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Thursday, October 27, 2005


Harriet Meirs, the President's nominee to replace Sandra Day O'Connor, withdrew her nomination today citing that it was best for the nation and that she felt that revealing executive documents to the Senate judiciary committee was not in the best interest of the country. The President reluctantly accepted her withdrawal and I am sure that he also realized how much this nomination polarized the Republican base. Although the media and the left has seen this discourse for conservatism as the collapse of the Republican Party and support for Bush, the true meaning actually is a revival of conservative values and a renergizing of the base. We still support the President but have had a healthy disagreement with the Meirs nomination. My initial response was that Bush had found another Roberts to overcome the opposition from the left but as the weeks have passed since her nomination I have had some questions and so have many of my fellow conservatives. Now that she has withdrawn the time to take off the gloves and nominate a well known true conservative has come. The President has the opportunity now to use this nomination to completely reshape the court and if he chooses the right person both qualified and conservative he will show the left for who they really are even if it demands the so called, "nuclear option, " to defeat the likely filibuster from the left. Senators such as Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy and Dianne Fienstien all came out today with a saddened attitude that Meirs withdrew, yet if she had been a popular nominee with the conservative base as Judge Estrada was I am sure that they would be the ones who criticized the nomination. They each called for the President to, "unite," the country with the next nomination, a familiar Democratic talking point. Personally I believe that someone like California's judge Janis Rogers Brown would be an ideal candidate for several reasons. She is a strict Constitutionalist who believes that the law should be based on the original intent of the Founders. As a conservative she has also been elected, (which is the how judges are chosen at the state level in CA), with 75% of the vote in a liberal state. She also has been confirmed as had Judge Roberts by the Senate for her current position on the Federal bench. Her nomination would show absolutely that the left is not interested in fairness or two of their stalworth party platforms; equality for women and helping minorities. Janice Brown falls into both categories. When they oppose her, (and they will, ) they will be going against a black women who worked hard and rose from the poor neighborhood where she was raised to become a Federal judge. The time has come for the fight on the Senate floor and conservatism will be the victor which in turn will be a victory for the American People!

Ken Taylor


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