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Sunday, October 02, 2005


I have been a follower of politics my entire adult life. It is not unusual to hear the phrase, "politics as usual," when the press or anyone for that matter brings up the sublect regardless of what form that politics plays in the discussion. Yet for the past few years since the Republicans have been in charge of Congress and especially since the Presidency has been added into the equation politics as usual has taken on a very ugly and very dangerous face by the Democrats. As a life long Republican I will readily admit that my party has many faults and at times seems to stumble about in trying to get the job done. I am not in favor of big government, or huge spending and both have been running rampent during the Bush administration and the majority in Congress has been cooperating on a regular basis. The border issue, especially in a post 9/11 world is a major concern that neither party wants to address and I will admit that there has been foot dragging in some of the ways that the War on Terror has been handled, even though I support all of the battlefields that we are currently in. Where the politics as usual has taken such an ugly face is the way that the Democrats have chosen to approach EVERYTHING. When was the last time that they have had a new idea, or cooperatred in anything that is for the good of the country ? Even when the Gulf Coast was devistated by two major hurricanes the response from the left was blame, race baiting and complaints that conservatives are only concerned about, "the rich!" During fund raiser after fund raiser the left used what should have been non-partisan gatherings to help victims as forums to blast the President, the War and conservatism. When anti war/American protesters took to the streets their rhetoric was condemnation of America and the very core of what we stand for. When Democrat, "leaders," speak to the press or at the podiums in both houses of Congress their tone is always obstructionist and the only tool they seem to use anymore is that of character assasination. No longer do you hear debate over any subject that is tackled in Congress but accusation after accusation to attempt to turn the American people against anything that the left does not support. Yet in all of their rhetoric they NEVER put forth a plan, a fresh idea or thought, only finger pointing and accusations of corruption and criminal intent. I realize that my party does its share of accusing but in that same context the conservative agenda DOES propose a plan and ideas to deal wth most of the issues facing America and the world. The left has but one agenda......anything that will take down the current administration and regain the power in Washington that they lost, not by forfiet but because the voters in this country have chosen by their free will as Americans to not elect representatives from the left and to back the conservative agenda. Rather than accept the will of the people through the election process as our Constitution has provided for the left believes,( in their arrogance), that they know far more what, "the people," want and need and that the elections are a reflection of OUR ignorance because we rejected what they offer. Thus they attack and obstruct and the result is that an already slow process is stagnated. The war effort to defeat terrorism becomes a political game and our men and women in uniform not only have to fight the enemy but have to fear that the rhetoric that the left continually distorts and out right lies about through the media wing of the Democratic Party will turn the American people against their mission and even against the soldiers themselves ! Abraham Lincoln once said that American will never be defeated from without but our destruction will come from within....if only he knew at the time how true his prediction would become! The arrogance of the left and their disgusting lust for power blinds them to the very reasons why we exist. The United States is the light of freedom to a world where in most corners the rule of fear and lack of hope is what the populace wakes up to every morning. The world still looks to us for leadership but in many respects the only thing that the world sees is bickering and complaint from the left which emboldens our enemies and places doubt in our abilities to the entire world. Lincoln was right our destruction will come from within and that destruction becomes more evident each day that the left, who will sacrifice our country, our soidiers, our citizens and even their very soul to satisfy their lust for power. That is why they must NEVER again gain the Presidency or the majority in Congress and why a more conservative judiciary is so important, one that abides by the Constitution and not legislate from the bench. Let the left accuse and complain while the right moves the country foward.

Ken Taylor


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