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Wednesday, October 19, 2005


The long awaited trial of Saddam Hussein began today then was postponed until November 28. The former dictator was as defiant as ever but the judge refused to back down and at one time told Hussein to sit down and be quiet, ( though I will admit that as I watched the judge point at Hussein during this time his hand was shaking). Judging from some of the reports that I heard on CNN radio today the leftist media is treating this with a eye on possibly gaining sympathy for Hussein which I'm sure won't happen. Crystian Amonpore of CNN who always comes across to me as anti-American and anti- freedom and democracy and a socialist at heart actually described the entrance of Hussein to the court room with pity for his, "frail look, " and that he was less defiant than the last time she saw him looking like a,"humble," man. If she feels so inclined to pity him then maybe she should consent to be his third wife ! At one point this morning on Fox News a report was given about an interview with Hussein's defense attorney who actually said that the defense strategy was to not answer any questions but at every opportunity for Hussein to continually proclaim his, "legitimate, " Presidency and that he was the true ruler of Iraq and how he has been illegally removed from power etc. All in an attempt to gain the sympathy of the Iraqi people, (like they want him back!) and the Arab world to force the current, "illegal, " government and the United States out so that Hussein will regain power in Iraq. Yeah I'm sure that will happen ! This trial is in many cases a formality because the evidence for conviction is so overwhelming that the outcome is almost a foregone conclusion. The significance of the trial is actually to show the Iraqi people and the Arab world that a true Democracy has emerged in Iraq and that it works EVEN for the likes of Saddam Hussein whose victims over his 35 years of terror NEVER had such a luxury. I believe that as the Arab world sees freedom working through this trial the hearts and minds of Arab populations in Iran and other repressed Middle East countries will begin an air of freedom that could topple other dictatorial regimes in the region. One of the best quotes that I have heard in conjunction with the arrest and trial of Hussein game from the Iraqi Prime Minister when asked about how the trial will proceed. He said that first they would legally try him for his crimes THEN they would execute him!

Ken Taylor


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