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Thursday, March 31, 2011


My time is limited today so this post is going to be short and to the point. The Continuing Resolution passed nearly three weeks ago is quickly coming to an end. House and Senate, "negotiators," have been hammering out an agreement to prevent a government shut down. According to sources in DC there has been a tentative agreement and if this is the case I am NOT a happy camper.

According to sources the agreement calls for $33 billion dollars in cuts which is $23 billion more than Democrats had originally agreed to but doesn't even scratch the surface and will have NO impact on current deficits, spending and debt. In fact the interest alone per day on the current debt of almost $15 trillion dollars is nearly $40 billion dollars more than this proposed cut for the current budget year.

So while the negotiation game is being played for a measly pittance we go $72 billion dollars more in debt in just interest alone EVERY DAY! When we voted Republicans in last November we voted them in to take a strong a meaningful stand on fiscal discipline by dramatically cutting spending, eliminating deficits and begin reversing our massive debt. We understood it would not happen overnight but we also expected quick and deep cuts to begin the process.

Republicans are so afraid of shutting down the government that they have become willing participants in the Democrat lie that it will cost votes and make Americans mad if government is shut down. To the GOP in both the House and Senate I say this, it is NOT 1995 and the American people aren't buying into the usual liberal lie that shutting down the government will starve kids and put grandma out on the street.

We understand that so called essential services will continue, many of which we as conservatives disagree with but never the less they will continue. We also understand the necessity of having a tool in which to force Democrats to agree to deep and meaningful cuts. We sent the GOP to DC to take a stand and we expect that stand to be taken. Quit playing the negotiation game and the usual DC song and dance and MAKE SERIOUS CUTS IN SPENDING. If the Dems won't get on board THEN SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN!

The majority of Americans favor shutting down the government if it means serious cuts are being made in the process. Quit listening to the whining Democrats and do what we sent you to Washington to do. Take a principled stand and make the cuts necessary to begin getting our fiscal house in order.

Stop with the meaningless few billion here or 30 billion there and begin forcing cuts in the hundreds of billions even if it means entitlements are on the chopping block. This is why we sent you to DC and this is what we the people expect. We are tired of the games and the rhetoric and we demand real and meaningful action or we will boot current Republicans out of office and replace them not with Dems because they have NO interest in listening to the people but we will find real conservative to do what we expect.....that is IF we can financially survive until the next election.


Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Thirty years ago on March 30, 1981 the Nation was shocked to hear that President Ronald Reagan had been shot while leaving the Washington Hilton Hotel on 69 days into his Presidency. The lone assassin John Hinkley Jr. was later found to be mentally unstable as the assassination attempt was to get the attention of Actress Jodie Foster who he had a crush on.

Severely wounded in the attempt was Reagan Press Secretary James Brady, DC police officer Thomas Delahanty and Secret Service Agent Timothy McCarthy. The shot that hit Reagan ricocheted off the Presidential Limousine and entered the President on the left side just under his uplifted arm. The bullet hit a rib and lodged only an inch away from his heart.

President Reagan was pushed into the Limo by Secret Service Agent Jerry Parr and both thought that he had broken one of Reagan's ribs, not realizing that the President had been shot. Had it not been for the quick reaction of Parr, President Reagan would likely have been shot in the head which would have also likely been a fatal wound.

Upon arriving at the hospital Reagan collapsed and was rushed into emergency surgery where they found he had been shot and his wound was severe. Because of the loss of blood and the proximity of the bullet to his heart the President nearly died but as the doctors would later report although 70, Reagan had the stamina of a 30 year old man and his health, will and strength along with his faith helped pull him through.

President Reagan was a changed man to a certain extent after the shooting. He believed that God had spared him for a purpose and he pushed without hesitation his goal of seeing the end of Communism and the elimination of The Soviet Union. Both goals were achieved as the USSR began collapsing and soon after Reagan left office The Soviet Union was no more, Eastern Europe was freed from Communist oppression and Communism as a force in the world was eliminated.

Reagan was, I believe, destined to be a good President but the profound experience of the assassination attempt I also believe, elevated him to the ranks of great Presidents as he governed with a purpose, ending the Communist threat to America and the world, restored American pride and American respect around the world, reversed a failing economy and made the Nation and the world a far better place because of his leadership.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This excellent article reposted from Mikes America gives tremendous insight of the weakness of Barack Obama and the confusion it has caused for our foreign policy and the intervention in Libya. Special thanks to Mikes America!


He won't intervene when it could help U.S. interests even if lives are at stake!

Explaining his justification for sending U.S. forces to attack Libya, Obama told reporters in a press conference in El Salvador on March 22 that:

Now, with respect to our national interests, the American people and the United States have an interest, first of all, in making sure that where a brutal dictator is threatening his people and saying he will show no mercy and go door-to-door hunting people down, and we have the capacity under international sanction to do something about that, I think it’s in America’s international -- in America’s national interest to do something about it.

That doesn’t mean that we can solve every problem in the world. It does mean that when you have not only the United Nations but also the Arab League and also other countries in the Gulf who are saying, we need to intercede to make sure that a disaster doesn’t happen on our watch as has happened in the past when the international community stood idly by.
In a further refinement, Obama offered the following statement in Saturday's Weekly Radio Address:

I firmly believe that when innocent people are being brutalized; when someone like Qaddafi threatens a bloodbath that could destabilize an entire region; and when the international community is prepared to come together to save many thousands of lives—then it’s in our national interest to act. And it’s our responsibility.
Some are referring to the above statements as the Obama Doctrine of limited intervention but only with broad international support. But like nearly every other aspect of Obama's foreign and national security policy there are many confused and contradictory elements.

Sec. Gates: No U.S. 'Vital National Interest' in Libya

Obama's statement that intervention in Libya "is in America’s national interest," was contradicted by Bill Gates, the Secretary of Defense in an interview on the This Week Sunday program. Along with the useful hedging and butt covering came the following: "“It [Libya] was not -- it was not a vital national interest to the United States."

Intervention in Syria?

Amnesty International reports that the death toll in Syrian protests is rising daily. President Bashar Assad, an ally of Iran, ordered his military to take brutal action in suppressing protests. The number of dead is still smaller, compared to Libya, but may soon catch up with those in Egypt where the Obama Administration played a front and center, if confused, role in unseating President Mubarak.

Asked about an intervention in Syria, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that such intervention was "not going to happen," due in part to lack of any international consensus. Yet, here is a case where there is a direct U.S. national interest in unseating the dictator Assad.

Together with Iran Syria has been a prime benefactor of the radical Islamic terrorist group Hezbollah, which has established bases in Lebanon. Hezbollah has killed at least 289 Americans, including 241 Marines who died in the Beirut barracks bombing in 1983. Hezbollah is the key agent in destabilizing Lebanon and attacking Israel. There are reports that Hezbollah agents are actively working in Syria to quell protests against the regime. And by "quell" I mean kill. Unseating Syrian dictator Assad might be the best way to unravel the Iran/Syrian/Hezbollah terrorist nexus. If that's not in the U.S. national interest I don't know what is.

Like Iran, Syria has been a key transit point for Al Queda and other agents entering Iraq to attack and kill U.S. forces.

