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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


With bold confidence President Bush delivered his fifth State of the Union address to both Houses of Congress. Beginning with a tribute to the passing of Coretta Scott King the President stressed the continued commitment of the United States to freedom and liberty and the defeat of terrorism. The President put the newly elected Hamas government in the Palestinian Territories on notice that they must recognize Israel, disarm, reject terrorism and work for peace. To the Iranian government he stressed that a nuclear Iran would not be permitted and spoke directly to the Iranian people that our problem was with their leaders and not the people as we look forward to a future with the Iranian people as our allies. It was a pleasant sight to see the President scold the Congress for the political rhetoric that has been spewed giving comfort to the enemy and hurting the moral of our troops. To this the President stated, " Yet there is a difference between responsible criticism that aims for success, and defeatism that refuses to acknowledge anything but failure. Hindsight alone is not wisdom. And second-guessing is not a strategy. With so much in the balance, those of us in public office have a duty to speak with candor. A sudden withdrawal of our forces from Iraq would abandon our Iraqi allies to death and prison ... Put men like bin Laden and Zarqawi in charge of a strategic country ... and show that a pledge from America means little. Members of Congress: however we feel about the decisions and debates of the past, our Nation has only one option: We must keep our word, defeat our enemies, and stand behind the American military in its vital mission." Bush pounded home that an isolationism mentality proclaimed a weak America, " we love our freedom, and we will fight to keep it..........But our enemies and our friends can be certain: The United States will not retreat from the world, and we will never surrender to evil." The President soundly defended the legality and the necessity of the terrorist surveillance stating that it has and will continue to play a vital role in the War on Terror. On the domestic front the President stated several accomplishments which included more than four million jobs , the fastest growing economy in the world, a continual falling crime rate, reductions in abortions and teen drug use and the growing economy due to 880 billion dollars in tax relief as the American people invested in the nations economy because of the dollars that we had because of tax reduction. The President then stated that these tax cuts must become permanent. Surprisingly the President stated several new energy initiatives to decrease our dependency on foreign oil, which included an affordable and efficient ethanol within six years. He stressed nuclear power, zero emission coal fuel plants and solar energy. President Bush closed his address with a commitment to move forward, "optimistic about our country, faithful to its cause, and confident of victories to come." All in all a strong speech emphasizing our strengths addressing our needs, confronting our enemies and expressing confidence and hope for each of us and the future of our nation. God bless America.

Ken Taylor


With a vote of 58 - 42 Judge Samuel Alito became the 110th Justice of the Supreme Court. Yesterday Democrats led by John Kerry and Ted Kennedy attempted a filibuster of the Alito confirmation but late in the afternoon the Senate voted to go ahead with the confirmation vote and Alito was confirmed this morning. Justice Alito will take his place with Chief Justice John Roberts and the seven Associate Justices in the House Chamber for the President's State of the Union address. For those of you on the left I am sure that this day has convinced you that with the confirmation of Alito the country will fall back into the dark ages as he single handedly reverses all of the liberal causes such as abortion, affirmative action etc. Yet despite your trepidation no one can know what cases will come before the court nor how any Justice whether it is Alito, Roberts, Ginsberg or Breyer will rule on any given case as the evidence and arguments are presented to the court. Yes Alito has a conservative background but he as with any justice that is appointed to the High Court realizes that every case is approached with an open mind to the law and the Constitution. Some of the current Justices have used foreign law and opinions to rule on cases which is a slap in the face to our Constitution which is the ONLY basis for United States law. Alito has already stated that this is a practice in which he disagrees and will not be a basis for any of his opinions. For that I would hope that all of us whether from the left or the right can agree is sound judgment on the part of Alito. Now we will see how the Roberts court will approach their decisions during this session of the court. Congratulations to Justice Samuel A. Alito for his appointment to the United States Supreme Court.

Ken Taylor

(For a complete list of the Senate roll call vote on confirmation click on this post title)

Monday, January 30, 2006


Despite his mouthing every chance that he gets and his ability during his Presidential bid in 2004 to raise internet funds, Howard Dean the DNC Chairman has fallen flat when it comes to raising funds nationally for the Democrat Party. Dean is under fire by Party officials as we enter an election year because the Democratic coffers are nearly dry with a sparse 5 million dollars available to help Democrat candidates in the 2006 mid terms. Compare that to 34 million dollars available to Republican candidates from the RNC with the coffers gaining funds daily and the true fund raising failure of Dean is evident. This puts the Dems in some what of a dilemma for an election year. First without funds from the party many Democrats will have trouble mounting a successful campaign when one considers the cost of advertising and the McCain/Fiengold Campaign Finance legislation that limits, "soft, " money. Since its passing help from respective national parties has become much more of a necessity. The second problem that Dean's failure with the funds causes is Dean himself. Personally I believe that he has been more help to the Republican Party and candidates with his far left wing rhetoric which finds very little if any basis in truth. Take for example Dean's appearance on, "The Today Show, " last week when Katie Coric questioned him about the Abromoff scandal and the fact that Democrats are involved as well as Republicans. Dean emphatically denied ANY Democrat involvement and nearly yelled that this was a Republican scandal only despite Coric's continual presentation of evidence to the contrary. With Dean being the chairman of the party in an election year the Democrats would face a perceived admittance of defeat if they were to replace him prior to election day. Add to this rumbling in Washington of the possibility of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid stepping down from his leadership position next month because of his PAC accepting more than $60,000 from Abromoff clients and their being unwilling to give it back or donate to charities would position the Democrats on a very precarious cliff this early in the mid term election year. As a Republican I say, "keep up the good work Howard. That and better will do!"

Ken Taylor


The Hildabeast in an interview with Jane Pauley stated that the country was ready for a women President and impatient for one. Now I for one have no objections to the idea of a women President providing that it is the RIGHT women, for instance Condi Rice. But impatient is not exactly the word I would have chosen for the feelings about a women President. With that said permit me to translate what the Hildabeast actually meant. The nation is ready to accept a women as President and the Hildabeast is IMPATIENT TO BE President. Though she continues to dodge the question as to whether she will run in 2008 she also does not deny the possibility. Yet all of her actions and much of her rhetoric and interviews sound more on the lines of a Presidential bid rather than a junior Senator from New York running for re-election only! In her impatience let me remind the Hildabeast that 51% in recent poll said they are not only NOT impatient for her to be President but would not vote for her! Though it is way too early to know who will run and what the polling data for 2008 will consist of, this poll was one the Hildabeast chose not to see! The Hildabest Watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 29, 2006


When the New York Times broke the story of the NSA program that has used wiretaps to intercept phone conversation between Al Qaeda and there operatives in the United States the left began at that time using this as a means to attempt to push for impeachment hearings against the President trying to give the impression that he broke the law and admitted as such when he verified the program in subsequent press conferences. The press and Democrats have called this a, "domestic spying, "scandal and have continually portrayed this as the NSA and the President abusing intelligence gathering to tap into the phones of every American and listen in on our conversations. Some have attempted to give the impression that this program was also used to spy on anti-war protestors and even Jesse Jackson has tried to claim that he was targeted ( as if ANYONE would want to listen to HIS phone conversations). For the past several weeks the President has been using the, "bully pulpit, " to counter this biased media blitz while still trying to keep the integrity of the program intact without revealing its secrets so that this vital program can continue to intercept information from Al Qaeda and further prevent attacks as it has been proven to have accomplished. General Michael V. Hayden former NSA director has stated that if the program had been in place prior to 9/11 we would have been able to possibly prevent the attacks by knowing of the phone conversations that took place between Al Qaeda and the terrorists that eventually were on the planes. There has been a considerable amount of argument concerning the legality of the program by the left and the leftist media again to attempt to portray that the President broke the law. Yet if and I stress, "if, " this was illegal then why does the left not demand that the program end ? Rather they stress that the President, "broke the law, '" but as EVERY poll shows the the American people agree with the program the left says that it is a good program and should continue. Sounds like the typical left wing double standard to me. Even when the questions are skewed in polls to portray this program as intercepting common citizen conversations polls takers STILL overwhelmingly approve of the program for national security.

First let us set the record straight. This is not nor ever has been a, "domestic spying, " program. The NSA is not the least bit interested in what you and I have to say in our private phone conversations. Their responsibility concerns the gathering of foreign intelligence that has the capability of threatening our national security so they have no interest in what Aunt Martha is cooking for this weeks family reunion.

