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Sunday, October 23, 2005


Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. The town of Salem has split into two factions and three people have been accused of, "witchcraft," mostly because of political differences between the two town factions which in many ways sought to eliminate certain opponents to the towns leaders. Before the trials ended more than 200 would be arrested and 20 would die with dozens left in jails during the aftermath because they could not pay their room and board while jailed to get out. Why would a post with with the names of Tom DeLay, Karl Rove and "Scooter" Libby began with a brief recounting of the Salem Witch Trials ? A "witchhunt" to eliminate political opponents is being conducted by the left in Washington and Texas. In Washington, the President's Chief of Staff, Karl Rove and The Vice President's Chief of Staff, "Scooter," Libby are caught up in a Grand Jury investigation of the supposed outing of a covert CIA operative Valerie Plame to two reporters Matthew Cooper and Judith Miller. Now the interesting aspect of this particular witchhunt is that at the time that Rove and Libby supposedly,"outted," Plame her position at the CIA was non-covert,(her identity had been revealed several times in the past five years), for she was an analyst for WMD's and her husband, former ambassador under Clinton, Joe Wilson, had been by, "coincidence," assigned by his wife to investigate the connection between Iraq and Niger's delivery of nuclear yellow cake a key component to nuclear weapons. Wilson had long been known as an opponent of the Bush administration and the policy toward Iraq. If a Grand Jury indictment is issued against either Rove or Libby the President has announced that anyone in his administration indicted would be asked to resign, which is the reason for this particular witchhunt. I have witnessed many special prosecutor investigations in my lifetime and one thing stands out about this one that differs from any other. In the past when ANY adverse information that has been given to the Grand Jury about a prominent accused somehow mysteriously,"leaks," to the press. Thus far that has not been the case which leads me to believe that NOTHING to implicate either Rove or Libby has been found and the press and the left,(one in the same), are going nuts over the possibility of eliminating what they believe are, "the brains," that actually run the Bush White House thus bringing down the President.

In another witchhunt case taking place in Texas, former House majority leader Tom DeLay (R) Texas has been indicted by another Grand Jury for conspiracy and money laundering. The prosecutor in this case, Ronnie Earle, is a known Democratic political hatchet man who has been seeking to punish DeLay ever since Republicans became the majority in both Texas and Washington. The first indictment was issued on a statute that didn't exist at the time of the accusation and so Earle sought the assistance of four different Grand Juries until he found one that would give him the indictments. The foreman of one actually admitted that the indictments were never based on Earle,"evidence," (which doesn't exist), but on the jury members anger over a series of campaign commercials that DeLay and other Republicans ran in Texas soliciting votes for Republican candidates.

For the last several years the Democrats have not been able to win at the ballot box so they have been seeking to, "protect, " the American people from their lack of intelligence by legislating from the judiciary bench and seeking to destroy Republicans by one false accusation after another rather than accepting that the voting public has rejected the left's agenda, an agenda that has no ideas, plans or strategy with the exception of lies and the politics of political destruction. Their lust for regaining the power that the American people took from them through the legitimate election process based on Constitutional principles drives them to seek power by other means. If this action on their part brings down the country and emboldens our enemies in the process then so be it. The only goal that libs have is the re-acquisition of power and this nation and her people are of no consequence. They will stop at nothing for this power and their elitist arrogance announces that they are doing all of this , "for the American people." When in actuality their lust for power is for their own benefit and a socialist aristocracy that over rules the will of the people is their ultimate goal. This is the very reason that despite disagreements with certain Republican policies the left cannot attain the House, Senate or The White House again. The path of national destruction will fall in the wake of a liberal run government, weakening our defense, negotiating with terrorists while using only the courts to attempt to prosecute those who have declared war against the U.S. Taxation will destroy the economy for the left believes that they know better how to spend our money than we do, after all in their mind it is actually theirs to begin with. Socialism will take over our free market system and everyone will become wards of the government, "protected," by, "Big Brother." Howard Dean, Ted, "the swimmer," Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Dick Durbin, John Kerry, Charlie Rangle, Nancy Polosi and Barbara Boxer will determine the future of the United States and we will no longer be the lone super power but a humbled nation bowing to the leadership and whims of Kofi Annon and the United Nations.

Ken Taylor


Anonymous cyril gabriel said...

using the salem whitch hunt is interesting. do u recall who wanted to burn em all, incase u can;t it was mather a very cosevative minister one of the so called victems of witchcraft was one of my ancestors, philip smith. he died of hideous witch craft so reported in mather's history of the colonys my point is the people we have the most to fear is the religous right

3:27 PM, November 15, 2005  
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