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Friday, September 03, 2010


The must heralded, "Summer of Recovery," not only turned out to be just more political rhetoric from Barack Obama, but the economy and the jobs market went backwards during the, big PR push. There was considerable speculation by most that the summer was not showing the signs of recovery that Obama and Biden were touring the country and the talking head shows bragging about, but now that the summer is over it is worse than most thought.

On the jobs front not only did unemployment rise to 9.6% but the economy lost almost 300,000 jobs during the course of the summer and this does NOT include the ending of Census Bureau jobs which temporarily gave the job figures a boost last spring into early summer. The jobs lost were actually employer lay offs or elimination due to a bad economy.

This adds to the bad news which came last week showing that the economy which had been recorded at growing near 3% in actuality only grew just over 1% with the corrected numbers which were released. This is a sign of not just a slow economy but a stagnant or falling economy since the figures included the early summer months which traditionally are booming due to tourism and vacation travel. It seems that the Obama's are the ONLY people who spent extravagantly and traveled greatly during the summer vacation months.

In his Tuesday Oval Office address Obama blamed the sagging economy, deficits and debt on the Iraq war. But the unemployment figures combined with the stagnant economy only reinforce the fact that especially with combat operations ending in Iraq, the war is NOT the cause of the poor economy as Obama claimed.

The much touted economic stimulus which Obama claimed last year was necessary to prevent a total crash of the economy has done NOTHING to help and in fact has assisted in keeping the economy flat and/or falling as well as hurting the jobs market more than if the stimulus had not been implemented in the first place.

The prospect of the implementation of Obamacare and the provision which begins this fall forcing health care providers to change every plan making all benefits the same across the board which will cause every premium to rise whether a private policy or employer provided will only add to the economic woes. Higher health care cost will curb spending and cause employers to lay off more employees to pay for additional costs.

The , " hope and change," promised during the campaign and expressed still as a mantra by Obama has become a situation which has caused the American people to HOPE that because of Obama and his agenda and constant meddling in the economy we the people have any CHANGE left over after we handle the every day responsibilities we face in our homes and jobs.

Ken Taylor


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