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Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Today the Iraqi government announced that the referendum on the Iraqi Constitution that was held last week passed with an overwhelming margin topping 70%. This is a decisive victory for Iraq, our troops and the President and a resounding defeat for terrorism and the insurgency yet this tremendous news took a back seat to the Valerie Plame Grand Jury investigation and even when the story was mentioned during the same report it was over shadowed by the 2000th soldier who has given their life defending freedom in Iraq, ( During one particular news radio report that I listened to today an analyst actually said that the, "popularity of a war decreases in direct proportion to the number of losses of troops." Of course he was attempting to equate the current media assumption that the American people are growing weary of the war and suggested that the majority are leaning toward wanting an immediate pull out of our troops. The, "weary," public in actuality is a natural reaction to war, for the very nature of the beast causes a weariness after awhile but this does not mean that the American people do not support the troops and their mission to defeat terror whether in Iraq, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. The second part of this, "analysts," assumption that the publics reaction to war decreases with number of deaths is also historically false! Take for instance WWII, a war that saw more than 400,000 American deaths yet the public, though weary of war did not fail to support the war effort despite the loss. If anyone takes just a guick look at this nations participation in war throughout our history the American people have always understood that war means sacrifice of our brave and valiant soldiers for the cause of freedom wherever we fight. The one exception was Vietnam where the media succeeded in turning the American public against the war and our soldiers . This is the goal of the left and their media accomplishes concerning the War on Terror, especially in Iraq. The negative reporting and the continual body count is all designed to turn the public against the war and ultimately the Bush administration to bring down a President that they hate. Despite the poll numbers which are also biased against the war and the President the majority of Americans support both our troops AND their mission. Thanks to more conservative media outlets like talk radio and other forms of the ,"new media, " the truth about the war filters out to us and prevents the left and the, "mainstream media," from achieving their goal. Congratulations to the Iraqi people, our brave and heroic troops and the President for a job well done!

Ken Taylor


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