Yet we have the Obama Administration issuing hands off policies regarding Syria as well as Iran. Funds for democracy activists were cut by Obama in Iran just as he did in Egypt.

No one is suggesting that we propose a no fly zone over Syria, but at the very least we should offer assistance, short of military help, to the protesters. Obama, who couldn't shut up when it came to criticizing Mubarak or Khaddafi's treatment of protesters hasn't spoken one word in support of the protesters in Syria. This is the same silent treatment he followed for at least a week while Iranian government agents were shooting protesters in the streets.

Where is the American drive in the United Nation's to condemn Syria? Not a word from the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. No U.S. call for Arab League or other international support to end the violence in Syria.

Obama Policy: Incoherent, Incompetent, Confused and Contradictory!

Obama seems bent on continuing a policy that weakens U.S. leadership and confounds and confuses our allies. Niall Ferguson, a professor of history at Harvard, recently said : "A succession of speeches saying, in essence, "I am not George W. Bush" is no substitute for a strategy."

Thus far, Obama's alternative to Bush policies has been more damaging to U.S. national interests and critical allied relationships than the worst imagined by Bush's critics during the years of his presidency. The consequences of Obama's weak leadership and confused and contradictory policy actually make the indecision and waffling of the Carter years look competent by comparison.

A while back I assumed that the consequences of Obama's lack of foreign policy experience would take years to be made evident. That assessment was wrong. It's obvious now that Obama neither understands complex international problems nor has the inclination to effectively represent U.S. national interests and lead world opinion. The emptiness of his empty suit is now apparent for all to see!

Mikes America

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Before anyone who reads this comes to the conclusion that I am criticizing the decision to go after Qaddafi and quell the attacks on innocent civilians he has undertaken to try and hold onto power, then draw another conclusion. Qaddafi is a thug who should be taken out and taken out quickly for the betterment of the Libyan people and the world. Since the late seventies Qaddafi has been a thorn in the side of the world and his latest actions are adding to a multitude of crimes against The United States and humanity as a whole that deserve the end of a rope and a quick drop.

The problem with what is happening in the effort to quell this terrorist thug is not THAT it is being done but it has come too late to actually fulfill a real possibility that Qaddafi will absolutely be taken out. Although Rebels are gaining a little ground in the last couple of days, Qaddafi has defied the wishy washy calls especially from Obama for him to step down and knowing that there is not a specific goal of taking him out of power, Qaddafi even if he loses some of the country to rebels will hang on with enough military and yes civilian support to remain in power laughing at an ill defined and leaderless coalition and thus emboldening other such thugs to see that especially a US under Barack Obama no longer has the stomach to stand for what is right.

In the now infamous, "Black Hawk Down," incident in Somalia where US soldiers were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu before the cameras of the world with US troops under foreign command and not allowed to go in, in force nor mount a strong rescue mission because the political misgiving of that foreign command, then shortly after the incident US troops were pulled out of Somalia because of an ill defined mission, a little known terrorist and his equally unknown organization became emboldened to later mount the worst terrorist attack in our history. Usama bin Ladin attributes our actions in Somalia to his realization that the US did not have the stomach to fight and he began planning 9/11.

Because of an extremely weak and indecisive Commander in Chief we may very well be approaching a similar situation in Libya. Beginning this week US troops will be under the command of a NATO committee which must come to a consensus to decide how to move, plan or attack in any situation that may rise concerning the effort in Libya. there is only one power in the world who has the ability to lead any such operation and the technology to make it happen and that is The United States.

But Barack Obama has chosen to relinquish that leadership, a leadership that was precarious at best because of his personal lack of leadership and as such our forces will be under foreign command. A situation that has NEVER been good for our forces because we have always been used as cattle for the slaughter so to speak by foreign commanders who do not have the military ability to command the best troops in the world and fail to understand our command and control network and the abilities of our tremendous military.

Additionally Obama has been absent throughout this operation. He and his administration have had so many sides to what US policy is from taking out Qaddafi to not taking him out. From maybe working for a no fly zone to doing so after the greatest damage had already been done providing Qaddafi plenty of advanced time to send his air forces to other country's preventing any coalition destruction of his future ability to do this again once the operation is over.

Obama has also been absent in EVERY aspect as a leader sending Hillary to do all of the work to the point that every announcement made both to the American people and the world has come from the Secretary of State and NOT the President. This is unprecedented in the history of the United States. Even when a Secretary of State has done a considerable amount of the leg work, the President has worked the phones and been the face of the country before the press and the American people as any military operation is undertaken.

The only logical finish to this action in Libya is to end the regime and yes even the life of Qaddafi, yet Obama has specifically stated through his Press Secretary that removing Qaddafi and especially targeting him would NOT be a goal or an action undertaken. So the question is, "what exactly are we doing in Libya then?" This is the problem. Because of the total lack of leadership by Obama and an operation which has no definitive mission or goal the coalition lay in confusion which places our forces in greater harms way and without a clearly defined direction. Now that ill defined mission falls to a NATO committee that will further cloud the objective.

Adding to this is an absolute lie that has been perpetrated by Obama when it come to ground troops from The United States. He has emphatically stated that NO US ground troops will be used in Libya. Yet Special Forces are already there and I have learned from a very reliable source whose son is a member of the 82nd Airborne that the Infantry Division has been put on alert for immediate deployment to Libya in the coming week. As an Infantry Division the 82nd is ONLY a boots on the ground force and thus exasperates the lie being made by the CIC.

I was aggravated when President Bush soon after we went into Iraq, not because of the mission but because he under estimated the force necessary to complete the mission successfully. When the surge took place our forces under our command and at the strength necessary to win the war quickly brought victory and a free Iraq from the threat of terrorist activities allowing the Democracy that has arisen to work and the Nation to become self sufficient.

General Douglas MacArthur once said, " In war there is no substitute for victory." and, "It is fatal to enter any war without the will to win it." I fear that because of the non-existent leadership by Barack Obama, the lack of any definitive mission for Libya and an obvious lack of will by both Obama and NATO to do what is necessary to end Qaddafi as well as news that rebel forces has an association with Al Qaeda, absolute victory will not be achieved and we very well may be facing another Bosnia, Somalia or worse to the detriment of Americans best and bravest.

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 25, 2011


After returning from his tax payer paid family sight seeing tour of Central and South America Barack Obama attempted to enter the Oval Office and found the doors locked. According to staffers they did not realize he was working that day. Evidently he is AWOL from the Oval Office so often even staffers don't know when he's there. Personally I would like to see him locked out of the Oval Office permanently but unfortunately we have to wait until 2012 to take those keys away from him.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Barack Obama was asked specifically in an interview whether US troops would be on the ground during the current situation in Libya. Obama emphatically stated that he had, "absolutely," ruled out ground troops. Yet even while the words were coming out of his deceptive mouth, 2400 US Marines were ALREADY on the ground protecting the people of a Libyan city.

According to report from Camp LeJuene, North Carolina where the 26th MEU is based, 2400 Marines are on the ground in the city of Ajdubiyah, "preserving the safety of the civilians," in this Libyan city who have been under attack from pro Qaddafi forces. Obama not only flat out lied about ground troops but in his lie neglected to inform the American people that our sons and daughters are in harms way under HIS ORDERS.

