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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My time is very limited to today so my posting will be short but its significance follows a pattern that many of us have been warning about Barack Obama since the campaign in 2008. On a daily basis more comparisons are being made between Obama and the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter. Even Carter himself, though self absorbed in the idea that his failed Presidency was a success, has been making striking comparisons between his tenure in the Oval Office and that of Obama's.

The Wall Street Journal has an excellent article which discusses not only the comparison but quotes several sources including Carter's Vice President, Walter Mondale who as a Carter insider has personal experience in seeing the similarities of the two Administrations. Most quoted in the article are not from the GOP or conservative sources but Democrats who were involved with the Carter administration and are not complimentary to Carter or Obama in their observations. Follow this link to the article.

The failure of Obama as President in my opinion exceeds that of Carters in many respects but the most telling difference is that during the Carter years I never believed that Carter disliked our country and though bumbling as he was I never thought he did not have what he thought were the best interests for our Nation at heart. I have never thought Obama cared about the best interests of our Nation or our people. Carter was a failure but never threatened the principles of America. Obama on the other hand not only threatens those principles but believes it is his destiny to change the fundamental foundation of America which he believes are flaws he must correct.

Ken Taylor

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