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Thursday, September 30, 2010


House and Senate Democrats voted to adjourn and leave Washington WITHOUT once considering the fate of the Bush tax cuts which are set to expire December 31. When the vote came for adjournment not one Republican sided with the majority Democrats in the decision to leave DC without a vote on the tax cuts. Several Democrats joined Republicans but not enough to overcome a majority vote to adjourn until after the mid term election.

Leaving Washington with the expiration of the tax cuts still looming is tantamount to voting in favor of raising taxes on every American. Of course the liberal mentality tries to claim that the expiration of the tax cuts is not a tax increase but when an individual has not been paying at the higher rate for almost ten years when the rate takes affect it WILL be a tax hike.

Democrats have tried to fluff this off stating there was just not enough time to deal with the vote which is a flat out lie. Since Democrats became the majority in 2006 it has been well known that the tax cuts would expire at the end of 2010 and Democrats have continually tabled any debate or consideration about the tax cuts. So the ,"no time," excuse is nothing more than another deception by Democrats. Before they became the majority whenever the issue of making the cuts permanent was brought up by the GOP majority Democrats filibustered the vote and killed it. So when they expire the fault lies with Democrats alone!

Democrats have long mentioned just letting the tax cuts expire which it now seem has been their intention all along as both Reid and Pelosi refused to even take up the issue during their tenure as Speaker and Senate Majority Leader. Now the largest tax increase in our Nations history is set to take place in a few short weeks and Congress in not in session and will not be in session until after the mid term election.

The legislative schedule during the lame duck session will greatly depend on the result of the election on November 2. With Democrats likely losing the House and now with the Senate also in play you can almost bet that Democrats will use the lame duck session to force through as much socialist legislation as possible before the new Congress which will have a GOP majority takes power in January. Voting on the Bush tax cuts will not be a priority since allowing them to expire is more in line with the Obama, Pelosi and Reid agenda.

Yet Democrats who could not wait to leave Washington and hit the campaign trail will lie to the electorate about how they are the compassionate protectors of the middle class and poor while the GOP is the party of the rich. Completely ignoring the fact that without a vote on the tax cuts Democrats have doomed the middle class, the poor and the rich to experience the largest tax hike in our history. Truly caring and compassionate, ( all sarcasm intended).

With the tax cuts destined by Democrats to expire anyone who votes for these political ideologues is voting for national suicide. Anyone who doubted whether Democrats had any concern for the American people and their only goal was political power can lay those doubts to rest. By leaving Washington without a vote on this massive tax hike Democrats have proven beyond a shadow of doubt that political power is all they care about and the American people are nothing more to them than pockets lined with hard earned money they can steal from us in order to pay for their socialist country destroying agenda.

Ken Taylor


Blogger The Political Commentator said...

Found your blog on Facebook and like your content. I added it to my blogroll at The Political Commentator. If you like and/or agree with the content there, feel free to add it your blogroll as well.

Mike Haltman

12:59 PM, September 30, 2010  
Blogger The Liberal Lie The Conservative Truth said...

Thanks for the add. Added you on my blogroll also. Great content and insight.

6:05 PM, September 30, 2010  
Blogger The Political Commentator said...


6:06 PM, September 30, 2010  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your posting needs some additional clarity to comport with the actual facts of this topic.

The Bush tax cuts are going to expire at the end of 2010 exactly as the law that Bush enacted calls for. On that we agree, as you state this as well. When they expire, you should really place the blame on those who enacted them, which happens to be Bush and the Republican majority in Congress at the time. Leaving them out of your post is disingenuous at best, perhaps dishonest?

I can't tell if you claim that the current Congress wants there to be higher taxes, especially as part of their plan. Obama is on record hundreds of times calling for no middle-class tax increases, never calling for having higher taxes. Where do you get the idea this is on anyones agenda?

I do agree that without a vote, the Bush tax increases will burden low and middle-class taxpayers. However, there is still time to prevent this from happening, so it is not at all a crisis yet. I do disagree that the rich will be affected if their tax cuts expire. Frankly, that is totally BS.

As I heard said this week, in a way that explains this for anyone to fully understand, we need to consider just how awful it would be for those in the top income tax bracket to have to pay an additional $.04 tax on every taxable dollar earned above the $250,000 level. Next thing you know they'll be filing for bankruptcy. People of common sense get that $.04 more is not a burden at that income level.

A last fact to keep in mind when discussing what Congress and the President are going to do before year-end. Any tax cuts they enact would, by simple extension, be the Obama tax cuts (Bush left office almost 2 years ago and really isn't part of current legislation). Any credit for tax cuts enacted now should go to the current Congress and Obama as the current president.

3:32 PM, October 02, 2010  

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