Adding to this lie is the fact that Obama has already relinquished leadership of American forces and within the next few days all US forces in the theatre will fall under foreign command. The last time our troops were under foreign command was in Bosnia and we were sent like cattle to the slaughter. We were also under foreign command in Somalia and who can forget the Black Hawk Down incident.

Lying to the American people in order to appease his leftist base when our sons and daughters are in harms way by his command is not only inexcusable but incomprehensible from a Commander in Chief. Then abandoning our troops to foreign command makes this CIC one who sends our troops to fight without a conscience as to whether they live or not as they defend our country.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Whether one agrees with the move to suppress Libya's Qaddafi and the no fly zone that is being hap hazardly imposed over Libya, and whether one believes that Obama has over stepped his Constitutional authority by sending American forces without at least informing Congress before he did so, we are part of this and our reputation and military prestige is on the line as part of the coalition.

If Obama or anyone else involved in this actually thought that a great accomplishment could come of this military action the no fly zone should have been in place weeks ago. But there was and still is a great lacking of leadership since Obama could not make up his mind either way and did nothing more than run Hillary all over the world asking everybodies opinion on what The United States should do.

We never have nor ever should depend on what the UN or any other country decides or thinks when it comes to deploying American troops and looking out for US interests around the world. There are some who believe that this action does NOT fall into the category of protecting US interest and Obama over stepped his authority in sending our troops to Libya. This is supposed to be a strictly humanitarian effort to protect the rebel forces and the Libyan people from being annihilated by Qaddafi in an attempt to hold power.

Regardless of the reason that US troops are deployed and I am one who believes that Qaddafi must go, we SHOULD NOT be under foreign command. But Obama does not see it that way as he is relinquishing the leadership of The United States and placing our troops under foreign command within the next few days. Already without a clear leadership roll in the action the coalition is falling apart and when Obama completely relinquishes American command the coalition will likely collapse placing our troops in greater danger then they already face.

We are the only super power in the world and the only military with the technology and the resources to lead. Everyone knows this fact except Obama who is satisfied with the US as a secondary power, which is a goal he set forth during his campaign for the Presidency. He has long despised American strength and leadership in the world and has sought since taking office to diminish our power and place us as a country on an even playing field with the rest of the world. We are now seeing the result of his relinquishing our roll a leader of the free world. I only hope that the damage he is doing is not beyond repair by the time he is booted out of office and we elect a true leader in 2012.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Gas prices in The United States are spiking once again as unrest in the Middle East specifically Libya causes speculators to cringe over oil futures. The trickle down affect is already hitting grocery shelves and any other commodity that depends on transportation to ship goods as the extra cost associated with the higher gas prices is passed on to the consumer through higher prices.

Barack Obama has been anti oil since well before he took office and now since becoming President he has used every means at his disposal to limit if not end drilling for oil anywhere in The United States. In the aftermath of the Gulf Oil Spill, Obama issued a moratorium on drilling in the Gulf and even after a court order demanded the moratorium be lifted he not only ignored the order but reissued the moratorium rewording it to avoid the order.

We use approximately 20 million barrels of oil per day in The United States and only supply 7 million of this from our own resources. The rest we import from foreign sources with Canada being at the top of the list followed by Mexico, Saudi Arabia and then Venezuela. Using Venezuela as an example if we drilled here at home from our own resources the price at the pump would be similar to that of the South American country as they pay less then 50 cents using their own oil and selling the remainder on the world market through CITCO gas stations.

In 2008 the USGS did a survey of existing oil resources untapped in the US and the total amount available exceeded 120 billion barrels of oil and this does not include oil shale found in The Dakotas and Minnesota which totals more than the oil resources in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran combined. Yet with all of this oil available here at home Obama and his cronies on the left through the environmental lobby prevent any new drilling and have shut down all drilling in the Gulf which has allowed the equipment necessary to drill in the Gulf to move to other locations providing oil for other countries.

The Tourist in Chief on his recent trip to Brazil added the ultimate insult to injury to Americans and our oil industry when he praised Brazilians for drilling to provide oil for themselves and sell on the market. Then he added he would spend US resources to assist Brazil in drilling offshore so that WE could BUY their oil and import it to the US. Yet he usees every means available to him to end offshore drilling in the US and ignores court orders demanding he lift the unnecessary and unwarranted moratorium imposed after the Gulf oil spill.

This is hypocrisy at its worst and shows his blatant desire that American citizens pay more for gas at the pump. During the campaign he stated that he favored higher gas prices as long as they did not rise quickly. Now that he has the power to make it so he is using the Presidency to push prices higher by eliminating US sources of oil and assisting other country's forcing a greater dependence on foreign oil. Does anyone doubt anymore that Obama hates America and Americans?

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 20, 2011


I remember when Barack Obama was elected. I was not only extremely disappointed but felt a despair that I had not known before after the results of an election. Sure in my voting experience my candidate had lost elections before but there had never been a time when I anticipated the dire consequences that the election of Obama would bring and he has lived up to an exceeded the dire expectations that many of us had on the election night which seem like an eternity ago.

I was watching the returns and posting as I watched, covering the election and remember commenting to a friend of mine who was doing the same that at least we know during the next two years we would have a considerable amount of subject matter to post as Obama and his Democrat cohorts had total political control of the government and the fight was on to gain control of the Congress in 2010.

Sure enough the first two years of the Obama Presidency brought massive spending, created tremendous debt, a failed foreign policy and a weakening of America never before seen in our history as he forced a socialistic state down our throats and apologized for American greatness. And just as was discussed on election night 2008 there was plenty of subject matter to write about as Americans began waking to the truth, the Tea Party evolved and 2010 shaped up to be a banner year in defeating Obama's agenda.

Fast forward now to November 2010 and the shellacking the electorate gave Obama and Democrats in an historic election which changed the House, almost balanced the Senate and spanked Obama severely as the people resoundingly stated, "we are fed up with what you are doing." Republicans announced over the transition period that they had listened to the people and the new blood going to Washington in January 2011 would stop Obama and reverse the direction and spending that had exploded under his regime of, "hope and change."

Well we are now well within that time of, "new blood," and almost nothing has changed as a result of the election. Obama still does whatever he wants. His complete failure a President is emphasised especially in the last few weeks as The United States for the first time in my lifetime is no longer the leader in a effort to stop a tyrant and Obama is not only satisfied with that but allowed the situation to escalate in order to force America into a secondary roll.

One of the worst natural disasters in history has hit a trusted and close ally and the supposed leader of the free world plays golf, parties with Washington elite, spends a considerable amount of time playing and bracketing basketball and travels to Rio with his family for a sight seeing tour. In the mean time the, "new blood," Congress has not even scratched the surface in cutting spending and rather than moving quickly in getting fiscal control and reversing the destructive direction we were taking as a Nation the, "new blood," is moving slower than a turtle who has taken to his shell fearing his surroundings.

As a long time activist and a blogger since 2004 I have struggled of late for subject matter not because there isn't much to write about but the problems we are fighting are not only repetitive in nature but the improvement we voted for is almost non-existent and one wonders what good we are doing in the process. I mean how many different ways can we say Obama is a failure and Congress is broken and keep the momentum going and the anger of Americans stirred in order to complete the task of taking our country back and restoring Constitutional sanity to our government?

