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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


The United States Constitution provides a clear and unquestionable avenue to legally pass legislation, approve all funding and separating the powers of the three branches of government so that one man or group of men cannot dictate to the government or the people without the balance instilled through the Constitution by our Founders. Barack Obama evidently does not care about this Constitutional balance nor the protection it provides to the American people from a tyrannical government or politician.

At a meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with his, "Jobs Council," the Tyrant in Chief instructed the Council to dig through his jobs bill that failed to pass the Senate in a vote that included both party opposition, and,"identify all those areas in which we can act administratively without additional congressional authorization and just get it done." As a candidate Obama condemned the use of the Executive Order claiming that it bypassed the legal Constitutional provisions of separation of powers yet as President he has used it as a means of forcing through his agenda specifically to bypass the Constitutional protection that separation of powers provides to prevent a tyrannical move by any politician. Now to expand government, increase spending and kill jobs once again Obama tells his Council to find a way to bypass Congressional approval to fund and implement his jobs bill.

This once again emphasises how Obama has no respect for The Constitution nor the people of The United States for whom the Constitution was written to provide protection FROM the government preventing tyrannical control which is what Obama seeks to do. Congress is not passing his jobs bill because they understand it is doomed to failure just as the $1.3 trillion dollar stimulus from 2009 failed to produce jobs or stimulate the economy. In fact the 2009 stimulus is directly responsible for increased unemployment and stagnating the economy. The current jobs bill seeks more of the same and as such would have the same failed results. So Congress is not and will not pass it.

So rather than accept the Constitutional path for legislation and the administering of government spending, Obama seeks to bypass the law and implement this disaster without Congress using the Executive Order as the means to dictate his will to the American people. His arrogance has no end. His idiocy has no bounds. His tyrannical move to socialize our Nation has no end and his determination to place himself above the law and the Constitution puts him along with Richard Nixon who believed that as President he could do whatever he wished since as Nixon stated, "if the President does it is is not illegal." Both violated the Constitution and both broke the law in the process.

Ken Taylor


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