Second this program IS legal based on certain statutes within the FISA, (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, ) instituted in 1978. The FISA act states that the President has the authority with the written under oath consent of the Attorney General to use electronic surveillance without a warrant against any foreign , "agent, " for up to one year as long as there is not a substantial likelihood that the intercepted intelligence does not involve a , "United States person." This is where the left has attempted to portray the President as breaking the law since the intercepts that were acquired did involve Al Qaeda operatives that were in the United States at the time. But as usual only half of the story is being released because they have neglected to state the definition of , "United States person." The FISA act states that a warrant in not needed as stated above IF the individual is an , "agent, " of a foreign entity whether within or without of the United States therefore they are considered a , "non - United States person." FISA describes a non United States person as one who " - act in the United States as an officer or employee of a foreign power, or as a member of a terrorist organization, Ã?‚Ã?§ 1801(b)(1)(A)
- act for or on behalf of a foreign power that engages in clandestine intelligence activities in the United States contrary to U.S. interests when (1) the circumstances of such persons' presence in the United States "indicate that such person may engage in such activities, or (2) when such person knowingly aids or abets any person, or conspires with any person to engage in such activities." 50 U.S.C. Ã?‚Ã?§ 1801(b)(1)(B). " Additionally FISA states that, "American citizens and permanent residents are "agents" if they knowingly engage in espionage for a foreign power or intelligence service, and such activities "are about to involve" a violation of U.S. laws--any criminal laws, not just espionage. Ã?‚Ã?§1801(b)(2)(B). " In accordance with FISA each of the above qualifies as a , "non - United States person, " and is subject to surveillance without warrant for up to one year. These FISA statutes give the President and the NSA the legal authorization to institute the Al Qaeda surveillance program and to continue it for national security.

Personally I believe that if the President HAD NOT authorized this vital program to intercept intelligence between Al Qaeda operatives over seas and in the US then he would have been guilty of an impeachable offense for failing to fulfill his first responsibility as President to, "preserve and protect. " Though this story continues to have momentum it will whither on the vine as other left wing orchestrated scandals against the President have. The real issue of this, "scandal, " is lost because of the lefts longing to hang Bush out to dry on falsely created scandals. Who leaked this national security secret vital to our countries protection to the New York Times and what business did the Times have in printing the story knowing the security risks that it created ? One can only hope that when the Justice Departments investigation is completed that these questions will be answered and prosecuted accordingly.

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is, "Rob's Obs." Usaully this spotlight focuses on conservative sites that are like minded to ours. This week is different. Rob is a liberal and has been commenting on our site for quite some time and he offers an interesting insight to what the left is thinking and has had some interesting discourse through his commenting with us. Though we don't agree Rob's comments are always welcome and by spotlighting his site many of our readers can return the favor. Check it out, interesting reading.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

A response to the Roe vs. Wade issue

Everytime a Repulican nominates a judge, all we hear from you Libs is the same old rap. Roe vs. Wade. First off, I am surprised your side can't come up with a better game plan. If it did not work before, why would it work now? At times its amusing. But let me get you in on the big secret. Roe vs. Wade will never be overturned. I don't like that fact, but it is the truth. No one in their right mind would even approach the issue. Not even an untouchable judge.
I, myself don't care about it anymore because of all the hysteria over the subject. I have found myself bored with the issue. But I have a possible solution.
We let you keep abortion, and San Francisco, and we get control of the tax code and the military. And Rob, don't be so paranoid. I hear its bad for you. Besides, IM sure next year, at this time, you will still be able to kill a baby if you want.
Sorry if this comes off a little rude, but can we get on to other issues( like terrorist)?
P.S. For all you libs, by terrorist, I don't mean Bush.
John Oliver Benton III

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Senators Robert Byrd, (D WV), Ben Nelson, (D NB), and Tim Johnson (D SD) have announced that they will support the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court. 52 Republicans have announced their support and the usual culprits, Olympia Snowe, Lincoln Chafee and Ted Stevens have yet to announce preventing at this time unanimous GOP consent. Byrd stated that he was satisfied with Alito's record, the answers that Alito gave to his questions and his intelligence and sincerity. As of today Alito has 55 votes for confirmation which is a majority giving the filibuster threat as the only way that Democrats have to stop the confirmation. Senators John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer have indicated that they are considering using the filibuster to stop the confirmation despite the disapproval of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Majority Leader Bill Frist is pushing for a vote by Tuesday to coincide with the President's State of the Union Address. Why Senate liberals want to continue to play political games to prevent a floor vote for Alito is beyond me. He has proven his impeccable qualifications and showed tremendous patience despite disgusting accusations and character assassinations by liberals on the Senate Judiciary Committee. I realize that many of you on the left believe that his confirmation will set back liberal advances in the courts and you believe that his conservative personal views will reverse controversial rulings such as Roe vs Wade, affirmative action and everything dealing with the poor while helping big business and giving sweeping Executive powers. Of course nobody has any prior knowledge as to what cases that will come before the High Court during Alito's tenure but the above filibuster threatening Senators and most liberals have already made up their mind as to how he will judge a case. With that in mind let me remind you who think that his, "big business, anti poor, anti individual, " attitude will make sweeping changes in the court to remember in July of last year the most blatant ruling against the individual and in favor of big business in recent years was given by a liberal leaning court. That being the ruling in favor of New London, Conn. which has been used countless times since to take homes and properties from poor and middle class individuals for the sake of development to increase tax revenues. Let me also remind you two of the Justices who voted in favor of this were appointed by Republican President's and had a more conservative record prior to their appointment to the High Court. My point here is this. Liberals legislate and rule against the individual as well as some conservatives. In addition this also proves that one CANNOT know in advance how ANY justice will rule in ANY case regardless of past records. This bickering by much of the left over Alito is political grandstanding at its worst and delaying the vote further with a filibuster as is being threatened is a grave injustice to the confirmation process, the Constitution and the American people.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


In a recent CNN/Gallup poll, (the pollster that the left loves since it usually slants in their favor), 51% of those polled said the would NOT vote for the Hildabeast for President in 2008. Only 16% in the sampling said they would vote for her. Her isolation from her liberal base continues as 1/3 of liberals taking the poll said they would not vote for her. 60% of men do not want her and a surprising 43% of women said the same! It would seem that her false move to the middle is not working and is also backfiring as she is losing her base. I realize that we are still more than two years from the election a quite a lot can change between now and then but this certainly CANNOT be good news for the Hildabeast as she continues to position herself for the 08 Presidential run. Her dilemma: to run or not to run. At least at this time it seems that she would lose in a landslide to an unknown Republican opponent. Hmmm the perceived ultimate SOMEBODY losing to a NOBODY. My heart bleeds for the poor baby! The Hildabeast Watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 24, 2006


The Senate Judiciary Committee following a party line vote of 10 - 8 approved the nomination of Judge Samuel Alito sending it to the Senate floor where his confirmation is expected to take place by the end of this week. Democrats were united in their agreement with Republicans that Alito is highly qualified to sit on the High Court. Their opposition was based on purely ideological reasons based on perceived notions as to how they felt Alito might vote were certain cases to come before the court. Using Alito's record and the usual misinterpretations and exaggerations of that record as they did in the hearings Democrats once again attempted to paint this fine American as bad for the country and that his confirmation would reverse the court and in essence set the country back years. Again they have claimed in many of their statements to speak for the American people with statements such as, "the American people deserve to hear more, " by Chuck Schumer. The purpose of the advise and consent responsibility of the Senate as specified by the Constitution is to determine the qualifications of a nominee and whether there are skeletons in the closet that could jeopardize that nominee as a justice. Their responsibility is NOT to determine how a nominee will judge a case based on that nominees beliefs as Democrats have done with Alito. The determination of Committee Democrats that he was qualified to sit on the bench should have been where their , "advise, " ended. When liberal Clinton appointees Justice Ginsberg and Justice Breyer were sent to the Senate floor by committee during their confirmation process, Republicans though disagreeing with the nominees beliefs passed them through committee because they were qualified and did not use a litany test based on personal perception as to how the Senator believes the nominee will judge a case as Democrats have done with Alito. I have stated before that the process of Judiciary Committee hearings to question a nominee is good for the American people as it is quite possibly the only time that we can listen to the opinions and legal qualifications of a judge. It is also good to investigate a judges qualifications but no one can or should expect a nominee to pre-judge a case and the perception of any possible judgment should never be the determination of that judges appointment. The President appoints according to his judicial philosophy and that is the Constitutional privilege of winning an election. The Senate does not have that authority yet Democrats believe it their responsibility to rip a conservative nominee and attempt to demonize them for political purposes. This will continue on the Senate floor. Confirmation is more or less certain. Let's hope that some Democrats rather than political grand standing to appease their base follow their Constitutional responsibility and place their consent to a qualified and deserving nominee and not just party loyalty.

Ken Taylor


Our neighbors to the north ended twelve years of liberal rule yesterday as Canadians overwhelmingly replaced the liberal government with a conservative one. Running on a platform of tax reductions, border control on the US and Canada border and repairing relations with the United States the former minority Tory Party became the majority as voters voiced their approval to the Tory platform. Conservatism is spreading and becoming the voice of the mainstream as this election proves. Though we in the United States have fallen short of many conservative beliefs in our current majority the voice of conservatives in this country is beginning to be heard and acted upon by the Republican majority. As our northern neighbors have spoken and conservatives in America continue to be heard the majority in Congress will continue to shape the agenda to a more conservative one. The 2006 agenda that has been revealed shows this shift and I am sure that this will not be the end of it. There is currently a conservative battle shaping as Republicans are preparing to vote for a new House majority leader and majority whip. Current candidates are stressing reform and better adherence to the conservative platform that elected them to office in the first place. As a wise man once said, "that and better will do."