Then I am reminded of our Founding Fathers. They faced a challenge in birthing our Nation that during most of the fight they faced was insurmountable. Unlike our fight today where polling has shown that the majority of the country is as fed up with Obama, Congress and the direction our country is taking as we are, our Founders faced a situation where only about one third of the country actually backed what they were doing. Another third was against them while the remaining third could care less either way.

I am reminded about the terrible winter of Valley Forge when brave members of the Continental Army face near starvation and death because they believed in the cause of freedom and the man who led them for the cause George Washington. I think of the tremendous task facing Benjamin Franklin and John Adams who fought to gain financial alliances with France and Denmark to fund our new government and the struggle they faced even before this to seek French help to defeat the British during out foundling Revolution.

I think of the 56 men who risked everything to declare that the thirteen colonies of Britain would be no more but rather thirteen independent states of America forming a new Nation where all men are created equal and no longer would bow to a monarch, pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for the cause of freedom and the birth of a Republic where each could prosper in accordance to their own abilities without the strong hand of government or tyrants holding them back.

We were born because of political activism and our Constitution expects each of us as citizens of this great Nation and Republic to BE political activists. Holding every aspect of government from agencies to elected officials accountable to we the people and ALWAYS fighting regardless of the odds or the lack of conviction for Constitutional sanity in Washington to keep our Nation free and our government limited. Even if it means booting every elected servant out of office in every election cycle until we find those who will stand and fight with the people for the American we expect and our Founders decreed for all generations from the very beginnings of this Republic.

Even if that means repeating ourselves constantly screaming through our voice in whatever means available. Whether posting on the Internet, writing, phoning and e-mailing our Representatives or marching on Washington making our voice heard and NEVER giving up fighting for what we know is right regardless of the odds or the deaf ears that seem to prevail in our government. Our Founders refused to quit and they birthed a new Nation. We in following the heritage of activism they passed on to us must NEVER quit to restore what they created.

We may never know that the hundredth time we tell of the failures of Obama that someone who has ignored this truth or never listened to it before might read what we write or listen to what we say and realize the dangers we face and join our fight. We may never know the minds and hearts we reach with the truth of our broken Congress and the need to stand for the liberties they seem to want to ignore. And as those voices continue to grow the deaf ears in Washington begin to listen and if not the masses who have joined our fight may very well vote in the people who will truly fight with us and restore our Nation. We owe this to those who have fought before us and to those generations who follow so they too may know a free land known as The United States of America.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Picture a person wandering around acting as if they were in, "la, la land." Now as you get that picture place the face of Barack Obama on the person and you begin to get a picture of this pretender President who has lost the confidence of the world, never had the confidence of Americans and has now relegated The United States into a secondary position in the world.

Obama's complete lack of involvement in Libya has surrendered not only our usual leadership roll in a crisis of this magnitude but he has also surrendered our moral position as well. The opposition to Qhaddafi have been begging for support from The United States and Obama is not just voting present on this issue but is absent from it completely, sending Hillary Clinton to make any statements about the killing of Libyans by the ruthless dictator and making the official position of our country being, "let someone else handle it." Now Qhaddafi has nearly defeated the freedom fighting opposition as the Red Crescent, (Red Cross), is leaving Libya because they see no chance for victory over the tyrant.

We are the singular bastion of freedom in this world and when oppressed country's like Libya begin to take a stand against tyranny and seek freedom, because of who we are they seek our support knowing that we hold a moral position and the strength to provide support necessary for freedom loving people to achieve the liberties we have. The Iranians sought out help twice and Obama ignored them. The Libyans are fighting for their very lives and Obama refuses to acknowledge their plight meandering around as if nothing is happening while surrendering our leadership and moral authority.

Through Libya alone the world now knows without doubt that under an Obama Presidency, The United States can no longer be depended upon to take a stand for freedom nor assist those who seek it. The world now understands that under Obama we will no longer be the leader of the world and as such the world meanders as Obama does because without American leadership country's who wish to assist falter because they do not have the strength or moral authority to unite country's as we have.

Even in the midst of a tremendous natural disaster as is taking place in Japan, while the US is sending assistance Obama remains quiet at a time when a US President is expected to be in the front lines using the bully pulpit of the Presidency to let not only the suffering country but our Nation and the world know that all will be well because The United States is taking the lead in combating the disaster.

Rather than take all of the necessary time to step forth and lead as a President should, Obama chooses to golf, set up NCAA brackets, play basketball, party with Washington elites, attend Democrat fund raisers and take a trip to Rio to discuss issues that are not pressing in order to give his wife and kids a tax payer paid trip to sight see in Brazil.

Jimmy Carter the former worst President in our Nations history was a bumbling buffoon as President but at least we knew he was on the job and not absent from duty or partying while the world and our country fell into chaos. Obama is not only sitting on the sidelines, absent from his duties and responsibilities as President but he spits in the face of Americans and the world as he makes no effort to hide his playing and leisure activities which obviously are more important to him than struggling Americans dying Libyans and ravaged Japanese. 2012 PLEASE come quickly!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Japan is suffering from one of the worst natural disasters in modern history. An estimated 10,000 people are dead, much of Northern Japan lies in ruins, with one town of 12,000 people completely wiped out with no sign of ANY of the population. Aftershocks from the 9.0 Quake continue to rattle the country with an intensity that matches the size of the Quake that hit New Zealand earlier this year.

Adding to the terrible tragedy facing Japan is the continuing peril of the Fukashima Daiichi Nuclear Plant. The plant is in the worst hit region of Japan and although receiving little damage as a result of the actual Earthquake the subsequent Tsunami cause all of the backup generators needed to power the plant during the cooling down faze of the reactor rods, to fail as the 30 foot wave destroyed the diesel powered generators. Since then the brave workers of the plant have been fighting to keep the reactors from going into a complete melt down.

While the nuclear plant is a major story and an extremely difficult problem with possibly great ramifications, the media has not only blown this way out of proportion but is filling the airways with a great deal of false information in order to fill the 24/7 news cycle and create a sensational story. In the process it has become hard to find ANY news source actually covering the aftermath of the Quake and Tsunami from the perspective of the millions in Japan who are struggling each moment just to survive as well as find loved ones or the remains of those who are still missing.

This post is not written to down play the terrible nature of a nuclear plant possibly melting down but rather to place some sane perspective and correct some of the misinformation that is being spewed from media people who are seeking to politicize and sensationalize s story that already has terrible consequences related to it.

First I will refer you to this excellent article which goes into great detail as to why the plant though a problem will not become the Chernobyl re-creation that most in the media are using as a comparison. The comparison with Chernobyl is the greatest misinformation that is being given by a sensationalized media in the story of this disaster and possible nuclear melt down.

First a little truth about Chernobyl and why it does not compare to Fukushima. Chernobyl was a nuclear plant in the Ukraine operated by the Soviet Union who had a reputation for taking short cuts and not following strict safety standards in regards to the use of nuclear energy. The plant was in the midst of a power down to test the ability of the reactors to operate at a lower power out put. A test that plant operators were advised NOT to do because it could cause an explosion.

