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Monday, September 06, 2010


Last week Barack Obama promised that he would once again not rest until the economy was on the road to recovery. Of course we all know that he promised several times to not rest until the economy improved, the oil was cleaned up and everyone unemployed had a job. Then he proceeded to rest throughout the summer with one vacation or retreat followed by another.

Now with the summer season behind us and the ," Summer of Recovery", an absolute failure Obama is proposing supposedly ,"new," plans to stimulate the economy. But the ,"new," plans are nothing more than a repackage regurgitation of the same spending as before. According to Obama's , "new", " plan he is proposing yet another spending bill, this time 50 billion dollars for infrastructure on roads and bridges.

WOW a new spending bill which is designed to create jobs, and fork more good money toward bad which has been the continual failed policy of this President since the day he took office. If you will remember the original 767 billion dollar stimulus bill, ( I know it seems like an eternity ago), Obama touted that much of the money would go to infrastructure programs INCLUDING, roads and bridges.

In fact if you visit Recovery. Gov by following this link, there are several pages of infrastructure programs and spending on roads and bridges in almost every state. Billions of dollars going to projects that have done absolutely nothing in creating a job, stimulating the economy toward recovery nor providing a real project that is worth even a tenth of what the billions have been spent on.

Yet the Spender in Chief is once again proposing spending billions of dollars we do not have to go toward projects that will not create a job nor stimulate anything especially the economy. Obama's answer to anything is to force government right in the middle and spend borrowed money to create the illusion that he is doing something when in actuality what he is doing does far more damage than good.

If he truly wanted to stimulate the economy he could very easily issue a tax moratorium until the end of the year for business and middle class tax payers which would put money immediately into the economy. But this requires a trust of the American people which Obama does not have since like typical liberals he believes that it is his duty to force Americans into doing what he wants since we the people are not intelligent enough to spend our hard earned money on our own.

Anyone who thought Obama would change his stripes in light of the poll numbers not only for him but show that Democrats are going to lose and lose big in November is either extremely naive or just plain not paying attention. For those that fear a GOP take over in November because they think Obama will move to the center in order to place a bad light on the GOP, much like Bill Clinton did after the 1994 majority change, again this too is naive.

Obama is an ideologue and he will not stop pushing his agenda or proposing spending good money toward bad because that is WHO he is and unlike Bill Clinton who learned to adapt with political change, Obama will not. So once again another 50 billion dollars will be wasted and the deficit and debt will increase the economy continue to fall and jobs disappear. Great idea Barack!

Ken Taylor


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