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 23, 2006


Yesterday in The Sunday Commentary I took the message released last Thursday by Osama Bin Laden and compared his statements to the political rhetoric that has been spewing from the Democrats. I have long stated through my writing that the left is giving aid and comfort to the enemy by their political hate mongoring of the President. They either will not accept or do not care that this agenda of political destruction that is based on exaggerations and out right false accusations not only gives aid and comfort but is damaging to our nation, the war effort and the troops. I realize that many of you on the left believe that the President lied us into war and that has been the Democratic mantra for quite some time. Despite the FACT that elected Democrats saw and agreed with the same information that the President did, willingly voted to give the President the authority to use military force and when this battle first began most are on the record as agreeing that it was the right and necessary thing to do for United States security. They also forget that the same information and conclusions were used and made by the previous administration and at that time the left touted Clinton thoughts and decisions as correct and Congress gave him the same authority as they did Bush. So this argument by you on the left is a moot point. The problem that is taking place now is the way that the left is using this political attack agenda and how their rhetoric agrees with the enemy and that is what causes the damage as mentioned before. Yesterday on ABC's, "This Week, " John Kerry who as the last Presidential nominee is the head of the Democrat Party made statements that also compared to a portion of Osama Bin Laden's statement from Thursday.

Bin Laden - "Praise be to God, our conditions are always improving and becoming better, while your conditions are to the contrary ......... The war in Iraq is raging, and the operations in Afghanistan are on the rise in our favor, praise be to God. "

John Kerry - ""Many people surmise that one of the reasons we haven't been attacked here, is because they are being so successful at doing what they need to do to attack us in Iraq and elsewhere."

War sometimes makes strange allies. Whether it is a concentrated effort on behalf of the left, which for their sake and the countries I pray is not the case or the extending of the politics of hatred for the President run amok this aid to the enemy is a dangerous road to take and will continue to hamper our ability to secure this nation and protect her people.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 22, 2006


This weeks Blog of the week is, " It Takes A Village to Stop Hillary." The title speaks for itself. The url for the site is "dont trust hillary," which also speaks for itself. This blog contains numerous examples of Hillary's , "politics," as well as humor and news. A great partner to our Hildabeast Watch. Check it out.


In know that the title of this weeks commentary will stir a hornets nest but before anyone who reads this comes to a hasty conclusion take a moment and think about the conclusions that are offered. I believe that they are conclusions that demand to be heard. Last week after more than a year of silence Osama Bin Laden spoke again concerning future attacks in the United States by Al Qaeda and also offered a truce to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq. Though I do not actually believe that he is running for any office on the Democratic ticket much of the rhetoric that he gave in his message had some familiar words and sounded very similar to Democrat talking points. I have stated in many articles that the rhetoric put forth by the left was dangerous and gave aid and comfort to the enemy and actually emboldens them to continue the fight giving credence in their eyes that they are defeating the United States which is absolutely false and the evidence of the elections and a civil government in both Iraq and Afghanistan prove it. For the left and their media counterparts to believe that Bin Laden does not listen and pay attention to headlines and sound bites and use them against us is utterly ridiculous. With coverage in media circles as readily available today as it is, any enemy has access to everything that is put forth in that media. Remember in the first Gulf War it was common knowledge that Saddam Hussein was a constant viewer of CNN and quite often quoted Peter Arnatt's reporting of the war. Today's media coverage is far more extensive and reaches to many more corners of the world. I do not fault the media wholly for this problem though they play a part since they feel it their obligation to report only the negative half of the story, but more blame must be placed on the leftist rhetoric by Democrats that has given rise to statements that the enemy agrees with. Whenever Ted Kennedy or John Murtha to name a few come out with their blatant false accusations as they continually do Al Jazeera quickly quotes them so that the entire Arab world including Bin Laden can be comforted by their words. To prove my point take a look at some of the text of Bin Laden's message and compare.

Bin Laden - "US opinion polls, which indicated that the overwhelming majority of you want the withdrawal of the forces from Iraq, but he objected to this desire and said that the withdrawal of troops would send a wrong message to the enemy."

Although their are many polls that are negative against the war the majority do not favor a pull out. Yet John Murtha continually states that the American people are demanding that we immediately pull out and now Bin Laden agrees.

Bin Laden - " The war in Iraq is raging, and the operations in Afghanistan are on the rise in our favor, praise be to God. The Pentagon figures indicate the rise in the number of your dead and wounded, let alone the huge material losses, and let alone the collapse of the morale of the soldiers there and the increase in the suicide cases among them."

We have heard again from John Murtha that our military is in a shambles and that moral is terrible yet to hear the soldiers and military leaders speak just the opposite is the case.

Bin Laden - "Documents have recently showed that the butcher of freedom in the world [US President Bush]"

Harry Belefonte just called President Bush the worlds worst terrorist.

Bin Laden -"Jihad is continuing, praise be to God, despite all the repressive measures the US army and its agents take to the point where there is no significant difference between these crimes and those of Saddam. These crimes include the raping of women and taking them hostage instead of their husbands."

Ted Kennedy stated that the Abu Gharib prison just exchanged the atrocities of Saddam Hussein for those of the United States. John Kerry just recently claimed that our troops were terrorizing Iraqi women and children in the night.

Bin Laden - "In fact, reports indicate that the defeat and devastating failure of the ill-omened plan of the four - Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz - and the announcement of this defeat and working it out, is only a matter of time, which is to some extent linked to the awareness of the American people of the magnitude of this tragedy."

Howard Dean stated that to believe that we could win in Iraq was ridiculous. Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and countless other Democrats time and again have stated that we have no plan or, "exit strategy."

Bin Laden - "If Bush declines but to continue lying and practicing injustice..."

The Democrat agenda is that the president lied us into war.

If this does not prove that the agenda of political destruction at the expense of the country, our men and women in uniform and even our way of life all for political gain is giving aid and comfort to the enemy the I don't know what will. When the leader of that enemy uses the very words of political opposition to rally his followers and make statements against this country and our leaders then the descent and political rhetoric have gone way to far. This, "truce, " that has been offered is an attempt to appease the left into fervently pushing for ending this war before full victory and the completion of the mission is accomplished. Islamic law states that a truce is offered before the slaughter takes place. Additionally in any war those at the disadvantage speak of truce to give time to regroup and rebuild their forces. This proves that Al Qaeda is severely damaged and is on the run. Thank God that the President understands this and will continue to prosecute this war until the final defeat of terrorists.

Ken Taylor

Friday, January 20, 2006


Twenty five years ago today was the beginning of the Reagan revolution. As he took the oath of office President Reagan restored to America her greatness and gave himself to each of us with an assurance that we all needed in ourselves and our country. His impact on history is still being measured and felt. He brought us together as a nation as few before him and no one since. Even in death President Reagan brought us together by the millions in a celebration of the life of this great American. He will always be missed as we will always look for another Reagan and find that all will fall short in comparison. Shortly after his passing in 2004 and at the on set of this blog I wrote a tribute to President Reagan and as we come to the end of this week celebrating the beginning of the Reagan Presidency I would like to share with you again my tribute to President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

He always referred to them as, "the "L" word", ("L" of course meaning liberal). They.... well they regarded him with disdain in many ways yet that disdain contained a great respect for a great man. They said," Oh he's just an actor." He said, "I don't see how you can be President without being an actor." He then became one of our greatest Presidents and possibly the greatest of the twentieth century. They said, " we have to accept communism and for our own safety live under it's threat." He said, "Mr Gorbechev tear down this wall, " and the wall came down along with the collapse of the, "evil empire," and those states held under its iron fist. They said, " we, as Americans must grow accustomed to a lesser way of life." He said, "America will always be a shining city on a hill," and we were once again proud to wave the flag and shed a tear as we sang of, "the rockets red glare." They said, "The answer to our problems is government expansion and more entitlements." He said, " Government is not the answer to the problem, Government is the problem!" With those words entitlements decreased, regulations relaxed, government intrusion in our lives lessoned and we as a country prospered. They said, "we'll pay for it with more taxes." He said, "give the people their money back and watch what they do." His trust and faith in the American people brought the largest tax cut, (up until that time), in American history and the people did not disappoint him. Millions of jobs were created, income grew at a record pace and the country recovered from the worst economy since the depression. He left office after eight tremendous years and they said, " his influence will fade." That influence only grew as we realized how much he meant to us. He then shared with his beloved America the fear and sadness of a failing mind due to a devastating disease. Even then his faith in us and his belief in America shined through the sorrow. As the years passed they said, "all of our problems come from the excess of the 80's ." On June 5, 2004 his long battle ended as he left his beloved America for the last time. On his behalf, the American people responded to them by the millions with an outpouring of love for this man from Dixon, Illinois who taught each of us how to be an American! Now he sits beside Lincoln and Washington as the guardian angels of liberty and freedom, forever reminding us that this, "shining city on a hill, " this country and this flag that we so dearly love will always be a beacon of hope to the world. Thank you and farewell Mr. President!......Ronald Wilson Reagan 1911-2004

