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Thursday, October 06, 2005


Bill Clinton says that the United States is, "likely to loose in Iraq!" I really despise continually writing about this guy but when he opens his trap and undermines the foreign policy of The United States and emboldens our enemies with ridiculous statements I can't help but comment on his lunacy! First the statement is absolutely insane. The media has succeeded in painting a picture of an Iraqi quagmire yet when reports directly from the field finally find their way to the web and the more conservative media such as Fox News and talk radio, the stories from the troops, the Iraqis and the Commanders in the theatre paint a picture of success and progress showing that despite the terror insurgency that Iraqi and US forces have the upper hand and the murderous despots who are attempting to prevent the full establishment of a free Iraq are LOOSING! For a former President to publicly claim that the US is likely to loose is not only a seditious statement which gives aid and comfort to the enemy but his former status adds credence to his inflammatory remarks which ultimately damages the standing of the US to our allies and our enemies! I have witnessed the behavior of many former President's in my lifetime and for the most part respected their senior statesmanship and their willingness to keep a low profile so as not to disrupt any current administration. Two former President's have blatantly used their former status to undermined President Bush and to attempt by their rhetoric to force changes in American policy and turn world leaders against the current administration. Ironically BOTH are Democrats. Jimmy Carter has time and again stepped into situations where he did not belong and through speeches and personal visits, that were not sanctioned by this country, to various world leaders taken every opportunity to condemn the War on Terror. This coming from a President who failed miserably both in foreign and domestic affairs and has as his legacy the worst Presidency in history. Clinton has done much the same. In an attempt to create a legacy that does not exist when looking at the facts and failures of his two terms and the most corrupt Presidency in history, he has traveled the world, stayed before the cameras and visited every tragedy as if he were still the White House occupant. In each instance his words and his very presence undermines US policy and causes problems for President Bush for the press still believes that Bubba is the man to watch and his words are golden. This last statement though is an insult to our troops and the very effort that they so heroically perform each day! This failed leader who never once stood up for the US against terrorism and repeatedly missed every opportunity to capture or kill Bin Laden and ignored damning evidence that could have prevented September 11 now gives Bin Laden a pat on the back as he claims that this terrorist leader and those Islamic terrorist who follow him and his various lieutenants will defeat the United States in Iraq! How many precious American and Iraqi lives will this disgusting statement cost as the enemy through the words of William Jefferson Clinton receive an endorsement of success to their murderous ways! Final victory will be ours and Iraq will be free as terrorism is defeated by the tremendous armed forces of the United States.

Ken Taylor


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