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Friday, September 24, 2010


They are everywhere. Their stench can be smelled throughout the halls of Congress, in the White House and every political office building in our Nations Capitol. No matter where one goes in DC the problem is over running the Capitol. Stink Bugs are everywhere. Yes that's right Stinks Bugs.

If you find a camera or a news reporter looking for a ripe political story you will find a Stink Bug. If you search the Halls of Congress you can bet that finding a Stink Bug will be an easy task because they are in every office and especially when the House and Senate are in session the Stink Bugs can be found, if they are in town, listening to each other as they attempt to expound on whatever issue Congress is addressing at the moment.

Soon Congress will go into recess in order to allow the Stink Bugs to head to their respective homes and campaign to try and return and infest Washington again. But when they return home their is an exterminator waiting to eliminate the Stink Bug infestation from Washington DC. Yes my friends Voters Pest Control has been arming itself with the arsenal of pesticides necessary to eliminate the Stink Bug infestation in Washington.

On November second throughout the country Voters Pest Control will take to the polls and work to eliminate the Stink Bug infestation that is plaguing Congress and Washington. Eliminating the plaque that has infested our Nation and damaged our Republic. Once the infestation has been eliminated by Voter Pest Control, Washington will become a city which works for the people and not to increase power of the Stink Bug infestation.

Oh and by the way there is an actual Stink Bug infestation with REAL bugs in Washington as the video below shows but I could not resist the sarcastic, (maybe not so sarcastic), parallel to the infestation of idiots who are elected to office that we will be removing in November as we the people begin to take our country back!

Ken Taylor

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