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Tuesday, October 04, 2005


I have been listening for the last two days to the President taking a beating from ALL sides for picking Harriet Miers as the O'Connor replacement. Many thanks to Poison Pero at The Right Is Right Blog for his comment to yesterdays post and agreeing that instead of loosing our heads over this nomination we need to trust Bush's judgment and give the man a break! Both sides of the isle and conservative and liberal commentators have been blasting the President for choosing Miers. Conservatives, without knowing anything about her, have condemned Bush for betraying the right because he didn't pick a well known conservative. To them I say this. Maybe being an unknown and never serving on the bench gives her a distinctive advantage not only for confirmation but in making Constitutionally based decisions rather than looking only at the opinions of other judges and foreign courts! Many conservatives have complained because she used to be a Democrat. Need I remind anyone that the greatest conservative who has ever served this country, President Ronald Reagan, was ALSO a former Democrat ? Remember Bush promised that he would change the configuration of the court to a Constitutionally based court and not an activist court who legislates from the bench. Today in a news conference he confirmed that Miers has this same belief and his last nominee now Chief Justice John Roberts in his Senate confirmation hearings proved that he was a Constitutionalist! The Left has also had it's share of belly aching over Miers. Dianne Finestien (D) Ca, a well known feminist commented that Miers, a well established female lawyer was not qualified to serve on the court because she has not been a judge, even though more than one third of the justices that have served on the High Court including the former Chief Justice, NEVER served on the bench before their appointment. The left has also complained about Miers being a, "crony," of Bush since she has been his personal attorney for over a decade and served on his staff. Most justices for that matter have been cronies because a President knows them and their judicial philosophy as Bush knows Miers. This is why a President appoints justices to the court, to extend his judicial philosophy to the High Court and Bush is well known to believe in strict Constitutional rulings. So maybe we the people owe him the benefit of the doubt and wait until the hearings to make our judgment. Miers beliefs will surface then and I for one am willing to bet that we will find that she will be as strong a pick as Roberts has shown to be. Remember SHE was in charge of interviewing the possible nominees and advising the President. Why would her judiciary philosophy prove to be different then all of the fine judges that the President has appointed to the courts at all levels in the last five years! The very judges that the left fought and defeated and the right praised were chosen in part by Miers! Through her own advise to the President in judicial nominees I believe that she has ALREADY proven that she IS conservative and a Constitutionalist.

Ken Taylor


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