During the power down the situation got completely out of control and a melt down began with a devastating explosion accompanying the melt down. None of the Chernobyl reactors had any type of containment fields around them and as a result the full force of radiation escaped the plant with the explosion with nothing to contain either the blast or the effects of the melt down.

Fukushima is far different than Chernobyl. Not only are ALL of the reactors contained but each has three containment fields so that even if the worst case happens and a complete melt down occurs the radiation will not escape as it did in the Ukraine. The media has been dwelling on the radiation that is being released in the air as a result of the explosions which have taken place and the release of steam from the plant.

This radiation has a half life of 3.52 minutes which means that in less than four minutes the radiation decreases by 50% which takes it low enough to NOT be harmful to the environment or people. The explosions that have taken place are due to pressure built up from the heat of the rods and have ONLY destroyed the outer walls and roof of the enclosure at the plant which surrounds the radiation containment fields around each reactor. ALL of these fields are still intact.

Now even country's and politicians are starting to over react because of the misinformation by the media coming out of Japan. Two country's have shut down reactors built in the 80's as were those at the Fukushima plant and liberal politicians here in the States are calling for a moratorium on the construction of new plants in the US. Nuclear energy is safe when all of the necessary precautions are taken and those precautions were and still are being taken at the Fukushima plant even in the midst of the tragedy.

With few exceptions most of the," experts, " being paraded before the cameras by the press are ONLY telling the story from a perspective of total nuclear contamination without even taking into account the safety measures that are still in place at the Fukushima plant and are containing the worst of the problem. These, "experts," are using ONLY the Chernobyl example and neglecting any other reference other than possibly Three Mile Island which was completely contained but still caused the end of the US nuclear energy program until just recently.

There is far more to the tragedy taking place in Japan, yet 95% of the coverage is about the nuclear plant. As troubling as the plant situation is it should not over shadow the struggle of the Japanese people to just survive day to day in the aftermath of the Quake and Tsunami. They need the help of the world and the world is not being fully informed about their plight because of a media seeking sensationalism through a damaged nuclear plant, almost totally neglecting the real tragedy and the people who are caught up in it. Follow this link to see just how bad the devastation is.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


The Middle East continues to erupt with a savage fury especially in Lybia where Ghaddafi is killing his people because they seek freedom from his tyrannical reign. Japan has suffered the worst natural disaster in recent history and the ramifications from this tragedy are global as the Japanese markets plummet in the aftermath of the quake and Tsunami.

So what does Barack Obama do as the world crumbles from both political and natural disasters ? Well today he is concentrating on the NCAA Basketball Tournament which follows his weekend golf game and general retreat type weekend around The White House. At a time when many are wanting to hear a President address what is happening in the chaotic world Obama also chose a most pressing subject, (all sarcasm intended), for his Saturday radio address, Women's history month and passing the Paycheck Fairness Act.

Since taking office Obama has shown a disconnect with the Presidency. He has delayed making critical decisions and for the most part when and if he makes a decision it is too little too late. When events call for a Presidential involvement Obama seems to be on the side lines not even paying much attention. When he addressed the Japanese disaster during his comments when he offered US support he called the devastation a, "potentially catastrophic event." How much more must happen to Japan before he considers it a catastrophe ?

White House insiders have revealed Obama's disconnect with the Presidency in numerous off the record interviews, expressing concern that he is so out of touch that the disconnect affects his ability to be President. Well we who have been warning about Obama since the 2008 campaign knew this would take place and it is not surprising that he it completely out of touch and disconnected from the responsibility.

Obama is an egomaniac and the daily tasks of the Presidency whether mundane or massive do not give his ego the boost that standing before a crowd of duped supporters does. When dealing with even a tragic and devastating situation as the disaster in Japan the the cheers and applause he gets from a crowd of people are not available so he is disconnected from the situation since it does not stroke his massive and arrogant ego.

At a time when national and world events require a President to concentrate full time on ever changing and pressing matters, Obama's disconnect allows him to still party, golf and take part in activities like the NCAA tournament without regard to the time or the appearance of being out of touch and disconnected. His pleasure is more important to him than the responsibility of the job and as such it becomes a priority even when matters require otherwise.

Additionally the disconnect comes from his lack of ability to handle the massive responsibility of the Presidency. Obama has been way over his head since day one and the longer he is in office the more this lack of ability shows. This too feeds the disconnect since his ego can't handle his failure so being disconnected allows him to ignore the failure and the fact that he does not know what he is doing.

If he were a CEO of a major corporation, Obama would have been long gone. If he were the President of a company he would have been booted our months ago. But he is The President of The United States and barring any illegal activity that causes his removal from office following the criteria set forth in the Constitution or death, this Chief Executive will remain in the job until he is voted out of office in 2012. Which makes it that much MORE imperative that we do so for the sake of our country and our world!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Last November the American people sent a clear message to Washington. It was not a message of party but one of an angered electorate that was tired of business as usual and disgusted with the direction our Nation was taking. We did not send a message telling lawmakers to get a long with each other and work together or to try and compromise with a President that the majority of the country disagrees with.

We voted out Democrats not so much because we loved Republicans but because the Democrats were spending money and taking our country toward bankruptcy and total financial failure. Democrats were taking our Nation down a socialist path that went against every principle and tradition our country was founded on and we not only did not like it but said by our vote we would not stand for it.

So we voted in Republicans with the expectation that not only would the Obama agenda stop but spending would be cut and cut dramatically, deficit spending would come to an end and the $15 trillion dollar debt would begin to decrease getting our fiscal house back in order so future generations would still have the ability to live a free and prosperous life which is the legacy Americans have left each generation since our founding.

We understood that cleaning up our fiscal nightmare would not happen over night but we expected it to begin changing direction and start heading down a path of fiscal responsibility immediately and dramatically. The first weeks of the new Congress looked promising as Republicans started immediately making cuts, sought to repeal Obamacare and led by example by curbing spending of each member of Congress and the operating budget of the House of Representatives.

Then came the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords, a tragedy that understandably shook the Nation and members of Congress. In the days that followed the left spent all of their liberal air time trying to blame the act of a lone non political nut on Republicans and the right with everyone on the left from Barack Obama to his partners at MSNBC calling for, "civil discourse," as if the anger toward he and his bankrupting agenda caused the shooting, which it most certainly did not.

But what did happen is the GOP that listened to the people who voiced our disgust with the direction our country was headed by our vote last November, lost its backbone after the shooting and now seems to fear doing what we sent them to do. They still talk a good game but when it comes to actually making cuts that match the talk, Republicans are coming up far short of what we expect and still trying to get along with Democrats who have no desire to cut spending but continue to move us closer and closer toward national bankruptcy.

The time to try and get along is over. The time to make minimal and even marginal cuts is over. It's time to get a backbone and even if Democrats fight tooth and nail in the Senate to prevent deep cuts from taking place we expect and yes demand that Republicans do what we sent them to do and fight for the people by making the cuts necessary to stop the direction our country is headed. If that means shutting the government down in the process then so be it.

This playing with constant Continual Resolutions and throwing out a few billion hear and a couple of billion there in order to get Senate Democrats and Obama to sign on to the resolution is ridiculous. Republicans have a strong and decisive weapon to force Obama and Democrats into agreeing with deep cuts but are not only afraid to use it but want to keep the resolution, "clean," so Democrats will play patty cake with Republicans and keep the government running regardless of the cost.

