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Sunday, October 16, 2005


This was a story that took me by surprise. Not because I am surprised that someone is FINALLY admitting that the media is biased, but because of WHO said it. Chris Wallace, (son of well known liberal commentator Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes fame among other leftist media shows), came to Fox News from a background in the left wing media and is one of the commentators on Fox who leans a little toward the left. In an interview promoting his, Fox News Sunday, " show Wallace admitted that he was astounded by the media bias that his former colleagues from the , "mainstream," display. When he is questioned by them Wallace stated that questions such as, "how much trouble is Bush in," and , "what's this mess in Iraq, " are common. He further states that when he was in the mainstream, he never noticed the bias, (which he readily participated in by the way), now as a member of Fox News it is obvious and that the success of Fox is a direct result of media bias. Thank you Chris Wallace for publicly voicing what we have known for years. If it were not for sources such as Fox, talk radio, and others who had already recognized the left wing media bias in the mainstream most of the truth in reporting would never be revealed. The, "mainstream media, " sees as their responsibility to MAKE the news rather than report it as should be the case. They have become notorious for creating a story from rumor or flat out making it up to slant the news toward the left in order to attempt to bias the public against the President and the conservative agenda. False reporting and half truths such as 90% of the reporting about the war have become common place in the media and thankfully because of Fox and other similar entities most of the public refuses to buy into the media wing of the Democratic Party. Unfortunately with certain stories the bombardment that the mainstream delivers has a tendency to overwhelm the American people which explains the reaction that appears when these stories surface, ie: Iraq! Add to that the polling that the mainstream biases and this too explains much of what is perceived as the, "voice," of the people. The last several elections are evident that the mainstream and the libs are out of touch with the public. In each election the final result was nothing like the predictions prior to election day. For instance the mainstream media had everyone believing that John Kerry was on his way to a landslide victory early on election day and just the opposite took place. Our responsibility as Americans is to investigate what is reported and to use our intelligence to determine what is true and what is false. That is what the mainstream cannot comprehend, that we the people are intelligent enough to make up our own mind and to verify their reporting instead of accepting their falsehoods as truth as was the case when the big three, ABC, NBC and CBS and the New York Times, (who is dramatically losing subscriptions daily), were all that existed. Ronald Reagan made a statement once which he was applying to the Soviet Union which is some what appropriate when referring to the media, "trust but verify!"

Ken Taylor


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