answers to one of the most disturbing questions of the Twentieth Century, "who killed JFK ?" Then read this book. "Ultimate Sacrifice," by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartman. I highly recommend it!

Ken Taylor


The Blog of the Week this week is, "God Bless America." "Land that I love ......dedicated to our troops and military families who fight to protect freedom and liberty throughout the world." This is how the author describes his blog and he does an excellent job in fulfilling his objective. Great insight and revealing commentary that exposes the truth that the media and the left are trying to hide. Well worth reading and adding as a link.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Thanks to Mike's America for the above very revealing map of the United States. Every green dot represents oil resources that are available for use in this country were it not for the environmentalist whacos and liberal Democrats who have prevented this country from tapping into our own oil resources and kept us dependent on foreign oil. In case you have trouble reading the combined total at the bottom of the map it totals 440 BILLION BARRELS OF OIL. More than enough to end our dependency and give us the same oil prices as Saudi Arabia about 65 cents per gallon and Venezuela about 35 cents per gallon. Both countries are oil independent because they have used their own available resources. When it comes to oil WE are the third world country because of our dependency !

Ken Taylor

Thursday, May 04, 2006


When I first heard the verdict yesterday I had mixed feelings. Part of me thought that a life sentence would be a greater punishment because Moussaoui would not become a martyr and not get his 72 virgins. Another part of me, because of who he represents and what he was involved in, wanted to see him fry! Then I realized that throughout the court proceedings we have missed an opportunity to actually send a profound message to Al Qaeda and terrorists in general. The life sentence for Moussaoui or capitol punishment does not send a message that would give Al Qaeda or terrorism pause. Everyone has been congratulating themselves because this trial has proven that our system of government works and the legal system has performed its job in convicting and sentencing Moussaoui. While in one respect that is very true for this trial shows that our freedoms and our laws are true and real. Yet where this trial has failed is in proving to the world that the ideology that creates a Moussaoui or any other terrorist is evil and an abomination to any civilized people. Moussaoui was portrayed as a troubled child who because of his childhood became vulnerable to the likes of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda. He was almost shown to be a victim and not the persona of terrorism that he is.

After WWII the Allies held war crimes trials in Nuremberg, Germany. While many of the Nazi war criminals were on trial the true defendant that was being prosecuted was the ideology of National Socialism that gave rise to the Third Reich and the crimes against humanity as well as the pure evil that constituted the murder of 6 million Jews as well as the destruction of Europe. Those who served under the brain wash of the Nazi Party and Hitler though individually on trial were more so on trial for what their ideological belief gave credence in their minds and allowed them to perform the disgusting atrocities that took place during the reign of Adolph Hitler. Though each individual that was convicted in Nuremberg was punished for his responsibility in the acts of the Third Reich the trial actually showcased to the world that that type of evil and ideology would not and could not be allowed to flourish again.

Moussaoui not only represented his personal responsibility for 9/11 but the ideology of Al Qaeda and terrorism. For him to be portrayed as a hapless victim of Al Qaeda and the ideology of hatred and disregard for life that terrorism represents to be left out of the trial equation sends a message of weakness to those that we fight. Moussaoui will languish in prison justifiably for the rest of his life but the travesty of his trial is that Al Qaeda and terrorism was let off the hook. Just as Nuremberg tried and convicted the ideology of the Nazis this trial should also have tried and convicted the ideology of terrorism. Would it have made a difference ? Quite possibly. As the publicity and later the full transcript and retelling of the Moussaoui trial takes place the true evil of terrorism if it had been put on trial as National Socialism was put on trial in Nuremberg could have discouraged others from following this evil ideology. As the true form of terrorism could have been displayed to the world then world governments may have become allies in this war on terror in the same respect that the world banned together to prevent the rise of National Socialism ever again. This also proves why the justice system alone cannot work in defeating terrorism. Unfortunately evil incarnate as terrorism is demands action and force to bring about its final destruction. We fight not against just individuals that wish to kill us but an ideology that teaches our destruction. The Nazis had this type of ideology that gave rise to their evil and force defeated them. The same applies to terrorism. Their defeat will come and their ideology will fail.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