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 19, 2006


When President Reagan took office on January 20, 1981 we as a country were suffering from a patriotic depression. The economy was in a shambles. United States strength and prestige throughout the world was at an all time low. The country through the lives of several of our citizens had been held hostage by Islamic fanatics in Iran for more than four hundred days. We had lost our pride and our feeling of security in our freedoms that had always been America. President Reagan took the oath of office on that cold winters morning and as he said, "so help me God, " took us as a people under his wing and began to return to us what had faded, our patriotism and belief that America was the hope for liberty and freedom in a world filled with chaos. " We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow. And let there be no misunderstanding--we are going to begin to act, beginning today." Within the text of his inaugural Reagan began to rebuild the hope that was lost. "And as we renew ourselves here in our own land, we will be seen as having greater strength throughout the world. We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom." With his very first words as President this great patriot shared with us his pride in America and her people and brought out within us that same feeling of pride and American patriotism found a new start because of Ronald Reagan. We once again waved the flag and expressed to the world that we are Americans and through our free land and the ability within each of us as individuals exercising that freedom we would once again stand tall and as Americans can and will overcome any hardship or adversity. That is what President Reagan brought out in us. He had the marvelous ability because of his unwavering belief in the American ideal and in the strength of a free people that this land that we love was as Reagan put it, "a shining city on a hill, " and would always be the last best hope for the world. In every speech and expression President Reagan, as "the Great Communicator," reminded us of our heritage and who we were as a people. He lifted us up because he believed in us and most of all he believed in America. He expressed through his words and his actions what we new within our hearts was America and the light of liberty that he rekindled in us and our land once again shined throughout the world as a beacon of freedom and the world stood up a took notice as our prestige and respect returned. When President Reagan said, "God bless America, " you knew that he not only meant it but it was the fervent prayer of his heart. Even in his last days this great patriot expressed through his final letter his belief in us and his love for America, "In closing let me thank you, the American people, for giving me the great honor of allowing me to serve as your President. When the Lord calls me home, whenever that may be, I will leave with the greatest love for this country of ours and eternal optimism for its future. I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life. I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Thank you, my friends. May God always bless you. Sincerely, Ronald Reagan"

Always the patriot, always believing in us as a people and always the true American. That was Ronald Reagan.

Ken Taylor

Purported bin Laden tape warns of new al-Qaida attacks in U.S. but offers truce

Not even Ray Nagen and his grand chocolate factory could make up something this good. As you all know by now, Bin Laden, has offered up a possible truce to the infidels. Do you Libs think these are the words of confidence? Bin laden must feel the pressure of the world on his shoulders, and I think it is a heavy load on a frail man. Just wanted to post a see I told you so on this. Even opponents of the war in Iraq would love to have this trophy.
I always like to hear responses from anyone on our stories. So, Rob, We would love to hear your side of this.
John Oliver Benton III

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


One of the crowning moments in the Presidency of Ronald Reagan took place on a bright day in Berlin, Germany when the President stood in front of the Berlin Wall and demanded that Chairman Mikhail Gorbechev the Leader of the Soviet Union, "tear down, " the Berlin Wall allowing freedom to thrive in the oppressed Eastern Block countries of Europe. Following WWII partly because of weak agreeements made between the Allied Powers for the rebuilding of Europe after the war and partly because of Soviet aggression that was engineered by Josef Stalin the Soviet leader at the time the United States found herself in what was called, "The Cold War." A war of words and positioning that kept the world on the brink of possible nuclear destruction as the worlds two super powers played a cat and mouse game. The United States tried to coral communist expansionism while the Soviet Union was on the move taking countries as part of an ever expanding Soviet Empire. Several attempts were made by President's from Eisenhower to Carter through treaties and agreements to counter Soviet aggression but most failed or at best prevented further escalation. President Reagan had long been an outspoken opponent to communism well before he entered office. Upon becoming President he called a spade a spade and in his first State of the Union address shortly after becoming President called the Soviet Union, "the Evil Empire, " and made it United States policy to end the Cold War and the threat of communism and nuclear destruction. His plan basically consisted of tremendously building our military capability knowing that the Soviets would be forced to compete. The difference being that because of their oppressed economic situation it would eventually force the Soviets to the bargaining table and ultimately end the Evil Empire. In 1986 President Reagan met with Chairman Gorbechev in Reykjavik, Iceland and when Gorbechev tried to strong arm Reagan as previous Soviet leaders had with other President's, Reagan actually walked out on him and refused to budge. Goebechev realized eventually that Reagan was a force to recon with and through many other meetings and continued buildup, what President Reagan believed would happen did. In 1989 during the summer after he left office the Soviet Union fell and the Berlin Wall came down. I realize that this description is a quick and very brief overview of events that changed the world but the point is that through his strength both in character and in the inherent fact that all men wish to be free and the belief that the United States was/is the last best hope for freedom, President Reagan was proven right despite his critics and tremendous out cry against his ideal. Communism as a force on earth ended and The Soviet Union was re-born as Russia and the world changed for the better thanks to Ronald Reagan.

Ken Taylor


I never thought that I would think what I am about to write but here goes. James Carville, (former Clinton hatchet man and since liberal news analyst), and I actually agree on something. I had to have a vigorous chest massage to revive my stopped heart when I came to this conclusion but never the less we have agreed that Democrats have a disease. Carville believes and so do I that, that disease is the Democrats hatred for the GOP and if they hate enough then conservatism will just go away. Now Carville goes on to say that Democrats have a long list of ideas without direction. This is where my agreement ends. The left has one agenda and that is the agenda of political hatred. It drives them, it motivates them, it consumes them to the point that they have found themselves as a party without ideas and direction. Now the party agenda is basing the 2006 elections on what they deem as, "a culture of corruption, " in the Republican majority. Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader announced today that this would be the theme of the Democrats in the Senate for this election year. Now before those of you on the left have a cow and claim that I am letting my own party off the hook, hang on a moment. BOTH PARTIES are guilty of taking kick backs and bribes if you will. Where the hypocrisy comes is that the Democrats and their media friends are attempting to claim that they are as innocent as a new born lamb while the GOP is totally corrupt and always have been while the Dems are here to save the day. When the list of the first tier of lawmakers that are under investigation for the Abromoff scandal was released three were GOP and two were Democrats in which one was Reid himself. Polls have shown that the majority of Americans believe that this scandal covers both parties and a whopping 44% actually believe that their own representative is corrupt regardless of party. Both are attempting a cosmetic solution with similar proposals to, "end, " the lobbyist control of elected officials and neither proposal gets to the meat of the problem which are the fund raisers and the kick backs that are involved through them. The Democrats are treading down a path which will implicate them as well. The difference is that they have the mainstream media in their pockets which gives them an advantage with those who occasionally or from 6:30 - 7 pm follow the news and politics. The time for true reform is now in both parties and the Republicans have and I believe will take the opportunity as they elect a new majority leader in the House. The Democrats, well I believe that they will be business as usual. Accusing the right never admitting their own faults and continue down the road of orchestrated political destruction and the agenda of hate.

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Whenever I think of President Reagan I always think of the great sense of humor that he possessed which had the ability to make you laugh in the most serious moments as a relief from the trouble at hand and also could disarm even his most harsh critics. Sam Donaldson the ABC White House correspondent during the Reagan years was always trying to trip up the President or get him to admit to something rash, in other words a typical Washington reporter except that Donaldson was louder and much more persistent than most. I cannot remember a time when President Reagan was tripped up by Donaldson or when he was not able to disarm Sam or give him reason to laugh. Donaldson mentioned Reagan's marvelous sense of humor when inteview and covering his funeral in June of 2004. Another highlight that I remember of the President's humor was concerning his age. Reagan was the oldest man ever elected to the White House and as such our oldest President. His age was always used against him during campaigns and Reagan as usual disarmed this attempt with his sense of humor. When quoting Thomas Jefferson he referred to the quote in the first person as if he was there in conversation with the third President. During a debate with Walter Mondale he said that he would not make his opponents youth and inexperience a subject of the campaign. Reagan's sense of humor was always a bright spot in all of his speeches and in his press conferences. Always the gentleman and always one step ahead of reporters opponents and political adversaries.