Even if deep cuts fail to pass the Democrat held Senate or by some miracle pass the Senate and fall to an Obama VETO, we expect the GOP to take a fiscal stand and make the deep cuts and show the country the truth about the left and their total lack of fiscal responsibility and their hypocrisy in claiming they want to cut spending but in actuality refuse to do so. Use every tool available to force Obama and Democrats and if that means shutting down the government then do it!

It is not 1995 when Bill Clinton managed to cry that grandma would be starved and kids wouldn't eat in school because the mean and nasty Republicans shut down the government. Obama, Reid and the rest of the Democrats use the usual lies to try and scare Americans over a government shut down but this is a different time and a different electorate. We understand who they are and we also understand what they do to try and deceive Americans.

Democrats are scared to death of a government shut down because they live and die by the government and if any portion of it is shut down they panic and think the world will come to an end because government can't be used as the answer to every problem. We the people know that essential services like the military and yes even the huge entitlements that conservatives do not consider essential but many in our country unfortunately depend on will not stop.

Get a backbone Republicans. If you must send a Continuing Resolution on March 18 then send one with hundreds of billions in cuts. Michelle Bachman has been trying with little success to get GOP House members on board in stopping an unconstitutional appropriation already taken from the Treasury to illegally fund all implementation of Obamacare which totals $105 billion dollars. Add this to the Resolution.

Republicans we demand that serious cuts are made and made quickly. The $61 billion dollar joke that was sent to the Senate was not enough to even make a dent in spending. Although it was significantly more than what Democrats proposed at a little over $4 billion it was nothing compared to the cuts we expect and demand. The time for playing political games and compromise just for the sake of getting along is over.

If Republicans shut down the government in an attempt to make deep and serious cuts forcing the hand of Democrats, it will not anger Americans but will rally us behind Republicans as we will see the GOP is serious in representing the interest of the people and working to get our fiscal nightmare in order. Polls have shown that most Americans favor a government shut down if it accompanies deep cuts.

It's time to use every means available to force Obama and Democrats and get our fiscal house in order. Republicans, shut the government down and then go to the American people and tell them why you did it. Scott Walker has shown by example how to stand up against the left and the people of Wisconsin did not run from him but stood with him as he faced down the left and Democrats who refused to do their job.

We expect Republicans in Washington to take the same type of stance against Obama and Democrats in DC as Walker did in Madison. Force their hand, make the deep cuts. Demand the return of the illegal $105 billion dollar Obamacare appropriation. Use the Continuing Resolution as the tool and if Democrats refuse to vote yes on a Resolution with deep cuts in it then SHUT THE GOVERNMENT DOWN. We sent Republicans to Washington to take this type of stand, to make the hard decisions and stop Obama, Democrats and our of control government and spending. Draw the line in the sand and stand strong GOP, we the people will be right there with you to force the hand of the left and get our country moving back in the right direction.

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 11, 2011


Just a quick post remembering those in Japan who have suffered in this tremendous double disaster. The fifth largest earthquake since 1900 and a devastating Tsunami which also hit Hawaii and the US West Coast. Adding to the disaster is the possible melt down of a Nuclear Plant which is in danger because the reactor rods cannot get enough coolant due to the disaster.

Our thoughts and prayer are with the people of Japan as they search for the injured and dead and recover from this terrible tragedy.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, March 10, 2011


When Obamacare passed many understood that there would be Constitutional challenges due to the unconstitutional mandate to purchase health care. But what was not known is that hidden within the law by the Pelosi/Reid Congress was $105 billion dollars for the implementation of Obamacare over ten years.

Why is this hidden cost such a problem ? Several reasons, but the greatest problem is that Democrats in the 111th Congress illegally appropriated all the money necessary to fully implement Obamacare and that is where the $105 billion dollars falls into the realm of an illegal unconstitutional move by the Pelosi/Reid Congress and why they would not allow the bill to be read and makes the restoration of this money a necessity in order to defund Obamacare and it must be done immediately.

Let me explain. The Constitution prevents any Congress from binding another Congress from having the ability to change and/or decide not to fund through the appropriation process any legislation from a preceding Congress. When a law is passed it is usually passed with the provision that any funding for that law is handled through a separate appropriations bill when the funding is needed for implementing the law.

The Pelosi/Reid Congress violated the Constitution by passing Obamacare and hiding within the bill the appropriation of $105 billion dollars to implement all aspects of the law. The money was appropriated from the Treasury last year and is set aside waiting for its use to implement Obamacare WITHOUT the approval of the funds by the current Congress or any future Congress.

Even entitlements like Social Security must face a new appropriations bill every year in order for funding to be provided from the Treasury to pay for Social Security. By appropriating all of the money needed to implement Obamacare this unconstitutional move prevents Congress from voting on the funding and in essence leaves a post dated check for the next ten years once again bypassing this and future Congress for the funding. It also prevents defunding because the money has already been illegally appropriated.

The purpose in the Constitution preventing one Congress from binding another also allows for the will of the people through voting to change Congress if we the people are not satisfied with the direction of any Congress. By bypassing the appropriations process as they have through Obamacare the 111th Congress bypassed voters and the people binding every Congress for the next ten years and in essence disenfranchising Americans in having any say in the implementation of Obamacare.

Representative Michelle Bachman is attempting to stop this in its tracks. It has one opportunity to be stopped and that is through the Continuing Resolution which comes up for a vote on March 18. Democrats and Obama will never willingly vote to stop this unconstitutional appropriation but the Continuing Resolution and the leverage of shutting down the government provides the muscle to force Democrats to agree to returning this illegal appropriation to the Treasury and will defund Obamacare for two years, long enough to elect a GOP President who will sign a repeal bill.

Representative Bachman needs our help. Many in the GOP are not joining her in this action and it is up to us, we the people, to demand that our Representatives join her in stopping Obamacare and this illegal unconstitutional appropriation. Unless this happens we will be stuck with Obamacre as the funding is already in place to implement it with no other way to stop it.

Call and e-mail your Representative immediately to contact Bachman and join her in this fight to stop Obamacare and prevent it from being forced down our throats. We must win this battle and this fight must take place. There is only a small amount of time to get the wording in the Continuing Resolution and force the Democrats to agree to end this illegal appropriation by using the leverage of a government shut down. NOW is the time to act. NOW is the time to move. NOW is the time to DEMAND our Representatives join Michelle Bachman.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 09, 2011


February saw the highest deficit in American history. The yearly deficit for fiscal year 2007 was a little over $160 billion dollars. February 2011 saw a MONTHLY deficit exceeding $230 billion with similar deficits every month expected for the foreseeable future. Democrats have shown they have absolutely no interest in cutting spending or ending deficit spending and decreasing the debt. As the figures for February were being revealed, Democrats in the Senate declared they were willing to sign on to ONLY $6.5 billion dollars of the $61 billion dollars in cuts proposed by House Republicans.

$6 billion dollars in so minuscule it would be laughable if it were not for the fact that Democrats are not only serious about this joke but think they are doing their job and the American people should be thrilled with them for doing so. Now don't get me wrong the $61 billion proposed by Republicans does not even scratch the surface but at least it is a step in the right direction.

