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Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Yes you are reading this headline correct. The Mexican President serves for one six year term and Vicente Fox is ending his term so Mexican elections will take place this fall to choose the candidates. Mexico has added a provision to their election laws enabling votes by mail. Their are roughly 10 million illegals in the United States and with that in mind those looking to be Presidential candiates are beginning their campaign in Los Angeles, California. According to the former California chairman, (yes CA ), of the MEXICAN Democratic Revolution Party the leading candidate former Mexico City Mayor Andres Orbador will have, "100,000 people lining the streets, (of LA), to see him !" Oh..that's not all. He's launching his campaign in LA, USA on MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY September 15 ! One candidate is seeking a meeting with President Bush to discuss an amnesty program and is running on that platform! For those of you who think that illegal immigration is not a problem or over blown, then after reading this, think again! If the Democrats in this country have their way then the illegals will get to vote twice for President. Once in Mexico, by mail and then hear in the US at the ballot box! Folks this is ridiculous. I don't recall anything in our Constitution providing for the election of the President of a foreign country. This border situation is way out of control and past the time that the borders should be completely closed. Mexico's number one export are their own people and their employment in this country is the greatest source of income for the Mexican government. Why not just overthrow the Mexican government and adopt Mexico as the 51st state. If we don't soon put a stop to the flow of illegals over BOTH borders every aspect of American society will loose it's identity and social and economic downfall will soon follow! We are a nation of LEGAL immigrants who chose to become Americans. Not hyphenated Americans, not foreign language speaking illegals, not detractors to society or destroyers of the American dream, but true and real Americans. People who came to this country to seek the freedoms that are offered no where else in the world and to become an American! The dream is still alive but fades with each illegal allowed to cross our borders!

Ken Taylor


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