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Friday, September 17, 2010


"We The People." This is more than just a poetic phrase chosen to begin the most sacred of documents, the Constitution Of The United States Of America. The first three words of our Constitution is the very essence of the document, our Nation and who we are not only as a Nation but as a people.

The Constitution was established by the people, of the people and for the people and it recognizes only one authority for our government in our Constitutional Republic and that is the people of the United States. All government and all those elected, appointed or hired to work in government are answerable to the one true authority of our Nation, "We The People."

The Constitution guarantees the rights of every citizen of our country and limits all powers of government so as not to interfere in the chosen lives of the citizenry of our Nation. The phrase found in the preamble which says that the Constitution, "promotes the general welfare," establishes that it is the duty of government of the people to create an atmosphere of freedom which allows citizens to live our lives in the manner we choose without government getting in our way.

Each Article of the Constitution establishes the total and ONLY powers granted to government by the people whether each of the three Branches, The Executive, Legislative or Judicial or those who work within those Branches. It was and still is the original intent of the Framers of the Constitution to limit all power of government and to give full authority over government to the people, as stated by the Tenth Amendment which says that anything not specifically written in the Articles of The Constitution belongs to the state and ultimately the people.

Each right listed in the first ten Amendments or the Bill of Rights establishes and guarantees the rights of every citizen of our Nation. Rights given by God and protected by our Constitution. All undeniable and all protected by law for every citizen of our Republic. Ours is a government of laws and not of men which prevents the the heavy handed and prejudiced emotions of a person or group of people whether elected or appointed from taking away our rights without the law as established by the Constitution stepping in to prevent abuse or tyranny against our citizenry.

Yet despite the establishment of the law as provided by our Constitution, men have ignored the true intent which has allowed an over bearing unconstitutional government and the stifling of our freedoms in order to take authority from the people and give it to government forcing a form of soft tyranny on a free people whose rights are threatened everyday by a government and elected officials out of control.

The only way to defeat this soft tyranny is to return to the true intent and the exacting principles of our Constitution as established for our Nation when the Constitution was adopted on September 17, 1787. As we celebrate this 223rd anniversary of the adoption of our Constitution it is up to each of us as citizens of this great Nation to take a stand and fight to return our Republic to the Constitutional principles that have made our Nation the beacon of hope and freedom for the world.

We do not have to be Constitutional scholars to read and understand this sacred document. It is our responsibility as citizens to know our Constitution and make those who we elect to serve us in government accountable to, "We The People." It is not up to those in Washington or our State Houses to make this happen but it is up to, " We The People," which is why our framers so eloquently stated those three words as the beginning of The Constitution. For it is, "We The People," who can and must make the difference and it is, "We The People," who bare the ultimate and awesome responsibility of protecting our country from those, even those elected, who would seek to destroy the only bastion of true liberty on Earth, The United States Of America.

Ken Taylor


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