The trouble is, no one wants to tackle the problem enough to matter in the least. Democrats in actuality do not want to cut period and Republicans are reluctant to tackle the meat of the problem, the massive spending in entitlement programs and wasteful defense spending. Yes the defense budget can be cut without reducing soldiers salaries or taking away the needed material and weapons to protect them as they defend our country.

Additionally eliminating the Department of Education should be on the table. This financial monster has only been in existence since Jimmy Carter created it in 1977. It has been one of the greatest failures of government as education has plummeted and students are taught tests rather than true education in order to allow schools to continue receiving public funding. More money is spent than ever before and students are less educated than ever before. The generations before 1977 were well educated WITHOUT a government department for education and we need to return to those days.

Talking a good game and playing a good game are two completely different stories. Democrats talk fiscal responsibility but continue to propose massive socialist spending far exceeding any phantom cuts they speak of and that includes Barack Obama. Republicans talk cutting but are not willing to make the big cuts that are necessary to get spending under control and end deficits while beginning to pay off the debt.

Instead of proposing tens of billions of dollars in cuts Republicans must begin cutting to the tune of hundreds of billions. Democrats are still not going to agree with the cuts so Republicans must get a stronger backbone and use the continuing resolutions as a means of forcing Democrats to cutting by closing the government down if necessary to get spending cut agreements.

Republicans are still of the mind set that it is the mid nineties when the Newt Gingrich Congress shut the government down and Bill Clinton used it against them by telling the American people Republicans were starving grandma and taking away school lunches. That was a different time and era. Democrats have tried to use the same tactics as the possibility of a government shut down has loomed but this time the people are not buying the lie and polls show that most favor shutting down the government especially if it will force spending cuts.

The GOP needs to wake up to the reality of the will of the people who are more concerned about cutting spending than in providing funding for a government that is not only broken but failed. Use the continuing resolutions as leverage and shut the government down until Obama and Dems agree to large cuts. Get off the minimal cut band wagon and start making real and deep cuts or we will find ourselves bankrupt and The United States of America becoming a third world nation bowing to country's who own our debt and watching the end of our way of life with little ability to restore the free and prosperous America that we all know and love.

Ken Taylor


Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Michelle Bachman has been hitting the airways revealing a hidden $105 billion dollar appropriation for Obamacare that was included in the current spending without the knowledge of members of Congress. The lies that have been spun by Democrats and the Obama administration are slowly and surely coming to light as more of this deceptive unconstitutional debacle is being studied and revealed.

In a related story Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius revealed yet another lie in Obamacare in a recent House hearing on the debacle. The supposed trillion dollar savings embedded within the law were created by double counting the claimed $500 billion dollar cut in Medicare. According to Sabelius in a very intense drilling by House Republicans she finally admitted that the numbers were hedged by double counting the claimed savings from cutting Medicare.

Both of these deceptive financial lies concerning Obamacare show once again the necessity of eliminating this unconstituional law and making sure that any further implemintation is stopped through defunding. Bachman's push also calls for the hidden $105 billion dollar expenditure already made be returned which would also cut current spending by an equal amount.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, March 06, 2011


Since leaving office on that grand day when Ronald Reagan took the Presidential Oath in January of 1981, Jimmy Carter has been thought by many as the worst President in the modern era and among the worst in our Nations history. His weakness as a leader, progressive policies and ability to even look out of place among world leaders much less deal with them gave us hyper inflation, a decimated military and an over all feeling that our best days were behind us.

Never once through his bumbling and weakness as a President though did I even think that Carter did not love this country nor in his own misguided way have, in his heart at least, have the best interests of America in mind. I never thought for a moment that although he weakened our nation domestically and on the foreign front Carter never threatened the very principles our Nation was founded upon nor the Constitution in which he took an oath to, "preserve, protect and defend."

I cannot say the same about Barack Obama. He has failed in every aspect of the Presidency as bad or worse than Jimmy Carter. But the major difference between he and the bumbling Carter is that from the very beginning of his Presidency, Obama has made it very clear in his words and actions that changing the fundamental principles and traditions that have been our heritage and what has made our country great is not only his dream but his goal as President. Now we are witnessing the ramifications of Obama failure on the world stage as he has at every turn either neglected to act or acted to little and to late in the trumoil of the Middle East especially Lybia.

Carter even through all of his faults loved this country and made it clear that he did. Obama on the other hand has shown a hatred for America and Americans that not only makes him far worse than Carter but dangerous to who we are and what this country has stood for throughout our history.

Now don't get me wrong this is not a defense of Jimmy Carter by any means. Carter was a bumbling idiot who could not lead nor handle the Presidency which is why he failed so miserably as President. When he actually expressed to the American people in several speeches that we should accept a lesser way of living and his approach to the Soviet Union was an acceptance of the communist expansion and we had no choice but to allow it was not only one of the lowest points in our history but also one of our weakest.

In almost every aspect in comparison Obama has not only failed more than Carter but his goal of fundamentally changing America from a free Republic to a socialistic government ruling over forced dependency on the same for Americans pales Carter's bumbling and his misguided handling of the Soviets. Carter bumbled and mishandled almost everything but sincerely thought he was doing the right thing.

Obama's failure comes from an agenda that is destructive and a foreign policy that seeks to weaken America and place us on a balanced footing with every country in the world while appeasing our enemies. Unlike Carter this domestic and foreign nightmare at the hands of Obama is intentional and calculated to destroy the America that even the hapless Carter tried to defend and protect and rebuild it into a weak socialist utopia where money is redistributed by government and The United States is no longer a super power but an, "equal," partner with, as Obama sees it, other nations we have, "oppressed," by our imperialistic policy of the past.

Carter was a failure as President because he simply did not have the ability nor the strength as a leader to handle the complex and awesome responsibility of being the Chief Executive of The United States and the most powerful man in the world. Obama is a failure, yes because he does not have the ability to handle the Presidency, but in a much greater sense because he sees the Presidency as his destiny to rebuild America in a socialist image and even the playing field for the rest of the world.

Carter did try as well as he could to represent America and Americans but failed miserably. Though bumbling he was not divisive and looked upon himself as President of all Americans and sought to fulfill that responsibility. Obama only represents his own self interest and agenda. He favors whatever path looks most favorable to him at the moment and if he needs to back track later he will do so. He is the most divisive President in our history playing Americans against Americans by class, race and even religion.

Carter at least tried to do right by our country and our people. Obama could care less about both the country and the people. He only cares about his agenda and his vision of fundamentally correcting what he sees as flaws in our Constitution and our nations standing in the world. Which is also why even foreign leaders see Obama as a problem. Complain as they do the rest of the world does not want America as an equal partner but as the strength and power they can lean on when times of trouble comes.

Carter failed but was never a threat to who we are nor what our nation fundamentally stood for and the principles which have guided us since our birth as a country. Obama is a threat to both the people and the very foundation of our nation which also makes him extremely dangerous because through he and his agenda come the seeds of destruction of our freedom, our heritage, our strength and our very way of life.

Jimmy Carter lost Iran and sent inflation though the roof through his failed economic policy. Obama is amplifying the failures of Carter and may very well lose the entire Middle East, is bankrupting our Nation and through his failure just as oil was a major player in Carter's inflation, oil is becoming the major hindrance to our economy and adding to Obama's failure in our economic recovery.