Ken Taylor


Yesterday in a speech commemorating Martin Luther King's birthday in a clear reference attempting to paint the GOP as slave owners the Hildabeast said that the House of Representatives was run like, "a plantation, and you know what I mean." This of course was a blatant attempt to play to the left wing base of the Democratic Party since she continues to try to position herself as a moderate to garner votes for a Presidential bid in 2008. Regardless of her political reason three things are crystal clear by her statement. One, her true liberal side will always find a way to shine forth. Second, she will say anything to anyone if she thinks it politically expedient and third, she has absolutely NO grasp of real history. To accuse the Republicans of being racist and bigots as is implied by her , "plantation, " statement is as far from the historical truth as one can be. It was a Republican President, Abraham Lincoln, who issued the Emancipation Proclamation, which though flawed in some of its exclusions gave Lincoln the ability to pave the way for the 13th amendment which abolished slavery. Remember that it was Democrats who ran on a pro-slavery platform against Lincoln in both of his elections! When civil rights legislation was before Congress during the Johnson administration during the early 60's, he could NOT get the Democratic majority to go along with the legislation and relied upon Republicans to get the bill passed. Though Bill Clinton had a token few African-Americans in his administration all were in relatively minor positions yet Republican George Bush has had TWO as Secretary of State and his father was the first to appoint an African-American as Chairman of The Joint Chiefs. The Democrats through tidbits here and there have actually attempted to keep African-Americans down in order to keep them as a voting block never really offering them programs that better their condition but just enough to keep most dependent on the government thus beholden to Democrats. So for the Hildabeast to attempt to accuse Republicans as racist and bigots is not only historically incorrect but proves that she needs to look in her own backyard, namely her party for this, "plantation, " that she makes reference to. The Hildabeast Watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 16, 2006


Having been born in 1956 I have lived through one Presidential assassination and one nearly successful one. For those of you who have never experienced an event like this it is one that you never forget. I was only seven when President Kennedy was assassinated and to this day can remember in detail the events of November 22, 1963. Both events in Dallas and Washington and in my own home and community. Another such event happened on March 30, 1981 when John Hinkley Jr. in an attempt to impress actress Jodi Foster shot and nearly killed President Reagan only 70 days into his Presidency. I was living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time and was driving down Buford Highway when the news broke and had to pull over to the side of the road because I could not believe what I was hearing. My work closed for the day and I went home and stayed glued to the television as events unfolded. At first it was reported and believed that President Reagan had not been hit. But as the Presidential motorcade was making its way back to the White House the President began having breathing problems and was immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctors at first could not find any reason or wound that would cause the problem until a small hole was found under his arm which revealed a bullet that had entered the chest cavity narrowly missing major arteries and the heart and lodging near the lung. President Reagan despite severe pain and being on the verge of death still kept his marvelous sense of humor. When he saw Nancy for the first time he said, "I forgot to duck, " and as he was entering surgery to remove the bullet he expressed to the Doctors, "I hope you're all Republicans." To which the Democrat Doctor replied, "right now Mr President, we're ALL Republicans." The assassination attempt caused a problem within the administration as Vice President Bush was out of the city and much of Reagan's close staff was at the hospital. Secretary of State Alexander Haige took the reins at the White House and this caused some eyebrows to raise. One of the major concerns that the country faced during this time was the distinct possibility that the Soviets would take advantage of the situation and make a move in Europe. When VP Bush returned to Washington he refused to exercise the 25th amendment that gives the VP, Presidential authority when a majority of the cabinet agrees that the President is not able to perform his duties. This too caused some tense moments for both the administration and the country. Many events of the day were either canceled or postponed. The Stock Exchange closed and the government as a whole ground to a halt until news that President Reagan had survived the attempt was known. At seventy years old President Reagan still had the strength and stamina to survive this attempt on his life and went on to serve as President two terms. It pains me to know that the man who nearly killed a President is now allowed to leave his confinement to spend weekends at home with his parents. This will always be a day that remains fresh in my memory.

Ken Taylor


In a speech before the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy and the Liberty Coalition a liberal group, Al Gore ranted and raved about the Al Qaeda operative surveillance program that President Bush authorized claiming that the President broke the law and was eavesdropping on Americans in a grab for Executive power. Gore used the speech for the Martin Luther King holiday as an avenue to spew a litany of falsehoods against the President and stretch the truth concerning the NSA program and its legality. It would seem that the former Vice President has forgotten the MANY times he and his former boss Bill Clinton used similar programs without court orders to spy on US citizens. The difference was that Clinton Administration programs were not in a time of war and not directed toward people directly contacting a United States enemy. Regardless of which party that a President is from when it comes to national security and the gathering of intelligence from a known enemy the Constitution and several legal statutes give the Commander in Chief the authority to gather information to protect the nation by any means possible. Gore knows this and fully backed it while he was Vice President but now that a Republican President is using limited surveillance to protect the nation from terrorists, Gore has the typical convenient memory lapse and attempts to sound like a Pentecostal preacher to liberal audiences that drink in his diatribes. It is a chilling thought that this man was at one time just one heartbeat from the Presidency.

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Our Blog gets ripped off?!?!?!

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Not sure what to make of this but bloggers beware. We are investigating!


This Friday January 20th commemorates the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan the 40th President of the United States. We are participating along with many other bloggers in celebrating the memory of this great man and the , "shining city on a hill, " that was and is Reagan's America. First allow me the opportunity to express some personal thoughts concerning President Reagan. I had the opportunity to live under both the Reagan California Governorship and his Presidency. So in very many ways President Reagan was a part of my life from my childhood since I was 10 years old when he was elected Governor. Upon his passing on June 5, 2004 I felt as if a member of my family had gone and have ever since. My political ideals and beliefs were nurtured by the President and I found my conservatism because of him. Through his words and actions as both Governor and President I found the core of my beliefs and the optimism to always find the greatness of America and even in the darkest times the ability to always see the light of freedom and liberty shine in our great land. His ability to always find the good in people and his belief that the citizens of this country are its strength and with Americans all things are possible will forever shape this nation. Never did a negative thought or a criticism of who we are as a nation come from his lips. He always saw the best in us and had the ability to bring out the best. President Reagan was truly a GREAT American in every sense of the word and his love and belief in America will always shine in the annuls of American history.

President Reagan was the father of the conservative movement and left that legacy as the true core of the Republican Party. When he took office January 20, 1981 America was in a sad state of affairs. His predecessor, Jimmy Carter had decimated the military and through his economic programs we were suffering an inflation rate of more than 20%. Throughout the world America was seen as weak and unable to defend our interests which gave rise to the Iran hostage crises which lasted throughout the last year and a quarter of Carter's Presidency. We as a nation under Carter had been told in speech after speech that the best days of America were behind us and that we must get accustomed to a lesser way of life and Soviet dominance in the world. Reagan neither believed nor accepted this. He brought with him a confidence and optimism in America that gave us as Americans the will to once again proudly wave the flag. His economic programs which centered around less government and giving the people their own money through tax cuts rebuilt a failing economy and we experienced what was up until that time the largest growth in the economy since WWII. He called the Soviet Union , "the evil empire, " and though highly criticized stood strong against communist expansionism and in 1989 the fall of the Soviet Union was the result.

Today's Republicans envolk his name and make claim to the Reagan legacy but do they truly follow his example ? From a military standpoint the answer is yes. Though there are times when some in the Republican Party are guilty of flip-flopping on defense as a whole the Reagan philosophy of a strong defense and using that defense to better our national interests and security is still at the core of the Republican Party. President Bush is very much in the Reagan mold when it comes to protecting our nation. Economically though is very much a different matter. President Reagan believed that government could not solve our problems because, "government was the problem." He understood that government was the servant of the people not the oppressor of the people. He believed in less government involvement and regulation and more incentive for business and the individual to shape their own lives with as little government intervention as possible. He believed in less spending, smaller government and tax cuts which created greater government revenue because as the people worked and spent the economy grew which in turn created revenue. The idea of tax cuts is still part of the Republican agenda but less government has fallen by the wayside. I will admit that in the last few months the majority and the President have come around somewhat but to emulate Reagan they still have quite a way to go. For President Bush and the House and Senate Republicans to follow the Reagan example then spending must decrease, entitlements are not and never will be the answer and the growth of government must be reversed. When it comes to government Reagan understood that less is more which is something that today's Republicans have forgotten.The, "shining city on a hill, " that President Reagan believed was America still exists though some of its glimmer is tarnished with out of control spending. Patriotism is strong and the belief that we are the true hope for liberty in a world filled with despots and dictators who oppress their land into submission is as true today as it was with Reagan and before. Does Reagan's America still work ? Of course it does. His legacy to us will always shine through each of us as we believe in who we are and never take for granted the freedom and liberty that make us the great nation that we are. He new as we all should that once freedom is taken for granted it is then that we lose it. President Reagan said it best, " Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again." Thank you President Reagan for everything!

