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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


As the continuing news of the political witch hunt that is being waged against Tom Delay the motives of Ronnie Earle the Democratic Texas prosecutor are becoming all to obvious. This corrupt liberal is seeking to bring down a very powerful political opponent in retribution for loosing Democratic control of the state of Texas and he is twisting the law to make it happen. The first indictment which was handed down last Thursday has already been with drawn because the conspiracy charge that Earle was falsely accusing Delay of was based on a law that went into effect in 2003, ONE YEAR AFTER the incident that Earle used to bring down the indictment. The first Grand Jury that he went to rejected the charge for lack of evidence. He then called for a DIFFERENT Grand Jury the next day, one that would be more favorable to him. In an interview that was aired on Rush Limbaugh today the foremen of the Grand Jury readily admitted that he and the other jurists had their mind made up BEFORE the charges were presented based on a television commercial which aired in Texas sponsored by a business men's association that Delay was part of campaigning for Republican candidates. The foremen stated that the members of the Grand Jury didn't like, "being told who to vote for!" I don't recall ANY campaign advertisement that doesn't tell who to vote for. He also stated that NONE of the,"evidence mattered for their minds were made up already!" When the information surfaced through Delay's attorneys that this indictment would be thrown out because the statute for the charge did not exist at the time Earle then convened yet another Grand Jury on Sunday to present the same, "evidence," this time on a charge of money laundering and five hours later the new indictment was handed down. Now according to Texas and Federal law money laundering can only be charged when illegal money is being used. All of the monies in question are legal campaign contributions and as such are not applicable to this statute. This is way out of control. Just as the first indictment was thrown out this second will find the same fate. Using the law for political retribution as obviously Ronnie Earle is doing should in itself bring charges against this prosecutor. Since he is a Democrat he will most likely continue in his present position without any punishment for his crimes. If this had been a Republican prosecutor attempting even a justified charge against a Democrat the prosecutor would be run out of town on a rail. My prediction...... all charges will be thrown out and Tom Delay will return as House Majority leader more focused and determined to get the conservative agenda passed and Ronnie Earle will sink into oblivion!

Ken Taylor


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