Ken Taylor

Friday, March 04, 2011


Like it or not with great power comes great responsibility. As the worlds lone superpower The United States is expected to take a stand on every issue or problem that affects any country in the world and our allies and our enemies either follow or react in accordance to the stance and/or actions of the America President who as the Nations Chief Executive speaks for our country.

Past Presidents especially in the modern Presidency have been first to respond and first to either move or condemn the actions of tyrants, dictators and step forward to stand in solidarity with both vocal support and aid to citizens of oppressed country's who are seeking freedom from strong man leaders who keep their people in submission to their dictatorial rule.

We have been witnessing citizens of several country's seeking freedom from the oppression of authoritarian and tyrannical rulers who have held power for decades. Many of these country's are truly seeking freedom and not wanting an Islamic theocracy to rule in place of a dictator. While it is still not yet know whether this will be the case in Egypt, the people of Iran and Lybia are truly fighting for freedom from oppression and seeking relief from decades of, in the case of Iran, a theocracy that forces its people to bow to Mullahs and in Lybia a strong man who forces his people into submission by killing those who oppose him.

Even with our struggles and the agenda of socialism of the current administration we are still the only true bastion of freedom and liberty in the world. When people of other nations seek freedom they look to us for not only the example but for support. They want and need to hear from our President as the spokesman for our people that we are with them in their struggle and are willing and ready to assist them in defeating their oppressor and gaining the freedom they seek.

Since taking office Obama has been a reactionary President. He cannot and does not make any decision without seeing how it will affect him both personally and politically first and then how his liberal base will react. After researching all of this he will then consider how other country's will react then and only then will he possibly make a statement and eventually maybe even possibly actually do something. In every instance his reaction has come far too late and far too weak to actually make any difference.

The situation in Lybia is a prime example. The people of Lybia have been fighting for their freedom for weeks now and their strong man, Qaddafi has been killing his own people by the hundreds even thousands and after ten days Obama finally said something minimal then sent Hillary to Geneva to discuss how to respond with our allies. In the meantime Qaddafi continued to kill his people.

Now Obama finally made a move sending navel vessels to watch the situation and even then with Qaddafi using military planes to bomb his people and oil fields Obama refuses to back a no fly zone except to assist Egyptian refugees. In the few statements he has made since the Lybian situation started he refused to condemn Qaddafi personally or call for his removal until AFTER every other country had already done so and now the last leader to step forward calling for Qaddafi to leave and stop killing his people is Barack Obama, who SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST!

The Lybian people see his weakness. So much so that they have pleaded for former President George Bush to help them because they know Obama won't. I am of the firm belief that if and possibly when our country is attacked by an enemy as to whether Obama will react at all or just discuss with a few advisers after checking polling, then having a couple of White House parties and finally making a minimal move to protect our Nation and our people AFTER whomever the enemy is has already exposed this weakness for what it is and opened Pandora's Box of destruction and death while Obama is still contemplating what if anything to do!

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Senator Tom Colburn, (R OK), made one of the most obvious statements in the history of politics when the GAO released a report which shows that the federal government is wasting more than 200 billion dollars on programs that over lap for identical services repeated by dozens of different agencies. Colburn stated that this report makes Congress, "look like jackasses." Now many of us have had that opinion of Congress for many years but the report now makes it official.

The Government Accounting Office released the report as they do whenever a new Congress goes into session. The difference is this year someone is actually paying attention to the report. We have known for years that government wastes billions of tax payer dollars on useless and unnecessary programs but this report highlights waste on a ridiculous scale from programs that are not only duplicated but also have not had any type of impact study which was designed by Congress to show the effectiveness of any government program.

Just a few examples of the waste and just how bad it truly is:

80 programs to improve teacher quality - all in different agencies and doing exactly the same research.

80 programs to help the disadvantaged with transportation - again different agencies providing the same service.

100 programs to fund highway and rail projects - most of these are not even in the transportation department and are for infrastructure which as we all know is a disaster.

The Small Business Administration and the Departments of Agriculture and Commerce spent $6.5 billion last year on 80 overlapping programs for economic development.

These are just a few examples of hundreds of over lapping programs which research and/or supposedly provide the same government service, wasting tax payer money while failing to actually do the job even one of the overlapping services was created to do. If this type of waste were found in the private sector that business would have closed long before the waste was discovered at this scale. This is the equivalent in the private sector, using FEDEX for example, of sending a letter overnight and having 100 employees showing up at your door ten days later expecting to be paid for duplicate services which delivered the letter late.

Government waste in rampant and this GAO report confirms just a portion of the savings which could be made in total spending if just the duplication were ended. A simple task that has been taking place for years that no one in Washington has has even attempted to address. Senator Colburn is absolutely correct in his assessment that not only does this make Congress, "look like jackasses," but in something as simple and as quick a fix as ending duplication in government services, Congress has ignored every opportunity to correct problems and end the waste that has plagued government for decades.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, March 01, 2011


The Governors are meeting in Washington with a majority this year due to the 2010 election being Republican. As is the case whenever the Governors meet in Washington they collectively and individually meet with the President. Obama faces more opposition to his agenda with the Governors now than he is used to and as a result to attempt to appease that opposition and look like everybodys friend, he offered a compromise with the stickler of his agenda, Obamacare.

According to the law by federal mandate all states must participate fully in the program until 2017 then can exercise an option, with strings attached, to opt out of the health care debacle. Obama knowing that most of the Governors he faced in The White House meeting not only oppose Obamacare but many have states Attorney Generals who are taking the unconstitutional law to court in order to get it eliminated from the books.

So the appeaser in chief offered this compromise to the Governors. Rather than having the option to opt out of Obamacare in 2017 as the law states he would back a change which would of course need Congressional approval, to opt out three years earlier in 2014. On the surface this sounds like a concession the leftist ideologue is making but when one digs a little deeper one finds the catch which is always the case when Obama concedes anything.

If the states choose to opt out three years early in 2014 they do so at their financial peril. Obama's, "compromise," calls for the states to take on the total financial burden of Obamacare in order to opt out of the federal program, covering the same number of people at the same cost WITHOUT federal money to do so.

We all know that Obamacare has within its grasp dozens of federal tax increases to pay for the program. So if the debacle continues the American people will be paying for this scam with increased taxation on the federal level. Any state that opts out will be forced to increase state taxes in order to cover the cost of the burden of Obamacare and the loss of federal funds since the state chooses to opt out.

The bottom line for Americans is that if a state opts out following Obama's, "compromise," tax payers within that state will find themselves double taxed for Obamacare. First by the federal government for the program, then by the state to cover the cost for the loss of federal funds because the state chose to opt out but still having to carry the burden of the entire program in that particular state.

Of course the only real option to prevent any of this from happening is the repeal of the nightmare as well as defunding any implementation until repeal can succeed whether through Congress and a Republican Presidential signature after the 2012 election or the The Supreme Court overturns it based on it being unconstitutional. Either way this center piece of the Obama Presidency must be eliminated as law and ended or we the people will face financial hardships and loss of the best health care system in the world as government takes over and does what government does best, destruction!

Ken Taylor

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