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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


For weeks now most experts, many of them Democrats, have conceded the loss of the House by Democrats to Republicans in the mid term election. As November gets closer the loses for Democrats in the House seems to grow as each day passes. Many pundits are calling for about a 40 seat change with the GOP only needed 35 to take the majority. But recent polling has almost 75 seats in play with no polling available for 160 Democrat seats that are thought to be be secure so no polling is done. But as is the case with a tide turning election nothing is beyond the realm of possibility so Dick Morris is saying that as many as 100 seats could change on November 2.

Although not a lock and nothing should be taken for granted, the House seems pretty certain to become a GOP majority when all is said and done on election night with only how strong a majority the major question. Throughout this election cycle most have called the Senate as remaining Democrat with the best case scenario being an even split between the two parties. But recent polling has seen a change in even the best case scenario and the GOP could very well have a solid majority in the Senate also.

The magic number for Republicans is ten and as the election draws closer that magic number is seeming more likely than not. Republicans lead in eight Democrat seats: North Dakota, Indiana, Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, West Virginia and Illinois, (Obama's former seat). These leads are solid and beyond the margin of error. Nevada where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is in the fight for his life against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle, Rasmussen has the race at a 48 - 48 tie with 3% unsure.

Several other Senate seats are showing GOP gains that were not expected to play in the mid term election. In New York, Republican Joe DioGuardi is only one point behind Kirsten Gillibrand who took the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton. California has Barbara Boxer with only a one point lead over Republican Carly Fiorina. Washington has Republican Dino Rossi seesawing back and forth with Democrat Senator Pat Murray.

In the Connecticut race to replace retiring Senator Chris Dodd, Republican Linda McMahon has closed to within five from trailing double digits only two weeks ago. After Christine O'Donnell won the GOP nod defeating Mike Castle polling had her 15 points behind which is exactly where she found herself only one month before defeating Castle in the primary by six points, so this seat can become a GOP win if the trend which brought O'Donnell's victory continues in Delaware. More recent polling has already closed the gap for O' Donnell to nine.

With the GOP leading in eight contests tied or within the margin of error in three more and Christine O'Donnell gaining ground almost on a daily basis in Delaware, not only is the Senate in play for Republicans but as the election draws closer it seems a distinct possibility that the GOP can gain the Majority in both Chambers of Congress. History also favors both Chambers going to the GOP. The Majority has changed 44 times in Congress in our history and of those 44 times 40 have had a change in both the House and the Senate.

While the polling is looking better every day for booting out the Pelosi/Reid Congress we cannot take it for granted and must continue to fight for our Nation and our future. Tell your GOP friends and neighbors to be sure and get out to vote on November second to make sure that the energized electorate turns polling into reality for the mid term election. We can take both the House and Senate to begin taking our country back and tie the hands of Barack Obama until we remove him in 2012.

Ken Taylor


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