As I was searching the web I found a very interesting billboard displayed at the Drudge Report. This billboard is being sponsored by GrassFire. org,( of which I recieve e-mail updates from time to time), and will be displayed across the nation as funds allow. GrassFire has been a advocate of closing the borders and strict enforcement of United States laws regarding illegal aliens and this newest promotion is a way that each of us can participate in expressing our rights as citizens to our elected officials as well as those who have entered our country illegally. Click on the title if you would like to participate in helping to sponsor one or more of these billboards. The donation is $25.00 per square foot and you can sponsor as much or a little as you can afford. A $15.00 donation will get a yard sign replica of the billboard for your home. There are many ways to join the fight for securing our borders. Contacting our respective representatives is yet another way that we the people can express our thoughts and feelings concerning this important issue. Many of the advocates of illegal aliens are actually claiming that this is a takeover of the south western states and certain leaders in the movement are advocating setting up a separate country consisting of New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, California and southern Colorado. This situation must be addressed and the huge influx of aliens stopped or their dreams of conquest can take place if only by sheer numbers. Their goal is to gain access to voting and by using elected officials who are supportive of illegals forcing the government by the vote of these legislators bringing about their conquest of the south west. The unfortunate aspect of this is that if the problem in not addressed with strict enforcement and securing of our borders their goal is a distinct possibility. Congress must get serious and stop pandering to the aliens. Border security is as simple as legislation that orders the closing of the borders and then sending the troops whether active military or National Guard to enforce the law. Every state on the border and the governors of those states has within their executive power to close their borders. Since the federal government has chosen to ignore the people then we must put the pressure on our state governments to act! Now is the time to move to stop the massive influx in its tracks!

Ken Taylor

Monday, May 01, 2006


Senators have used it as an excuse for amnesty programs. House Members have used it as an excuse to claim that it would devastate the economy. The President has used it as an excuse for a, "guest worker program." Yet today despite the hundreds of thousands who boycotted work, shopping and other activities to participate in organized protests and the untold millions who did not protest but also did not work, go to school or shop the United States of America still continued to operate. Business' continued to stay open. The stock market closed at 4:30 eastern time as usual, traffic backed up during morning and evening rush hours and life as we know it continued its daily task. The farce that the media and politicians have continued to push even to the point that the very illegals that they are referring to believe their clout is stronger that it truly is was revealed for the lie that it is today as the country went on with business as usual. Yes, their were certain business' that suffered today. Builders, landscaper and reports of certain factories with decreased or no production but as a whole this boycott failed. I also noticed that the main focus for the protest, shutting down Los Angeles, Fresno, Chicago, New York and Phoenix did not happen either. As I listened to news reports throughout the day the reporters were dramatically painting a picture of the suffering and plight of illegal aliens yet not once did I hear an interview with an illegal. Interviews were with legal immigrants or their descendants supporting the boycott. One Latino news anchor was quoted quite heavily. Yet the nation still moved on and life continued despite the fear mongoring that the illegal advocates and the press tried to express. Will this failure pursued our elected officials to finally enforce the law ? Unfortunately, I think not. Though I did hear some encouraging news as certain Congressman saw this as having a backlash effect thus causing a gain in support of those of us who favor strict enforcement of the law and securing the borders. The President actually chimed in over the weekend concerning the controversy over the Spanish version of the National Anthem stating that if you wish to be a citizen and/or live in this country that English is our language and it should be spoken and the Anthem should be sung in English. Maybe his head is beginning to turn. Those who have broken our laws have no rights and as such protesting for rights is of no concern or consequence. If they go through the proper channels to enter this country then God bless them and welcome to America. The American dream is available for those who earn the right to become a citizen and obey the law. To those who are illegal then there is no American dream only the cause of an American nightmare.

Ken Taylor

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