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is ,"Magnum's Conservative Voice." Reagan conservatives with a great insight on politics and world events. Be sure to look at the picture above the blogroll. You'll find a striking resemblance to Tom Sellick, hence the name, "Magnum." Magnum is also a fellow contributor to, "Right Wing Thinking." Great stuff so check it out!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

How Reagan Changed my life

As we approach the anniversary of the Reagan inauguration, I keep thinking back to my days in elementary school. At that time I became very aware of politics at a young age. I read and understood thing that most teenagers could care less about at the time. And I owe it all to one man, Ronald Reagan.
After the Carter administration, America needed strong leadership. The kind of leadership that would stare in the face of evil and not back down. America had some foreign policy matters that had been left unsolved in Iran. We also faced the tyranny of USSR. Not to mention an economy that had been left in shambles. Everyone at the time new it would take a determined and strong leader to take us in to the 1980's. And Ronald Reagan was the man for the job.
What I remember most about Reagan was his sense of humor. Even in the most dyer situations, he could always bring a smile to your face. To many of us in the 80's he served as a father figure. A man whom stood for what he believed in, and never backed down.
As a child I needed to see someone like this. My childhood was not the happiest, but I always knew that we were safe, the economy was well off, and by knowing that I could sleep at night without worry.
The biggest effect that Reagan had on my life, well that's hard to say. He stood for all the things I was taught in church and at home. He spoke like people in my hometown, (no big wig Washington talk) and when there was a big problem facing the country, He took it to the American public. Reagan represented the best America had to offer. He often said that America's best asset are it's citizens. You and me. I think that is something that the American people need to hear from politicians. It gives us hope for a better tomorrow. It give us the kind of confidence that helped to build our great nation.
I don't know if we will ever see another Reagan. But we all always looking for one. Every Republican since him has been compared to him, or has invoked his name during campaigns. I always hear people on the street (during campaign season) refer to his name when speaking about this guy or that guy. The effect Reagan had on this nation was a once in a lifetime event. Not only did he change the face of the Republican party, he changed the face of a nation. And for that we will always be grateful.
Thanks Ronnie.
John Oliver Benton III

Friday, January 13, 2006


In his 2002 State Of The Union address, President Bush referred to three countries as part of an, "axis of evil." They were Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Iraq is now well upon its way to becoming the first Arab democracy in the Middle East and as such is no longer part of the , "axis." North Korea continues to spew the usual rhetoric in a vain attempt to bribe the world with threats in order for its insane leader to feed his people so that he can spend all of the nations resources on military development. Iran is the remaining member who has been a thorn in the flesh of the world especially the United States since the emergence of the Ayatollah's in 1979. Over the past several months Iran has continually mocked the world with their false attempts in convincing the world that the quest for a viable nuclear program is only for energy purposes. Why would one of the worlds largest oil producing countries need nuclear energy ? Of course they do not need nuclear , "energy, " and of course the only reason for a nuclear program if for the construction of nuclear weapons. Recently the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, (who has a remarkable resemblance to one of the lead terrorists who took US Embassy hostages in 1979), stated that Israel should be wiped off the map and that the Holocaust was a figment of Zionist propaganda. There have been reports of Iran shopping the world market for delivery systems for nuclear weapons with the capability of reaching Israel, Europe and possibly the coastal waters of the United States. When has nuclear energy needed a delivery system ? Earlier this week Iran removed UN seals from their nuclear development facilities and thumbed their Islamic noses at the world and have not denied that the re-emergence of their nuclear program was for weapons development. Many speculate that Iran is very close to a working nuclear device and of course the Iranian government will not hesitate to use it. Additionally being a state that sponsors terrorism entails the added problem of nuclear components or fully functional weapons placed in the hands of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda. The European Union and Great Britain are calling for the United Nations Security Council to meet to consider sanctions against Iran. From past experience UN sanctions have absolutely NO meaning and are worth no more than the paper they are issued upon. Iran will yield to sanctions in the same resistant way and possibly more so than Saddam Hussein. President Bush stated this week that Iran has made a terrible miscalculation and when asked the President did NOT say that military intervention was off the table. Certainly if the United States does not move militarily against Iran's nuclear capability then Israel will as they did against Iraq in the 80's. Iran is a problem that is quickly reaching a boiling point and their continual defiance over their nuclear program cannot stand and must be dealt with. Each time the world has spoken out against the program Iran has acted humbled while continuing to develop the program and each time world opinion lessoned Iran has emerged more defiant with a better developed program, proving their , "humility," false and their resolve and capability to be a nuclear power further along. Let us hope that this problem will be resolved BEFORE Iran launches the first missile. If military intervention is the answer then so be it, for this radical Islamic government has proven time and again that they cannot be trusted and will use whatever means at their disposal to eliminate Israel, kill the , "infidels, " of the world and that includes, "the great Satan, " who in their fanatical eyes IS the United States.

Ken Taylor

Thursday, January 12, 2006


January 20, 2006 is the 25th anniversary of the beginning of the Presidency of Ronald Wilson Reagan. We at the Liberal Lie, The Conservative Truth along with many other bloggers at the invitation of Mike's America who's author served on Reagan's staff, will be celebrating this date with remembrances of his Presidency and the great accomplishments that were attained during Reagan's eight years in office. Join us with your own celebration of remembrance and inform Mike's America,( ), as he will be publishing excerpts of postings about President Reagan. Be a part of the celebration of a truly great President and the father of the conservative movement!

Ken Taylor


The Senate Judiciary Committee grilling of Judge Samuel Alito ended today as hearings continued with witnesses for and against the Supreme Court nominee. Alito's composure, grace and judicial intelligence carried the hearings despite an absolutely disgraceful grand standing farce placated by Democrats. Disgusting character assassination statements accusing this fine American,( who has distinguished himself in a lifetime of public service and who's record proves that he is a decent and fair individual), of bigotry, discrimination against women and minorities and outright accusations of lying though the record and testimonies show just the opposite. Through lamenting and whining by Edward Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Joseph Biden the American people have truly seen the pitiful and insane face of today's Democratic Party. Yes there are many within the party who are good, fair and decent people but the leadership that is before the public especially those on the Judiciary committee gives a sad and disgraceful face to the Democrat Party. There are ingrates on both side of the isle and I say that as a life long Republican but never does the face of the Republican Party shine with disgust and intentional mean spiritness as has been plastered in the news this week by Senate Democrats. There is never ANY excuse for political or even personal reasons to falsely and blatantly attack and character assassinate anyone as Democrats attempted to do this week to Judge Alito. Their total lack of civility and statesmanship was never more evident than when their rhetoric drove Alito's wife to tears. Yet even with this the liberal press has tried to place the blame for the tears on Senator Lindsay Graham who gallantly was defending Alito and apologizing to the judge and his family for the treatment at the mouths of Democrats. Mrs. Alito thanked Graham for his gallantry when Senator Orin Hatch left the proceedings to console Mrs. Alito. If Democrats think that this type of showing endears them to the American people then they are sadly mistaken. The hearings should have been a forum where our Constitution and our Republic shown forth the true spirit of freedom and liberty to the world as we followed the great traditions of our nation to review and confirm a Supreme Court Justice. Instead the country and the world was given a bad taste of liberal anger and deception at its worst and no one is the better for it. Judge Alito will be confirmed and take his place in a long line of some of the most brilliant legal minds to ever walk this planet. For that we can take solace as the Constitutional process once again proves successful despite the disgusting showing of the Democrats.

