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Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Barack Obama has begun his fall campaign as we approach the mid term election in which his party according to all polling stands to lose and lose big. Some are saying that Obama is in campaign mode now that the fall election cycle has begun in earnest with the end of the summer and the Labor Day weekend behind us. I wonder when he HAS NOT been in campaign mode since it seems that Obama has been campaigning in one form or another since taking office.

Both he and many Democrats are campaigning as if they have had no hand in the economic woes, deficits, debt, and the general feeling in the country that we are moving in the wrong direction. As if the anger among voters has nothing to do with the arrogance displayed by Obama and the Democrat leadership in passing the unjustified stimulus, Obamacare and a myriad of spending bills that have almost bankrupted the country, while completely ignoring the people.

If you only listened to Obama and somehow found yourself in a cocoon hearing only him you would think that in 20 months he has done nothing at all to cause any of the woes that our Nation faces and only George Bush and the Republicans who have been out of the majority since 2007 are the sole cause for everything that is taking place and angering Americans.

In fact, according to Obama only HE has all of the answers and the reason HIS programs have either totally failed or not brought about the result he promised are because the Republicans have been obstructing his plans and been the party of , "no." Even, as he states, on issues they, "agree on." I haven't known many issues he and the GOP have agreed on but that is another story. I also seem to remember that since he took office he has had a majority in both the House and the Senate enough so that even with the GOP saying no he could pass pretty much anything he wanted.

Well I am hear to tell you that the GOP is the party of no and thank God for it ! No to Obama's agenda. No to Obamacare. No to spitting on the Constitution as has been the practice of Obama and the Democrats especially since he moved into the Oval Office. No to appeasing our enemies and weakening our security. No to taxation for the rich or anyone else for that matter. No to cap and trade. No to the Marxist/socialism that has been the trademark of the Obama agenda.

No to so called stimulus money that stimulates nothing but Union pockets and Democrat pet projects. No to illegal immigration. No to taking a sovereign state like Arizona to court simply for protecting their citizens and enforcing the law. No to giving up our Nations sovereignty to the UN. No to punishing business for being profitable by over regulating. No to creating an anti business atmosphere which increases unemployment as companies cut jobs because of government meddling. No to government take over of business like GM and Chrysler.

So if this is what being the party of no entails then the GOP in actuality is the party of yes to freedom, free market, Constitutional principles, lesser government, strong national security less taxation and individual responsibility without the government dictating how we live our lives. Which is what the Founders intended for our Nation.

With November second now less than eight weeks away how do we stop the Obama slide to the destruction of our country ? We begin by voting for strong conservative leadership in Congress who for the most part are running as candidates of the party of no. Vote yes to the party of no, the GOP in November.

Ken Taylor


Blogger ablur said...

I don't think party is necessarily the answer. We don't want people voting for an R. We want conservatives and more specifically we want constitutional conservatives. We want people who respect the constitution and the principles that it is built on. We want men and women with spines who stand on personal convictions. We want people who know the truth and will speak it out boldly.
If we can get candidates like that we can restore America.

11:39 AM, September 09, 2010  
Anonymous Stubborn Mule said...

Question: Are liberals all evil? Are their ideas all bogus? Considering that some fraction of the country believes in those ideals, what is your proposal to work with them? Ignore, exterminate? Or perhaps be willing to listen? You complain that Obama claims his answers are the only ones. Are you saying anything different? It seems that the Christian Conservative Right has no time for anyone else in this country other than the Christian Conservative Right. Sorry that some of us may disagree with you, but that's the reality. So what are you going to do? I'm curious as you will have the majority in November... Let's see if you can represent more than your own interests and viewpoints. My guess is: you won't.

10:42 PM, September 09, 2010  

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