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Saturday, October 22, 2005


The Department of Homeland Security just completed an exhaustive study and through painstaking research came to the conclusion that the U.S. needs to improve immigration enforcement. Well...duh, I could have gone to the local Walmart and saved the government a ton of money and come to the same conclusion! According to the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2004 there were 671 immigration violators caught out of a possible 301,046 that were reported. That is a ridiculously sorry apprehension rate! Of course this figure does not include the hundreds of thousands that were not reported. Many employers won't report because they will lose half of their work force especially in the construction and house keeping industries. Michael Chertoff announced earlier this week that the official U.S. policy concerning illegals crossing the borders would be a quick ticket back with NO exceptions, but when a statistic such as the poor enforcement of immigration violations reveals itself one has to wonder if this out of control problem will ever be reversed. I know for example that every effort that we make to enforce the southern border is fought tooth and nail by the Mexican government because illegal immigration provides the majority of their fledgling economy. It has become Mexico's number one export! The left wants to give all illegals and immigration violators the right to vote, (they are grasping for straws to win at the ballot box), and many Republicans want an extended, (6 years), guest worker program to entice immigrants to come out of the shadows and register in this country. Until someone steps forward and is willing to bite the bullet and crack down 100% on the issue of illegal immigration and apprehend ANYONE reported that has violated their immigration status in any way this spiraling national security debacle will continue until we become a nation whose majority are non-citizens! It is not the responsibility of The United States to provide Mexico with the means to support their economy. Though we are a nation of immigrants, when Ellis Island was being used during the last two centuries everyone who entered this country went through a legalization process and had the same opportunities to succeed on their own merit as anyone who lived here. Now political correctness is forcing employers to give illegals workers compensation coverage, states are issuing drivers license, the education system and business's throughout the country are using multiple languages and the welfare system paid for by hard working citizens is providing everything from health care to food stamps and NO ONE seems willing to stop this. The strength of our nation from its birth has been that our freedoms and liberties allowed each individual to prosper and to strive for, "the American Dream." Our founding Fathers recognized the diversity that this nation would be and realized that they, as well as their descendants came to this land in search of a brighter tomorrow. That brighter tomorrow is becoming clouded by the illegals who poor into this country every day and the ineptness of the state and federal government to even slow it down much less stop it! It can be controlled and this immigration nightmare can be reversed when political correctness is pushed aside and the immigration laws are enforced fully as the borders are clamped shut. Now is the time for action before it becomes too late !

Ken Taylor


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