Ken Taylor


Once again when the opportunity arrives the Hildabeast shows her true colors and the liberal that she is shines like a super nova. Harry Belefonte and the Hildabest joined together to raise money at a luncheon fundraiser today. Belefonte has been under fire for the past several days since he called the President the, "world's greatest terrorist," while visiting Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. Belefonte has also called Condleeza Rice and Collen Powell, "house slaves, " because they have and had the, "audacity, " to serve in the Bush administration. Even the AARP who has used Belefonte as a spokesman has distanced themselves from ,"Calypso," Harry because of his statements and as we all know the AARP is basically a liberal special interest group. Yet if the opportunity to get the bucks appears the Hildabeast doesn't miss a step even if appearing with a hate American first spokesman like Belefonte. It never fails, try as she might to appear moderate the true liberal Hildabeast will ALWAYS come forth. The Hildabeast Watch continues.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Judge Samuel Alito spent his third day before the Senate Judiciary Committee standing firm while being grilled by Democrats on a wide range of subjects. Attempting to place guilt by association, Senator Edward Kennedy became rather heated with both Alito and Senator Arlen Specter Chairman of the Committee. Kennedy referred to an alumni group that Alito was associated with from Princeton University in 1985. Although Alito readily stated that he did not know nor agree with the beliefs of this group and had he known at the time would have ended his association, Kennedy grilled him with accusations that took on the face of guilt by association. Remember Kennedy was the Committee member who destroyed the Bork nomination during the Reagan years by destroying Judge Bork's character with falsehoods in the same way that he attempted and failed with Alito. At one point Kennedy was in heated debate with Senator Spector demanding that the records of the alumni group be subpoenaed and Spector told Kennedy that he would NOT take control of the proceedings. Alito's record proves that his philosophy, beliefs and character have never been in line with the racist and radical beliefs of the alumni group but Kennedy chose to grand stand on the subject and not follow the facts. The process in which a nominee enters is good for the country for it gives the people their only real opportunity to see the philosophy of an appointed Justice, but the political grand standing that has been the norm lately has no place in these type of proceedings. The purpose of the hearings are to establish the qualifications of a nominee and NOT to slander his or her character. Yet this is the path that the left has chosen concerning Alito and despite this the judge intellectually and philosophically showed his true self as he stated that if confirmed , "I am who I am and I am my own person." When the attempt was made to back Alito in a corner concerning specific issues that may face the court, he responded with, " I don't think it's appropriate for me to speak about issues that could realistically come up." Though a judge should NOT receive confirmation without review, fairness and civility should prevail during that review. The Democrats seem to neglect both as they continue to grill Alito. This must be an embarrassment to members of the Democratic Party who still believe in civility. This type of character assassination is one of the main reasons that the left finds themselves in the minority and as long as they keep it up, which seems to be their steadfast game plan then in the minority they will stay and deservedly so!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Judge Samuel Alito continued the process of answering questions today as the Senate Judiciary Committee Hearings went into their second day. Judge Alito made some strong statements concerning several subjects including abortion which he stated he would view with an open mind which is exactly how a Supreme Court Justice should view ANY case before the court and not pre-judge as the left suggests any conservative Judge will do when considering Roe vs Wade. Although I am a pro-life proponent and believe that abortion is not a Constitutional right, (the decision was based on the right to privacy clause which I believe was an inaccurate interpretation of the Constitution), it is the law of the land because of decisions made by the high court years ago and unless it is over turned any Judge should view it on a case by case basis. Another issue that Alito was questioned about was the practice by several current Associate Judges of reviewing decisions made in high courts in other countries and applying those decisions to United States law. Alito stated without hesitation that United States Constitutional law was the ONLY basis for making any decision on the court and while other country decisions were interesting reading they had no business being applied in our courts. Bravo Judge Alito. One important aspect that the left continually forgets when a Republican President nominates a judge for the court is that Constitutionally a sitting President has the right and authority to nominate who he wishes. That comes with winning an election and regardless which party the President represents he is the Constitutional authority for appointing judges with the, "advise and consent, "of the Senate. When Ruth Ginsberg was appointed by Clinton for example the Republican minority though disagreeing with her judicial philosophy did not stand in the way of her confirmation as the left is threatening with Alito. The Democrats have an illusion that they are the protectors of the court and it is their responsibility to filibuster and disrupt any conservative nomination. Appointing judges is an Executive privilege and not a Congressional responsibility. This does not mean that a judge should not be questioned but it does mean that political games should be put aside in order to advance a civil and quick confirmation process. As long as the nominee is qualified and Alito IS HIGHLY qualified with endorsements from both the left and the right as well as prominent legal organizations then his confirmation should be allowed to pass without filibuster or disruption as the left is threatening. Remember the up or down vote is a Senate rule and not a Constitutional mandate. The Senate's responsibility is advise and consent only. Tomorrow will be interesting as the left has already indicated more tough questioning of Alito. Today the Judge was on the mark and tomorrow should be similar.

Ken Taylor

Monday, January 09, 2006


Senate hearings for the confirmation of Judge Samuel Alito to become an Associate Justice to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor began today and positioning started with the opening comments of each of the Senators on the Senate Judiciary Committee. It is clear that the left is positioning for a fight. A recent poll by the Washington Post and ABC shows that 53% of Americans favor Alito's confirmation, ( ). Yet despite public opinion polls which Democrats base all of their policies on and tend to drift with the polls, the left is planning a fight over this nomination mainly because the confirmation of Alito will end the liberal hold on the Supreme Court. Senator Dianne Fienstien is already calling for a filibuster of the nomination while Democrat members of the Judiciary Committee are claiming that Alito will destroy civil liberties based on their interpretation of his 15 years of judiciary opinions and positions. New York's Chuck Schumer stated that Alito had much to answer for, "because your record of opinions and statements on a number of critical Constitutional questions seems quite extreme." While Ted Kennedy blasted the Bush Administration with claims of torture, abuse of power and then Alito for supporting, "an all-powerful executive branch." Statements as these are absurd and exaggerated to the extreme so that the liberals on the Committee can pander to their socialist left wing base. The possibility of a filibuster is real but the support for Alito's confirmation is strong enough that despite the fight and the lefts positioning to pander to their base Alito will be confirmed. Alito stated his positions with grace and from a standpoint of strength. Stating legal president and the fact that a judge should never publicly speak of any decision that may face the court. This nomination and the intelligence of the nominee should have the same results as the Robert's confirmation. The nominee stating truth and revealing a judiciary philosophy that follows strict Constitutional guidelines and one that will leave the left reeling with egg on their face as they look like fools once again!

Ken Taylor

Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Proof that tax cuts do work

As I think back, I remember in the beginning (of this blog), there were many post on taxes. Why we believe in little or no taxes (hehehe), and their effects on us as citizens of this country. Well, the new numbers are out and the conservative way has won out on this one. I have long believed that the way to a stronger country is more economic freedoms. And that begins with people whom have more of their money to spend with others whom have more money to spend and so on. The Bush economic team has won the the day on the Tax front. There is no question about that. Now is the time to make these tax cuts permanent. No matter what else happens, if our economy is strong, we will still come out on top.But with tax cuts come another problem. Spending. In our household , can we out spend what we bring in? Well with credit, I guess your can but do you. And if you do, how long do you think you can get away with it. If you are a politician in Washington the answer is forever. This new breed of Conservative scares me. Though I give a lot of credit to Republicans for the tax cuts. I was puzzled by the spending during the first term of Bush. It almost seemed as if he had Reagan on one shoulder, and Tip O'Neill (with pitchfork in hand) on another, and he was trying to find that middle ground. I have not been watching much of the Washington based news since the election, so I am not sure of the state of our nations spending spree. I have been told that the open purse of the American tax payer is closing a little. I hope all of this is true. After all, Reganomics was not just tax cuts, it also called for spending cuts.Thanks to everyone for reading. And to Rob for his comment.

John Oliver Benton III


"This is London." With each broadcast prior to our entrance into WWII, Edward R Murrow began with these words as he described the courage and heroism of the British people as they valiantly stood against the brutal attacks from the Third Reich and the Luftwaffe. In each broadcast Murrow stated his sources and gave accounts of the truth based upon responsible journalism and I believe his broadcasts were critical in establishing United States opinion and our eventual entrance into WWII. Those days are no more. Today's , "journalists, " (I place that in quotations for the word is a sarcasm of the meaning of journalism), whether the print media or television are more interested in political agendas and being the first to, "get the story,' regardless of the consequences, without source verification and in most instances based on rumors. I exclude much of the, "new media, " from irresponsible journalism for they are mainly for entertainment yet despite this truth most are responsible enough to verify and check their sources BEFORE they broadcast or post their conclusions. This is not the case with the alphabet news agencies, (ABC, NBC and CBS), nor with icons such as The New York and Los Angeles Times. They have become a shadow of who they once were because of irresponsible and dangerous reporting. CNN is guilty of this same type of, "journalism," and lately to a lesser extent even Fox News has fallen into the trap. All to get and in most cases manufacture the story. We have been subjected recently to unverified reports of West Virginia miners rescued alive then hopes dashed three hours later when just the opposite was the truth. Though the authorities allowed the hype to happen and last far longer than it should the media carries much of the blame for spreading the story world wide WITHOUT confirmation based on rumor and never attempting to verify the facts. During Hurricane Katrina this same type of irresponsible reporting exaggerated every aspect of the disaster. Stating huge body counts in evacuation centers, murders in the streets, rapes of children and the elderly which has been proven was based on rumor and innuendoes that were never confirmed just reported. Then when the truth was made known not once did the media take responsibility for their false reports nor retract any of their wrong statements. This is , "journalism ?" On the political front the media claims to be non-partisan and unbiased in their reporting of issues that effect this nation and the world, yet in just about every instance the media blatantly reports based on an agenda and conveniently neglects much of the story or flat out lies to further their agenda. I realize that you who are liberal will disagree with what I am about to say since this agenda favors your point of view, but it has become extremely obvious that this media based political agenda not only leans left but outright and obviously propagandizes a liberal agenda. How many interviews are aired with Republicans concerning current issues ? Most interviews are with only Democratic leadership or former Democrat politicians who are hired as analysts. When Republican interviews DO make the news most of their comments are taken out of context or shortened to prevent their point from being made.

This brand of irresponsible journalism began during the Vietnam War as the media turned against the war and through their reporting, leaving out facts and reporting only body counts and perceived American atrocities, (which since have been proven false in nearly all cases), turned the country against the war and the troops. Whether one was in favor of the war or not the agenda based media accounts of the war are directly responsible for the countries reversal and eventual loss of Vietnam. Another instance that gave rise to today's brand of journalism was Watergate. Although the Nixon administration did perform illegal acts and Nixon most likely would have been impeached had he not resigned, the media gained an overwhelming feeling of power as they realized that their reporting had the ability to bring down a sitting President.

