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Thursday, September 09, 2010


There are several news worthy items making headlines. I had thought about writing about the idiot in Florida who plans on burning the Koran but sometimes talking about idiots only fuels their perceived importance, like for instance the Imam planning to build the Mosque at Ground Zero who is is enjoying his celebrity status over the idiotic and insensitive move in New York City. Wrong is wrong and both idiots fit that category

So rather than post on either of these idiots who are provoking by their acts, I thought I would mention a few items that caught my attention in a little posting montage of news.

1. Barack Obama went to Cleveland to tout his regurgitated ideas about spending more money to stimulate the economy. In other words rehashing the failed policy which has damaged the economy since he began meddling shortly after he took office. Ohio was once Obamaland but since unemployment has sky rocketed in the Buckeye state his popularity has dropped.

So much so that when his handlers were counting seats in the staged show he was putting on, they discovered that 75 chosen people did not bother to show up even with classes canceled at the college where he was speaking. So in a panic Obama's handlers put out the word that they needed 75 bodies to fill seats and bored college students were recruited to fill the void. What a change for the former, "messiah," whose popularity has crashed.

2. On a similar note Rasmussen has Obama's approval rating down to a record low 41% with an Index rating of minus 24. At the rate he is crashing by the time the mid terms arrive in November he could very well be in the thirties. He is already causing a panic and defection by most of his party members who are running in tight elections. If he keeps showing up in their states to tout his failed policy in his usual campaign mode, Obama may well be the guarantee needed that Democrats will fall to total defeat in November.

3. Joe Biden was a guest on the Comedy Centrals Cobert Report during a show dedicated to the troops and welcoming them home from Iraq. Colbert cornered Biden in the interview portion of the show and in a serious moment which is highly unusual for Corbert, Biden admitted that President Bush deserved, " a lot of credit," for the success of Iraq.

Whether Biden was serious or not is another question but at least there was a momentary well deserved praise for the former President whose leadership brought about the success that Iraq became.

4. This last item goes in the, "it figures," column. An aide for embattled California Senator Barbara Boxer was busted while trying to enter the Hart Senate Office Building with pot in his pocket. It figures that it would be the aide of Boxer whose state is pushing to legalize pot. He was charged with possession and soon after submitted his resignation which was accepted by Boxer. It seems that the Senator is not the only thing going to pot in her office!

Ken Taylor


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