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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


UPDATE: The NRSC has denied the report that they will not support O'Donnell and have sent campaign funds totaling $42,000. This is still a stunning victory and she needs our support for another conservative win in November.

Tea Party favorite and staunch conservative Christine O'Donnell has defeated liberal Republican Mike Castle to face the Democrat candidate in November for the seat vacated by Joe Biden in Delaware. O'Donnell as little as one month ago was behind in the polls by double digits but following endorsements by Sarah Palin and Jim DeMint along with a strong campaign and a negative campaign by Castle she won handily 53 to 47 percent defeating an entrenched RINO.

Almost immediately after her victory the National Republican Senatorial Committee announced they would not back her run for the Senate seat buying into the Democrat rhetoric that she cannot beat the Democrat candidate Chris Coons stating that campaign funds can be used better in other races.

This is a disgusting move by the NRSC. O'Donnell has proven that she can win even against entrenched candidates like Castle and that she can close a large polling gap as she did with Castle. Recent polls have her behind the Democrat candidate Coons by double digits which is where she was only a month ago in her primary run against Castle. Yet she still won as she connected with the people and the people of Delaware came out to vote for a conservative rather than a RINO who was pro-abortion, favors Obamacare, anti gun rights, favoring Cap and Tax and other liberal issues.

Jim DeMint has already distanced himself from the NRSC by announcing that O'Donnell won the primary and deserves our support and our vote. The NRSC in choosing to abandon O'Donnell has shown that not only do they NOT have faith in conservative voters but they would rather back RINO candidates then true conservatives.

The people disagree with the NRSC and just as they did in the primary the people will elect Christine O'Donnell sending a conservative to Washington who stands for Constitutional principles. She deserves our support even if we do not live in Delaware and since the NRSC has chosen to take the cowards route she needs our help that much more. Follow this link to her home page and join other conservatives in supporting Christine O'Donnell for The United States Senate.

Ken Taylor

NOTE: Mike Castle has shown he is not just a RINO but a sore loser. He stated in a press release that he will not endorse nor support Christine O'Donnell. And he wonders why the people of Delaware did not vote for him!


Anonymous Beth Carter said...

Hallelujah! Salvation has come in the form of O'Donnell. She has my definite support. I am just sad I don't live in Delaware and cannot vote for her.

2:16 PM, September 15, 2010  
Blogger ablur said...

Looks like they will be supporting her after all. The establishment crowd better get their act together because "We the People" are coming for each of them. They can either get back in line with the constitution and the founders direction of smaller government or get kicked aside.

7:17 PM, September 15, 2010  

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