Today's, "journalists, " are taking this agenda based unsubstantiated reporting to a new level of extremism that is not only irresponsible but dangerous to our national security. Their blatant attacks through their reporting of our troops, their Commander in Chief and selective reporting of the war gives rise to our enemy thinking that they are defeating the United States and emboldens them to further their terrorist activities. When a news agency has the ability to expose a national security program, (the NSA, Al Qaeda wire tap surveillance), as the New York Times has, then use this leak to promote the book of the reporter covering the story and be treated as hero's by the rest of the media and the left for threatening our security and this nation then irresponsible journalism becomes a danger and crosses the line of treason. When our Founding Fathers placed freedom of the press in the first amendment their intent was freedom with responsibility and with discretion when the security of the nation was at risk. This was widely practiced in WWII and other conflicts that involved the United States. Journalist were Americans first and reporters second and understood that they could risk our troops and our country by their reporting and as such used discretion as they reported wars and then reported the whole story and not one that supported a certain agenda. Today's out of control reporting would cause Edward R. Murrow to roll over in his grave were he to see what the media has become. Will it change, I think not. Unfortunately one day devastation will result because of irresponsible reporting and then who will the media blame!

Ken Taylor


This weeks Blog of the Week is," Revka's Take." Her description of her blog describes her as , "a wife and mother of four boys. " With those great credentials it's amazing that she finds time to be politically involved, but involved she is with great conservative insight and some VERY interesting pictures in her articles. Be sure to check this site out!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


For those of you who have been visiting this blog since its beginning in 2004 and remember John Benton III then what I am about to write is common knowledge to each of you. For those who have visited and become part of this site in the last several months then let me take this opportunity to introduce you to my friend. John and I work for the same company in Myrtle Beach, SC and have identical political beliefs. Though we are several years apart in age, (I think of John as a younger brother, ) we are both Reagan conservatives who understand that big government is not the answer and a strong military is necessary to insure the continuation of this land that we love. Taxes are a liberal ploy to take our money for their use and the only way to stimulate an economy is to let the people use their money and for government to keep its hands off! John is never one to shirk from telling exactly what he thinks and believes as I do that Democrats have no clue as to what is best for this country and their political rhetoric is a self serving attempt to try and gain power in Washington regardless of who or what must be sacrificed to gain that power. He also will not hesitate to criticize our own Republican Party when they are not following true conservatism which is what brought them to power in the first place. If you have agreed with and enjoyed anything that I have written then you can look forward to more of the same with a little different tone and approach from John. Welcome back from your break JB!

Ken Taylor


Congressman John Murtha, (D PA), is at it again or should I say continues to mouth off about a total and quick withdrawal from Iraq, because we can't win and our military is in a shambles. His tactic now adds further insult to the already disgusting defeatists statements that he has made recently. Now, according to Murtha, if the United States slowly withdraws from Iraq it will give the illusion that we have obtained victory when in essence we have been defeated. Why is it that Murtha's story about the state of our military and the situation in Iraq differs from those like Senator Joe Lieberman, (who I might add is also a Democrat), who have actually visited Iraq several times and after each trip came back to report that the situation is continually improving, our troops are doing a marvelous job and moral is high. Which is also what commanders in the field , the President, and the Secretary of Defense have also stated. Each have visited Iraq and the President receives daily briefings concerning every aspect and detail of operations. Yet Murtha, who has NEVER been to Iraq, nor discussed operations with ANY field commanders claims the opposite and continually paints a negative and devastating picture of the accomplishments in the field, the Iraqi government and our troops. Unfortunately every time he opens his mouth this liberal with a mouth larger than his brain gets exhaustive coverage from the mainstream media and has become their darling as he paints the picture that the left and their media cohorts wish the American people to see. All without proof or any type of evidence to prove his obscene allegations. His Vietnam combat experience is always touted as the reason to consider him an expert and while his service in Vietnam is not in question his ethics concerning the present war is very much so. He still insists that everything is so bad that we should leave immediately and give everything over to the Iraqi government and security forces whether they are ready or not. Does he not realize that if this were to happen with the government and security forces NOT ready for complete control then the very terrorists and insurgents that our troops have fought and died to defeat will wrench control and plunge the country into civil war or worse a theocracy similar to Iran where freedoms are non existent and oppression is real ? Does he actually care ? I think not for with his liberal rhetoric he is getting his fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of our troops and the truth. Thank God that the President does not listen to the likes of John Murtha and continues to stand firm in what is right. Fighting the War on Terror whether in Iraq or any other battlefield in the world until the enemy is defeated and the mission completed.

Ken Taylor

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi declassified a letter that she had written to Lieutenant General Michael V. Hayden, USAF the director of the National Security Agency on October 11 2001, one month after the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. In the letter she expressed concern about the NSA program instituted to wire tap calls to Al Qaeda operatives in the United States. Throughout the day this letter has been touted as the proof that the left needs to show that the program was illegal and that the President did not have the precedence to allow such a program without a court warrant. Their are two facts about this letter that I believe the press and the left have neglected to mention that clearly shows in Pelosi's own words that she had knowledge of the program long before she and other Democratic leaders have claimed and that the President again in her own words HAD the authority to institute this program. First, the Democratic leadership including Pelosi have been claiming that they only RECENTLY had knowledge of the program and that they were not aware of the extent of the surveillance. This letter by Pelosi was written October 11 2001, one month after 9/11 and more than 4 YEARS AGO. In the letter she indicates that General Hayden appeared before the House Intelligence Committee on October 1, 2001 and at that time informed the committee of the program and its extent which prompted the questions that Pelosi asked in the letter and that the General, " seemed to be inviting expressions of concern from us, " which indicates that she understood that the committee was being informed and assistance in defining the legalities were being asked for THEN and only the concerns expressed in the letter were addressed by Pelosi on behalf of the committee. A distinct contrast to the claims that she and other Democrats are expressing now as they lament that the program was illegal, yet when informed in 2001 never questioned as such. Second, one line in the letter stands out like a sore thumb in light of the claim that the left has made that the President did not have the authority to instigate the program. In her letter of October 11 Pelosi states, "Therefore, I am concerned whether, and to what extent, the National Security Agency has received specific Presidential authorization for the operations you are conducting." For Pelosi to express concern about the NSA having Presidential authorization indicates that in 2001 she realized that the President DID HAVE the authority to instigate the program yet in 2005 and 2006 she and her liberal friends are crying for an impeachment hearing claiming that Bush broke the law and did not have the authority. Now I ask you Mrs. Pelosi which story is true yours and your cohorts claims of today or your letter that you never thought the public would see from 2001 ? She has revealed her own lie with the very letter that she declassified in order to strengthen her false claims of today. She knew that the President had the authority then as she knows now, though will not admit, and she knew about the program which also means that the Democratic leadership knew of the program LONG before they are claiming. It never fails, give a Democrat enough rope and they will always hang themselves with their own words while trying to claim that they NEVER said them! This is political grand standing at its worst and a blatant and instigated threat to national security. As the Justice Departments investigation unfolds, Pelosi and her colleagues in the House and Senate who are participating in this game of political destruction should receive censure at the least or brought up on charges appropriate with their treasonous crimes. For those of you on the left who do not believe this an act of treason read Article III, section 3 of the Constitution which states concerning treason , "adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort." This IS aid and comfort to the enemy!

Ken Taylor

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The truth is slowly coming to the surface in a round about way as to why The New York Times leaked the information concerning the NSA's wire tapping program for Al Qaeda operatives in The United States. Although the Times is not readily admitting this to be the case the story coincides with the release of a newly published book, " coincidently," authored by the same reporter who broke the story before Christmas. The book titled, "State Of War - The Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration, " contains the information about the Bush wire tap program as on of the main chapters in the book. The Times had the information about the program for more than a year yet sat on the story to time its release to coincide with the publication of Risen's book. Risen appeared on the Today Show this morning as part of a tour scheduled to publicize the book. So it seems that not only is The New York Times willing to commit treason and threaten National Security to,"break, " a story that should have never been revealed but they are guilty of treason for profits sake also. How far will the Times go to destroy United States secrets and to assist the Democrats in the defeat of our armed forces and the destruction of the President ? Nothing is sacred to this rag of a newspaper and both the reporter Risen and his editors should be charged with compromising national security, treason and revealing state secrets. This is one of the most disgusting items in a long line of trash journalism that the Times has written in order to proclaim a socialist/communist political agenda that has as its main goal the end of our freedoms and this nation as the lone super power and the leader of the world.

Ken Taylor


This mornings announcement that Washington super-lobbyist Jack Abramoff cut a plea deal to testify for the government has been the lead story throughout the day. Every news source and news break that I have read or heard has stated that this plea bargain could have dire ramifications for Republicans. Now it is WELL known that Abramoff has powerful connections in BOTH parties and this could have complications for many in a bi-partisan way, so to speak. Yet one of his main benefactors whose name has not sufaced in any report since the first announcement of the Abramoff indictment and certainly not mentioned in any story about the plea bargain is none other than Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D, NV). It turns out that the Senate's top Democrat has accepted tens of thousands of dollars from one of Abramoff's top clients, the Coushatta Indian Tribe, after interceding with the Secretary of the Interior over a casino dispute with a rival tribe. Reid has denied knowing Abramoff or ever meeting him in prior interviews. Reid also serves on the Indian Affairs committee in the Senate and has a prominent voice in Indian issues. He claims that he NEVER received money from Abramoff but stopped short of stating the same about possible clients. Let's see how , "Hapless," Harry weasels out of this one!

Ken Taylor

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