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Sunday, October 09, 2005


This is the time that the left has been waiting for. The President nominated Harriet Meirs to replace Sandra Day O"Conner at the beginning of last week and since then the left has had a field day. Not necessarily because they support her nomination, which in reality I am sure that MOST do not, but because they are enjoying the battle that conservatives are waging against Bush without Democrat's having to say a thing! Even before the echo of the nomination press conference died conservatives throughout the country were wailing about,"Bush's betrayal," without knowing ANYTHING about Meirs. Many have even called for the with drawl of her nomination with still very little information known and the left is sitting back and laughing in the face of conservatism even coming out to defend Meirs while in the background admitting that they don't know or likely won't vote for her confirmation. Conservatives have become their own worst enemy. I mentioned in a post earlier this week that one of Meirs key responsibilities to the President as White House Council was to advise and even interview individuals who were being considered for any federal court appointment. Again I ask, why would her judicial philosophy be different from those such as Chief Justice John Roberts and others that she has recommended to the President. Are we on the right so caught up in the idea of an intellectual and political fight with the left over Supreme Court nominations that we are willing to implode ourselves without even looking at the details of a nominee ? I would also ask, why would the President, who has a history of appointing strict Constitutional conservatives to the bench at all levels suddenly dramatically change with possibly his most important nominee to," betray conservatives, " and ,"cave in to the left ?" Do the Democrats not have enough of their own false claims to use as ammunition in their attempt to derail the President's agenda without consevatives adding fuel to the fire by fighting amongst ourselves over the Meirs nomination? If, and I stress IF when the confirmation process begins and we finally listen to what Meirs judicial philosophy is and then discover that she is not what the President says she is, ( which I strongly believe will NOT be the case), then we should oppose her nomination. Until then this battle on the right is nothing more than a political victory for the left and they are more than willing to sit back and let it happen while taking a jab every once in a while by defending Meirs in the press, though they truly do NOT support her! When all is said and done and Meirs is confirmed I believe that she will prove to be the conservative Constitutionalist that we need to change the balance of the court to the right and to eliminate for several decades the legislation from the bench that has been the practice in the past. Yet one question remains. During the confirmation process how much damage will we cause ourselves by bickering and in fighting over this crucial nomination ?

Ken Taylor


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